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18 January 2019


Mary Wanna

I don't often hear the statement that Marijuana is a toxin. Many substances can become toxic at certain levels. Water intoxication is even possible. Is water a toxin? Cocaine and opiods have therapeutic uses and are used recreationally and can become toxic in the human body. Marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and opiates should all be regulated similarly.

George Rebane

MaryW 439pm - It appears that you want to go beyond what Dr Bach recommends. He just thinks MJ should be regulated as are "alcohol and tobacco". You want to increase that to include the much more draconian regs applied to cocaine and opioids. Whoulda thought?!

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Mueller has some character. Buzzfeed, a "news" organization published a hoax on Cohen and Trump and Mueller released a statement saying what Buzzfeed said was untrue. Paul Emery and his pals spread the fake news today and I am sure there will not be the same ink on the correction.

Don Bessee

Dumber than your below average fakenewsmen!



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