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25 February 2019


Todd Swallows

What is left to negotiate regarding 'denuclearization'?

At the conclusion of his last visit Trump tweeted "There's no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea."

Is that just another truth?


As for the next civil war, "O"and Co. lit the fuse.
From crapping all over America as a whole, throwing jet fuel on the racial divide fire, picking and choosing just what laws to uphold, giving aid and comfort to our enemies. (Remember how the Muslim Brohood was so great to him? Let ISIS grow and run wild? and a lawyer calling the shot on the battlefield...Literally)

Now the Left has gone off the deep end since Trump got elected.
They are now full blown Commies.
It's just a matter of time before lead flies.

Todd Swallows

Quite a useless poll that concludes “53% of California residents are considering leaving the Golden State because of the high cost of living.”

Probably 60% are considering quitting their jobs if they could. 80% are considering losing weight. 75% are considering saving more money . . . The percentage of people considering anything is a rather useless score.

I would be in that 53% who has weighed the options regarding leaving California. I've been to quite a lot of nice places, but in the final analysis I prefer to live right here. Unlike the majority of people on this site, I love California. I couldn't imagine staying if I deplored the place. That would be pretty darn depressing going through life like that. Probably hide from reality by watching TV reruns and drowning myself in Aqua Velva.


Posted by: Todd Swallows | 25 February 2019 at 11:11 AM

Probably hide from reality by watching TV reruns and drowning myself in Aqua Velva.

I think that this is a good direction for you…….open a few windows though!

George Rebane

re ToddS 1111am - a most interesting and expected dismissal of a significant statistic that goes crosswise of the progressive narrative on the current fortunes of California. Some of us have lived long enough to remember when the number considering leaving the Golden State was minuscule.

AV Man

,,,whiney brainwashed conservatives listening to Prager, Rush, Alex Jones, Ann Coulter et al. on the AM radio are probably those now considering moving out of state.

Do the 53% that are considering leaving represent 53% of the entire adult population of California,,,or are they 53% of the people already considering leaving for whatever reason???

Of those considering leaving Cali how many were born here or moved here as children???

Does this mean that 53% of Mexicans want to move out of California???

Gee,,,I guess we don’t need that big beautiful wall after all,,, maybe just bus tickets???

Todd Swallows

George 11:47-
For all the hand wringing, finger waving, hair igniting, and belly aching, why do you stay in such an apparently god forsaken and hostile environment as the left coast? As far as I know, you only get one life, why live it in a perpetual state of misery?


I know 10 families who have gave Kalif. the finger and went elsewhere. I know of 5 others that are going to hit the road.
Most were born here. One is my neighbor. He just retired from CALTRANS and is headed to Wyoming. Born and raised her. His Dad wad one of my teachers in high school.
Another, I referenced before.He's already driven his water truck cross country to Georgia. Now packing up the house.

NOPE! Plenty are telling Commie CAL. to F^ck off.

Todd Swallows

Walt 1:12-
But you, Walt, would rather wallow in this purgatory you call Commie CAL than move. Why is that? What keeps you here? Afraid of the unknown or is it simply lack of mojo or initiative? I'm sure you could get a dirt moving gig in North Dakota.


Why? Because I can. It fun sticking it to your LIB ass ways. I will be here when you go broke paying all the new taxes.
Cutting and running ain't in my DNA.

The one who needs to move is you and yours. go to where your ideals have already f^cked things up. Like Frisco, or Portlandia. get a good taste of things to come.

(spent plenty building the anti LIB shelter)

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 25 February 2019 at 01:12 PM

I know plenty of people whose families moved from Little Italy, Germantown, and Little Bohemia in Chicago to the suburbs. They moved for economic opportunity.

I also know plenty of people being priced out of California, that is displacement, and is not based on positive economic opportunity.

Displacement in California is largely but not solely driven by housing prices and the only long term solution to that is increasing supply...and to keep the price of that supply down so it is affordable [<80% AMI] or achievable [80%-180% AMI]... it will be necessary to break our antipathy to density.


Frischy hasn't built anything lately.(if ever)
Thank the state for people getting "priced out".

