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14 March 2019



Here you go Roberta........on the internet there is a supply niche even for your "unique" predilections!

George Rebane

AVman 1111am - ",,,that you ask the question is illuminating..." What really is illuminating is what people of your ilk have done for generations. To add on to Mr Tozer's list of your sins, who was in charge of putting thousands of American citizens in concentration camps during WW1 and WW2 just because their ancestors were from the wrong country. You guys will put people behind bars at the drop of a hat when they don't think or look like you - sometimes you call it 're-education'. The count of millions lost in your re-education camps during the 20th century is unknown. And today the beat goes on in places like Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea, ... .

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 15 March 2019 at 12:12 PMBoobieC you are unhinged. Where do you get your screeds? Does George Soros pay you? The only place to see your philosophy on the earth is playing out in Venezuela and North Korea. You heroes the Castro clan has Cube and Ortega as Nickie. All lefties like you. We on the right are all in for freedom, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You are for Das Kapital and the Hugo Chavez constitution. All in all, you are on the wrong blog for your ideology. Head over to "The Nation". That suits your commie beliefs.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 12:27

They are just scared cow fartless that we are going to do to them what they have been doing to us. Just imagine if we unleashed an Antifa on them. Or imagine chasing them out of restaurants or taking pictures of all their license plates (and put their names, addresses, pictures of their homes, and employers’ work numbers on social media for harassment and threats) when they park to see a Michael Moore movie or Townhall gathering....ROFLMAO.

Gulags, concentration camps, book burnings, arrests of political opponents, Brown Shirts, Black Shirts, Red Brigades....everything they have done and do and now they are wetting their panties that Karma is going to come back on their heads. Oh no, the chickens are coming home to roost! Their worse fears are a taste of their own medicine.

When Trmup said at CPAC that Hayden Williams took a punch for all of us it was a game changer. It’s push back to time. Not with our fists, but with our tolerance for their excesses.

What we have heard from the Industrial Leftinista Education, Entertainment, & Media Complex for over two years is White people bad, Christians very bad, white males bad, white females bad, bad, bad. Ridiculed and abused. Ostracized. I don’t worry about any of us saying “lock and load”, but I do wonder how much more some guy working in a warehouse or driving truck will take of the relentless derision before they snap.

Where do they come up with these ‘off the charts’ full blown pure adulterated fears and Nazi comparisons? Turn on the TV. Listen to their leaders. Watch what’s going on and going down. Read their left wing sites.
That’s where they are getting these wild imiganation stories. It is what they are being fed 24/7 season in season out.
Heck, not too long ago Bobbie was over here all scared shitless that we would march him up against the wall and put him before a firing squad. That is what the socialists and statists do. And lest we forget the sheer terror over a “stink-ass” sign. Go back to Berekely....if it ain’t burned to the ground by now, lol.
Can you say “projection”? Can you say “transference”?

Where do they come up with these wild tales and fears? Just google Bill Maher and you will plenty of clips that Trump will never give up power...he’s a dictator! ...even BEFORE the election of 2016 to the running narrative peaking last month (Feb) to yesterday and today, 2018.

Nov 5, 2016....before the election.

Referring to Trump as a fascist, Maher said, “I promise [voting for Trump] will not make your life better. Once fascists get power, they don’t give it up. You’ve got President Trump for life.” (Assuming Trump doesn’t completely destroy the gears of democracy and the Constitution should he enter the White House, the most he could serve would be eight years.)


George 10:31-
"Can you outline some aspects of progressive or socialist ideology that are NOT understood in these page"

Todd 1:50
"you are on the wrong blog for your ideology."

It took Todd about 3 hours to demonstrate that opinions of progressive ideology are not welcome on your page. If the ruminants refuse to hear them, how can they pretend to understand them? Echoes only allowed.

George Rebane

Ozz 205pm - don't know what you're smoking today, but there has NEVER been an incidence of censoring anyone's ideology on RR. This is one of the few places that is NOT an echo chamber. The decade plus visits of leftwing RR commenters attest to this.


George, Color me confused. I would refer you to Todd's 1:50. Loud and clearly a directive for RC to take his ideology elsewhere. You allow Todd to be the Queen Rat and bully here, so I can only believe you are in agreement.

Bill Tozer

Pollution or Climate Change?
Who is opposed to clean air, clean water, or wide open spaces? No me. Cleaning up pollution (air and water) is dandy. A puddle after a rain is not a waterway. And, as evidenced by volumes written and posted, Climate Change is more about re-engineering society and social justice than anything to with stopping the sea levels from rising.

If the true believers in Cliimate Change really believed their own speeches and the planet will be uninhabitable in less than 12 years, then why don’t they sell their Malibu beaches and move inland? Why do they extend their homes out to 60 feet from high tide in those coves? Why don’t they sell at ten cents on the dollar instead of spending millions in lawyer fees to keep the public from accessing “their beach”. Get off my lawn!

Open space, like Mr. Ranger at Jellystone Park loves? Like most love and cherish like moi? It’s the wackos in the cities that want to take MILLIONS of acres of our open spaces and cover them with wind turbines, solar fields, giant mirrors, 4 storytowers.....destroying the pristine landscape that never will recover nor can be returned to its natural state again? Those in the cities and state houses telling utilities that 50% of their power must come from renewable sources.... placed out in our open spaces and ruining our open spaces. Go pound sand.

With new technology like horizontal and diagonal drilling, the Artic Reserve oil rigs would take up only 7-20 acres total, including equipment parking out of millions upon millions of open space acres.

I have always said if we really wanted to put the hurts on 3rd World diseases, run natural gas lines to the villages in Africa. Boiling of water for drinking and cooking would kill the bacteria that causes many of their diseases and elimate the need to gather firewood and destroy the vegetation. Fracking has made gas cheap and plentiful and less polluting than burning carbon. Plus it can be used for powering internal combustion engines and save forests and the savanna and the air.

