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21 January 2019


Don Bessee

Ahhhh fresh kitty litter!

More from the freshmen dems on investigating nothing specific -

In a video sent out by conservative activist group America Rising, Rep. Joe Neguse, D-Colo., was recorded Friday saying he believes the Supreme Court justice committed perjury while under questioning from Congress -- though did not point to a specific statement.



Bill Tozer

Circling the barn,one mo time:
Recently, a poster (Ms. Coss) laid bare her deepest fears in a candid moment of pure unadulterated fear. She feared that the Ultra Right Nazis would round up all the liberals and march them off to be executed....or a fate worse than death. Up against the wall, mo fros!

Who is coming for whom?

“Present before and after the entire exchange was a radical activist group called the “Black Israelites,” who yelled the following at the Covington students: “White people go back to Europe, this is not your land, “the biggest terrorist on the face of this earth is the pale faced man, woman and child,” “come closer and you gonna catch it,” “I hope you crackers are ready,” “you have a school shooter haircut.”

There were homophobic and ethnic slurs, all manners of hateful language, and all directed at the Covington students. These are teenagers who were being menaced by a group of adult males, and it was in that circumstances that Philips, clearly aware of what was going on, decided march into the crowd of Covington students. And the “Black Israelites” egged him on.

There is also a bigger lesson to be drawn from this. Social media mobs are a cancer on this country, and those in the news business have an obligation not to carelessly magnify malignant efforts at personal destruction. This affects all of us. It does not matter who you are, whether you are active online, care about politics, or keep to yourself. The social justice mob may come for you, your spouse or your child, and engage in a ritualistic destruction of their online reputation. Even a trip to the Lincoln Memorial for high school kids can be turned into something catastrophic.

The press must be better than this, especially those who have the power of a large online platform. Perhaps the only way we can change the current climate is to hold accountable those who play into the rage mob and remind the rest of us that, no matter who you are, it is only a matter of time before the online vigilantes come for you too.”


Again, who is coming after who?



,,,Trump owns the Shutdown holding hundreds of thousands of Americans hostage over a simplistic election campaign chant,,,we have always provided funding for border security,,,if the carnival barker In chief would have been chanting 'we need border security' the meatheads would have become bored,,,Trump needs to reopen government. Trump's big wall plan needs to go the way Hillary Care went.

Todd Juvinall

Pelosi and Schumer own the shutdown and all they need to do is put the money in for the wall. But they won't. In a negotiation, if a person makes an offer to move forward and the other side says nope, never, and makes no counter, the onus is on them. So "M" it appears to me you have never taken part in a negotiation.

Don Bessee

Will they call it the saints rule?




Regarding "conservative" events in Nevada County... there had been a gun show held at the fairgrounds that was harassed. It came back in 2017 after halting operations in 2002. Unsure if there will be a date for it in 2019.

I've never attended a "gun show" and have no idea how good or bad this one was/is.

Don Bessee

This is interesting video that shows Iranian manned modern Russian antiaircraft system fire and miss multiple times as the Israeli rocket closes in relentlessly destroying the unit.



Don Bessee

The masters of the universe are just another cog in the blue mob machine -

Twitter has spent years assuring the public that it will crack down on trolling, harassment, and violent threats. It’s also pledged to tackle “misinformation” and “unhealthy conversation,” using these loaded terms as excuses to ban a wide range of anti-progressive dissidents from the platform.

But when innocent conservative high school kids are flooded with violent threats, targeted harassment and doxing on the basis of media-promoted misinformation, Jack Dorsey and his staff seem to do nothing — it even briefly promoted the smears.

Over the past 48 hours, an angry mob of Twitter users — many of them with blue checkmarks next to their name, signaling endorsement of their messages by the company — have flooded the platform with disgusting abuse, violent threats, and calls to harass innocent students of the Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.

The wave of attacks was sparked by fake news — a claim, based on a clipped video and repeated by the mainstream media, that the high school students “taunted” and “harassed” a Native-American activist near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Longer versions of the same video showed that it was the activist, and a nearby group of black supremacist activists, who harassed the students. The latter group even hurled racial abuse at the students.

Most of the tweets remain on the platform, which has yet to ask the authors to take them down — much less deverify or ban them, something Twitter has done to conservative activists for far less.



