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02 February 2019


Todd Swallows

Todd 7:50
I said you would write this some 14 hours ago. You are a kept man.

When did the SOTU address become a made for TV reality show instead of a national speech with decorum and statesmanship? And yes, I know Obama did it and NO I did not approve of Nanzi and crowd showboating either.


Nothing new,, Hummmer is trying to TROLL here like he does on the Daily Caller.


Come now Bobby,, Not one of those witch hunt indictments have ANYTHING to do with Trump.
Your dog don't hunt.


,,,Altered Walt,,,here is one just for you,,,Yours Lavender



Ahhhhh You bring back lavender? A dirty, used, sock only DOUGY would know. A real uh,, "manly" TROLL name... You stick with that.
It's right up there will good ol' "CLUELESS".

Haven't seen you around. Still sporting the homeless COL. Sanders look?

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