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14 March 2019



"The vast consensus of scientists and researchers believe Global warming and climate change are a real threat to future generations"


Thank you, Punch, for your heartfelt recitation of the argumentum ad populum du jour. There is certainly a large majority of scientists whose careers depend upon government funding who say they believe the earth is careening towards an apocalypse. They NEED and will accept more funding to study the matter.

There are scientists who have evidence that points to the direction I've related. I've read their papers and I accept them as more realistic than the IPCC-blessed science that has failed badly to predict temps.

Bill Tozer

Aha! The first shot across the bow. This is how it works. (Past performance is not guarantee of future results). The NYT picks who they want to win and build them up. Then, needing a horserace, they will switch to covering another candidate to make it seem like it’s neck and neck. Then they drop the challenger faster than a fat kid at a cake buffet and go back to their chosen one. So, who will the NYT pick to win?
Hint: It might be someone with a vagina. Time will tell.

“Why do you think he’s getting so much attention? Certainly none of the announced women candidates are creating this much stir. Elizabeth Warren has been shoving out policy positions. Kamala Harris has been campaigning like crazy. Warren, Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar are all acting senators. O’Rourke is a former member of the House of Representatives who lost a race to Ted Cruz, one of the least appealing human beings on the face of the earth.

“#But there’s just something about Beto that makes him stand apart. Hate to think it’s being a cute white guy who can skateboard.”.....

Democrats are the party of resentment (a hard-earned status considering how much resentment there is on the GOP side). Black Democrats resent whites; female Democrats resent men. Democrats who aren’t making it resent people who are; Democrats who have made it look down on people who haven’t.

This works well for the party when the target is white male Republicans. But in the ungodly scramble that will be the Democratic nominating process, these resentments seem destined to be turned inward, in the form of Democrat-on-Democrat political violence.

Collins’ mocking of O’Rourke is a preview of coming attractions, and probably a tame one.


Popcorn time.


Good going Paul. Still believe faked AGW "research"?
Even the ones who dreamed up AGW are admitting the scam.
Just a little looking would tell you that.
AGW is nothing more than political science. That's not "opinion".
I would give you plenty of links,, but why waste my time on things you would never read?


Obviously there's the notion of veering left in the primaries and then right in the general. Given how crazy the Blue Mob is, the campaign leading up to the primaries should be sweet.

They'll probably tear up Creepy Uncle Joe, but his gravitas is needed.


Bill Tozer

The long week in review in pictures. Lots of pictures......more than just Varsity Blues.

Visual aides for our comprehension impaired.



Wally 9:20

"Even the ones who dreamed up AGW are admitting the scam"

Like who? An "expert" quoted on Breitbart like your guy who "started Greenpeace"?

I'm guessing your "sources" are the same who insist that poking a steak with a fork will cause it to exsanguinate, or that every household in Switzerland is mandated to have an automatic weapon, or that massive gun restrictions only allow New Zealanders to carry between their home and a gun range, or . . . . good lord you are full of most excellent "facts". I'm not making this up, these are all from your own mouth in the past few days alone!

Bill Tozer

In search of truth, justice, and the American way.


Don Bessee

That's a big lima Oscar lima @ 942 with a I know NZ and you all don't. Shure you are right, didn't you tell us so?



"Ozz" 942pm

Walt's view of the origins of the AGW scare is no more warped than yours, Jeff... and it's only accidental that his "sources" are more right than yours.

Accidents of politics.


Give it up Ozzhole.. Remember" you said there were no shooting ranges in NZ.
Now tell us all when the climate didn't change. In the last 10,000 years the seas didn't rise.

I prefer the juices IN the meat, not at the bottom of the grill.
You can stick with your 3RD world cooking.

OK Folks, a few of you have had a sample of my cooking. Any complaints? The fatman wants to know!!

Billl Tozer

Nothing to see here. Yawn..

“The assailants reportedly split into three groups, the first of which fired upon the people, the second set fire to buildings, and the third chased down people fleeing from the scene. Victims of the assault included women and children.
Monday’s incident followed an attack the day before in the Ungwan Barde village in Kajuru, where 17 Christians were killed and dozens of homes were burned.
In the first week of March, Muslim extremists massacred more than 30 Christians in Karamar village, setting fire to several houses and a church. The terrorists reportedly shot at families trying to escape the fire, killing 32.
The spate of recent attacks against communities has taken place within the predominantly Christian Adara chiefdom of southern Kaduna.”



I'd rather never meet you in person, but I would cream your peas in a cook off. You are a hobbyist (who can probably knock out 4-5 tasty dishes on your grill, most people can). I have trained with some of the top chefs in the world and am considered by many to cook at a professional level. I cook with a food science background, not by wive's tales and the wisdom of weekend warriors such as you.

Todd Juvinall

OOZE 804

What a hoot. The guy is the prep assistant at an assisted living home where they buy their food pre-made at COSTCO. Chef? Not a chance.