Tell us smart guy, what's the state and local burdens before you move the first shovel of dirt? Then before you gun the first nail.

HELL!!!!! Homeowner self repair and improvements are damned near illegal. Need to replace a board on your deck? Get a permit, get it inspected, approved by a licensed engineer, That permit generates an inspection by the county, they get to come in and tell you all the things you need to fix. Low flow fixtures? smoke and CO detectors? Toilets?
You DO know that,,, right? ( No,,NO you don't....)

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 25 February 2019 at 02:14 PM

I know all that stuff dude...what the hell do you think I do?

Steven Frisch

BTW, the cost in the jurisdiction I live in for a 2500 sq ft SFR worth on average $450,000 with a two car garage and a 600 sq ft deck is $20k.


Yet here you are defending the practice. No skin off your nuts.
You just fill out some gov. forms, and a check shows up.
And a HUGE extra outlay for mandatory solar on new construction.
I'm sure you jizzed yourself when that idea became law. HELL!! Your not footing the bill.

Todd Swallows

Real estate prices in California are through the roof because the demand for California property is through the roof. If this is the shit hole state that George and Walt imply, why are people willing to pay 10 times as much for a house in California than Topaz Estates, Nevada?

Why aren't George and Walt beating feet for the wild west "freedom" of Nevada and staking claim to lake view lots at Topaz or the wide open plains of Lemon Valley?

As always. Crickets.

Don Bessee

Its called wage inflation in the bay area/silicon valley @ 228. 200k a year gets you a shitty condo in a shitty neighborhood in SF.


Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 25 February 2019 at 02:25 PM

You asked, I answered. I love how you always assume no one else knows shit.

I do tons of advocacy to get stuff built Walt. I am not one of those 'no build' enviros.

AV Man

Posted by: Walt | 25 February 2019 at 01:47 PM...But Walt,,,Us Libbies don't pay taxes,,,Remember,,,we all all on welfare!!!


My land is PAID FOR. You? The property next door is for sale, got 600,000 bucks? (it sure ain't worth it)
It's been on the market for two years.
All the people on this dirt road are thinking on changing the name to "2nd Amend. CT." No,, Penn Valley is not a gun free zone.
Gun toting rednecks live around here.
That should keep the undesirables out. (tweekers, dopers, Frisco transplants)


"advocating" doesn't cut the costs a damned bit. I'm sure you send them to "other" gov. programs where tax dollars "ease the burden".
The cycle of OPM continues.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 25 February 2019 at 02:57 PM

Guns...guns...guns...it all comes down to guns.

Todd Juvinall

Housing costs are high as the state never kept up with the demand. Therefore, more demand than supply. And both ends are artificial.


They keep us free Frisch, and I can clean off a Buckeye bush @ 200 yards. Yup, love the hardware.
Guns are like a Cross to vampire like LIBS. Why else would Proggys want them banned? It's easier to control unarmed masses.

Lowlifes really hate the sound of gunfire. It makes them think twice before trying to rob the place.


Speaking of housing,, We have to rebuild thousands of burned homes to put a roof over the head of American citizens.
Yet Proggys want all the illegals they can get across the border.
Where you going to put them?

Bill Tozer

Goop Gobbler sez

“Why aren't George and Walt beating feet for the wild west "freedom" of Nevada and staking claim to lake view lots at Topaz or the wide open plains of Lemon Valley?”

Why move? State of Jefferson is a fine place to live. Sure, it has its drawbacks, like all places do. The biggest problem with this neck of the woods is it’s Hillary Country. Besides that, it’s not bad. It will be better once we split off from Kalifornication. Can’t think of one place the Leftinistas have run for decades that did not turn into a shithole. Besides, the good places out there are all pissed at Kalifornians for moving there and messing up a good thang...as they always do. Unfortunately, California’s reputation precedes us. Welcome to Oregon, enjoy your visit. Welcome to (insert name here), enjoy your VISIT.

We need a Wall to keep those Kalifornians out of here. Hope they move to Portlandia or Seattle.