The Estonian Fox

To answer your question - President Trump would have no leverage.
The Democrats are not interested in U.S. border security. And many of the Republicans don't seem to be interested either. They had 2 years to do so when they had control of the House.

Todd Juvinall

I think all those conservatives got shortchanged when the loony left got the elephants removed a couple of years ago. That would be a venue no lefty would be seen at. And the atheists of the left don't celebrate Christmas so that leaves those conservative Christians I guess. This is a fun and ludicrous game the left is trying to make. What a hoot!

Bill Tozer

No hurry to reopen government. 800,000 folks may not have received their checks yet,but milllionsupon millions of illegal aliens have. The food stamp tells me that they have already loaded up Feburay’s amounts on their EBT cards. No worries, Fedworkers, the check is in the mail. A good Boy Scouit is always prepared.

To answer Dr. Rebane’s Sandbox question, I no not see any compromise. The Leftt says “open up the storehouuse, and th5enwe can “discuss”. Trump says show me the money, and I will let you slop at the trough. I believe Ttrump has a trust issue with thee dishonest Democrat Party. A Mexican Standoff, pun intended.

Perhaps some agreement can be reached, but I see no need to rush, no need to hurry. The shutdown only affects a tiny percentage while open borders affects our nation’s sovereignty. Too much blood has been shed to throw it all away and have illegal foreigners dictate the rules to us.

The price on one hand is too high to pay and on the other hand, the price is at firesale prices. A bargain at twice the price.




Don Bessee

How many wanna be dr Frankenstein's are out there?



"m"eathead says "we have always provided funding for border security," blaa blaa blaa,
Enjoy the movie. Maybe your "medication" shipment was on that bus.



Is Paul still kicking? The medical team was sent to the Nevada Theater a couple of hours ago. CPR "was" in progress.


One for the anti gun crowd.

The homeowner just about bagged his limit.
Now can he get a good taxidermist?

Don Bessee

Devine intervention?



Robert Cross

George - - In response to your last post on the now closed sandbox-- it case it was lost on you.. My post about conservative and liberal holidays was in response to Todd's absurd assertion that 4th of July and Constitution day were conservative holidays. It's called parody.


,,,wALT,,,and the Estonian rodent,,,both of you are blatant liars. Check the record,,,plenty money has been thrown at border security over the decades,,,and was proposed for this year,,,just not for the trumpski chant!!!

Then you have lyin meathead Todd who is a total sadsack!!! Inspect the record lyin Todd,,,we have him on tape bozo!!!

Don Bessee

The blue mob eating its young -




Diaper change time Dougy? Your sure triggered today.
Reality in living FLIR smack you the wrong way?
Like YOUR side really wants to fix things. You need every illegal vote you can get. You need those welfare recipients.(and the heroin, meth, the coke, the fentanyl).

George Rebane

M 149pm - just so we know you're not hallucinating, what again was my "lie" about border security? And fox = rodent??

EstonianF 1257pm - Well, that makes sense. I had no idea ;-)

RobertC 145pm - OK, but if that's the case then you would communicate more clearly by responding to ToddJ and not me.


"plenty (of) money has been thrown at border security over the decades"

Evidently not given the poor results. Either there's not enough money or it is poorly spent.

Seeing as how we aren't allowed to use state police to enforce federal immigration law (as opposed to drug law, gun law, counterfeit currency, etc.), we aren't allowed to pick up illegals at the county jail, we aren't allowed to ask for ID, we aren't allowed to raid employers, etc. etc. etc. I can see where it all might be a problem.

You'd feel a lot better if you just admitted that you think that national boundaries are a bad thing and that there should be free movement of people...at least into the first world. It would make for a more coherent argument.

Brandon Branson

Walt 1:18. "Is Paul still kicking? The medical team was sent to the Nevada Theater a couple of hours ago. CPR "was" in progress."

Good one Walt. This one statement epitomizes the baseline assholedness of your ilk. Does this mean you "won"?


BillT: "To answer Dr. Rebane’s Sandbox question, I no not see any compromise. "

That seems pretty obvious at this point.

As long as they can keep strict party discipline, the House will not pass a single dollar of wall money. They'd rather let everything collapse rather than give Trump even a tiny amount of funding for what is a make or break deal for them.

