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01 March 2019


Bill Tozer

Re: Ca Rendezvous with Reality. Taxes have consequences.



Problems ahead? Maybe so.


Although I'm not quite sure how to break the Blue Mob philosophy down into a slogan or flag. They sure feel it strongly, whatever it is, though.

If I was a betting man, I'd place a chip on the GoogleCIABlueMob side as they possess both a surveillance police bureaucracy and street soldiers. OTOH, Western Civilization has had a pretty good run and might show unexpected resilience. I'm still surprised how many younger people I run into who have managed to shuck off their Red Guard upbringings.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 01 March 2019 at 02:51 PM

I hadn’t thought it possible......William actually found a reason where ridiculously high California taxes led to the better outcome!

Man I’m glad Harper signed with Phillies! I look forward to continued mediocrity from both the Padres (Machado-$300 million) and the Phillies (Harper-$330 million).

Bill Tozer

“Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” —George Orwell (1903-1950)

Not a map of city-states, but a map of the Socialists wish list that they are pushing hard for as we speak: elimination of the electoral college. CO got on board the eliminate the electrolal college within the last month to join a growing number. Don’t the Leftinistas know that democracies always fail and are short lived? Don’t they know that they are trying to circumvent the Constitution and the Concention of the States process? Silly me, they know that. And that’s the point.


Expanding the discussion from city-states to nation states, the nation state with fixed borders is basically designed to be run best at the local level and work up. Bottom up, not,top down. Our police, fire, locally elected schools, municipal, district, and county law officials are where things in our daily lives are run and where we have control. Then up to the state level where we find the 50 labatory experiments, each state with equal representation in the Senate. No state has more weight the other...in the Senate. Say goodbye to all that under socialism, with dictates issued from on high and implemented by a bulging at the seams ever growing faceless unaccountable bureaucracy.

Consider if you will just GND’s mandate for a green power grid. Goodbye to many rural and smaller independent power companies, and local (district) control if currently municipally or rate payer owned. A new grid is coming and it will be controlled from on high. And you must hook into it.

The Great Divide. Las time I posted this meme, it got one local Nevada City fellow quite upset and fearful. Knee jerk reaction. Deeply induced-trauma. Worse fears came immediately to the surface. Warning readers the right wingers were coming after them. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Got it reversed. This meme is a call to always me ready if or when they come after us.

Our cause it just. It is for all mankind.——George Washington.



Scott O

We are a Republic, not a Democracy.

Bill Tozer

Great Divide, it’s coming.

Trigger warning. 6 min video from CPACT. May evoke deeply inducted-tramua for those with TDS
Ah, the Blacklists begin. Fall in line or your name will be put on the list. Fall in line or face the wrath.

“Some of the so-called moderate Democrats are freshmen in Congress, and the Post noted that they are bucking Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts, saying that the reason the Democrats secured a majority in November was because they were elected as moderates. Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), a co-chairman of the moderate Blue Dog Coalition, said, “It’s this class of members that got elected that are the reason we have the majority. Many of them come from these [moderate] districts, and their promise to their constituents”

Her (AOC’s) chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, a co-founder of Justice Democrats, said bluntly, "We need new leaders, period. We gotta primary folks.”


Music to my ears. Replace all the Blue Dog Dems in moderate districts with full blown Democrat Socialists. Things are looking up. :)

Hmmm. “I’m the boss. My way or the highway. Do or die.” Kinda reminds me of when the Brownshirts stormed in and made Hitler Chancellor and burned Reichstag building.

Silly me, that was blacklisting. Like the Blackshirts. No wonder the Mussolini reference went over her head. Lack of self awareness or something.


Primary all of them, please. Pretty please.


States like this will be on the "good" side of said devide.
"The push to eliminate the concealed carry permit requirement rests on the sufficiency of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. State Rep. John Blanton (R) said, “This is simply applying and acting upon a constitutional right that each and every one of us has.”
If Gov. Matt Bevin (R) signs the legislation Kentucky will become the 16th state to allow residents to carry concealed without a permit for self-defense. The other 15 states are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Vermont."

George Rebane

re Walt 821am - I suppose those are states that are in the back ranks of those states marching toward Marxism. The ones in the front cannot trust firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens because they may one day decide to reclaim their liberties; that is not a concern with criminals having guns because their interests lie elsewhere, and the state feels quite comfortable with armed criminals in society, since unarmed citizens will then welcome ever larger law enforcement agencies, which is a seminal aim of collectivist governments anyway - for leviathan, taking guns from the law-abiders is a twofer.


,,,A pre-purchase firearm background check is like a security clearance,,,and gun nuts,,, like Trump,,, prefer to just give anyone a security clearance. Why have regulations???

,,,MS13 should have just as much right to arm up and cruise the boulevard,,,right???

