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16 February 2019



Secure borders is the first, and foremost responsibility of the government. Trump is doing just that. LIBS have only given lip service to our protection.

Bill Tozer

Love it when our mental midgets post here that because the waves of illegals immigrants had bigger numbers in 2006 or some prior year, that all is wel and no need to do anything, much less to get alarmed..

400,000 illegals caaught sneaking in across the border last year. Ok, how many were not caught? Any idea? Please tell me.

Month over Year: Jan 2019 shows a 27% spike in illegals caught crossing over in Jan 2019 as compared to Jan/2018.

February 2019 is on track to have a 50% spike in illegals apprehended crossing over the border than apprehended in Feb. 2018. This is just the Border Patrol on our Southern Sectors. No crisis, nothing to see here.

NPR with US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner under President Obama? Did they interview Obama’s Border Patrol Head Huncho?

.This is not based on political ideology. It is based on 30 years of governmental service. I am telling you this is a national security and humanitarian crisis on the southwest border,” said Mr. Morgan, who served in the FBI for two decades.

He also said if the public were to investigate for themselves, they would see that the “same language” Mr. Trump uses about the need for the wall and increased security was used by politicians on both sides of the aisle in the past. He deemed contemporary arguments against the wall “absurd.”

Mr. Morgan also called Mr. Trump’s descriptions of the current border crisis as “absolutely correct,” and said that the long standing strategy of infrastructure, technology and personnel — a multilayered approach which includes a wall — still works.


Did NPR interview President Obama?

More than 25,000 members of family units were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border in November 2018), the highest monthly total since at least 2012. Officials with Customs and Border Protection say the agency isn't equipped to handle such large numbers of women and children.



,,,It is not hard to believe George would double down on his Red, White, and Blue MAGA vs. Hammer and Sickle Socialist Leftistas tropes,,,earning him the title of Trump Trope Master!!!

The combined total for removals and returns of illegal immigrants in 2000 was 1.86 million. Border apprehensions that year were 1.68 million.

In 2018 ICE removed 256k illegals and apprehended 400k along the Southwest border.

ICE estimates that 20% get away. That would suggest that 80,000 made is across the border undetected but 3 times that many were returned that year for a net immigration by illegals of less than zero.

Finish that Wall...What a JOKE!!!




George Rebane

Bocephus 1258pm - I take it that you have a strong letter to follow to Mr Kerlikowske and NPR - or did you not read my commentary?

ICE and ERO in 2018 arrested 158,581+ 256,085 = 414,666 illegals already in-country, i.e. those who had successfully evaded our total border security systems. This represented a 30+% increase from the previous year. The number who penetrated and have escaped capture is unknown, and at best a political estimate.

Bill Tozer

The big change at the border is instead of catching the “regular illegal” and immediately deporting the individual, we have seeing illegals coming as families crossing the border along with unaccompanied children. That is the big game changer. 90% of unaccompanied children in detention who are released are released to illegal aliens when someone shows up to pick them up. To repeat, 90% are illegals themselves that claim to be the minor’s relative or custodian Another big break with the past.

The LEFT frames this as solely a humanitarian crisis. To relieve the humanitarian crisis, one must make it as easy as possible to enter the US and get immediate aid. Thus an additional 400 million in the bill signed Friday for aid for illegals coming here, not counting the tens of billions for other support services and such. Having illegals walking 10-14 miles around a border barrier is mean, cruel, and kills people! Yes, it causes death according to Beto. No Walls and tear down existing fences! Make it easier, not harder, people! What’s wrong with you? Easier, never more difficult, duh.

To facilitate the humanitarian crisis, ICE now is charged with bussing illegals from the border processing centers to pro-immigrant facilities in cities in the heartland and beyond. Thus, ICE is now the illegal alien’s travel agent. The tour guide.

To deal with this as solely a “humanitarian” crisis, ICE can no longer deport any illegal alien who claims to be a custodian of an minor illegal alien. But, that’s not all. ICE cannot deport any illegal alien who lives in the same house with a custodian of an illegal alien minor, anyone in the same house where their is a illegal alien minor, anyone who CLAIMS to live in a home where there is a custodian or illegal minor, anyone who says they are a potential custodian of an illegal minor...and probably anyone who ever thought about being the custodian of a illegal alien minor anytime in their lifetimes, lol. Illegal is not a crime! No human is Illegal, people. Is that too hard too understand, you racist Nazis, you. Hmmmm.

