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01 January 2019


Don Bessee

Its just another day in the European socialist streets -




I found 2018 to be fantastic for my lukewarmer/skeptic/scoffing point of view of Global Warming. Both Zharkova's doing for solar predictability what Milankovic did for making incident sunlight predictable, and NASA-Langley's providing a thermosphere climate index daily.


IF the scientists I've been following since 2007 have it right, there will be an obvious change in temperatures in the next handful of years. This is good news.

Except that cold kills faster than heat would.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Enjoy it while it lasts.
LIB news sure took the real shady low roads last night.
From getting drunk as Frisco winos (that would be CNN) to
skipping the grand ball drop, To talk about uh,,,, "steamed ,, clam".(NBC... Good GOD people.... Have you no decency?)

On a local note,, with ALL the new laws(over a thousand),, how many got broke before the Sun even came up? Hear the gunfire last night?
(and this morning.....)

Don Bessee

Its a trend -

2018 saw a global revolt against policies aimed at fighting global warming
Australia, Canada, France and the U.S. have all seen push back against global warming policies
That included weeks of riots in France against planned carbon tax increases
Despite increasingly apocalyptic warnings from U.N. officials, 2018 has seen a number of high-profile defeats for policies aimed at fighting global warming. Politicians and voters pushed back at attempts to raise energy prices as part of the climate crusade.



Don Bessee

Here ya go walt -

Viewers slammed NBC for its live New Year's Eve coverage in New York's Times Square
Angry viewers described it as a 'train-wreck' after the network failed to show the entire countdown and aired Chrissy Teigen talking about vaginal steaming
Some called the network's coverage a 'complete disaster' and others suggested it was the 'worst New Year's Show ever'

Many complained about NBC failing to broadcast a countdown clock or the ball drop in Time's Square
Viewers also took aim at one of the hosts, Chrissy Teigen, after she briefly explained vaginal steaming
Chrissy Teigen also got a painful poke in the eye from co-host Leslie Jones' umbrella when they tried to hug during the broadcast



Paul Emery

Who cares Don (1:52) Do you watch TV on NYE? I had a big NYE show at the Foundry last night-over 400 in a packed house. Great Community event and dancing to two wonderful bands-Petty Luv and Love Train.


Well, Paul finally woke.


Paul, there are plenty of folk who aren't into partying heartily on NYE. If 400 were at your big show, that leaves how many tens of thousands of folks in the area not at your show?

I heard a distinct increase in gunshots at midnight, but I was in bed with the lights turned out. Sounded like fun otherwise. Hope the folks shooting were aiming down and not up.


Let's see Paul,,,
Good music,, check.
A good party,(all the neighbors and friends in walking distance) Check.
Good booze,( and not marked up bigtime) Check.
NO cops to worry about.. Check.
NO cover charge... Check
Superior "adult entertainment" Check. ( let your imagination work that one out) CHECK...
The TV on to watch the other idiots freeze in N.Y.

And we should have gone to your affair,,, why?

Don Bessee

We are not into being a target for drunk drivers on new years oh great pony tail of ignorance. If we are in the mood to throw down we go to a big party at a nice hotel in SF or such and stay there to party hardy and get up in the morning for brunch.


Stopped a last minute swamp creature move by Ryan and Schumer did he -

Cotton blocked the outsourcing bill by putting a last-minute legislative “hold” on the proposal, ensuring it could get through the Senate’s lame-duck session.
The move also denied a political victory to Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer, who had pushed for the outsourcing bill. Schumer and other Democrats were expected to claim GOP approval of the Irish giveaway reveals racist motives for apparent GOP opposition to much larger giveaways to people from Africa, South America, India, or China.

The Arkansas senator’s action also prevented a political headache for many GOP politicians who would have faced a backlash from many Americans graduates for not opposing Ryan’s bill to outsource jobs to Irish graduates by expanding the existing Australian-only E-3 visa program. The giveaway bill offered no reciprocal benefits for young American graduates.
Cotton also aided President Donald Trump by preventing Congress from putting a “Hire Irish” bill on his desk just two years after Trump promised a “Hire American” policy in his administration:




PaulE: "I had a big NYE show at the Foundry last night-over 400 in a packed house."

Excellent. I heard good reports on the event.

"California will be the state to watch in 2019"

Any word on what the next Five Year Plan will be? All I'm seeing is the Fresno Flyer and a jillion PITA small rules and taxes.

I think that they should come up with a state-wide health plan, at least for those under 65. It would only triple the CA budget and so is easily achievable.

Hopefully we'll be treated to lots and lots of Resistance! fooferaw. Between a somewhat improved economy and some attempts at actually enforcing immigration law, there's a lot to resist.

Don Bessee

Hey look, the Prez encourages the po' ol' fakenewsmans proclivities -



Paul Emery


Why are you watching a boring TV show on New Years Eve. Who cares...
Don't you Conservatives have something better to do? That's why I quit being a conservative and became a Lib in college. They were just so boring.

Don Bessee

You know was happens when you assume oh great pony tail of ignorance, u make an ass of u. We all had a wonderful night bathed in truffles and bubbly. Eww, kind of sounded like the Dark Lord for a second!


Don Bessee

Looks like it was not boring at the boarder -


PS we like Dick Clarks Rocking New Years and if you have the right channels you can watch it roll across the world one of the other all night as you party.


Paul Emery

So if you didn't watch the TV show Don why do you care enough to write about it?

