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03 March 2019




"PaulE 746am - Paul, that was a low one."

Of course, but he's a 70 year old 15 year old in terms of the internet. Why would you expect more? The problem is that where you find one unlettered 'activist', there's 100 more.

In any case, the Blue Mob is a coalition rather than a group with a common cause. Their upcoming civil war should be filled with funny surprises.



Walt, Walt, Walt! Put on your brownshirt. Bring the gang, the guns and the cyder. To hell with the system. We got's a lynchin to do. Lock him up!!

Trump Guilty! ('cause we said so).


Don Bessee

#%&_(^#@_# -

The AOC Effect: California’s High Taxes Cost The San Francisco Giants Bryce Harper
Wes Messamore,CCN 21 hours ago

By CCN.com: It looks like California tax rates, which are some of the highest in the nation, may have cost the San Francisco Giants their shot at top MLB talent Bryce Harper.
The 26-year-old professional baseball star agreed to a 13-year, $330 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies Thursday.
A report from NBC Bay Area Sports’ Alex Pavlocic suggests there was a bidding war, and California state taxes are too high to make San Francisco competitive for Harper’s talents.

It’s another tragic case of some of the nation’s best talent and resources being chased out of a community by confiscatory government tax rates.




Do you doubt for a minute the Russians have all kinds of incriminating evidence on Trump. It's called blackmail. You have to be incredibly naive not to believe they don't have a book on him. He leaves a trail of poop wherever he gois . Trump is not exactly a loyal family man, bonking a porn star and Playboy bunny while his wife is home with a babe in arms.

Posted by: Paul Emery | 05 March 2019 at 09:47 AM

Punchy, you are incredibly gullible to believe in evidence that has not been shown to exist. Faith-based politics do not appeal to me. Come back when there's something to show the world, not just "fake news" ravings.

Paul Emery

Do you actually believe the Russians don't harvest incriminating material as part of their intelligence operations? You are avoiding reality here to avoid looking at the question.



Paul Emery


You had no inclination to dump Todd amd others when they were accusing my Greek and
Scotch European Heritage of condoning sex with sheep. Can you explain the difference between that and what you dumped Swallows for?


Do you actually believe that means they are blackmailing Trump... just because you think they must have the information you think they have?

Paul Emery

Todd writes: "his hero AOC" ....Show me ONE comment I have made that verifies that statement. Don't recall saying a word about her on these pages. Easy to find Todd. Just search both of our names together on this blog. Works. I use it to research you all the time.


"Avoiding reality". Reality is subjective. This is an alternative universe to the real world. It's like visiting a foreign land. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here (except inside Todd and Walt's head - boy is it small in here).

Despite the fact that Hillary has been investigated more than any other person in modern history, she hasn't been charged with jack shit, yet the likes of Walt and Trump keep leading with torches and chanting "lock her up!". Fascists.

Bill Tozer

I do not believe for a cotton pickin’ Selma minute that we are going to have a 2020 election free of Hillary Clinton. I see the hand of the Clinton machine everywhere I turn, in every news cycle. Now, we R’s have made fun of Bernie being a socialist with 3 houses and a private plane decrying the rich with our sillly memes, but we don’t have the balls to release conversations of Bernie looking like pampered King Bernie sitting on a throne demandiig preferenial treatment like Hillary Campaign staffers just released. What a nasty woman.

We don’t have the balls (or connections) to have CNN stack the deck with pro Clinitonista Dem operatives posing as regular joe six packs asking Bernie questions at CNN’s Townhall. Poor Bernie, walked into that one leading with the chin....again!

The Clintons have many long time friends, but only one has the honor of being called the
Clintons’ long time Best Friend. BFF. That man was on national TV for hours just recently, a fellow representing one Michael Cohen at some nothingburger Ongressional Open Heesring. Boy, in the old days they at least tried to hide their hand that rocks the cradle. Those days are gone.

We want that Old Old White White Hetrosexual Male Bernie to stick around. We love Breadline Bernie. Not so The Clintonista Industrial Polical Media Complex, apparently.

But, we love AOC and Ilhan Omar move than Bernie. We don’t want nobody laying a harming a hair on their heads, with or without the colorful hijab. But, Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful woman in politics, going after Ms. Omar? The Lefties alll agree with her. Something don’t smell right.

Finally, we R’s have zero interest in taking down AOC. That would be counterproductive. This million dollar ($850,000) campaign finance rumor ain’t coming from our side. Somebody feed it to the FEC and the press. It don’t smell right. Sumthang stinks in Denmark. Plus, the R’s don’t have the guts or balls or know how to try to take her down.
Has the Nasty Woman and her husband’s Modus operandi all over this dastardly deed. You mess with the Establishment, and they have six ways to Sunday........



I just love this kind of thing. A news short on the Fresno Flyer.


Thank God for our Blue Mob lords and masters.