But, it’s not about air pollution or water polittion or open spaces. Only about 3% of the plastic in the oceans come from us (top of my head). Ban straws, but don’t ban those plastic containers Yoplait Yogurt comes in??? WTF!

Talk to me about pollution. Talk about the pot grows that have polluted the Eel River (and Russian River watersheds) and made the water toxic to humans and wildlife. Take to me about cleaning up Superfund sights. But, don’t use pollution for an excuse to end racism or income inequality.

“Have you heard the news: Even air pollution is racist! Because white people produce it and non-white people breath it:

Pollution, much like wealth, is not distributed equally in the United States.

Scientists and policymakers have long known that black and Hispanic Americans tend to live in neighborhoods with more pollution of all kinds, than white Americans. And because pollution exposure can cause a range of health problems, this inequity could be a driver of unequal health outcomes across the U.S.

A study published Monday in the journal PNAS adds a new twist to the pollution problem by looking at consumption. While we tend to think of factories or power plants as the source of pollution, those polluters wouldn’t exist without consumer demand for their products.

The researchers found that air pollution is disproportionately caused by white Americans’ consumption of goods and services, but disproportionately inhaled by black and Hispanic Americans.

There are so many things stupidly wrong with this whole story that I don’t even know where to begin. First, this study, and many others like it, anchor their alarm on the supposed fact that particulate pollution causes about 42,000 premature deaths in the U.S. every year. Though the EPA relies on this figure, the epidemiology behind it is very weak. But without this scary statistic, a lot of regulations would fail even the most generous cost-benefit test.

Second, particulate levels have been falling fast for the last 25 years, and will continue to fall in the future. Most studies such as this one are relying on obsolete data. What this means is that most black and Hispanic Americans, even in the places that still have the highest air pollution levels like the Los Angeles basin, are breathing air today that is lower in ambient pollution than white people inhaled 20 years ago. Don’t expect NPR or anyone else to put it in perspective this way. They’ve got an agenda and a narrative that needs to be kept up.”


Rumor on the street has it that your bud Sean Metroka is in the hoosegow for driving >99 through town drunk off his rocker. Is this true? I can't confirm. Maybe Hiede Hall can advise.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 15 March 2019 at 03:01 PM

Did the poor little OOZe have his feelings hurt. Oh my rush to your fainting couch. Suggesting someone is on the wrong blog for their baloney ideology as you exhibit is not forcing anyone to do anything. You liberals crap your pants for nothing. Get your depends ready as you will probably receive more suggestions.


Well Lefty gun grabbers, those massively restrictive gun laws in New Zealand sure worked out swell.
Yet your RED Cortez found an excuse to blame the NRA.

Judging by all the LIBBY comments, you nuts have been passing the bong around... Not smoking,, but drinking the bong water. ( that must not have been changed since Cheech and Chong shot their last movie.)

Paul Emery

George writes at 1:08:

" And today the beat goes on in places like Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea, ... ."

How about places like Saudi Arabia and Philippines, for example, both run by Trumps pals. Trump called Phillipines Cheif Duterte and applauded his “great relationship” with the Philippines’ president who is guilty of engaging in a brutal war on drugs that has left thousands of innocent civilians dead.

The gooey relation between the Trump family and Saudia Arabia has been well documented.

"Since taking office on June 30, 2016, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has carried out a “war on drugs” that has led to the deaths of over 12,000 Filipinos to date, mostly urban poor. At least 2,555 of the killings have been attributed to the Philippine National Police. Duterte and other senior officials have instigated and incited the killings in a campaign that could amount to crimes against humanity.

Human Rights Watch research has found that police are falsifying evidence to justify the unlawful killings. Despite growing calls for an investigation, Duterte has vowed to continue the campaign."

Don Bessee

That might be a fun ride!

Given the 2020 Democratic primary structure and the number of candidates, however, we might see a brokered convention that could result in the emergence of Hillary 3.0 to unite the bickering tribes under the banner of revenge for the supposed theft of the election in 2016.

Or the progressive insurgency might be setting up a replay of 1972, when incumbent President Richard Nixon won 49 states against ultra-liberal George McGovern.

The most important swing voters are middle class, suburban, mostly white, mostly in traditional families and mostly pragmatic centrists who vote their pocketbooks. Barring a financial meltdown, they are unlikely to throw the dice on the kind of nutty economic policies the progressives are pushing. Hispanics who are enjoying record employment and already drawing closer to President Trump might not want to abandon economic advancement to go all in with the identity-politics crowd. And Jewish voters could reconsider their traditional support for a Democratic Party looking more and more like the British Labor Party, which is in the midst of its own anti-Semitism crisis.


Paul Emery

Here's a quote from Trump in which he applauds the killer Duarte. It's not only the so called "commies" that slaughter people George.

""I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem," Trump said, in a transcript of the call, according to the Times report. "Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that."

Don Bessee

There may really be something wrong with beto -

Something in my gut. I'm not sure yet," Pinsky said. "I haven't really examined it carefully enough. I just can tell there's a disconnect between what people think they're seeing and what's there. That's where I'm at."



Walt 3:49-
The Trump inspired massacre is quite sad but you have to throw your ignorant spin on it. Hunting is a favored past time in New Zealand and most Kiwis I know are well armed.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 4:18 pm

“Given the 2020 Democratic primary structure and the number of candidates, however, we might see a brokered convention that could result in the emergence of Hillary 3.0 to unite the bickering tribes under the banner of revenge for the supposed theft of the election in 2016.”

Bingo. I have been considering such a crazy senario. Imagine the declared candidates battling it out, each one trying to out lib the other and entering the DNC convention with no clear front runner. All bloodied, no one has enough delgates. Brokered convention. At that moment, somebody who has held back could walk in and be the nominee.

