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22 January 2019


Bill Tozer

Re: Racism and racist: A second look at Mad Maxie..unless that is considered racist.

Waters was hit with three counts of violating House ethics rules for not disclosing her personal connection to the bank through her husband. She immediately went on the attack, claiming the investigation was racially motivated. She vowed a loud public fight.


Hmmm. “A loud pubic fight” is whah Mad Max is known for. Didn’t she claim that any scrunity of Fannie Chairman Harold Raines was also racist after discovering his lies, mismanagement, and investing massive government funds along with Al Gore in the yet to be created Chicago Carbon Exchange Market for personal gain? Investigations into Raines sounds like racist motivations to me.....but what goes this dumb breed know?

Todd Juvinall

Pelline can't even watch the 2 hours of video on the boys and relys on SLATE for his input. Of course SLATE says our lying eyes are wrong and the boys had some guilt. No they don't. But racists and self-hating white liberals can't give up their positions. Now we hear the Indian dude is no Marine and never served in Vietnam. But Pelline won't say that either.

Don Bessee

At least she is honest about it -




Does seem like things are speeding up- VDH nails it today on NRO. L

George Rebane

L 1236pm - When I hit the post key on these Scattershots, I had a gnawing feeling that I forgot an item, and you just reminded me of it. Posted. Thanks.

Don Bessee

Of course they didn't -



Don Bessee

When the hastily written narrative crashes and burns -

In a January 20 report titled — “‘It was getting ugly’: Native American drummer speaks on his encounter with MAGA-hat-wearing teens” — the Post‘s Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Antonio Olivo, and Joe Heim erroneously stated Philips is a veteran of the Vietnam War despite having not been deployed.
On Tuesday, news of the Post’s correction began circulating on social media. “Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that Native American activist Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War.




Yes, it appears Nathan Philips never was deployed overseas.

I am shocked. Shocked!!

Don Bessee

So when the fakenews tries to rebalance on a screwed up narrative you get this -



Todd Juvinall

Now the fake news spewers are saying the boys were harassing some women. Yet they can't even tell who is who on their video clip. Amazing. Maybe the zombies were there?


Just one of those little wall vignettes.



"...but given the what the socialist brown shirts have launched in the land, the time has come to get one and wear it."

I've been giving this a bit of thought, and I could see doing it, but only with a couple of friends within a few feet with videocams at the ready and a rehearsed patter along the lines of "no, I didn't vote for Trump, and I am just wearing the hat to see for myself if it does trigger hateful responses".

As far as I know I don't know anyone with a hat to lend.


"Now the fake news spewers are saying the boys were harassing some women."

Of course.

The thing is they have to triple down on all of this. There really are two choices here:

1) Continue to accuse these kids of any old thing. Attempt to close down the Catholic school. Try to get the kids' parents fired. Burn down their houses. Attach Trump to the evil Nazi kids.

2) Admit they are wrong, look stupid.

Which do you think is more likely?


"As far as I know I don't know anyone with a hat to lend."

No doubt they are readily available on Amazon.

Load up with some body cameras, plonk the red hat on the noggin, and go march with the Luv Parade in Grass Valley. You'll get to see some of that good ol' luv for all humanity erupt all around you, and it would make for excellent youtube footage.

Don Bessee

Somebody is getting an autograph on their MAGA hat -



Bill Tozery

Being progressive means never having to say you are sorry.

Ok, 5 hours of video, 4-5 different sources. I will give the elder Native American some slack. Most of the racist rants and blame fall on the “Black Israelis”, aka, white version of Westboro Baptist Church.... but ten times as despicable and ten times as offensive and radical and off the charts....if that was possible.

Reader’s Digest version.

1)Black Israelis confront the Native American march. Call them foul provoking names. Mock them for worshiping hawks, nature, and taunt them with toma-“hawk” and tomahawk chop.. At this time, only a few kids had gathered at the meeting place. Only one wearing MAGA hat.

2) After an hour of back and forth, the Black Rasict Israelis say “Hey, why are you picking on us, why not go after that peckerhead white boy!”
A few more students had meet at the meeting place. The racial taunts and unrepeatable epithets from the ‘Black Israelis’ increase as more boys gather, things are getting tense. Very tense, boys take it stride. They are called everything under the sun, from homos to school shooters to unbreds to unrepeatable names with a lot of F bombs.