Don Bessee

That's nice but lets see what the plea is going to be -

The Alameda County District Attorney’s office has filed criminal felony charges against a software engineer who allegedly attacked a conservative activist at the University of California, Berkeley campus on Feb. 19.
The charges against the engineer, Zachary Greenberg, 28, include three felony counts and one misdemeanor count, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Fox News.

The felony counts relate to assault and causing or intending bodily injury, and criminal threats. A misdemeanor count is related to vandalism, the complaint shows.



Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is off the cliff again. He emphatically believes Cohen who said that even though Trump never told him to lie, that he "knew" what Trump was telling him. Emery does the same thing here. I am simply using Paul Emery logic when he praises these loons of the left constantly that he would know I know what he is saying about AOC.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is once again defending himself from his ancestor's use of sheep. Obsessed?

Bill Tozer

Well, it’s a good thing the gun grabbers are all out of the closet now. They don’t even try to hide it or lie about their intentions no more. Some may have won seats running to the far left in 2018, but the countries also have elected offices. And the Sheriffs are the bosses in the counties. The more Leftinista the Representatives go, the more the duly elected County officials push back.
First, it was a few Sherriff’s in New Mexico. Yesterday morning, it was 21 out of counties. Last night, it was 24 of 33 counties. Do you think NM will go blue in 2020? Maybe, maybe not.



Local control is good, no?


"Reality is subjective"-Ozz

Reality to *you* may be subjective, but reality to me is *objective*.

There is no way to be *perfectly* objective, but some of us gotta give it the ol'college try.

Paul Emery

Show me one quote about AOC. Todd. Look it up it's easy to do (at lest it is for most people)

I content you are a lying piece of shit, to put it mildly.

George Rebane

PaulE 148pm - Yes, but not in this comment stream.

BTW, in your 144pm you again changed the subject from Russians 1) already having the evidence, to 2) whether or not their policy is to harvest/seek such evidence. The clear answers to these two independent notions can be 1) NO, and 2) YES without the latter implying that the former conclusion is wrong. I know that's a bit obtuse to follow, but you have a years-long history of CONSTANTLY making such illogical inferences.

Don Bessee

WAAAT! @235

"I content you are a lying"


Bill Tozer

Oh heavens, another one called a “Nazi”. Oh no, not the Nazi word. Mercy, whatever shall we do? Anything but the Nazi word! Not the N word!!!
The new N word is the answer to everything. The New N word is the bar to all knowledge, debate, discourse, investigation, and the big FOAD. The steel door that slams shut. The big Stop sign...or maybe not. That was then, this is now.

Push back time. The women folk are riled up and they ain’t backing down.

Paul Emery


Can you imagine the Russians not having the evidence? Why wouldn't they. Trump has shown he's willing to lie to the American people time and time again to promote his policies and to cover up for his sleazy behavior. When asked about the Stormy payoffs he outright lied. Do you have any doubt about that. Also do you have any doubt he arranged the payoffs through Cohen who has the cancelled checks. There may be an argument that it is not illegal to make payoffs to avoid information being released that would damage his character close to an election but there are also strong arguments that that action was a violation of campaign laws. Do you have any doubt that the payoffs occurred and were arranged by and executed with Trumps knowledge?

George Rebane

PaulE 254pm - Well, there you go again. Can we stick with one topic, so you don't have to draw these wide-ranging and unsubstantiated connections.

"Can you imagine the Russians not having the evidence? Why wouldn't they?" Of course I can imagine the Russians not having the evidence because 1) given that there was some to be had, they didn't/couldn't get it, and 2) there was no evidence collected that could be had by anybody. Now note, neither of these imply that Trump didn't do things that could have produced such evidence - this is simply another independent contingency. Your certitude that if evidence could have been produced it indeed was recorded and collected by the Russians is simply insane (in the technical and common usage). But it definitely follows the type of reasoning used by the Dems in their congressional investigations.


"Can you imagine the Russians not having the evidence? Why wouldn't they."

-Punchy 254pm

I can imagine a world where the Russkies didn't get something so damaging about a President either before or after their election, even Trump, because in my world, it takes evidence. In other words, the world I live in does not get changed when a Paul Emery clicks his heels together three times and says, "Make it so."

In my world, Paul, there can be no there, there; it might not have happened. In your world, you so want Trump out of office you can dream all the evidence you need. Which is no evidence at all.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 05 March 2019 at 09:46 AM


What was the first thing that went through you mind when you first saw the Fat Man of the Berekely of the Foothills? Freak of nature? Pity?

I imagine his very first thought was, “Oh My God.....how much carbon was dumped into the air ‘Building’ all 500 lbs of that........?”

Which is funny as Ozz is a frequent and complimentary poster over at hypocrisy central.

Jetting off to China twice a year......?! No scolding his “friend” over that mortal “sin”

The personal is political mannnnnnmn!