Bill Tozer

Well we won’t solve the politicalized Climate Change debate here. I am more into longer term weather forecasts myself. So is my favorite weather forecaster.

“You can see how muddy the waters have become. The purity of what I love is being destroyed. How can this be? You are being told the numbers are out of control, yet I have provided four major metrics in which that is clearly not the case. I am not “cherry picking.” It is people pushing the issue that keep insisting that the opposite is happening, and they are using their claims to try to drive home a point that I believe is based on an agenda. Their claims are are clearly not in line with the examples shown above. Which is why I tell people that today’s dialogue on climate and weather in reality have little to do with climate and weather. That’s the biggest shame of all.”


While some say we should pave paradise and put up a solar lot, I still look for signs of El Niino and weather patterns building up a year in advance. Helps to know if I should buy or not when I see rain gear or warm jackets or shorts in the bargain basement in some store. :). I was delighted to read that they found a fully intact Woolly Rhino with fur when the ice receded. Of course, where they found it the ground is in deep freeze hard with a window of extraction only a few days a year. Baby, it’s still cold outside there. Perhaps it’s a wee bit premature to start an organic farm in Greenland. Satellite imagery reveals there are thousands of acres of previously farmed land under that white stuff. Guess our ancestors moved out of Greenland to be closer to the grandkids. :)


Scott O

BT at 7:31 - There's no traction in that old story. Just more 'sectarian' violence. No way to tie it to Trump or the NRA. Yawn.. turn the page.


Posted by: Ozz | 18 March 2019 at 08:06 AM

The Steve Frisch hand is jammed up Ozz this morning I see! I imagine jeffy will wrest the sock away later and stick his chubby mitt inside at some point later so we can bask in his wisdom!

Food science……rahhh!

Todd Juvinall

OOZE/Peeline?Swallows?Frisch, all the same. Now Frisch is creepying me on the Union and calling me some sort of slur having to do with German. What a hoot.


Todd 8:30
Consider it a compliment. It's the best you'll get from any honest person.

Bill Tozer

Scott @8: 27 am.

Yep, can’t tie it to the NRA. They usually use machetes to hack up the children, women, and men. Kinda like MS-13 who were brought here at no fault of there own. Listen to the. Children. Machetes are so much more violent and fun, plus the added benefit of not being caught with an unlicensed firearm. Always a silver lining.

You know, I read about a brutal killing and bust of MS-13 ‘chldren’ in AOC’s neighborhood. You would think she would be aware of what is going on in her district. Guess she hasn’t a clue. She keeps demanding to abolish ICE. Says ICE puts fear in people. Must be a terrorist organization or something.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 18 March 2019 at 08:45 AM Actually I get a laugh a minute. I see you are not honest though as you are not doing that on the Union comments. I knew you were a dishonest troll.


"I see you are not honest though as you are not doing that on the Union comments."

Have you ever considered using the preview button before posting? As they taught us over and over again in grammar school (yes, grammar), check your work. Your sentence structure is all over the map. It is incoherent rambling. I'd hate to see what your house looks like.


Rebanistas, please inform us how Trump's ordering GM to open a plant (and Harley and Carrier) simply to keep employment numbers up is not Socialism?

"Bbbbbbbut, what about Hillary and Obama??" Nope, not an answer.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 18 March 2019 at 09:33 AM

Spell check is the best you trolls do. Nothing of substance. What a hoot!


Spell check?? Spell check?? You can't even comprehend my post Todd. Is Trump a socialist or not? Or do you know what that means?


"Rebanistas, please inform us how Trump's ordering GM to open a plant (and Harley and Carrier) simply to keep employment numbers up is not Socialism?"

I suppose one difference between capitalism and socialism is that in the former, the head of state can press for a business to do something, in the second you can order them.

It's all a matter of degree after all. Just remember that the intermediate stage between socialism and communism is alcoholism.

Paul Emery

Trumps Saudi pal Crown Prince Salman is leading a campaign of torture against Saudi dissidents. Disgusting that we are doing business with this demented torturer and killer. But, what the heck, he's a pal of the Trump family so that makes it ok.

"A New York Times report from over the weekend claims that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has been engaged in a major crackdown of his political foes that includes multiple instances of kidnapping and torturing dissidents.

The report, which was based on the accounts of two U.S. officials who have read U.S. intelligence analyses of the Saudi government, claims that the kingdom has taken on at least a dozen operations against dissidents over the past two years, and that most of them took place before the brutal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last year.

In many cases, Saudi operatives kidnapped Saudi women’s rights activists who were living abroad and brought them back to the kingdom so they could be tortured and threatened with rape."


Todd Juvinall

OOZE 1029
You are making no sense. But you are a troll so I'll give you a break as a moron troll.

