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06 February 2019


Don Bessee

Ahhhh fresh kitty litter in the morning. Winning!




New York Times Caught Fake Newsing:
The New York Times labels as “false” Trump’s statement about illegal border crossings being an “urgent national crisis.”

But it’s only after a paragraph of pedantic blah, blah, blah that the far-left Times finally admits a “record number of families have tried to cross the border in recent months, overwhelming officials at the border and creating a new kind of humanitarian crisis.”

In other words, Trump told the truth but the Times is counting on you not making it through all the blah, blah, blah to find that out.


Oh.. How insensitive of me...... The link.. That LIBS won't read.

Todd Swallows

Ahh the smell of fresh Bessee in the morning, skewed and off kilter as always with his pick 'n pull polls. Winning? Not really if you want the truth.

I am remiss for not predicting you would post a pro Pubber poll post speech as I predicted Todd would post his sappy congratulatory note that he wrote before the SOTU was given.

Mostly pubbers watched the SOTU so of course polling them showed disproportionate of approval of said show. https://www.vox.com/2019/2/6/18213682/state-of-the-union-approval-ratings-polls

Todd Juvinall

The left on these pages truly are unhinged. The SOTU was right on the money and made the left and the democrat/socialists look like infants. The white-clad babes looked like cheerleaders for Maduro and if anyone thinks those babes can lead this country in any way they are loons. The adults in the room were Trump and the Republicans. The democrats act like spoiled kids of 12. Anyway, America is better off with Trump than Clinton. I have yet to see anyone murdered in the Trump circles as we did with the Clintons. Vince Foster and about 20 other people are now gone after having been a part of Clinton's entourage.

Trump never colluded with anyone except maybe Stormie and Mueller is having to settle for "crimes" after the election. No collusion just "process crimes". This is driving the TDSS folks even nuttier than they already are.

Todd Juvinall

A huge majority of those polled liked the SOTU and that included democrats and Indies. The hardcore socialist did not like it as Trump called them out for their failed ideology. Go Trump and Republicans. get the wall done now.

Todd Swallows

A complete and total fabrication from my kept man: "A huge majority of those polled liked the SOTU and that included democrats and Indies". Probably written yesterday while watching Mr. Ed.

The truth:



Really? 76% of viewers approved of SOTU speech and 72% of his immigration. Your thoughts?



,,,George is putting words in mouths of others,,,'''Walls don't work'''??? Of course walls work - as well as any wall can work. You can climb over them, dig under them, chainsaw through them with a diamond chain. The question is where to put them to get the most bang for the buck.

Here is a repost of the illegal immigration statistics showing they are at they are lowest level in 50 years...restated another way,,,our border security is working better than ever,,,or our Border Patrol is becoming ever more incompetent, or bribed to look the other way. If the latter is true,,,at least a wall might help make the Border Patrol more honest.


Todd Swallows

Yeah, Russ. My thoughts are expressed in the link you apparently didn't follow.

Your quote, "76% of viewers approved. . ." shows your bias. The "viewers" were predominantly Republicans. See link.

Todd Juvinall

People are so funny. On my FB someone juxtaposed a picture of the white-clad babes with a KKK white hooded crowd. You cannot make these things up. What a hoot!

Bill Tozer

The Portland-based Panera Cares was reportedly only recouping between 60 and 70 percent of its total costs," reports Eater. "The losses were attributed to students who 'mobbed' the restaurant and ate without paying, as well as homeless patrons who visited the restaurant for every meal of the week. The location eventually limited the homeless to 'a few meals a week.'"

Though Shaich said the restaurants tried to educate people about "sharing responsibly, people ultimately came to the locations for a handout."

"We had to help them understand that this is a café of shared responsibility and not a handout," Shaich said in a 2011 interview about the Portland location. "It can’t serve as a shelter and we can’t have community organizations sending everybody down."

Measures to maintain order, however, backfired, with multiple online reviews denouncing the restaurant for being an unwelcoming place, accusing it of false advertising. As with every socialist experiment, the natural harmony between the commoners and the power-brokers devolved into hostility.



97% of Republicans approved
82% of independents/3rd party approved
30% of Democrats approved

by the same CBS polling

Slapsy Maxy Waters told people not to watch.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg didn't attend, but she's still recovering from cancer surgery. I'm going to guess she didn't approve of the speech.

Follow on work for Democrats... to search high and low to identify the 30% of Dems who approved of the speech to harangue and otherwise embarrass their turncoat fellow Dems.

Hint: watch "Death of Stalin" again to understand that dynamic

Todd Juvinall

The democrat deep state will root out those 30% traitors and boycott them.

George Rebane

MMM 936am – “Walls Don’t Work” has been the mantra of top Democrats and national leftwing thought leaders, and, as a now permanent feature of our progressive readers, is a notion that has totally escaped our lightly read Left. Some like 3M are today doing a bit of back peddling on building/upgrading border infrastructure to increase border security. That has become necessary after voluminous cited history, expert testimony, and border data shows that physical barriers (walls, etc) do indeed work and reduce the overall costs of border security. This, of course, has been explained in these pages ever since Trump’s candidacy where he used ‘the wall’ as a simple metaphor to introduce his intended policies on immigration, illegal entrants, and resident illegal aliens. The Left immediately respun all of those remarks and speeches to serve their TDS agenda, and none of those were or have ever been counted as lies to the American public.

