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31 January 2019


Todd Swallow

"after all, getting reelected is job one."
The one and probably only thing that might make me consider voting for Trump is if her pursued term limits as doggedly as he has pursued his wall. Two terms in the senate, three in the house, and two full terms outside of Washington before a member of one house can serve in the other. He would garner tremendous public support from nearly all Americans outside of government. This country is MUCH more threatened by professional politicians holding unlimited terms in office than it is by a bunch of wetbacks in flip flops.

Todd Juvinall

Todd Swallow | 31 January 2019 at 10:32 AM

A Russian bot here on RR? You should be booted.

Todd Juvinall

The troll on the Union has made a mistake and I have identifed it as Keachie. Corna Diddily is the trolls handle.

Todd Swallows

Trolls and bots under every rock and behind every bush - Todd, you sound downright paranoid.

You want me booted because you disagree with my stance on term limits. If you are for lifetime terms by members of Congress and the Senate, why don't you explain why that is good for the country instead of just trying to get someone with rational opposing views "booted".


Which thread,Todd?

Yes, Corna is a troll. Could be a Keach dirty sock.

George... what big words and long paragraphs? ;)

Don Bessee

What's wrong with this picture -




Todd... I repeat...

Which article/thread did "Corna Diddley" make a slip that made you think of Doug Keachie?


U.S. District Judge William Alsup spent Wednesday morning eviscerating PG&E in federal court over wildfires

“Those fires killed 22 people, burned alive in their cars and homes,” Alsup said. “There is one clear pattern here: PG&E is starting these fires. Global warming is not starting these fires.


Todd Juvinall

Todd Swallows is a troll and nit a real person. I see GeorgeR bootedf your disgusting sexual comments and since you cannot control your vivid sexual thoughts here you should have a timeout as you are polluting this place. As well as you are such a liar it is embarassing.

Hregory I'll look. He said a keyword that was used a number of times by Keachie and that gave him away.

GeorgeR here is a D'Sosusa Youtube on fascism.


Todd Juvinall

Gregory here is the thread


Todd Juvinall

Watch for the giveaway wor. Cofefve?

Todd Swallows

Todd, your fingers are typing faster than your brain. And we know you are a slow typist.

I'm still waiting for a real response to my assertion that term limits would be a major step toward taming Congress. You disagree?

Todd Juvinall

Your brain is not keeping up with my responses. Are you under the influence again?

Term limits do not work. The cure is worse than the disease. I never have supported term limits. California is the prime example. All it did was empower the bureaucracy they know the people will be out in a short while.

Todd Swallows

Would you rather "the bureaucracy" or lobbyists to run the government? You can't have neither. Long term politicians are in the the pockets of corporate lobbyists whose only goal is to fleece more money from the American public.

BTW. As one who is telling GR to clean up his board, here is a quote from yours: "No warrant just stiff dicks and a and a senile old folker Mueller laying in bed stroking his pud when his assholes kick the door in."

Glass houses and all that jazz.

Robert Cross

"All it did was empower the bureaucracy'. -- what is wrong with public servants running things instead of politicians who are always on the take for campaign donations? The only reason government runs as good as it does is because of the civil servants...the politicians are always beholden to the donors, ie. the money. Civil servants like the FBI and other agencies are beholden to the constitution and the people...not corporations..

Todd Juvinall

Not my quote Swallows. Why lie? It is your quote.

California is the poster child of term limits and it proves they don't work. But if you can show me where it does I may have a open mind.

Don Bessee

Working that socialist propaganda machine overtime in the fakenews zone -

Rolling Stone (which NewsGuard gave a passing grade) was eventually forced to retract the story and settle some lawsuits, but the far-left HuffPost’s aggregation of Rolling Stone’s proven lie is still live, and that green checkmark is NewsGuard’s way of telling readers they are reading something credible:

You see, when you do a Google search of stories, NewsGuard and Microsoft use the green checkmark to tell you what is and is not credible, what is and is not blacklisted, and this is NewsGuard giving the green light to a story that was so fake, it had to be retracted.
Compare that to NewsGuard’s labeling as fake news a basic news story like this one…

Why is NewsGuard labeling that fake news? Simply because Breitbart News published it. We didn’t even write that story. The AP did. We are simply aggregating the AP…
Look at the roundup below, which took less than 20 minutes to track down. Every single one of these stories is fake news, starting with BuzzFeed’s debunked lie about President Trump telling his then-personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress.

