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08 January 2019


Don Bessee

Is that why botox naccy and cryin chuck looked that way Tuesday, their out of gas?

President Trump is the voice of the American people. The press represents an elite who loathe the very word. They denigrate President Trump as a ‘populist,’ a word derived from the Latin word for “the people.’

With a growing economy, tax cuts, more jobs higher wages, better trade deals for the country, the appointment of conservative judges, peace negotiations with North Korea, a new Mideast policy and in advocating immigration reform, President Trump can honestly state he has covered the backs of the American people.

His feistiness is reminiscent of another outspoken president, Harry S.Truman.
Truman also ignored manufactured polls. During his 1948 campaign, which the press predicted Truman was supposed to lose, someone yelled out from the crowd he was addressing, “Give ‘em hell Harry!” which became a rallying cry. Trump's campaign slogan should be “Tell it like it is, Trump” as he continues to speak and tweet the truth to the American people.

The Democratic Party is running on fumes. They are not articulating any policies for the advancement of our country. Democrats have substituted ideology for policy and slogans as a means of stifling any intelligent discussion.

Their response to President Trump's address for a humanitarian wall to protect our borders was bereft of any substance and consisted of low demagoguery and personal attacks on the office of the president.



Paul Emery


What is your source for your 6:22 or are you lying.

Don Bessee

Stomp that foot @ 936!

So if the masters of the universe don't even get to do business in china then why do they allow the chi coms to censor the world????

A Twitter spokeswoman declined to comment on the government campaign.

China has long policed what its citizens can see and say, including online, but the recent push shows that Beijing’s vision of internet control encompasses social media around the world. Messages on WhatsApp, which is blocked in China, have begun to appear as evidence in Chinese trials.

The Chinese government has increasingly demanded that Google and Facebook take down content that officials object to even though both companies’ sites are inaccessible in China. After the exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui used the platforms to lob graft accusations at top Chinese leaders, Facebook and Twitter suspended his accounts temporarily, citing user complaints and the disclosure of personal information.



Don Bessee

Sounds like the Bernie bros were trained by Harvey Weinstein -

His apology comes as he contemplates another White House bid under the Democratic banner in 2020.
Several aides have complained of a "predatory culture" in his campaign.



Todd Juvinall

A 22-year-old Latino policewoman in Davis was gunned down on th3 10th apparently.

Bill Tozer

Sign of the times:
Ah, George Orwell was a seer. A dope dealer is now an unlicensed pharmacist and an armed intruder is now an “unwanted house visitor”.


Bill Tozer


Good idea: “The time that you had cameras in the meeting — I think we need to bring them back, because what [Schumer] described the meeting to be was totally different than what took place.” —Rep. Kevin McCarthy rejecting Schumer’s characterization of Trump leaving the meeting as a “temper tantrum”

Re: The Left: “Ah yes, the tunnel myth. Because it’s so easy to build tunnels. No one would ever notice. Might as well just do nothing, now that the tunneling option has been exposed. Can we have a serious conversation now? That’d be great.” —Rep. Dan Crenshaw rebutting Nancy Pelosi’s pathetic assertion that we should not build a border barrier because migrants would simply tunnel under it

Friendly fire: “For too long in our country, politicians have weaponized religion for their own selfish gain, fomenting bigotry, fears and suspicions based on the faith, religion or spiritual practices of their political opponents.” —Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to her fellow Aloha State Democrat Mazie Hirono regarding anti-Catholic attacks on the Knights of Columbus as a religious test for confirmation (Hirono responded, “It is unfortunate that Congresswoman Gabbard based her misguided opinion on the far right-wing manipulation of these straightforward questions.”)

Non Compos Mentis: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?” —Rep. Steve King

And last… “In 2019, the federal government will spend a whopping $4.407 trillion. Yet Congress and the president are shutting down the government in a dispute between the $1.3 billion the Democrats have approved for border security and the $5.7 billion the president is demanding — precisely 0.0998 percent of the total federal budget. In Washington, that is considered a rounding error. … But now we are shutting down the government over a wall much like the one that Pelosi and Senate Democrats fully supported just five years ago?” —Marc A. Thiessen

George Rebane

None of it makes sense, and even less so with the passing months. We supposedly look at and experience the same world, yet obviously live in different universes. Physics may have an answer for that, but everyday logic in the conduct of human affairs does not, especially if we assume that both sides are working for a strong, independent, free, and prosperous America. Logic clicks back into place when we remove that assumption.


,,,it is just too bad and too sad that Trump is so inarticulate that he can only scream BTW(((build that wall))). His inability to articulate anything but hackneyed political chants is his downfall.

In December 2018 Congress came up with a compromise solution and conducted a straw poll showing bipartisan support ---and Trump nixed it...

If he was being real and not a blowhard he could have realized that if he got a Billion or so the first year, and a billion the next year, and so on,,,eventually his Wall Remodel Project would be up to date.

