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09 February 2019



,,,George,,,have you looked into becoming an e-resident of Estonia???


Todd Swallows

If you are going to be so OCD about capturing every BTU from a piece of wood, why not get a proper stove such as a Vermont Castings instead of a wildly inefficient open hearth fireplace? If you want to see flames, they come with glass doors that you can even open per chance you want to roast a weenie.

Scott O

TS misses the point again. George wasn't trying to instruct on getting the most bang for the buck from a hunk of wood. He was instructing on the proper way to get the most usable heat from an open fireplace. I had a VC wood stove for decades. They're great, but I missed an open fireplace for viewing pleasure. The small glass window on the stove was like a 12" CRT compared to the open fireplace's 50" hi-def big screen.
And the little glass window would soot up so fast it became pointless to keep trying to keep it clean.

Todd Swallows

Sooty panes. First step is to polish the soot from the viewing panes with a piece of newspaper (black ink only and no Windex). Takes about 10 seconds max if you do it regularly. Then use the dirty newspaper to start the fire. As Trump would say, "bim bam".

Bill Tozer

A fireplace makes a house a home. Since I am devoid of such soothing delights as a real fireplace or wood burner, I am known for helping people gather good firewood for fun aand for free. It’s my pleasure, my amber glow by osmosis, by Walter Middy world.

Have to agree with the good doc. Whether I am burning outside or stoking the fireplace in my mind’s eye, the goal is those good red coals of hardwood. The rest is just starter to get it to the point of those hardwood coals that burn nice and slow with radiant heat.

They say that black oak burns 30% slower (and hotter) than pine and live oak burns 30% slower and hotter than black oak...or some such a thing. Some say BTUs are BTUs and it’s all the same, but I choose to disagree. Once those nice hardwood coals are going with the small dancing flames of red and occasional blue and a touch of green, then all one has to do is lay another log on. A good 6-7 inch diameter round piece of a live oak branch is known as an “all nighter.” Low and slow, red not yellow.
Alas, to take the chill off me weary bones by the hearth as the good doc described......just the thought of it warms the cockles of me weary heart. Ah, home. And they say one can’t go home again. Sure you can. Just close your eyes and you can go anywhere....

Steven Frisch

So I am a big fan of George Kennan, consider his strategy of containment one of the most brilliant strategic moves of the 20th century, and credit it with creating the post war world order.

George, how you can not see that this Trump administration is essentially tearing the entire post war order down, destroying American standing in the world, ceding all of eastern Europe including eventually your native Estonia to Russian authoritarian hegemony, and fating millions of people to Russian aggression is absolutely beyond belief.

“In summary, we have a political force committed fanatically to the belief that with [the] US there can be no permanent modus vivendi, that it is desirable and necessary that the internal harmony of the society be disrupted, our traditional way of life destroyed, the international authority of our state be broken, if Soviet power is to be secure.” --George F. Kennan

Kennan would roll in his grave with your appeasement of Russia through your support of Trump.

For someone who hated Russian communism you sure seem to be fucking comfy with Russian fascism.

George Rebane

StevenF 921pm - evidence?


Steve, maybe you can answer my long pending question: Why would the Russians have preferred Trump over HRC? Given events before and after 2016, I can't think why they would like the guy that has the US the top oil producer and not the reset chick with the uranium deal in the offing. Makes no sense, I've asked several times, but no lefty can come up with a single reason. Care to try your hand? L

Steven Frisch

Seriously George evidence of what, your support for Trump or Trumps retreat from global and European commitment and coziness with Putin?

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the know-it-all has been bettered. Frisch is too easy.


,,,try to get a grip,,, L,,,the recent rise in US oil production began with the Fracking Revolution in 2007...



