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23 February 2019


AV Man

,,,the HoloLens brouhaha is a red herring as far as Pax Americana is concerned,,,I see you managed to also try to confuse the issue with treasonous behavior

So what if Microsoft drops the HoloLens project,,,The Israelis or someone else will just pick it up...

What will do more damage to Pax Americana than some little gadget is Donald Trump and his MAGA men!!!

'''America’s resources for projecting power abroad are also contracting. Funding for the State Department, including for foreign assistance, is on the chopping block. The Pentagon is entering an era of lean times. And the U.S. public—which should not determine foreign policy, but should certainly inform it—is turning inward; a recent Pew survey found that 46 percent of Americans believe the country “should mind its own business” and 76 percent want us to “concentrate more on our own national problems” rather than on challenges far afield, by historical standards very high measures of isolationist sentiment.'''

Add to that Trump's threats to abandon NATO and all the other wacky ideas he has that passes for our foreign policy

'''America’s military primacy is a precious national asset, but hard power has its limits. As has been made painfully clear in Iraq and Afghanistan, force can be very effective at punishing adversaries—but it is a blunt instrument when it comes to securing desired political outcomes. Accordingly, the United States needs to put greater emphasis on diplomacy, preventive action, development assistance, and trade when dealing with troubled regions.'''

'''The United States of course must guard against doing too little. Especially in the Persian Gulf and East Asia, retrenchment must be accompanied by words and deeds that reassure allies of America’s staying power. Moreover, there is no substitute for the use of force in dealing with imminent threats. Only through relentless military pursuit has the United States succeeded in eliminating numerous leaders of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. In the aftermath of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States needs to refurbish its armed forces and remain ready for the full spectrum of potential missions.'''

'''The recipe for ongoing success in this mission is no different than in the past: a solvent and centrist America reliant on a progressive combination of power and partnership to safeguard the national interest while improving the world.'''


Don Bessee

Its a hot time in comrade bernies socialist paradise. Bernie for Dictator is not ringing in the streets of Venezuela -



Don Bessee

Keep it up -





Hummmm. Can RED Cortez be hating the 1ST Amend. right about now?
How dare they publicly stick it to their elected official!

Buyer's remorse is showing vary plainly.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 23 February 2019 at 05:12 PM

Walt, you do realize that every time a conservative group like the Job Creators Network goes after AOC they are just playing into her entire social media strategy and empowering her message, right?

Todd Juvinall

AOC and her followers are in an echo chamber. People with a brain know she is a loon. But we all must still maintain diligence. After all that is how CASTRO got Cuba and Oretga Nicaragua.

Bill Tozer

“If a private sector employee does not like the work his employer legally undertakes, he has the alternatives to resign, to respectfully request that management changes policy, or suck it up and continue trading his labor for wages in a professional manner. His employer does not operate a charity, a psychobabble support group, or an enterprise to satisfy someone’s concept of ‘common good’. An employee’s job is sustained only to the extent that it contributes to the enterprise being able to attract and serve a sufficient customer base in a highly competitive marketplace.”

Pretty much sums it up. ACE: accept, change, or eliminate. If one cannot accept the task or change it, then walk away. No one puts a gun to your head and forces you to work at a minimum wage job or a high paying place of employment. No one.
Used to have a boss that would say, “We ain’t working for the Red Cross.” Another place had a poster inside the employee’s entrance that read, “Customers are reliable employment.” The best was a line from a very fair gentlemen’s gentleman. who became exasperated with one employee who he felt was getting close to insubordination. “If I tell you to pick up dog do-do with popsicle sticks, use popsicle sticks!” And this was from a man who made all feel valued, respected, part of, and employees’s concerns were very important to him. Very important to him as he was a good listener and was genuinely open to new ideas as he gave wide allowance to improvision and hearing from employees about better ways of doing things he may not have considered. Yet, at the end of the day, somebody has to be the boss and make sure the lights stay on.

