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08 January 2019


Don Bessee

Billionaire figures out he is not popular and 40 mill to harass the prez is cheaper than running anyway!




Posted by: Bill Tozer | 09 January 2019 at 01:56 PM

Yesterday evening on CNN, Don Lemon suggested to Christ Cuomo that "We need to censor the President's speech before it goes to the American people." Ol' rich boy Chris looked like the blood drained outta his face!! You don't air what is discussed in the CNN back rooms!!

Oh William….that is one unfortunate typo! Christ Cuomo? Those Cuomo A-holes already have swollen heads….this can only make it worse!

Don Bessee





Good job LIBS. Kiss your extra money goodbye.
"Just days into the new Congress, Democrats have made it clear that they will spend the next two years fighting for higher taxes on American families, individuals, and businesses.

These tax hikes would erase the current economic successes. The U.S. economy added 312,000 jobs in December and wages increased by 3.2 percent over the past year.

In the past few months, the United States has been named the most competitive economy in the world, manufacturers had their biggest job gain in the past 20 years, and small business optimism is at record levels.

The tax cuts have also resulted in significant tax reduction for families. Ninety percent of wage earners have seen increased take-home pay with a family of four earning $73,000 in annual income seeing a tax cut of $2,058, a 58 percent reduction in federal taxes."

You GOD Mother still believes money belongs to them.

Paul Emery


The "asswipe" you refer to is the State of California and FEMA funds Californians pay into as part of their income tax. Are you saying that because Trump has political differences with our Governor California should be deprived of FEMA disaster funding?

By the way that was a very appropriate response by our Congressman Doug La Malfa. thanks for posting that.


Your finally catching on Paul.
"The "asswipe" you refer to is the State of California" Then you fell in the muddy ditch.
HELL! Half the state doesn't pay FED taxes! (Nice try)

I recall a disaster where a whole town got blown to bits.(the chemical plant blew up) A town that voted REPUB.
Now care to venture a guess what YOUR BOY "O" said when FEMA funds were asked for? (hint.. It wasn't "yes")

Now don't forget your side wants to CALEXIT.. So if Ca. had become it's own "nation", you can bet they would still go begging to D.C.
Being radical LIB has consequences.

Todd Juvinall

Tornado warning just now for Butte County. Honestly that county has had its share of crap. Must be Trump;s fault eh there Paul Emery?

Don Bessee

But will they have needle collection boxes like starbucks?



Paul Emery

I never supported CALEXIT Walt. Show me where I did. Do you support the State of Jefferson movement?

can you provide some documehtation for your statement that "I recall a disaster where a whole town got blown to bits". Don't recall it or Obama's reaction. thanks in advance.

At least give me the name of the town so I can google it.


I never said YOU did. Get a damned grip on yourself.
And the SoJ deal has NOTHING to do with separation from the U.S.of A. Just the People's Republic of Kalifornia. A big difference,,Paul.
You DO understand the diff,, don't you? Kinda like a balanced budget and a trillion in unpaid debt.

Nope, not doing your homework. It's not my problem you have a bad memory.

Bill Tozer

2 random quotes....unattributed to protect the innocent:

“So I'm watching a news conference on FOX. The President was asked if he is sure he has the authority to declare a national emergency? "I absolutely have the authority to declare a national emergency!" Then he was asked what would be the threshold that would cause you to do that? " The threshold would be if I can't make a deal with unreasonable people!"
Oh boy here we go!!! Let's roll!!!!!”

The President was asked why wouldn't he pass some of the present bills that open the GOV back up? Trump asked the reporter if he would do it? The reporter refused to answer the question after the President pressed him FOUR TIMES!!! He finally said that he was not the one to make that decision. President Trump said to him "If you would, then you should NEVER be President!!!"
Love this man!!!!!

I knew that dude looked familiar. Now he’s a Congresswoman.


And now, attributed quotes from this moment in time and space:

For the record: “More physical barriers are part of the solution. The goal of the migrants is simply to set foot into the United States and then perhaps stay for years or never leave as their asylum claims are adjudicated. It gives us more control if it is harder to cross illegally and they can be made to apply at ports of entry.” —National Review

Braying Jenny: “The one thing that the president has not talked about is the fact that he has systematically engaged in the violation … of human rights on our borders. … The president should not be asking for more to an agency that has systematically violated human rights. The president should really be defending why we’re funding such an agency at all because right now what we’re seeing is death. Right now what we’re seeing is the violation of human rights.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The BIG Lie: “He’s trying to restrict every form of legal immigration there is in the United States. He’s fighting against family unification. He’s fighting against the diversity visa lottery. He’s fighting against almost every legal way people can actually legally enter this country, forcing them to become undocumented and then he’s trying to attack their undocumented status.” —Ocasio-Cortez