Look at how NewsGuard and Microsoft openly and audaciously deceive their readers…
The Washington Post’s debunked hoax about Russia hacking Vermont’s utility grid — credible!!
The lie about first lady Melania Trump being an illegal alien — credible!!
The lie about Trump changing the name of Black History Month — credible!!
The lie about Trump threatening to invade Mexico — credible!!
The lie about Congress investigating a Russian fund with ties to Trump — credible!!



Don Bessee

Well of course they would, older folks skew conservative!

If the Left is so comfortable with abortion that it’s openly defending late-term horrors and the slaughter of children outside the womb, imagine what they’ll do with the elderly and infirm once they control medicine and hardcore rationing inevitably sets in.

The Left quickly realized it allowed its anti-human freak flag to fly a little too high in Virginia. Frantic attempts were made to gaslight American voters into believing Governor Ralph Northam didn’t say what he actually said about killing born-alive infants. The effort subsided as Northam’s defenders realized he was, if anything, understating the barbarism of the legislation in question. There was also the inconvenient matter of his equally infamous comment that infants would be “kept comfortable” while their mothers and doctors decided whether they should live or die.



George Rebane

Gregory 124pm - not for you, not for you ;-)

ToddS 403pm - Where did you get that quote? If I catch you importing quotes or making them up, we're gonna miss you around here.

Don Bessee

Start with the Jews eh comrade jihadi!?

Rep. Ilhan Omar calls for sharp tax increases on the wealthy: 'We've had it as high as 90 percent'



Bill Tozer

Re: Socialists have an endless list of bad habits, beliefs, and behaviors.

“[Howard] Schultz may be a boring billionaire, but at least he isn’t pushing proposals so loony they alienate vast swaths of the American public. Democrats want to have it both ways: They want to push radical leftist policy, but they don’t want the blowback such policies entail. They want to pretend that radical leftism is popular even as they implicitly acknowledge the fact that it’s not all that popular.” —Ben Shapiro

“I want you to understand the speed with which the Democratic Party has moved in just four years. You would never have heard the Democratic nominee in 2016, Hillary Clinton, say that. And here we are, you know, three years later from that, and Kamala Harris, one of the big contenders for the nomination, is saying do away with private insurance and embrace socialized medicine.” —CNN political director David Chalian

For the last 40 years we have tried conservative economic policy and the deficit has risen, income inequality has grown, middle class is shrinking, and our infrastructure is falling apart. Why wouldn’t we see if progressive economic policy could do a better job?” —Matthew Dowd (“We did, for eight years under Obama. It didn’t work.” —Brit Hume)
Re: Global warming conspiracy’s agenda is about destroying capitalism....

The agriculture in North America is going to have to move north into … Canada, and we don’t have the infrastructure … to get food from that area to where we need it around the world.” —Bill “The Science Lie” Nye

Bonnie McGuire

Don Bessee 1:32
Yeah...they don't follow the rules and do their job. They do what they're told and collect their salaries and perks.

Bonnie McGuire

Todd, I just wrote a response to the Union mainly because of this crap about left and right because most decent people are middle and prefer manners, goodness, smaller constitutional (lawful) government of, by and for us. And many years ago I wrote an opinion in the Union regarding the Guinness World Book of Records claim that Russia and China were the world's greatest mass murderers. I even sent the page. I'm sick and tired of the lack of common sense and even simple knowledge regarding history of last century. The reason I don't write to the Newspaper much anymore is because those who pretend to be liberal/nice people persecute those who disagree with them. It's the same old story like what they did to Jesus Christ and Joan of Ark etc. etc....