“Why aren't George and Walt beating feet for the wild west "freedom" of Nevada and staking claim to lake view lots at Topaz or the wide open plains of Lemon Valley?”

Soon enough………..!


I live in Lincoln Hills a retirement community, where people buy to spend their days in security and comfort, many expecting to live here until the end of life or move into one of the new senior care facilities built in Lincoln and Rocklin. The last move! Well, that was the plan, but a growing number of the resident are pulling up stakes and moving once more. I have a friend that lives on a large court, and three neighbors have left, another has a moving date and the last one the house just went on the market.

After a discussion of why these neighbors were leaving California, one to be near family, the other four to escape CA taxes. I called our realtor and asked if there was a trend enveloping and the answer was yes, more houses going on the market than in past years. According to my realtor, most were moving to lower cost communities in states with lower taxes, some into senior care facilities, especially when one partner has passed on. According to another friend in the Republican Club, the membership is declining, as members move away.

We are here until the grandkids graduate from College and then we will follow our children who are scouting places to retire in Oregon, or we will join those who left for Seattle years ago.

George Rebane

Why stay in California? This is my home, I've been here since I was 17, got my education, made my professional bones, started and ran companies, started and raised my family, ... . The Rebanes arrived here when it truly was the Golden State that drew families from all over the country to work in its shops, factories, offices, and farms. I made my 'go to hell' money and am among the fewer and fewer fortunates who can still afford this monument to mounting socialism. But my heart bleeds for so many of our friends and the thousands who no longer can stomach what this state is doing to them and theirs.

Scott O

"Unlike the majority of people on this site, I love California. I couldn't imagine staying if I deplored the place."
I still love CA, even though we left. Our reasons for leaving had absolutely nothing to do with anything any conservative or right winger wrote or said. If we had stayed, our quality of living would be far below what it is now. And staying would have meant supporting an increasingly out of control and criminal govt. Most stay because they have a house that's paid for and almost always - their family is still in CA.
from Frisch - "it will be necessary to break our antipathy to density."
Ah yes - the ever-present lure of the govt housing projects. So lovely.


We did a small job down behind Kmart. There was a moving van in one of the driveways. They had been here all their lives too.
I asked where they where headed.. "Where I can live better, for half as much."

Plenty of "makers" telling the "takers" to fend for themselves.

That's the way it is Proggys, your meal tickets are leaving.

Swill that down "AV" Dougy....

Todd Swallows

Todd 3:22

"Housing costs are high as the state never kept up with the demand."

The state? Government housing? You have to be kidding me. Time to get back on the wagon my kept man.

Todd Juvinall

Todd Swallows | 25 February 2019 at 05:52 PM

Run out of jail inmates again?

Yes the state. Are you deaf and blind? Your Governor was in town and his top priotiry is to get housing going so go argue with him. And the State requires thousands of laws and regulations as well as zoning and CEQA which have discouraged the construction of housing. I am surprised at your ignorance. Jail time love is not working for you.,


OK Swallows, give us your credentials so we can examine your knowledge of housing and prices in the state. Do you have any real idea? How long does it require,(yes, require) to be able to rebuild a home after it burns down?
Now you have insurance companies screwing their clients.
Good luck getting the true value of your policy that states "replacement value". Be sure to read the fine print about just what is exempt from stated replacement value.
You haven't even lubed up for the local screwing.(maybe some of those things not covered under replacement value)
Got a friend as an engineer? How long will the county and/or city sit on things before they give their blessing?
Oh... That environmental impact report you need to write. And wait for approval.
I could go on and on before you pound the first nail.

Then you have housing developers being told what to build. "X" number of low income housing.(usually at a loss)
So they don't build. They go elsewhere.

So again.. Give us your superior knowledge of the issue.


Another dose of evidence. We sold a large track of land to someone who was going to build housing on it. There could have been 10 or so homes built, and more taxes to the coffers.
Well guess what? The County and the local ECO Nazis put an end to that and fast. Endangered this, protected that. "OH NO!! you can't put the road there,, there is a vernal pool there."(a depression where a tree stump used to be)
Then stated that only 4 homes could be built, and had to be clustered..On 100 acres......
The nightmare didn't end there... It still hasn't. They can't even sell it.