If I tell you to pick up dog do-do with popsicle sticks, use popsicle sticks. Door swings both ways.

Steven Frisch

"...to respectfully request that management changes policy..."

Yes, that is exactly what these employees did, they requested the company they work for change its policy on what contracts it takes. That is of course perfectly within a workers set of rights, and happens all the time.

Bill Tozer

Lenin’s words, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”, have never sounded truer as they ring across the land. And we have given him two generations, and are now beginning to reap the fundamentally transforming whirlwind.”

Start them early:
I would say USC stands for University of Spoiled Children, but it would be unfair to single out USC when today that particular institution of higher learning is not the exception but the rule.

That’s funny. I thought there were 435 members of Congress, not just one. Oh, lest I forget, the voters are the ones who are really in charge, IMHO.

Must be a generational thang.


“Like to help you son, but you are too young to vote” -Summertime Blues


Todd Juvinall

BillT, that is why I fight at School Boards and other places to try and keep the Frisch's ideology isolated and away from the youth.

Robert Cross

Wrong toad-- what you are doing is trying to force your ideology upon everyone else. Why else would you ceaselessly post your 4th grade rants on any and every letter to the editor or Other Views columns in the Union? It would be one thing if you actually discussed issues but you don't. Instead you attempt to assassinate the character of anyone and everyone who disagrees with your 1950's platitudes that are straight out of McCarthyism. You have run your high school harry about as far as it will go.


SFrisch: "Yes, that is exactly what these employees did, they requested the company they work for change its policy on what contracts it takes. "

I think that it's perfectly reasonable that they sent a letter, they are welcome to.

OTOH, the company should be able to fire any of their employees for any (or no) reason at any time. I'd certainly look twice at someone who signed something like that who actually worked on that project or on government systems generally. There's a certain amount of trust that goes into working on military projects and the last thing you need is someone sabotaging the work.

The sad thing is that I expect that political militancy in a workforce simply leads to more outsourcing and more green cards.


...and, to be fair (about Microsoft), if I were an executive and received something that said:

"We demand that Microsoft:"

followed by a list of demands, my strong tendency would be to let loose the dogs of HR.


lol. I see that Microsoft Workers for Good is also against the oil and gas biz, even in the UAE.


"Who and what are our mission statement aimed at? Empowering Big Oil & Gas to "achieve more" disempowers the rest of the planet. This is not how we empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. This is not our mission statement. Put values over greed."

Truth is, that twitter accounts probably just reflects the thoughts of a single rabble rouser. For some reason, those guys never are the ones who get the work done.



Angry Bob accuses Todd J of being mean and ranting by being mean and ranting.

News at eleven.

Steven Frisch

Scenes, I am sure there are states where Microsoft employees do not have protections against retaliation for stating their opinion on work issues, although I'm pretty sure Washington is not a right to work state, and thus termination would need to be for cause. (There could be cause here depending upon internal policy)

But the bigger issue for a company like Microsoft is whether or not their action against their employees, should they take it, could lead to problems with recruitment and retention of top talent.

It's also important to note that many Microsoft employees are also shareholders, it is actually a benefit after a certain number of months of employment (it used to be options but I'm pretty sure its now restricted stock since changes in the ta laws). As shareholders employees may have a voice that cannot be restricted by internal policy.

Scott O

from Crossed-up Bobby - "...what you are doing is trying to force your ideology upon everyone else."
Oh, the horror! And just what is he 'forcing' on you Bobby? Let's see - if you didn't want to send your child to a govt school that actually offered a good education you have the freedom to keep them at home and read from Chairman Mao. If you didn't want to buy a firearm you wouldn't have to. If you objected to govt policies you would have the ability to speak freely without fear of retribution by the govt or social media. You would be free to offer your skills at whatever rate of pay you freely negotiate with other free citizens.
C'mon, Bobby - just what sinful outrage would Todd 'force' on you?
Lefties - always fearful of freedom. It just might get 'forced' on them.

