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13 March 2019



Doing the Tea Party lap dance again? God this is lame!!! I am laughing my ass off. I really do feel like you wing nuts are living in Oz.

I now rest assured the right's one and only concern is the integrity of my ballot. Down with mail in ballots because of "ballot harvesting? When was the last time someone came to your door and offered to fill in your ballot and deliver it to the box? Jade Helm time once again in dead end right wing alley. Maybe we should only deliver our tax returns to the IRS in person because of tax harvesting? That dastardly fellow came by and offered to do my taxes along with my ballot. He probably did Todd's taxes simply to make him look like a scofflaw.

Todd Juvinall

OOZE, you libs always drink the kool-aid. The Tea Party is totally correct. They want to ensure the votes are counted and safe. You libs stole seven Congressional seats in November and we would like that to be stopped.


Here is one report from the Federalist:

In Orange County, an estimated 250,000 harvested ballots were reportedly dropped off on Election Day alone.

One interaction caught by a Santa Clarita family’s doorbell camera suggested how harvesting can work in practice. A harvester, identifying herself as Lulu, asks for Brandi, and says she is there to collect her ballot, explaining that there is “this new service, but only too like, people who are supporting the Democratic Party.”

Very clever of the Democrats to quietly pass a law allowing harvesting and then organize harvesting teams with lists of Democrat voter addresses. It will work once, just like Obama using Facebook to harvest friends contacts, once a potential voter liked his page. On the next election Trump's team was prepared and dug even deeper into the Facebook data and combined the data with other sources. In the next election the Republican will have harvesting teams on the street equipped with the latest technology. Harvesting wars!

Scott O

Sorry Russ - according to Ooooze, since no one came to your door to harvest a ballot it doesn't happen anywhere.
Funny how in N Carolina they 'stopped it' because R's were accused of doing it, yet in Ca where it's legal, it doesn't happen. Quite strange.
And of course the Dems are much more intelligent than R's but when it comes to to voting the highly intelligent Dems haven't got a clue as to how to pull out their IDs. Here in Idaho, us hicks all seem to know how to present our IDs at the polling place. Not a problem for us. What's the issue for you Dems and lefties?

Bill Tozer

Lowering the voting age to 16? A 16 year old needs a hall pass (permission slip) to use the bathrooom at school. The amendment failed....for now.

“Lowering the voting age is a reasonable proposition. Indeed, it’s something worth considering as a mechanism for inviting adolescents into the larger discourse of our society. But lowering the voting age while forcing these same teens to spend additional years in mandatory schooling environments, cut-off from authentic, inter-generational community interactions, is nothing more than a political ploy.”



Todd 6:223-
"You libs stole seven Congressional seats in November"

Care to fill us in, or is this a secret of the Red State? Was it do to ballot harvesting? Truck loads of illegal Mexicans? Or maybe just a paranoid hunch after 8 hours of watching The Duke reruns and listening to Rush in the background?



That's interesting, I hadn't heard of it. Just yet more proof of how a dominant party becomes more dominant over time, a kind of political Matthew Principle.

It's another example of just how amazing the Trump win was. He squeaked through with novel marketing (and a tireless and effective public speaking schedule) with what is basically a third party.

The War Party took notice of course, and that kind of thing usually works only once. Their immune system is fully activated, as witnessed by the takeover of the FBI, etc plus our local War Party Junior Leaguers are riled up for a fight for next time. Dunno if the God Emperor can pull it off twice, although I'd pay good money to watch the wailings and lamentation if he did.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 14 March 2019 at 08:26 AM

The proof is in front of your homely face/. Seven wins on election night, then ballot harvesting and seven losses within a week. You people are really good at thievery. You are the Manifort of election theft.


Todd 9:05-
Most people call counting ballots as counting ballots. If you are a conspiracy theory nut, when you lose, you call it "ballot harvesting". Proof???? Nah, I didn't think so.

What did you call it when you got the boot from your own soft government job? I called it a reality check. I'm sure you blamed the "Deep State." Go back to your darkened room and have a little whine with your cheese, Mumbo.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 14 March 2019 at 09:27 AM

OOZe/Swallows/Pelline, Booted? No I retired. Which says you are a liar that just makes things up. Why don't you get some balls and post your true name? Is your job in the jail restrooms driving you that goofY>

George Rebane

Gentlemen(?), this commentary has a topic. Let's keep the comments relevant to that instead of making this into a mudball slinging sandbox. Much grass.


,,,speaking about 'much grass' why should a felon busted for 'much grass' not be allowed to vote?

,,,a guy like Manafort on the other hand obviously should be shunned and have his right to vote taken away...By the time Trump's term is up most of his cabinet and staff will be non-voters!!!

,,,it is pretty hilarious to see you trying to push your 'dems are the new communists' trope,,,you call them socialists but we know what that dogwhistle means...

Your 'dems want anyone to be able to vote' trope is obviously false.

Are you our new homegrown Alinsky???

George Rebane

AVman 1137am - Your ability to keep embarrassing yourself is boundless. Provide some counter evidence that it is the Right that wants non-citizens to vote. The evidence is legion that the Left led by Dems promote legal and illegal alien voting and laws/regs that either eliminate vetting or make vetting of franchised voters more difficult.

Bill Tozer

“Ari Berman of Mother Jones writes that Nancy Pelosi’s 700-page For the People Act that did pass the House contains “a slew of measures designed to expand voting rights, which … include nationwide automatic voter registration, Election Day registration, two weeks of early voting in every state … restoration of voting rights for ex-felons, and declaring Election Day a federal holiday.”

House Republicans offered an amendment to the bill with language that said, “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.”

All but six Democrats voted against the GOP proposal.

If the new U.S. electorate of, say, 2024, includes tens of millions of new voters — 16- and 17-year-olds; illegal migrants; ex-cons; new legal immigrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America who vote 70 to 90 percent Democratic, the political future of America has already been determined.

California, here we come.


George Rebane

re BillT 226pm & my 1248pm - It would appear that now would be an excellent time for the AVMan (1137am) to chime in and support his outlandish assertion, or perhaps offer some words of contrition on the matter.

Barry Pruett

Greg Diaz is a partisan hack who never conducted an election prior to being hired by the county?! I did not know that. 😂

Paul Emery

Todd writes

" You libs stole seven Congressional seats in November and we would like that to be stopped."

Todd, Can you document that statement or did you make it up?

Paul Emery

Exactly what "7 seats" are you referring to?

Paul Emery

Also Todd a look at the last congressional election returns shows that the Dems received 8,010,000 votes to the Repubs 3,973,396. that's a margin of over 4 million votes for the dems and a percent of 65-32% or 33%. So you contend the Dems stole the elections. Really Todd, with that margin that's a bit ludicrous. How do you justify your position?

Paul Emery

Here's a link


Paul Emery

George writes about voter qualifications:

"The most important of these is some minimum knowledge of our country’s governance and the issues/candidates on the ballot. "

In you view how would this be administrated-as some kind of testing or interview? Also should this be a Federal, State or local jurisdiction administering the testing?

George Rebane

PaulE 737pm - Excellent question. We test and retest drivers when they renew their licenses; we test gun owners when they apply for a CCW permit. This can also be done with voters who qualify for a voting permit - they will renew their permit every few years with a test of minimal knowledge about government and governance, with perhaps some major current issue thrown in. My preference is that the state would administer the test just as they do in the DMV.

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