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03 March 2019


Bonnie McGuire

Hahaha....No wonder they don't want the wall. It would interfere with business as usual...


I liked the article on nuclear power.

Back of the envelope (well, the envelope in my head) tells me that you would need around 200+ new plants in the US to fill out the grid, and that you would push US greenhouse emissions down to a number close to German per capita levels. This assumes no change to transport, heating, etc., just electricity.

Is there enough fuel?


...as an aside. Can you imagine the uproar if D. Trump announced a Strategic Nuclear Energy Initiative and fired off a spate of plant design and construction?

Good Lord, there'd be no end of shrieking.


"especially by those who have been making a living on the government's renewable energy subsidies tit."

You curiously forgot (face slap) about those sucking off of the massive petroleum energy subsidies tit.

Bill Tozer

Nukes and renewables. Worth taking another look. Good article. The disposing of milllions of end of life solar panels has always concerned me. When Solyndra went bellyup, they could neither sell or give away their inventory of solar panels. They were taken to the dump.
I have heard that new technology has made nuclear plants safer. I was shocked years ago (decades?) when the co-founder of Green Peace made the agrument for nuclear energy. It was a good argument then. He also got the boot back then, lol.
I also have many known many folks who never owned a car in their lives. Too expensive to park and plenty of public transist. They live where AOC lives, where the only profitable Amtrak line in the nation is. They see things through the eyes of the Eastern corridor with subways or densly populated concrete jungles, not through the eye of a Western or the rest of the nation.

I remember when the Ca Coastal Commission ordered the lowering of wind turbines to under ten feet and to placed in the front of houses (not the ocean side), rendering them useless...for astetic reasons. I also just read that the GND would require a land mass greater than the size of PA for just solar fields. It is worth mentioning that the largest solar field in CA could generate only enough electricity to power the NY subway system...if it were reliable. Even homes in GV with solar panels and battery systems don’t work that great when the power goes out—the power goes out usually in severe storms.

It is not a one size fits all. But we do have a history of what works and what fails. A history of what works on a structure may not work on a large scale. A history or strengths and weaknesses. Worth looking a nuke juice again. I like open spaces and wildlife. Unless it’s not really about clean air and clean water, but more about feel good.

“Pompous little twit. You don’t have a plan to grow food for 8 billion people without fossil fuels, or get the food into the cities. Horses? If fossil fuels were banned every tree in the world would be cut down for fuel for cooking and heating. You would bring about mass death."

Whoa Nelly. Not so fast. Hold your horses. One million acres? Try somebody else’s backyard, not LA’s backyard. Put it in anus or armpit or someplace far away..Iike Fresno.



Oz (What, another one?) there's a difference between giving you something and not taking it away in the first place. There are no petro subsidies and nothing marks you a collectivist faster than such inane references. L


L- 6:30
"There are no petro subsidies and nothing marks you a collectivist faster than such inane references."
I'd counter that nothing marks you a blind Tea Baggin' sheep faster than such an inane statement.

According to the Congressional Budget Office 25% of all energy related tax preferences are given to fossil fuels. In addition, 15% of all direct financial support go to fossil fuel technologies.



Bill- You are sadly spreading disinformation again. For the record I am and always have been supportive of the nuclear industry.

Your statement that Patrick Moore was a "co-founder of Greenpeace" is a croc. He says that a lot and it galls me when the uneducated repeat his lies. It is a favorite throw away phrase from Rush and Fox who know the truth.

Patrick Moore was hired by Greenpeace well after it founded. He got the boot and opened his own "Greenpeace Canada" which gave him a launchpad to become a paid spokesperson for the international timber lobby, industrial salmon farming and nuclear energy at which he got paid boatloads because of his claim to founding "Greenpeace". Either you fell for his pitch or lie on his behalf.