Todd Swallows

Wonder what the workers at the John Wayne airport think about having its name changed to Oprah Winfrey International Airport? Will the statue be toppled like Saddam's? Sad day for Todd and his beloved Duke.


Steven Frisch

Posted by: Robert Cross | 24 February 2019 at 09:13 AM

Robert I think its pretty obvious that Todd's intelligence stopped developing at about the same time his voice changed. Whether those two are related is a Freudian nightmare.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC is Corna Diddily on the Union I see. Thanks for admitting it BoobieC.

My ideology? Yes, the support for the Constitution and DOI is what I espouse. And I am very effective. You commie/fascists though will see your ideology defeated and it won't be pretty.


SFrisch: "Yes, that is exactly what these employees did, they requested the company they work for change its policy on what contracts it takes.

A friendly request letter does use the language "We demand that Microsoft: 1) Cancel the IVAS contract [2, 3]"

"they requested the company they work for change its policy on what contracts it takes"... BS. It didn't say "We request".

You DEMAND Chairman Bill do anything, you'd better be willing to quit when (rather than if) they say No.

Todd Juvinall

Steven Frisch | 24 February 2019 at 09:41 AM

You really are desperate and the readers can see what a dolt you truly are. While you were stealing your employees money ($250,000)you were to send to the IRS I was building homes and one fifth the Executive branch of the county. While you were leined by every entity from dog cather to the Feds and lost all you furniture and became the laughingstock of Truclee, I was building roads, buildings and balancing budgets. So perhap you are once again in your fantasy dreams of success which truly is frightening.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 24 February 2019 at 09:55 AM

And there is is...the libel...never stole a thing, paid back every dime I owed in back taxes, it was 20 years ago unlike you who are still listed as delinquent in your local property taxes as of 2018, and at least I know and admit mistakes in my life, learn a lesson, and improve because of it.

How come all the local posters here pay their fair share of local taxes Todd and don't?

When all of you friendly posters think about the fact that you don't like paying taxes for lazy deadbeats remember that Todd is the chief welfare "Queen."

You haven't changed in the 30 years I have known of you, and I doubt you have changed from the time you were 16.

Now let's get back to the issues George brought up and stop the nonsense.


Yes, let HR handle this. If one group's demands are met, the next group with expect the same. Soon management loses total control of the company. If I were HR it would be my pleasure to help the letter signers start a new career some where other than Microsoft.


Oops should read "the next group will expect"


Toes 836M

USC is properly called the "University of Scholastic Compromise".


Frisch 1006am

So, if a thief takes $250k but is caught and pays it back on an interest free installment plan, it isn't theft?

It was a form of tax fraud... money deducted from your employee's paychecks to be given to the state large and small, but diverted to keep your failed business from closing. I do hand it to you, it isn't easy running a business in California, is it?


The tax dodger looking for forgiveness. Give me a break.
It;s not like you paid it all back "voluntarily".
Now you found a way to get your paws on OPM ( tax money others paid)
And here you are thinking your better, and smarter than everyone else. ( Like all the other socialists around here.)

Just paid my taxes.. You?


Since all the LIBs running for President are the new Santa Claus,
promising free money, free school, free whatever, Can the mighty Frisch tell us where all that "free" is going to come from?
He gets "free money",, No better one to ask.

AV Man

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 24 February 2019 at 08:36 AM

Lenin’s words, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”, have never sounded truer as they ring across the land. And we have given him two generations, and are now beginning to reap the fundamentally transforming whirlwind.”

,,,Try to come to grips with reality man

Lenin has been dead for almost 100 years,,,

'''Wait until one generation of youth is poisoned in the name of corporate greed and you can transform the world''' - AV Man

Todd Juvinall

Steven Frisch | 24 February 2019 at 10:06 AM
The truth is not a form of libel. And you are a typical fascist that tries to make words mean something else. Do you deny you were liened by all the governments from top to bottom? And do you deny you failed to pay the employees taxes for them as required by law? No you cannot whitewash the travesty you committed. As for me, I paid over ten thousand in property taxes last year. You are a renter so my guess is you paid nothing. Free ride Frisch eh?