Bill Tozer

Boy, the pinkos reallly hate being called the commie bastards that they are. Fat commmie basstarrds. I am getting away from the textbook definitions and calling a spade a spade. The pinko bastards have already bastardized words to such a degree that, of example, hate now means criticizing. Bernie, the ole shooll Leftinista Marxist Leninist, was running around yesterday trying to bettr explain “Socialism”, ROFLMO. Meanwhile, abolish the electoral colllege, alter the First Amendmentnt to protect people from being offended, protect the media from criticism, go after the 2nd Amendment...all without calling for a Convention of the States to constitutionally change things. Sweet.

—Back to definitions. It’s all a matter of degrees. The exact second a cucumber turns into a pickle, it don’t matter no more when taking to the control ffreaks.
-This poor sap tries to explain why the NZ shooter is not a nationalist. Waste of time, but bless his heart for trying.

“We should be looking for some explanation for the New Zealander’s violence other than nationalism. I submit that his perspective was a globalist, not a nationalist, one. The resemblances between this shooter’s violence and that practiced by the Islamic State (ISIS) are striking. They may give us the right clues to understanding his real motivation.

Like ISIS, the New Zealand murderer selected soft targets: the victims of his atrocity were innocent Muslim men and women at prayer. Like ISIS, he exploited to the full the resources of modern social media in order to call attention to himself and his actions. Like ISIS, he aestheticized violence: in his hands, the mass murder of the innocent, live-streamed as it was happening, was designed to be a work of art.

Most importantly here, his violence, like ISIS’s, was addressed to a global audience in the service of a global cause: in their case, the renewal of a caliphate subsuming all Muslims spread across the planet, the umma. In his case, the “white race” throughout the world, faced (in his view) with demographic catastrophe and extinction. He was in effect calling on his intended audience to grasp the seriousness of its condition and to meet its global danger.

Whatever name we give to this kind of motivation, “nationalism” is not adequate. It is absurd to maintain that the white race throughout the entire planet forms a single, unitary “people” or “nation” in exactly the sense that particular white ethnicities do. Such a position is intelligible only from the globalist perspective that this mass shooter held, in which the differences between (say) Anglo-Australians and ethnic Serb Bosnians are entirely blotted out.


And Ilham 0mar does not speak for Muslim Americans. She speaks for Islamists. But, it’s all Trump’s fault. My goodness, is there anything that man cannot due?

Don Bessee

But of course they are -



Don Bessee

These snowflakes are going to stand up to the ascendant communists in China? -

The survey also pointed to numerous causes of the frustration for this young segment. Many feel their overall stress level is caused by the accumulation of daily micro-stressors — seemingly trivial experiences — such as being stuck in traffic, waiting for appointments, or various smartphone issues.




Paul Emery: "Trumps Saudi pal Crown Prince Salman is leading a campaign of torture against Saudi dissidents. Disgusting that we are doing business with this demented torturer and killer."

In further news: "Paul Emery's pals the 17 intelligence agencies lead a campaign of torture in black sites throughout the world. Disgusting that we listen to this friend of demented torturers and killers"

About as relevant and about as true/not true.

You probably should swing around full-circle to peaking up the skirt of Stormy Daniels, she probably has Russian connections.

How do these people get jobs in radio for God's sake?

Don Bessee

The left eating its own -



Bill Tozer


That is why I am voting for Pedro.


Figured it out! A. Socialist believes government can take all your stuff. A Democratic Socialist believes in voting for government to take all your stuff.
@ 12:22 pm
Yep, the Saudis are known as women haters. Their treatment of women is horrrifying. That is why we heard all the Women’s Rights and Woman’s Marchers screeched out in unison this past weekend. Sicking how they treat women. They have been going nuts over the issue. Omar, AOC, and the worse one, crying Rashida Harbi Tlaib. Opps, I forgot one of the always outraged, Ms. Linda Sor-sour. The silence was deafening. Guess they were too busy slamming Chelsea Clinton for saying anti-Semitism is wrong. How dare she! At least Chelsea is now being blamed for the NZ massacre. Takes some heat off Trump. Always a silver lining.

All is not lost. There is one very articulate and highly educated Muslim woman on the speakers’ circuit warning everyone who will listen about the atrocities against women in that region by Muslim men who considered their wives and females as chattel.

Glad our crack news director is speaking for alll the silent Feminist leaders.. Think we are witnessing the melding together of socialism and Islamism.

Repost: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216586829641719&set=gm.640970776358036&type=3&theater

Don Bessee

A leftist is even questioning the double standards -



Bill Tozer

Moi @ 1:20
Forgot: That Muslim woman on the speakers’ scholar circuit has been listed by SLPC as a hater. Figures and explains why I haven’t heard from her in awhile. Warned against Sharia Law in the USA. She has been silenced.


Scott O

DB at 12:30 - Gotta love it! Senor O'Rourke hasn't 'earned' his nick name.
Maybe if he had joined MS-13 instead of that nerdy hackers group.
Meanwhile - https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2019/03/18/donna-brazile-hired-as-fox-news-contributor/
Fox got so fed up with being called liars they actually went out and hired one!