"George is putting words in mouths of others" my ass. George is pointing out your continuing deficits in the discussion of public affairs. Get out there and read up on stuff for a change.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:50 am

Good entertaining link.

“To which Politico replies: Whoa, whoa, whoa there, Hoss… It’s only 31 percent of women who are sexually assaulted, which is a far cry from the 33 percent required to achieve your “one in three” claim, and we’re not going to turn Texas blue if we start throwing ’round outrageous terms like “one in three.”

What a bunch of knuckleheads. If the Wa Compost actually looked at the Doctors without Borders link, the fact checkers would have seen the term used was “sexually abused”, not sexually assaulted! Being sexually abused is a far cry from being sexually assaulted!!!!!!!!!

Make that 8,002 lies, not 8,000 lies. :)


Stop the presses!
New Jersey has found written material so heinous that it's worth ignoring the 1st Amendment to criminalize its publication


,,,is blackface a prerequisite in Virginia politics???



George1006am ''doing a bit of back peddling on building/upgrading border infrastructure to increase border security'''

Look who is doing a little bit of back peddling,,,Trump has stated dozens of times that it is all about a '''big beautiful wall''' and said nothing about border infrastructure.

He even shut down the government over funding specifically for 'the wall'

Did you skim read over this part???

Todd Juvinall

Blackface? Jeeze I guess Al Jolson movies and Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movies will have to be trashed. It was a common minstrel technique that if one really looks at it would think it is actually a recognition of the musical abilities of the black singers and dancers. Why make it something bad when it was not originally done for that? But hey, Michael Jackson did his best to become a white skinned man and that was just fine.

I thought Al Franken was railroaded for his picture and now the Virginia Governor is being attacked for a Halloween picture done I am sure in jest. I would rather booy his ass for the attempted laws to murder the just born.


Here is a transcript of the SOTU speech, in case there is a dispute over what was said:


George Rebane

MMM 1050am - Not at all. Since I read both left and right media, it became clear some months ago that Trump was beginning to explain that 'the wall' actually stood for border infrastructure and security systems, instead of 30' of concrete from water to water. Of course, none of the lamestream outlets that are your sole focus ever picked up this 'little nuance', since it didn't fit their characterization of Trump. (Apparently you didn't even listen to the SOTU.) And therefore, to this day, we have people like you still ignorant of how the border security debate has progressed over the last several months as Trump continues to lobby for 'wall funding' aka border security. But since it's your comfort zone, I don't expect that you and yours will ever abandon that characterization and understanding.

Once more with feeling, let's again sing our favorite anthem 'Middle Ground there ain't no more, no more'.

Bill Tozer

Ladies in White.

The Cuban government has criticized the Ladies in White for being a subversive association of American-backed terrorists.[6][7] On Palm Sunday in 2005, the pro-government Federation of Cuban Women sent 150 women to counter-protest the group.


And to think the Leftinistas cheered when Obama gave the Castro Bros everything they wanted and we got nothing in return. No wonder Collin got flack by the Cuban communny for wearing a pro-Castro shirt in Miami.


But DOUGY!!! Your queen of the damned has a wall. A nice big one.
I don't hear you whining about that one.


Attacking kids comes back to bite!

I can't wait for slander lawsuits to start hitting the offending Lefties. The public apologies, the HUGE payouts,,, job losses,,

Billl Tozer

If Hummer wasn’t a walking Encyclopedia of Worthless Information, he would have been aware that Trump requested 180 miles of good fencing where the Border Patrol Chiefs on the tground said it is desperate needed in certain sectors where our agents are being overwhelmed. The rest of the 5 billion was for replacing sub-par existing fencing and replacing totally inadequate vehicle barriers with pedestrian fencing. That does not include another 750 million requested for more housing facilities for families caught illegally on our side and awaiting processing. And more medical personnel to screen them and to take them to the hospital for isolation.

Dr. Rebane at 11:45 am. Once again, this time with feeling.


The Hummers of this world want border security without securing the border.

Bill Tozer

CNN backpedals. Not wise to lead with the chin.

The first rationalization is the claim that the SOTU audience is mostly supporters of the president. Historically, somewhat true, though no numbers were given. This time around, there is a least the possibility that more than usual numbers of the president's opposition watched, hoping for some rebuke from the speaker seated behind him, or from the school lunch ladies female Democrats seated as a bloc, all dressed in white.

The second rationalization, on the question of viewers anticipating an increase in bipartisan cooperation seemed to assume that Republicans would respond positively to this question if they liked Trump's speech. I thought the speech was great, but given what we know about Democrats' level of TDS, I don't expect that it will increase bipartisan cooperation, because nothing possibly could. They are hopelessly bent on destroying Trump, and any harm to the nation is just acceptable collateral damage.


The Selzer Man is pissed. He looks kinda orange.