Delusions of grandeur: “I think that [Ocasio-Cortez] is introducing bold ideas that should be discussed. And I think it’s good for the party and frankly I think it’s good for the country.” —Kamala Harris

Braying Jackass: “I understand that I am a member of Congress, and I don’t want anything that I do or say to distract us. And that’s the only thing that I apologize for is that it was a distraction.” —Rashida “Impeach the Motherf—er” Tlaib

Alpha Jackass: “How stupid are Americans who still believe there’s a crisis on the southern border?” —MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

And last… “I believe in what the president is doing. When he says that this is a national security problem, he’s absolutely correct. And that doesn’t come just from me — that comes from professionals who have been doing this their entire adult lives, serving the country on the border, protecting the citizens. They’re saying [the wall] works.” —Obama Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan


Since Paul is,,, just Paul,, I better help out the Buzzard of Broad st.
And another one of your boy "O"'s lies rises to the occasion.
The proof you "demanded".
"In a letter dated June 10, addressed to Texas Governor Rick Perry and signed by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator Craig Fugate, the government stated it would provide no additional money to help rebuild the small Texas town of West.

The farming community was the location of a deadly fertilizer plant explosion that killed 15 people, injured more than 200 others, and destroyed 37 blocks.

Following the April 17 disaster, President Barack Obama attended a memorial service for the victims, including 10 first responders. The president stated in front of the grieving crowd that they “are not forgotten.” Obama declared, “we stand with you, and we do not forget. And we’ll be there even after the cameras leave and after the attention turns elsewhere. Your country will remain ever ready to help you recover and rebuild and reclaim your community.”

Yup, "O" LIED!!!!

Paul Emery


This link shows exact assistance to the Town of West from Fema. Check it out. where did you get the info that there was no assistance?




I guess you MISSED this Paul.
"President Barack Obama overruled the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Friday and signed a declaration that there’s a “major disaster” in West, Texas, due to the fertilizer plant explosion in April that killed 15 people and destroyed much of the town."

Now.. Care to try again?
Where do you get the idea I don't know what I'm talking about?
You get your head handed back to you every time.

Bill Tozer

More Mueller Madness and fakenews: Manafort accused of sharing 2016 election data with Russians!


Ah, more Meuller fakenews madness:

“For present purposes I ask only whether there is a single mainstream media account that will get the underlying relationships straight. If we can take the New York Times story on the indictment as illustrative, and I am quite certain that we can, the answer is of course negative.”


Paul Emery

I saw it. It reads"

"Obama reverses FEMA,"

OKs disaster relief for West, Texas They got their assistance after Obama overuled their initial assessment. Obama came to the rescue. thanks for the link verifying my statement.


That's the spirit Paul, revise in your OWN words to have it say what you want it to.
You just created "fake news".
That's our Paul.


Trump sticks it to LIB news!!

"Trump accused Karl of engaging in “one-sided reporting” after the reporter suggested the president should re-open some of the government in order to help out government workers who aren’t currently getting paid for their work.

“Do you think I should do that?” Trump asked Karl. “No, do you think I should do that, Jon? I watch your one-sided reporting — do you think I should do that?”

Karl attempted to escape the corner Trump backed him into, but the president wouldn’t let up.

“I’m saying that if you sign that, these workers can start getting paid,” Karl argued.

“So you would do it if you were in my position?”

“I’m not in your position,” Karl muttered.

“If you would do that, you should never be in this position because you would never get anything done — goodbye everyone,” Trump said, silencing Karl and ending the pool spray with reporters.

Trump is meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday in an attempt to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown, which is now in its third week.

Love it when Trump paints'm into a corner.

Don Bessee

The NY Times is giving CNN a run for the biggest fake news peddler -

The story appeared on the front page of Wednesday morning's print edition. However, the paper was forced to publish a correction by early Wednesday afternoon.

"A previous version of this article misidentified the people to whom Paul Manafort wanted a Russian associate to send polling data," a note at the bottom of the story read. "Mr. Manafort wanted the data sent to two Ukrainian oligarchs, Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov, not Oleg V. Deripaska, a Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin."