Unless the illegal alien is a hardened criminal or on the Terror Watch List, say goodbye to deportations in the heartland. The 70-90% rejection rate of asylum applicants have nothing to worry about as long as they never show up their court hearing if they say they have an illegal kid, live in a home with somebody else’s illegal kid, or may be a potential custodian off a illegal kid themselves...even if they are one of 20 friends living the home. Just don’t show up for that hearing. Ah heck, only 5% do anyway, the dummies. There are no consequences no mas. Bravo.

So ICE is now the ride to the doctor and the ride to pro-immigrant group’s welcoming center’s arms. Kinda reminds me of those buses Obama had filled with unaccompanied minors from Central America all loaded up a driven to places all across the nation, whether the local communities liked it or not. Oh, I forgot housing vouchers and rent checks. Sorry American homeless folks. Being a citizen puts you at the end of the line. Maybe some crumbs will fall off the table that holds the nice spread we prepared for the illegals. And you, you dirty homeless vets and dirty homeless Americans can lick up any crumbs that fall to the floor.
The MS-13 Protection Act of 2019. Cool beans.

Robert Cross

In the "what average Americans care about the most" category -- After 20 minutes of trump's 50 minute rant on border security and the national emergency as he resorted again to his claims that drugs, gang members and human traffickers were pouring into the U.S. and couldn’t be stopped without a physical barrier, CBS cut to 'The Price is Right.' Apparently ratings matter more than t-rumps same-ole same-ole rants about his fake emergency and viewers were more interested in the woman who got the price for the hair dryer right but missed on the hand mixer and car.

What do you call the kind of government that when more than 1/2 of people don't want a wall and think it is a waste of their tax dollars but it's getting shoved down their throats anyway? Would that be a dictatorship? A monarchy? Fascists, commies, socialists....plutocracy.. oligarchy.. ? what?

George Rebane

RoberC 627pm - Have you ever considered how the questions were asked and of whom? When asked whether they wanted secure borders, the stats somehow switched. That's not unusual, and Bryan Caplan explained why such irrational behavior today is the norm.

Todd Juvinall

Liberals are truly morons. I remember when they were shutting down the timber industry in Northern California on the coast as they were afraid the "yew" trees might be cut down. They said it had ingredients that might cure breast cancer. And their rant was "if we can save one life" by not cutting down the yew trees that it was worth it. So now we see girls and women raped, murdered and trafficked at the borders and these same lovelies of the left could care less. Hypocrites all.

And Trump's speech in the Rose Garden was quite touching in respect to the relatives of those killed by illegals. Yet BoobieC and his ilk could care less about them. GOD will punish him and his lib pals for their blatant disregard for the women of America.

Bill Tozer

The Censes questionnaire

We learned yesterday that SCOTUS will leap over the Appeals Court and hear the government’s appeal of one judge’s ruling blocking the citizenship question from appearing on the 2020 questionnaire. Leaping over the District Appeals Court straight to SOTUS does not happen every day or every decade.

On the face off it, it’s an open and shut case. Congress passed the law, signed by the President, giving the Commence Secretary (Wilbur Ross) the authority to drarft the questions and take the census as Constitutionally required. No brainer. But, but, but....

The citizenship question was challenged not by a State AG or a city or any government agency. A lawsuit was filled by an advocacy group. One solitary judge sided with the plaintiffs on a ruling second guessing Secretary Ross’s stated motives of election reforms. Ironically, the judge acknowledged the questionnaire was probably Constitutional, as was within Wilbur Ross’s authority. The judge was not convinced of Wilbur’s motivations. Again, the judge took upon himself to second guess the Man in Charge, not his authority.

SCOTUS deals wth this all the time. They look at the law AS WRITTEN. They see Congress passed it, the President signed it, it’s mandated by the Constitution. Says count “the people”. Next case.

