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26 February 2019


rl crabb

Well, you know what "they" say...When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Robert Cross

The problem is called elections George. The majority (super majority) of Californians simply do not buy into the Republican Party's policies. California has the 5th largest economy in the world after surpassing the UK. They must be doing something right. The problem with housing costs is not a policy issue but a money issue. The surges in housing prices both pre and post the 'Great Recession' has been largely due to Silicon Valley and other wealthy segments seeking somewhere to put their money and not really caring about price. they then buy and sell to each other, like art dealers, constantly having to raise the price to get a return of then investment. Home ownership among the middle class is on the decline as wages have not kept up with prices. Republicans do not connect with voters and the party's divisive anti-immigrant, climate denial, anti-choice, pro-corporate agenda simply does not resonate with most Californians. Until Republicans change their policies to something more in tune with California values instead of the rustbelt and the Old south they will continue to lose. California has long been considered a bellwether state and typically leads the nation in innovation politically, socially, and economically. Perhaps this doe not bode well for the party on a national basis as the midterm elections suggest. The next election cycle with tell the tail on that.

The republican party used to be the party of small business and professionals. My parents and all their friends were educators and all were Eisenhower Republicans; hard to find any more. Perhaps the constant Republican trashing of a once respected profession and the demise of mom and pop capitalism in favor of behemoth monopolistic multinational corporations has turned Californians sour on Republicanism. Not to mention, of course, the changing demographics that no longer favor the once anglo majority. Probably the best hope of the party in CA is to disband and then rebrand themselves (whigs and tories have some name recognition) and come out with a new platform..

Bob Hobert

Edward Ring methodically illustrates the fecklessness of the CRP.

Todd Juvinall

The state party was driven into the ground by the swamp dwellers in Sacramento. When I was chairman for four t=years attending the party conventions every six months I was appalled. All 58 chairs were there to bring up our grassroots efforts and the CRP and Gov at the time shot us out of the meetings. Never allowed our resolutions to be discussed let alone voted on. So I said screw this and decided to worry only about local. Jim Brulte was the leader and he just retired and was replaced by a gal supported I heard by the swamp. We are our own worst enemies.


I don't know why everybody is beating their gums about this! California has spoken……let's see how it works out.

Bill Tozer

Well, Bobbie, after the child is born, do you get a woody smashing his/ her head in with a hammer, or putting the child in a jar of acid after the umbilical cord is cut? I know that would get you creaming your jeans with excitement. So, which method do you prefer? Anti-choice or pro death? You be on the winning side.

Climate denial? Well since the planet will be uninhabitable in 11.8 years, why worry? There is no consensus in science. It’s not like it’s decided by a vote.

Anti-immigrant? That is a lie. Pro immigrate, anti illegal immigrate.

The housing problem is no problem. The mayor of LA ran on the single issue than he would end homelessness in LA in ten years. I believe him.

Well, you own the state now. Super majority, not a thing stopping you guys. Like giving a child a hundred dollar bill and leaving them in a candy store. You can solve all the problems. Ecomony is bigger than Italy and bigger than Russia. End climate change. Ban burgers. Free Medicare for All. Free college for all. Use a straw, go to jail.
No use coming over here to complain anymore. Put the minimum wage as high as you want it. Have the State take over all local zoning and ordinances.
Heck, Jerry Brown said as soon as you guys stop climate change, the forests will be healthy again, the seas will cease to rise, and droughts will go bye-bye. No use even having townhall meeting to discuss fire prevention. Focus on climate change and you fix the fire problems. Maybe a guaranteed basic income for all? How about a nice electric carbon neutral high speed train to reduce air travel? Oh, it’s all yours now. Maybe elimate corporate farms. Get rid of those multinational corporations whose buildings litter the Frisco skyline and turn them into day care centers and affordable housing. Fortune 500 companies my ass. They are multinationals. That would be cool. They are evil anyway. Perhaps raise more taxes...by a huge margin. Unionize every shop or Mom and and Pop.

Think big. The only limits are the limits of your imagination.




Steven Frisch

I am dropping this here because I think its a perfect example of the problem the Republican party has.

Several years ago we went around and around here on the ability of California to adopt a new model for reducing transportation related emissions with many here basically saying intervention in the market to seed innovation would not work for Electric Vehicles.

At that time 2% of California new car registrations were some combination of EV's and Hybrids. Today the numbers are 12% and going up between 2-3% per year. At 2% per year California would hit its target of 5 million EV's by 2030.