Robert Cross

Gregory -- when I attended USCs cross town rival we called it the university of spoiled children.

Steven Frisch

Diversion...diversion...diversion, because you cannot argue the case.

The point of course is that employees write letters like this all the time. Reading the news coverage that includes Microsoft's response they are accepting their employees letter with equanimity because they need their employees, and attacking them would harm their business by reducing retention and recruitment.

Employees have a great deal of power in a tight labor market and with competition tight for high quality staff.

Plus, many of these employees are shareholders, thus have very right to comment on corporate policy.

Todd Swallows

When Todd barely graduated from NU it was known as NU. Still is, and it is still spitting out people like Todd and Reinette who figure they have nothing left to learn past the 12th grade.

He is a landlord and doesn't pass on the property tax to his renters? I guess neither business or logic is taught in 12th grade.

Steven Frisch

The other point of course is that George is jumping on the Trump bandwagon of calling anything that holds corporate entities responsible for their actions, even actions entirely within employees and shareholders legal rights, socialism (and tying it to the classic Stormer diatribe of a bygone generation.)

This strategy will fail to expand the voting base for the candidates tied to Trump or Trump himself because 1) no one below the age of 70 gives a shit, they do not share the pasts fear of even mis-defined words like socialism, and 2) all but a few below the age 70 understand the reference to None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

Bill Tozer

Your opinions are very important to me. :)

Interesting conversation, all in all. Guess we are rehashing the NFL players kneeing for the National Anthem on a bigger scale. And the bigger point is that “social justice” has not become just another issue, but an primary issue that now is integrated into one’s work, play, homelife. Perhaps permeate is a better word than integrate. The more one views his or her primary role in this world as a ‘social justice warrior’, then it makes sense that the old lines of work, play, and work have become blurred and all mingled together as water and leaves make tea. Thus, here we are.

For some outfits, be they big or small, their employees are their most valuable asset. The last outfit I worked for had more benefits and resources than I could count or ever use. Made Congressional bennies look like crumbs. 24 hour hotlines to 3rd party shrinks (anonymous) if one felt the slightest stressed. Layers upon layers of options to report any unethical or uncomfortable situations like harassment, including 3rd party lawyers to keep things confidential and anonymous. Protections up the ying -yank. Meeting after meeting to address concerns and elict ideas, long anonymous surveys conducted by 3rd parties on every aspect of the company’s open door policy and on and on it went. Like, was there anything else under the sun the company could be doing to make me feel more valued? And all non-union. Shops that were unionized were on the East Coast and they had to pay dues, made less, and could not take unaccurred time off with pay. I could. They fronted it to us at the start of the year if ya were West of the Mississippi, lol.

What surprised me most was most of the younger employees desired more recognition on a regular basis. More “atta boys”, more applause, more being singled out and rewarded on a frequent basis. Like the county’s yearly employee recognition day, except monthly or biweekly.
. Me? I am old school and had no complaints and did not need the to be taken out to lunch or given another flat screen TV or latest gadget or another certificate of appreciation or tickets to the Kings games or free rooms at casinos and the like. I pissed some off by tossing those certificates of recognition straight into the waste basket in the meeting room. I knew theses kids had no idea how things used to be and had no idea how lucky they were. I thought the pay was more than fair, the quarterly bonus fantastic (if not unwarranted) and although the work was challenging, it was never boring. No rest for the wicked.