Billl Tozer

El Paso, here we come


Isn’t El Paso Beto County?? I believe it is.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the democrats and their socialist pals are gasping for air. If they ran things I think most people would commit suicide to avoid their negativity.


re: TJ@1:

"Looks like the democrats and their socialist pals are gasping for air. If they ran things I think most people would commit suicide to avoid their negativity."

No doubt, but it's a movement built on being against Western Civilization.

lol. Maybe they need to learn to code.



Proggys,,, OHHHHH PROGGYS!!!!!!! Come out come out! You got SPLAIN'N
Were you paying attention when Trump said "AMERICA will NEVER,, BE a Socialist NATION"... And EVERY LEFTY, sat on their collective ASS... Silent.
To anyone who loves America that says plenty... Commie pinko bastards, ONE and ALL.

And you clowns have the brass ones to say Trump is a Putin stooge?
It's YOUR side that's working to change U.S.A into U.S.S.A.

Todd Juvinall

Code! LOL! That is what Hillary etal told those West Virginia coal miners when they tried to destroy them.

Watched a Palestinian babe who got elected to Congress on CSPAN. She said her Dad came here when he was 19. Met her mom and then had 13 kids! My GOD! And of course there is nothing right about the place and she will fix it. I thought to myself she might be an ingrate that could spawn xenophobes for all her yapping. I thought perhaps her brethren in Gaza could use her services as their rich are on the same economic level as our very poor.


,,,Todd you are such a hen,,,gossiping away about Palestinian babes,,, oh my,,,the nerve of her to have a bunch of kids!!!! Too Funny!!!

Todd Juvinall

Gossip? CSPAN is gossip? And she was the interviewed is gossip? Please look it up you are nutty. Hey and you got to pay for all 13 kids. Then she became a "activist" in her state to show her thanks for moving here. She was full of complaints. Amazing ingrate.


LIB sure like to threaten the young.
"Democratic New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez told pro-Trump teen pundit CJ Pearson that “you’re right to be afraid of us” Tuesday after he referred to her as “the woman next to” Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a tweet about the State of the Union address.

“Hi CJ Pearson, I’m not ‘the woman sitting next to her,'” Velazquez wrote on Twitter Tuesday night. “[Ocasio-Cortez] and I — and millions like us — are the future of this country. And you’re right to be afraid of us. But you should learn my name.” "

Yet looking at the picture,, THERE you are Sitting right next to her.
Another case of "LIBS LIE"... That's what they do.

Gotta love the kid's response.
"I’m sorry, Congresswoman, but as @realDonaldTrump said - socialism will NOT be the future of this country.

And Nydia, nothing about you nor @AOC scares me. It’s your policies- that jeopardize the stability of our nation and the future of my generation- that scare me."

Todd Swallows

Todd 3:08-
My dear kept man. Her parents moved here, not her. She is not Palestinian, she American. She was one of 13 kids born to her parents. Yet, in your book somehow it's all her fault. You sure have a way of spinning facts to fit your agenda. Same as your reasoning that Kamala isn't black - she's half Jamaican!

Bill Tozer

Quotes from this time in space. Divisive seems to be the operative word...as easily predicted. Divisive!

For the record: “I’m not surprised, but some part of me can’t believe we’re at a place where the President of the U.S. said ‘we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country’ and the Democratic speaker of the House deliberately did not applaud.” —Mark Hemingway

Re: The Left: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m all into the strong-woman applause going on, but it has to be said that it is a little sad that the first thing House female Democrats really chose to celebrate [last night] was … themselves.” —Kimberley Strassel

Demo-gogues: “There’s very little nice to say about [the State of the Union Address]. It’s sort of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the excitement and the enthusiasm was all in the Mr. Hyde parts. You can’t talk about comity and working together and give a speech that is so divisive. That just doesn’t fly. So in the areas where he tried to reach out — drug prices, transportation, infrastructure — there was no meat. There was no enthusiasm. All the enthusiasm was for the divisive parts like immigration, abortion, things like that. So it was not a good speech.” —Chuck Schumer

Belly laugh of the week: “I think Stacey Abrams showed the president what real leadership was last night. She was thoughtful, she was caring, she talked about her family — and the American dream is fading out of reach for too many American families — and the president was political, divisive, calculating, even nasty at times.” —Chuck Schumer

Braying Jenny: “I don’t even know why [Trump] wants to come and give the State of the Union. The state of the union under him has not been good. And he has been divisive. And I think he’s putting us all in harm’s way. And so he is not worthy of being listened to. … I’m not looking forward to his State of the Union, and I hope people will turn the television off!” —Rep. Maxine Waters

Braying Jackass: “One of the most difficult conclusions for me in the last two years as I looked into Russia’s meddling in our affairs, as well as the growing trend towards autocracy around the world, is the realization that the threat to our democracy right now is most pronounced from within. … That doesn’t mean that the other threats are also not serious. They are. Russia and China are trying to push forward their authoritarian models and really challenging the idea of democracy. But that is, I think, secondary to the threat we face right now from within.” —Rep. Adam Schiff

And last… “I guess I’m supposed to well up with tears of pride because a bunch of women were elected to Congress. Sorry, no. Most of the new congresswomen are self-obsessed, infanticidal, socialist radicals. The fact that they happen to have two X chromosomes is no consolation.” —Matt Walsh
Scenes @2:05 pm

“No doubt, but it's a movement built on being against Western Civilization.”