Border security projects are not new. They have been going on for decades. Only Trump is to blame for the Shutdown, now the longest in history,,,and he does really not care about the lack of border enforcement and heartache he is causing Americans who work for the government,,, he continues to play his little political game of chicken...SAD

Don Bessee

Way to Gov!

The Republican governor flew to Fort Lauderdale three days after taking office to remove the Democratic sheriff, appointing a former police sergeant to serve as acting sheriff. Gregory Tony, 40, worked for Coral Springs police for 12 years before leaving in 2016 to start a company specializing in active-shooter training. He is the first African-American to serve as Broward's sheriff.



Bill Tozer

Oh my M, you brought a tear to my eye with that appeal. Got me right there in the old soft spot.

Meanie Trump does not really care about the “heartache he is causing Americans who work for the government,,,”. Ok, is this the time we are supposed to say we feel bad for the non-essential workers in the Federal Government? Ok, how about no. Cry me a river. Perhaps the chair warmers should upgrade their skills so next time they will not be righly classified as ‘non-essential’....like in being non necessary. Boo hoo. Our country has been through a lot bigger issues and faced bigger challenges than some bat boy missing a paycheck, for criminey sake.

Somebody bring the Fecal Incontinence One the fainting couch. I certainly hope all you Berekely Stink-Asses aren’t such manginas.

Man o man. If we started deporting liberals, Mexico would build a Wall.



"If we started deporting liberals, Mexico would build a Wall."

Gonna steal that.

Bill Tozet

Contrary to popular opinion, Hollywood is a very religious place. Granted, it’s not an especially Christian place, but that doesn’t mean the fine folks of La La Land don’t love a good spiritual ceremony, one that promises perfect righteousness to those who follow the dictates of the progressive religion and utter condemnation to those who don’t.

This is why a certain house of worship has become such a hit for any Tinsel Town residents who need a bit of redemption after blaspheming the gods of political correctness. Once upon a time, damage-control-specializing publicists would encourage gay-slur-uttering celebs to rebuild their goodwill by undergoing sensitivity counseling. But in these latter days, the greatest way to atone for the sins of uninclusivity is found inside a church known as the Cathedral of Blessed Wokery, currently meeting in a 55,000-square-foot Malibu mansion normally reserved for climate change fundraisers and Lamborghini jousting.

For example, let’s say that you are a star comedian. Your last five films have been box office successes. Your most recent stand-up outing was voted one of the 350 best comedy specials released by Netflix in the second week of June. As your reward, you’ve just been tapped to host the 91st Academy Awards.

But then 11 inconsequential people on Twitter discover that you made an offensive joke about bisexual Muppets in 1997. Obviously, you are no longer morally fit to host an awards show where hordes of adulterers give trophies to fugitive pedophiles and serial rapists. Clearly your career must grind to a halt until you have been sufficiently rebuked by your fellow progressives.

Fortunately, that rebuke is now available to you via the Cathedral of Blessed Wokery, and in particular, via a ceremony of that church known as the Rite of Perpetual Confession.

First, the petition signatories view academic research, including scholarship published in top-tier journals and the upper echelon of university presses, as harassment. Second, the petition makes clear that the student signatories view natural law and the precepts of the Catholic church and traditional Christian churches as adopting homophobic, transphobic, and “extremely discriminatory views.” Third, the petition’s reference to awaiting a “person-to-person instance of harassment or victimisation,” exposes the students’ view that a classroom lecture that includes Finnis’ scholarship would be verboten.


Don Bessee

BT- So as they put more and more pressure on free speech, a pattern that begat Carlin, Pryor, Red Fox and Eddie Murphy the last cycle will likely let us see a Murphy on steroids. I am surprised they still play the unedited Eddie Murphy Raw concert, oh I guess I am doomed for saying its still funny as hell.


Bill Tozer

Beware the square root of Mass Hysperia. Hmmm. Is Oberlin High School affiliated with Obetlin College? Just wondering.

A Louisiana high school student was finishing up a math problem and drew the square root symbol, authorities told KATC-TV.

Problem was, another student allegedly said the square root symbol looked like a gun — and several other students made similar comments, Allen Parish Sheriff's deputies told the station.

And with that, deputies launched an investigation of a terrorist threat allegation at Oberlin High School on Tuesday afternoon, KATC reported, citing the department's Facebook page.



See the latest anti gun loony law? " Can't buy more the 20 bullets a MONTH.
SB 501 permit to own, 20 rounds per month limit, Mags >5 banned

Yup, and 5 round magazines will be outlawed too!

Senate Bill 501 Requires person to secure permit before purchasing or otherwise receiving firearm. "May issue" by the Sheriff.

Restricts ammunition receipt to 20 rounds within 30-day period. Prohibits transfer of firearm by gun dealer or private party until latter of 14 days or Department of State Police has determined that recipient is qualified to receive firearm.

So.. LIB states are now out to "out-LIB" the other.


Now who keeps saying hush money is criminal?