Todd Juvinall

Yes why have regulations when that right is in the Second Amendment?

George Rebane

AVMan 1000am - did it ever occur to you that permitting concealed-carry and the procurement of a firearm are two different things?


Dougy miss the latest? His beloved PROGGYS threw a fit the illegals trying to buy guns would be reported to ICE.

Like criminals will obey the law to begin with.
If you just read the local rag you can glean that kind of info.
" The local felon, busted with a firearm... Again."(with meth, crack, weed, perscrip meds, stolen property,,, )

Robert Cross

A conservative using victor Davis Hanson as a source is like a liberal using Karl Marx... a bridge too far. After all he is from Fowler which is the anus of Fresno.


Oh Bobbie Sue @ 11:11 am

Your elitism is flaring up again. He is from Fowler! So and so is from the armpit of CA! So and so went to city college or Chico State, not Berekely! Boardman went to state college! Bitter clingers! Dregs of Society. Uncouth people. Daisy Mae needs to go to Finishing School. So and so lives in Pamona, not West Hollywood!

It’s true, tis true. Victor Davis Hanson lives in a community that is 90% Latino! Gag me with a spoon. And his community is 40% illegal. And folks park junk cars in their front yards. The horrors, the horrors. And so and so is a toothless low life cause they live in the Little Town of Washington, not Nevada City. NSJ is the backyard of civilized society, the place you toss the poddle’s poop and store junk in the far corner....where the outhouse used to stand.

Meanwhile, VDH warms up his old clunker and drives off on his daily commmute to Standford and Frisco area think tanks. Think Standford calls him a “Fellow” or something.

It’s true. VDH lives in an old farmhouse in the armpit outside Fresno, which is another shithole in and of itself.
Thank you Mr. Cross for illustrating the Great Divide such as few can. Perfect..


Robert Cross. I can recommend VDH's Mexifornia you should add it to your reading list. When you are finished, get back to us with some more snarky comments.

George Rebane

RobertC 1111am - Actually, you are again in gross error. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a liberal referencing Marx, and it reflects no pejorative on anyone else using VDH. It's what they are referencing from the cited source that counts for buttressing or countering an argument. Hope that's not a bridge too far.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Russ @ 11:59 am

You are wasting your time. Victor Davis Hansen does not live where the beautiful people do. The beautiful people are always taking about the poor little guy living in the ghetto. Opps, can’t say ghetto, might make somebody feel sad or bad about themselves. Robert Cross is here to lift the little guy out of the squalor of the anus of shithole Fresno...just as long as he does not have to look upon them, get too close to the stink, or listen to them. By them a ham for Christmas, but for God’s sake don’t let them in your house!

Yes, Bobbie, what the little people have to say is very important to you....if they have the right zip code. I am so glad the beautiful people will lead us into the Promised Land...with the beautiful people at the head of the pack sitting comfortably in their Ricksaw pointing the way and shouting out orders. Oh thank you, Masta, thank you o kind Masta.


Robert Cross, from a boy who was born in Missouri and raised in Modesto, the garden spot of the San Joaquin Valley,...you sir, are a pompous ass.

Robert Cross

That's great Keith. I was actually born and raised in Fresno and lived there until I moved here at age 28.

Robert Cross

It has become so easy to yank all your chains. You boys need to lighten up before you have a coronary. Politics aren't worth dying for.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 02 March 2019 at 05:59 PM

It has become so easy to yank all your chains.

Oh Roberta......false bravado......another cry for help!

Scott O

Once again we see a typical leftie (Crossed-up Bobby) unable to provide any facts or reason to challenge the truth provided here and so resorts to some absolutely insipid and childish name calling.
When called on it, he falls back to the old 'can't you take a joke'?
Well, Bobby - you're the joke and George lets you post here so it looks like we can take a joke.


Mr. Cross...we all wish you had stayed there and as a pompous ass, you should have intimate knowledge of an anus.


Here are some example of how the lamestream press is expanding the great divide:

Howie Carr: Smirking media bias against GOP couldn’t be clearer.

Have you ever noticed how differently Republicans are treated in the media than Democrats?

Every newsroom in the country used to have what was called the “AP Stylebook” to use in writing news stories.

Now you need two AP stylebooks, one for Democrats, about whom seldom is heard a discouraging word, and a second for the GOP, with a hundred different pejoratives.

Two parties, two vocabularies. One positive, one negative — very bad, evil in fact.

Consider the testimony by Michael Cohen last week in front of various Congressional committees.

For example, since he worked for Donald Trump, Cohen was described about a million times as a “fixer.” Democrats, on the other hand, have lawyers.

To prevent the release of embarrassing information, Democrats’ lawyers negotiate NDA’s — nondisclosure agreements. Republican fixers’ NDAs are “hush money,” or “bribes.”