Say, somebody like the one who had more poplular votes than Obama in the 2008 Dem primary. Someone who had more popular votes than Trump in the 2016 general. Someone who has the entire machine and apparatus intact to this very hour. Someone who has the Deep State behind the curtains pulling a lot of puppet strings. Somebody who knows where all the bodies are buried and has the CEO of every major network (plus CNN) on speed dial and they answer on the first ring.
Somebody who has the name recognition and somebody thinks its her turn. Somebody who has Media Matters working for her at this vey moment who is busy smearing and kniving potential party nominees. If not. My Gal...then somebody who hangs Creep Uncle Joe to “unite the party”.

You know the old song and dance. The Leftinista candidates move to the far left to win the primary, then pivot to the center to appear less radical to win the elections. If the Lefties go too far off the rails for the average John/ Jane Doe in the primaries AND nominates a Far Left Radical Extremist (is there any other kind of Leftinista?) from the field of wingnuts, then it could be a easy re-election for Trump. Not a Mc Govern landslide because of CA, MA, and NY, but he could rake in chips like Grant took Richmond. Or face My Gal again.
I am most optimistic. A lot of time between here and and there and a lot will happen.......but as long as the Socialists stay in front of the cameras and get 24/7 exposure, I feel rather optimistic. Let them spend the next year doing the heavy lifting and going psychotic for al to see. Exposure and being exposed for how nutty they are.

Don Bessee

Another reminder why the holding the senate was so important #forlife -



The Trump inspired massacre is quite sad but you have to throw your ignorant spin on it.

Orange Man BAD.........

Don Bessee

Its about the victims too -


fish 5:20-
I bet if your family was gunned down in a senseless hate killing you might think the Orange Man is a dick. But then again, maybe not.

Don Bessee

God if I knew she would be 24/7 foot in mouth like this I would have donated money to her! -

'What good are your thoughts & prayers': Ocasio-Cortez criticized for comments on New Zealand shooting

Christal Hayes,USA TODAY 3 hours ago

WASHINGTON – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drew backlash on Twitter after criticizing those who offered prayers after the mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand.
"At 1st I thought of saying, 'Imagine being told your house of faith isn’t safe anymore.' But I couldn’t say 'imagine.' Because of Charleston. Pittsburgh. Sutherland Springs," the first-term Democrat from New York wrote hours after the shooting. "What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?"

Ocasio-Cortez's tweet sparked a firestorm of replies from people who criticized her for attacking those who chose to pray while absorbing the details of the heinous attacks.



TDS is running high again.. Trump is the new Bush? "It's his fault".

BTW OOzzz,, Self defense is not a good enough reason to get a gun licence. Not even HOME defense.
The new hero of the LIBS (he used a evil AR and LIBS can blame the gun again) just didn't say just what he would be hunting to get his hunting and gun permit.. He lied.. Imagine that!!

Oh... One more thing. He's a charter member of the KKK.(white supremacist) That makes him a charter member of the Dem. party.

Bill Tozer

Another plea deal?

“Jackson Cosko appeared to have absconded with vast troves of data months before the confirmation hearing, and even allegedly had Senate letterhead. Even after he was caught, he continued to make threats, Hogan said.

But this week, prosecutors said they intend to resolve the case with a plea deal, likely shielding the extent of the alleged breach of the Senate forever. They canceled a court date set for Thursday, writing, “The parties are in discussions to resolve the case and require additional time for that purpose.”

“Asked if that meant the evidence of major crimes discussed behind closed doors would never be unsealed, prosecutor Tejpal S. Chawla said “we’ll see.”

“Democrats had numerous opportunities to prevent Cosko from his alleged breach on the Senate’s IT systems. Notwithstanding their stated indignation about the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, Hassan hired Cosko despite an existing felony record.

“Months before Republican senators were doxxed during the Kavanaugh hearing, Hassan asked Cosko to resign, though she has refused to say on what grounds. It’s not clear if the former aide’s so-called superuser credentials were deactivated.

”Congressional officials previously told TheDCNF that IT aides have the “keys to the kingdom” and the ability to see all the computer files in an office.

“Compounding matters, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee picked up Cosko after he was booted from Hassan’s office. The Texas Democrat’s office refused to say whether she checked with Hassan as a reference or did a criminal background check.

“Feinstein was previously accused of having a Chinese spy working in her California office, but allowed him to retire and covered it up. He was never criminally charged — helpful in avoiding media attention — and she never discussed it publicly until it leaked out years later. Even then, she refused to name him and falsely characterized him as simply a driver. He is still working in the U.S.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 15 March 2019 at 05:04 PM
OOZIE did you read the manifesto? He loves the Chicoms and their government. Not many "white" guys there. You really are a moron. And when we kick your ass in 2020 we will watch you poop your depends every day.

Bill Tozer

Fish sez in response to Ozzzzzz

“The Trump inspired massacre is quite sad but you have to throw your ignorant spin on it.

Orange Man BAD.........”

Fish, it’s all Trump’s fault. Only the most vile, unethical, and contemptuous person would take this tragedy and put it on Trump. Guess that describes 95% of the media. No wonder they earned the title “Enemy of the People”. The Mob’s knee jerk reaction is to always take a sorrowful event and pivot immediately to TDS.

Orange Man Bad. At least the shooter and the bitter Leftinistas have a thing or two in common: they both dislike Trump’s policies. They are both insane. Nothing new.

Bottomline: Orange Man Bad


Only the most vile, unethical, and contemptuous person would take this tragedy and put it on Trump.

I would agree, but spin it any way you want.