"L" : "There are no petro subsidies and nothing marks you a collectivist faster than such inane references. "

Somehow 'subsidy' tends to become 'tax law as applied to resource extraction', most of which tends to make sense. Since you can make the case that corporate income tax rates should be 0% and that the taxes are squeezed out from the passthru profits to shareholders and employees, it's hard to get too worked up about that. I think that the main case might be that natgas gets a leg up over so-called 'renewables', but the latter receives even more of the same.

There's a lack of precision in these kinds of arguments as posters always grab some report or the other with different definitions.

The best 'reports' are from those earning sweet sweet nonprofit $$$$ with a lot of handwaving and wild assed guesses about 'subsidies' that really mean 'externalities'...or quoting another report with the inevitable game of Telephone that occurs. Thus you get 'subsidies' that really mean 'air pollution' or 'undercharging for global warming'.


the rebranded Mr. S sez: "According to the Congressional Budget Office 25% of all energy related tax preferences are given to fossil fuels."

In order to give a little detail to that kind of thing:

Part 1: Identification and Analysis of Fossil Fuel Provisions

To be fair, close to half of it really is a direct subsidy.

Of course, that subsidy is to poor people so they don't freeze to death and can watch the Kardashians on the telescreen.

Bill Tozer


I did not claim that the man who got the boot years ago (or quit) was the same dude as Patrick Moore. Whether they are one and the same I have not a clue. I read (or saw) a good interview years ago when whaling was the big issue. He looked like Jerry Garca. Talked about the pros of nuclear energy. I assume Greenpeace has many who claim to be founding fathers, as the two guys up at U of WA claim to have blended to two strains of pot which all pot and strains grown today come from, for example.

But that ain’t the point, now is it? You are going off on subsidies, I am going off on footprints. My concerns with nuclear are earthquakes and the China Syndrome, what your concerns with nuke juice are I have not a clue. If we are going to reduce “greeehhouse gases”, then nuclear has to included in conversation, or it’s all bull pucky.

If we are going to talk footprints, then fracking in the Artic Wildlife Refuge can reduce the drilling footprint to 7-20 acres, but that’s a diffferent story, lol. We can talk about how to power super duder cargo ships bringing in goods from Asia to our ports or windpoower in the bay, or fields of mirrors in the desert that only provide juice to 35,000 homes in a state with 40 million people.

My biggest concern is having enough water for CA’s needs, but ain’t the topic of this Ruminations. Ironically, desalination plants are nixed because they consume copious amounts of enerrgy...which is a agrument for nuclear, subsidies or no subsidies...

Patrick Moore is a lobbyist for INDUSTRIAL salmon farming, eh? Learn something new everyday.


George Rebane

Re Oz 1008pm – Our new progressive sackhead on oil industry subsidies gives the usual short shrift to the totality of government subsidies and their purported functions – to people like him oil subsidies are a fraudulent handout uniquely enjoyed by big oil. Well no. Government uses subsidies to nudge people (a la Cass Sunstein) and companies to ‘correct’ behavior, and for politicians to buy votes. The Left, first and foremost, considers all earned monies to belong to the government. Therefore any ‘tax break’ for them is the same as actually handing someone a pile of cash from their own stash.

As other commenters are pointing out, subsidies are in the myriads, and the conditions under which recipients qualify are mind-boggling and designed as part of the nation’s full employment policy for lawyers. Nevertheless, the best way to evaluate the social injustice of oil subsidies is to look at the profit margins and bottom lines of such companies. The fossil fuel companies also serve a strategic role in the nation’s economy and security, and as investment vehicles for retirement accounts. For the latter, the government get a hefty multiple in the social benefit for retirement account investments, much more than if the government actually sucked more money from oil companies and then distributed it through its bureaucracies.

But getting back to oil subsidies, what they really are, and how they compare across industries; ‘Debunking Myths About Federal Oil & Gas Subsidies’ in Forbes is a good starting point.


