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04 February 2019


Paul Emery


For purposes of discussion about the possible reasons for impeaching Trump did you support the impeachment of Clinton?

George Rebane

PaulE 119pm - I did, but for reasons other than his cited sins. There, with crossed fingers behind my back, I accepted the French approach to love and marriage which has been practiced by at least half of our presidents.

Paul Emery


Here is a summary of the two two articles of impeachment . Would you support Impeachment of Trump or any President if there was evidence similar to that which was provided to impeach Clinton?

1-The president provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury regarding the Paula Jones case and his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

2- The president obstructed justice in an effort to delay, impede, cover up and conceal the existence of evidence related to the Jones case.

Bill Tozer

Re: Crabb inadvertently steps in it.

Did he really thing he could escape the sharp teeth of the snarling Blue Mob Wolfpack? Did he think he could go through life lobbing rubbber balls at both sides and be an equal opportunity offender and stay above the fray? Did he not foresee that he cannot not be neutral and must take their side and forsake all others ....or else?

First, our betters are always always always offended...about everything. The first thing that goes through their minds before they even get out of bed in the morning is, “What can we be offended by today? Who can we make the into the victim today?”

Second, Crabbman MUST acknowledge his Cisgender Privilege and make reparations for his opppression and repression.

Let’s hear from our resident expert on the subject.

I’m a cisgendered woman,” she declared. “I will never know the trauma of feeling like I’m not born in the right body. And that is a privilege that I have, no matter how poor my family was when I was born. But it’s really hard for some people to admit that they — you know, it’s part of this weird American Dream mythology that we have, that for a lot of — in a lot of circumstances isn’t as true or isn’t as clearly communicated as we’d like for it, or we wish it was.”


Paul, I feel your pain... you so want to have Trump removed from office, but you have no idea what impeachable offence he could be found guilty of.

Just click your heels together three times saying, It's Mueller time, Mueller will tell us, oh, please god, have Mueller tell us. If your heart is pure, you will be rewarded.

George Rebane

PaulE 238pm - I think I'll just stick with my already informative 149pm response, instead of starting to pore through Clinton's impeachment documents.


George 432pm

That's hardly fair to Paul, is it? He has a list of hypothetical statements about the Clinton for you to agree to, and then even more tenuous hypotheticals about Trump that he's absolutely sure of. What about that? What about THAT!

Scott O

I feel sorry for Bob, but apologizing and claiming the old "some of my best friends..." won't cut it with the Left Wing Social Justice Purity Society. Stick with the reason you penned the cartoon and tell anyone if they are offended they'll just have to deal with it.
Bob of course tries to blame this on today's climate in general, but he needs to acknowledge this is all on the left. They are the humorless sourpusses that go after anyone trying to point out the foibles of modern society. Mort Sahl, Dick Gregory and Lenny Bruce would have an awfully hard time these days trying to find an available venue.
Maybe some one can explain to me why the California govt allows people be officially a non-binary sex and at the same time demand certain public corps have to have a certain amount of binary sex board members.
That - in itself - is a laughable situation.

rl crabb

This wasn't from anything I drew. It was a photo I shared from someone else on Inyourfacebook. It was a cop trying to identify a person of interest who claimed to be a gender-fluid male who identified as a female mountain panda. Being in the comics business it wasn't anything new to me. There is a sub-culture of anthropomorphic fans known as "furries" who dress and act like cartoon animals. (Lisa Ling did an episode on them on her CNN show recently.) I think it's a throwback to our druid days in the old country. Everything old is new again, eh?

Scott O

"...who claimed to be a gender-fluid male..."
So - gender fluid female mountain pandas can identify as a male?
And you apologised?
I would tell them that seeing as how you are actually a pen and ink drawing courageously living life as a functioning humanoid their 'attacks' are not validating your life-style choice and therefore you'll be reporting them to the toon police.
So there!
C'mon Bob - don't let the bastards grind you down like a #2 Eagle in an electric sharpener.

Todd Juvinall

I defended him the the babes letter but withdrew after he apologized just like all the democrat prez candidate are doing. Gutless.

Don Bessee

So how will the snowflake sjw's deal with grandpa joe when this goes viral? The dem leadership in VA is looking like a clown car crash.


Paul Emery

I think George can speak for himself Gregory.


The productivity vs. wages dichotomy is not going to improve any time soon as more AI enters the corporate work environment. Efficiency will increase, but wages will remain static, or decline as intelligent machines replace blue and white collar workers.

AI will drive a vast range of efficiency optimizations but also enable hidden discrimination and arbitrary penalization of individuals in areas like insurance, job seeking and performance assessment.
— Andrew McLaughlin, executive director of the Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale University

We will need new hybrid-skilled knowledge workers who can operate in jobs that have never needed to exist before. We’ll need farmers who know how to work with big data sets. Oncologists trained as robotocists. Biologists trained as electrical engineers. We won’t need to prepare our workforce just once, with a few changes to the curriculum. As AI matures, we will need a responsive workforce, capable of adapting to new processes, systems and tools every few years. The need for these fields will arise faster than our labor departments, schools and universities are acknowledging…We need to address a difficult truth that few are willing to utter aloud: AI will eventually cause a large number of people to be permanently out of work.
— Amy Webb, founder of the Future Today Institute and professor of strategic foresight at New York University

AI has the potential to play an important role in boosting productivity and living standards.
— Robert D. Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Not sure how living standards get boosted when machines are taking all the jobs.

Bill Tozer

Well, it looks like Crabbman is playing it safe with his lastest submission: Werewolves of Gaston. But, he stepped in it again. I see he identifed the sex of the our furry friend as “she”. Did OR-54 say she is a she? Did he ask her or just assume? Did he think he was being cute or clever?

Crabbman did say “There’s a full moon every night in Nevada City.”

Take it away Earl.

I saw him with the Queen last night....werewolves of the Blue Mob

Bill Tozer



I'm on Crabby's side on this one.
Panda you say? That old CSI Vegas did a show with the "fur folk"
And one was a panda. (Hey.. whatever gets your rocks off....)

But I see your not taking this with your pencil down.... GREAT!
Stick it to OR-54
We got your back.

Bill Tozer

Darn, posted wrong video. Normally, I would let it ride, but for Crabbman, I will try it again. He has only felt the first nips of the wringer. Give it time, more bites to come. Bigger bites. Chop, chop.

R.L. did say “there is a full moon every night in Nevada City.” To the full moon and the we’re wolfs of Panda.

Bill Tozer

Re: Crabbie Paddy and his clown shoes. He ready steppped in it this time. Maybe R.L. will apoligize for him.

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