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29 March 2019



Glenn Reynolds: I REMEMBER A LOT OF PEOPLE CONFIDENTLY TELLING ME THAT TRUMP’S LEGAL TEAM HAD NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS DOING: How Trump Dodged A Special Counsel Interview — And A Subpoena Fight. “The president’s legal team asked, ‘What evidence have you obtained that justifies you interviewing the president?’ according the person, who added that Mueller’s office was ‘never able to articulate a compelling case. They never gave up asking, but they had no good answer for that question.’”

That’s because they had nothing, and knew they had nothing, and Trump’s lawyers knew they had nothing, and knew that they knew that they had nothing. And stuck to their guns.

Paul Emery

It's not over yet Russ. He has at least another dozen legal issues he has to deal with.


Says the law office of Stooge&Emery.


The real obstruction was one by Hillary and the FBI.
Hillary with her illegal sever with the security lock off,
(Now China has every email that went through it.)
And the FBI knowing it, and doing nothing about it.
And since this is Emery's new "goto" site,,

Those are crimes against the State. MASSIVE security breaches, under "O" and Hillary's watch.

Don Bessee

As far as the chi coms are concerned its over based on their sudden gives right after the summary came out and I somehow think they already know the contents of the full report @449!

You cant fix dementia!


Don Bessee

Here is a reminder for the o so great pony tail of ignorance on things that he has clearly forgotten because of you know, the D thing. Shhhhh

Team Obama racked up a long list of seriously bad moves in dealing with Moscow. There was the failed “Russian reset” that was going to win Putin over with kindness. There was the gift of New START – a treaty that let Russia to build up its nuclear arsenal further, while forcing us to cut ours. They compounded that error by letting Putin get away with cheating on the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty. Then, of course, there were the bungled responses to Putin’s invasion and annexation of Crimea and his adventurism in Syria.

It’s not like no one warned Obama that Putin’s Russia was a rising menace. But Mr. “No Drama” simply pooh-poohed the notion that it was anything to worry about.

Given that history, is it any wonder that Putin thought he could mess with the 2016 elections and get away with it?

The main goal was, no doubt, simply to sow doubt and distaste about whichever candidate emerged the winner. But Trump’s speculation that Moscow would have been happier with a Clinton presidency is probably right. Her election might well have perpetuated many of the worst elements of Obama’s policies, including letting Russia undermine European energy security and energy free markets.


Don Bessee

Not everyone is ready to fall on their sword for rancid Russian dressing, almost as if the truth has set them free!

Gabbard, who lags in 2020 polls behind better-known rivals, said in a video posted to her Twitter account that “now that Mueller has reported that his investigation revealed no such collusion, we all need to put aside our partisan interests and recognize that finding that the president of the United States did not conspire with Russia to interfere with our elections is a good thing for our country.”


Bill Tozer

The Left, here and elsewhere, continues to sanctify Hillary’s performance.......

Oh, she’s not going away....ever.

Todd Juvinall

Little Stevie Frisch is on my blog attacking me again. He needs his fix. What a hoot!

The Estonian Fox

Re Maxine Waters-
Thank Michelle Malkin (Sunday, March 3, 2019) for spreading the word:
"Twitter has become America’s version of Islam’s morality police — the dreaded “mutaween” (Arabic for “the one who makes others obey”)."

Bill Tozer

Re: Democrat agenda?

Well, we just have to wait and wait. Lots of platitudes in the meantime.

Medicare for all is about it. Cost of 33 trillion or so over the next ten years and requires destroying the private health insurance for about 160 million Americans who currently have it and most happy with it. Opps, how silly of me. They are all behind the Green New Deal...but they don’t want to talk about that, not to mention debate it’s merits. Another platitude.

Aha! I have found the Dem-Socialist Party agenda! Goes like this:

‘The Earth has been around for about 4.5 billion years, yet
AOC, Beto, Bernie, Warren, Kamala, etc. predict we have twelve years left
unless we vote for the Dem-Socialists.’

That’s there agenda!

Bill Tozer

R/e Hillary

Dr Rebane sez:
“The Left, here and elsewhere, continues to sanctify Hillary’s performance as SecState and presidential candidate, not because there is no evidence of her multitude of wrongdoings (the evidence is plentiful, documented, and made public), but because she was not subsequently indicted by an inept/corrupt Obama DoJ”

My, my. Getting to the pantsuits bottom of things. Graham unchained.


Mr. Emery is a well known legal scholar associated with the firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe, LLP.

Bill Tozer

The Democrat exemplified by Progressive Palo Alto.

"This woman comes over, and she says 'Is that a Trump hat?' I said, 'I think it is, yes,'" Victor recalled. He said Mankey then turned to the rest of the Starbucks customers and said, "Hey, everybody. Come over here. Let’s get this guy! He’s a hater! I’m calling him out! He hates brown people. He’s a Nazi."

Bill Tozer

Opps. I posted this in Sandbox, should be here: Rationed Care in Britain

“NICE guidance is not mandatory and clinical commissioners must have the freedom to make clinically led decisions that are in the best interests of both individual patients and their wider local populations. The NHS does not have unlimited resources.”

George Rebane

BillT 134pm - Excellent catch Mr Tozer. This, and many more reports like this documenting the global unsustainability and reduction of national healthcare services, is sure to bring out the Collectivist Cricket Corps.

Bill Tozer

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

Bill Tozer

It’s a lie.

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