You can bet NDAs are in full force.


re: Walt@7:36

Interesting one, I'd never heard of it. Oregon.

It's funny how much verbiage there is around a simple central concept, making guns of any type and ammunition illegal. That law is nudging pretty close to it.

I'm tired of hearing all the handwaving (can you hear handwaves?) about 'reasonable' and 'common sense' laws when they are always just a step towards 100% confiscation. There's probably a Law of Politics here, that movements are always suborned by their most radical members. In this case, it might be as simple as (1) liberal women hate guns because of 'the children' plus a lack of interest (2) liberal men hate guns because they want some lovin' from the liberal women.

Maybe they'll make an exception for single-shot long guns if you get a 50 page form signed by the Oregon Political Police in order to check your criminal and social media history.

Bill Tozer

Hold on to your guns and hoses. Now that the mid terms are over, Blue Mob will be going balls to the wall to confiscate guns and put gun control in overdrive in 2019. It’s spreading like gangrene and the wack job are coming out of the woodwork from FL to CA.

2019 will be a tough year for us law abiding citizens. Gotta hunker down. Our guns will be under full assualt this year. They cry for common sense gun “control” (with control being the operative word in nine foot letters), yet decry common sense illegal immigration border control. They release criminals unto our streets and communities and expect us to be content that LE is minutes away when seconds count. The law says it’s against the law for an illegal to hold, possess, transport, or even touch a gun, yet protect the illegal from procesution, reporting, and deportation for such an offense.

They criminalize law abiding gun owners and decriminalize the criminal element.

George Rebane

BillT 856am - And on the excellent points you raise, we will again be entertained by crickets delivering the response.

Robert Cross

we will again be entertained by crickets delivering the response. --

Most of those who might pose a response to the "points". ie talking points .. have a life that doesn't involve monitoring RR every ten seconds and responding to the garbage pail of ideas that float around here.

Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC, you are just jealous. This is a popular blog and we know you are just a couch potato in your momma's basement. How are those cheetos bub?


,,,A common refrain heard here is '''Libs are for Open Borders''' - not true

The the other gem heard hereabouts is '''Libs are for Gun Confiscation''' -not true

The Roundtable here deals in unhinged rumors and or extremist viewpoints held by fringe thinkers.

The pubbers sure are a whiney bunch!!! You have to show ID to purchase over the counter antihistamines, and all sorts of things.

But pubbers want us all to believe that they are on the next bus to Manzanar if they are told to show ID to buy bullets....

Any questions???


,,,Happy Saturday!!!


Steven Frisch

Posted by: ***M*** | 12 January 2019 at 11:52 AM

That was fun "M"

Bill Tozer

Well, this is a no brainer. I keep repeating myself that the Leftinista Social Justice Warrior Feminist PC Mob has a big ‘Jewish Problem’ in its midst looking for a ‘Final Solution.’



It was too aeasy to see the writing on the wall. Pussy hats are gone because it offends those women who do not posses a pussy. That’s small potatoes.

The real bigger story is the growing assualt on women. White women. First, it was attacking (blaming) Republican women who are held subservient to their husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, and bosses for voting for Donald J. Trump. Hillary counted on the “I’m With Her” women, along with the usual grievance groups, to carry her to victory. Afterall, there are more women than men, they live longer, and it’s Her turn. But, no. The women did not break for Hillary in the numbers the arrogant elitists assumed, thus blame sexism and women for making the wrong voting choice in the voting booth. They just can’t think for themselves and do what they are told by men. Thus, blame women who cannot make their own decisions. Blame Deplorable women, Deplorable Republican women.

But, the grievance marchers did not stop with R women or conservative women. The Women’s March organizers began to systematically push out white women, even liberal white women, from their leadership ranks. White women, like their male counterparts, are the oppressors. They are privileged, like the Jews. No room at the inn for white women, Jews, and......only room for POC. No longer about Women or women’s issues, the Women March hierarchy has evolved into an exclusionary racist organization hell bent on castigating white women and Jewish women and Christian women and all women who do not toe the grievance ideology. Actually, it’s more than just POC good, all others bad. The root of the ideology is a hatred for America.

This, it is not surprising that the Women’s March top echelon has been taken over by those who hate Christians, hate Jews, hate Western Civilization, and now hate white women. I don’t know about you, but attacking or blaming white females with the broadbrush is going to get those who truly care and champoion women’s issues a bit put off.

My first clue was the original Women’s March where a few BLM’s women were standing holding signs reading “Where were you when we were afraid to walk the streets?” Or, to paraphrase, “Now that you are frightened [because of Trump], you come out to demostrate today, but did not come out in numbers to support us, you hypocrite honkies.”

Slam toxic masculinity and the patriarchy tell the cows come home. But, but, but, it is not wise to go after the millions of fine women who were born not a POC through no fault of their own. How, who is being divisive?

The Great Mystery: Statist Totalitarian illiberal Progressives joining arms with Authoritarian democracy hating Islamics. Somewhere in the toxic mix women’s rights (and issues) are becoming subservient to a patriarchal Theocracy.