The company’s motto was “Our Diversity is our Srenghtt”, blah,blah,blah. We were not renters, we were owners! There are no problems, just opportunities. No big friggin problems, only challenges. But I saw the top of the food chain in reality only wanted to hear how great everything is. How wonderful everything is. How important each person is. How important we are to our community and how important we give back to our communities. Heck, they even paid me to do volunteer work for non-profits if so inclined. Sitting on non-profit committees was the most boring thing one could ever imagine to do in their lifetimes. Screw that noise. A wonderful PC place to work. They even had a employee site called the “watercooler” or something for employees to shoot the breeze and discuss topics and share new tricks of the trade and do Q and A about means and methods,

With all that said, I learned right off the bat HR was just an arm of corporate, not an intermediary between employees and the company....despite all the blah,blah,blah. Sure, I tweeked HR and had some fun by calling them the “Personnel Department” to their astonished faces, but didn’t trust those young ladies fresh out of college as far as I could spit them. But, more importantly, by observation and not participation, I also learned never ever go on the watercooler. Never say one negative word. They did not want to hear anything besides everything is honkey dorey. It was group think. Keep it all to yourself. Got something to say, take it outside. Don’t burst the bubble.

I mention this only because I got thinking about the paper the Google employee wrote about established psychological differences between the sexes. How we are wired differently, with different strengths, priorities, needs. Nothing profound, nothing earth shaking, nothing what I would call ground breaking or controvestial. He was fired. He went against the group think, against the social justice/ identity mantra.

For a company like Google that prides itself on openess and inclusiveness, the firing proved it all to be a lie. Everything is fine here. We are all sailing in the same direction. So, it makes sense that the employees, like many college students, have an inflated sense of worth, of how things should be.
Microsoft did not want to rock the boat and thus did not respond to the military’s invitation to participate in the HoloLens contract. They are all Bradley Mannings now. Sorry Chelsea, not.
Me, I am old school. Just grateful to get a paycheck. Not trying to change the world.


Frisch and his redefining and revisionism.
Like a mosquito at a nudest camp... Where the hell to start?

Frisch.. Look no further than France. A fine Socialist utopia.
HUGE taxation(which you stated "isn't socialism") all in the name of ECO "horse shit". Yup, that idea worked out swell.

Now are you going to tell us France ain't socialist?

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 24 February 2019 at 12:01 PM

Walt, the fact that you are calling me a revisionist for defining socialism accurately, while George changes its definition at will, merely points to the fact that you read neither history or economics. The definition I provided (over on the Unsustainable Socialism thread) is the definition in use for more than 100 years.

France has a mixed market economy with elements of socialism...namely government ownership of stock in major corporate entities...but the French government has actually been ramping down government ownership shares in industry for many successive administrations as part of their shift to a more market economy.

Of course, whether more or less a mixed market economy, a comparison of costs and wages will show that France is far outpacing the United States in wage growth and standard of living. You may not like the French Walt, but they are kicking our ass.


Robert Cross

AV Man 10:32-- "''Wait until one generation of youth is poisoned in the name of corporate greed and you can transform the world'''

Methinks, given the politics of young people, that bridge has been crossed. George and his ilk want to blame teachers, the education system, and left wing propaganda for the left leanings of young people.. BUT it is climate change and the refusal of many corporate interests to acknowledge that fact and the global wealth inequality that foments discord that are the real culprits. What is it, something like a hand full of Americans have more net worth than the bottom 90%. On the global scale a few hundred (400?) people have more wealth than HALF of the planets inhabitants. What we hear here on RR is the same old corporate capitalist rhetoric from the 1950's Cold War which is any economic system that is NOT capitalism is evil.... plain and simple. The American people have been bombarded with this, it is taught in grade school (which may explain why some RR commenters continue to espouse such ideology) and has been since WWII in the mostly successful attempt to politicize and negate any discussion of competing economic systems. In the meantime the concentration of wealth (rich getting richer poor getting poorer,veexcept in third world countries whose inhabitants had nothing and now can work in sweatshops for 12 cents an hour after they have been thrown off their ancestral lands by corporate backed dictators fronting for global mining and agriculture interests.

Robert Cross

interests continues.