OZZIE 717am

Au contraire mon ami

"Greenpeace was the name given to the boat for the voyage and it would be the first of the many Greenpeace protests.[11] Following the first voyage, key crew members decided to formally change the name of the Don't Make a Wave Committee to the Greenpeace Foundation. These decision makers included founders Bob Hunter, Rod Marining and Ben Metcalfe as well as Patrick Moore." -the wiki

I think anyone there for the founding of Greenpeace with a say in the proceeding has a credible claim to be a cofounder, his subsequent apostasy notwithstanding.

Trump Sucks

,,,Cali Ruling Families,,,very interesting! Reminds us that the good ol days of backroom power politics is still with us.

Kind of like Jared Kushner,,,son of Charles Kushner, marrying into the Trump family, given security clearances he was not qualified for

,,,And both families being in the real estate business and whom are immune from the $10,000 property tax deduction cap because of how the Trump Tax Reforms were written.


LOL! Look who thinks he's a "tax expert".

Bill Tozer

If renewables cannot save us, then ts time to have a more honest discussion.

Last line from the link above:

“Now that we know that renewables can’t save the planet, are we really going to stand by and let them destroy it?”

Last lines from another article, referencing and quoting the persuasive argument by Michael Shellenberger of the Environmental Progress in his ‘Why Renewables Can’t Save the Planet’.

“So why the Left’s aversion to nuclear energy? Maybe because it’s a proven, reliable, and cost-effective source of green energy that doesn’t necessitate a socialist takeover of the American economy. The fact is, nuclear power offers a more realistic means of meeting the Left’s loudly proclaimed environmental goals, but it does so via capitalism — and there’s the rub.

Subsides? How are we going to pay for it???????? I dunno, so how about some distracting humor?

According to AOC, nobody will have to pay for this – like a timeshare you bought on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1997, this thing will pay for itself! This is a direct quote: “At the end of the day, this is an investment in our economy that should grow our wealth as a nation, so the question isn’t how we will pay for it, but what will we do with our new shared prosperity.”

The question, guys, isn’t how to pay for the Fyre Festival – it’s what we’ll do with the free drinks, the beautiful cabanas, and the epic memories we’ll create together!
While AOC acknowledged 51-90 trillion sounds like a big number, she added that most of those numbers are just zeros.

George Rebane

TrumpS 1104pm - Trump's family connections in private industry were no more or less than the connections forged by other well-to-do families. What differentiates the corruption made possible by the CA families I cited is that they use/d government positions to enrich themselves. BTW, what evidence do you have that Kushner was "not qualified" for his security clearance?

And as a sackhead, please make a note that your current nom de plume will no longer work in these pages - try another one. Although, given your comment, I can see why revealing your name is not wise.


TrumpS smells like Doug Keachie, a 'retired' teacher with no self control. Keach is a serial vandal of blogs.


"Keach is a serial vandal of blogs."

Just why is that exactly?

It makes sense for a 20 year old in the early days of USENET. In modern times it's just boring.

I wonder sometimes if people, nearing the end of life (that light in the tunnel *is* a train), simply feel the need to deface. Maybe it goes along with being unaccomplished. Dunno, but it seems to me to have some kind of biological drive behind it.

Bill Tozer

Left a trivia pursuit question for you on Sandbox @ 1:14 pm.

My apologies to the group for buttting in with a personal message. Carry on.


Oz @6:57, even if we take your figures at face value... we have 25% of tax preferences going to fossil fuel- which provides about 80% of our energy and the other 75% going to the renewable folks who provide what? 2-3%. Without actual subsidies no one would invest in them at all.

Nukes, which get little respect (glad to see you have some sense there at least) get about zero support from the govt, but probably represent the only possible way humankind gets out of the 21stC with anything like civilization intact. L


Posted by: George Rebane | 04 March 2019 at 11:58 AM - Here you go George,,,

'''President Trump reportedly ordered his former White House chief of staff John Kelly last year to grant a security clearance to his son-in-law and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner.