Paul Emery


Do you still stand by your statement that:

"I recall a disaster where a whole town got blown to bits.(the chemical plant blew up) A town that voted REPUB.
Now care to venture a guess what YOUR BOY "O" said when FEMA funds were asked for? (hint.. It wasn't "yes") "

Don Bessee

Not everyone's in lock step with the lefty line -




,,,Do any of you remember Trump's campaign pledge that we were going to build a big beautiful wall and Mexico was going to pay for it???

,,,Well,,,since Trump lied about Mexico paying for the wall Americans decided they are not going to pay for it!!!

It is pretty simple,,,if you believe Trump's lies don't complain about Congress refusing to pay for it.


Posted by: ***M*** | 09 January 2019 at 05:45 PM

Oh we'll see dugsKKKi! We'll see!

Paul Emery

Fox News top legal expert and Shb Smith agree that there was a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians

"It was revealed Tuesday that Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort shared polling data with a Russian operative, according to a poorly redacted legal filing by his attorneys.

“This shows that Bob Mueller can demonstrate to a court without the testimony of Paul Manafort that the campaign had a connection to Russian intelligence and the connection involved information going from the campaign to the Russians,” Napolitano said. “The question is, was this in return for a promise of something from the Russians, and did the candidate, now the president, know about it?”

“Collusion isn’t a crime, but this would be considered collusion?” Smith asked.

“The crime is the conspiracy, the agreement. Collusion is a nonlegal term,” Napolitano said.

“I know, but if there’s collusion, giving stuff to the Russians about polling data [would count],” Smith said.

“Yeah, that would probably fit into the category,” Napolitano responded. “This event, which has been outlined in these court papers, occurred during the campaign.”


Paul Emery

sp legal expert and Shep Smith

Paul Emery

Wow Trump is hitting the skids. Down 15.5 in
rcp Favorable/Unfavorable polls

If the election were held today he would surely lose. He has to do something to gain more support in the next few months or he will lose support of Repub Senators and House members that will consider him a liability. That's basic political strategy.

Paul Emery



Don Bessee

The pony tail of ignorance needs to review my 439 @ 627. Its po' ol' fakenews and you been had by the gray lady of lies just like Shep! HAHA! January Fool!


Bill Tozer

For Gregory

Make them stop, please make them stop! No more Nanchuck.




"Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort shared polling data with a Russian operative"

Help me out here. Anybody can pipe up, even the non-lawyers.

What exactly is illegal about that?

Some handwaving about the downstream perjury trap you could set up is not what I'm after.


"Russian or Ukrainian operative" I guess I should say.

I admit that "operative" has that super sexy spy sound to it.


Posted by: scenes | 09 January 2019 at 07:44 PM

But scenes…..he's down in the polls…….did you here me scenes….the polls…..he's down! Down in the polls! Did you hear me scenes he's very clearly down in the polls!

Don Bessee

So if he has been down in the polls worse and worse says the pony tail of ignorance then why is he basically still in the same place? Advocating a dramatic downward for 2 years means he should be at 0 by now. Just sayin'



re: Fish@7:55PM

Oh well, that's just typical Paul Whac-a-mole. Throw enough and something will stick. Get up and do it again, amen. Interesting in a high school student, boring in an adult, downright embarrassing from an elderly 'news' director. C'est la vie.

But, I'm always interested in what the actual crimes are supposed to be...aside from fibbing to the Blue Mob Sondergerichte of course. About all I've learned is that two people talking is a 'conspiracy'.


Posted by: scenes | 09 January 2019 at 08:28 PM

About all I've learned is that two people talking is a 'conspiracy'.

….and look now we've gone and done it! You're screwed….I'm turning states evidence!

Don Bessee

It was 2 Ukrainians @746. It is kind of funny for us cold warriors to now have so many places that were targets then as allies. Poland, the Baltics, East Germany, Ukraine, Georgia , Romania, Bulgaria, and so on. That was change we all didn't just hope for, it was hard earned.

That's why its so funny that the socialists now pretend they did not take money back in the day from the likes of Stalin. When the East fell we raided the files from the Stasi and then Boris let us see the rest. Anal retentive leftists don't trust each other because of their factionalism much like now. Hence all the receipts showing the transfers of cash to their minions in the west including the American haters here like the American Communist Party etc.

Does anyone with a historical perspective not see the problem here and now? Don't they see the irony of our socialists and jihadis minions trying to knee cap our National Defense in all forms as they have tried for a Century pretending we are friends of Communist?



"Don't they see the irony of our socialists and jihadis minions trying to knee cap our National Defense in all forms as they have tried for a Century pretending we are friends of Communist?"