Don Bessee

Getting back to work! -



Don Bessee

Not even NY wants to coddle illegal aliens -

The latest Siena College Research Institute polling finds that, even in a deep blue state like New York, American voters oppose benefits for illegal aliens.

About 61 percent of voters said they oppose a plan to give state-issued driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Only 34 percent of voters said they supported the plan and five percent said they were unsure.



Don Bessee

They done pissed Devin off -

In a complaint filed in Virginia state court on Monday, obtained by Fox News, Nunes claimed Twitter wanted to derail his work on the House Intelligence Committee, which he chaired until 2019, as he looked into alleged and apparent surveillance abuses by the government. Nunes said Twitter was guilty of "knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is clearly abusive, hateful and defamatory – providing both a voice and financial incentive to the defamers – thereby facilitating defamation on its platform."

The lawsuit alleged defamation, conspiracy and negligence, and sought not only damages, but also an injunction compelling Twitter to turn over the identities behind numerous accounts he said harassed and defamed him. The lawsuit is separate from Nunes' work on the House Intelligence Committee, where he is now the ranking member.

“Twitter is a machine," Nunes' personal attorney, Steven S. Biss, told Fox News. "It is a modern-day Tammany Hall. Congressman Nunes intends to hold Twitter fully accountable for its abusive behavior and misconduct.”

Although federal law ordinarily exempts services like Twitter from defamation liability, Nunes' suit said the platform has taken such an active role in curating and banning content -- as opposed to merely hosting it -- that it should face liability like any other organization that defames.




,,,Team Lefty infiltrates Fox News,,,

Donna Brazile will be kicking ass and taking names


Bill Tozer

Getting credit where credit is due to the St. Louis NCAAP. Hope they blame Trump for this, but that is asking too much.

“The denial of due process at Missouri’s colleges disproportionately impacts African American men,” Gaskin said, “And that’s why we call for immediate due process reforms.”

African-Americans are at a particular disadvantage in campus kangaroo courts. Multiple reports and scholars have noticed the high frequency that they are accused (especially by white women) and are often unable to afford the necessary legal action needed to save their reputation.”


Don Bessee

As if that's a good thing, they don't need to burn the books they just delete them from the internet -




The ECO brigade has some excuses to make..

Aluminum cans just don't pay like they used to. Not all aluminum is is created equal.
"Used aluminum cans are piling up in scrap yards as the market for aluminum recyclables shrinks in size and profitability, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The price for used aluminum cans tanked 30 percent since the summer of 2018. Aluminum rollers are cutting recycled aluminum from cans out of their business models to prioritize more profitable areas of business. "

So what next? Blame the mining lobby?


AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE CIVIL WAR ON THE LEFT: TRANS AND PROSTITUTES VS. FEMINISTS......truscums, terfs, serfs. Lions and tigers and bears.


Don Bessee

That's a nice place to be rolling into an election -



Bill Tozer

Afternoon Walt.
Could you ever conceive even once in your life apologizing for how you were born? We righties have it easy compared to those wack jobs on the left. Apologize for who you are is screwy. Yeah, he finally apologized.

“CNN has discovered that Democratic presidential hopeful Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is a white male — and they are not happy about it. The cable network went into race-baiting overdrive following the announcement of O’Rourke’s candidacy, airing hours of feverish handwringing over whether Beto’s “white maleness” rendered him an unacceptable choice for the Democratic Party nominee.”


More propaganda


Bill Tozer

Feel the Bern



Good evening my good friend Bill. Apologizing is for spineless Lefties. If they can't apologize their way out, they will find someone else to blame.


WOW!! Just seen Glenn Beck on the screen. He looks like he's trying out for the Col. Sanders gig... He wears it better than Dougy none the less.


I'm sure Nevada City won't like being outdone.

FINE... Only when the temp drops below 40 deg. and raining heavy.

Don Bessee

While the littlest commiecongress-critter has crashed and burned her personal rating she is the absolute winner in another poll in NY! -

The majority of New York voters see Amazon’s decision to back out as an economic blow to the state. The Amazon deal could have created between 25,000 and 40,000 jobs with an average salary of $150,000. The state said total direct and indirect jobs could have totaled more than 100,000.
The poll found 67 percent of voters said Amazon’s withdrawal was “bad” for New York, and only 21 percent said it was “good.”

“And by a 2-to-1 margin, voters said they supported the agreement that would have allowed Amazon to receive $3 billion in government incentives in exchange for creating 25,000 jobs — 61 percent in favor and 30 percent opposed,” the Post reported.

A vast majority of New York voters said they believe the state is hostile to business, with 67 percent agreeing with the statement that the state government — run by Democrats — makes it hard for businesses to succeed. Even among Democrats, 53 percent agreed with the statement.


It does beg the question why do they elect those bozo's when they know its baaad for NY?