Bill Tozer

Well, if the Russians had evidence of Trump hiring ladies of the night to,urinate on Obama’s bed, then that ain’t blackmail. It’s common knowledge in the fakenews mainstream media. And if the Russians had evidence of Citizen Trump having sexual intercourse outside the confines of holy matrimony, that’s common knowledge as well, thus no blackmail. Unless, Trump had sexual relations with a subordinate intern inside the Oval Orfice....well, that be some juicy blackmailstuff.

Where’s the beef? Where’s the schlong?

Bill Tozer


BTW, in your 144pm you again changed the subject from Russians 1) already having the evidence, to 2) whether.....Dr. Rebane

Quick, switch to Stormy!

Let’s see now. Hillary’s State Department e-mails were hacked by several hostile actors, the door left open by Sidney Blumerhal. And the Snowden leaks had her communiques. And the Russians paying Bubba half a million bucks for a speech he could do in his sleep, followed immediately by Bubba meeting with Putin face to face, followed by two hundred million bucks going from the Russians involved in Uranium One to The Clinton Founation, followed by a Russian connected third party crony getting the export license to ship uranium out of the US and to Russia....to Iran. Hmmm. Yep, we dodged a bullet with all that blackmail they had on My Gal.

Ah, who cares.

What was that last thing Putin said on the stage on Helsinki? Something about the press should investage 600 million dollars going to the Clinton Foundation or something. Darn, that went over everybody’s head I reckon. Like, lamestream fakenews journalists in America would do such a thing., or even contemplate looking there. Ha, Putin don’t know much about the enemy of the people. Very naive to have that much faith in them.

Listen to a few minutes, or not

Let’s we forget, Trump called on Putin to look for the missing 30,000 State Department e-mails Cherly Mills and others read then smashed (a felony for them to even read the e-mails without proper security clearance and a felony by Hillary to let Mills and others read them and a felony to have them removed from the State Department premises without prior authorization ) with hammers and then hit the missing e-mails with bleach bot....not the DNC e-mails that the feeble minded open confuse. Or, the Russians and the Chinese and even Guccifer 2.0 had the missing e-mails...about yoga classes and Chelsa’s wedding dress.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 05 March 2019 at 01:48 PM

Can you explain the difference between that and what you dumped Swallows for?

I won’t speak for our gracious host but “Swallows”, useless POS that he was probably pretty safe until he decided to clone himself with “Dave Swallows”......after that the entire Swallows Clan decided to join in .....and well .......you know the rest of the story.

Please note that after Clan Swallows was given the Bums Rush a “brand new” poster named “Ozz” made his/her appearance spouting very similar bilge! You won’t go without Punch!


"Well, if the Russians had evidence of Trump hiring ladies of the night to,urinate on Obama’s bed, then that ain’t blackmail."

A smart person would buy that bed and take it to CPAC. Charge $50 a piddle and give the money to the NRA. Everyone wins.

Don Bessee

That must have been some candidates list for mayor in that town!

A South Carolina mayor immediately proclaimed herself to be a victim of racism after finding her car defaced, but police had a more logical explanation after looking into the incident.
Darnell Byrd McPherson, mayor of Lamar, South Carolina, quickly assumed she had been the victim of a hate crime after finding a yellow “sticky substance” painted over her and her husband’s cars recently, according to Newsweek.

McPherson told the media that the substance “got in all of the grooves” of the autos that were sitting outside the couple’s home.

“My husband went out to the car to get some things out of the garage,” the mayor told Newsweek. “He says, ‘Somebody’s painted your car!’”

McPherson added that a neighbor also alerted her to the substance.
The incident caused her to assume she had been a victim of a hate crime.
“I likened it as a hate crime because No. 1, there’s a history in our town of Lamar,” the Lamar mayor said.

McPherson harkened back over 40 years when she claims that “burning crosses” were commonly seen in the area.

“It ignited some fear in my spirit. My God, who would do that?” she said. “It was something; it was just unnerving to me.”

But after looking into the situation, the police came up with another explanation.
Darlington County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Robby Kilgo reported that with spring just awakening in the area, “We found it to be pollen. There was no reason for us to collect a sample.”

A state agency also felt that the mayor’s claims were a bit overwrought.
The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division decided not to open any investigations into the incident saying, “We did not believe a crime occurred.”




Nazi. OMG. If I recall in the not-so-distant past, a few righteous members of this fine circle didn't take but an hour to claim a poster was a Nazi simply because he had a Germanic name. Oh my goodness! A less kind person would label your "disgust" as pure hypocrisy.


Posted by: Ozz | 05 March 2019 at 04:15 PM

Isn’t “Nazi calling” more of “you’re guys” thing “Ozz”?

Bill Tozer

Ozz. So what was your first reaction from 40 yards. Freak of nature, or could you not quit staring, revulsion, or did you try to pretend like the sight was nothing unusual and simply turned your head and looked away?

Flights to China? Oh my, talk about flying pigs. The only difference between flying pigs and the Leftinista media is the letter “f”.