Hillary Clinton paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrat operatives who then bought or made up false Russian dirt on Trump — that was opposition research. Republicans, on the other hand, “collude!”

Republicans lie, Democrats misspeak.

Democrats plan, Republicans scheme.

Republicans hire lobbyists, Democrats use advocates. Republicans employ operatives or hired guns, Democrats prefer community activists.

If a Democrat changes his or her position on an issue, they have evolved … grown. Republicans “flip-flop.”

Whenever an unfamiliar politician is ensnared in some scandal, you naturally wonder which party he or she is a member of. If the “embattled” pol is a Republican, affiliation is usually noted in the headline, or at the very latest in the first paragraph.

If, however, you reach the third paragraph of the story without his party being identified, you can be absolutely certain you are reading about a Democrat miscreant.

Likewise, accusers are handled differently depending on who exactly they’re accusing. Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was almost derailed by the not particularly credible “Dr.” Christine Blasey Ford. One of the women who’s accused Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia of sexual assault likewise has a Ph.D., but how often does the alt-left media refer to “Dr. Vanessa Tyson.” Fairfax, you see, is a Democrat.

Was Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime ever referred to as “alleged?” Of course not. But all the real, documented, videotaped attacks on conservatives — invariably they are alleged, or “according to police reports.”

Yep. Plus: “No wonder half of America is beyond smirking at the alt-left media’s agitprop on behalf of the Democrats. The deplorables aren’t smirking anymore, they’re sneering.”

[Emphasis added.] H/T Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit

Bill Tozer

The Great Divide-its a’coming

I think the term “socialism” is not how the dictionary describes it in today’s Great Divide. The standard definition was pointed out in Unsubstainable Socialism by those who bristled at being label socialist. None of the Scandinavian countries are socialist states. Fair enough.
In America in 2019 the term socialism, like fascism, has evolved into more of a tactic than a definition. The examples of the government taking over the means of production readily point to colossal failures. A hill that cannot be defended. Thus the left has changed tactics in America to let the private sector control the means of production and then just steal (confiscate) a greater piece of the profits off the top. That is a tactical shift for many who call themselves ‘Socialists’ in 2019. Clever and let the private sector take all the risk and Big Bro reap all the rewards. Whether this tactic is just a stepping stone to socialism, time will tell. Is the New Civil War coming? Civil War 2 or the American Revolution 2? Whatever one envisions or fears, one side has stayed put, the other side has moved.
These are just some of the reasons socialist Bernie Sanders has become a force on the left despite attempts to dismiss him. No Democrat running, in fact, has experienced more national success. He may not win the primary, but Sanders’ poll numbers are as good as any other current candidate’s. In a more democratic primary contest, Sanders could very easily have faced Trump as a nominee for president in 2016. Moreover, he represents the youngest and most animated faction of the left — which is to say, the future.

The thing is, Bernie hasn’t changed in his 40 years in politics. It has been the Democratic Party, whose conception of policy is now almost indistinguishable from his, that has dramatically transformed. The perceptible differences between Sanders and Warren, Harris, Beto O'Rourke and Kirsten Gillibrand are tactics and timelines, not endgames.


George Rebane

No realworld activity or institution perfectly lives up the label that best describes them and summarizes enough information to reliably identify them and usefully predict their future actions and reactions. Preponderance of policies and direction is sufficient and useful to label a group or country as being socialist or capitalist, liberal or conservative, etc. Checking every box in the definition list is not necessary in order to make appropriate assessments.


BillT: "Thus the left has changed tactics in America to let the private sector control the means of production and then just steal (confiscate) a greater piece of the profits off the top."

I agree that there has been a change in tactics to letting the Little Red Hen bake all the bread and then to scarper off with half the loaves to hand out to your best friends. The additional piece to that puzzle is to produce ever more government control of private enterprise. All the bits of law (or most) seem to make sense, but the aggregate of regulations drives companies to acting in a quasi-governmental fashion like utilities.

and of course, the more you sell to government, the more you are like government.

It's a little related to the mixed feelings I have as concerns labor unions. The typical intent is to legislate large companies into being competitive, that's the idea at least if not the truth, but to produce a single labor monopoly that supplies them. As in any monopoly, the 'market' has crummy price signals. Hilarity ensues.

Bill Tozer

Scenes. Just got from what you were reading and talking about from another thread. Food injustice. The Union. If there is injustice, there must be the oppressed and the oppressor and the ones to fix the injustice.
“....this cycle of injustice that comes from our industrialized food system.” Ah. there is the culprit. And the solution is more laws, more regs, more government, more government workers, more, more, more.. and less junk food. They must increase, the individual must decrease. Personal freedoms and property rights must decrease, the common good must increase. It’s for our own good, of course.
Interesting that the word ‘injustice’ appears only in the opening sentence. Click bait. Good excuse as any to kick that door open and throw off the oppressors...in this case the “industrial food system”.
Without injustice and oppressors, there is no reason for the oppressed to rise up...and we know who is waiting in the wings to lead up to social...er...food justice.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @2:34 pm and Scenes by extension.