I think that the President should just hang tough and bring the whole shebang around us if they are going to be that driven in terms of their belief systems. I'd sooner have a crisis now than Yugoslavia in 20 years.


His Gov. check must have been full of zeros.
But rest easy Dougy,, your ol' bat Nan is flying 1ST class to Europe. The GOV. shutdown doesn't apply to her.(and anyone she cares to drag along.) And those 200+ dollar a plate dinners at the best chow hauls. Welcome the life of Socialism.


E. Fox: "The Democrats are not interested in U.S. border security."

I'd say they are quite interested in it, they are viscerally against it.

If they were simply disinterested, none of this crazy behavior would be going on.

The odd thing is that it's a rather new behavior The elite in the Democratic party have done a large about-face, and the Blue Mob is of recent origin...at least in the things they seem most concerned about as of late.


How long can Dougy hold out? How soon will he Beg BIG Mamma to give Trump the money for the wall? But your waist line will thank her.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the loons of left like BoobieC don't know when they get smoked by the right. Sad.

Hey where is that ne troll Branson? I think he was whipped bad by Gregory and left to sulk.


(from the prior litter) Branson Branson: "I almost spit up my coffee when I read that the Fourth of July was a conservative celebration!!!"

I would have agreed with you up until the last year.

The minute that nationalism became equated to Nazism by the Blue Mob Wallahs, the 4th of July became conservative. Sorry about that.

You've still got May 1st, since it isn't all a loss.

Todd Juvinall

Scenes, now that is funny! Oh and what about the NFL? Maybe Paul Emery and Branson should have attended to see that fans were pretty conservative while the bums were kneeling against the country and flag.

Don Bessee

The fix was in -



Bill Tozer

Birds of feather....how much for the little girl?


The Dem race is heating up.



No Paul yet? Let's hope he's OK.

Don Bessee

More cracks in the globalists structure -



Bill Tozer


He is busy today. He has the Love March to attend, then string cable for the MLK choir. After that, he will have time to run over here to call us liars, spread his hate, and spend some hours going off on Melania’s choice of footwear, all the while doing his moral superiority virtue signaling.

Being a Green Pot Libertarian Worshipper means never having to say you are wrong.

Don Bessee

Could be right about that -

Similarly, the response to the Gillette ad feels like a dam breaking. This might be the moment when men have finally had enough.

Men are constantly barraged with criticism. “Men are the worst” has gotten old. The word masculinity is only preceded by the word “toxic” these days.

Meanwhile, men have been on a downward trajectory for some time now. Fewer men go to college, more men commit suicide, more men live at home with their parents well into adulthood.

The most dangerous jobs are usually performed by men, and most of those killed and wounded defending our country in wars are men, yet they are told nonstop that they are terrible, and the future isn’t for them. They are expected to shrug it off because, well, they are men.
If men are traditionally stoic and impervious to criticism, and we like them that way, then the idea that men can take the shots simply because they are strong and manly flies in the face of the commercial — which bashes male stoicism.


Gillette implores men to be better because kids are watching. Yes, kids are watching men portrayed as bumbling idiots in so many ads and as violent misogynists in this one.


No problem Don, give the little lady the snow shovel and SHE can do the walkway. Equality, is equality.
Tom T. Hall was right WAY back when.
Where is MZZZZZ. "jon"? This one's for you... Sweety.

Bill Tozer

Paying lip service to MLK

How is it, then, that so much of his legacy—what he hoped to pass on to the future—has been lost?

King wanted equality under the law and said, famously, that people ought to judge one another based on character, not skin color. But he also believed that blacks had an important role to play in their own advancement.

The black civil rights battles in America are now over, and King’s side won. The best indication of that may be that King has had no real successor. If black Americans were still faced with legitimate threats to civil rights—such as legal discrimination or voter disenfranchisement—it’s likely that leaders of King’s caliber would have emerged to carry on the fight. Instead, what we have today are pretenders who have turned the civil rights movement into an industry, if not a racket.

And what have these racketeers accomplished? A lot for themselves, and very little for their constituents. Racial gaps in income, education, and home ownership were narrowing in the 1940s, ‘50s and '60s. But after King was replaced as the spokesman for black America by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others, these gaps began to widen in the 1970s, '80s and '90s.

