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08 March 2019


Bill Tozer

@ 9:46 am

Looks like the “insurance policy” if Trump won was most likely Meuller. Had all the bases covered.


Move will be revealed......can’t wait for the IG report to be released. A lot of things were set in motion a day or two after two ships passed in the dark on a hot summer’s day on a Phoenix tarmac....like the rejected FISA warrant...

Bill Tozer

This college admissions story just does not grab me. Like, this is something new? You could line up the two actress mothers and I couldn’t tell ya which is which or who is who. Heck, all these actresses and actors that make the news because of their tweets....I never heard of them before. What does grab me is the amount of money. $500,000 to bribe a kid into college. That one actresses’s daughter said she was only interested in parties, partying, and game day parties, ROFLMAO.

It’s Thursday night, weekend started. Suck it up, bro!

Glad the FBI is taking this seriously. That private tennis coach that the Obama daughters use...well, they went after him with a vengeance. Swat teams flooded the streets, rappelled from the roof smashing through the second floor windows, used C4 explosives to blast through the front door, pulled the wife out of the shower and threw the naked harridan on the floor with assualt rifles pressed against her head, and shot the dog. I always like it when they shoot the dog. Makes for a good story.

Adding insult to injury....


Paul Emery

Lock him up-drain the swamp Manifort pleads guilty, headed to the slam for 7 years.
He will get pardoned by Trump. I'm hoping Trump pardonw him soon but I'm sure he's not that stupie (but he might be) because of the backlash and his already weak approval ratings. Most likely he'll wait till after the election. At that point it won't matter if he wins or loses.

It won't help manifort with his latest indictment from, NY State Attorney General. Trump sure surrounded himself with crooks and liars.

"New York Charges Manafort With 16 Crimes. If He’s Convicted, Trump Can’t Pardon Him."

"Paul J. Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, has been charged in New York with mortgage fraud and more than a dozen other state felonies, the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., said Wednesday, an effort to ensure he will still face prison time if Mr. Trump pardons him for his federal crimes.

News of the indictment came shortly after Mr. Manafort was sentenced to his second federal prison term in two weeks; he now faces a combined sentence of more than seven years for tax and bank fraud and conspiracy in two related cases brought by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.

The president has broad power to issue pardons for federal crimes, but has no such authority in state cases."


Don Bessee

Here is one for the pony tail of ignorance, one last time -




Punchy 1059am

You changed the subject... So, you've given up on punching Born Again Christians for talking like Born Again Christians?


Hear the news? No more executions in Calif. Scum of the earth will continue to live.
Meanwhile,,, those who have yet to even take their first breath, await their death sentence in the MANY abortion clinics. (paid for with our tax dollars)
Rejoice LIBS!! REJOICE!!
Send your gratitude to the VARY pretty Gavin!

Bill Tozer

55k a year tuition? Oh my, not even Evergreen College charges that much.
Haters hate and they really hate others having a different point of view. Minority opinions not allowed!

“In November, within hours of the publication of his op-ed, Abrams was harshly targeted by leftists; he wrote:

Within hours, my office door and surrounding corridor was vandalized. Pictures of my family were taken and bumper stickers that I had placed on the door to create a welcoming environment for students were stripped off. The vandals covered my door and surrounding hallway area with hateful paraphernalia intended to intimidate me into leaving the school. I received subsequent threats, and an alumna I have never met claims to be actively working on ways to “ruin my life” while many others are demanding that my tenure be stripped all because I wrote a relatively tame article with which they disagree.

He added, “Following the defacement of my door, I was disappointed by the lack of a clear stand against violence and intimidation, and the lack of support for academic freedom and diversity of thought I expected from the College administrators. In fact, a note I received from a College official described the act as ‘alleged vandalism.’”

(Hmmm. Me thinks it was probably two guys in MAGA hats with a bottle of bleach and a noose that done the dastardly deed.)


The Demands:

Free meals in a variety of restricted options, for any students in need, including grad students
Staffed food pantry for 300 students per semester. (Somehow this is in addition to the free meal plans?)
Kosher kitchen
Full-time staff position as administrative liaison for first-generation college students
Increase in book, travel, and internship stipends
Redesign the website to be available in more languages and for more non-traditional students
Free storage over summer
Free health insurance
A first-year (that’s freshman for all you non-Sarah Lawrence people, because we’re egalitarian like that) seminar about intellectual elitism and classism
Reduction in some tuition-based fees
Extra info sessions for international students who don’t speak English
Off-campus transit to storage locations and therapy sessions
Seminars on American taxes for international students and counseling for the same
Admit more students with financial need from the Global South, with recruitment efforts
Expand international scholarship funds
Give international students jobs on campus since they are not legally allowed to work in the United States (but if they’re not allowed to work in the United States, and the campus isn’t some specialized diplomatic zone…you see the conundrum).
Two new tenured professors in African diasporic studies, but only one each of Asian, Latinx, and indigenous backgrounds, who will then teach courses in the areas of their ethnicity. (Do they get to teach other stuff? Or must their ethnic and racial backgrounds determine what they can teach?)
Stop taking money from the Koch Brothers. (So this is interesting: The Diaspora Coalition would like the college to spend a grand heap of money, but also would like to give some back? This money isn’t good enough? Is the board supposed to find pure money somewhere? Untouched by heathen hands? Perhaps soaked in the blood of young virgins who died for their purity?)
Revoke tenure for Professor Samuel Abrams (He wrote an op-ed in the New York Times about how school administrators are leftist…crickets? Yeah, me too.)
Add specialized diversity staff, hired only from a pool of people of color, per Title IX: a dean, a director, and an assistant director
Three new therapists, of specific ethnic and racial backgrounds (if they’re on campus, then who do the students need rides to?)
Annual diversity training
Scholarships specifically for students of color for the full four years
An endowment set aside for these scholarships
Annual fundraising goals for the endowment (oh, for sure, yeah, the president of the college and the board don’t try desperately to fund raise as much as possible already. And hey, look how successful they were with the Koch Brothers? Oh, wait, yeah, let’s give that money back, shall we? Good call. Pats on backs all around the daisy chain.)
Stipends for the students with the specialized scholarship, and private housing, and a meal plan, and field trips throughout the year! (Who doesn’t love a field trip?)
Meet all financial needs of all students of color (Is this before or after the funds are secured in the endowment?)
Guaranteed work study (Maybe someone wants to be the new dean? Or drive those cars to therapy? Staff the food pantry? Best way to make some jobs, spend some money you don’t have.)
$500 per semester to eight identity specific student groups. (So $8,000 per year for segregated clubs!)
Land acknowledgment. (Sure, surprised we didn’t have this already, frankly.)
No repercussions for missing work study or class for participating in protests. (Because yeah, no one should have to make tough choices or prioritize one thing over another.)


Paul Emery

"Thou shalt not kill" Walt You are the one claiming to be a good Christian. Do you believe in the then Commandments?


Then Commandments?

A lay Rabbi once convinced me Thou Shalt Not Kill was mistranslated... the word used for Kill is better translated to Murder.

Thou Shalt Not Murder is different, yes?


Posted by: Gregory | 13 March 2019 at 01:42 PM

The imperative to not kill is in the context of unlawful killing resulting in bloodguilt.

Gregory already got it…….!

Punchy maybe 30 seconds with Wikipedia before you slip into full proggy outrage mode and start beatin your gums would be a good move.

George Rebane

PaulE 137pm - "kill" in that commandment means 'murder' or unlawful killing. Neither the Jews nor Christians had any inhibitions against legal killings as in lawful executions and war.

George Rebane

Apologies for my redundant 147pm. TypePad did not post the interceding comments in a timely manner.


Paul Emery, in the voice of Yosemite Sam sez: ""Paul J. Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, "

From Wikipedia:

referring to Manafort's tenure as campaign manager:

"June 20, 2016, Trump fired campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and promoted Manafort to the position."

"On August 17, 2016, Donald Trump received his first security briefing.[54] The same day, August 17, Trump shook up his campaign organization in a way that appeared to minimize Manafort's role. "

So, basically Manafort was a campaign manager for less than two months so far as I can tell. Am I reading this wrong Paul?


Paul Emery

That's a deft and predictable response George. So "Thou shall not kill" also means "Thou shall not kill unless it's sanctioned and directed by thou's government" Is that an accurate interpretation of your 1:47?

The "Christians" historically were agents of genocide and slaughter during the inquisition, colonialism and invasions of weaker cultures. Is that also sanctified as righteous killings under your interpretation of the Ten Commandments?


So, what heinous, illegal acts during his two months of active Trump duty is Manafort accused or convicted of?

From what I can gather, nothing relates to his time with the Trump campaign.


Golly, Punch, you've broken the code!

Christians often fail in following all of the ten commandments! And so are imperfect Christians! We need NOMAD!


Where's Jimmy Carter, who famously failed to keep lust out of his heart when thinking about someone else's wife. NOMAD, sic' em!

Bill Tozer

Darn, I swatted a skeeter yesterday and killed a tick that was digging into the dog. And....drumroll please.....I done ripped out and killed some poison oak vines. The horror, the horror, not to mention what I did to that squash last summer. The iceberg lettuce screamed for mercy before I done killed it and then ate it up. Confession is good for the soul.

Good to see Punchy clinging to the Good Book and thumping on it. Now, hope he don’t turn into a bitter clinger. I always thought the 1st Commandment and the last one were kinda important. The last one says don’t covert your neighbors stuff. Keep your hands off. Hear that you 99%ers? Get that covet out of here and out of your heart. Of course, the 1st Commandment is the biggie.

George Rebane

PaulE 157pm - Yep, that's about it - render unto Caesar, and all that. As to all the other killings, I'm not sure that any of the 'letters of marque', that commissioned the inquisitors, colonials, and militaries, contained explicit instructions to kill the indigenous. But history shows that 'Accept (Allah, Christ, Yahweh, Huitzilopochtli, Marx/Lenin, ...) or die!' was pretty much the deal offered by almost all dominant civilizations at one time or another during their expansions. Where are you going with all this?


Gregory: "From what I can gather, nothing relates to his time with the Trump campaign."