As long as Republicans are adopting policies that are basically out of step with where the vast majority of Californians want to go they will continue to lose political market share.


Don Bessee

That's awfully bullish on ev's growth given the subsidies for millionaires are turning into pumpkins.


Bill Tozer

Of Steve, those days are gone. CA can do what they want. Mandate electric cars. Subsidize their purchase if the homeless and illegals can’t afford them. According to the DMV, Plato Alto has the highest percentage of EV, most all of them luxury EV’s. 17%. If Palo Alto can do if, Truckee can as well. As so can Sierra City and Eureka and Riverside and even Blyth and Twenty Nine Palms. Hybrids are just a temporary measure, like ethonal.

There is nothing I would rather do than go out and buy a brand new EV. Nothing. See, I am in step with where the “vast majority of California want to go.” I think you sound like the type that would prefer smashing a baby’s head in with a hammer. Acid is using toxic chemicals. Either way, you are on the right side.

George Rebane

I wonder if all this sage advice about ‘CA voters have spoken’ and ‘being out of touch with CA voters’ has anything to do with the massive shift in the state’s demographics of which an ever smaller share of our population contributes to the celebrated 5th to 8th largest economy in the world. There is no doubt that the CRP is out of touch with this new demographic, and IMHO has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting in touch with such a collection of the nation’s gimmes and collectivists. But what I find most amusing/distressing is the surety with which our progressives feel that CA will remain fiscally viable as today’s trends of welfare recipient arrivals, mid-class departures, and shrinking share of wealthy taxpayers continue. But as I have noted before about the progressives’ credo - Whatever ain’t happened yet, won’t happen. Onward!

Todd Swallows

Do the words OUT OF STEP even scratch the surface with you Repubs? Californians overwhelmingly support our parks, women's rights, decriminalization of pot, open spaces, thriving waterways, clean air, and renewable and sustainable energy. The Repubs hold exactly the opposite views. When you guys argue for offshore drilling, relaxed emission standards, putting laws into our bedrooms, and damming the Yuba and the Bear you are simply putting (hopefully registered) guns to your collective heads. You can't seem to believe the world is moving on and leaving you in your smog. You are not going to win over constituents who are diametrically opposed to your "conservative values" of greed and profits at any cost. Numbers speak for themselves, and yours are getting squeakier by the day.

Todd Swallows


The state appears to have unreliable electricity, but by golly there's no shortage of drugs.



I suppose another 10 million foreign nationals can't do any harm.

One good side effect of a one party state is that you actually get a multiparty state. The primaries are the main. The various flavors of Democrats will split into their own special interest groups all squabbling over the carcass.

I'd be surprised if the La Raza Democratic Party or the LA Asian Democratic Party will share the same goals as Angry Bob's Party, but they can duke it out down at Tammany Hall.


Mr Swallows: "Californians overwhelmingly support our parks, women's rights, decriminalization of pot, open spaces, thriving waterways, clean air, and renewable and sustainable energy. "

Serious point. You may, but I seriously doubt that a poll in Compton among the steadfast Democrats there would give you the same result. It's a mistake to apply your own bias to what is actually a majority of California voters, or will be soon.

Todd Swallows

Scenes 2:00
The state voting records speak for themselves. Loud and clear.

Todd Swallows


Posted by: Todd Swallows | 26 February 2019 at 01:07 PM

Oh Toddly…….you read that right off the California Democratic Party pamphlet didn't you?


Mr Swallows: "The state voting records speak for themselves. Loud and clear."

lol. If you think that that big lump of Latino voters shares your outlook on things, you've obviously spent too long in our local whiteopia. What passes for the Democratic party in California is obviously a coalition.


Robert Cross

George 1:04 -- of course it has a lot to do with the shift in demographics.. but not in the way you perceive it to be. Yes, a small percentage of the population pays most of the government's taxes, they also make most of the money.....that is the way capitalism works. However you are stuck in the greedy persons' gambit. The portrayal of poor people as villains (takers) and the wealthy as heroes (makers) is, and has been for centuries pandered as the moral equivalence for unbridled greed. This is not to say that all wealthy people are greedy only to say that wealth, power, and greed often go hand in hand and the planet would not have the problems that wealth inequality creates like terrorism.