Steven, could you please give some specific actions that Trump has taken which support Russia's global domination ambitions? Not words, but actions. The US has driven down the price of oil, having a significant impact on the Russian budget, slowing it's military refurbishment. The US is rebuilding our military capability, creating a Space Force to project control of space warfare, all to meet the Russian and Chinees challenge. Trump has taken action to strengthen NATO by insisting that member nation increase its military spending. South Korea has agreed to pay more for our protection, which was one of Trump's goals. What are Trump's contrary actions that support Russian goals?


"specific actions that Trump has taken which support Russia's global domination ambitions? "

Heck, I'd just like to know what Russia's 'global domination ambitions' even are. So far, it consists of taking back over a historic piece of the country that has an essential naval facility and backing a friendly state next door that has a crazy jihadist problem.

I guess old cold warriors like Mr. Frisch are convinced that the Russians will run thousands of tanks through the Fulda Gap. Yup, better stick some more US military in a political union with more people and a higher GDP than the US.

It looks to me like what it boils down to is just personalities. The Blue Mob doesn't personally like Trump as a person, they don't personally like Putin, therefore the two must be friends and we must wag the dog of US policy based on crazy high school politics.


As just a more general observation, I'll add one contrasting the far Right and the far Left, since in a lot of ways they rhyme.

Historically, I'll posit that the Right is interested in foreign expansion by direct conquest of territory, the Left loves to export revolution under various names. Physical vs. mental domination.

As in Weimar Germany, the two can certainly cooperate. The Comintern viewed the Nazis as useful street soldiers assuming they would pick up the pieces afterwards. Oh well. Now, we have the 17 intelligence agencies and the Blue Mob with reversed roles.

George Rebane

StevenF 410am – I take that to mean that you have no evidence to back your assertion, and have again resorted to the type of debating you favor – taking both sides of an issue where you put the appropriate words in everyone’s mouths. As confirmed by these pages, the more objective reader will have noticed that my support of Trump is and has been highly conditional, and has focused on his walk rather than his talk, much (most?) of which I consider self-defeating. I won’t repeat the litany of the President’s accomplishments that have been noted in my commentaries and by RR commenters (e.g. Russ 753am) in areas such as our national economy, foreign relations, border security, international trade, tax & regulatory reform, … . These are all either invisible to the globalist Left, or totally counter to the world order they are working to establish.

Bill Tozer

George, how you can not see that this Trump administration is essentially tearing the entire post war order down, destroying American standing in the world, ceding all of eastern Europe including eventually your native Estonia to Russian authoritarian hegemony, and fating millions of people to Russian aggression is absolutely beyond belief.”

First, we are in the post Soviet area. NATO has formed to contain the USSR. Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the very effective Wall came down in Berlin, NATO has incorporated the former Eastern Bloc and we have installed a missle system in Poland, Georgia is our ally, and the alliance is steadily marching eastward to the borders of Russia herself. NATO was never created to expand eastward towards the USSR, no less Russsia.
Ukraine is an interesting country. Four million Ukrainians have crossed into Russia to find work and it is hard to find anyone in Ukraine that does not have a Russian cousin or some family blood tie to Russia. I would rather see Ukraine as a gateway country between the East and West myself, with formal alliances to neither. We have armed the Ukrainians and current regime, despite the leadership having a jaw dropping 9% support in recent polls.
Crimea is also an interesting country, part of Russia going back to Catherine the Great. After the 1917 Russian Revolution (civil war), Crimea was an autonomous region within the USSR. The narrow peninsula is Russia’s only access to its naval yard there, and that by driving overland and it’s population is majority Russian. When Ukraine had its unrest and fighting, Crimea initially was sympathic to Ukraine because of mistreatment they felt by Moscow. When the new regime took over in Ukraine, they saw the Crimean people as Russian and have treated them quite shabbily with much prejudice and hostility...so much so that the Crimeans are unwelcome (understatement) in Ukraine and feel isolated...which they are. Should be go to war with Russia for seizing Crimea??

Here is NATO’s newest member to be: Montenegro. A tiny country with an army of 2,000. Wow. How many lives should we sacrifice to defend Montenegro?