Ali Free

Just left the League of Women's roundtable re our homeless problem. The predictables were there. Lot of meaningless recycled ideas that will now be "shared with stakeholders". Of course someone wants to make hundreds of tiny houses and someone else asked what happened to Reinette's hundreds of micro minnie houses. Chuckles all around while Reinette rocked in her chair as if she had taken an OD of Thorazine. Bottom line is that everyone wants to make NC a more homeless friendly environment. That was tried in San Francisco and Santa Cruz to great failure. Feed the stray cats and stray cats come running. Cats don't even have Obama phones to call their friends about free food, shelter and pedicures here in NC.

Todd Juvinall

And cats cover their poop!

Bill Tozer

In 2015, the Federal government make 137 billion in improper payments. A mere 137 billion is a lot of poop for the cats to cover. Makes 5 billion look like a rounding error. Actually, it is.



More glorious glorious Instapundit!!

GREAT MOMENTS IN CHUTZPAH: Michael Bloomberg (of climate doomsday and War on Big Soda notoriety) is tired of Trump’s ‘fear mongering.’


Todd Juvinall

Good one FISH.
Self awareness is not a strength of the left. They are constantly telling the world it will end and scaring the kids but ask for a wall to stop danger and they go apoplectic. You cannot make this stuff up!

Robert Cross

Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently said we are governed by, "a president who no one believes who’s surrounded by a C-team in a dysfunctional White House.....I don’t know whether it’s lie number 6,000 or 7,000.... we’re in a moment now where people simply don’t believe a word out of his mouth.... Trump is a president with “formal authority but no moral authority....We have a disturbed man as president – that’s very clear.” Friedman went on to say that the greatest threat to America "right now is in the Oval Office."

Speaking of 'self awareness' what justification can any of you provide as to why to continue to believe every lie and misconstrued statistic that comes out of trump's mouth...EVEN WHEN IT IS PROVEN TO BE FALSE.

Don Bessee

Now children you only get one portion each from the 15 minutes of fame tray!



Todd Juvinall

Who says we believe every lie? That is the mistake you lefty saps make on this. I kind of look at it like a husband telling his wife he had a salad hen he actually had a twinkie. Degrees of telling tales. I bet you always lie BoobieC since you do it here you must do it too your mate. Most of the things you call lies are humor anyway. We get the humor, you sourpusses don't.

George Rebane

RobertC 1126am - Mr Cross, have you ever found the answer as to why you so diligently immerse yourself in this "garbage pail of ideas that float around here"? There are nice progressive sites much more to your liking that instead float easy to digest progressive pabulum about store openings, wineries, liberal community projects, celebrations of leftwing politicians, ..., and also denigrate President Trump and RR ad nauseum, all designed to elicit more suitable echoes from their ideologically identical and culturally cohesive readers. Imagine the peace of mind after such an agreeable visit.


"Mr Cross, have you ever found the answer as to why you so diligently immerse yourself in this "garbage pail of ideas that float around here"? "

Why not? What could be more fun than havin' a little wine with the husband and typing ",,,,NEENER NEENER U R NAZI GEORGE!!!"

Bill Tozer

Oh Ms. Bobbie has been on that same old Trump is a liar threadmill for quite some time. After awhile, the hamster dies but the wheel keeps spinning. Looks like we already know what Bobbie Sue is cross about today, will be cross about tomorrow, and will continue to be cross about for the ensuing weeks and months. Second verse, same as the first.

Amuse us, oh court jester.

I do like Friedman. Milton, that is.
“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand.”

Bill Tozer

Comes in regular fit and unisex.


“Looks like every day for the next year another Democrat will announce his or her candidacy for president — one less impressive than the next, one crazier than the next.” Mark Levin

Bill Tozer

“Speaking of 'self awareness' what justification can any of you provide as to why to continue to believe every lie and misconstrued statistic that comes out of trump's mouth...EVEN WHEN IT IS PROVEN TO BE FALSE.”

Gee Bobbie Sue, that is kinda creepy. And using all caps at the end is a sign of unhealthy things going on in your mellon. Best to breathe deeply first when these fits of outrage strike.


And you believe the Leftinista Media SuperPacs because...because...because you do? Oh my, what a scrambled mess you have made on your gray matter.

“I’m outraged that we haven’t fixed this problem. I’m outraged. Who can say that this is a manufactured crisis? Anyone? … I don’t care who it is — anyone that says this is a manufactured crisis — they are absolutely lying to the American people.”



Don Bessee

So the fakenews headline says watch the cop shoot the cops partner in the back but he had the perps dog attack him from behind when they were searching for the scum bag with guns in hand.




,,,so the crazed bicycle gunner that shot the police officer was mad because they wanted to take his AR-15 away,,,WAAA

Ram Charger

As an outsider looking in on this group, it is nothing short of amazing to observe the lengths the fanboys go to believe, accept, deflect, obfuscate, or make excuses for Trump's lies. He is your god. leading by blinded faith. It is nothing short of pathological.