This suggests that the racial disparities that continue today aren’t driven by whatever racism that still exists, despite all the claims to the contrary from progressives and their allies in the media. It also suggests that black culture—attitudes toward marriage, education, work and the rule of law—plays a much larger role than the left wants to acknowledge.

More marches won’t address fatherless homes. More sit-ins won’t lower black crime rates or narrow the school achievement gap. Electing more black politicians and appointing more black government officials can’t compensate for these cultural deficiencies, either. Black mayors, congressmen, senators, police chiefs and school superintendents have become commonplace since the 1970s. Even the election of a black president—twice—failed to close the racial divide in many key measures. Black-white differences in poverty, home ownership, and incomes all grew wider under President Obama.

Discussion of antisocial behavior in poor black communities, let alone the possibility that it plays a significant role in racial inequality, has become another casualty of the post-'60s era.

King and other black leaders at the time spoke openly about the need for more responsible behavior. After remarking on the disproportionately high inner-city crime rates, King told a black congregation in St. Louis that “We’ve got to do something about our moral standards. We know that there are many things wrong in the white world,” he said, “but there are many things wrong in the black world, too. We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves.”

The pretenders to King’s legacy mostly ignore this advice, preferring instead to keep the onus on whites. Where King tried to instill the importance of personal responsibility and self-determination, his counterparts today spend more time making excuses for counterproductive behavior and dismissing any criticism of it as racist.


Bill Tozer

Tale of two marches....in pictures


Todd Juvinall

Blacks were harassing those boys last weekend and to the credit of those young guys, they did not retaliate. They had manners. Just like the young man who had a drum in his face for so many minutes. Alyssa Milano who I liked in Who is the Boss and Commando has turned into a shrieking babbling gal of hate. Too bad.

Bill Tozer

where are the fact checkers? where are the follow up questions??


where are the journalists?

In two CNN interviews, newly-sworn Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was questioned about her baseless accusations that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is “compromised” and that “Israel has hypnotized the world.” Omar retracted neither claim. And in the process, CNN demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to confront the Congresswoman’s bigotry and conspiracy-mongering.


Bill Tozer

Getting closer to ***M***’s digs. Manufactured crisis? News blackout?

Guzman is currently in custody at the Carson City Jail.
He has been charged with multiple felony counts including possession of stolen property and burglary. In the coming days, homicide charges will likely be forthcoming.
He is being held on an Immigration hold which is non-bailable.

The Washoe County District Attorney’s Office said they will be seeking arrest warrants for the murders in the coming days as the investigation continues.
Two women were murdered in the span of four days only a mile apart earlier this month in Douglas County within the Gardnerville Ranchos area.
The first victim was 56-year-old Connie Koontz, killed on Jan. 10, and the second victim was Sophia Renken, age 74, killed on Jan. 13, both were killed in the nighttime hours.
A South Reno couple, 81-year-old Gerald David, a former Reno Rodeo President, and his wife, 80-year-old Sharon David, were found dead in their home Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019. Both had been shot to death.


Bill Tozer

Todd @ 6:20pm


Paul Emery

Walt writes "Is Paul still kicking? The medical team was sent to the Nevada Theater a couple of hours ago. CPR "was" in progress."

You are truly disguising trying to make a joke out of someones misfortune joking it might be me. The person is a member of the Bethel AME Choir who had a heart attack on stage 10 minutes before concert time. She was here from Marysville as part of the annual concert honoring Martin Luther King. Whatever goes through your sick and demented mind is dark and sad. I was doing sound for the concert which is the 37th year KVMR has sponsored and produced the event which also includes the Trinity Choir from Nevada City.

You are sad sad sad Walt. I don't want to have anything to do with you. You make me sick to my stomach. Please don't respond to anything I write on this blog


Punchy, Walt can respond to anything he wants. You are certainly free to ignore it.

Don Bessee

That does not sound good for Tom Steyer or Bloomberg -




Leave it to Paul to take it the wrong way.
Here I am looking to see if your alive after hearing the incident.
So just who here is the sick puppy? Let's say I'm not surprised
you show up as your usual asshole self.

You HAVE had some real stressful letdowns lately. Getting all worked up "just knowing" Trump is about to get perp walked. Then BAM!!! Trump gets cleared. All that stress can be tough on an old body.

Glad to hear your still kicking. Your a necessary evil here.