NATO was originally 12 countries to defend Europe, including the US and Canada. Now it’s 29 countries, including Turkey, which as only 7% of its land mass in Europe.

Telling NATO countries to pay up the share they promised to as a condition to joining is not unreasonable. And I do not care what the Europeans think or snarl about. They want us to defend them for free. The German Army is in such a state of disrepair that only 6% of its forces are capable of a mission lasting more than 30 days. Germany does not even have one military cargo plane that is not grounded to needed repairs.

Contain Russia? Or expand up to her borders, which in and of itself, is an act of aggression, IMHO.

“And today? The Soviet Empire is history. The Soviet Union is history, having splintered into 15 nations. Russia is smaller than it was in the 19th century. Russia is gone from Cuba, Grenada, Central America, Ethiopia, Angola and Mozambique.

The Warsaw Pact is history. The Red Army is gone from Eastern Europe. The former Warsaw Pact nations of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria all belong to NATO, as do the former Soviet “republics” of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

When the flagship of Russia’s navy, the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, sailed from Murmansk to Syria, it had to pass through the North Sea, the Channel, the east Atlantic, the Straits of Gibraltar, and then sail the length of the Med to anchor off Latakia.

Coming and going, the Kuznetsov was within range of anti-ship missiles, aircraft, submarines and surface ships of 20 NATO nations, among them Norway, Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal, and many U.S. bases and warships.

Entering the Med, the Kuznetsov had to travel, without a naval base to refuel, within range of the missiles, planes and ships of Spain, France, Italy and Greece. Along the banks of the Adriatic and Aegean there are only NATO nations, except for Kosovo, which is home to the largest U.S. base in the Balkans, Camp Bondsteel.

To sail from St. Petersburg through the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic, Russian warships must pass within range of 11 NATO nations — the three Baltic republics, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Britain and France.

The Black Sea’s western and southern shores are now controlled entirely by NATO: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey. Russia’s lone land passage to its naval base in Crimea is a narrow bridge from the Kerch Peninsula.

With the breakup of the USSR, Russia has been reduced to two-thirds of the territory and half the population of the Soviet Union.

Its former republics and now neighbors Georgia and Ukraine are hostile. Its space launches are now done from a foreign land, Kazakhstan. Its economy has shrunk to the size of Italy’s.

It has one-tenth the population and one-fifth the economy of its looming neighbor, China, and, except for territory, is even more dwarfed by the United States with a GDP of $20 trillion, and troops, bases and allies all over the world.



America is now burdened with the duty to defend Europe from the Atlantic to the Baltic, even as we face a far greater threat in China, with an economy and population 10 times that of Russia.

And we must do this with a defense budget that is not half the share of the federal budget or the GDP that Eisenhower and Kennedy had.

What the heck is wrong with paying ones fair share? 0ld Jewish saying, “You don’t ask, you don’t get”. Nobody ever asked South Korea..until now, lol


Russia’s GDP is tiny compared to California.


"Russia’s GDP is tiny compared to California"

Time will tell, but I'd say that California is more a threat to the US than Russia.

Bill Tozet

Coziness with Putin? You mean like arming Ukraine, something Obama refused to do? Or maybe you meant collusion with Putin?

Straight off the press, 4 hours ago:


Mr. Rogers

Bill T. - Four million Ukrainians have crossed into Russia to find work

Is Putin planning to build a wall - or just take over Ukraine?

Should Trump invade Mexico?


re: Mr Rogers

The Ukraine *is* Russia. The seat of power only moved to Moscow due to a Mongol genocide.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: George Rebane | 10 February 2019 at 08:50 AM

No George, I was actually asking proof of which assertion as a serious question.