"The Trump-supporting white supremacist who launched a massacre at a New Zealand mosque revealed that he hoped to spark a 'civil war in the U.S.' in his sick manifesto and described the American president as a 'symbol of renewed white identity'. "


Posted by: Ozz | 15 March 2019 at 06:36 PM

Following your usual guilt by association in service of ideology you are as guilty as Orange Man.....

The shooter is a self described “Socialist eco-Fascist! Which while confusing puts him squarely in your camp! He was ranting about different birth rates between Muslims and the natives! Sounds like he was concerned about the environment! Decided recycling just wasn’t enough.

Anybody surprised......

Bill Tozer


Oh, you want to believe somehow Trump is connected so bad you believe it. Oh, you want to believe so many stories about Trump that you believe it is actually do, ROFLMAO. I want to believe it soooo bad, I can taste it! Russians! The Russians colluded with Trump!
And Charlie Mason wanted to spark a race war. And Jussie Smollett wanted to spark a race war in his own way. And the 70 page manifesto the white nationist shooter wrote (if you have read it) said he wanted to start a 2nd Amendment gun control heated debate in the US to spark a big division (civil war) in the US to change gun control laws! Rightttt. Like what happens in New Zealand would change laws here? We have different constitutions. That dude ain’t all there.
Reminds me of a Fast and Furious plot hatched by the only AG in our history to be cited with Contempt of Congress to have bloodshed in the streets as an excuse to ban guns. Let that sink in. The plan was for the blood of innocents to be spilled on the ground for political agendas. Sick shit.

And do you know the inspiration the registered Democrat voter who plugged Gabbie (and killed a Judge)? Guess. No matter, it was blamed on Sarah Paline for putting cross hairs on Congressional districts that were in play. It’s all Palin’s fault...after the Enemy of the People blamed talk radio...but then found out he did not listen to Rush, so the pivoted and pin the blame on Sarah, LOL. Sick shit.

Go ahead and have your victory dance along with Chuck Schumer. Do your happy feet thang on the backs of the slain bloodied victims. You rock.

Breaking news!
DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE ANDREW YANG PREDICTS WHITE PEOPLE WILL SHOOT UP ASIANS. Trump has made China the boogeyman! Race war! It’s all Trump’s fault. You guys are some sick sick disgusting fellows.


At least we'll know how to spot Mr. Ozzzzz in a crowd.

George Rebane

PaulE 357pm - you missed the point Paul; we were talking about re-education camps and who promotes them. And the numbers of dead and incarcerated don't come close. But I can see why you grabbed for those citations - any port in a storm.


Posted by: scenes | 15 March 2019 at 07:16 PM

You could just call him at his office at the SBC.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 5:43

Good comments on this link....dovetails with your 5:43 pm

Speaking of blaming the NRA....

White Privileged


Toes 1025am

Not only range, but I don't want to be caught in an electric car in a blizzard... how long before the heat goes out?

Steven Frisch | 15 March 2019 at 07:37 AM
The article Frisch linked didn't give a date for when Government Motors would not be building internal combustion engines...
"GM's goal is to abandon the internal combustion engine entirely. At some yet-unspecified point, all of its products will draw power either from batteries or hydrogen"

It appears Frisch's exclamation that they'll be changed over

It's a goal. The only thing they can promise is they intend to stay in business, and if they can do that by not building piston driven gasoline engines and makei, more power to them. However, I doubt any companies will jump off the all-electric cliff until they can make money at it.

Right now, with my transportation needs, you couldn't pay me to have a plug in electric car, and hybrids are not cost effective with my history of use, which is to buy a car and drive it until the wheels fall off.

If there's a free and open market, I doubt I'll ever not be able to purchase a Ford, Screwburu, Toyota, BMV, Porsche etc with a gasoline engine. A Soviet style economic system where little Frischs make the decisions about what I can buy, that's different.

I've a 2003 Saturn I inherited from my parents and that will be the 2nd and last GM I own. It works, that's about all I can say about it, an orphan after they sold their soul to Obama for cash. My lst (nd only other) GM was a '53 Oldsmobile and that had more pizazz.


It's not Trump who's getting the blame......
“After all that you have done, all the Islamophobia you have stoked,” a female student can be heard saying to Clinton at the beginning of the video.

“I am so sorry that you feel that way,” said Clinton, “Certainly, it was my never my intention. I do believe words matter. I believe we have to show solidarity with each other–”

“[Words] do matter,” interrupted the student, “This right here is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you and the words that you have put out into the world.” The student appeared to then gesture toward the vigil.

“And I want you to know that,” continued the student, “I want you to feel that deep inside, that forty-nine people died because of the rhetoric that you put out there.”


The killer said he was inspired to massacre by Trump, not Chelsea Clinton.

George Rebane

Ozz 757am - Actually, he said no such thing - read his 'manifesto'. His reasons for the massacre were much more complex and were formed before Trump. This killer was cooking for a long time before he acted.

Steven Frisch

“My vas pokhoronim,”

Robert Cross

"This is one of the few places that is NOT an echo chamber." Now that is one of the FUNNIEST things I have ever heard. If this blog is not an echo chamber for extreme right wing propaganda what is it?


Posted by: Robert Cross | 16 March 2019 at 08:38 AM

If this blog is not an echo chamber for extreme right wing propaganda what is it?

A place where you get to work out your "lady time" issues!

Bill Tozer

The week in partial review.
Well, with Lisa’s testimony, we can now safety say that the DOJ told the FBI to stand down from the Clinton Investigation. There never was going to be an real investigation or charges filed against Hillary, ever. Hillary Rodham Clinton could have committed just about any egregious crime on the books and no charges would have ever been filed. Stand down.