I just assume that all these countries, even them pesky Russkies, simply act in their own national interests. These are not automatically for or agin' US interests. The US appears to be the only man standing so far as attempting to export revolution, and with Trump that looks to be abated for now.

No doubt the 420th Nevada City Volunteers want to rebuild Syria as a form of mideast Switzerland, but they appear to have stopped off for a cappuccino.


Now why can't I compose a paragraph like this…..?

"By the time I de-lawyered, Chuck and Nancy were on the air, demonstrating the point I made with Tucker on Monday: that, when your whole pitch rests (as Miss Ocasio-Cortez said) not on humdrum facts but on moral superiority - that we're better than the other guys, nicer than the other guys - it doesn't help to have Chuck Schumer up there with his fin glistening as it slices through the surf. Chuck and Nancy are the unlovely thuggish operators required to run a corrupt pseudo-legislature, but they're not the people to put up in public. At best, it's like Hollywood getting the Price Waterhouse vote tabulators to host the Oscars, and at worst it's like booking Harvey Weinstein's procurers and security muscle.

The Dems would have done better to bring on Alexandria to be nice and likeable and twitter on about how her story embodies the beautiful possibilities of a diverse multicultural society strengthened and enriched by vibrant dreamers, and how surrendering to dark paranoia and living in fear of the other just because he's got MS-13 tattoos all over his skull is not who we are.


Bill Tozer

@ 7:46 pm...Scenes

Ok, I will try. Any and all Ukrainian Billionaires have Russian ties and they all have ties to the Russian intelligence, thus the “Russian Gov’t”. It’s just how it was done when they carved up the State assets after the USSR fell. Couldn’t do one without the other. Oligarchs. So, when Manafort shared polling data with a Ukrainian billionaire, we in the West say, “He had ties to the Russians.

Here in the USA, when a person leaves the CIA (for example), they are shut out, no contact. Like an anylist like Buck Sexton, for another example. No contact. No quite true for the former USSR intelligence gang. They kinda remain in contact like an old fraternity. The billionaires know the Russian government officials and the intelligence officials and that’s how business is/was done.

Now, polling data is pretty much public information, albeit some campaigns keep their own polling on certain issues close to the vest. I can’t imagine anything Manafort had that would make the Russians run out and change their FB ads, lol. But, the optics makes it looks like Collusion! Manafort (and Tony Podesta) had been working with those pro-Russian Ukrainians with political influence and money for years. In fact, all Meuller had to do was walk over to the FBI and pull Manafort’s 2006 file and it was all there...the stuff he was charged with. Just blew the dust off the file and the media acts like Meuller uncovered a bunch of stuff during his investigation. Nah, they decided not to prosecute back them, not worth the time.
And Mueller had his role in Uranium One and knew of the evidence of bribery before he signed off on Uranium One. I always said Mueller’s job was not to find evidence, but to make sure things get buried to not see the light of day again... but I digress.

Long story short: Manafort gave Russians campaign info!!! Or so the headlines read.

Repost from 4:17 pm

Paul Emery

Trump is quoted as saying his campaign had no contacts with Russia. Do you really believe that? Here's a start:

The recent incident is just a start. Check this out:

Russians interacted with at least 14 Trump associates during the campaign and transition

Through family, business and campaign operatives, Russian nationals repeatedly sought contact with Donald Trump’s world, starting only a few months after his presidential bid was announced in 2015. They forwarded proposals to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, brought a Trump adviser to Russia to speak and repeatedly sought meetings with Trump and his aides. Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III is now probing whether the contacts were isolated coincidences or part of Russia’s effort to interfere with the presidential campaign.


Paul Emery

For your reading p;easure:

The Trump campaign issued at least 15 blanket denials of contacts with Russia, all of which have been proven false.