Don Bessee

Read and yet not comprehend over and over, it gets tedious oh pony tail of ignorance. It was funny how badly GE owned NBC screwed the pooch, they have a little leadership sexual deviant management thing and oh by the way they hate the R's.

When you have every hidef cable channel you get all the fun on our 65 inch 4k and 7.1 home theater!



WOW!!!!!!!!! EMERY just claimed to have been a REPUB!!!!???????
Hey Emery! Trump used to be a DEM... How bout those apples????
Looks like we got the better deal.

You sure like jumping ship.... A LOT.


"Looks like it was not boring at the border"

Heck, these people know how to have a party.


That's what I'm talkin' about.


Posted by: Walt | 01 January 2019 at 05:22 PM

Let’s be honest Walt......Punch probably has no accurate recollection of his previous political leanings or why he may have abandoned them.

Billl Tozer

Perhaps some of us liking watching NBC screw the pooch live and in prime time. Is that ok? Hmmm? It’s kina like watching MSNBC’s manboy Rachel Madcow hyperventilating over finding Trump’s fake tax returns in Al Copone’s vault. Steamed clams is one for record books. Happiness is a warm clam, but perhaps TMI. Those kind of liberal values and morality should be confined to a need to know basis. Not family friendly or for polite company. No standards. Ugh.
Guess Don the dumb Lemon did not get drunk and piece his ear again on live TV. Anderson got drunk with or without Kathy “he broke me” Griffin.. You knew that would happen.

Yep, like watching monkeys trying to hump a football. And the Union thinks journalists and their popinjays rank above having a root canal done with rusty dull drillbits while waiting in line at the DMV.
New Years Eve is what us experienced ones call Amateur Night. You don’t want to be out driving when the amateurs are on the road. They can’t hold their liquor. Not safe.
Hire Irish bill??? What, are you nuts? Have them volunteer at KVMR or something, but don’t hire them. Maybe pick up cig butts round the ulding. Give them a rack of lamb for Christmas, but don’t let them into your home!
They invented bad Irish whiskey to keep the Irish for ruling the world, but then again, the Irish would prefer to drink good whiskey than rule the world. Hire Irish? Unbelievable.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - I sense a lot of sandbox crap starting to collect here - hit the ruminations topics please.

Don Bessee

Now they must have had one hell of a party planned, even 20 cases is decadent.




Returning to the ruminations topics, starting with global warming. I have an interesting post at Sierra Foothill Commentary:


Science once again cannot find any connection between human-generated CO2 and temperature increases. This science will be ignored once again because climate change is not about increasing global temperature, it is about wealth distribution and the death of capitalism. It is the progressive elites political hammer to implement Agenda 21 and new world order. The working class across the globe are not buying the scam. They may not be climate scientists but are street smart enough to recognize a scam. When an elite claiming a 20ft sea level rises buys a multi-million dollar beach house they know the fix is in.


More topical material:

It seems clear to me that the Democrats do not understand the impact that AI will have on the conducted of business when in ten years nearly half of all jobs will be automated.

“Automation could kill 73 million U.S. jobs by 2030. Automation could destroy as many as 73 million U.S. jobs by 2030, but economic growth, rising productivity, and other forces could more than offset the losses, according to a new report by McKinsey Global Institute.”


If the Democrats understood the impact of AI on job creation, why do they want to flood the nation with unskilled, undereducated workers that are being replaced by automation? AI will create some new jobs to “offset the losses,” however those jobs will require specific skills and the people pouring across the southern border do not have many of those particular skills, programmers, data scientist, data analysts, cloud service engineers, and as yet unlabeled highly technical jobs in quantum computing to highlight a few.

Viewing the recent questioning of high tech executives by Congress, I am not sure either party Democrat or Republican understand the full impact technology is having on commerce and the future of jobs. The consequences will be regulations and policies that will impede the development of automation in the US while giving our foreign competition a more open field for rapidly developing even more automation. 2019 is going to be a rough year for the tech companies, as the social justice zealots, attempt to enact punitively detrimental regulations.


"why do they want to flood the nation with unskilled, undereducated workers that are being replaced by automation? "

The $64k (or 30M people) question. I've never run into a consistent and logical answer to that query. I honestly can't see the point of flooding the nation with any workers at all, about the only case you can make is to skim off the top of another country.

It's a conversation I'd love to have, but it always tends to revolve around handwaving about Emma Lazarus (a Zionist who got a poem pasted on the Statue of Liberty 20 years after it was dedicated), the DIVERSITY! religion, and a general form of pathological altruism expressed by whiteopia denizens. Cultural integration never appears to be part of the equation of course.


Joel Kotkin: Gavin Newsom As California’s Emmanuel Macron?

The national media may see us as a blue state paradise, but most Californians express concern about future economic conditions, particularly for the next generation. What Californians lack is the French skill of knowing when they are being crushed by the well-heeled ruling class and their political running dogs. With any potential political opposition all but dead, and the state GOP something of a joke, any protests will have to start at the grassroots level, as happened with the gilets jaunes in France.

To achieve the changes secured by their French counterparts, middle- and working-class Californians need to rediscover their repressed insurrectionary, defiant spirit. “Happy the nation whose people have not forgotten how to rebel,” noted historian British R.H. Tawney. This is an idea Californians need to embrace if they wish to see something other than a feudal future for the next generation.


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