Speaking of egregious crimes, Richard Allen Davis received a reprieve from death row, which made the infanticide crowd cream their jeans in support. Sorry we let you down, Marc. Sorry we let you down, Polly Klaas.">">

Robert Cross

"A place where you get to work out your "lady time" issues! Wrong again Clouseau

George Rebane

RoberC 'the blind' 838am - you truly are beyond reach. For openers, count the number of debates on issues between the right/left that populate these pages. RR is anything but an echo chamber, because the commenters of opposite ideologies are here instantly to counter what either side presents. And you shouldn't really use concepts like "extreme right wing propaganda", because you have no idea of what it is - i.e. you can't give either a definition or a rule for identifying it, for you its extreme right wing simply because you say it is. So, you want to see an echo chamber, go visit some of the leftwing blogs like the FUE's. And the only reason you and yours are regular visitors to these pages is that it is not an echo chamber.

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 16 March 2019 at 08:38 AM

You really are a moron BoobieC. Extreme right? Why because we fight against you libs that want to destroy the country and it Constitution? My guess about your ilk and you is you would feel more at home on a blog from the leaders of CUBA and North Korea. That is your style. Now go pick out your evening gown for the LGBTQA dance tonight.

Scott O

Oooooze - "The killer said he was inspired to massacre by Trump, not Chelsea Clinton."
Are you sure it wasn't Jodie Foster?
Then it would be her fault, right?
We could blame the killings on the killer.
Nah - what fun is that?


Posted by: Robert Cross | 16 March 2019 at 08:57 AM

"A place where you get to work out your "lady time" issues! Wrong again Clouseau


Of course if I'm wrong about you being a woman then you have bigger issues to work through.


George 8:25
"Actually, he said no such thing "

Actually, he did

"...posted a 74-page manifesto before the shooting which called Donald Trump a “symbol of white supremacy.”"

George: "This killer was cooking for a long time before he acted."

That's the point George. How many neo-con white supremist gun nuts are out there (or here) "cooking" and just waiting for the right inflammatory words to goad them on to action? Just how many examples do you need that Trump's rhetoric inspires hateful deeds. By your own words Trump is a leader who inspires. He makes it okay to hate again.

Todd Juvinall

There is no debating a moron like the OOZE. He reads the same things we do and his brain is in constant 180.

The killer loved the Chicoms. Somehow that is turned into Trump by a moron.


re: S. Frisch@8:35AM

“Why can’t the communists accept the Bible?”

“According to the Bible, in the beginning was chaos, and then by God’s plan order
was established. The experience of communism teaches that first there came the plan, and
then came chaos.”

Barry Pruett

Politicization of this tragedy by our local socialists (Ozz, Pelline, etc) is only designed to further divide our communities, our nation, and the world. It is so sad. White supremists. Black lives matter. Jihadis. Anti-semites. Homophobes. The progressives want and need us divided here locally and worldwide. They need us divided to control us. There is only one response to this. Love.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

So sad to watch these tragedies. So sad to watch unhappy people politicize other people’s horror. They should be ashamed of themselves.


Posted by: Ozz | 16 March 2019 at 09:04 AM

.......and in the end it was always about discerning the hidden motives........witch trials if you will. For which no defense was ever satisfactory.

Scratch a progressive and you always find a "thought controller"......every......single.....time!


"Just how many examples do you need that Trump's rhetoric inspires hateful deeds." -Ozzie

Just one that actually does that might do.

The "manifesto" is a clearly provocative piece that's calculated to inflame the easily inflammable. Like Ozz. Boobie and Steve F.


Posted by: scenes | 16 March 2019 at 09:16 AM

"The experience of communism teaches that first there came the plan, and then came chaos.”

I laughed!


So, an Australian gun nut (accent on nut) living in NZ shoots up a Mosque.

But it's all Trump's fault. Or maybe Chelsea Clinton's.

It's the fault of the shooter and those who egged him on.

The shooter got the inspiration mostly from Breivik, not Trump. But then, he's a liar and nothing he wrote can be taken at face value. It's a global troll.


"Politicization of this tragedy by our local socialists (Ozz, Pelline, etc) is only designed to further divide our communities, our nation, and the world. It is so sad."

You are as transparent as a jellyfish. You've been well indoctrinated by the NRA playbook. The approved, immediate response after any mass shooting. Does this sound familiar??

Politicization of the tragedy at this time is abhorrent. Let the victim's families mourn without involving politics.

Bill Tozer

The killer said he was inspired to massacre by Trump, not Chelsea Clinton”. Zerozzzz.

Lol. Yep, the Pulse Nightclub shooter spent twenty minutes on the phone with 911 during his deadly killing spree detailing his motives (Radical Islamic Terrorism) and afterall this time, the FBI has yet to find his motive.

AG Loretta Lynch said these shootings happen because lack of jobs and lack of hugs. Well, the shooter had a job and the way she slobbered over him, he got plenty of hugs.

Hmm. Should we believe the New Zealand killer and not the gay nightclub killer? Oh, the dilemma. Kinda like when the Leftinistas say there should be no billionaires in one breath and then say with the next breath that billionaires will fund their unicorns and pixie dust.

I believe the killer.....but I don’t know which killer to believe. Allahu Akbar?

Bill Tozer

The Most Intolerant County in America (and the Most Tolerant City)

Woke intolerance? Group polarization? Nah.


Posted by: Ozz | 16 March 2019 at 09:46 AM

Hah.....the standard lefty corporate communication is that .......others .....always others...."seek to divide us".

and lets not forget

"Politicization of the tragedy at this time is abhorrent. Let the victim's families mourn without involving politics."

Since when? You guys are usually elbowing each other out of the way to climb on top of the pile of bodies by now! Each of you with his or her own very special contribution to the tragedy!

Barry Pruett

The left’s fear. They have to politicize to divide.


And what would Saturday be like without a contribution from Cow County's most pompous 600lb jet setter!