Rather than repeat Dr. Rebane’s points that the cititizenship question does not affect the citizen, non citizen, or total number of residents or the total number of “the people” counted, I wil merely point out the real problem here:
One single judge wtth no expertise or experience on a matter endeavors to second guess the thinking off a member of the Executive Branch and issse nationwide injections....be it national security concerns like the temporary travel ban from a few countries or going out there and taking the census. The is exactly what Justice Clarence Thomas warned the lower courts about last year when issuing his opinion on the CA pregnancy crisis centers case



R Cross sez: "What do you call the kind of government that when more than 1/2 of people don't want a wall and think it is a waste of their tax dollars but it's getting shoved down their throats anyway? "

I think it's charming how people pretend that it's all about the money, but it makes for boring arguments.


More than half he says? LOL!! That's LIB news for ya.
Right from the Washington Compost. And maybe from one other LIB rag.
That's why the "Fund the wall" broke the record for Gofundme.
You going to have to reach deeper into your ass and find a better brand of crap.


...and it ain't the money Walt.

If it were, just imagine the outrage over the now canceled Fresno Flyer (or any of 100 other boondoggles I can think of). One hunnert billion dollars. They already spent $4B according to the SJ Mercury News for absolutely nothing.

I admit that I haven't seen anyone suit up in their pink hats 'n signs to protest the train. No flags from foreign countries, no black-suited Blue Mobsters. This has nothing to do with the expense.

Bill Tozet

The Smithsonian got a billion out of the border bill.....it ain’t about mula.

Bill Tozer

I can understand Bobbie’s knee jerk reaction to the C word. Banned word, bad word, ain’t allowed to say the C word. Must not say the C word ever! Call ‘er want you want, but don’t mention the C word. Concrete. No concrete!
Hmmm. Must be part of his rabid pro union stance. Jimmy Hoffa, concrete shoes...Opps, was I said the C word.


re: BillT@10:36PM

Dunno why the Mobsters have decided to die on the hill of The Wall. It isn't like it doesn't exist already, money has been set aside in the past, it can do a lot of good depending on the area.

It's confusing though. On the one hand, the Blue Mob can't allow Trump to build a single foot of wall. OTOH, if he doesn't build a couple of thousand miles of 30 foot tall concrete fortress, he's a LIAR and he LIED about the WALL! Ya can't win I guess.

On the face of it, it's all either a visceral response to the Trump frat boy persona or it's simply the logical tipping point of importing millions of Latinos who want their countrymen to all move into this great new place they found. The case of Europe makes both of those theories fall flat on their face. There's something in the water in the West and I'm still trying to discover it.

Bill Tozer

@8:01 am
I don’t buy the Frat Boy persona theory. Will sleep on it.
True colors: “And these, dear readers, are the true colors of the Democrat Party in the early 21st century, ever more visibly on display with each passing day..”

“In rejecting this amendment, the Democrats have shown their true colors,” he continued. “It is clear they are not interested in preventing gun violence or stopping the illegal purchase of firearms, but rather they are only interested in limiting the rights of law abiding citizens to advance their own political agenda.”

Indeed, by virtue of their vote against Steube’s amendment that would require ICE to be notified if an illegal immigrant failed a background check for a gun purchase, Democrats have made it clear that they only seek to impose their anti-gun limitations on American citizens, but not criminal illegal aliens.

Democrats have no problem siccing the FBI and state and local law enforcement on American citizens who are rejected by the NICS system, but are apparently aghast at the idea that those agencies, as well as ICE, would be similarly alerted if a non-citizen who isn’t even in the country legally also failed the background check for a firearms purchase.


Silly me. The law clearing states it is a unlawful for an illegal alien to be in possession of, transport, purchase, own, borrow, use, hold, touch, or put his little pinky on a firearm. Guess it’s no big deal if one tries to buy a firearm.

Hey, when is the next Nirvana City Townhall anniversary follow up confab about scarey guns and community safety? True colors



The gun article is a nice example of what the what is. I realize that I bang on this note a lot (not having a dog in the fight of local schools or global warmingcooling), but modern politics are unique in my memory.

We've hit a time when the primary split between people is that a large chunk of the population of a country favors foreign nationals over their neighbors. It's that simple. That is now the Prime Directive of the Left and any other political argument is subsumed into it. You either move them into your own house or you send all your money to them or you attempt to take over their governments in order that they are better governed. The fascination in foreigners is both strong and unrelenting.