Don Bessee

Why they generate graduates who know less history as seniors than the freshmen and spawn antifa thought police -

In the Times, Abrams wrote about original survey data of a “nationally representative sample of roughly 900 ‘student-facing’ administrators” which found “liberal staff members outnumber their conservative counterparts by the astonishing ratio of 12-1. Only 6 percent of campus administrators identified as conservative to some degree, while 71 percent classified themselves as liberal or very liberal.”

He added in the October opinion piece, “It’s no wonder so much of the nonacademic programming on college campuses is politically one-sided. … It appears that a fairly liberal student body is being taught by a very liberal professoriate — and socialized by an incredibly liberal group of administrators.”

Students claimed they were offended by the supposed “anti-Blackness, anti-LGBTQ+, and anti-woman bigotry” of Abrams, professor of politics at Sarah Lawrence College, and visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and staged a large sit-in. They also presented demands, such as a “tenure review.”

He said Monday evening that his philosophy was not an attack on students: “Viewpoint diversity is asking that multiple viewpoints are considered on campus and in the classroom. So that means rather than simply attack capitalism and free markets without a deep understanding of history and teach socialism, we also teach the value of markets, choice and individualism.”

He said his ideology has been to teach students the realities of adult life: “Rather than teach that government needs to get bigger, and is the solution to poverty and improving the welfare of Americans, and this is often the only view taught, we need to also teach how capitalism has lifted millions up, and allowed markets to make the nation efficient.”

Abrams said 40 professors endorsed the demand list, and 12 percent of the faculty “endorsed the students’ demand to challenge my tenure and my right to free speech and the expression of ideas.”



Don Bessee

I have a question, if a po' ol' fakenewsman has an ongoing solo rant does anyone hear or care? Is that communicable among current or wanna be press?


Bill Tozer

Don @ 7:53 pm

After finding this article (with quotes from 1912), I believe Bernie will not win the nomination. The Old Left Marxist vs the New Left. The old does not satisfy.
Word of the day: epiphenomenal.

“In his book Republocrat, Carl Trueman explores the dynamic between the Old and New Left within the context of “liberation.” It turns out that once one focuses on liberation from material deprivation and oppression within the rubric of class struggle, it may not be so easy to stop the progress of liberation with economic phenomena. As Trueman puts it, “Here lies the heart of the problem of the New Left: once the concerns of the Left shifted from material, empirical issues—hunger, thirst, nakedness, poverty, disease—to psychological categories, the door was opened for everyone to become a victim and for anyone with a lobby group to make his or her issue the Big one for this generation.” People seem to want to be liberated in epiphenomenal terms, too.”

Further yet down the road:

“When these fundamental realities are weaponized for partisan politicking, the bonds of society begin to dissolve. That’s in part what we’re seeing in political and (un)civil discourse in America today. Identity politics takes the organic diversity of society and absolutizes it, crystallizing it ultimately into an intersectional individualism.

“The end of identity politics is that you end up in a class of one. And that has always been a very vulnerable (and poor!) class to be in.”


Bill Tozer

Steele Dossier.

Don Bessee

Aw shit, that makes too much sense to survive the creatures -

"We need to modernize our higher-education system to make it more affordable, flexible and outcomes-oriented, so all Americans, young and old, can learn the skills they need to secure and retain good-paying jobs," Ivanka Trump said on a call with reporters.

A primary goal of the proposal is to curb the growth of college tuition rates and reduce the nation's student debt load, which has reached nearly $1.5 trillion and has more than tripled since 2003.

The White House's proposed solution is to cap federal loan programs available to students' parents and to graduate students. The plan doesn't propose specific limits, but officials suggested it could vary based on academic program.



Bill Tozer

My, things have changed in just two short months. Day of the thin skin Rage, day two.

“When 'centrists' care more about the GOP base than the Dem base, bigotry gets legitimized," Ocasio-Cortez wrote in response to a tweet on her ratings. "This is *the* playbook. GOP does it w/ virtually every Dem figure who isn’t a white male: otherize, demonize + splinter. It’s vital that we adapt & dismantle this approach, not cow to it."

"We can’t gloss over it, or quietly consider that the 'shrewd' thing to do is nominate someone who won’t be subject to bigoted attacks," Ocasio-Cortez continued. "Morally, we can’t give a pass to this dangerous tactic. But even politically, the Dem base is all the people you demoralize by not standing up."

-“No—this is *your* playbook," Allie Beth Stuckey tweeted. "You constantly & falsely claim the only grounds on which anyone in the GOP criticizes you is bigotry. In reality, you ignore their calls for policy convo/debate to avoid proving what we know: you’re not prepared to be publicly challenged on anything."

-“She really likes nailing herself to the cross, doesn't she?" Derek Hunter tweeted. "You aren't the victim; you're the perp."

-“Or the drop in approval numbers is a reflection that 15,000 votes in one district's primary doesn't make you, "the boss" of the rest of the country," Duane Patterson tweeted.