Paul Emery


What is the purpose of an Intelligence Gathering Agency? Do you think for a moment the Russians won't have all he details of Trump trying to make a deal to build the Trump Tower in Moscow long after he told the American People he no longer had any communications with Russia about building it?

Bill Tozer

Question of the day:

Is Jeff Zucker racist?



Did you suddenly wake up and start talking? Go back to sleep. Must have been a nice dream.

Robert Cross

In the "obstruction of justice" category the WH today refused to provide a house committee with documents describing the process through which Jared Kushner was given top secret security clearance against the recommendations of security experts. Either there was no process and he was rammed through in spite of objections OR there were issues about whether or not he should have top-secret clearance in the first place. Unless, once again, the trump mob has something to hide, why else would they refuse such a request? On principle? They and most of their cabinet members and appointees have none when it comes to ethics. Inquiring minds want to know the truth.

Don Bessee

Looks like the trolls don't know that the President has unlimited ability to grant access and declassify anything he choses. Executive privilege, that was what 0 used to shield his documents and crew, its a long established legal doctrine.

But hey keep the talking points for lefties flying if it makes your TDS rash go away.


Don Bessee

Boy virtue signaling is really getting expensive -



Bill Tozer

Ozz @ 4:32. Pm

I take that as refuse to answer. Fair enough. And here I was thinking you were sitting on pins and needles. Silly me. I personally caught myself staring after the first reaction of “freak of nature.”
Russia, Russia, Russia. And here I thought we were on to taxes, taxes, taxes, finances, finances, finances, wallet, wallet, wallet to get all the goods that Mueller missed. That Robert Meuller must be a Russian hack. He sure missed a lot.

The Great Divide
Repost...Russia, Russia, Russia, and pissing on the bed auctioned off to raise money for homeless non-profits.

On June 12, 2016, over a month before WikiLeaks published the hacked DNC emails, Julian Assange gave an interview on the British television network ITV. In it, he announced, “We have upcoming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton. . . . We have emails pending publication.”

By the time of this June 12 interview, WikiLeaks had already published a searchable index of approximately 30,000 emails from the private server on which Secretary Clinton had systematically conducted State Department business. These were the emails that she disclosed to the State Department two years after leaving office, falsely claiming they were the only ones she had that involved government business.

The natural speculation after Assange’s interview was that WikiLeaks had, and was poised to release, some or all of the approximately 32,000 emails Clinton had deleted and attempted to destroy — i.e., the emails she had not surrendered to the State Department, falsely claiming none of them involved government business. But that is not what Assange said. To repeat, he coyly indicated only that the emails he was planning to publish were “in relation to Hillary Clinton.”....

Steele did not attribute the DNC hack to Russia until a few days after the emails started being published. He made the attribution in a dossier report entitled, “RUSSIA/US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: FURTHER INDICATIONS OF EXTENSIVE CONSPIRACY BETWEEN TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN TEAM AND THE KREMLIN.” Steele, whose work is shoddy in various ways, failed to put a date on this report; and in the assembled dossier published by BuzzFeed, it comes after a report he incorrectly dated “July 26, 2015” — he meant 2016, as his Fusion GPS collaborator, Glenn Simpson, explained in House Intelligence Committee testimony (page 234). But we know Steele’s report came after the publication of the hacked emails because it says so: Steele writes of “the recent appearance of DNC e-mails on WikiLeaks.”


Todd Juvinall

Ozz is Swallows


,,,it was fun watching Trump hump the flag at CPAC,,,the meatheads were going crazy!!!


Everyone... Trump was elected in November 2016 and inaugurated January 2017. There will be another election next year, and a new inauguration in January 2021. There is a possibility that Trump will be the one standing with his hand on the Bible in January 2021, and therefore there is a possibility that Trump will be the President for another nearly six years.

I expect people to stop resisting without cause. Paul, that includes you.

There was a beautiful parody of the Johnson/Nixon campaign in '69 on the old Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, with the great impressionist David Frye playing all the parts.

It was a retelling of the Arthurian legend of the Sword in the Stone. All the players took their turn trying to pull the sword out of its granite scabbard, and each one failed... until at the end, Frye doing his great Tricky Dick impression (think Andy Serkis doing Gollum), pulled the sword out and became King.

The Smothers Bros and the entire cast then did a rousing, optimistic song about the selection being in the past and now we need to put it behind us. Or something like that.

It's time, guys. It's way past time. Just suck it up and look towards November 2020. And if the worst happens, you might have to wait until January 2025 to be rid of the Donald.


Posted by: AVMan | 05 March 2019 at 04:57 PM

,,,it was fun watching Trump hump the flag at CPAC,,,the meatheads were going crazy!!!

Ugh.....the stuff that arouses you dugsKKKi .....disgusting!


Anally Violated dude has showed up. So now Trump "humped" the flag.
I guess you would know all about that.