But then again, Mein Kampf was a best seller and moral guide for tens of thousands of believers even though the lies were over the top, and entirely proved as lies. History repeats itself right here in Nevada City.

Bill Tozer

Mein Kampf reference? Oh, how original. And I was told the liberals don’t have an original thought in their heads.

Having not read Mein Kampf, I would not know. I was told that Hitler laid out his plan (kampf) in the book he wrote while in prison. When folks wondered aloud after the fact how it all could have happened, they were told it was all there in the book. Whether it was a pack of lies or not, I haven’t a clue.

I do love the Nazi comparisons. It’s like something new under the sun, finally. Did you read that somewhere? Is it hidden in a book?


Posted by: Ram Charger | 12 January 2019 at 09:17 PM

Great.....now one of the socks is using his gay porno star handle!

Todd Juvinall

Ram Charger, you are trying to make up for your lack of manliness? What a hoot.

Todd Juvinall

Speaking of fascists. Chuck Todd will not allow a contra POV on AGW on his program anymore.


re: BillTozer@9:48PM

You'd almost think that Hitler sat down and wrote a one page manifesto saying that we should enforce immigration law. That seems to be the defining issue of the day and Nazidom is the worst thing the Blue Mob can accuse people of.

It's rather depressing to think of a political movement based on the US slave trade and Hitler but it seems to me that it can't last. If the crazier wing of Progressives, which seems to be swinging into the ascendancy right now, continues for much longer, the internal competitions between it's groups will probably tear it apart.

Of course, in the meantime, they can either feed us endless amusing stories from universities and the like or they can provide the West with a new Reign of Terror while they root out 'Nazis'. It isn't at all clear how this is going to play out.


Better what where you go when you decide to leave Calif.
If they know your "from there" your already branded a Liberal.

I guess they had WAY TOO MANY from Frisco and the like LIBing up
the nice rural lifestyle.


Shit.... Better put on the glasses.. That's supposed to be
" Better watch where you go...."


DAMN!!! And wrong link!


Idafornia??? Cali refugee issues,,,I hope you already have your Coeur d’Alene bunker property!!!



,,,Build that wall!!!



What some people think.
"Within hours the internet lost its mind. After two hours on the Facebook page, the post garnered 200 comments."
“That shirt’s not even good enough to wipe your butt with,”
“What in the absolute f--- is this b------?”
" California transplants for bringing their tastes and liberal politics with them."
"What happens when Californians flee their failed state but bring their failed political ideology with them? They transform Idaho into California. Cali used 2 b one of best states in the US, now it's the worst. Won't be long b4 Idaho turns from red to purple, then blue. #Idafornia,"

"They were angry at Californians, saying, 'F— California,' and the Californians were saying 'F— you' right back, and called Idahoans ignorant,"

He detailed how Californians are changing the way of life in Idaho.

"A lot of [Idahoans] don't make a lot of money, and we're seeing housing prices driven up," he said. "But things look nicer so there's good and bad, but more good than bad, I think. But some people liked Idaho little, rural and run-down. Everywhere there were farms there are now shopping malls."

So Idaho is getting a taste of what Frisco did to Nevada County.

The disease known as Bay LIBeralism is spreading. Someone call the CDC.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: '''M''' | 13 January 2019 at 09:57 AM

You are in the house of Fu@# Nature **M**


Actually Frisch,, "we" are probably more "ECO" about things than you are.. We just ain't dicks about it, or out to make big bucks, being "ECO" in name only.
So just how "ECO" are you? Signed up for the human composting program yet? (Or looking for ways to make a buck off it?)


Frisch would make enough soylent green for a family of four for a year.

Steven Frisch

When the time comes I will do my part. But you really are in the land of fuck nature M.


Well, Mother Nature was pretty hot. Until LIBS kidnapped her, and had their way with her.

Robert Cross

George 5:55 - "why you so diligently immerse yourself in this "garbage pail of ideas that float around here"?"

I immerse my self in this garbagpail of schlep because I feel it is my civic duty to point out how wrong you and yours are about goombah trump and his cohort of grifters. Apparently, you people are too enthralled by his his narcissistic rhetoric, which for some strange reason, seems to resonate to you all on multiple levels, to see through the bull crap to the truth. Maybe you don't want to know the truth so you repeat the excuses and fake news that supports his point of view. So I post here just in case one of you might take off your self-installed blinders before trump declares a national emergency, burns down the Reichstag, declares martial law and starts putting people with liberal viewpoints into work camps with large incinerators as your "liberalism is a disease" mantra might suggest to those with a lower mentality who are stupid enough to act on it. Hate crimes by white males against minorities have gone up since trump began his run, don't you know. Blogs like this one and facebook play a large part in the spread of that disease by repeating the lies and distortions. Have a nice day!