July 24, 2016: Paul Manafort appeared on ABC’s This Week and George Stephanopoulos asked him “Are there any ties between Mr. Trump, you or your campaign and Putin and his regime?” To which Manafort responded, “No, there are not. That’s absurd. And you know, there’s no basis to it.”
July 24, 2016: Donald Trump Jr. appeared on CNN and told Jake Tapper that the Clinton campaign’s suggestion that Russia was helping Trump was “disgusting” and “phony,” noting, “Well, it just goes to show you their exact moral compass. I mean, they will say anything to be able to win this. I mean, this is time and time again, lie after lie.”
July 27, 2016: Trump appeared on a CBS Miami news station and, in response to allegations that Russia was trying to help him win the election, told Jim DeFed, “I can tell you I think if I came up with that they’d say, ‘Oh, it’s a conspiracy theory, it’s ridiculous’ … I mean I have nothing to do with Russia. I don’t have any jobs in Russia. I’m all over the world but we’re not involved in Russia.”
October 24, 2016: At a rally in Tampa, Florida, Trump stated he has “nothing to do with Russia, folks. I’ll give you a written statement.”
November 11, 2016: Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks gave the Associated Press a blanket denial of Trump campaign contacts with Russia, stating, “It never happened. There was no communication between the campaign and any foreign entity during the campaign.”
December 18, 2016: Kellyanne Conway went on “Face the Nation,” and John Dickerson asked her, “Did anyone involved … in the Trump campaign have any contact with Russians trying to meddle with the election?” Conway responded, “Absolutely not. And I discussed that with the president-elect just last night. Those conversations never happened. I hear people saying it like it’s a fact on television. That is just not only inaccurate and false, but it’s dangerous.”
January 10, 2017: At a hearing for Jeff Sessions’ nomination for the position of attorney general, Senator Al Franken asked him what he would do if there was evidence “that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign.” Sessions replied, “I’m not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians, and I’m unable to comment on it.”
January 15, 2017: Vice President-elect Mike Pence went on “Fox News Sunday,”and Chris Wallace asked him, “So, I’m asking a direct question: was there any contact in any way between Trump or his associates and the Kremlin or cutouts they had?” Pence replied, “Of course not. Why would there be any contacts between the campaign?
January 15, 2017: That same day, Pence also went on “Face the Nation,” where John Dickerson asked him, “Just to button up one question, did any advisor or anybody in the Trump campaign have any contact with the Russians who were trying to meddle in the election?” Pence replied, “Of course not. And I think to suggest that is to give credence to some of these bizarre rumors that have swirled around the candidacy.”
February 16, 2017: Trump held a press conference and told reporters, “Russia is a ruse. I know you have to get up and ask a question. It’s so important. Russia is a ruse. I have nothing to do with Russia. Haven’t made a phone call to Russia in years. Don’t speak to people from Russia. Not that I wouldn’t. I just have nobody to speak to. I spoke to Putin twice. He called me on the election. I told you this. And he called me on the inauguration, a few days ago. We had a very good talk, especially the second one, lasted for a pretty long period of time. I’m sure you probably get it because it was classified. So I’m sure everybody in this room perhaps has it. But we had a very, very good talk. I have nothing to do with Russia. To the best of my knowledge no person that I deal with does.”
February 19, 2017: White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus went on “Fox News Sunday,” and when Chris Wallace asked whether the Trump team had any connections to Russia, Preibus said “no.” Preibus later went on to add, “Let me give you an example. First of all, The New York Times put out an article with no direct sources that said that the Trump campaign had constant contacts with Russian spies, basically, you know, some treasonous type of accusations. We have now all kinds of people looking into this. I can assure you and I have been approved to say this—that the top levels of the intelligence community have assured me that that story is not only inaccurate, but it’s grossly overstated and it was wrong. And there’s nothing to it.”
February 20, 2017: White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders denied contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign, stating, “This is a nonstory because to the best of our knowledge, no contacts took place, so it’s hard to make a comment on something that never happened.”
February 24, 2017: At a White House press briefing, Sean Spicer was asked whether “the President has an improper relationship with Russia” and responded, “He has no interests in Russia. He has no—there’s only so many times he can deny something that doesn’t exist.”
May 11, 2017: In an interview with NBC, Trump told Lester Holt, “I have had dealings over the years where I sold a house to a very wealthy Russian many years ago. I had the Miss Universe pageant—which I owned for quite a while—I had it in Moscow a long time ago. But other than that I have nothing to do with Russia.” Later in the interview, when discussing Comey’s firing, Trump stated, “And in fact, when I decided to just do it, I said to myself—I said, you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story. It’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election they should’ve won.”
May 18, 2017: At a press conference in May 2017, Trump repeatedly denied any collusion occurred between his campaign and Russia, at one point stating, “[T] he entire thing has been a witch hunt. And there is no collusion between, certainly, myself and my campaign, but I can only speak for myself and the Russians—zero.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 09 January 2019 at 11:35 PM

To quote Punchy.....WOW!!

You need to get this to Mueller immediately......it should really help his investigation!


...so basically the crime isn't interacting with the Russians, but in how you describe the interaction later. Even that isn't 'crime' except in specific circumstances, and it's rather sketchy to declare it a crime even then.

So again, what were the original crimes?