Todd Juvinall

{aul Emery misinterprets almost everything so no bigee.

Look at all the babes the democrats are running for Prez. The party has gone all estrogen! Well maybe the after debate parties will be more fun. Fauxchontas, Kamel, Old Joe, Siilybrand and the rest. Booker won't have a guy to grope though. Bloomberg is so short but rich. He will have a special set of shoes just to reach parity with the gals. LOL!


An "Awww shit..." moment for a curtain Proggy.(yup you know who you are. Yup, it's a "Conservative thing".

“The conservative moment is way more diverse than the mainstream media would have people believe,” Ivan, 36, from Orange County, told, adding that his parents immigrated from Nicaragua. “As a minority, I wanted to be here to support the values this country was founded on. I’m here to stand with Blexit and against the Left.”

The line outside the Blexit event was diverse indeed. There were high school students from Los Angeles; Carlos, a first generation Mexican who drove nine hours from Tucson, Arizona, Pacific Islanders for Trump, Arizona; Chris, 31, a project manager at a tech startup who flew down from Oakland; and Verdell, 73, who lives 20 minutes outside of San Fransisco.

Bill Tozer

“Glad to hear your still kicking.”
Well, Walt, that makes one of you.

Todd Juvinall

Now BillT, I have been waiting for him to come to the defense of those boys in the MAGA hats. How long do you think it will take him?


"you show up as your usual asshole self"

It's his preconceived notions of the people he makes fun of all the time.

Bigotry. Like Pellini and his denigrations of the kid who had shown remarkable grace when a former Marine (claimed) walked right up to him and held a drum to his ear he was pounding (chanting as he went) as punishment for being a white teenager with a MAGA hat.

Bill Tozer

@8:43 pm

Great post, Walt. And the sad sacks of the Lying Left calls Candice a White Supremist, ROFLMAO. She is the epitome of MLK’s “judge a man on the content of his character, not the color of his skin” more than any liberal alive, save possibly Alan Dershowitz. Definitely the epitome Dr. King’s words and deeds more than any race baiting divisive Lying Lefty Leader of the Party of Victimhood and Outrage.

“I’m drawn to places where President Trump is supported,” Verdell told me. I’m here because Blexit is about getting more and more black Americans to realize why and how Democrats are hurting their future.”

And the far left extremists gives us this on MLK day: fear, unhinged emotion, and detachment from reality.


Meanwhile, China ordered 22 more coal fired plants from Japanese companies.

Bill Tozer

8:55 pm

How long you ask? The boys were 15 years old and did nothing wrong. “Listen to the children” is his mantra, lol. I can hear it now: “Show me where I supported bullying teenagers. If not, you are a liar”. ROFLMAO.

@8:57 pm: Grace under fire is correct. It wasn’’t anything the kids did on their field trip to the Lincoln Memorial, it was the smirk on one kid’s face that triggered the Leftinistas Intolerables and made them hurl racists and homophobic epithets at the children.



Be it a Trump Rally or Blexit, the rowdy conservatives know how to have fun. And fun they have.


If Paul had a daughter.
"the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change."

You Proggys sure know how to grow'm.

Don Bessee




Hay Paul.. Your girl is already starting the class warfare fight all over again
Please let her piss off Soros and Buffett.

Bill Tozer

Like men playing football against boys. Winning!


That’s not very ‘community’ friendly.


Bill Tozer

FBI top lawyer Baker. Good guy, bad guy, straight arrow or crooked arrow? Good read.


nightly nite

Todd Juvinall

The most incredible lack of self-awareness has been by that babe Kathy Griffin. She holds uop a bloody head of the President yet is outraged and wants the names and addresses of these 15 year old boys who did nothing. I wonder if she was wearing her vagina hat?


,,,Billy Toes rant at 650pm - Toes tries desperately using his racist tendencies to make a connection between illiegal immigrants and mentally ill behavior.

It is almost as if we have never seen a home grown white boy go postal.

Toes is perfectly willing to take the behavior of one in 10 million and paint an entire race/culture as just as guilty.

#Super Sad


,,,I think Trumpski and his true believers have always assumed ‘’’Scarface’’’ was a documentary!!!!



The Blue Terror keeps on keepin' on.


I've always like how twitter brings out what people really think.