Steven, Russ @ 7:53 asked my same question in a different way. but still no response supportive of Trump collusion. On the other hand, Toes's Hill report at (:21 puts beyond doubt that the infamous Trump tower meeting was an attempt by Clinton to set up (frame) Trump for the witch hunt that has followed. Now, will you please tell us why you think the Ruskies would have preferred the loose cannon over the paid-for fellow traveler. Think real hard, your entire claim to credibility rests upon your response. Thanks in advance for your clarity. L

Bill Tozer

Scenes@ 9:12 am

“Time will tell, but I'd say that California is more a threat to the US than Russia.”

Quite true. CA is the only place that wants to break away from the USA. Maybe, in time, the rest of the nation would welcome CA’s departure from the United States. A peaceful parting of the ways.

Mr. Rogers @ 9:26 am

Don”t know what Putin is planning to do, but I do not think the USA should invade Mexico. Nothing there worth the blood of one US citizen. They are not threatening us with missiles or beating the war drums.
Like, how many of those celebrities worshiped by the Leftinistas vowed to move to Mexico if Trump won? Zero. They vowed to move to Canada and Ruth Bladder Ginsberg hinted at New Zealand, but not one single one vowed to moved to a single shithole country populated by persons of color. Their unconscious racism came out. Or maybe it was conscious racism.
No need to invade. Just randomly shut down the border. Trump shut down the legal port of entry in San Yadiro for a mere six hours and the mayor of Tijuana was crying the blues and put a stop to the invaders trying to storm the border crossing just like that. Whether Tijuana lost 1.6 million “dollars” or the Mexican Government did, he did not say. Neither did he say what 1.6 million dollars (pesos) is worth in Yanqui dollars (US). The mayor simply became unhinged that “they” lost 1.6 million pesos in that 6 hour shutdown as hundreds stormed the border crossing. What few men we had on hand bravely held them off.
100 Border Patrol Agents had to be helicoptered in from outer sectors, 86 from one busy sector alone to stop the storming of our legal port of entry and vicinity....leaving the other sectors wide open and unprotected. An emergency situation. Our brave men and women were vastly outnumbered. Of those that did make it to sacred and soveign US soil through the tear gas (the one place in the photos of that fat woman with 6 and 5 year old girls still in diapers), not a single illegal entrant approached a single Border Patrol agent to request asylum....which the agents would have accepted and taken to processing. But I digress...

Nope, just start shutting down the border randomly and believe you me, Mexico will be begging to pay for the Wall. This is the new millennium and you got to hurt them where it counts: the pocketbook. They are already costing us a 100 billion a year in social safety net costs along with flooding our public education system and legal and incarnation costs. They are hurting us big time in the pocketbook, so why not return the favor and start randomly shutting down the border. No need to invade. Montazuma’s Revenge is alive and well for our fine defenders of the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and Californian.

Todd Juvinall

OMG! Pelline and his acolytes have crapped their panties. The Union placed a front page ad that questions "climate change" and the lie exposed on the number of polar bears. You cannot make this stuff up.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: L | 10 February 2019 at 10:18 AM

Seriously "L" I have addressed this here before...Trump as a disruptive populist and nationalist is unsupportive if US commitments to international organizations and agreements, particularly in Europe but also in the Middle East, and Putin seeks to weaken and eventually destroy NATO and the EU and increase Russian influence in the Middle East.

Clinton as a traditionalist and globalist had the opposition viewpoint particularly on NATO.

Bill Tozer

Well Steve, since Estonia is a NATO country, they are safe and sound. Perhaps it is time to give Estonia a big shout out for excelling in the techie world. Kudos Estonia.

Hey, wasn’t it that Estonian kid who was reading Secretary of State Clinton’s e-mails during his lunch breaks? Guccifer 2.0 or something. She should have not had that stuff on a private server in her basement or linen closet while working for the US government receiving classified US documents. And her buddy, the one Obama banned from working for the US government because he was the dude who originally started those birther rumors...Sid Bloomenthaul or something...well, he should not have left the door open to get into Hillary’s State Department e-mails, lol. Oh, that was well before the DNC /Podesta’s downloads.
Come to find out, the Estonian kid was just a kid and others used the handle Guccifer 2.0 as well. A bunch of Estonian kids did. Like it was a Spartacluz moment. “I am Guccifer 2.0, no I am Guccifer 2.0, no I am Guccifer 2.0!” Glad the Fed’s caught the real Guccifer 2.0...in an Indonesian dark website.