Jeffpelline says:

March 16, 2019 at 9:48 am

Goodness! This all-too-clear message is proving to be “tough love” for some of our local rightwing bloggers and their disciples. Of course, consider that at least one of them regularly uses the term “ragheads” in his posts. Go figure! If that wasn’t hypocritical enough, now I’m being labeled a “socialist” for posting this commentary (lumped in with a sock puppet named Ozz). For a “socialist,” at least I’ve acquired some impressive stock trading accumen as an adult. ROFLOL. God help these people.


Welcome to another jeffy brand cliche fest......"all jet, no lag"!

Todd Juvinall

I think it is now 650 pounds.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:16 am , Fish @ 9:32 am, Gregory, Dr. Rebane,

Scenes sez”

“According to the Bible, in the beginning was chaos, and then by God’s plan order
was established. The experience of communism teaches that first there came the plan, and
then came chaos.”
Fun video to watch....for those who think there is a difference between a mathematician and a physicist. I don’t It’s all Greek to me. Something out of nothing? Order out of chaos?

“The final solution resolution could be that God is a mathematician,” says Kaku. “The mind of God, we believe, is cosmic music. The music of strings resonating through 11-dimensional hyperspace.”

NC Fascist Detector

Hey Walt, you stupid hillybilly

I see you posted that New Zealand had strict gun laws. You are one dumb hillbilly. NZ has the laxest gun laws in the world. Reading that white nationalist's manifesto, so much sounds exactly like you, Bill Tozer and Todd. White Nationalist Racists with guns. My god, its almost identical to the crap you guys spout every day on here. Proud to have been poorly educated, proud to have never attended college.


Steven Frisch says:

March 16, 2019 at 10:07 am

Yep Jeff, if you are not a conservative Christian right wing Republican straight white American male you are a ‘socialist.’

Actually someone of jeffys carriage would likely immediately fall suspect to the cadres.......most likely a bourgeoisie and certainly a hoarder of the peoples goods......probably a crypto-counterrevolutionary as well!



My god, its almost identical to the crap you guys spout every day on here. Proud to have been poorly educated, proud to have never attended college.! .......c'mon tells me bouts that Feminist Dance Therapy!



,,,the NZ shooter is a racist, xenophobic, Islamaphobe. This crap transcends political leanings.
That is why Orange Man Bad. Bad for America, bad for the world.
Orange Man Go (((OMG))) My hats will be on Etsy soon

Bill Tozer

Does college make you dumber! Judging by the Leftinistas’comments above, the answer is an unequivocal “Yes!”

“Hear ye, hear ye!

Gif of Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber saying he likes college because it makes him dumber
Is it possible college is actually making kids dumber when they leave than when they enter?

Well, a study conducted by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute last year points to exactly that.

Their study tested incoming freshman and exiting seniors at 50 major colleges (25 of the most “elite” and 25 randos) across American history, government, and economics.

And the freshman outperformed the seniors.

It’s no surprise to me.”


Posted by: AVMan | 16 March 2019 at 10:36 AM

Shorter my shit on Regretsy.......I need to have some work done on the double wide!


...and yet here you are....complaining!

jeffpelline says:

March 16, 2019 at 10:42 am

And the best part is that those comments are on a blog administered by a Ph.D. (“Dr.” George Rebane). I wish Tom Wolfe was around to write that one up. At this point my only response to these verbal harpoons, audio daggers and childish chants could be: “Nanny, nanny nanny goat,” “neener, neener, neener” or even “nanny nanny boo boo” with “Stick your head in doo-doo.” (citation:

OH NOES........Not a PhD! Anything but that.......

C'mon bout some more Anthony Bourdain fan know where you and Tony fly (all jet, no lag) fly from city to city solving crimes and eating! Anthony goes first are saran wrapped to a pallet in the hold!

It'll be great!

Todd Juvinall

NZ laws are very tough on guns. The media reported yesterday that the only place you can carry one is from gun range to gun range. Then today a media outlet said they have "lax" gun laws. That is where the resident troll lib got that. It was the BEE I think. Anyway the laws are way tougher even though that moron AOC said the NRA was responsible for this killing spree in NZ.

No one of the conservative beliefs think this scumbag should live past a week after his trial. But like all other "western" democracies, they probably will house this guy for twenty years then let him out. Just like Norway. And for the libs here that love those ISIS fellows, there was a live beheading of two young Nordic women a month ago. You can get your thrills watching that.

Todd Juvinall

Gregory get over there and set these people straight.


And for the libs here that love those ISIS fellows, there was a live beheading of two young Nordic women a month ago. You can get your thrills watching that. complaints from the "Usual Suspects" about that! Outside the lefty corporate communications scope I guess......! Now if they had desecrated a "Climate Action Plan" document.......


Todd 1112am

If there is a raging argument you want me to chime in on, no can do. News story comments are behind a paywall.

Bill Tozer

Prediction: Beto will make it into the Top Two come DNC time. Don’t discount the Irish man.

First, one must think like a Lefty for you to follow along. So, put on your lefty hats and throw away your thinking caps.

Beto is young, hip, cool. The Dems have been waiting for over 50 years for the 2nd Coming of JFK. They swoon over youth and goofiness. Think Bill Clinton playing the sax with dark shades onlate night Arsenal Hall. How cool is that! Hip to the jive.

Think AOC. They love her to death. It doesn’t matter one lick if her policies are viable or have severe unintended consequences. Pay that hat no nevermind. She is the biggest rock star in Socialist Party right now because she is young and goofy and in tune. Millions follow here every tweet and are energized. It’s the feelings, the vibes that count.

When Barrack Obama came along, people were swooning and fainting in the crowds at just the sight of him. Young, unconventional, weird name....perfect. Remember the Obama girls doing their songs? An internet sensation.