A brilliant move by the Blue Mob:


of course, at the same time the ever-charming Kamala Harris has decided that ICE is comparable to the KKK. Go figure. It's a sign of the times.

Bill Tozer

Well , M. If that illegal was prevented from entering the USA, there would be 4 Americans alive today. What that piece of shit illegal did wrong was kill in Nevada, which is not a lawless santuary state. Don’t worry. Soon enough an illegal will get to you and shit down your throat.

4 Americans are dead today which would be alive if not for the likes of you who want no stupid wall. The criminal rate of illegals is 100%. It is preventable. 4 elderly dead Americans are worth more than 400 million illegal pieces of shit. It’s all preventable.

Todd Juvinall

***M*** | 22 January 2019 at 07:45 AM
If I recall the BLM and other minority groups in America say a minority cannot be a racist. Only white people. I thought BillT was a minority? If so then "M" is as usual, a man on crack.


re: TJ@8:10AM

I think that the stronger point here is that the split between Left and Right currently is about the value of the state generally. It's fairly obvious throughout the West that a large part of the population has thrown in their lot with foreign nationals and foreign cultures. The short version is that they value outsiders more than their neighbors.

In a nutshell, that's why they've lost ownership to the Fourth of July.

Todd Juvinall

Scenes, you could be right. The left has found a way to undermine the country through the culture. With their control of the education system and Hollywood, they have made the divide a stark one. These Kentucky kids are the latest attempt to divide by the powers of darkness. How they could demean a young 15-year-old boy for standing still with a smile as a nut bangs a drum in his face is beyond me. But they do. The whole video showed that some Black kids were taunting these boys for an hour and yet not one reprisal from them. They had class and manners. Yet the media tried to make them the boogeymen. Even local yellow "journalist" Pelline will not tell the truth about the "incident".

Bill Tozer

Now that Native American “Vietnam Vet” that poured out hate on teenagers is claiming he is a victim, ROFLMAO. The hate just oozes out of every pore of his body. Unbelievable. The lying racist POS Injun says the kid’s were chanting “Build the Wall”. The video shows that is a bold faced lie. The hero of CNN and ABC, the Wa Compost and NYT says the kids confronted him. Video shows he is a liar. Everything Chief Speaking Bull said is a lie. Everything the media reported is a lie. I would like to see his service record. Might be another media Leftinista darling like Senator Stolen Valor Bloomenthal.

Todd, yep, it’s true. The Leftinistas claim only white people can be racists. Moi is exempt. And if you disagree, that makes you a racist like M, lol. They write the rules.

It does make one search hard nowadays to find non fakenews. The same Buzzfeed coke head that wrote the last debunked story is the same guy who wrote that Karl Rove got indicted by Special Counsel Livingston in the Scooter Libby affair, ROFLMAO.

Those kids from Covengton HS showed more maturity and grace under fire than the racists adults hurling unrepeatable insults and racial epithets at the children on a field trip. The creepy slimly vicious Leftinistas hurled so many hateful cuss words at the children that the fakenews corrupt media had to beep out every other word, lol.

Trump does not have to say anything about some of the press being the enemy of the people. The media is doing a fine job all by themselves. Just give them nine miles of pavement and a little big rope.

The tolerate Leftsts now threatens to murder school children. That is how the extremists murder millions of people. Telling children they are products of incest, they should have been aborted, calling them homophobic slurs, racial slurs.....the Leftinistas are a bloodthirsty lynch mob who hide behind the skirts of the Industrial Media Complex. And we have the same slimeballs in Congress. All one has to do is preface one’s statement with the magic phrase, “If this is true” to spread lies, hate, and vitriol. Sweet.


Bill Tozer

Good morning y’all. Quotes from this moment in space and time.

