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28 February 2019


Bill Tozer

The trip to Hanoi with the Fat Ugly Kid was a moment of unparalleled success. It was the first time in memory a US President did not give them anything, nada, zilch. No easing of one sanction. No being played for a sucker.

We have inherited a mess. Trump has increased the sanctions, put our fleet off their waters, and told them we are not messing around. Put up or shut up.

We need to give NK some time to prep for the next meeting. We do not even how how their decision process works. Like all despots, there is a circle around him that needs to get on board and on the same page. And some might be crazy. We don’t even know for sure who the calls the shots. NK has 1,200 IP address for the entire nation, less than LWW. Our intel is almost non-existent when knowing what is really happening within their decision making processes. Good intel, that is.
We do know NK sits on top of a big pile of misery, malnutrition, starvation, hopelessness, enslavement, and imprisonments with a standing army of one million..on alert. The Fat Kid may be the face of the Kingdom, but he may or may not be in charge. All we know is that NK is big concentration camp above and one big time graveyard beneath.

NK can now hit Seattle or Portland with nukes, which puts more seriousness and urgency from our POV. No more dicking like previous Administrations saying we are not sure if they have nukes, we are not sure about this, not sure about that. No more dicking around saying we can’t keep the sanctions up cause their people would be eating grass. NK does not care if their people eat grass! That is who they are.

What I can’t figure out is why Kim’s regime would ever want to give up their nukes. Why would they ever want reunification with the South? Or even why they would want to join the community of nations in good standing. That would bring openness, and openness is antithetical to the Hermit Kingdom, to the inner circle’s survival, literally. Perhaps money. All despots could use some more money and never turn it down. The biggest threats to despots and mobsters for more than a century has not been from eternal threats, but the guys standing behind him. Et tu, Brute?

Perhaps “visions of a prosperous Vietnam in his head, the UFK will be ready for some real give and take – I predict that he will seek the next meeting” after much preparation hashing it out back at home and getting the closed circle on the same page. Much prep work. Trump has been hitting the “visions of a prosperous Vietnam” hard. The carrot. Perhaps NK can continue to rule with the iron fist and make some money and gain some legitimacy in the world’s eyes. Trump gave Kim a new set of glasses.

Whatever comes down the pike, it will be incremental. All of it will be incremental. Heck, we and SK are still at war with them since 1951 in their mindset. And the looney left could not contain their glee that no deal was signed, expecting a one and done or something. They are idiots. Total stupid idiots and rooting against America, not Trump.
MSMBC and CNN gave 428 minutes to Cohen and 12 minutes to Hanoi. And the looney left idiots here boasted of the TV saturation coverage Cohen got as some kind of proof that they were raining on Trump’s parade and stealing the limelight. All the while the Fat Ugly Kid or some crazies surrounding him can hit Portland and Seattle. Priorities.

Trump’s actions in Vietnam was not clever, they were a stroke of foreign policy genius....considering that Trump is dumb as a box of rocks and our best and brightest experts and National Security analysts never did what Trump did in 60 years. And Putin will play Trump like a fiddle and Trump has no experience, and Trump does not know what he is doing.p, and......


It was a huge defeat to Trump....right. I could not be happier with No Deal... for all of us,


,,,millenials the dumbest??? You forgot Trump!!!


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