The New York Times reports that Trump ordered Kelly in May to override the security concerns of top U.S. officials and grant a top-secret clearance to Kushner, whose clearance had been downgraded from that level earlier in the year.

The report of Trump's order, which the Times said was documented at the time by Kelly in a memo, contradicts statements the president made to the newspaper last month in which he claimed he had no role in the reinstatement of his son-in-law's security clearance.'''

'''According to the New York Times, Trump allegedly ordered officials to give Kushner his TS clearance. (The White House had no comment on Kushner’s clearance.) Over the years, millions of hard-working Americans like myself went through the security clearance process. We waited in line. We opened up our lives to scrutiny. We were vulnerable. We were patriotic. We were honest. And in the end we were deemed worthy of the privilege to hold a security clearance.

Kushner’s clearance isn’t just a slap in the face to public servants it’s grievous. If Trump avoided fighting in Vietnam claiming a fraudulent injury, that’s on his conscience. If Trump wants to devalue his assets to save money on his never released taxes, that’s avaricious and dishonest. But if Trump gave his deeply compromised son-in-law a Top Secret security clearance, that’s gravely dangerous for our country.'''


,,,and the difference between the '''Cali Cartel''' and the Trump family that plays together??? There is none. We are witnessing that which you are lighting your hair over... Trump has installed his daughter and son-in-law to positions that will provide them political power and influence for generations paving the way for business connections and backroom power,,,just like in the Cali Cartel example

Regarding the nom de plume Trump Sucks,,, I rather like the moniker because is makes it harder for the Roundtable peanut tossers to pervert it...and we have plenty of evidence exemplifying of the level of their intellect in these matters...

Gregory's definition of '''a vandal''' is someone who post opposing viewpoints,,,what a hoot!!!


Microsoft says employers will look for these 3 skills as A.I. changes the workforce

[. . .]

And yet, there's disconnect among the workforce.

As many as 15 percent of employees believe AI will have no impact on their jobs, the research found. Meanwhile, more than three-quarters (77 percent) expect their employer to help them develop skills to adapt to the changing environment.

That presents a troubling situation for workers, according to Microsoft's managing director for Singapore, Kevin Wo, who said that employees need to ensure they can respond to the changing work landscape.

"No longer is the responsibility only with the employer," Wo told CNBC Make It, noting that many businesses are slow to reskill staff. "The individual needs to take that on."

Three 'in-demand' skills

Microsoft's report found that by 2021, there will be an excess of traditional cognitive and manual skills in Asia Pacific, such as data entry, numeracy and communication, and mechanical skills.

However, there will be a lack of higher cognitive capabilities, as well as social and technological skills. Specifically, the report noted, there will a shortage of the three skills business leaders most need.

Digital skills
Analytical abilities
Continuous learning capabilities

Wo said employees should focus especially on developing continuous learning abilities and creative analytic approaches.



Gregory, the subject of your 12:13 may be the only humanoid stupid enough to actually misspell a punctuation mark,,, If you get my drift. Hopefully, he's also to stupid to translate this note and will continue to leave his pug marks on everything he writes. L


Too not to. L


,,,L,,,I am sorry you are so upset,,,

The Estonian Fox

AVMan @ 2:06.
You must be confused by what you interpret as the devious workings of President Trump. He didn't approve the TS clearance of Jared. Jared's clearance was surreptitiously approved by Hillary Clinton. She knows all of the ins & outs of security safeguarding. She approved the clearance to set up Mr. Trump, knowing that the press would be desperate to get SOMETHING on Pres. Trump. And she knows that she is immune from prosecution by the FBI.

The press will salivate over this information without trying to find out the true source. It was the one success that Hillary had in the last 3-1/2 years that actually worked. You were duped - but not by the Donald.


,,,foxy Estonian,,,this is breaking news! Along with the security clearance did HRC also give him access to the 30,000 emails on her hidden hard drive???


AV@4:17: Now, THAT was funny... L


AVmoobs 206pm

It wasn't a definition of a vandal, it was a labeling of a vandal. Because that's what he does.