Todd Swallows

Rebane 6:29
Where did you get that quote . . .? It's a conversation with Todd on his page. Has been up for almost a week. And he demands that you clean up the language on yours likely because he finds it triggering, offensive, or something.

Todd Juvinall January 25, 2019
A synopsis of moronic leadership?

Anonymous January 26, 2019
. . .
No warrant just stiff dicks and a and a senile old folker Mueller laying in bed stroking his pud when his assholes kick the door in.

Todd Swallows

To clarify, Todd's isn't a conversation with me, it's with one of his right wing gutter buddies.

George Rebane

ToddS 1002m - please don’t bring other blogs’ conversations to RR, especially partial crappy ones.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR the person TS is a true troll.

Todd Swallows

Why do you think that? Swallows is a proud family name. From Lincolnshire no less, and It means "swiftness and grace". Google it. I can't be blamed for my mom's poor choice of first names. Sorry, grow a set.

Robert Cross

Bonnie 8:50 --

The reason I don't write to the Newspaper much anymore is because those who pretend to be liberal/nice people persecute those who disagree with them."

The persecution cuts both ways, Bonnie. Todd was banned from posting at the Union for a month during the election because of his rude personal attacks on people who write liberal leaning columns and letters. I know of no other person who has ever been banned like that. And if you take note of who the posters are and what they say, the vast majority of trolling responses come from the right not the left. The idea that it is a one way street with only rude liberals is completely without merit and such statements are often the reason for retaliation because, like many things in the world of trump, it simply is not true.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC, as it turned out I was not banned so you just are incorrect. And I was threatened with death by someone on your side of the aisle and the reaction of the paper was to take that person off forever. I never threaten anyone. I never use violence and I am a lover anyway. That is common knowledge. I have many followers to my yapping which apparently you cannot seem to muster in all your trolling forms. wI simply discuss. It is you and your ilk that threatens and you do it here.

Robert Cross

Toad, you stated you were banned by the Union on this blog, so what was he real deal?

Bonnie-- this is an example of how it really works -- Todd calls me 'boobieC" and I call him Toad. Disrespect begets disrespect. Todd isn't the only disrespectful poster here who attempts to dissuade opposing views by insulting the poster. Have you noticed all of the rude names those nice well mannered people on the right call Paul Emery and some of the other liberal posters here? You get back what you put out there, it's called feedback; the return of behavior you have generated.

"I have many followers to my yapping". yes it certainly is yapping.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC that was right after the incident and as it turned out I was not. You can go back and read my posts that month. You just don't pay attention do you?

I think Bonnie knows enough about you BoobieC. She has dealt with your ilk all her life. She and I have been to many public hearings where you scream and threaten. Her letters and columns have resulted in threats to her as they have to me. That is why I have no use for you or your pals. All I like to do is debate to disprove your propaganda. And you all go off the cliff. What a hoot!


,,,Robert,,,The Union put Todd in a 'Time Out' due to anti-social misbehavior.


'''The troll on the Union has made a mistake and I have identifed it as Keachie. Corna Diddily is the trolls handle.'''

- The legend of Dougy grows...

George Rebane

Gentlemen - this is NOT the Sandbox; check out the topics covered in my post.

Bill Tozer

Re: Conflating Ideas Weakens Constitutional Principles

Good read, Dr. Rebane, but I was disappointed by the trigger warning. I did not find too many big words. Did have to stop dead in my tracks to ponder a phrase I was not familiar with in the opening paragraph: “Both are likely to wander aimlessly and choose friends poorly while falling for the blandishments of adversaries.” ‘Blandishments of advertisers’ I am familiar with, but ‘blandishments of adversaries’ says so much in just three words. Delicious.

A short companion piece touching on just one facet of the diamond in the commentary referenced above.