So blaming the demise of the republican political machine in CA on immigrants as your, 'massive shift in the state’s demographics' statement implies (After all, CA no longer has a caucasian majority) and poor people, both of whom vote, is exactly why the the party has failed. People get tired of the republican party's 'let them eat cake' politics.

George Rebane

RobertC 228pm - Sad, but you didn't understand a word of my 104pm - total disconnect.


"RobertC 228pm - Sad, but you didn't understand a word of my 104pm - total disconnect."

Angry Bob doesn't read, 'he' just reacts.

I'm not sure what effect taxation patterns of the population has on voting, though. If you go back in time far enough, very few people paid taxes at all (or they were trivial) but still appeared to have more of a streak of independence. I'm curious and so will poke around for statistics. Is your basic idea that poor people are utterly cost insensitive in terms of government services?

Heck, probably the biggest political change in this country was women's suffrage.

Todd Juvinall

OIf common sense prevails on the "are you a citizen" checkbox, Cali may lose three or more con seats which could sift to Wyoming or Idaho or Texas. Four to five million illegals here in Cali and the democrats ability to cheat makes that a real formidable problem for we honest Republicans.


It's fun though watching Punch and Roberta try to "help" California Republicans……

How's it going Punch……signing up any new members?

Todd Swallows

Rebane 2:45
"Total disconnect". I agree, and that's why the last remaining pubbers in this state don't understand what is happening to them. Instead they blame environmentalists, immigrants, party infrastructure; mis management of the GOP, ad nauseam. No disconnect here when I read Mr. Cross' 'let them eat cake" post. Perfectly logical and makes complete sense with the votes to prove that there is no disconnect from reality on the side of the progressives.

Certainly, the dems of Compton have a different view of life than the dems of Nevada City or Truckee, but we are MUCH more aligned in our thoughts than we are with those of your Tea Party.

Todd Swallows


"Certainly, the dems of Compton have a different view of life than the dems of Nevada City or Truckee, but we are MUCH more aligned in our thoughts than we are with those of your Tea Party."

lol. How on earth would you know?

Bill Tozer

The voters have spoken. Indeed they have.
Well, CA may be solid blue for a couple generations. The perfect candidate may come and go, but it’s Blue, all Blue. Before 2016 , before Trump, I figured CA was about 30% R. Maybe 29%. The bigger group is “none of the above”. The new primary process has forced people to pick one of the above.

When I set down here again the last and perhaps the final time, our little piece of paradise was the whitest county in CA and also had the lowest crime rate in the State. Last I checked a few years ago, Nevada County was still the whitest and had the fourth lowest crime rate. In CA. So, we are sitting here high above all the stink and problems of the unwashed masses down below. So close, yet so very far away.
Reminds me of the stereotypical college students passing around a big fat doobie in the dorm after a few beers and solving world’s problems, including world hunger, poverty, and inequality. In a perfect world.......the first man born would have not killed the second man born out of envy, jealousy, or pride.

It is human nature to think when things are going good, things will always stay that way.

Partial interview. As long as the majority of “the voters” have no problem with this scenario, then there is no hope for a R comeback for generations...unless the Libs overreach...which is a more of a probability than a possibility.

Interviewer—-The policy of separating was a Trump thing.

Interviewee “It was used by Trump. It was unapologetically said this came from Obama and we are going to continue to practice deterrence. As someone who lives in a community that is ninety per cent Hispanic, probably forty per cent undocumented, I can tell you that it’s a very different world from what people are talking about in Washington. I have had people knock on my door and ask me where the ob-gyn lives, because they got her name in Oaxaca. And the woman in the car is six months pregnant and living across the border and given the name of a nice doctor in Selma, California, that will deliver the baby”

—This has happened once? More than once?

“It has happened once, but I know people who come from Mexico with the names of doctors and clinics in Fresno County where they know they will get, for free, twenty to thirty thousand dollars of medical care and an anchor baby. I know that’s supposed to be an uncouth thing to say.”

—-Just a bit.

“And they will be here. As I am talking right now, I have a guy, a U.S. citizen, tiling my kitchen, and he does not like the idea that people hire people illegally for twelve dollars an hour in cash, when he should be getting eighteen, nineteen, twenty dollars. But, when you make these arguments, they are just brushed aside by the left or the media, by saying, oh, these are anecdotal or racist or stereotype.”


A dose of LIB Kalif.

"Thousands of California law enforcement officers have been convicted of a crime in the past decade, according to records released by a public agency that sets standards for officers in the Golden State.