3) Boys break out in school prep rally song to ease tension. More boys and chaperon there now. Whether Chief Speaking Bull pounded his drum in the boys’ faces to defuse tension or not, I cannot say. You have to decide his true motive. I do know that the confrontation started between the disputive and out of line ‘Black Israelis’ and the Native Americans well before the boys had all gathered and the drum was in their faces. I won’t tell you what the Black Pieces of Shit called the Native America marchers, but Idol Worshipers is the least offensive. Not letting Chief Speaking Bull off the hook, but by the time the boys had all gathered to go home in the place as planned, the sticky brown stuff had hit the fan and now other cameras were rolling, IMHO.

Oh yeah, how about a meme....sort of on topic for Scattershots.


Don Bessee

It wont be the last -

Covington Catholic Is the Terrible Sequel to the Kavanaugh Case
David French, The National Review 5 hours ago

Over the last 72 hours, I’ve been asking myself a simple question: What would happen if a group of Black Israelites had spent an hour taunting my son’s high-school football team? How would they have reacted if a Native American elder had walked into their midst – apparently not saying anything intelligible to them, but rather banging a drum and chanting inches from one kid’s face. Would they have thought that was an effort at “peacemaking,” or just more taunting? What would they have said if some of the people walking with that elder had yelled insults at them?

I ask those questions, but I’m pretty sure I know the answer. The boys wouldn’t have reacted all that differently from the kids at Covington Catholic. They would have sung different songs, they would have chanted different chants, and maybe one or two of the kids would have lofted an obscene gesture in the direction of the Black Israelites. In other words, they would have been kids, and barring some sort of overt criminal act, the blame for any tension that followed should rest with the adults who behaved so aggressively and strangely (and, let’s face it, walking through a group of boys chanting and banging a drum is not exactly normal behavior). If a kid responds poorly to a challenging situation, you reprimand him. You teach him.

But this is America in 2019, and it’s full of rage and hate. And parents of young men know that hostile people would instead want to destroy your child’s life. They would want to destroy your own livelihood. They would wish violence on him and you. They would try to destroy your school, and they would mock your faith. And then, even when their rage is proven to be unfounded, they would spend days hunting through your background and your school’s history to try to find some reason to hate you anyway.



Bill Tozer

@ 4:19 pm

Of course Walls work....er....Barriers work. Just ask Brother Ben. He was going to go to the DNC convention to cheer on his man Bernie the Socialist and the Hillary mafia bunch had the Bernie Bros fenced off blocks away from the action, lol. Out of sight, out of mind. Sweet


Bill Tozer

Opps. Make that @ 4:02pm ......Walls....the first 4:02 pm.
MAGA hats.

This is the United States of America. Go ahead and wear a MAGA hat wherever the hell you please. Don’t, not for a moment, be intimidated by the freedom-hating, tyrannical Left. These police-state tyrants are hoping we will succumb to their will.
Note: WE WON’T.———Dan Bongiino, yesterday.
Racism? It’s only racist if Trump, Dr. Rebane, or us Deplorables utter it.




Yup, time to order a few.

But only buy the RED ones. Any other style, the Proggys just wont comprehend.
Kinda like a red sheet is the only one that gets the steer's attention. (Bulls have balls... LIBS don't)


Hey, you never know. The kids might get free college out of the Blue Mob.


Don Bessee

Nailed it -

There Are None So Intolerant as Those Who Preach Tolerance': KY Gov Blasts Treatment of Students at DC Rally



Bill Tozer

“The ignorant-to-evil needle has made a big jump toward evil in the last couple of days with the MAGA hat massacre in DC, and the shaming of Second Lady Mrs Pence.”—- Dr George Rebane.

Indeed. There is no other way to look at this than pure unadulterated hate. The boys are minors, for goodness sake. They are not national figures, they did not ask for any of this. And it is not just social media. They are receiving death threats and public disdain in person against them and their families from neighbors and fellow citizens.

They are the targets of hate from the Blue Mob, the social media haters, Hollywood celebrities, and most disgustingly abhorrent, these kids are targets of hate by our media!!! Let that sink in. The kids (non-adults) are the targets of hate from our News Media. The adults in the room are hating on innocent kids. This is over the top, far beyond any semblance of rational or normal behavior. The media needs to be called out. They are bad people. Evil doers, no ifs, ands, or butts about it. They are like a car without brakes racing downhill. Out of control.

Yes, as others have touched on, this is like Kavanaugh, but worse. And the Native American says he felt threatened! By unarmed 15 and 16 year old boys who did not raise a fist or even act menacing? Is this liberal values? Is this who we are? Is this what has become of who we are? Nah, it’s who THEY are. The true haters, their true colors. This is Salem but more dangerous. Its beyond immoral. This is the real Dark Side of human nature.