If, however, I agree with Chesterton and the Manchester University students that Kipling was a “heretic,” I don’t believe that heretics should be burned, nor that their works should be banned. This is where I part ways with these misguided students. I might not agree with what Kipling says, in “If” or elsewhere, but I am willing to defend his right to say it. I am also enough of a lover of beauty that, even if I don’t agree with what he says, I can appreciate the way that he says it. And this goes for a host of other great poets and writers who might be considered “heretics”: Homer, Virgil, Milton, Byron, Shelley, Keats. And so on. The difference between the liberality of the liberal arts and the censorship imposed by political liberals is that advocates of the liberal arts invite the “heretics” to the great conversation whereas political liberals seek to silence them as dangerous dissidents. Free speech protects freedom, and free speech can only exist if we agree to love our enemies. In the absence of such love, as we have seen in Nazi Germany and in communist countries, the banning of “heretical” books ends with the burning of “heretics.”


George Rebane

BillT 1033am - Don't be disappointed Mr Tozer. I rejoice that you didn't find too many big words, and expected nothing less. Hopefully, you are not alone.

Robert Cross

"Global warming conspiracy’s agenda is about destroying capitalism"

That is certainly how the fossil fuel industry is trying to portray the situation. Of course, the other way of looking at that is:
1) climate change is not a conspiracy but accepted science outside rightwing fringe elements
2) the degradation of the the planet by corporate interests who put profit above human interest is the culprit
3) changing the dominant economic model (multinational corporate capitalism) to something else may be the only long term solution to the problem, like it or not. The current model
no longer works in the best interests of the overwhelming majority (99.9%) of the global population.
4) it is the passing on of statements like your quote that muddles the issues and other than appeasing your own interests is counter productive to solving the problem.

Denial is not a solution, it is a large part of the current problem and why the problem worsens.

Todd Juvinall

I'd be more concerned about the two mile thick glaciers.

George Rebane

RobertC 1119am - So, were you king, I would not be permitted to quote such admissions by UN officials for fear 'muddling the issues' that are so carefully posited and presented within the UN-admitted, hyper-politicized Preventable Man-Made Global Warming narrative?? And would you care to give any kind of quantitative assessment of what you and yours constantly harp as the "rightwing fringe elements"? I might also add that you and yours have completely missed (or are purposely blindered regarding) the format and follies of scientific advancement, starting with the history of 'consensus science'.

Bill Tozer

No one has yet to tell me that if we shut down all burning of fossil fuels and lived in caves (without candlelight or nary a torch) for say, the next 200 years, how much of the natural cycles of Climate Change will be prevented? How many degrees of temperature or how many inches of rising oceans will be prevented?

I, for one, do not believe we live on a static planet.

If one truly believes in anthropogenic global warming or anthropogenic climate change, then it is only reasonable that man is to blame and the population must be reduced. Thus, the idea of China’s one child policy makes perfect sense. The recent controversy over statements by a pediatrion discussing whether to a resuscitate a baby outside of the womb with its umbilical cord cut and apart from the mother....just the idea that a physical or medical facility would even discuss resuscitatIon makes sense.

Agenda 21 and sustainibity and preventing anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change(s) requires a reduction of the current human population by 20% at a minimum, IMHO.

My anal retentive habits of conservation have been a waste of time. I have always turned off the lights I am not using, never turn the porch lights on, always take Navy showers to this day, never leave the water running while shaving, walk rather than drive to a close destination, plan trips to maximize multiple stops on one outing to save on burning gasoline, even if it means delaying a drive to the market for a day or two or three. And there are too many more conservation habits I have cultivated to an art form through the years...before it was cool. I recycled before Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring hit the booksellers.

Now, I see all my life’s work has been for naught. Do you think, say, 80-300 impoverished illegals coming in are going to buy Priuses? How much hot water will they use? How much energy will it take to heat the hot water?? More than I would ever use. Alas, what a fool I have been.

Don Bessee

Another socialist millionaire chimes in, pass the popcorn!




"climate change is not a conspiracy but accepted science outside rightwing fringe elements"


So, it's all over but the shouting, eh, Bobby? Has the IPCC released another assessment report choosing one of the myriad models as the one that actually reflects the real world? Have they chosen an answer for the sensitivity to CO2 of the climate, or have do they keep the 1.5C to 4.5C range they started with in 1979's Charney Report? Forty years have passed and no progress whatsoever on the central question.