Yet the Bob can't say or show what evils Trump has done.
The nation is in the best shape in decades. Laws and regs that had a strangle hold have been reduced. Some freedoms restored, Nations not taking advantage of the U.S. like they used to.(the selling out of America has been slowed)
Now doing his best to secure our sovereignty, by protecting our border..
Yet the LIBS bitch. They yell "COLLUSION"(uh,, not a crime)
He Paid a skank to keep her mouth shut.(not a crime) Yet the Proggys stay real quiet when their own are busted in public for doing the same.( http://checkyourfact.com/2019/01/11/fact-check-congress-sexual-harassment-settlements-200-million/)

Yet still cry "he lied".. I give you your boy "O". The most "truthful*" POS ever elected.
(*= MY ASS)

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC is just mentally challenged. I give him a break until the white coat guys come and get him. LOL!

Don Bessee


KARL: What I am getting is that this is all building up to the Mueller report and raising expectations of a bombshell report. And there have been expectations that have been building, of course, for over a year on this. But people who are closest to what Mueller has been doing, interacting with the special counsel caution me that this report is almost certain to be anti-climactic. If you look at what the FBI was investigating in that New York Times report, you look at what they were investigating, Mueller did not go anywhere with that investigation. He has been writing his report in real time through these indictments and we have seen nothing from Mueller on the central question of, was there any coordination, collusion, with the Russians in the effort to meddle in the elections? Or was there even any knowledge on the part of the president or anybody in his campaign with what the Russians were doing, there’s been no indication of that …

STEPHANOPOULOS: They hadn’t laid that out yet in the indictments but how do things like the Trump
Tower meeting with Russians, Don Jr., Paul Manafort, Paul Manafort giving polling data to Ukrainian oligarchs, the pursuit of a Trump Tower in Moscow. How does that fit into this theory?

KARL: What we’ve certainly seen over and over again is the people around the president, first of all, have been willing to lie to investigators, and had their own dealings with Russians, had their own agendas with Russians. And Manafort was trying to get paid for his work on behalf of Ukraine. Flynn had his own dealings. But it is not added up to anything of the central question, again, was there anybody – was the Trump campaign aware of or coordinating with the Russians in their effort to meddle with the election. So far there’s been nothing on that and I’m led to believe don’t expect there’s going to be any.



Don Bessee

Talk about Orwellian newspeak!

NBC 10 Philadelphia described the suspect as an “armed robber,” explaining that the home owner had to fight with him to gain control of the gun and end the threat.

NBC New York described the suspect as an “unwanted house visitor.”




Well,,, just got a call from our Son back in Tenn. Nevada City made the news.. "Big bucks to hire goats to suppress the fire danger"
Now the shoe is on the other foot. THEY are laughing at "you".

Bill Tozer

Walt, the goats made the Fox News 5 minute news on the hour segment last night. Said Go Goat Me has raised 30k in Nevada City, a tiny town 50 miles from Paradise.

Last time Nevada City made national news was when some tin foiled hat wack job said that somebody was ordering the cops to kill black people and the Dallas cops who were gunned down by a gunman had it coming. Time before that was about some worm farm.

Don Bessee

Walt that does leave a question hanging in the air; Why if this is such a great idea did the city council not fund this themselves?


Bill Tozer

We have covered this topic before on these pages, but I cannot find the post in archives to post there. I apologize in advance to Dr. Rebane and the readers, even though it’s a good read, IMHO.

Do we really need a country anymore?



Posted by: Robert Cross | 13 January 2019 at 11:54 AM

"why you so diligently immerse yourself in this "garbage pail of ideas that float around here"?"

......plenty of sand in Roberta vagina!

Bill Tozer

Rather Biblical, I must say.


Sleepless in Seattle.


Canada Builds Wall!!


There is no problem at the Southern Border.



Yeah....and speaking of goombahs......not a word from Roberta about the Chicago outfit! Now why is that?

JUST THINK OF THE MEDIA AS DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVES WITH CHYRONS, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE: The MSM Never Questioned Airing An Obama Speech Despite These 1,063 Examples Of His Lies, Mendacity, Etc.


Bill Tozer

The American Pathological Association strikes again


More detail from the American Pathological Association.


Some take the above to heart.


No wonder they protest Christina Hoff Summers on college campuses. The former feminist star is now to be silence, crushed, and destroyed. Off with her head! Allow her no quarter! Well, she wrote this in the year 2000, some 18 years ago. Like many former feminist rising stars, she was spot on and ahead of her time. She did not leave feminism, the new wave left her. A common story.


George Rebane

BillT 117pm - I think you are referring to my 26dec18 KVMR broadcast here -

RobertC 1154am - Then I thank you for your public spirited engagement in these comment streams Mr Cross. I take heart that you now assess RR to be a voice with sufficient reach that your labors here are warranted to save the unwary readers from my wayward ways. Keep up the good work.