The revelations are alarming, but the state’s top cop says Californians don’t have a right to see them. In fact, Attorney General Xavier Becerra warned two Berkeley-based reporters that simply possessing this never-before-publicly released list of convicted cops is a violation of the law."

CA elected Proggys must like dirty cops.

Scott O

Crossed-up Bobby : "...the planet would not have the problems that wealth inequality creates like terrorism."
Yeah - if we gave ISIS all of our money they'd all settle down in suburbia and watch golf on Sundays.
The poor in the world are decreasing in percentage and they have more material goods than ever. The vast majority of people in the world for eons had nothing yet strangely never considered terrorism as a hobby. Now they have smart phones and see what others have and now they have acquired a massive dose of envy and greed. Those poor folks want right now what other countries have worked for centuries to obtain.
People are not poor because some one else is wealthy.
I find it strange beyond belief that the curious folks screeching the most about 'financial inequality' love left-wing California - home to the most massive amount of wealth inequality in this country. The left is actually pissed that the Rs are of no consequence in CA. When everything collapses, who will they have to blame?

Todd Swallows

"People are not poor because some one else is wealthy". . . . but many people are wealthy because someone else is poor.

Todd Swallows

George Rebane

ToddS 530pm - "... but many people are wealthy because someone else is poor." How is that happening in the US?

Todd Swallows

Rebane 5:40
Well, one of the wealthiest couples in California (the Resnicks) make billions off of ag products, yet are bankrolling the fight to roll back minimum wage for farm workers because they "can't afford" to pay even close to a living wage. It isn't about beating any competition, the Resnick's have a near monopoly on the world's pomegranates, pistachios, tangerines and mandarins. It is a move simply to make themselves wealthier at the expense of the poorest working class.


Bill Tozer

There is no such thing as economic security in the Constitution. We have property rights, no economic rights. There is no right to a good paying job. There is no right to security.

“What democratic socialism means to me is having, in a civilized society, the understanding that we can make sure that all of our people live in security and in dignity,” he said. “All people should have health care. You can’t get ahead in this country, in this world, unless you have a decent education.”

Wrong. 2/3 don’t have a college degree, not to speak of a “decent education.” You can get ahead without a decent education. What is now called a decent education is without a doubt an indoctrination, not a decent education. Just ask any college professor or speaker who stands up against the indoctrination or presents other view points.

“We have got to, as a right, end the kinds of discrimination — the racism, the sexism, and the homophobia — that exists," Sanders continued. "To me, when I talk about democratic socialism, what I talk about are human rights and economic rights."

Wrong. The proof that there does not exist in this country systemic racism, sexism, and all the phobias is there is no evidence thousands or millions of people are leaving this country yearly to escape racism, sexism, or homophobia, The American people are an extremely tolerate people. The reason we have all these hate crime hoaxes is because we have a shortage of bigots to meet demand.


The more I think of it, the more I am so happy to be in the minority of CA voters. Now, Howv much of my money should be taken from me and given to someone else? How much of your money should be given to me?

Right to dignity? One cannot legislate morality, but can only make laws that are moral. Theft is not moral. Protections of my individual rights is moral. Protections of your individual rights is moral.

I never got rich at the expense of the poor. Can’t get blood out of a turnip. Can’t get what they can’t afford to buy. Apple got rich cause poor people could not afford an I-phone? Max Foster got rich because only poor people bought his chickens? Hegot wealthy because someone else is poor? Exxon made me poor? Mick Jagger got rich because his fans and buyers of overpriced concert tickets are poor? Ok.

Scott O

Todd - "Well, one of the wealthiest couples in California (the Resnicks) make billions off of ag products, yet are bankrolling the fight to roll back minimum wage for farm workers because they "can't afford" to pay even close to a living wage."
'bankrolling the fight'? Is that the best you can do?
You admit they are already wealthy.
And how much is many? In his country?
Name the people that became wealthy by making others poor. And name the poor.

Todd Swallows

Looks like you're trying to catch the wind this evening. Tell us how you feel in the morning.

Todd Swallows


Trump sticks it the Ca. Proggys,,, AGAIN.

The damned LIBS would have bitched and moaned, demanded someone else, dragged it out as long as they could.

Besides. They way LIBS have treated Trump, they deserve every "snub"
he gives them.