Or have they accepted the 1.2C for a doubling of CO2 that skeptics such as Shaviv, Svensmark, Lindzen et al would accept as the best guess? Everything below about 2.0C rules out tipping points so even the IPCC has to accept there might not be a crisis.

George Rebane

Gregory 107pm - I am convinced that in these pages our responses to the accusations of ignoring climate hysteria fall on uncomprehending eyes. I don't think our liberal commenters have the wherewithal to even understand the phenomenon, let alone enter a substantive dialogue on its particulars. When appropriately stimulated, all they can do is dutifully parrot the party line.

In this respect, my responses are for our other mentally pre-calcified reader, and I suspect so are yours.

Todd Juvinall

I agree. These true believers in AGW will be sacrificing virgins into the vlocanoes to make their points.


"Apropos to that, in the 29jan19 WSJ Jason Riley describes how “progressives are more interested in scapegoating the wealthy than they are in relieving poverty."

There's no mystery to me.

Viewed from a purely engineering sort of viewpoint, you'd observe that asset and income differentials are fairly bad for society but that markets appear to work. Therefore, you'd look into how rich people got richer in the first place, perhaps some version of the Matthew Principle, and attempt to adjust that.

Instead, 'progressives' are all about allowing rich people to get rich, especially the right sort of rich people, and then scrape off some of that money to redirect elsewhere (and into their own pockets to some extent). In the final analysis, it's all about acruing wealth and/or power for yourself. Power can be learned 'under' the tutelage of Willie Brown and wealth by selling 45 minute speeches to the Russians for a cool 1/2 million bucks.

I don't see any moral difference between the Right and Left (and other) elite in terms of gathering up goodies. It's just human nature at work.



"Now, I see all my life’s work has been for naught. Do you think, say, 80-300 impoverished illegals coming in are going to buy Priuses? How much hot water will they use? How much energy will it take to heat the hot water?? More than I would ever use. Alas, what a fool I have been. "

Well, there's always that.

If our local warmistas actually gave a damn, they'd think in terms of policies that made a difference. I can only think of two with any hope of changing anything:

. Population levelling and reduction generally.
. Don't move a jillion people from the Third World to the First.

Instead we are treated to a boatload of rules that won't make a lick of difference, whether you believe in anthropogenic climates or not. I've gotten tired of even listening to the complaints.

Don Bessee

Talk about a massive self inflicted flame out! Since he is a dem it would be appropriate to be in the KKK hood but he has not said which one he was yet.

Will he survive the weekend as gov?


Virginia Democrat governor Ralph Northam refused to shake the hand of his black opponent E.W. Jackson during a 2013 televised debate in the Virginia lieutenant governor’s race.
E.W. Jackson, his black opponent, said that Northam is “consistent” in his behavior, and not shaking his hand was just evidence of that. (READ: Fallout Continues From Ralph Northam’s Blackface Yearbook Photo).
“It was insulting, but, on the other hand, I thought it was consistent with the way he behaves. Because, this spot he’s been running, saying that I believe that a child born with birth defects is born that way because of their parents’ sin is just a damnable, palpable, despicable lie. I don’t believe that. I never said anything like that. And it’s that kind of dishonesty that, to me, says this is not the kind of person that needs to be holding state-wide office. Not shaking my hand really just confirmed that,” E.W. Jackson said in an interview on WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall.



Scott O

Bobby C at 11:19 - "changing the dominant economic model (multinational corporate capitalism) to something else may be the only long term solution to the problem, like it or not. The current model no longer works in the best interests of the overwhelming majority (99.9%) of the global population."
To 'something else'?
Govts the world over (especially socialist and communist ones) love big multi-national corps. What those govts don't like is free market capitalism. Capitalism has done more good for the entire world in the last 100 years than anything else has since humans started commerce.
It's true that not everyone in the world has a 60" flat screen and a loaded SUV with a motor home out back, but more people have better lives than ever in any kind of way you want to compare vs 100 years ago.
If you want to question that, you are free to do so. But you will have to come up with actual facts and metrics that can be validated by repeatable means if you want to have any chance of being taken seriously.
And you might try addressing the fact that many so-called 'leaders' of green economies have openly stated they don't care about the science.
They just want to get rid of capitalism.
Oh yeah - "like it or not" doesn't sound a whole lot like the democracy BS you leftists throw around. Sounds like a dictatorship to me.
And you lefties wonder why we 'cling' to our guns.