More on the 'learn to code' meme.


Todd Juvinall

Code! What a hoot! I recall when Clinton and the eco-extremists were able to shut down our forests and put thousands out of work (spotted owl) and they said the would re-educate those folks. Just like the Khmer Rouge. And "code" was at the top of their list.

Todd Juvinall

What is it about these liberal saps that they cannot read what is written? 13 kids? Never said they were hers. Her parents came here and somehow the idiot that read that It said her. And she called herself Palestinian not me. I just shake my head about the lefty idiots.


Not Palestinian?
The eldest of 14 children, Rashida Harbi was born on July 24, 1976, to working-class Palestinian immigrants in Detroit.

And Izzy Warren is an Indian.

Todd Swallows

Todd (my kept man) 3:59

Not much to interpret in what you wrote: "Hey and you got to pay for all 13 kids. Then she became a "activist" in her state to show her thanks for moving here."

You have written a fabricated chronology of events, even if you don't understand the word chronology, or know when to use an instead of a.



Some nice words from the Muslim witch the Gulper defends.

"Tlaib came under fire just hours after being sworn into Congress in January for telling a group of left-wing supporters she would help Democrats “impeach the motherf****r,” referencing Trump. The Daily Caller News Foundation asked her after Trump’s State Of The Union if she still believed Trump should be impeached."

Take a trip to Muslim land swallower,, Think they will honor your lifestyle? They would be real happy to show you the top of the tallest building in town.
Even if it's in Detroit.

Todd Juvinall

Walt this orally fixated TS is a moron. Can you interpret me the same as he? He is now trying to get close to me and I have to remind him I like women while he hangs out on Castro Street. He is a true moron.

Robert Cross

"became clear some months ago that Trump was beginning to explain that 'the wall' actually stood for border infrastructure and security systems, instead of 30' of concrete from water to water."

Surely you are in jest when you say that. What became clear is that trump was not going to get his vanity wall in his image so he keeps changing the story to preserve his ego. Remember when Mexico was going to pay for his 'concrete wall'?


,,,The Hen is clucking again!!!

Todd Swallows

30' tilt-up concrete panels across the entire border to be more precise. He had it all figured out. Genius. And Mexico was going to pay for it.

Bonnie McGuire

I enjoy researching, and reading people's opinions. Altogether it's a good comparison regarding common sense. Here's one opinion that was great.
Does anyone but a conservative wonder if Trump was the right choice for President?? Wonder no longer as history does in fact repeat itself!!
“And the man God chose was neither a politician nor a priest. Instead, God chose a builder whose name was Nehemiah. And the first step of rebuilding the nation was the building of a great wall. God Instructed Nehemiah to build a wall around Jerusalem to protect its citizens from enemy attack”
The American people have been asking Congress for a wall on the southern border for at least 100 years now, since World War I. Illegal aliens from China were crossing the border and Congress formed the US Border Patrol in 1924 over concerns that the illegal’s were taking jobs meant for Americans. Portions of fencing have sprung up from time to time, but the current sparse system of barriers was not constructed until 1994. There is still no contiguous wall on the southern border, despite a century of the people asking for it.
To insist that walls for the protection of nations and people is not biblical, as the Pope and others have asserted, is to ignore the whole of Scripture. The Pope stated that we should be building bridges instead of walls, and we should not be meeting evil with evil. The only biblically truthful part of that statement was his inadvertent admission that illegal immigration is evil. The word “bridge” never appears in the Bible, but a term that we do see there frequently is “wall.
All you have to notice is most people who want protection from predators have walls or fences. Too funny that the Pope seemed unaware of the wall around his castle in Italy.


Hitting the bong early Dougy? I guess that's what you do when you have no illegal labor to shovel three inches of snow.


I see the resident Communists have no desire to defend their anti American position. Nice color of Yellow running up those limp spines.

Don Bessee

Comrade bernies socialist paradise is going up in flames and is starving the nation yet they wont take any aide for the people unless they can siphon off the aid to their dwindling supporters -



Todd Swallows

When people start invoking God when defending the president, I do start to get scared. Then I laugh.

George Rebane

The comfort of the lefties. They declared it all by their responses to the many republican propositions that Trump saluted and presented in his SOTU. They are all anti-American when we stack them up against the America that the overwhelming share of Americans believe in and the vision of America that draws the hundreds of thousands for other nations. Were either of these cohorts aware of what the American Left has in store for the country, none would seek to make their way here.


Now swallow chokes at the mere mention of GOD? The same one that this nation was built on the principals of same?
The nation that says you have a right "not to believe", Try "not believing " in the Muslim nations. You know,, those that really dislike your point of view.(in more ways than one,,, gulper..)

One thing is certain. Swallows give a whole new meaning to "Comrade".

Todd Juvinall

When the left started criticizing "America, love it or leave it" back many years ago I could see they were not Patriots. Now they attack the Founders and attack all that is good. Never admitting the country is good and the people of the world are better off because of America. I suggest we take that 5.4 billion and buy tickets to the country of their choice. I am not interested in changing this wonderful country. So perhaps we can get legislation to get those people that want a "better" place a ticket home.