This sure sounds like impeaching Bill Clinton because he didn't tell the truth about an affair. If nothing else, the War Party can dig up a few goods and then get people to perjure themselves, threaten long jail terms, and then get the lies they are really after. The 17 intelligence agencies become the real rulers of the country and Paul snuggles up to them. Fellating the CIA is a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

As aside, Paul. If you are going to cut and paste, you might think about attributing. Better yet, write your own material for once.


Paul, have you ever thought about getting a life? L



It's not that much effort for him. He takes great pride in riling up the old men and then spends 10 seconds finding some stuff on the web and presenting it as his own. You never express an opinion, construct an argument, make a point.

It's the kind of thing you ran into in the early days of the internet on Usenet. If you are new to computers, it feels fresh and original.

The fact that these fellows can't see the danger of the law enforcement and intelligence arms of the federal government becoming political it what makes me the most crazy. Combined with modern data gathering and parsing, the threat is far greater than that of a foreign power at this point. We are probably past a tipping point, but the rush to embrace the War Party by the Blue Mob is incredibly unseemly. My best guess is that Trump reminds them of the guy that stole their milk money in elementary school and their moral compass became unhinged at that point...it was probably never that well constructed to begin with.

Todd Juvinall

WWOW! Paul Emery has uncovered collusion. I suggest he get ahold of Meuller so American justice can proceed. Go getum Paul Emery, you are my hero! Mighty Mouse is here to save the day!


,,,Somebody call Trumpski!!! We need a wall along the eastern seaboard!!!


Todd Juvinall

If you want to read a confused article about politics today the Union has a column by Stormsgaard. My goodness I am still trying to figure out what he means.

Paul Emery

Thanks Todd for the support. I appreciate it. This is an example of differing minds working together.


,,,here you go,,,Obama 2014 Immigration Speech,,,

For those of you who are afraid to watch,,,Bessie,,,Walt,,,Todd,,,the Senate passed a bipartisan bill back then but the pubbers would not allow the bill to be voted upon.


So Obama did his own Executive Action,,,Kind of like what idiot Trumpski wants to do,,,but Trumpski shut down the government because he is a shit-for-brains negotiator!!!


,,,re: Obama immigration speech,,,it is worth watching just to compare the difference between an intelligent articulate public speaker (((Obama))) and a bumbling carnival barker (((Trump)))

Robert Cross

National Emergency-- what a bunch of BS


"National Emergency-- what a bunch of BS"

I wouldn't sweat it, you'll get to keep your border wide open.

Someone will simply find a pet judge and get them to issue some kind of piece of paper to turn off any Trump policy. In an era of a politicized judiciary and law enforcement, it can't be that hard.

Don Bessee

Keep up helping the cause fakenewsmen -



Don Bessee

Oh no she didn't!



Todd Juvinall

Hurry up Paul Emery. Get your colusion proof to Meuler ASAP. The world needs you.

Paul Emery

He has all he needs Todd. Thanks for the interest.


Must See Video,,,yes Fish,,,I bootlegged it!!!,,,Too funny,,,hey boys the old '''we need a wall''' chicken little rap is as old as the hills,,,

'''Sixty years ago, an episode of a TV showed called “Trackdown” told the story of a con man named Trump who warns people that the world will be destroyed and that only he can save them … by building a wall.'''



Posted by: ***M*** | 10 January 2019 at 11:27 AM

How many dugsKKKi?

Don Bessee

Here is why the historic gain in the senate mattered so much oh great pony tail of ignorance -

The White House is urging outside allies to be prepared for another bruising confirmation battle should Ginsberg’s health take a sudden turn for the worse, according to four sources with knowledge of the overtures. Outside groups, led by the Federalist Society and the Judicial Crisis Network, played a leading role in helping to confirm Kavanaugh and, before that, Justice Neil Gorsuch.

The groups have advised the Trump team on everything from potential nominees to political and media strategy, producing television advertisements and blitzing reporters with supportive messaging. Together, the conservative groups spent over $7 million on ads supporting Kavanaugh’s nomination.




,,,beheading and hammer murders oh my!!!,,, what a fear monger!!!



Posted by: ***M*** | 10 January 2019 at 12:10 PM

Jeez dugsKKKi...... a little frantic today! Diapers need changing? Lawn need mowing?

Don Bessee











Don Bessee

Talk about a brain dead fakenewsman!

Jim Acosta just posted one of the biggest self owns ever,” social media strategist Caleb Hull responded. ‘He's walking along the border where there's a wall in place talking about how there's nothing that ‘resembles a national emergency situation’ and ‘there's no migrants trying to rush.’ That's because there's a wall, Jim.”




