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08 January 2019



I know no one has commented George but I clipped the text and plan on giving it a good read! I have an older Browning "A-Bolt" deer rifle with Burris 3*9 optics that needs a rework!



Dr.R. That's a lot to digest. What I did was,,
@50 yards, with the weapon in a fixed position (lead sled rig)
fired one round cold bore. After that, made sure the point of aim was the same, then turned the adjustment turrets to bring the cross hairs to the point of impact.
And if the scope is good, and the mounts are solid the next round should be real close.

When I didn't have the perfect setup to "lock down" the weapon,
(Just a bench and some sandbags) After taking my first shot and regaining my point of aim, found the point of impact, and had a friend turn the adjustment turrets as I looked through the scope.

A little down and dirty, but it worked.
Then worked my way out to 100, and so on.

Then of course, bullet weight and even different manufacturer will produce different results.
Gotta use the same ammo for that setting.

So that's the redneck county boy method.

George Rebane

fish 417pm - I did this work primarily for Sportsmen's club members and shooting guests so I can just point them to this post. (Regular RR readers have shown little interest in the more technical posts.) But your interest in it suggests that I should make the entire piece into a downloadable PDF. Thanks.

George Rebane

Walt 514pm - Yep, that'll work. But it requires the help of a buddy, more ammo, and more time to get the job done. But socializing with gun talk is always fun ;-)

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane
I am with Fish on this one. I saved the post to favorites and fully intend to read it and apply the knowledge you imparted at a latter date when the weather breaks and the doctor’s work on my eyeball is complete. Thank you.

Bill Tozer

Scoping in


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