Todd Swallows

America is aptly named the world's melting pot of ideas and ideals. When one cohort (regardless of bias) claims that America belongs to their ideas and their ideas alone, I find that distinctly un American.

"You are either with us or you are against us" is one of the most frightening things I've ever heard a president say. Black and white. Straight out of Mein Kampf and fundamentalist Islam. No shades of gray. The history of America is painted in shades of gray. Our Constitution was written in shades of gray - if it weren't we wouldn't need a Supreme Court to interpret the damn thing. I hope the future follows that soft and nebulous path bumpered by rebels, ideas and ideals of ALL sides (not simply BOTH sides).

Despite what you portend George, the left is not anti-America. Their ingredient into the mix of ideals is so distinctly American it makes us what we are as a country. Your concept of "one mind, one country' is not what makes us America.


Nice Marxist line of shit there.
America was built on a set of values. Those values are was has made it the greatest nation on this third rock from the sun.
Everyone wants to come HERE. Not Canada, Not Mexico.
Yet here you are cheering to change it. OH NAME the many reasons.
Somehow you feel equal opportunity must also include equal outcome.
Socialism has gone to shit everywhere it's applied.

Can't make it in the real world on your own? Need BIG MAMMA Government to wipe your ass? Pissed that others do better than you? Just tell why you feel your owed something.

Since you don't care who comes over our border, lets send a few people we don't know over to your place. Nope, you can't kick'm out either.(you insensitive bastard)
Lets see how fast you start bitching. (Or build a damned good fence real fast)


Mutterings from da Mob.



Hear Chuck Schumer? "OH NOOooo.. We don't really call it Socialism.
Just think of it as a "softer kind" of socialism."

The Son of a bitch just admitted it.

Don Bessee

Looks like the socialist paradise is getting its talking points from comrade Bernie. So comrade foreign minister how many Venezuelans even get a pay check much less food or medicine?




Where did our comrades in socialism slither off to?
More wonderful news about your brand of lifestyle.
When your dictator refuses to leave, cut off food and goods.
But he and the ruling class will be eating good.

I know I know.... It "just can't happen here". Your elites know how to do it much better.

Don Bessee


SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Oil prices fell on Thursday after U.S. crude inventories rose and as production levels in the country held at record levels, but OPEC-led supply cuts and Washington's sanctions against Venezuela supported markets.



Bill Tozer

On a different current event currently unfolding.....the Virginia Gov, Lt Gov, and State AG conundrum.

This saga makes my eyes roll, from start to present. There are some points, however, that need to be raised.

1) How far back does one go to levy punishment for past transgressions in the present? 18 year olds involved in a knowingly racist prank? Back to 1981? If the Governor has to go, then the AG has to go since they both committed the same offense in the same time period.

2) what are the standards, the rules that we play by. Is there one set of rules for R’s and another set for D’s? Are there uniform rules? What in 2019 are the set of rules we play by?

3). Now we turn our attention to the Lt. Governor. As of today, it’s he said, she said. Both state a sexual encounter happened. We have both agreeing on a spefic place, time, and event (DNC Convention in Boston). Only one said the encounter was consensual. Is this going to be another Keith Ellison moment where one lets it slide, or is this going to be another Kavanaugh moment where the drumbeat is,”You must believe her”? It is important to note in the Kavanaugh accusations, no one could put the two in the same place at the same time nor collaborate the assualt ever took place then or now. What are the rules? Are there rules? Standards?

Of course I am talking about the court of public opinion here...which means social media in current practice. If someone taunts another then beats them to death, there is a debt to society that must be paid via the legal system. I am referring only to the ‘values’ of a place and process of forgiveness, rehabilitation, balancing the books, fairness, and mercy. Yes mercy. Where does forgiveness, context, and too much water under the bridge fit into today’s SJW’s demanding their pound of flesh???

To play my broken record, the head of the LA chapter of NOW was told by the National executive office of NOW in DC to shut down the silent candlelight vigils in LA for victims of domestic violence after the Nichole Simpson 911 tapes emerged. Shut it down, they were dissing “a brother.” It was silent candlelight vigils on cold nights for Pete’s sake! Thus, the pecking order. Race trumps sex, confirmed by the social media handling of the Keith Ellison election and pre-election accusations. Innocent until proven guilty...if you are of the preferred race, gender, and MOST importantly, the preferred political ideology.

Actually, I believe conservatism is a philosophy and liberalism is an ideology, but I will let that ride for now. The preferred ideology trumps innocent until proven guilty on social media in 2019.

Politically, if the Virgina Governor has to go, then the AG has to go. What about the Lt. Gov? Do you believe her? If all three go, that would mean a Republican Governor in a battleground state with 2020 knocking at the door. The Dems would never ever allow that to happen. So, who will be the sacrificial lamb the Dems toss on the alter to save the Blue State?? Oh, what to do, what to do in the era of Identity Politics?
Now mercy. One of those stories one hears that sticks with ya the rest of your life: Goes like this...(and I have posted this before).