Todd Juvinall

I tried to build some affordable homes in the mid 90's and it was in the county. Had sewer and all the urban services. 23 homes. And guess who defeated me? Peter Van Zant and Paul Emery. They did their best to tie Fran Grattan to me to defeat her. She won over their candidate but twenty-three families never got a nice little house. Limousine liberals I call those pricks.

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 7:47 pm

You are not suggesting that the ones who blocked Affordable Housing in the county are the same ones who boast about feeding the homeless and supporting Utah’s Place?

Scott O

"Guns...guns...guns...it all comes down to guns."
Mr Frisch is slow, but it looks like he might be getting the idea.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - those of the Left cannot conceive that government does anything other than bestow the blessings of a contented life on its citizens (and those who want to become citizens).

Bill Tozer

If he makes it to the Golden State, he will be good to go. CA is not a Santuary State, it’s a Refuge State...or Fugitive State if you prefer.



MOVING OUT HAS QUADRUPLED: "For the second year in a row more people left Silicon Valley than moved in, with a net average of 165 residents leaving the Valley each month in 2017. That's an increase from the average of 42 per month in 2016." High housing costs remain a troubling issue."
Source: POLITICO CA Playbook

Scott O

I'm sure a few million more illegals a year pouring into the Golden State will cure the housing issue.

Todd Juvinall

Ye BillT, they are the same ones.

Bill Tozer

The most important topic on this Scattershots is by far and away the first one introduced, America’s Second Civil War. There is not one line in the Townhall link I can dispute.

“Without any important value held in common, how can there be unity between left and non-left? Obviously, there cannot.”


AV Man

,,,yo Russell,,,you did not say where the bay area techies moved too...

Bill Tozet

I am sorry, but this really gets me. Put it under the 2nd civil war

“Senate Democrats just voted against legislation to prevent the killing of newborn infant children,” the president tweeted Monday night. “The Democrat position on abortion is now so extreme that they don’t mind executing babies AFTER birth. This will be remembered as one of the most shocking votes in the history of Congress. If there is one thing we should all agree on, it’s protecting the lives of innocent babies.”


This is what gets me. We are not talking 13 weeks, 26 weeks, rape, incest, health of the mother here. What we are talking about is a baby who survived an abortion. A live birth. The baby is put on the steel tray and just left there? With nurses and doctors around and no one lifts a finger to give medical aid?

The left says the baby will die in an hour or a few hours anyway. How do they know that?? They cannot say that for sure without checking the alive baby out. To not even wrap it up and drop it,off at the local fire station or police department steps? No effort to protect a born alive baby? Just let it lie there while discussing how to kill it? It was born alive. Born alive.

That really takes ice water in one’s veins. Ice water. And all but 3 Senate Dems voted against the resolution/bill. All but 3.

If there was ever proof that there is no longer any semblance of moderates in the Democrat Party, this is it. They are a far left extreme party. There is no centeralists, no more. Man, it takes a soulless person to look at a little baby (not a fetus, not a blob of cells) and do nothing. Not even raise one finger to help the helpless...

Ice water flowing through soulless evil people. Hitler stuff. The New Left.

Bill Tozer

California: High taxes, 1%’ers, water shortages, crumbling roads, great climate, Movie Stars with cement ponds, West Coast culture, homelessness, the top two ports in the nation (facing the thriving Asian markets), poor schools, Silicon Valley, top universities, half of the births funded by Med-Cal, generous welfare benefits, gorgeous mountains and over a 1,000 miles of beautiful coastlines, unsafe streets, the nation’s breadbasket, spiraling out of control spending, technological leader, unfounded growing pension costs......

“In sum, California has no margin for error,”


Bill Tozer

CA: Now, this is an inexpensive idea from the Union. Not bad.

MISS (from Tracy): Instead of drilling a ridiculous 30-mile tunnel under the Sacramento Delta to deliver water to Southern California, how about issuing a "buyer beware" notification: "LA has a water shortage that's probably not going to improve. Know that before you decide to move there."

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