OOoooh……of whom does this remind us?




a stupid, clumsy, or uncouth person.

"these bearded, stumbling palookas in their peasants' breeches"


an inferior or average prizefighter.

"he was just another palooka trying to muscle in on the fight racket"


1920s: of unknown origin (popularized by the comic strip character Joe Palooka, a well-meaning but clumsy prizefighter).


Paul Emery

Yet another example about what a disgusting human being we have as President.

"Donald Trump: I Was ‘Never A Fan Of John McCain And Never Will Be’
The president keeps attacking the Arizona senator nearly seven months after his death.

Trump, who avoided military service as a young man, infamously mocked the decorated Navy veteran for having been held as a prisoner of war for more than five years during the Vietnam War. "



Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 March 2019 at 11:32 AM

Ahh…..Palooka……it was going to be a disgusting human being regardless of who won the general.

Don Bessee

The masters of the universe keep putting their thumb on the scale -

White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino Jr., was recently blocked from commenting by Facebook which has yet to provide an explanation for the action.
Facebook recently blocked the Dan Scavino Jr., the White House Director of Social Media and Assistant to the President, from commenting on Facebook. So far, the social media giant has not provided an explanation for blocking Scavino’s commenting abilities. Scavino called Facebook out in a post to his page which included a screenshot of the notification he received when attempting to comment.

Scavino wrote: “AMAZING. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me – on my own Facebook Page!!?? People have the right to know. Why are you silencing me??? Please LMK! Thanks.”



Todd Juvinall

WOW! Paul Emery is now foaming at the mouth about Trump. He is making America Great Again and all PE can do is cry and scream for a dirty panty full os him. Get a life.

Don Bessee

Another SCOTUS win shows why holding the Senate will reverberate for 30 or more years -



Bill Tozer

The Leftinista march towards Tryanny continues.

1) Stacking the court with more Justices. Recycling more of FDR’s ideas. The Left claims they believe in our institutions but the reality is they do not. No way. The Left has always replied on SCOTOS to get through their agenda instead of going through Congress. They have no faith in Congress or our institutions. Their faith is in SCOTUS to force their will on the all.


2) Eliminate the Electoral College.

The Electoral College worked exactly as our genius founders designed it in 2016. Exactly. Perfect. Now they are trying an end run around the Amendment process. Suppose in your state, the people vote for Candidate B. Candidate A wins the popular vote and suddenly all your state’s votes are nullified and the votes given to Candidate A.
Talk about massive disenfranchisement of voters on a statewide scale! Mob rule. Death of the Republic.


Attacks on SCOTUS, attacks on the Electoral College, attacks on Voter ID, attacks of secure borders, attacks of free speech, attacks of the 2nd Amendment....the march towards Leninist Marxism gains steam by the hour.

Don Bessee

From someone who has a real perspective -



Bill Tozer


Nice to see the court at the text of the statue/law passed by Congress and signed by a President.

“The court also ruled the government maintains broad discretion to decide who would represent a danger to the community in deciding who to release or detain.”

“Associate Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion, stating that "neither the statute's text nor its structure" supported the immigrants' argument. The court's conservative justices sided with the Trump administration, which argued as the Obama administration did, against hearings for those convicted of crimes and affected by the law.”



The Beto memes……



Todd Juvinall

FISH that is too funny!

Paul Emery

Yeah Todd you've made it clear that Trump is your idol and that you are a stud of his caliber that woman pay money to have sex with. How's business for a male hooker in Ne3vada County? There are reports of you dangling your worm at Friar Tucks and McGee's so business must be a little slow.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 19 March 2019 at 01:34 PM

Todd…..with Palookas ongoing degree of obsession regarding your…..ummm….."worm", one can only conclude that it's just simple jealousy at this point!

Congratulations are in order! I guess.

Todd Juvinall

Fish 209, Paul Emery is obsessed. I think there is a swish? Anyway a gigollo is not a prostitute and Trump is not my idol. But he and I share good looks and a lot of appeal for women. Paul Emery is just a short little guy in his late 70's wearing a pony tail. All his life being rejected has led him to this tirade against his betters like me. Sad.

George Rebane

PaulE, it would really be neat if you would take an interest and give a substantive critique of any of Trump's policies that have made most Americans happy that we're out of the Obama doldrums. The stuff you like to discuss about our President can at best be described as exercising your prurient interests. Demonstrate that it isn't so.

Bill Tozer

The job of our New Moral Puritan is to stamp out any signs of people having fun.