A mother of an deserter pleaded her case to spare her son’s life before Napoleon. Napoleon assured the pleading mother that her son (the deserter who had been caught) would receive a full fair hearing under the law. The woman cried out, “I am not seeking justice, I am seeking mercy!” Napoleon answered, “If it is mercy you seek, mercy you will receive.”

Where does context, forgiveness, rehabilitation and, yes, mercy, fit into the today’s social media mobs screaming for severed heads to be served to them on a platter...or on a stake?


Yes, I still roll my eyes at the whole current “CRISIS” in Virginia, but that’s just me.


The only thing missing was Sideshow Bob.

AGW... Did the Commies happen to look out the window?

George Rebane

ToddS 652pm - "Your concept of 'one mind, one country' is not what makes us America." Are you putting your words into other people's mouths again?

But if you want to continue in this conversation, you and yours do have the burden of defining what it is that makes a country 'this country' and not 'that country'.


here we go! It's OK when she did it. Anyone else,, fry'm...

Don Bessee

So now the masters of the universe say you can not tell the truth about fauxahauntas even when its fresh news that puts the lie to her financially self serving game. Harassment of a public political figure ramping up a national campaign? Sounds like Instagram will be censoring the whole VA dem debacle too.



Todd Swallow

Are you putting your words into other people's mouths again?

Your own words, George. "They are all anti-American when we stack them up against the America that the overwhelming share of Americans believe in and the vision of America that draws the hundreds of thousands for other nations."

Anti-Americans? Pretty hostile words to anyone who doesn't lock step in your shadow.


Thanks for the warning. If the shit ever hits the fan swollower is to be out in front. It's the kind that can't be trusted to watch your back.
What "shit" you ask? Let your imagination run wild. From Canada invading to space aliens.
You would sell out anyone as long as your eaten last.

Bill Tozer

“Anti-Americans? Pretty hostile words to anyone who doesn't lock step in your shadow.”

Found this in RR archives looking for jon smith’s very last post on these boards. Something about HH being a self lamenting finger pointing lesbian or something.... about the time Linda C was going through a rather non-amicable breakup. The exact phrase jon smith used escapes me. I wish I could find it. IAnyway, the word ‘puffery’ used with ‘finger waving’ sounded eerily reminiscent of jon smith’s last post.. Go figure.

From 2/2016, rings true today.

As Noam Chomsky put it: “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” Freedom of expression and the like does not mean we have to agree with what another person says…in fact, it means that when we do not, we certainly have the right to challenge it. But what myself and many others are seeing is the shutting off of dialogue entirely, for the purpose of “safety”. What could possibly be safe about censorship? What could possibly be safe about a group of people who claim to be freedom fighters dictating who can speak and what can be said, based on whether or not we agree with them? Study any kind of world history and you will find that censorship has never been on the right side of it.


Bill Tozer

T Swallower.

Take the Rebane 8:31 pm challenge. You can do it. I have faith in your, little buddy. Put it out there.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 9:31 pm

I saved the post, lol. Pocahontas apoligized again today! The Texas Bar certification card is no biggie in and of itself......except it was in her own hand writing at her own volition and shows a long pattern of claiming to be a American Indian. She cannot blame a staffer or some college aid writing her profile on a website. She choose those words without any prompting or editing or outside influence.

I don’t see how she will be able to shake the Fauxahontas shoe polish on her face. Every canidate for the highest office has to introduce themselves to the voters they wish to court and spin a nice story of where they came from, their upbringing, family, what their parents did and were like. Everytime her past will be bought up, Pocahontas will come out of the closet again and again. It is kinda overshadowing and that’s where all the questions will go. If her grandparents had to elope because one was a half-bred to avoid the social stigma, then her timeline is about 4-7 generations off. Do like her cooking on the skillet in the old family Oklahoma kitchen.

Her apology tour will continue and this being American politics, it may not sink her and she could become the next President. Stranger things have happened. But, then again, once you have been labeled by Trump, the moniker seems to stick. I still can’t even look at Don Lemon’s mug online without thinking Dumb Don Lemon. It’s true, He is dumb. Lol.

Bill Tozer

“Politicians should not tell women what to do with their bodies," she [Kamala Harris] wrote, eloquently emphasizing each word with little clapping hand emojis. It was the most transphobic statement ever tweeted. I, for one, was devastated......

Harris knows as well as anyone that gender is a social construct. Issues of reproductive health are not exclusive to women. Why would she assume that Trump was telling only women what to do with their bodies? Men can get pregnant, too. Men can have uteruses. Man can have ovaries. Men can give birth. Just as a woman might have a penis and no ovaries. Any anatomical combination is possible with any of the 346 genders. Kamala Harris knows this. All modern leftists know this. Yet, in an act of unspeakable bigotry, revealing her own ingrained prejudices, she associated pregnancy only with women. Harris single-handedly transported us back to the dark ages.

In fact, the entire night was one huge display of transphobia and cis-het chauvinism on the part of biologically female Democrats. They even dressed in an exclusionary manner, donning white pantsuits in celebration of women's suffrage or something. Notice how only biological females were invited to participate in this demonstration or protest or whatever it was.






This is my country. There are not many like it, and this one is mine. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my country is useless. Without my country, I am useless.