Robert Cross

George 6:38 --please don’t bring other blogs’ conversations to RR "

That seems like a contradiction as you allow little fishy to pull quotes off Pelline's blog and post them here for review and attack all the time.

George 1:45 -- you and your cadre of climate change deniers are very well versed in the conspiracy theories espoused for decades by fossil fuel PR hacks. If one wants to speak of parrots I suggest you look in a mirror. How is it that a group of radical old white men with a 19th century world view know so much more than thousands of climate scientists the world over who study (have studied) the phenomenon for decades? Isn't it a little odd that you believe a former TV weatherman over real scientists? Of course 'consensus science" is a hoax and all those scientists are on the take for a few thousand bucks in grants while the fossil fuel industry with billions to lose and the think tanks and bogus research they fund is to be believed. Methinks you have the whole thing ass backwards. Follow the money! Who has the most to gain or lose, a bunch of academics reporting on what they have observed or a bunch of grifters trying to protect billions of investments in an obsolete industry. Would you have been so adamant in protecting the economic rights of covered wagon manufacturers on the advent of the horseless carriage?

George Rebane

RobertC 939am - No contradiction at all. I have no problem your quoting other blogs' content, but only that you start having a conversation with someone that is not wholly contained on RR, so that other readers can easily follow it. Get the difference?

What conspiracy theories are you referring to? - seems like you have forgotten the definition of 'conspiracy'. And you totally misunderstand the contending parties in today's climate debate, even though they get pointed out to you constantly in their own words. There is much more at stake here than your continuing to parrot the pittance of 'billions for oil companies' line - it is the hundreds of trillions in the new world order that includes the gulag for billions of people. And all of it (e.g. A21) is being done out in the open. Just because the grassroots Left remains ignorant of what's going on, and reads of it only on RR, does not mean that there is a conspiracy. Broaden your horizons.

Robert Cross

it is the hundreds of trillions in the new world order that includes the gulag for billions of people"

A pretty absurd assumption don't you think? You need to get over your 1950's commie new world order paranoia. Yes communist regimes of the early 20th century were brutal, but that was a 100 years ago, and powered flight was a new thing. This is the 21st century and humanity has evolved somewhat. If gulags are to be built they will be built by trump to hold immigrants. Your imaginary fears and conspiracy theories have no place in the climate change discussion. They are scare tactics ginned up by the fossil fuel boys to slow progress so that they can cash in as fast as possible. The US has less than 2% of the global oil reserves yet is the largest producer of crude. What ever happened to strategic oil reserves, etc.? US oil companies are pumping gas fast as they can before the shit hits the fans and they are shut down. Your conspiracy theories blind you to the truth about climate change.. that yes it is happening and yes humanity is responsible in the form is fossil fuel consumption and yes it needs to stop ASAP or our children and grandchildren will face unimaginable environmental hardships as the wacky weather patterns and rising sea levels suggest beyond a reasonable doubt.

George Rebane

RobertC 1107am - You don't even follow current events Mr Cross. 21st century humanity has not evolved one bit from the brutality it exhibited in the 20th century, and, with the aid of new technologies, will show the world what new totalitarian orders will be capable of - as opposed to the primitive brutalism still practiced by the (invisible to the Left) regimes in NK, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Iran, ... . All you and yours see is the greedy capitalists pointed out to you by your thought leaders - capitalists who through the last three centuries have lifted humanity out of millenia of misery. You firmly believe the pap that your betters feed you in that 'it can't happen in America'. You sir, are a Naif First Class.

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