George Rebane

PaulE 427pm - Another new topic; will you ever try to finish one thread before fleeing to another? Respond to my 311pm first.


The Proggys are tripping all over themselves trying to start more investigations. Good money says Trump and all the rest will give the jackasses a taste of their own game. Just take the 5TH, stall, not show up, sprinkled with plenty of "Exec. Privilege", and "see ya' in court!"
Trump may be new at the game, but is already better at it.

If all the want to do is "investigate" that means no legislating is going on. That's GOOD for America.


Posted by: Walt | 05 March 2019 at 05:08 PM

I guess you would know all about that.

Well the pole part anyway.......


I stand corrected.


George 516pm

To Paul, it's all the same thing. It's all just the same thing, looked at from a different perspective.

It isn't a different subject, it's the same thread when looked at from behind the tree. From a bar stool perch. When looked at through your fingers with your hand moving back and forth.

A child's eye view of the truth. C'mon, can't you see the essential truth? Can't you? CAN'T YOU?

Bill Tozer

Quotes from our wacky time in space

For the record: “The American Media has changed forever. News organizations that seemed like a big deal are now extinct. … The Fake News Media is the true Enemy of the People!” —Donald Trump

Race bait: “Mark Meadows is so racist that he needs to be put on display at the African-American History Museum as an artifact, all right? I am so sick of Republicans thinking that the only racist people left in America are David Duke and Louis Farrakhan, all right? White people don’t get a vote! My people have been held in bondage and oppression in the New World for 400 years!” —MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal

Non Compos Mentis: “[Ilhan Omar] is being targeted just like many civil rights icons before us who spoke out about oppressive policies. As she uplifts my Sity and other Palestinians in the name of justice and peace, she shows us real courage.” —Rep. Rashida Tlaib

The BIG Lie: “[Flip-flopping is] certainly not my record, not who I am.” —Kirsten Gillibrand (*“Gillibrand received an ‘A’ rating from the National Rifle Association, opposed amnesty and driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, called for increase in funding for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, and supported English being the official language of the United States. She has now flipped-flopped on all those positions.” —The Washington Free Beacon)

Warning: “If we can train a million Baracks and Michelles who are running around thinking they can change the world … then they’re the ones that are going to carry forward the solutions that we so desperately need.” —Barack Obama

Non Compos Mentis: “The question I have never understood is why. … Why did you check those [Native American ancestry] boxes, because obviously, that’s a very small part of your lineage? 1/32nd or something, so why did you do it?” —former Obama adviser David Axelrod to Elizabeth Warren, who replied, “Based on what I learned growing up … I sometimes identified as Native American. It never had anything to do with any job that I ever got.” Except it did…

And last… “Men who identify as women are heroes for competing against and defeating women, which doesn’t happen because the genders are exactly the same and don’t mention science because shut up bigot.” —Twitter satirist @hale_razor
As I suspected, the Nasty Woman has a score to settle with those rude, crude, and socially unacceptable Bernie Bros. The way they chanted “Lock Her Up” in Philly, called her out for her speeches and ties to Wall Street, and committed the unforgivable sin by not falling in line behind The Coronated One....well...hell had no fury as a woman scorned.



Did everyone get the news? A GREAT Winter no longer means a lower fire danger come Summer. It's permanently "worst fire season on record" year after year now. That opens the door to SOOOOoooo many new regulations and laws to "prevent" catastrophic wildfires.
If you can dream it up, SAC will make it a law.
But will the state start doing the right thing by allowing trees to be cut? Clearing of undergrowth? Maybe if you pay all the fees, EIRs, hire the expensive "foresters" and yet to be named "experts".
Oh... And of course,, new taxes to pay the new soon to be required inspectors.


HEY Emery,, has your Ann C. Doll said anything new? Any words of wisdom from the shelf? But she did say this.
"Neither the media nor Cohen seem to realize that Cohen wasn't doing anything illegal when he paid the "hush money." (Just because Trump thinks every Jewish lawyer is Roy Cohn doesn't mean you have to, too, New York Times.)

Words like "hush money" and "porn star" make the payments sound unsavory -- especially to The New York Times, known during the Clinton era as Defender of Inappropriate Presidential Sex -- but there's nothing criminal about paying money to suppress embarrassing information, even in the middle of a political campaign.

If it wasn't illegal for Cohen to pay the hush money, it's certainly not illegal for Trump to reimburse him for it. Cohen was, after all, Trump's lawyer. He got reimbursed for a lot of things.

But we have to have days of hearings in hopes of establishing that Trump violated the campaign finance reporting requirements with these payments, in which case, OH MY GOSH, HE'D HAVE TO PAY A FINE.

I'd be more impressed if they got Trump on a jaywalking charge. "

Still love her Paul? This might mean a falling out between you two.


Don't you love listening to learned Constitutional scholars who never got past high school? Walt? Todd?