Let’s hear it for the Estonia folks who rose above to become the cream of the crop. Booyaa!

Mr. Rogers

Why are we still stuck on Russia as a socialist or communist threat even though it is now an oligarchical mix of partial state capitalist companies? If we are still using Kennan’s talking points then we have let many brush fires of non-capitalist thought run out of control. The world was a different place in 1946.

George Rebane

Mr Rogers 1058am - Au contraire, even in a different world, Kennan's prescription has served us well. To this day we continue to enjoy Pax Americana.


How long before the LIBS start crying about this?

There is more than one way to "build a wall."


Steven @ 10:46, no, you haven't "addressed this here before," nor are you addressing it now. Trump has done nothing to please Putin since taking office, so WHY? would the Russians prefer the guy who goes after their energy market with LNG exports and arms Ukraine over the hapless poltroon who leaves state secrets lying around on the internet. Why is the only question I'm asking. Seems simple enough, no? L


And lest you think I'm singling out Mr. Frisch, the rest of the leftist nut jobs here are equally free to take a shot at the question I've been asking here for the last 2-1/2 years. How about it, fellas, simple question. L


Imagine that. Lil' Bobby ran and hid, and none of the other LIBS here dared challenge it.
Afraid the ones you bow too will actually get equal treatment?
"Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced a bill that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper probably won’t like.

The “Justice For All Act” would require equal punishment for those who have lied or lie to Congress, no matter who they are.

“Unfortunately, it often seems that we have a two-tiered justice system at work; certain people have the book thrown at them, while others face no consequences at all for their behavior. This is unfair and wrong, and I hope to correct this with my resolution,”

All those LIBS who lied to the Repub investigators... DAMN! We my have to build an extra Club FED.

Don Bessee

Once their socialist dreams go on paper and hit the light of day they are forced to run away fast from their own word, same ol, same ol -




DAMN,, LIBS,, your steaming pile of Schiff REALLY is out to stretch things. The "new" collusion? I say desperation set in a LONG time ago.

And not long ago, it was three "BLOCKED" phone calls that was his "overwhelming" proof of wrongdoing.. And that sure mad him look stupid as a box of rocks.

Bill Tozer

Bottom line, in order to avoid fighting WW3, be prepared to be the white hat global sheriff by always deploying small contingents of troops in critical locations all over the world, and to fight small ‘brushfire wars’ as they become necessary. And prepare to do that indefinitely – with allies if possible, alone if necessary - as the cost of doing business to prevent the world from falling into a new age of global tyranny. And with that Kennan nailed the foundation of our foreign policy for the last 70+ years.” —- Dr. Rebane

Yep, it’s not all black and white. Neither do I have to like it to accept it. But, if not us, then who? We have our scouts in over 100 countries right now. What I do like about Trump”s approach in various regions is he is trying to get others on board, to help with the lifting. Sort of like economics. If we don’t sell items to a particular country, then the Chinese or somebody else certainly will. I don’t like being involved in the Yemen mess, but its only a small group of our advisers and eyes on the ground. I confess I see only a glimpse into the bigger picture and am not privy to the full picture. I do know that if there is a flare up somewhere on the planet (or, rather the next flare up certain to come) the World will be yelling for the US to do something. And the Trump haters will want to know why we weren’t on the ready....whether I like it or not.
Seriously "L" I have addressed this here before...Trump as a disruptive populist and nationalist is unsupportive if US commitments to international organizations and agreements, particularly in Europe but also in the Middle East, and Putin seeks to weaken and eventually destroy NATO and the EU and increase Russian influence in the Middle East.” —-Steve F.