My country is human, even as I am human, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will keep my country clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other.

Before God I swear this creed. We are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy.

Bill Tozer

Interesting quick read....nothing we have not discussed in depth here. Social Justice

And this gets to the heart of why social justice is nonsense. Social justice is a kind of magical incantation that renders inconvenient impediments to its champions’ agenda illegitimate. Free speech is good unless it hurts certain groups. Property rights are fine except when social justice dictates that someone else needs your stuff more. The right to confront your accuser is negated by the need to “believe all women.”

Even facts are irrelevant in the face of social justice. As the United Nations put it a decade ago: “Present-day believers in an absolute truth identified with virtue and justice are neither willing nor desirable companions for the defenders of social justice.”

In other words, if you believe that the rule of law and simple truth should determine who’s right, you’re the enemy of social justice. I, for one, find those terms acceptable.


George Rebane

ToddS 934pm – Hard for anyone to follow your ripostes when you don’t reference them to a thread – young children do that, thinking that others can see into their minds.

How does your quoting my statement relate to your assertion of the “concept of ‘one mind, one country’” being the basis of America – which I have never said or even argued, yet you attribute it to me? Sounds like your position is so weak that for you to debate, you must contribute both sides of the exchange in order to make progress. (These pages contain about twelve years of that kind of exchanges with progressives.)


Nice try MMMoron Take the "rifleman's" creed and change the words to fit your needs. That's what Commie bastards do.
"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will... My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit... My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will... Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but peace! "

Your not even worthy to be called "American".

Todd Swallows

GR 8:31

You'll have to be more specific. I'm not going to write you a dissertation. Which country is THAT country? Ethiopia, Sweden, Cuba, Myanmar, or Todd's favorite all white country, Jamaica?

I imagine if this board was up in the early seventies, all the left wingers protesting the war in SE Asia would have been labeled Anti-Americans (who even let them vote?). Is David Dukes an American while AOC is not?

Bill. Tozer

The United States of Everyone

“In less melodramatic terms, we are watching a rare revolutionary phase in American politics as leftists have devoured Democrats. Progressives ate liberals. And progressives are now being devoured by socialists, and soon no doubt socialists will be eaten by hard leftists, Communists, anarchists, and nihilists. In such revolutionary logic, perhaps only Antifa will emerge as pure.

The result is that the 2020 election will offer the starkest choices in the past 50 years, far eclipsing the radical contrasts of 1972. The current parade of would-be Democratic presidential hopefuls is already apologizing for their past sins of Democratic centrism, in fear of being politically guillotined.

By the time November 2020 arrives, the Clintons will be seen as reactionaries and the Obamas as old fogeys.


Todd Juvinall

When all those riots were happening about the Vietnam War we watched them on all three channels available here at the time. I and my friends at NU felt they were not right and that American leaders had it right. Of course, later we saw that the democrat LBJ lied us into an escalation. But we did resist calling our own country names of derision. I suggest our country is made up of many ideologies and people with their own motivations. It seems we have weathered the KKK, the democrats brownshirts as well as the socialists and communists. That tells me we have something to protect.


T. Swallows: "I imagine if this board was up in the early seventies, all the left wingers protesting the war in SE Asia would have been labeled Anti-Americans"

Nah. I'd just be asking everyone what the benefit was to fighting a war there. The benefits weren't clear, but it all happened piecemeal.

The bestest thing about modern days is that the left wingers actually became the establishment, perhaps it's just aging and demographics. Was there much to be gained by getting involved in a Vietnamese civil war? Probably not. Blowing up the Libyan government? Probably not . Sticking troops in Syria? Probably not. Nation building in Iraq? Probably not.

It's a nice thing about Trump. There's some chance of breaking loose from the ClintonBushObama wheel. I doubt that the Pussy Hats and the War Party will go down that easily though. Maybe they just like to see mayhem on TV.


Is the gulper an Emery? Won't answer nothing, makes crap up as it goes. When call on it's BS, changes the subject.

Todd Swallows

GR 6:01-
The comfort of the lefties. . . They are all anti-American when we stack them up against the America that the overwhelming share of Americans believe in and the vision of America that draws the hundreds of thousands for other nations.

I would define yours as a clear statement of "one country, one mind". Americans -vs- The Lefties. Would you not?


Ahh. Vietnam. The Dems. war. The war Dems LOST by fighting by DEM rules.
It was such a GREAT idea to warn the enemy where we would attack next. Fight to take a piece of ground, just to give it back.(over and over again)

George Rebane

ToddS 850am - I'm sorry I didn't say it well enough for you to understand. One more time - can you share your thoughts about the attributes which differentiate one country from another country. Now these would be attributes the specifics (technically 'the values') of which would serve to unite a country's people and agree that 'we are like this and others are not' or 'others are like that'. If generalizing is hard, then to make it easier, you can also think of such attributes very parochially, 'What are the things that make us uniquely American, that are not shared by other peoples?'


Again no specifics from the swallower. Just Socialist nonsense.
Today's "Dem" is all about taking from those who do well to give to those who don't want to do anything.
Today's DEM, You can do anything you like.. Just as long as "we" allow it.
If "we" don't like it, ban it.