And you are looking more and more like a Jeff Pelline leaving clues that you want to be seen as Keachie. A step beyond a vandal.

Scott O

George - as to your last Mar 5th update. Let's remember that Rs (voters) tend to have memories and long term stable principles. The folks that run as Rs tend to do so:
Because it's a solid R constituency
They really have R values.
One of our representatives (we gots two!) from Idaho - Mike Simpson - recently stated that he would like to double the budget of the NEA. At a time when we are hopelessly broke.
Actual Republicans see this and respond accordingly.
Dems, on the other hand just lap up the class envy stuff and are too ignorant or stoned or just brain dead to follow up on what they were sold at election time.
Look no further than Mad Max Waters. Re-elected every term based on what? She can't be bothered to even domicile any where near the the trash (ahem, faithful voters) she lies to year after year. What good has she done for any of them? Nothing.
Republican voters tend to expect what they were promised and most R pols end up having a hard time delivering what they had promised.
That's one reason McClintock has done as well as he has. He promises very little beyond being a solid conservative voice and he is that.
Going forward, the left has an enormous advantage in being able to promise the moon while knowing that their base hasn't got the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel.

Bonnie McGuire

This may be part of California's ruling family subject. The Union editorial board wonders why Gov. Newsom shut the door on his recent visit. "To paraphrase from a famous movie, Gov. Gavin Newsom's understanding of the word "transparency" doesn't mean what he thinks it means.Transparency doesn't include restricting access to a League of Cities meeting held today in Grass Valley. It's not found in a tailored statement afterward about what happened behind closed doors. And it sure isn't composed of elected and appointed officials from across the state gathering in our county on our dime."
My hunch was his former (?) connection to the Loma Rica Ranch property.
And here's the latest regarding what he wants to do regarding the homeless people in California. I'm all for helping down and out people as long as you don't destroy the helpers by taxing and regulating them to death...And why bring in thousands more from South America over our border. I think the first step of sincerity would be for him and our representatives to lower their income and benefits. So much for their glorious sanctuary state paid for by hard working citizen taxpayers in the private sector.

George Rebane

ScottO 736pm - Of course, I am not contending any of your points, but only want to point out that an ignorant population has more than once given up its freedoms 'for the greater good' and received the greater tyranny in turn.

Bonnie McGuire

Thank you Dr. rebane.

Scott O

George - Sadly true.
Remember - If it only saves one life it will be worth it!

Bill Tozer

Bonnie@7:56 pm -

Here is a great link about housing.

Unfortunately, it’s WSJ (behind the paywall) and I cannot read it. Fortunately, sections were read to me. A classic example of government creating a problem (fighting urban sprawl), then government stepping in to fix the problem they caused.

Bill Tozer

More on Why Renewables Can’t Save Us; Urban-Rural Divide and Visual Blight

This isn’t the first time that California regulators have rejected renewables. In 2015, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of an ordinance banning large wind turbines in the county’s unincorporated areas. During a hearing on the measure, then-supervisor Michael D. Antonovich said that “wind turbines create visual blight.” In addition, he said, the skyscraper-sized turbines would “contradict the county’s rural dark skies ordinance which aims to protect dark skies in areas like Antelope Valley and the Santa Monica Mountains.”

The land-use fights over renewable energy reflect the urban–rural divide in American politics — a divide that was obvious in the 2016 presidential race. Hillary Clinton won big in urban areas; Donald Trump dominated in rural areas. Big environmental groups and urban liberal voters like the idea of renewable energy and want more of it. But the all-renewable scenario they are pushing depends on what I call the vacant-land myth: There’s an endless amount of unused, uninteresting territory out in the boondocks that’s ready and waiting to be covered with energy infrastructure.

Those urban voters will never have to deal with the reality of a wind project in their backyard,” Engert told me. “As these projects move closer to humans and where people live, you are seeing resistance in places” across rural America.


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