So, what else is new? Putin ran circles around us and our allies when Kerry gave Assad an out by saying the only thing that could prevent an allied air assualt on the Syrian government and her troops would be if Assad gave up all his WMD’s. He left the door wide open for Putin. Who else could Assad turn to? And Iran’s largest trading partner is Russia. Of course ALL the big boys are trying to increase their influence in the Middle East. China is making huge inroads of influence in South America. Huge.

Trump is a nationalist , populist, and a disrupter.. Thank goodness for that. And what is with Merkel doing the secret gas line deal with Putin as we are defending her sorry ass? She was setting Germany up for potential Putin blackmail with his hand on the value shutting off energy to Germany during a future record cold snap. She was a former East German soldier afterall, ....a place that once had close to 400,000 USSR troops and Soviet 24 divisions within its borders.
Trump stopped that nonsense and interrupted Angie’s secret plans. Now Germany will buy LNG from the good old Red, White, and Blue. Them EU types are a double dealing sneaky bunch. Heck, they all are. They would step on our backs to feel 8” taller and think nothing of it. Put this in your mouth Angie and shut up.

Glad we pulled out of that UN Human Rights Commission. Talk about the coyotes guarding the hen house. Those UN peacekeepers are a raping and pillaging bunch terrorizing refugee camps....especially those women refugees. Yum yum.


todd 1043am

From the Sierra Sandbox comments on the subject it does appear I'm living in Frisch's head rent free, but no Steve, that book isn't something I'd be interested in reading. Nor have I read State of Fear but that doesn't mean Crichton didn't fairly portray climate science in that book in his quest for a good story line. But that remained a story.

Rather than read State of Fear, I'd suggest watching (whether for the first time or to revisit the sweet Bronx cheer given Gavin Schmidt) the intelligencesquared debate on the question, Global Warming is Not a Crisis, in which Crichton played a role.


Start watching at 1:03:00, Schmidt gets the grumbling rumble from the audience at 1:10:00


Todd Juvinall

My recollections are from when the bookwas published and it came under relentless attacks by the true believers. Of course it is a novel but the science reviews at the time had it spot on.

Todd Swallows

Todd 12:48- Why do you continue to so blatantly lie when it takes 20 seconds to out you and your snark. Nature, the most prominent natural science review on earth, panned Crichton's book as an amalgamation of fact, fiction and conspiracy. "Likely to mislead non scientists" (I paraphrase).

Crichton's Congo was a true life documentary narrated by David Attenborough too.

Of course you translate that as "spot on". I'd be surprised if you actually ever read a "chapter" book.


The review in nature was one opinion. There were other scientists who didn't pan the use of science in SOF.

Of course the book was an "amalgam of fact, fiction and conspiracy". Crichton's The Andromeda Strain wasn't science fact either, just a damn good story with science at its core. Personally, I think Arthur C. Clarke was better at that sort of thing but then he was a physicist not an MD.

Todd Juvinall

State of Fear was based on facts and they destroyed the lefty cultist orthodoxy on the science side of the hoax of manmade global warming. But trolls lke this Swallows idiot buy that stuff hook line and sinker. A true cult follower. Next thing you know he will be putting a rattlesnake in my mailbox. What a moron.

Todd Swallows

Inhofe brought Crichton into the senate thinking he would slam modern climate science. Crichton shut down the GOP with this:

"In closing, I want to state emphatically that nothing in my remarks should be taken to imply that we can ignore our environment, or that we should not take climate change seriously. On the contrary, we must dramatically improve our record on environmental management."

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 10 February 2019 at 03:50 PM

Only here could we be debating whether a work of fiction is fact.

It is the Ruminations Orwellian paradox.


OH true believer, our calloused knee fluffer. Tell us when climate didn't change. Stick to one or the other. It's AGW, or cooling.
You nuts can't have it both ways.

Todd Juvinall

I just laugh my ass off at the Frisch lemmings. Swallows is just a moron.