Posted by: Ozz | 05 March 2019 at 06:09 PM

Don't you love listening to learned Constitutional scholars who never got past high school? Walt? Todd?

Yeah .......to take a document written for the common man.....you know, the guys who have to live under it and screw the interpretation up as badly as you guys have takes years of advanced educa.....err I mean political indoctrination!


Yes Russ, I understand, Supreme Court and all that.
But Walt has a handle on it though. Self described expert on Constitutional law and what the president can and can't do. Wonder if he if he is an expert on medicine too?

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 05 March 2019 at 06:09 PM

Well we know you git through third grade. What happened? Pregnant in the barrio?


Posted by: Oz | 05 March 2019 at 06:25 PM

Did you suddenly wake up and start talking? Go back to sleep. Must have been a nice dream.


Don Bessee

So is ozz sleepier than oz?


Bloomberg News noted the new forecast from Premier Li Keqiang uses a range of 6 to 6.5 percent growth as the target, rather than a fixed number, giving the Chinese government “room to maneuver” and cushioning the drop from last year’s 6.5 percent target. The premier’s office broke with recent tradition by declining to offer targets for retail sales or fixed-asset investment growth.

Economists outside the Chinese government predict 6.2 percent growth in 2019 and further “easing” in the two years after that. Stabilizing the currency, maintaining employment levels, and preventing further debt accumulation appear to be high priorities for Beijing.
Business Insider took a considerably gloomier view of the revised Chinese economic forecast, calling it “a sign of how much pain Trump’s trade war is causing.”

BI noted the Chinese premier explicitly discussed the “adverse effect” of “economic and trade frictions” in his report, making a “rare acknowledgment of weakness.”

“Beijing is generally hugely reluctant to acknowledge economic weakness, and Li’s words on Tuesday suggest the true gravity of the situation in an economy that not only faces external headwinds from the trade war but is also grappling with major internal issues,” BI explained.
Another important indicator mentioned by Business Insider is the remarkable collapse of optimism about the future among China’s financial elite. Two-thirds of them were “very confident” about the future in a survey two years ago, while only one-third expressed similar confidence in the 2019 edition of the poll.

The L.A. Times also found Premier Li Keqiang’s warnings “unusually stark” and “surprisingly frank,” particularly his admission of widespread public unhappiness with the performance of their government in key areas such as education, health care, and corruption.

“In an unusually frank summary, Li admitted that China’s business environment has fallen short of what business expects – a central complaint from Washington in the trade conflict – and admitted that Chinese innovation is weak,” the L.A. Times wrote in its analysis on Tuesday.

The LAT noted Li’s report was peppered with promises of reform, including reforms demanded by the Trump administration, such as superior protection for the intellectual property of foreign companies.

The report also included a surprising amount of fretting about social unrest due to mounting public unhappiness with the government, something authoritarian China rarely admits to being concerned about. The premier was especially concerned about military veterans angry about unpaid benefits and Chinese parents furious about a series of vaccine scandals.

Conspicuously absent from Li’s report was any mention of the bold “Made in China 2025” initiative to take high-tech manufacturing by storm, which could represent a soft climb down from boasts Li worries China can no longer keep, and/or a tacit acknowledgment that other nations are deeply apprehensive about China’s aggressive agenda.

“Our capacity for innovation is not strong and our weakness in terms of core technologies for key fields remains a salient problem,” Li wrote, nodding toward the climb-down hypothesis.
The L.A. Times alluded to China’s demographic crisis – the growing realization that coercive family planning policies might leave China without the young workforce it needs in the decades to come – and the unsatisfying results of China’s attempt to control pollution, which have been expensive enough to shutter some factories but not effective enough to reach environmental targets.




Sez the dude who can't identify a guy who he's seen the face of day in and day out.
Seems I know the document plenty better than you.
So now I never made it through high school? Better get some new people to "talk to" about me. You know,,, some of that "not taking a minute to dig up dirt" on me. They got that wrong too.
See what smoking dope does? Your just made a bigger ass out of yourself. Keep up the fine work.


Nope.... NO problem on the border.. NONE what so ever.
"As Breitbart News reported, more than 76,000 border crossers attempted to enter the U.S. in the month of February — the most apprehensions of illegal border crossers and migrants in this month in 12 years."

That's damned near three Divisions in military lingo. Just a new for of invading army.

Scott O

DB at 6:37 - "The premier was especially concerned about military veterans angry about unpaid benefits..."
Oh - don't piss off the army.
I'm surprised the Chinese govt would be remiss in taking care of that. That govt really has no other problems.
If millions of citizens complain about something you get rid of them in labor camps or shoot them. They've been doing it for decades.
Always take care of your power base.

Scott O

Ozz at 4:15 - "If I recall in the not-so-distant past, a few righteous members of this fine circle didn't take but an hour to claim a poster was a Nazi simply because he had a Germanic name."
Really? Name them.
As I recall, you didn't seem to mind that at all at the time. You didn't post any protest. Why does this bother you now?