Broken clock: “There are two sides to every story. I made a snap judgment based on a photograph & I know better than to judge a book by its cover. I wasn’t there. I shouldn’t have commented. I’m glad there wasn’t violence. I hope theses two men can meet and find common ground as can WE ALL!” —Jamie Lee Curtis on the Left’s botched story on Catholic boys and a Native American

Race bait I: “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood. Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.” —Alyssa Milano

Race bait II: “Killing some white people isn’t genocide; it’s killing some white people. We had to kill some white people to get out of slavery. Maybe if we’d killed more during the 20th century we still wouldn’t talk about racialized voter disenfranchisement and housing, education, and employment discrimination. This should not be controversial.” —University of Georgia teaching assistant Irami Osei-Frimpong

Race bait III: “It gives me no pleasure to tell you that we now have a president of the United States who is a racist. … Instead of bringing us together as Americans, he has purposely and aggressively attempted to divide us up by the color of our skin, by our gender, by our nationality, by our religion. and by our sexual orientation.” —Bernie Sanders perfectly explaining the Democrat strategy

Village idiots: “The reply from the [Covington] school was pathetic and impotent. Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these f—ers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again.” —Kathy Griffin

You don’t say: “We’ve learned in the last two years, it doesn’t take much to awaken hate.” —Joe Biden (Yep, all it takes is seeing a MAGA hat and leftists lose their minds.)

Dezinformatsiya: “We’re being told to stand our ground. Our reporting [on Michael Cohen] is going to be borne out to be accurate, and we’re 100% behind it."—BuzzFeed’s Anthony Cormier

Non Compos Mentis: ”[The BuzzFeed debacle] just shows more evidence that perhaps this president did obstruct justice.“ —Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Hot air: "The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

And last… “Remember Covington Catholic, remember Kavanaugh, remember ‘hands up don’t shoot,’ the next time someone tells you that journalists are the guardians of truth in our society.” —Matt Walsh

Barry Pruett

The media (as well as our local blogger untethered from the truth) are subverting our democracy. Yep.


Barry Pruett

Yet the media still is pushing this false narrative about these children.


Paul Emery

This is a demented crew infesting
your blog George. I mean making a joke out of someone fighting for their life and being taken by an ambulance is as low as you can get. You should be embarrassed to have your name attached to this blog.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 22 January 2019 at 10:06 AM

Then just go away Punchy! You're not influencing anyone here (time wasting) and you seem to be awfully uncomfortable after what would best be described as a mildly off putting remark from Walt. Grow up!

George Rebane

PaulE 1006am - Are you and yours a bit too quick to condemn (see the 22jan19 Scattershots); could there not have been another motivation and interpretation as commenters have explained above?

Administrivia - Please continue the comment threads relevant to topics covered in 'Scattershots - 22jan19' under that posting. Thank you.

Bill Tozer

@10:21 am

Lol. Cut the Popinjay some slack. He spent the evening on the fainting couch with a big bellyache. Must be something he ate. Oh, let me count the outrage.


Does that offend you? :)


"I mean making a joke out of someone fighting for their life and being taken by an ambulance is as low as you can get."

This is what happens at the crossroads of poor composition skills, poor reading comprehension and bigotry.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 January 2019 at 10:31 AM

If he was offended by Walts comment this will surely upset him further!


Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery outraged? Please. He has a fascination with what he calls my "worm" and dating life. You cannot make this stuff up. Liberals are so selective. I would suggest he defend those teen boys and gain some cred points. But he won't.


So Paul still doesn't get it. Guess what Paul? People's tickers go out every day. DO point out the "joke". I was concerned with YOUR well being. Your ponytail still pulled too tight?
Maybe you would have been more happy if I was looking forward to wizzing on your grave. Come to think of it,, there are no signs on graveyard fences forbidding it.

So you took my concern as a joke. So be it.
Be content to be the ass that you are.


,,,blowfish@1044am,,,clock watch much???


Posted by: ***M*** | 22 January 2019 at 01:45 PM

Pantsload……still betting you go first!



The next generation of unemployed.


Posted by: Walt | 22 January 2019 at 03:59 PM

I'm hoping that our future robot buddies are cranky and surly like "Bender" from Futurama!


Don Bessee

BLM snowflakes get offended about everything but especially cops including fallen in the line of duty.




Why Mike…….WHY? Why would they need to be armed?


Nobody who isn't in the military or a sworn peace officer should ever need to bear arms! For any reason…….whatsoever!

We learned that from a very wise man…….Michael Bloomberg!


That's a good article DonB (@5:44PM). It's the first I've heard about it.

Yet another thing to research. There's scads of fuss about the evil blue line flag by the typical folks on the interwebs. I think that my neck will get worn out due to all the headshaking I'm led to by the insanity of the modern Left. They really are crazy you know. I sure wish they'd get back to worring about single payer health care or something. It must be that 'Love' thing.