Todd Swallows

Prepare your taxes yet? State and local taxes are no longer deductible. This is a big hit for a lot of middle class pocketbooks, All done under the "tax cuts" dumped upon us by a Republican president, Congress, and Senate. The rich folks are all whistling to the bank while we fan our empty wallets and wonder how we got fucked again. You think Republicans are going to rise from the ashes in California? Don't hold your breath. This is one that will be remembered.


Swallowing every last drop 2nite?

Yes, Californians can't deduct all the state and local taxes they pay from their federally reported income. Bummer that.


So, "Swallows"... do you think there's any reason for Californians to resist higher state spending and taxation? Maybe a reluctance to spend more for housing? For cars?

Or just keep voting in the folks pushing for higher and higher state taxes and bitch about GOP putting a lid on deductions from Federal taxes.

!Que Lastima!

Bill Tozer


You telling me that you got over 12K in State and local taxes? That is assuming you are single. If you do, you have too much money. Us po folk and them renters don’t need to itemize no more. And no more penalty for having no insurance. That saved me a bundle. Thank you President Trump for looking after us po folk. You rich folk have too much money and it’s only fair you pay your fair share. I say anyone who has one dollar more than me is rich and ain’t paying there fair share. Kick down my brotha from another motha. Darn, you are so tight you squeak when you walk.

More in Uncle Sam’s hands is good. Did you see that last budget Chucky kept saying, “Sign the bill, Mr President. Sign the bill, Mr. President. Sign the bill!! Trump did. If he didn’t you would screaming Trump is hurting the government workers who are all lined up at the bread lines. So, now you get to pay for them government workers. Bet you feel all patriotic now. You be an owner. It is better to give than receive. You can’t take it with you.

The real solution is to get Uncle Gavin to drop the State rate so you can keep more of the hard earned money you rake in. I feel your pain. We got to get CA to lower that immoral sales tax and tax income tax, and give it another go at that evil gas tax that hurts the little guy(poor folk) the most. Blue California should go on a tax cutting binge to help a brother goop gobbler out.

The dirty secret (and fact) is the real wealth in the USA lies with the working man, the hard working middle class. The middle class dwarfs the wealth of the rich folk. Trump just went where the money is...you. Hugs and kisses. Keep those cards and checks coming. We count on you. You be that important.

Bill Tozer

What the hell is Swallows bellyaching about? Only 11 million filers out of 136 million returns are going to affected by Trumps tax cuts by paying a tippy top more. What, that’s about 8% off the top of me mellon. Oh cry me a river. It only is going to affect those living in high tax Blue States like California, New York, and Jersey. What are you going to do? Not vote for Trump in 2020, ROFLMAO. What, you going to make sure that you will vote only our current Senators next time they run for re-election. Long wait for Di-Fi, if she don’t stumb her toe kicking the bucket first. Oh my. Looks like the R’s just lost New York and New Spartacluz and Swallows ain’t going to vote for La Malfa. Oh my, I fear the worse.
Meanwhile in all those Red States I hear the sound of dueling banjos. Swallows, you got a real purdy mouth.
Heard Doug Jones down in Bama might have his hands full. Mitch got him on record voting for something called filicide. Sweet home Alabama, where the tax cuts are true, Sweet Home Alabama, I coming home to you.


Bill Tozer

On a night like tonight, makes me wonder how much juice those green homes are selling back to the grid. Providence only knows we can use all the electricy can get.





"You telling me that you got over 12K in State and local taxes? That is assuming you are single. If you do, you have too much money. Us po folk and them renters don’t need to itemize no more. "

I figured someone would beat me to it (is it $10k or $12k?).

So these people complain that the more well off don't pay THEIR FAIR SHARE and then when you slightly raise the taxes for higher income folks the Blue Mob starts bitchin'.

Like their urge to bomb Syria, it's just further proof that Blue Mob philosophy is not consistent, but is based on some other emotional need.


What? Swallow 😭 about shelling out more tax money?🤣😍
Someone has to "give" to pay for all those free lunches.
Ask your pal Emery his position on subsidies.
The rest of the nation will no longer subsidize Ca. tax payers.
Your just paying "your fair share".

So your butthurt about your taxes.. Well just grease up better for the next tax day. Your VARY pretty Gavin and all the other fine Progressives in SAC. are already writing new taxes for you to contribute.

Yet get what you voted for.


Posted by: Walt | 27 February 2019 at 08:43 AM


Scott O

Todd at 9:27 - can't back up the BS you try to spread here. Not surprising.