Now we have Beto. He came out of the gate running against Ted Cruz on a anti-gun no guns allowed platform (in Texas!) and only lost by 3 points. He is internet savvy, rides a skateboard across the stage with ease, and it’s the farthest thing from a technocrat. He married a rich lady who is the adult in the room. Most relationships have the free spirit and the nerd, She is the quiet serious one in the background who takes care of business was, he is free to play in punk bands and be Beto, Beto, Beto. Camelot.

Beto launched his candidatcy for POTUS in the middle of the night. Put out some talks on the internet, instantly set up a line of merchandise, and went back to bed. He’s Beto!
There are young girls who now are singing songs about Beto they made up. It’s fun. Do you see young people making up songs praising Kamala Harris? Do you see young people walking around with Elizabeth Warren or Corey Booker fashionwear? Beto is in.
The Dems love youth. It’s all about the motion. Beto may be a White heterosexual male, but the best thing about Beto is he transcends Idenity Politics and Intersectionality!!

Lastly, Beto ican boogie on the boogie board and is a better driver than Drunk Teddy.He does have thing with cars and a way with words, though.

“O'Rourke also reportedly wrote about murdering children by running them over with a car.
"One day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street," O'Rourke wrote. "They were happy, happy to be free from their troubles ...This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dreams."

"As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two," O'Rourke continued. "I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head."

The disturbing writings are just the latest in a long line of stories about O'Rourke that center around his driving.

On the night of his 26th birthday, O'Rourke hit another vehicle while he was driving drunk. O'Rourke claimed that he only had two beers, which The Washington Post has disputed:”

Ok, let his wife drive or just take the skateboard...and wear no socks. Beto!


"And the best part is that those comments are on a blog administered by a Ph.D. (“Dr.” George Rebane). I wish Tom Wolfe was around to write that one up. At this point my only response to these verbal harpoons, audio daggers and childish chants could be: “Nanny, nanny nanny goat,” “neener, neener, neener” or even “nanny nanny boo boo” with “Stick your head in doo-doo.” (citation:"

...and the FUE who wrote that has a BA in Rhetoric from the same University of California system that granted George's BS in Physics and PhD in Systems after study of the real world.

Neener, neener to his Lardness.

Barry Pruett

BA in bullshit. 😂

Robert Cross

little fishy in a large mudhole. Wrong again Clouseau


The Proggys are RALLY twisted off.. And not even Noon yet.

Not one damned show of proof or fact for their uh,,, claims.
Better go elbow deep up the brown eye. Half a forearm ain't do'n it.


(oopss, time to fix the keyboard again....)


Barry... isn't that what I wrote?

Rhetoric literally means bullshit in a particular dialect of Ancient Greek.

Seriouslynow, it's a fine area of trivial study (literally... Rhetoric was/is part of the Trivium, a preparation for advanced study). Difficult to master, but learning how to argue effectively (even for untrue statements) is best left for lawyers, not "journalists".

Scientists, mathematicians and engineers generally don't formally learn the fine art of lying.

Barry Pruett

Rhetoric + Journalism = Joseph Goebbels

Bill Tozer

Well, one thing we learned about Operation Varsity Blues is that the parchment is worth more than the education.
Beto, the ultimate Limousine Liberal GenXer.

Here’s Beto!

“Beto is a brainless rich kid who yearned to be cool and wasn’t very good at it. He flunked out of punk. He failed as a fiction writer. He belly-flopped as an alternative-newspaper publisher. And he’s so clueless that his apartment was once robbed while he was sitting in it. At his pricey Virginia prep school (Woodberry Forest School these days carries a sticker price of $48,000 a year), he thought he “just stuck out so badly” because of the “monoculture” there, which the Dallas Morning News called “white, wealthy and southern.” O’Rourke was and is white, wealthy, and southern, so he couldn’t have stuck out much more than Miracle Whip at the mayonnaise convention, yet he was wounded and alienated. Or maybe not.”

Hmmm. That might be a problem for Mr. Swallows and Robert Cross and Drunk Dougski. Pricey Virginia prep school? That might be a deal breaker. Class envy and all.


little fishy in a large mudhole. Wrong again Clouseau

You cut me deep Schrek!


Where did NC "Dipshit" go?
"In New Zealand, there are far more gun restrictions than the United States on average, although they might appear to be looser than some left-leaning states."
"It appears Ocasio-Cortez, in an effort to malign the U.S. gun advocacy group, applied American standards to New Zealand, a country that arguably has tougher guns laws than the United States."

BS is King in "NC"
"NZ has the laxest gun laws in the world." Good job showing that your full of shit..
This "hillbilly" as you care to call me is plenty smarter than you.
Seems "jon" is out of jail?

Bill Tozer

Walt sez:
“The Proggys are RALLY twisted off.. And not even Noon yet”

You got that straight. They woke up this morning with vultures on their headboards. That sense of impending doom really brings out the best in them.

Fish sez:
OH NOES........Not a PhD! Anything but that.......


NZ has even tougher background checks. Yet,, read it Proggys.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Christchurch shooting suspect Brenton Tarrant had a license to own guns and obtained the five guns used in the Mosque attacks via that license.
This means the Tarrant was not only licensed, but passed criminal, mental, and health-related background checks.

When someone wants to do something like this, they will.
No law will stop them.


"Rhetoric + Journalism = Joseph Goebbels"


Robert Cross

Rhetoric + Journalism = Fox News

Bill Tozer

@ 12:25 pm
Oh Walt, you are an uneducated Deplorable. You don’t know what you are talking about.
Listen to our enlightened betters. They we schooled at the cream of the crop institutions of higher thinkers.

For instance, take someone with a degree in International Relations or Economics from the prestigious Boston University. Current yearly tuition is $53,948. Add room and meals and it is a bargain at $69,668/ year. A bargain because of all that good thunking and learnin’ you receive that will carrry you through the rest of your life. Plus all that delicious prestige you can name drop at high society cocktail functions.
“I attended the Academy of Higher Book Learning and you should be impressed. Ah I see your r.”