Bill Tozer



Braying jackass: “I think what we have to do, and I will be doing it, is to do a better job maybe in explaining what we mean by socialism — democratic socialism. Obviously, my right-wing colleagues here want to paint that as authoritarianism and communism and Venezuela, and that’s nonsense.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

Alpha Jackass: “Words have consequences, like saying we have an invasion on our border and talking about people as though they were different in some fatal way. I think that the public discourse from the president on down is a factor in some of these actions [such as the New Zealand shooting].” —Sen. Richard Blumenthal

Oops: “I’m told I get criticized by the new left. I have the most progressive record for anybody running for the — of anybody who would run. … I didn’t mean it.” —Joe Biden

Braying Jenny: “I disagree with most of what the vice president stands for, when he makes decisions about our LGBTQ community in a way that doesn’t understand that they should be entitled to full equality and all rights under the law as any other American. I disagree with him when he suggests it’s not possible to have meetings with women alone by himself. I think that’s ridiculous — the idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the vice president of the United States is outrageous.” —Sen. Kamala Harris

Non Compos Mentis: “Islamophobia is real. White supremacy is real. Hatred is real. From New Zealand to the U.S. or no matter where you live, we deserve better — we all deserve to live free from fear and violence.” —Planned Parenthood Action (Genocide of the unborn is real.)

Come again? “Of course [illegal immigrants] do reside in the United States. They reside in my district. They’re my constituents.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Belly laugh of the week: “When you’re out there on the world stage and dealing with people like Vladimir Putin, yeah, you want someone who’s tough.” —Sen. Amy Klobuchar seriously spinning her temperamental issues

And last… “In response to the university admissions scandal, AOC now supports abolishing the Electoral College.” —Twitter satirist @hale_razor

Paul Emery

Sorry George I cannot get beyond what a disgusting person Trump is and I truly believe him to be mentally ill. Remember when the Republican Party made character such a big deal when Pappa Bush ran against Clinton? What happened to that Party George? They were actually right about Clinton because he was a slime but they show no interest in holding Trump to any standards of behavior that a President should maintain at least to be an influence to children and younger generations. I was a kid when Eisenhower was President and I remember feeling that he was a truly good man. What are kids supposed to think about Trump and the standard of behavior he demonstrates? Is that something they should emulate?

Even Republicans like Todd show public admiration for the way Trump treats woman.

George, the bus is waiting for respectable Conservatives like yourself to take charge and get that guy out of office. There is no option.


Give it a rest, Paul. Your situational ethics are noted.


Paul, meet Kay Summersby!

Don Bessee

Translation of @325 - I have no intellectual contribution to the conversation, just a rotational cut and past of talking points for pink pussy hats/lefties. Talking points that are devoid of historical grounding as G demonstrated @349.


Don Bessee

He is talking to you ya po' ol' fakenewsman -



Don Bessee

Being a protected class will not protect you if you tell too much of the truth in the federal republic -

German armed forces commissioner Hans-Peter Bartels agreed on Tuesday with Grenell’s assessment that the new military budget is dangerously now. Bartels cited painful defects in German military hardware and said German soldiers believe their country’s pledge to NATO should be “predictably and reliably implemented.”

Germans who were critical of Merkel’s open-door refugee policies over the past few years will not be pleased to hear their government cite the soaring cost of refugee services as one of the primary reasons the military budget cannot be increased.

Grenell responded on Monday to advance word that Germany’s new budget plan calls for defense spending to peak at 1.37 percent of national income in 2020, but then begin declining to 1.25 percent by 2023.

NATO members are supposed to spend 2 percent on defense, a target the Trump administration has insisted upon much more vigorously than previous administrations. The Germans previously pledged to reach 1.5 percent by 2024, which is still much lower than their NATO commitment.



Paul Emery


Would you recommend Trump as a role model for children?


FYI, reading the linked story that came up for Eisenhowers, ummm, extramarital doodling, I was fascinated by the babe JFK was passed by the Chairman of the Board himself, Sinatra. Judith Exner was the ex-wife of an actor who had two significant parts in the old Star Trek, William Campbell, who played a Klingon captain and the Squire of Gothos, Trelaine.

Ms. Exner was also screwing mobster Sam Giancana at the same time as JFK. Neither were full time or exclusive jobs.

Small world.

There also is a quote from LBJ that he'd had more accidental dalliances than JFK had conquests, and he might have been right.


Paul, besides Eisenhower (LOL), which presidents do you think made good role models for children?

Don Bessee

Shit hole, not shit hole? The locals seem to like safe walls too -

The concertina wire installed under the Trump administration to reinforce the U.S.-Mexico border is now being stolen and used to protect Tijuana residences as the city grapples with a surge in crime, officials confirmed Monday.
Thieves are stealing and selling the same concertina wire installed in November along the border by the Department of Homeland Security, and 15 to 20 arrests have already been made, city officials said.

Contractors were seen Monday at a border fence on the U.S. side of the Colonia Libertad neighborhood of Tijuana, replacing some of the stolen wire.
Some homes in the same area had identical wire installed in front of their homes, as an added layer of protection to their property lines and fences, but residents declined to comment about how they obtained the material.

“I don’t actually live here in this house, so I have no idea how that wire got here,” said one woman who declined to give her name in Colonia Libertad at a house where the razor wire was visible in front.