Whether it's a dislike for nations or a love for the alien (almost a kind of erotic thing) I really couldn't tell you, my mind reading skills are poor.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 2:31 pm
“That is now the Prime Directive of the Left and any other political argument is subsumed into it.”

The word you used was ‘ subsumed’. Thank you. That says so much. Its is a word I have been searching for. Events are easy to talk about. Like my 11:14. Gun bill does this, not that. Ideas are easy to spout in a cognitive sense. But, to pull both events and ideas together to give meaning and make sense of all the hows and what’s and why’s and have them all fit under one umbrella, ‘subsumed’ is the missing link.

Let’s get more specific than “the primary split between people is that a large chunk of the population of a country favors foreign nationals over their neighbors. It's that simple.” I agree in general terms. But, lets dig deeper concerning foreign nationals. Let’s fine tune it a bit. Let’s turn the knob on the microscope a tad more, shall we? Then let’s fine tune the umbrella.

-What drove the Leftists out of their ever loving minds when Trump stood at the bottom of the evelator to announce his candidacy? What did he say specially? Minor point, let’s move on.

Shortly after his meeting with the Norwegian President, two things happened. First was the Shit Hole Country(s) leak. Mount Lib erupted. Accompaning that, Trump said we should have more educated skilled immigrants of merit...like Norwegians. We need more of those kind of foreign nationals. Whoa Nellie, the dam busted and the whole Ring of Fire exploded and shook the foundations of the known world. Why? Aren’t Norwegians foreign nationals? Aren’t Indians foreign nationals? Yes, but they are not from shithole countries.

I will cut to the chase. This morning, I reread a short link I posted here once in a hurry. Why I was drawn tor reread it, to dig into it, and to slowly masticate each paragraph, only Divine Providence knows. But, I found something in the article that makes sense. The oppressors and the oppressed. It’s not a fixation with foreign nations. It’s a fixation to elevate oppressed foreign nations above your neighbor. It subsumes everything (foreign and domestic) under the umbrella of the oppressed. The oppressors and the oppressed. Even tells us who will lead us to the promised land. Norwegians are not oppressed.. POC’s are, especially foreign national POCs from Shithole countries. It’s that simple...until further notice:)

“ .....All things considered, there is a certain irony involved in upperclass Whites leading the revolutionary vanguard to awakening the oppressed underclasses needing to be awakened from the realities of their systematic oppression.

Furthermore, the intellectual was also seen as the organic head of the otherwise disposed body of this abused and oppressed group. While it is true that Gramsci’s oppressed group the intellectual brought the light to was the working-class in his day, the general dialectic of master-oppressor is at the basis of the capitalist-proletariat dialectic and all subsequent iterations of it. The intellectual, then, is tasked with the burdensome responsibility of articulating what the oppressed underclass could not on its own. The intellectual, in today’s climate, is also tasked with the responsibility of identifying those groups who are oppressed and which groups are the oppressors.”


Bill Tozer

Scenes——Typos...substitute [oppressed ] foreign nationals for ‘foreign nations’ in a couple of spots above and the “No way, Jose” to notificating authorities that a criminal illegal alien failed to pass a background check makes sense. He be a member of the oppressed class and it’s the self appointed intellectuals’ responsibly to protect and defend the oppressed. In today’s lingo that be social justice.

Todd Swallows

". . . accurate census of US citizens as required by the Constitution."

Re-write the Constitution all you like Mr. Rebane. The Constitution does not require an accurate census of US citizens as you contend. The Constitution requires an accurate census of all persons, citizens and non citizens alike.

Hard to believe your legal beagles Walter and Todd didn't catch your "slip".


Toad Swallow shows up(Power out Dougy?)
When asked,, you will be answering as gender #6 ,, correct?

Todd Juvinall

The census had a citizenship question for many years and then it did not. It is up to the President and the Commerce Secretary to determine what is on the form. If they had a MORON checkbox half the democrats would be exposed.


Constitutional expert Todd Swallows sez: "The Constitution requires an accurate census of all persons, citizens and non citizens alike"

Well, except for untaxed Indians and 3/5 of nonfree people.

Do you perhaps mean an amendment?

Todd Swallows

"It is up to the President and the Commerce Secretary to determine what is on the form. " You would be partially correct as long as it includes an accurate census of all persons - NOT US citizens as implied by our host.