Todd Juvinall

Swallows his tongue at 1130. Sorry you make up stories and have no clue about the truth. Regarding NU. Same name today. I finished in the top 10% academically which is 80% higher than you. And you and Reinette failed at your worm farm on the $40,000 tax payer grant and that is on you. Put on your pants and get out of your mamma's basement you are just too creepy for most people.

Steven Frisch

"The American people have been bombarded with this, it is taught in grade school (which may explain why some RR commenters continue to espouse such ideology)"

I love that quote Robert because it points out exactly the dynamic here....some don't recognize it, but George does.

Steven Frisch

How quaint, a perceived high school grudge.

AV Man

@RC1226...Yeah, I wanted to throw out some random proclamation to show how Lenin,,,or anyone else,,,can just make up a BS soundbite,,,like the DEAN SCREAM,,,to try to fear out or influence others...

Todd Swallows

You are STILL lying about getting good marks in the 11th grade. Only you, and you alone, don't realize how petty (not to mention uneducated) that makes you.

Excellent point SF:
"Walt, the fact that you are calling me a revisionist for defining socialism accurately, while George changes its definition at will, merely points to the fact that you read neither history or economics. The definition I provided (over on the Unsustainable Socialism thread) is the definition in use for more than 100 years."

AV Man

,,,gotta love how terms like SOCIALIST are tossed around so often hereabouts,,,The Green New Deal is a RESOLUTION not a bill or a law...It is something to aspire to,,,kind of like '''perfection'''

'''The Republican Party is currently firmer in its accusation that the Democrats are steering the nation “towards socialism” than it was during Joe McCarthy’s Red Scare of the 1950s, when the senator from Wisconsin was accusing Harry Truman of harboring Communist Party cells in the government. '''


Bill Tozer

Addendum.. Microsoft
Me, I am old school. I separate work and play and home. On the clock means something entirely different to me than it does to the newbies. I can do all the changing of the world on my spare time. It’s has become more important for me to change myself to adjust to this crazy world than trying to make this crazy world adjust to me. That is why I have less and less tolerance for the coddled ones pounding their spoons, throwing their food, and having a temper tantrum that we must to change the world to fit them.... while demanding that we acquiesce by falling in line. We all know the difference between a demand and a request. We are reaping the fruit of the labor of coddling our children for too long. 26 is the new 18. We have taught them that they are the center of the universe.
I can blame the school system, the institutions of higher learnings, parents who absconded their duties by wanting to be a child’s friend instead of the parent (adult in the room), shielding young adults from the consequences of their actions and a sometimes hostile world, and I can blame society....but what good will that do? What difference does it make at this point anyhow?
Thus we have at first glance the inmates running the asylum. The whole thing seems so infantile to me. So self absorbed, such unwarranted arrogance. Like skipping over the part about paying your dues. Hard times create tough people and tough people create soft times and on and on it goes.

Walt @ 12:01 pm
Mosquito at a nudist camp? Look at the bright side. A lot better than having a hard on at a nudist camp. Oh, where to begin........

Todd Juvinall

Todd Swallows | 24 February 2019 at 12:48 PM
"Swallows his own tongue". Sorry but your fantasies about me are simply that, fantasies. And I like women so you should move on to Keachie who fits your desires much closer. My school record was stellar unlike you who hid out in the bathrooms lloking for love.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 24 February 2019 at 12:59 PM

I am sure your forefathers said the same of your generation Bill; some things never change.


When is socialism not socialism?
When these Proggys say so.

"When François Mitterand of the Parti Socialiste won the Presidency of France in 1981 the Socialists had achieved domination of the politics of France. The municipal elections of 1977 had given Socialists unprecedented local control of cities and the 1981 national elections, in addition to electing Mitterand, gave Socialists a majority in the Assembly, the legislature of France. The Parti Socialiste had been in opposition since 1958.