Like Kavanaugh, mothers and fathers across the land are wondering when it will happen to them, their sons, brothers, fathers, wives, loved ones. We are know now they will be coming for us, for anyone next...with hate based on drummed up false accusations with the full force of the Leftinista Blue Mob and Blue Mob Industrial Media/Entertainment Complex. They will be coming for any of us, even the non-political next....to crush, destory, ruin, harm, maim, and kill. They are soulless psychopaths. The scariest part is they do not even know that they do not know. You can’t shame these sychos.

Saul Alinsky taught them well. Look in the mirror and whatever you see, place that ugly sight onto others...

I hold the Media most responsible for this chapter of the lowest depths of depravity in our Great Nation.

“The ignorant-to-evil needle has made a big jump toward evil in the last couple of days....”. Yep, Doc, you said it well.


Don Bessee

So does it count if he punches himself in the face?




Nathan Phillips and friends tried to disrupt a Catholic service at the national shrine on the 18th:



The Covington boys weren't demonstrating at the time either... they were waiting at the appointed place and appointed time for the bus(es) that were to drive them back to Kentucky. They'd been verbally harassed by adults from the Black Hebrew cult for more than an hour, and Nathan Phillips and friends had targeted them as the instigators (no one else were white males wearing MAGA hats) when he made a bee line towards the kid expecting him to make way... they way everyone else did when he got into their faces with the damn drum.

Looks like the Great Pellini won't be doing a mea culpa on this one, either. When you're the Big Kahuna you don't have to say you're sorry that you got it wrong.

Bill Tozer


King’s Legacy

Today America honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We honor Dr. King because he recognized that in spite the original sin of slavery, America is a fundamentally decent county.

It was a powerful argument because blacks believed in America and our founding documents as much as whites. King insisted that black Americans be included in the promises of the Declaration of Independence, in which our founders wrote:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

King said that skin color should not determine one’s place in society. He famously dreamt of a time when all people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

We now live in an age when civil rights groups preach that America is inherently evil and that skin color is the only thing that matters. I think Reverend King would be mortified by how his message has been distorted, even rejected by many so-called “progressives.”

As a Christian pastor, King knew that the power of the Declaration of Independence came from its recognition that our rights come not from any human institution but from God.

This truth may explain why as America moves further away from God, those who claim the mantle of racial equality and civil rights are moving further away from King’s message. Gary Bauer

Don Bessee

He absolutely has the right to stand and wait for his bus. If they had done that to you while you were waiting for a bus how might your react? I saw the report about the 'elder' drummer boy in the kids face, who is not a Vietnam vet also broke up a mass at the national Cathedral. Class act there.



Don Bessee

I guess @ 726 has this guy crushing on her. How is she going to have time to write for SNL, oh well who would notice.



Bill Tozer

The media is the corroding thread through all of this bull pucky.

“In the former, a news company accused the president of a clear-and-obvious felony and impeachable offense without offering a shred of evidence, other than the word of anonymous law enforcement sources (who committed a serious infraction by divulging details on an ongoing investigation). Meanwhile, reaction to the incident involving the high schoolers has resulted in a litany of abuses against the students and their families.

Reaction on social media, including from those who work in the news, is disturbing. Mobbing and casually calling for violence appears to be the norm nowadays, even if the target of outrage happens to be a minor.

All this is occurring at a time when the media, despite being a largely private venture, has elevated its own sense of social importance, with The Washington Post’s adoption of “Democracy Dies in Darkness” as its motto being a prime example. In the Trump era, journalists are all but convinced they are, in fact, at the public’s service and the protectors of democracy in the same way soldiers are. In all their self-aggrandizement and pontificating, however, the media seems to have missed the core tenet of legitimacy as a public institution: trust.

Americans Just Don’t Trust You Any More


Bill Tozer

With all the hate and bigotry directed at the Coventry Catholic school boys by numerous parties in a manner that is disgraceful, shocking, outrageous, monstrous, criminal, wicked, sinful, shameful, atrocious, appalling, terrible, dreadful, disgusting, abhorrent, despicable, deplorable, reprehensible, obscene, iniquitous, inexcusable, intolerable, insupportable, unforgivable, unpardonable, and egregious, there is just ONE point I want to hit again before giving it a rest: the sick behavior of those frigging Black Nationalists.

“Why has the conduct of the black nationalists escaped notice while that of the Covington students has been unfairly denounced? I think it’s due, in large part, to the identity politics hierarchy. Black women (though under challenge) remain at the top. Black men aren’t far behind. White Catholic boys are firmly entrenched at the bottom.