George Rebane

Don't understand the debate. A census questionnaire with the citizenship question on it would provide an accurate census of ALL persons - having that question does not prevent people from submitting the questionnaire with that question answered correctly or left blank.

But in reality, none of our forebears intended that congressional seats be allocated on the basis of fugitives living here illegally. That is a modern myth propagated for political purposes.

Todd Swallows

Yes, our forebears never thought Indians would be citizens, blacks would be considered equals, or women would vote either. "The good old days" for those of your ilk I would presume. You lament all the people leaving California, but that means less Congressional delegates from the brown state. I would think you should raise a glass in cheer.


If walls don't work,, then why did we pay for these?

Todd Swallows

Excuse me for asking the obvious - did you just link to pictures of people standing on, and jumping over, the walls we built? Good question: "Why did we pay for these?"

Holding my breathe waiting for Mr Aqua Velva to make an appropriate response. Will probably sound like a whoopee cushion.

George Rebane

ToddS 928pm - One more time - physical barriers without a manned secondary system do not work, and never have, no matter how much is invested in their construction. Physical barriers that are maintained with manned secondary systems are extremely cost effective, and always have been. (I sure would like to know your development history.)

Todd Juvinall

Swallows is either Frisch or Pelline. Aqua Velva is a Pelline for me. These trolls always flub. Thanks now we know.

Bill Tozer

The big disinformation campaign by the hate borders crowd is that most of the drugs coming in the US on the southern border cross through legal points of entry. Wrong. Most of the drugs SEIZED are at legal points of entry. Seized being the operative word. Why is that? Because at legal points of entry, every single person is stopped, looked at, talked to, questioned. Every person. Not so between points of entry.
Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan on Wednesday blasted House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for calling a border wall ineffective and accusing President Trump of “fear mongering” with the illegal immigration issue.

“Every place a wall or barrier has been built, it has resulted in decreased illegal immigration, decreased drug smuggling. One hundred percent of the time, it has proven effective,”....

Mr. Homan said Mrs. Pelosi is “100 percent wrong.”

“Allow me to educate Mrs. Pelosi,” he said. “As far as crime coming across the border, ICE arrested 138,000 criminals last year. These are people who entered the country illegally and committed crimes against the people of this country.”

Last year, ICE arrested illegal immigrants in more than 2,000 homicides cases, more than 11,000 weapon violations and almost 12,000 sexual assaults, Mr. Homan said.

U.S. immigration officials routinely deal with contagious diseases, including tuberculosis, measles and chickenpox, he said

*Worth watching*


Aqua Velva Man

,,,camel toz,,, you have no clue. Million or billions of dollars of drugs are coming in on trucks, boats, planes. Maybe some wannabe el chapos are humping it through the desert at night.

Trump and the MAGA wall true believers are true buffoons


Bonnie McGuire

I can see why this was going viral...It's what everyone needs to pay attention to. We aren't the ones guarding our border so we only know what the politically biased tell us.

A letter written by a group of Border Patrol wives has gone viral after they invited House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to tour the Texas-Mexico border and told her to “stop pretending” that she cared about federal workers.

“It’s not fair that they’re asking one or two agents to handle groups of hundreds of people crossing over at one time,” Demaski added. “And we’ve seen these caravans, more and more coming. We don’t think it shows that [Democrats are] worried about our agents’ safety when they’re asking one person to handle this many people coming through at one time.”

“If we have a barrier there, that will definitely slow [illegal aliens] down.”

Demaski added that the wall was not Trump’s ideas because agents and experts “have been asking for it for years. We finally have a president that has come here and seen firsthand the need for it and has had our back.”

“I don’t know of many presidents that could really have gone through the turmoil that he’s gone through to try to help us get this.”


It's what a border guard relative working there many years told us.

Bil Tozer

Oh, Aqua Velva Man.

I said more drugs are seized at ports of entry. Seized is the operative word. We don’t know what gets between ports of entry. Stuff that ain’t seized. At ports of entry, every single person is looked at, talked to. Everybody. Not so for illegal crossing between legal points. Southern Border. Yes, planes flew iinto Miami during the cocaine wars and stuff comes in through airports and our ocean ports and harbors at this very hour. Smugggling people is now more profitable and no arrests. Build the Wall. It’s to keep the Cartels’ podduct out.

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