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28 March 2019



You consider to be the seeing eye dog for humanity? How many hundreds of thousands of self proclaimed prophets and visionaries have preceded you? How many were remembered after the fact as being real? In our immediate past there have been many. Timothy Leary, Maharishi Yogi, Stalin, Martin Luther King, Joseph Smith . . . each representing a different point on the compass and none were even close to accurate in hind sight. Based on the annals of history, my educated guess would suggest that you are simply another cog on the wheel of humanity. Just like the rest of us.

Todd Juvinall

OOZE you are a moron. If you can't read or understand what you read I suggest you stop drinking to excess and get out of your momma's basement and get some fresh air. I can't understand how you can be so dumb. Your babbling now anyway so please put a lid on your insanity.


"You consider (sic) to be the seeing eye dog for humanity?"-Ozz

More blithering idiocy from "Ozz". That's not what Rebane wrote.

George Rebane

Ozz 153pm - Mr Ozz, it is a lasting pity that you continue to demonstrate no understanding of what is written in these pages. Nevertheless, sally forth!

Scott O

Being a conservative (conservatarian, then) as well, I find it amusing that the 'progressives' (progressively what?) like to simply dismiss my views as being that of an old (and yes, white!) man afraid of the future, immigrants, new ways and change.
Of course that is hardly true as I find myself and many of like mind to be endlessly looking about at the changing world and figuring how to best align past proven values to the needs of a world in a constantly updating mode via new technology and societal mores.
The human condition has been changing since we began, but the pace has quickened quite rapidly. The left (progressives, whatever) have blundered into a state of change for the sake of change without a bit of reflection on the consequences. Deciding that the ideas of old dead white men no longer have any value, off they hop into the brave new world with fresh, new thinking to try to keep up with the fresh, new tech.
Sadly, as they lack the education to appreciate the truths of millennia, they further confuse themselves with nonsense such as humans being able to legally declare themselves to be something they are not.
Ideas such as that end up causing even more problems not only for the delusional ones but also for society as well.
Humans have evolved over time somewhat in some ways, but we still exhibit the exact same foibles and weaknesses noted thousands of years ago. We have now such a myriad of fun new ways to practice these sins and the progressives are found scratching their heads and wondering how best to deal with it having only a pitiful few tools in their bag of mores.

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