Interesting that AOC (a Boston University grad, majoring in International Rrelations and Evonomics) blamed the New Zealand mosque shootings on the NRA. It’s that darn NRA in New Zealand that is the problem here, people!

Hmmmm. The NRA does not exist in New Zealand or any country outside of the good ole US of A. As American as appple pie. Blame the NRA.
Think it is best to listen to Walt. He knows more than our enlightened betters. A whole bunch more. Bunches and bunches.

Quote: “One of the greatest mistakes in American History was allowing the Government to educate our children”—Anonymous.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 16 March 2019 at 12:59 PM

Rhetoric + Journalism = Fox News

Nice....... using the transitive property you just equated jeffy with Fox News.

jeffy Pelline = Rhetoric + Journalism = Fox News

jeffy Pelline = Fox News

I wonder if he knows?


Bobbie, there you go again.

Fox News (as opposed to commenters like Hannity that appear on the Fox News channel) has a point of view that is on the Right. That doesn't make it propaganda... they do report honestly. They are asking different questions, the sort that make the Bobbie's of the world cover their ears, sway back and forth saying "naaa, naaa, naaa, naa..."

There's less BS than on CNN or MSLSD, but they do have their moments of clarity.

Bill Tozer

Robert Cross.

Nice to have you join us, Mr. Cross. Warms the cockles of me heart to see all the Moral Puritans dropping by.

I certainly don’t have to tell a Moral Puritan such as yourself that gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Walt, it is plain as day you don't know jack sh*t about NZ gun ownership. I've never seen a gun range in NZ, but I have seen lots and lots of guns. You'd love it. They shoot just about anything that moves. Go hunting, carry a gun. Go fishing, carry a gun, Go for a walk in the woods, carry a gun. They don't have big carnivores or venomous snakes or much crime. It's just a thing. Unlike you, I don't pretend to know the legality of such ownership, but if there are laws, they clearly are not enforced. To be honest, outside of the cities, I don't know that I've ever seen a proper cop.

I went red stag hunting and they where more skittish than white tails. Everyone has a bead on them 24x7. They are consider vermin. Much like our Todd.


,,,fishbrain trying to sound smart at 110pm,,,

Here we see fish trying to teach his son math,,,

Don Bessee

Could someone educate the troll @132 that the gunman is not from NZ?



No wonder you post as a sock puppet. You would get laughed out of town if people knew your real name.
No gun ranges you say?"I've never seen a gun range in NZ"
Care to choose one?
North Island or South Island?
No,, I don't know Jack Shit.. But he seems to be your best friend.
One again you prove yourself the REAL IDIOT.

(31) · Shooting range
Makarau, New Zealand

New Zealand Handloaders Association
(9) · Shooting range
Christchurch, New Zealand

Loaded NZ
(7) · Shooting range
Omanawa, New Zealand
Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Cable Bay Shooting Adventures
(5) · Shooting range
Hira, New Zealand

Waiuku Pistol club
(15) · Shooting range
Otaua, New Zealand
Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Break One Clay Target Sports
(13) · Shooting range
Queenstown, New Zealand

Howick Rifle Club
(10) · Shooting range
Auckland, New Zealand
Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM Mon

NZDA Auckland Shooting Range
(3) · Shooting range
Riverhead, New Zealand

Adventure Playground
(63) · Skeet shooting range
Rotorua, New Zealand

Wellington Pistol Club
(4) · Shooting range
Wellington, New Zealand

(3) · Shooting range
Albany, New Zealand

The Range Warkworth
(42) · Shooting range
Warkworth, New Zealand

Carodale Country Estate, Clay Target Shooting
(4) · Shooting range
Wainui, New Zealand
Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Waitemata Clay Target Club
(14) · Skeet shooting range
Auckland, New Zealand
Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Clay Break Taupo
(2) · Skeet shooting range
Oruanui, New Zealand
Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Auckland Pistol Club
(6) · Shooting range
Auckland, New Zealand
Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Waikato Clay Target Club
(2) · Shooting range
Eureka, New Zealand

New Zealand Deerstalkers Association
(1) · Shooting range
Christchurch, New Zealand

National Rifle Association of NZ
(15) · Sports club
Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

"... Saturday's to learn about long range target shooting..."

Royal Tiger Range
(2) · Shooting range
Wellington, New Zealand
Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM


Me = have no clue what NZ gun laws are. Don't care a whole lot.

I see that they are getting on swimmingly though.


Me = have no clue what NZ gun laws are. Don't care a whole lot.

I see that they are getting on swimmingly though.

Bill Tozer

My, New Zealand must have changed a whole bunch. My brother tried to emigrate to New Zealand darn near fifty years ago. When he got out of the Marines, he figured it would be a better place to raise his kids than in the decadent USA. All those dope smokers and such.
He liked Christchurch. Said if you did not have flower growing in the flower box under the front window, they would cite ya. Very Elizabethian or Victorian. They wouldn’t let him in unless he had a skill they needed. The number one skill they needed was medical technologists. So, he went to school, got his license, and they still would not let him and let his family emigrate there, lol. Neither could blacks emigrate there back in the day. It all worked out. Life happens. He kept going to school at night, worked during the day and piled up a whole bunch of degrees and papers and licenses to hang on the Wall. That was around 1970 or so. Last I talked to him, he still was talking a night course at some UC college. He also is moving out of CA this spring after all these years.

Anyway, NZ has probably changed quite a bit in 50 years. I was surprised they let Muslims in, but then I had to look at the date on the calander to remind myself.

Don’t know much bout NZ, save they have more sheep than people and Ruth Ginsberg is thinking of moving there. I imagine Australia is going through the same angst.

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