Upon further consideration, I was being too charitable with this label crap. Every single one of the declared Dem candidates are screaming class warfare and class envy. As a populist candidate once told the people pointing to a huge farms and estates encompassing the hillsides, “See that big agriculture farms over there? Those people have plenty, you have little. They are rich, you are poor. They are the reason you are poor. They have your food. They have your money. They have your wealth, they give you nothing. See those big International Oil companies? They are taking your oil. They are rich, you are poor. They are wealthy because they are taking your oil, our oil. They are the reason you are poor. The populist’s name was Hugo Chavez.

When in power, Hugo just did not merely skim off the profits of the big landowners. That where I was being too charitable @ 12:34. Nah, he burdened them down wth so many heavy handed rules and regs and took so much off the top that it became unprofitable to say in business. Drove them to their knee. Hugo drove them to the point they would walk away or just let the govnmememt take the businesses over. When he nationazed the oil companies, he made the pricie at the pump fifty cents a gallon and hired thousands of government workers, keeping the higher paid government workers and union bosses closer to the center of power..in the Capitol around him. No Yellow Vest protests at 50 cents a galllon and subsidized prices of food staples.
When it started to unravel and Hugo died, his widow was the richest person in Venezuela.

Caught a few minutes of Bernie yesterday. Might as well been any of them, from Robert Cross to Pocahontas. See those billionaires over there? Thy are the reason you can’t get ahead. See those multinationals over there? They have your money, our money! They are the reason .....See those oil companies over there, they are the reason your kids will breathe dirty and drink poisoned water and die. See those billionaires over there, they.....

See those socialists over there? They are the reason gun sales are up.

Bill Tozer

Finally, VHD knocks it out of the park like never before. The battle lines have being drawn. The Great Divide....or a least another piece of the puzzle, another partial answer to what does it mean? Making sense of the senseless. Don’t know what it all means, but I know what it looks like: nihilism


Scott O

BT at 3:14 - from the linked article: "Progressives are like a worn rope being pulling apart at both ends. At one end, there is an effort to radicalize prior radicalization, and on the other end victimhood is heading toward parody."
It's easy to laugh at the obvious, yet look at how the lefties that post here eat this stuff up as gospel. And the so-called 'journalists'? The best asset they have is explaining away (or ignoring) every single bit of hypocrisy of the left. The left will reply in defense that the conservatives (mostly old-line Republicans) are hypocrites as well, but the left is ALL about hypocrisy. The more pure they strive to be and the more they picture themselves as flying with the angels, the more they set themselves up for a fall. And the more the press and news media have to lie and contort the truth to cover for the anointed ones.
It's a death spiral historically as noted by Hanson, but the sad fact is we will see it repeated, I fear.
The lure of 'free stuff' is an age old siren song and the chorus is in full throat right now.

Bill Tozer

“However, as we continue to shout past each other in the manner much documented in these commentaries and comment streams, the Great Divide debates are starting to embrace a new and more ominous timbre. Two WaPo reporters have noticed that pundits from both sides today see the country at loggerheads that have not been witnessed since 1860, the eve of our previous ‘civil war’. When considering the prospect of a shooting war, a recent poll found that “more than 40 percent of Democrats described such a conflict as "likely," compared with about 25 percent of Republicans.” Even our venerable VDH has voiced his portents, asking, "How, when, and why has the United States now arrived at the brink of a veritable civil war?" ——Dr. Rebane

Why one commentor feels we are too lazy/comfortable to start a shooting civil war..
Start around 7 minutes into the podcast to catch the last few minutes.

Sidebar***If you watch the first part of the feed, it explains (without naming VHD) why Bill Kristol’s new group called our beloved VHD a Nazi just two days ago, Also would explain why John McCain voted against R/R Obamacare after campaigning hard and long to repeal the Affordable Care Act....#NeverTrumpers.

Civil War...

Land use, 2019

George Rebane

BillT 103pm - Thanks for the video link. What Walsh misses in his comparison of today's willingness to fight compared to that of 1860 is that the government under progressive policies can create the desperate situation in America that will induce people to take up arms. Just because it hasn't happened yet is not a guarantee that it's not possible to happen or that it will not happen. (That itself is kind of a liberal position in general when debating issues - if it ain't happened, it won't happen.)

Don Bessee

Funny you should mention that Dr R.@519, looks like the beto was already ahead of you!



Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 5:19 pm

That is why I changed my focus from 1930’s Germany to the streets to the 1920’s. These things don’t happen overnight. The USSR in the 20’s was kicking it up a notch. Now, is there a period where I can combine the Inquisition with the latter 20’s in Europe ? :)

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