Bill Tozer

@2:01 pm

Thanks Doc. I knew it sounded so familiar. I learned something. Rather than look at the category ‘Recent Posts’ or archives, I discovered I can simply scroll down the posts until I find the one in question. I was wondering how an infrequent commentator found and posted under Lost Words of our Childhood earlier this fine lovely day.

BTW, did you get the boot from your weekly Wednesday 3 minutes of infamy on that local underground alternative low frequency FM station? Forget the call letters.
I believe I did not see it under posts, but I could be wrong. Most people are frequently wrong across this big wide planet, albeit the Ms. Crosses & Co. of this world think they are the exception, not the rule. While declaring people are wrong, they do not think such statements applies to them. Anyway, inquiring minds would like to know. Did they silence ya?

Bill Tozer

Baby, it’s teeth shattering c,c, co, co, co2 cold outside.

The truth is, the world is getting much cleaner, when measured by CO2 output per dollar of GDP. So is the U.S. It's decarbonizing. And as the world population begins to decline later this century and new energy technologies come on line — everything from new battery technology to ultra-safe nuclear power designs — CO2 emissions won't be a problem, real or imagined.

The real problem? Having enough people working and paying taxes to support all the retirees around the world and pay off hundreds of trillions of dollars of global debt.

What is a problem is the nonstop fear-mongering, demands for more taxes, and dangerous socialist experiments in expanding government control of the economy, all in the name of warding off the threat of global warming.

So don't worry about this jump in CO2. It won't last. But the damage from bad green policies foisted on the economy will.


Burnt Toast

Bill Tozier 1:05-
The Goat Fund has only raised about 11k in 6 weeks, not 30k. We're not THAT stupid. The tin foil nanny has just launched a national PR blitz, more than likely to see her name in print rather than any real hope to raise 30K to start her pet project. Has anyone seen a business plan other than "goats will save us"? How much is Nanny going to skim off the top for her administrative fee? Will this be followed by a goat board and a goat tax to keep up with the weeds? What happened to the big bucks donations she raised to make a movie about herself?


Good job Nervana Silly. The jokes are flying.
"Odd that you have to hire the herds instead of charging grazing fees. They're good eating, too, particularly in curries. "

"Many people are under the impression that material success is a sign of God's favor. If that is the standard, then goats must be God's chosen mammal, since the whole world is food for a goat."

""novel idea" that's only about 69 hundred years old."

"Good Plan, and if there is a fire and the Goats get caught in it... well they are very tasty..."

You even made the military news!


Looks like our two LIB chicks may have an out!(you know,, the two that voted twice) They believed they could!
Look what SCOTUS is reviewing.
"Rehaif contends the government must prove he knowingly possessed a firearm and knowingly violated immigration law in order to secure a conviction"

So now it gets boiled down to "knowing"?
What the HELL happened to " Ignorance of the law is no excuse".

If SCOTUS upholds the argument, the courts will be packed for years for those wanting to clear their name.

"I didn't KNOW it was a 35 MPH zone. That's why I was doing 60.
I never saw the sign."

Steven Frisch

And still the fact is Nevada City will get goats and Trump will never get his wall :)


We got your goat for free, Stevie. Whether or not Trump gets his wall is unknown at this time to all but the politically closed minds.

Todd Juvinall

Trump will get his wall. Renette can have her goats. And the Arabs of Nevada County will be happy.

Bill Tozer

Burnt Toast: Nice choice of words. Nanny, pet project.
Yes, Steve, Nevada City will get their goats. Goat ropers need love too! Goats 🐐 are kinda cool. In fact, I have the honor of having a goat named after me, as well as a dog and a good friend’s son....being my real first name is rather unique.

And as long as the old courthouse stands, she won’t be chaining herself to the doors. And since all applicants for the pot shops were selected/accepted, there will be no grand jury investigation. And everything is cool as long as the new restaurant continues with her menu. And Nevada City will get its air raid siren fixed. Boy, she will really be freaking out when 5 G comes with its intensive bombarding of electrons hitting the burg. If she thought her smart meter was causing her headaches, just wait til 5 -G comes. Oh my, chem trails will seem like a nothing burger. Whatever Fruitcake wants, Fruitcake gets.

You know, the self driving cars are ready to roll in mass. Just waiting for 5 G to rollout everywhere. Imagine being driven in your self driving car to a Townhall event at the Art Deco City City Hall and suddenly your car loses service and careens into the front of the Mine Shaft. Oh my. That will really get somebody’s goat.

Bill Tozer

Bang, bang, you are dead. Heard an interesting off record interview with a Border Patrol agent who is also an Iraq War veteran. Standing on the the US side of the border, he said he could hear the continuous gun battles day and night going on in Ciudad Juárez, I believe. Anyway, he said he has not heard such gunfire since he left Iraq. We are not just securing the border from economic refugees, illegals, criminals, pedophiles, sex traffickers, rapists, murderers, and what have you. We are fighting against the cartels that have taken over large swaths of territory from the governments in Central America through Mexico and are peddling poison into our cities and communities.