Despite the Socialists great electoral victories of 1981 it was perhaps a time of ideological retreat because the Socialist platform over time was becoming essentially indistinguishable from that of its electoral opponents. The Parti Socialiste was becoming a centrist party. While gone was the fervor of 1905 when the Declaration of Socialist Unity declared:

The Socialist Party is a class party whose aim is the socialization of the means of production and exchange, that is to say, the transformation of capitalist society into collectivist and communist society. [...] the Socialist Party while pursuing the enactment of immediate reforms demanded by the working class, is not a reformist party, but instead a party of class struggle and revolution.
there was one last attempt at the implementation of the classical socialist program. In his election campaign of 1981 Mitterand enunciated his 110 Propositions, which included a program of nationalization."

Keep Taking Frisch.
You haven't been paying attention to your elected COMMIES in D.C.

George Rebane

What part of "We demand ..." don't liberals understand. Read the damn letter. That was anything but a 'request' that recognized they were neither management nor even declared owners of the company. (If any of their retirement accounts had a security that invested in MS, that itself gives them no basis for making demands on the company's legal business practices.)

Todd Swallows

Todd, stop engaging. Get back to Patty Duke, you might miss something important.

Oh Bill; Oh George:

Rant becomes chant among the old and beaten men with drawn faces and fungus covered toenails: The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 24 February 2019 at 01:17 PM

Seriously Walt, did you read what I wrote. I did not say that there was not a socialist party in France, I said France had a mixed market economy and freely admitted it was with some elements of socialism, and that they had been decreasing government ownership of equity in corporations over the years. Your own posted quote identified that the Socialist party had become a centrist party.

Your example was from 1981.

Scott O

Bobby goes over the edge - "What we hear here on RR is the same old corporate capitalist rhetoric from the 1950's Cold War which is any economic system that is NOT capitalism is evil.... plain and simple."
Now, I'm not going to say that statement is a lie.
It simply isn't true, dude.
Apparently you don't read, or you can't remember what you read.
We conservatives here (including George) have been warning about and denouncing corporatism for years.
As far as "...any economic system that is NOT capitalism is evil..."
The only other type of economic system other than free-market capitalism mentioned here is some sort of govt forced collectivism. If there is some other, feel free to point out when and where it was discussed on this blog.

Don Bessee

Tell it brother -



AV Man

,,,oh look Brother Bessie@153pm found a Faux New opinion piece by a guy who runs StoppingSocialism.com,,,that guy is not preaching to the choir...


Since when did Bernie say he was a Marxist,,,you tell me,,,you are the expert,,,I am not a Berner so not up on his platform...

Bill Tozer

Swallows @ 1:24 pm

As attributed to SOCRATES by Plato. At least Socrates had a good student taking notes as he bemoaned the next generation. A rite of passage. :)

Short read and off topic. All is not lost...yet. That takes 3 generations. Makes me wonder how long your quote referenced @ 1:24 pm will be even recognized in conversation. Another generation or less? It’s kinda not PC to bring up those privileged white men. Western Civ is rather taboo at the moment. Like, who even says Western Civ anymore? What you mean?

“Why this intense interest, particularly in a time when political viewpoints are so polarized? Latham suggests that the interest is driven by a genuine hunger for knowledge and understanding:”



I give you America's "ISIS".

Just a different chapter that was and still is obliterating civil war monuments. (LIBCRATS who can't stand their own history)

Todd Swallows

Bill 2:39=
Only the lightly read would attribute that passage to Plato or Socrates. George emotes the same but takes 5 times as many words to say it. Hint: it's called something like the old man's lament. But you certainly made a better guess than Todd. He never got beyond Patty Duke.


MICROSOFT STANDS BY ARMY CONTRACT — The tech giant says it has no plans to dump its $480 million deal to provide augmented reality technology to the U.S. Army, amid pushback from company employees. "We're committed to providing our technology to the U.S. Department of Defense, which includes the U.S. Army under this contract," a Microsoft spokesperson said late Friday after more than 100 staffers called on company leaders to cancel the agreement over concerns the tech will contribute to "warfare and oppression." The company's latest HoloLens AR device is slated for use in combat missions and in training by the military. Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

Glad to see that Microsoft management has a spine.