Ruth Bader Ginsberg's retirement said to be imminent.

Don Bessee

If Democrats are looking for fresh, new faces, why are these septuagenarian white guys so popular?



Don Bessee

And here is another @1210-



G @ 1226 see my 1157.



Posted by: Gregory | 10 January 2019 at 12:26 PM

Ruth Bader Ginsberg's retirement said to be imminent.

This concurrent with the wall/shutdown…….well let's just hope everybody is wearing their yellow rain slickers to protect from all the asploding lefty heads!

Don Bessee

Comrade Bernie's socialist paradise looks to have hit coup season when he loses the army -



Todd Juvinall

So Trump may get another SCOTUS pick? I have read that Roberts is turning into a Warren so another conservative would help protect us.

Paul Emery

Exactly what is "historic" about the meager Senate gaines in the election. It's only +2. seats. Compared to +40 for the Dems in the House it's pretty modest.

Todd Juvinall

Oh Paul Emery, why do you insist on being ignorant?

Don Bessee

Who would really expect the pony tail of ignorance to know @ 149?


Robert Cross

"I have read that Roberts is turning into a Warren so another conservative would help protect us."

What is your source for that Toad, or did you just make it up? Perhaps Robert's is recognizing that his job is beyond politics and legislating from the bench, as the Robert's court has done on so many occasions prior, and the rule of law takes precedent over politics. Not uncommon for justices all of whom were originally chosen for their political/social views but many of whom later figured out what their job was really about, and it wasn't the political agenda of the party that appointed them onto the court.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC justy stop being a lazy ass and do your own homework.

Paul Emery

Tod, did you really write that? I thought you liked me. You just wrote:

" Go getum Paul Emery, you are my hero!"

George Rebane

The rule of law has never been outside the realm of politics, because that's where live the progenitors of all laws, and in that realm are laws interpreted and enforced. And it all works when the people's politics hew reasonably closely to each, else it fails miserably and injustice is seen everywhere by everyone.

Robert Cross

Gee Toad when people tell you to do their own homework your response is usually along the lines "you can't prove it because you are a liar."

speaking of liars this morning trump said, "“When during the campaign I would say Mexico is going to pay for [the wall], obviously I never said this, and I never meant they’re going to write out a check. I said they’re going to pay for it."

How many of you staunch righties believe trump when he now says that what he meant was that Mexico would pay for the wall via the trade deal during the campaign?

Paul Emery

Well spoken George. That's why we have elections to try to act from within some boundaries of practical reality. That's why it should be of concern to the Republicans that Trump may be going beyond zone of popular acceptance and the party will be irrelevant as it is under his control. Polls do matter. Elections do matter. The Repubs lost 40 seats under Trumps leadership and he's losing ground as we speak because of his wall stance. It took Obama two election cycles to loses it all and that seems to be the schedule. The difference is that Trump may loose his Presidency which would be a whole new level him being a one term President.

Robert Cross

George 3:07 --

You are forgetting about logic and morals and human rights in decisions that sometimes go against the grain of popular support. some people are going to bitch who matter what.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 10 January 2019 at 03:25 PM

ow many of you staunch righties believe trump when he now says that what he meant was that Mexico would pay for the wall via the trade deal during the campaign?

Don't care Mrs. Cross……ever get hubby to clean out the garage?

Robert Cross

In other news, Michael Cohen has agreed to testify in public at a congressional hearing about his work for Donald trump. Cohen said he was prepared “to cooperate and provide the American people with answers.....I look forward to having the privilege of being afforded a platform with which to give a full and credible account of the events which have transpired.”

The fun starts Feb. 7...I bet you guys will want to tune in...or probably leave it all to Breitbart to interpret for you. After all, why should you have to figure out something for yourself anyway.

Don Bessee

Now that's funny!

The city of San Francisco is not standing down in California’s latest water war, joining a lawsuit against the state on Thursday to stop it from directing more of the Sierra Nevada’s cool, crisp flows to fish instead of people.

City officials contend the State Water Board is overreaching with a new, sweeping plan to restore California’s depleted river system by limiting draws on such water supplies as San Francisco’s Hetchy Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite. The plan, according to city estimates, will force Bay Area households to cut water use by 20 percent or more.

The city signed on to the lawsuit with several Central Valley farm communities, making for unlikely allies who rarely see eye-to-eye on water policy. But those communities also fear being hit with drastic water reductions. While the plaintiffs have been working with state officials to try to come up with a compromise, the water users don’t want to forfeit their right to a legal challenge. The deadline to sue is the end of the week.