It's all for the "greater good"(as we define it)

You can say anything you like, just as long as "we" agree to what you say.

So Gulper, what does your side do when OPM runs out?

Todd Swallows

GR 9:30-
Okay. We are thick headed and arrogant. We don't need no metric system, no matter how much sense it makes.
We have the world's highest medical costs with far from commensurate care in return.
Profits are rewarded over health and welfare. Big pharma comes to mind.
We have vast properties protected in the public trust. Our Park Services are second to none. Public access to navigable waterways is modeled after European law, but we do it much better. Both pro and con the list is endless.

Todd Juvinall

Funny how the lefty loons who want the government to run our lives, every aspect of our lives, think they are not one mass of sameness. We on the right are all about individual value and freedom, You cannot make a rock head understand that apparently. Sheeple all on the left.

Todd Juvinall

I wonder how many moon shots the British did with their metric system? Anyone?


Here ya' go swallower

Who's going to pay for YOUR electric buggy?
How far will that electric big rig get pulling 50,000 lbs of goods... Anywhere?
Kiss air travel BYE BYE.(unless your a RICH COMMIE,, with "special privileges)

Heating in Winter? Just mover to a warmer climate..... Right? (and how will you manage that??)

Your side really don't think things through.


,,,Altered Walt,,,I figured you couldn’t stand to own that variation of ‘’’The Creed’’’ just because I did it - even though it applies to all American citizens.

Keep on divding Altered and maybe you can drum up another civil war,,,

Lots of McCarthy era buzzwords being tossed across the roundtable,,,anti-Americans,,,socialists,,,waiting for the Hitler references...

Todd Juvinall

Hey Walt, will AOC find a way to heat those millions of houses in the winter in the liberal bastions of the Northeast? Darn coal, and natural gas.


Proggyism gets even BETTER

“Upgrade or replace every building in US for state-of-the-art energy efficiency.”
Will end all traditional forms of energy in the next ten years.
Plans to ban nuclear energy within 10 years if possible.

Build trains across oceans and end all air travel!

Don’t invest in new technology of Carbon Capture and Storage, just plant trees instead!

Mandates all new jobs be unionized.

May include a carbon tax.

“We’re not ruling a carbon tax out, but a carbon tax would be a tiny part of a Green New Deal.”

May include cap and trade.

“…Cap and trade may be a tiny part of the larger Green New Deal plan.”

How much will it cost?

No estimate of the total cost of implementing the Green New deal is offered by Ocasio-Cortez.

However, as Ocasio-Cortez admits, “even if every billionaire and company came together and were willing to pour all the resources at their disposal into this investment, the aggregate value of the investments they could make would not be sufficient.”

She does provide one estimate that the cost to “repair and upgrade infrastructure U.S. infrastructure” alone will cost “$4.6 trillion at minimum.”

Hope you can afford it (good bloody luck)


New York already did that Hummmer. It's called legal infanticide.
Your Hitler would be proud.

Bill Tozer

Americans have never been united, except in times of war. We were rubes and rabble since the founding, a founding that saw a minority partake in the Revolutionary War and duels were common to settle differences of opinion and ‘disrespect’. Your mama wears combat boots.

Today, there are two visions for the future. The Lefties (probably most of the RR readers of the Lefty persuasion here in our neck of the woods) see a America that can be improved by more government programs and efforts to alleviate the misery of the downtrodden. Capitalism plus. They probably view moi as a reactionary, decrying the tides of change.
The other vision is one that the American Dream is alive and well and if one man can do it, another can as well. One vision is a vision put forth at the founding, with future generations left to resolve contentious issues. Don’t tread on me, thank you very much.

It is noteworthy that Trump’s SCOTUS spent time with the old WII vets. The subtle message is we enjoy the freedoms and successes today because such liberties and liberations are built on the efforts and backs of our predecessors. Not one female in attendance voted for the 19th Amendment. Fewer of those who stormed the beaches of Normandy are around today. The last Civil War vet is long gone, think we lost the last WWI vet recently.
One side sees where we have been to know where we are now and uses that history as a compass into the future....the other sees a brave new world that began today, thus we are not unified even on the interpretation of “We hold these truths....”. Have we arrived or do we need to “get there”?

There is an old joke that Columbus did not know where he going, did not know where he was when he got there, but at least he got a woman to pay for it all. That’s how I see the well intentioned, but uniformed, Lefties. Strapping devises on cows to capture flatulence comes to mind.


George Rebane

ToddS 1024am - That was it??! I'd like to say I'm surprised, but I'm not. None of you on the Left have EVER stepped forward to answer questions about your credo, definitions, or visions for the future of our country. Many of you apparently don't have the wherewithal to do that, and the remainder are wary of how such revelations would be received by the rest of us. Best do the Socialist Sidestep when such questions arise.

Bill Tozer

Well, Congress is back to work. The House Judiciary Committee is holding their first hearings on preventing gun violence and the fireworks already began.


Odd that Gabrielle Giffords praised a introduced proposal for universal background checks on the anniversary of her taking one in the mellon. Odd because the bill would not have prevented her shooter from obtaining a firearm.


Is anyone surprised……?




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