Don Bessee

Scott O @659-

We have seen this before, think Brezhnev era, da comrade we met ALL quotas! ALL! Legions of clapping apparatchiks in the propaganda film. Yet today the chi coms peoples congress is going along with intellectual property rights, Trump owns that!

Now the chi coms have a massive time bomb on local debt outside the gov bond structure. Worse than what happened to Japan. Massively worse than the CA pension issues by orders of magnitude that do not generate revenue. The gov. is the brother of the mayor who has a developer nephew and they borrow billions in local bonds to build yet no one comes. Vast development of towers and infrastructure that is unused and rotting. There will be no asset recovery money. If you look at the totality of the internal debt and the chi com owned corps that will not have the old advantages anymore that will drain the false paper capitol reserve pool faster than the
socialists think.



Let the littlest commiecongress-critter explain that! Hey it was just a million bucks we cheated on, didn't people go to jail for this before many times?


Ozz 609pm

"Don't you love listening to learned Constitutional scholars who never got past high school? Walt? Todd?"

That list includes Paul Emery. Might also include Ozz.

Walt and Todd have their moments... it really doesn't take a constitutional scholar to have a good sense of what's constitutional. I trust them more than a lot of other folks round here to know their right to swing their fist is limited in the vicinity of other folk's noses.

Paul Emery

It was Todd Scott that implied someone was a Nazi because of his name. Ask him


Here's a note for Jeff Pelline, who we all know reads this blog.

The FUE wrote that neither the attacker or the victim at UC Berkeley were affiliated with the university, but that isn't the case.

"Although Greenberg is not currently affiliated with UC-Berkeley, that wasn’t always the case.

The university confirmed to Campus Reform that Zachary Greenberg was once an employee of the university. Specifically, the university told the site, he “was employed by UC-Berkeley from May 21-July 9, 2010 as a lab assistant in the Department of Psychology.”

Furthermore, he was “briefly a non-degree seeking student at UC-Berkeley,” Campus Reform reported. It’s not clear why he was on campus when the attack occurred."

So, officially, he's a hanger-on. A short term employee who never left town. The place is full of them.

Stay tuned.


Trump: I 'trust' Kim's promise he won't resume nuclear, missile tests


Trump has a knack for picking people with character.

Bill Tozer.


You STILL have not answered my question about the first time you laid eyes on the Fat Fue. Did you think “freak of nature” like I did? Were you feel revulsion or astonishmen? Did you catch yourself staring and unable to stop yourself? Did you pretend that nothing was wrong and simply turned your head and walk away? Ah, you don’t have to answer.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 5:45pm
“I stand corrected.”

I too, stand corrected. I have oft repeated the Blue Mob has only one arrow in their quiver. That arrow is the race card. I was wrong. They have two arrows in their quiver. Their ace in the hole calling everyone on the right racists, of course. But they also have the hate card.

The hatred of Trump always works in our favor over time (or to their detriment) because hate blinds a person. The vast majority of the contraire comments here are driven by pure unadulterated hate for Trump. Blinded by hate, driven by hate. Leads to not only shooting one in the foot, it blinds them to the fact that they have neglected coming up with new policies and ideas to solve big problems our nation faces near and abroad, now and in the future. Hating Trump may or may not be enough to carry them to the promised land. Who will go toe to toe with Trump on the debate stage in the late summer/early fall of 2020? Who?

We have watched from afar (on TV or the net) those out of their ever loving minds driven by hatred of Trump splash their hatred of President Trump upon Trump supporters. The unhinged irrational uncontrolled hatred for anyone wearing a MAGA hat (male or female, child or elderly) and the violence directed at anyone deemed associated with Trump in anyway. Those on the sidelines are becoming guilty for the crime of not sharing said hatred. Hate or die, Nazi scum! And with every blow of the fist and with every vandalizing of a car with a Trump sticker on it and with every ripping to shreds a Trump sign, they are saying with their fists “I hate you, you are racists and Nazis and deserved to be pummeled!”

So, when Trump at CPAC brought out the guy Hayden who got beaten up at UC Berekely recently (a story that received next to nil MSM coverage) and Trump said,” He took a punch in the face for all of us”, it was a powerful moment. “He took a punch in the face for all of us”.
No one else has our backs—not the Republican Party, not the Democrat Party, just Trump. (The attacker grappled with Williams, punching him several times in the face and calling him “b**ch,” “f**ker,” and “c**t.”) The fakesnewss Enemy of the People remained silent. No one in the press or Left condemned the act, as they ALL continually demand we condemn Trump. Go pound sand. Push back time.

If nothing else, this article contains a great cartoon. Quite apropos.

“Rep. Doug Collins, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, deftly called out the Democrats for their obvious witch hunt, stating, “We don’t even know what the Mueller report says, but Democrats are already hedging their bets. After recklessly prejudging the president for obstruction, Chairman Nadler is pursuing evidence to back up his conclusion because, as he admits, ‘We don’t have the facts yet.’”