Todd Swallows

I know you are waiting on pins and needles after being called out for claiming my passage was from Socrates. Who actually penned those lines?

Kenneth John Freeman, for his Cambridge dissertation published in 1907. I have found it framed on a wall titled, "The Old Man's Lament" but do not know if Mr. Freeman actually gave it the title.

You are welcome.

Phrases like "Kids these days" and "the last great century of man" immediately call out the speaker as shallow, self-centered, and not the least bit interested in the evolution of human development if it differs from his own personal perspective.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Todd Swallows | 25 February 2019 at 08:02 AM

I do find it ironic that the same person who regularly discusses the future of technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, is so stuck on fighting the socialist bogeyman of the past.

It is deliciously incongruous.

If anything is going to be the driver of both globalism and a benign form of socialism driven by increases in productivity and reduced demand for labor it is AI not a bunch of kids who don't know the difference between Charles Fourier and AOC.

According to Feng Xiang, a professor of law at Tsinghua University in Beijing:

"The more AI advances into a general-purpose technology that permeates every corner of life, the less sense it makes to allow it to remain in private hands that serve the interests of the few instead of the many. More than anything else, the inevitability of mass unemployment and the demand for universal welfare will drive the idea of socializing or nationalizing AI."

"If AI rationally allocates resources through big data analysis, and if robust feedback loops can supplant the imperfections of “the invisible hand” while fairly sharing the vast wealth it creates, a planned economy that actually works could at last be achievable."

The last great century of man indeed.

Scott O

from SF - "...is so stuck on fighting the socialist bogeyman of the past."
Because in the future, we'll do it right!

Todd Juvinall

It is so telling that those that think socialism is such great stuff and that it has just not been implemented correctly fail to even acknowledge its failures and destructive policies. Venezuela is right there for even the dumbest lefty to see yet they chose to turn their heads and deny.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Russ | 25 February 2019 at 07:58 AM

Yep, employees have a right to bitch (free speech) and producers have the right to ignore them (free enterprise) if they want to.

Isn't democracy great.

That is why this entire thing is a big nothing...Microsoft is of course going to be respectful in their communications with their employees because they want to retain and recruit a diverse set of employees; and the employees are going to continue to make the point that they want a more moral set of choices until the shareholders see that and request a change of management policy.

Happens every day at thousands of companies across the country, the only difference here is scale.

Bill Tozer


Actually I gave it no nevermind.

I read your commmt yesterday and figured It needed no reply. It was not an exact quote from Socrates, but the last line about house servant rang a bell. I did have to google Socrates to make sure I got the spelling correct since I have spell check turned off. Anyway, I took your reference at face value that your read it somewhere and I figured the author plagiarized a few words here and there and borrowed some parts from here and there. I just had to google “Plagiarism” to make sure I got that word right.

Sorry I left you waiting. Figured you saw the old man lament or whatever it is on some wall somewhere, like maybe at a second hand store or something. I have seen some great quotes and saying painted on pieces of wood in those kind of places off the highways and byways, usually next fruit stands or old barns.
This quote is more apt today than ever before, as evidenced Gregory’s 2:27 pm Sandbox (yesterday), Ben Rhoades critique of the Washington Press corpse (they know absolutely nothing), HS test scores, and my own niece who is quitting doing research for Cornell and the government because her fellow researchers (who have just a Masters just like her) know nothing. “They literally know nothing”. And she has to spend all her time teaching her fellow researchers with masters degrees from IVY league schools, To repeat, my niece only has a master’s and is shocked beynd words that her fellow researchers do not know a thing. The evidence mounts daily, but that is for another day.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”, have never sounded truer as they ring across the land. And we have given him two generations, and are now beginning to reap the fundamentally transforming whirlwind.”

H/T to Mr. Gregory. I almost cried with grief after reading this. Unmoored from themselves. Most haunting.


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