In cases like the Covington confrontation, the narrative flows from this hierarchy.



Wanna see "yellow jackets" swarm in Kalif? Go ahead. impsose this.
"transportation officials say, congestion has grown so bad in Los Angeles County that politicians have no choice but to contemplate charging motorists more to drive — a strategy that has stirred controversy but helped cities in other parts of the world tame their own traffic."

George Rebane

Walt 904am - I would counsel the contrary Mr Branson. CA has demonstrated it is occupied by the dumbest voters who have ever attempted to walk and chew gum; the state's voter-approved and leftwing politician-bamboozled regulatory and tax burdens attest to it. Don't be surprised if the soCal citizens just hunker down and pay what it takes IF they perceive that traffic on their multi-laned parking lots is reduced. As a lifelong resident from there, and now a frequent visitor, people in the rest of the world have no idea how Angelenos organize their days, which at a minimum require 2-4 hours/day creeping at walking speed while inhaling the fumes of the guy in front.

Don Bessee

The falkenews just cant admit when they are wrong and double down getting it wrong again -



Bill Tozer

Oh, the Love March....on Dr. Martin Luther King Day no less.



The Enemy of The People spreading the ❤️. Somehow, I just don’t feel the love 💕.


Toz sez: Could you imagine if just one fakenews pundit, celebrity, writer, journalist, professor, or “expert” on a panel said that David Hogg should be put head first in a wood chipper? Oh my, that person would never work again. Imagine the death threats, the dozing of his/her family members and relatives, the hate pored out on his/hers/it’s children, the ex-communication among the living of that horrible person. Destroy them! Take him to the Tree of Woe. Too funny, yet too disturbing......

If nothing else, the Covenington School Boys episode has shown the world that the true racists and liars are almost exclusively found within the Media, the Blue Mob, and those who preach Love and Tolerance the loudest.

“The Left hasn’t gone to the trouble of painting Christian schools as dangerous hate factories for no reason. They intend to do something with the fruits of their labor. What that is, exactly, will become clearer very soon.” —Matt Walsh
Ban MAGA hats.

Princeton professor and professional race-baiter for MSNBC Eddie Glaude spoke with host Craig Melvin on MSNBC Live Wednesday morning to bash the Covington kids as symptoms of white privilege. Yes, getting your name, image, school and family smeared all over television and online, while receiving death threats is apparently a symptom of “white privilege,” or at least that’s what Glaude tried to argue.

Melvin also claimed that anyone wearing a MAGA hat was asking for trouble.
And finally, it’s all the kids fault!!!!!!!!!!!!





Bill Tozer

Bigotry belongs to the Left.... lock, stock, and barrel.

Another well said comment from Dr. Rebane:

“When the story was quickly discredited, the howlers just moved on to their next coverage of fake news. The same thing happened with Mrs Pence who was pilloried for being provided Secret Service protection for her engagement as an arts teacher at a (gasp!) Christian grade school. To the legions of progressive idiots that was evidence of violating the separation of church and state. And the Left still thinks that the coming Great Divide is only a rightwing myth.”——-Dr. G. Rebane
The Left Is Not Interested In Sharing a Country

“This is the meaning behind another recent social justice pile-on that has received much less news coverage. Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, was denounced last week as the embodiment of hate and intolerance for having the temerity to teach art part-time at a small Christian academy in Northern Virginia called Immanuel Christian School. Pence’s crime is that the K-8 academy’s employment contract contains a provision asserting that marriage is between one man and one woman, “a single, exclusive covenant union as delineated in Scripture.”

The existence of an unremarkable contract that affirms what all orthodox Christians believe was first reported as news by HuffPo. It quickly had the desired effect. CNN’s John King wondered aloud whether the second lady should continue to receive Secret Service protection. Lady Gaga interrupted a set in Las Vegas to aver that the Pences are the “worst representation of what it means to be a Christian.” The Washington Post found a professor to tut-tut about how Immanuel Christian School embraces creationism and therefore can’t lay claim to orthodox beliefs about marriage: “They cannot have their orthodoxy and eat it, too.”

Here we get to the heart of the Covington affair. For the social justice left, including many mainstream media figures, holding conservative views on abortion or marriage automatically makes you a bigot. Even apart from any views you espouse, simply wearing a MAGA hat makes you a bigot. And being a white male, together with any of the above, makes you the worst of bigots.