Todd Juvinall

Funny how true believers criticize the veracity of things that don't comport with their hoax that we all know is a hoax. You cannot make this stuff up. And now the facts of the number of polar bears is under criticism as the number shows they are not in danger. But the left never lets their misreading of fact get in their way.

Bill Tozer

‘We all hate the environment here, poison our neighbors wells with glee, and get high off of sucking smog coming out of the smokestacks on our souped up Model T flatbeds’....thus sayeth the All Knowing All Seeing Great Solar Panel Snowshoe Man of The Summit....the summit where his murderous bloodthirsty kind ate Native Americans. We shall never forget, paleface.

Anybody notice Socialist Amy announcedher candidacy for President of these here United States in a blizzard in Minnesota today? Trump did. Another one who is all in on the Green Deal. How come everytime they announce some big Climate Change confab, the airports and highways are always shut down. Think they should announce Global Warming stuff in August instead. It’s only weather. Boy, a nice fireplace is what Amy should have stood by on a day like today. Give it that down home common man look and take those hard edges off her clinched jaw.

Don Bessee

Socialists love throwing opm at virtue signaling projects that likely employ their friends, there and here.

The revelations about the lack of success of the project come after local politician Silvia Sardone made a request and found the results of the project to be severely underwhelming, despite it being championed by figures such as left-wing councillor Pierfrancesco Majorino.




TS @ 5:45. It's easy to agree with everything Crichton said there and still recognize that the AGW movement has surpassed Piltdown man as the greatest pseudo-scientific hoax of all time. Some of us have been aware of this for twenty years or more. L


,,,Surprising that some are still bitterly clinging to the Long Telegram when Kennan himself reversed his pre cold war opinion after witnessing the McCarthyite hysteria,,,

"Nothing to Seek and... Nothing to Defend": George F. Kennan's Core Values and American Foreign Policy, 1938–1993

George Rebane

Bocephis 724am - that was NOT a reversal of his Long Telegram’s geo-strategic assessment.

Todd Juvinall

3 commas? "MMM" has changed his name again? Jeeze why not use your real name you chicken.

George Rebane

ToddJ 755am - Choosing to be a sackhead probably has a lot to do with how much people want to connect their expressed ideas and thoughts with their real identity - there are definitely commenters here who have chosen wisely not to reveal their mouth-to-man connection. We remember that the internet is forever.

Todd Swallows

Rebane 9:15
. . . there are definitely commenters here who have chosen wisely not to reveal their mouth-to-man connection.

You mean like your core flock?

Bill Tozer
Dirt mover
Bonnie McNutjob

Todd Juvinall

Swallows is the most chicken. We all know who any of the others are.

Don Bessee

Well of course he is -




When I first started commenting here it was with my full name, but one Douglas Keachie, who followed me here from Pelline's blog, kept just making stuff up and sliming me here. So I dropped my last name from my posts and Douggie, for awhile, would make his wild accusations adding my last name to suit the webcrawlers, but finally gave up.

But then, I suspect Todd Swallows knows Keachie quite well.

Bill Tozer

Bonnie McNutjob??? Not familiar with that one, but am familiar with some sock puppets who trash Bonnie at the drop of a hat for unapologeticly sharing her Christian faith, conservative views, and life experiences that has shaped her life and belief system. Anyway, what is the topic? Foreign affairs, Estonia’s tech savvy excellence, or the proper way to generate radiant heat in a fireplace?
Well, the last two topics are sure to trigger those jaded by bigotry and blinded by hate....as evidenced by the reference to “Bonnie McNutjob”, a person who has never posted here under such an alias. Sick people do sick things.


I also went up to Paul Emery (remember him?) in a local cafe and introduced myself as Gregory (he'd been the management at the Center for the Arts for Fiddler on the Roof a few years ago, 12 or so) so I thought he knew who I was but as a fellow musician, he's a bit daft and hadn't put two and 2 twogether.

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