Billl Tozer

We don’t hate the environment, we just want common sense regulations:

Trump told the EPA to base the new navigable waters definition on the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s legal opinion from the 2006 Supreme Court decision in Rapanos v. United States. That opinion limits EPA authority over non-navigable waters in two important ways. EPA’s new proposal violates both.

First, Justice Scalia opined that EPA could only regulate non-navigable tributaries if there were relatively permanent and continuously flowing, and would be what ordinary Americans (not lawyers and activists) would call rivers or streams. Some drainages are too small for Congress to regulate because no normal person would call them creeks or streams.

EPA’s new proposal regulates tributaries no matter how small, even if they only flow for a few days at a time, as long as they typically contribute any small amount of water to a river downstream. That goes way beyond what Scalia’s opinion allowed.

Second, Scalia said EPA could only regulate wetlands if they sit alongside regulated streams or lakes so closely that they bleed into each other. But EPA’s proposal far exceeds this, by including wetlands far afield, no matter how small, that normally drain eventually to a real river.

If EPA finalizes this proposal, its overzealous enforcement bureaucrats will continue to assert control over farm fields and home sites nationwide. Farmers who supported the Trump candidacy would get relief from regulation of their ditches, but the feds will still call the shots on their fields.

And because EPA’s new proposal regulates some, but not all, intermittent drainages based on vague distinctions, landowners will still be uncertain whether their shallow ponds and seasonal channels are regulated. They’ll face steep consulting and legal bills as they haggle over who actually owns their property: their families or the EPA?


Tear down Hetch Hetchy and watch Frisco Values sue to keep its exemption from the Engandered Spieces Act entact, lol.

Bill Tozer

More double speak. Liberalism is a mental disorder.



Speaking of a mental disorder, The Great Pellini has identified the weapon used to murder the rookie Davis cop as a SEMI-AUTOMATIC pistol! The horrors.

Semiautomatics have been around since the 1890's, well over 120 years and are by far the most common handgun action sold in the USA... but Jeffie is sure semiautomatics are particularly scary, and like failed congressional candidate Audrey Denney, thinks all semiautomatics should be banned... why else mention it?

The gunman was sure the Davis police department were bombarding him with ultrasonic waves. Very sad.


,,,hey Walt!,,,have you put in your bid to Nevada City to masticate the same amount of acreage the dear little goats will munch to help the town be more fire safe??? 30% slopes any problem for your ditch digger???

,,,Fish,,,let’s help those alien Cartel growers go straight and put them to work making our forests fire safe!!!


,,,how is the Pubber’s ‘Hope and Change’ President doing???



LOL "m".. I bet you could do a better job than the goats, and faster.
Uh,, "hope and change" was your boy's thing. Looks like you started on the poison oak early.

Paul Emery

For your readng pleasure

Trump is down to a 11 month low in the RCP Consensus Polls with a dismal -13.2 polling. Bad news for Trump who is tanking due to his shutting down the Government. Poor showing for a President who lost 40 seats in the midterm just two month ago. How low can he go? Bad news yet to come when Mueller releases his report and Cohen testifies in the HOuse.


Todd Juvinall

Still President.

Paul Emery


That's profound Todd!

Bill Tozer

This is not surprising in the least. Now, how do we keep single women from falling for and falling into the trap of trying to fix bad boys?

“Knowing this, it makes little sense to expect economic outcomes for women overall to be the same as those for single women. Because young, single women tend to earn more money than young, single men, we should also expect them to own more houses. As the LendingTree report shows, this is precisely the case.”


Data Show California Is a Living Example of the Good Intentions Fallacy. As I have repeated here endlessly, my Momma always said “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

“That politicians would persist with harmful policies should come as little surprise. The Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman once observed the uncanny proclivity of politicians “to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”



Posted by: Paul Emery | 14 January 2019 at 09:47 AM

As profound as you trotting out a new poll every five minutes.


Posted by: Gregory | 13 January 2019 at 10:57 PM

Speaking of a mental disorder, The Great Pellini has identified the weapon used to murder the rookie Davis cop as a SEMI-AUTOMATIC pistol! The horrors.

Marinating in 500 lbs of fat soluble menopausal hormones/chemicals probably isn't helping him much!

Paul Emery

Trump Favorable/Unfavorable is even worse -15.5

These poll numbers have to improve or the Repubs are sunk in 2020. Anybody have ideas as to how the Republicans can improve their numbers? This a question that any Republican Pollster has to be asking because that's their job.


Paul Emery

Goodness gracious! Nate Silver has even worse news for the Pubsters-Trump down by 14. Shows Rasmussen, Todd and Gregory's favorite poll, has him down by 12!!!



Posted by: Paul Emery | 14 January 2019 at 10:36 AM

Everybody's favorite spinster aunt……..off on a jag of pearl clutching! Quick Punch…….the fainting couch is just over there!

Todd Juvinall

Still President.

Paul Emery

It's your problem not mine fish. Oh yeah, you're not a Trump supporter right?

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