And you don’t apologize to bigots. You destroy them.“



LIB news take a bigger hit.
"The media industry's current round of cuts and consolidation is accelerating. Sizable layoffs at Buzzfeed, Gannett and Verizon Media (home of AOL, Yahoo, HuffPost and others) were announced Wednesday, totaling over 1,000 jobs cut."

I call it a good start.


Buzzfeed, Mrs. Pence, The March fo Life, and the TWO MINUTES OF HATE on Twitter. Orwell was spot on. The Bue Mob did their faetime. They do their FaceTime everday wth their two minutes of hate on social media.......especially on March for Life day. The special day.

1984. Chapter 1
It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. (Opening line)
The instrument (the telescreen it was called) could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely.
The Ministry of Truth, which concerned itself with news, entertainment, education and the fine arts. The Ministry of Peace, which concerned itself with war. The Ministry of Love, which maintained law and order. And the Ministry of Plenty, which was responsible for economic affairs.
The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in. Within thirty seconds any pretence was always unnecessary. A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one's will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic. And yet the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp.
Then the face of Big Brother faded away again and instead the three slogans of the Party stood out in bold capitals:
Whether he went on with the diary, or whether he did not go on with it, made no difference. The Thought Police would get him just the same. He had committed— would still have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper— the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.”


Regarding the elder liar, Nathan Phillips, the man with a drum who held it near a child's ear for many minutes while pounding it with a mallet:


While he has my respect for choosing to enlist in the Marine Reserves in 1972 (one former Marine I once knew recounted his alarm at his choice to enlist at his swearing in, which, when it was over, the Sergeant administering the oath said "Welcome to the Marines, you dumb sons of bitches"), spending four years as a Private and a Refrigeration Mechanic stateside does not justify telling lies that he was in Viet Nam.

Three times AWOL, with time in the brig.

In other news, at the brouhaha while he was harassing the kid with the face the left wants to hit, his brother talking to another kid in the longer video, when telling the kid he should go back to Europe, claimed his people had been here for a million years.

Ummm.... no. His people walked over the land bridge between the Alaskan territory and Siberia about 12,000 years ago, and Homo sapiens (or Pan sapiens for the evolved chimpanzees amongst us) didn't even exist a million years ago.


Trump Can Build Wall Without Congress or State of Emergency

Consider this from the Daily Caller’s fine investigative reporter, Luke Rosiak. He obtained a copy of an internal report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) that says “President Donald Trump may have the authority to use Department of Defense resources to build a wall without obtaining congressional approval or declaring a state of emergency.”

Does Speaker Pelosi know about this? How about Senator Schumer?


Bill Tozet

Gregory @ 12:13

I gotta wait for the government to reopen to find out more on the ‘He Who Speaketh With Forked Tongue’ liar Nathan Philips. The FOIA with be filed on him the second the government reopens. Right now, they are not handling the Freedom of Info requests. Got my sources on it. Then we will know if he indeed has an alias and verify his service record.

My goodness, he is a pathological liar. He can’t even speak for 6 seconds without spouting a lie. Lie after lie. He plenty blew his own horn, now it’s time to Plenty Blow the Horn up his sorry ass. Gives my people a bad name. Rumor has it he was a spokesman for the pot industry, which makes sense judging by his stupid long freaky hair, his ugly face that looks like a caveman or a green libertarian that got beat with the ugly stick, and his incoherent one brain cell mind. Pathological lying dope smoking long haired freakazoid. Got to wait for the FIOA , then I will cut off his nuts and shove them down his lying throat.

The Black Asshole Racists Freaks were hounding on “Nathan Phillips”, telling him he worships a false god to his face. The boys broke out in a school cheer to distract the Racist Black Piecs Of Shit from hating on Forked Tongue Lying Speaking Bull...a cheer the 15 and 16 year old boys have done every year, every time the class went to the March, year after year. Then that asshole liar turned his attention on the boys and he went after them instead of pounding his Tom-Tom at the Black Nationist Dirtbags, telling the newsmedia they were chanting ‘Build the Wall’ and surrounding him, getting in his face!! What a friggin Coward. The Black Nationalist Racists, Nathan, and the lying racist newsmedia let the black assholes get away Scot free.

Speaking on long hair dope smoking old hippy ugly freaks of nature, I picked one hitching yesterday in Nevada City.

"I picked up a hitch hiker and when he got in he said...thanks for picking me up, for all you know I could be a serial killer.
I said...ya that’s crazy, what’s the odds of having two serial killers in the same car.
Never seen anyone jump out of my car so fast!!!"


Bill Tozet



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