Don Bessee

Gee I wonder why the narco-terrorists would not want a Trump administration?????




Let me guess.. The new allegation for the person Trump will name, was that (enter name here) was a concentration camp prison guard.
They already played the rape card, and even gang rape card.

What next? demand Trump appoint a Marxist?

Todd Juvinall

Don Rogers sure sounds like Chuck and Nancy in his Union OP-ED today.


Paul Emery

Yes Robewrt Cross

Cohen next month Feb 7. He knows where all the cum stains are and will be willing to share. Slick Willie better make room for the Slime King Trump.

Todd Juvinall

You are just jealousPaul Emerey. No aw brokn, dream on.


Muller gave him a script Paul. Was he lying then? or now? He's an admitted liar. You will believe him because he's saying what you want to hear.

Now here is some red meat for ya'. Trump just admitted to taking a bribe!!!!!!!! Run with it!

No need for your Viagra for a week!

Paul Emery


You claim to be a stud like Trump so you know the routine.

Todd Juvinall

Unlike you Paul Emery I don't pay for sex.


Sniff sniff... A tear of joy....
No missing this from 30,000 feet.

Don Bessee

Too true -



Bill Tozer

Hello gentlemen and fine lady.

Finally Trump is taking his agrument for the Wall and Border Security to the American people. The longer the shutdown continues, the more Trump’s message gets out in public. You can bet your sweet bippie that Nanchuck and the entire Democrat Socialist Party does not want this debate to happen in public. They prefer the Border Crisis is talked about in private, behind closed doors, and neatly disappear as always.

As long as the shutdown continues, President Donald J. Trump will continue to take his message of the crisis directly to the American people through addresses, press conferences, and talking it to the American people. This is a good thing, a most necessary imperative.

The fakenews was busy today with their new narrative: this is a MANUFACTURED CRISIS! I beg to differ. President Obama did not think it was a manufactured crisis, not in the least.


Obama went on to say that unaccompanied minors would likely be turned way after processing. We all remember kids showing up at the porous border walking around with a phone number of a contact in the US pinned to their clothing, with no ID or their hometowns. We all remember Mexicans telling their kids as they were dumped off on the border to tell the Border Patrol they are from Central America.
The new wrinkle is that if minor show up with parents from countries Other than Mexico, the family gets in. The new wrinkle is that 90% of those who come from unaccompanied minors are themselves illegal aliens.

Bottomline: The Leftinistas do not want to stop illegal immigration. No way, no how. The longer Trump holds the debate in the public forum, the more folks are being persuaded that there is a big problem at the border and with illegal immigration...and the Left cannot reasonably defend their position and risk having their arguments being exposed as a g of horse pucky.

Bill Tozer

So typical of the lying Lefties

Anti-Gun Chicago Alderman Ed Burke Charged With Extortion, Had 23 Guns in His Office


Reminds me of the Frisco Values Democrat Yeland Lee, the Champion Of Gun Control, sent to prison for gun running.

Bill Tozer


First his gun slips away, then his pants fall down.

Another piece of the Obama Legacy bites the dust. At this rate, it will be like Obama never existed.

Can you say Race Card? Can you say shameless pandering?

Report: Sen. Kamala Harris to Announce 2020 Presidential Run on MLK Day, ROFLMAO


Don Bessee

Lee also was selling guns and drugs to terrorists, talk about the trifecta!


Don Bessee

Not even the socialst dems would allow these two to have a real job -

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib made a play for Appropriations, but she too was passed over.



Bill Tozer

More made up fakenews from the Washington Compost. What can we be offended by today and who is the victim today? Wa Compost: The enemy of good journalism.

“But here’s the kicker. The Trump administration’s “downgrade” of the EU ambassador simply restores him to the spot in the diplomatic pecking order he held until 2016. For seven years, the Obama administration treated the EU ambassador as a second-class diplomat (or whatever).”

Did this bother the Washington Post? Were there any mainstream media stories about how Obama was slighting Europe? Not that I recall.

I was also amused by this passage in the Post’s story:

“No longer will the European Union be as exalted as equivalent to a country. Instead it will be back alongside the African Union, after the rest of the national ambassadors.”

You mean to tell me that Obama exalted the EU over the African Union? Does the Congressional Black Caucus know about this?

If Birnbaum and Hudson were more woke, they would be offended that the EU ambassador is offended that he no longer outranks his African counterpart. I thought such Euro-centrism was outdated, if not racist.


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