Tijuana was the most violent city in the world in 2018.



Todd Juvinall

It appears to me that Paul Emery has dementia. He keeps repeating himself expecting different results. Or is that insanity? People that worship goats innards do not have a high ground staked out.


Paul, and as a childless guy in his waning years, why do you even care about Trump's suitability as a role model for children?

Do you even think his opponent in the election, Ms. Clinton, was or is a good role model for children?

When choosing who to vote for, how significant should "Are they a good role model for children?" be?

Huh! Huh? Huh? Answer the question, Punch!!!


db 427pm

It would seem to me that there's an opportunity hiding in the Tijuana news. Amazon Prime should carry MilSpec concertina wire, the good stuff, in easy to deploy packaging. No need to steal it.

Paul Emery


What's the goat thing you're obsessed with? Can you explain it to me ant other RR contributors.


Damn! Bezos beat me to it.
They even sell the gloves needed to handle the stuff.

Paul Emery


If you are pleased with Trumps character and consider it something that young Americans should emulate you need to say no more.

Paul Emery


You know very little about me because if you did you would know I have a stepson that I raised for 20 years. Shut the fuck up if you don't know what you're talking about.

Don Bessee

Here is an afternoon giggle -




Paul, before you take your own advice and stfu, which presidents, or presidential candidates, did you find adequate role models for the other guy's son?

Al Gore?

Now remember, google first.


"If you are pleased with Trumps character and consider it something that young Americans should emulate you need to say no more."

When did *you* stop beating your girlfriend, Paul?

The answer to the insinuation you made is, of course, that I don't select or judge Presidents by their suitability as good role models for the yutes of America, except as a byproduct of their Presidency. Nixon was a bad President, even though he may have been the most gentlemanly husband of any in my memory.

"Only Nixon could go to China"-Klingon Proverb

Don Bessee

An alpa (hero in his own mind) fakenewsman sniveling as usual and as usual, wrong -

Following the press conference, Acosta accused Enjeti of asking Trump a softball question, but it seems the CNN reporter wasn’t paying close attention because the question was directed at the Brazilian president, as opposed to Trump.

“The question was asked in a way that really teed it up, like a game of tee-ball here in the Rose Garden. The president was just sort of served up a softball, there, when he was asked whether or not the Democrats are advancing a lot of socialist ideas. You heard Bolsaonaro go off on that as well,” Acosta said on CNN immediately after the press conference.

Acosta accused Enjeti of lobbing an easy question about socialism to Trump, but the Daily Caller reporter didn’t ask Trump the question about socialism.

After Enjeti asked Trump a pair of questions about the Supreme Court and social media, he directed his third question to Bolsaonaro.

“President Bolsaonaro, in another question on the 2020 election, a number of Democrats who are running to replace the president have embraced or considered socialist ideas. You’ve spoken critically of that in the past,” Enjeti said. “If a socialist, or a candidate who embraces socialism were to replace the president, how would it affect your relations with the United States?”

Bolsaonaro answered that he would respect whoever emerges as the next president but expect Trump to be re-elected. Trump did not respond to Enjeti’s question about socialism despite Acosta’s claim.



Billl Tozer

Boy, that Trump really likes to trigger the trolls and the Moral Puritans. They certainly are Addicted to Outrage. Quick, run to the Huff-n-Puff Farting Post.


ROFLMAO. Note to self: post more Daily Caller


ROFLMAO x2. Give ‘em hell Harry. Danger, danger. Critical mass has been reached.


Don Bessee

Rats fleeing the burning ship right before the subpoenas start flying -

The Daily Caller reported that Ocasio-Cortez, along with chief of staff and former campaign chair Saikat Chakrabarti, have been removed from the board of the political action committee after previously holding “legal control over the entity" in late 2017 and early 2018.

The Daily Caller had reported earlier this month on Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti's role with the PAC, noting that the congresswoman never disclosed to the Federal Election Commission that they "controlled the PAC while it was simultaneously supporting her primary campaign." Former FEC officials said at the time this could represent violations of campaign finance law.

It was Justice Democrats that helped catapult Ocasio-Cortez from obscurity to an upset primary win over then-Rep. Joe Crowley to an election win in November. The group runs a recruitment program by which activists can nominate grassroots candidates for office to challenge incumbent Democrats, and Ocasio-Cortez gave her support to that push in a video in January. The group has also backed her on issues such as "Medicare-for-all" and the Green New Deal.



Paul Emery

Presidents with good character, not necessarily good Presidents:

Obama, both Bushes, Reagan, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Johnson, Eisenhower, Truman-that's as far as I' ll go on this.

Paul Emery

Gregory quote "for the other guys son" You have no class Gregory. Step dads raise millions of children every year, offer them love and care and nurture them into adulthood. You should apologize for that sad comment that reflects poorly on your character. You must ave been desperate for something to say.

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