Bill Tozer

This is not about CA as such, but has some similarities with CA. Remember when Jerry Brown lobbied hard for Tesla to build their battery factory here?
“New York City doesn’t have anything remotely approaching a level playing field. Even a fat tax-break package can’t make up for:

A top state marginal corporate tax rate of 17.2 percent (compared to a U.S. median of 6.8 percent);

Onerous zoning and land-use laws (which, Ms. Greszler notes, “could have prevented Jeff Bezos from arranging special helicopter pad access”)

Outrageous property taxes

Numerous heavy-handed labor regulations, such as Mr. de Blasio’s proposal to mandate that employers provide all workers with two weeks of paid vacation

Why blast Amazon for realizing that it wouldn’t pay, quite literally, to build its new headquarters in New York? This isn’t a case of some mean ol’ one-percenters leaving the city in a lurch. New York did this to itself.

And if it doubts that, then why is Virginia still in the running for the big H2Q project? The payout the Old Dominion has offered Amazon is smaller than the one the Big Apple held out. But on “Rich States, Poor States,” the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index, New York ranks dead last in the overall economic outlook, while Virginia ranks among the top 10.

Amazon isn’t the only company wary of locating in New York. Many other individuals, families and businesses are fleeing the state as well — ones who don’t remotely qualify as the hated “1 percent” — and they’re taking their income and tax revenues with them.

How bad is it? Between 1997 and 2016, every dollar of income that left New York was replaced by only 71 cents coming in. No state can sustain that if it hopes to grow.

Bill Tozer

10:58 link
Scenes @ 8:08 am queries:
“I figured someone would beat me to it (is it $10k or $12k)?..

Aha. Good question. The State and Local taxes deduction is 10k. The Standard Deduction (single filer) is 12k.

So, playing with figures and scenarios, a person who has paid down/off his mortgage or is a renter, that 12k standard deduction is sweet. Not talking self employed or complicated stuff. Now, if one has kids, the new higher Child Credit is killer. Not a deduction, straight cash against taxes owed dollar for dollar if you want to look at it that way. So, a family with kids gets higher standard deduction, higher Child Tax Credits, and comes out ahead and no need to save receipts.
Of course, making over 140k and being slammed with high State Income Taxes and local taxes (some major cities have a local tax for certain economic activities), I could see where one has to open up the checkbook and cut a bigger check. Oh course, reducing the withholding tables means more take home pay all year. Next year will be different. People always adjust their behavior the following year. Heard the Alternative Minimum Tax is going bye-bye will help some workers who pull down some good greenies.

It’s not a one size fits all. Fed or State? Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Not al states have a state income tax. Blue States do.

Bill Tozer

Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. Calexit. Nevada or Texas?

“Despite Proposition 13, California is one of the highest-taxed states in the country. California’s combined state and local tax collections were 10.8 percent of adjusted personal income. ...Local taxes are about average nationally, while state taxes are well above average. ...

Regulatory policy is even more of a problem for the state than fiscal policy. California is one of the worst states on land-use freedom. Some cities have rent control, new housing supply is tightly restricted in the coastal areas despite high demand, and eminent domain reform has been nugatory. The state even mandates speech protections in privately owned shopping malls. Labor law is anti-employment ...

But in Texas, the nation's most iconic red state, it has recently become a common refrain within conservative political circles to lament their state's own influx of Californians. Last September, in the midst of his tight U.S. Senate reelection campaign, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned supporters at a rally that Texans "are seeing tens of millions of dollars flooding into the state of Texas from liberals all over the country who desperately want to turn the state of Texas blue. They want us to be just like California, right down to tofu and silicon and dyed hair."

Today, at National Review, Kevin Williamson spoke for many conservative Texans when he wrote: "You crazy Californians are going to love Nevada. Please don’t come here."


Bill Tozer

Sorry Dr. Rebane. Just noticed your Scattershots update about Henderson, Nevada. The above comment should have gone there. With CA going off the edge with socialist tendencies, it’s hard to keep up. Unsustainable Socialism, R.I.P. CRP, Dare not Call It Treason, Sandbox...I will figure it out. Thankyou in advance for your forebearance.

Bill Tozer

Loosing Orange County, I am probably the only one that did not worship (or particularly like) John Wayne, but those who worked with him and knew him did. Nonetheless, elections do have consequences.


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