Perhaps our local Green Libertarians could give their opinions on police? It would be an enlightening bit of blog theatre I think.

Bill Tozer

Double standard? Say it ain’t so.


Paul Emery

Walt is continuing to make a fool of himself pretending he was concerned about my health. Embarrassing to George that he is part of his blog.

Don Bessee

@753 - Dr. R. puts up with your act oh great pony tail of knowledge. This why the historic Senate gain in the first mid term matters so much. A lifetime appointment constraining the socialists whims -



Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery you can stay away and not be bothered or upset. The glory of free choice.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 8:09 pm

Good link. Thanks.

Senate Democrats previously eliminated the filibuster for federal judicial nominees below the Supreme Court level during the Obama administration, meaning that each of the 51 nominees needs only a majority vote in the Senate to win confirmation.

Once they claimed their current Senate majority, Republicans, in response, eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees as well..........

Yep, everything the sneaky rule bending lawless Lefties do blows up in their faces. :)

“In an op-ed this week in The Washington Post entitled "Anti-Catholic bigotry is alive in the U.S. Senate," columnist Michael Gerson wrote that questions like the ones from Harris and Hirono were inappropriate and "scare the hell out of vast sections of the country."

Don Bessee

I guess the pony tail of ignorance missed my sarcasm. Oh well you can only try educate.



punchy 836pm

I think you're getting a taste of the love and respect you have shown folks here.

Paul Emery

So Don you were using sarcasm to interpret an incident that was a near death experience to a very beloved member of the Bethel AME Choir who came up from Marysville with her choir mates to share gospel music with our community on martin Luther King day. You would not be saying that if you would have been there.

Bill Tozer

Good pic for Kavanaugh’s old seat:

It is a neat little trick to arbitrarily set up a line of tolerable opinions, a narrow Overton window of conformity, in which many debates or discussions are considered beyond the pale. Even attempting those ideas or debates set one up for discrimination by a group of enlightened peers and is considered an attack on a person, because politics, you see, is after all, always irredeemably personal.

For example, if someone is religious, he or she is automatically unworthy because the “dogma inevitably lives loudly within them” regardless of how fair he or she might be. This is a classic case of Freudian projection whereby a group of people who cannot see life outside of a partisan lens thinks everyone on the other side must be rabidly partisan like them.“.............

Quoting Camille Paglia, Rao wrote something considered poison in the current climate, that there is currently a “dangerous feminist idealism which teaches women that they are equal. Women believe falsely that they should be able to go anywhere with anyone.” Needless to say, the reactions to these have been swift from liberal publications, which are increasingly indistinguishable from activism blogs.

Ignore that these were written during college years, as that has no bearing on the merit of any argument. Some individuals can make coherent, logical, thought-provoking arguments when they are in their first year of college, and some cannot, even when they are 55. A sense of logic has nothing to do with age, and it is a lazy line of argument.

The backlash against Rao has nothing to do with her being in college or even having arguably appalling views. It is simply because she highlighted paradoxes that have no answer, other than charges of racism and sexism.”



So Paul somehow know how I feel? Fake concern he says?
I I really wasn't concerned, then WHY IN HELL DID I ASK!!!!???
You sure are one ungrateful somebitch.
When you do cash in your chips, lets hope you don't take the composting way out. Your so bitter nothing would ever grow where they dumped ya'.(well maybe poison oak or crab grass.)

Paul Emery


You are really a piece of work. You've dug yourself a hole you can't get out of.

Don Bessee

See above ya po' ol' fakenewsman, that dog don't hunt @931.
On the other hand its obvious why the loud mouthed nobodies in the entertainment biz and the masters of the unaverse don't want an orderly, rational immigration based on what's best for the country. Look at how we are out of sync and have no merit based immigration. Check out NZ's restrictions. Who cares about 15 bucks an hour if you have jillions, its a tax deduction. Then there are the small business for self's who don't have minimum wages to exploit. 'I haven't had a job on tv in 13 years' types say.

If the pony tail of ignorance really cared about the inner city poor he would stand up for their kid futures and job opportunities and cut the pandering and virtue signaling.



Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, Walt is twice the man you are so I suggest you stop yapping and just leave while you are behind.

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