Bill Tozer

Russia, Russia, Russia


Makes me feel sorry for Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. Israel does not have even one outlet close to Fox News Network.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery's logic and hypocrisy is endless. He and his pals call all of Trump's supporters Nazis and Racists and pat themselves on the back.

Robert Cross

"He and his pals call all of Trump's supporters Nazis and Racists and pat themselves on the back."

You know what they say Toad, if the shoe fits wear it.. and wear it proudly.


Care to show any proof of that accusations Babs?
Yet it's your Proggys who have elected the anti Semites.
You know,, those two Muslim chicks.
Your part of that Socialist bunch known as LIBS,, Hitler was a Socialist.
Looking in the mirror as you stated that?

Like you said.. "if the shoe fits".. Thanks for trying on those shoes right here.

Scott O

Paul at 8:59 - Having trouble with reading comprehension again, are we?

Don Bessee

Well at least she is consistent -



Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 06 March 2019 at 08:32 AM

So you are saying Paul is a nazi? I think it fits you better. Your shoes are made from the blood and wsweat of child labor. Good call.


Bill 10:50-
"You STILL have not answered my question about the first time you laid eyes on the Fat Fue."

I've only seen the guy on TV. He was making rambling speeches about how he and R. Kelly are "victims" of the Deep State. I had to correct the hue (is that what you meant by fue) to keep the orange peroxide hair from burning the screen.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz is Swallows.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Pelosi is as well liked as Trump! LOL!

Donald Trump 41.6 54.6 -13.0
Nancy Pelosi 36.4 49.5 -13.

Bill Tozer

Circling the barn again. Mimiumn wage




Trumpers enthusiastically wave Russian flags at CPAC. How come FOX didn't carry the story? We looked for Todd's face, but it was apparently hidden behind his flag.



Posted by: Ozz | 06 March 2019 at 11:38 AM

Way to keep it current “Ozz”.......Feb 2017. An eternity ago in internet time!

Todd Juvinall

Ozz is swallows

Todd Juvinall

CPAC crowd "duped" into waving a Russian flaf\g. My guess is they have no idea what the Russian flag looks like so the point is subterfuge not complicity. The left is trying every trick to win. But they won't. Florida polls have Trump up, Wisconsin is going to be fine and after this "wall" fiasco, he democrats will be deemed anti-American. All good for R's and Trump.

Scott O

The Russian flag has 'Trump' on it?
Who knew?


Todd - all yap no snap. Check your fact. Florida polls show Trump on the down elevator. 23% of Florida REPUBLICANS say Trump doesn't deserve to be president.



Todd 12:02-

CPAC crowd "duped"

No way Jose, say that ain't so! Easy to dupe Trump is proof.

Todd Juvinall

OZZ is swallows

Don Bessee

Another fake by leftie fakenewsmen -




Posted by: Don Bessee | 06 March 2019 at 12:45 PM

Graffiti on a bathroom stall.......the horror!! The modern left.....50% iron fisted authoritarian, 50% Flouncy Nancy Boy!

George Rebane

ToddJ 1235pm - I think we get it Todd, and so what?

George Rebane

Russian flags at CPAC - Good prank by the Left, but from the lib site's comment streams it turns out the ones who were most fooled by it were their own political brethren who spouted vitriol against the flag wavers thinking that it was the Repubs who handed them out.

Todd Juvinall

Well if you think Ozz is fine then I will be quiet.

Robert Cross

In the "you know it's getting bad when you start eating your own" category .. the Mistress of Misinformation Sarah Hucklebuck Sanders lashed out at the four Senators who have indicated they will support the bill to stop trump's emergency money grab by telling them to "do their job" and “If you had done what you were elected to do on the front end then the president wouldn’t have to fix this problem on his own through a national emergency.” in reference to the Senate's refusal to fund trump's stupid unnecessary wall.

Apparently toeing the party line comes before voting one's conscience and/or moral values. The heat is on to turn the tide that is washing the trump mob out to sea in a leaky rowboat.

Don Bessee

A mistake the left keeps making and fails to learn the lessons and you know the littlest commiecongress-critter will never read the facts -

In Maryland, another Whole Foods worker said their regional management is forcing stores to cut full-time employee schedules by four hours, to 36 hours a week. “This hours cut makes that raise pointless as people are losing more than they gained and we rely on working full shifts,” the worker said.






Posted by: Roberta Cross | 06 March 2019 at 01:40 PM

.......the president wouldn’t have to fix this problem on his own through a national emergency.” in reference to the Senate's refusal to fund trump's stupid unnecessary wall.

Always the “Crazy Cat Lady” .....eh Roberta! Hondurans instead of Calicos.

Don Bessee




Don Bessee

Prayers for a thousand Alex -



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