Of course not.

I think that the single thing that I've found most outrageous in reading this blog is the output from the writers from the world of 'news'.

I don't mind the barroom political banter between the various named folks and the noms de guerre, but when Paul Emery and his doppelgänger Mr. Pelline show up with half truths, poorly sourced information, and general BS, you do have to wonder about 'news' generally. You would think that people would have a bit of professional pride, but perhaps that is left at the gate when they plonk their butts down at a keyboard.

It's scary to think about the people who actually have achieved at least a little prominence in that world. There's no reason to think that a news director at CNN is any smarter or adept than Mr. Emery.

Paul Emery

So it is apparent that religious icons-gods etc have little effect on human behavior. With that being said what's the point of religion if we just "render unto Ceaser etc and have to no remorse for what we do. Example: the Crusades or the sport killing of native Californians by rampaging Europeans.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 March 2019 at 01:57 PM

The "Christians" historically were agents of genocide and slaughter during the inquisition, colonialism and invasions of weaker cultures. Is that also sanctified as righteous killings under your interpretation of the Ten Commandments?

You spelled "government" wrong Punchy!

Bill Tozer

Manafort sentencing explained. Meuller had mercy on the man. I bet everyone from Willie Nelson to the very Reverend Al Sharpton is paying attention and calling their lawyers and tax consultants as we speak.


Paul Emery

Yeah scenes it took a lot of mental giants to elect Trump as President of the United States. Collective intelligence right?


"So it is apparent that religious icons-gods etc have little effect on human behavior."

Punch, is it the lack of verifiable perfection that leads you to the conclusion of there's "little effect on human behavior" by religion?

Bill Tozer

Laura Southern sneak preview of new documentary Borderless: ISIS Migration to Europe. Kill atheists, Christians, Kurds.. Clip from Greece refugee camp



DAMN Paul,, all in a huff. Yet still pro baby killer. Kill the innocent, devoid of sin (LIBS now count conception as a sin apparently), yet let the murdering scum live.
Nice morality you have there. Now who was saying something about having the morals of a nutless ally cat?
Yup,, this would apply....

Paul Emery

So sensing the drift you are putting to the conversation 2:32 it seems apparent that "religion" means very little to most people in the world since they are willing to dump their religious faith any time and slaughter fellow human beings at the request of their "government" or whatever you want to call it.


It's Alinsky's 4th Rule:
"Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

Rules for Radicals, AKA Aristotle for Dummies.

Unfortunately, as an agnostic (pronounced A-nostik) I don't have a set of rules. More of a list of suggestions that look remarkably like the Ten Commandments.


That's it Emery, justify your support of baby killing any way possible.
People of faith never had a problem of killing those who really deserve it. Nice try.
Better read history again.


“The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced with a new one: who does not obey shall not eat.”

Paul Emery

Show me where I support baby killing Walt. A quote will do.


Walt, I recall an apocryphal story of frontier justice:

"Judge, you just let a killer go, and sentenced a horse thief to hang! Why?"

to which the judge replied,

"I've seen men who needed to be killed but I never saw a horse that needed to be stolen."


Look who Emery wants to keep alive.

Dubbed by the media as the “Tool Box Killer”, Bittaker was one half of a sadistic duo convicted of raping and killing five teen girls in 1979 after torturing them with household items such as pliers and screwdrivers.

Kraft, who came to be known as the “Scorecard Killer,” murdered at least 16 young men over a period of 11 years beginning in 1972. He is also believed to have committed the rape and murder of up to 51 other boys and young men, with many victims who had previously been enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Wesson, the former leader of a cult-like clan, was convicted for killing nine of his children in 2004 – all of which he had fathered with his wife, daughters and nieces, in a sickening tale of incest and sexual abuse. He killed the children – seven of which were under the age of 9 -- after a standoff with police in Fresno over a custody dispute.

All those children can be concerned just "post birth" abortions as defined by Emery...


Ahhhhh The old Emery line.. "show me".. You ain't from Missouri Emery.
YOU show us when you sided with the Right to Life.
( Grand Dad was from Missouri..It counts There is a town with our family name. Double counts) Yes, Emery "SHOW ME"...


,,,how did Super Dweeb Jared Kushner get into Harvard??? His daddy bought his way in to the tune of $2.5 Million. Now he is Trump's director of Mid East policy. Sounds about par for the Trump course...

"In 2006, ProPublica editor Daniel Golden stumbled on Kushner’s admission while writing a book about how wealthy donors to elite colleges routinely get their kids who otherwise wouldn’t make the cut into those schools. While investigating Harvard’s Committee on University Resources, a.k.a. donors, for The Price of Admission, Golden discovered that both Kushner’s parents, Charles and Seryl, were members. He also found that in 1998, when then-unknown New Jersey high school student Jared was looking at colleges, Charles Kushner pledged a gift of $2.5 million to Harvard, to be paid in annual installments of $250,000. Jared eventually graduated from the college in 2003.
Which seemed like an extraordinary feat to those who knew Kushner in high school: “There was no way anybody in the administrative office of the school thought he would on the merits get into Harvard,” a former official at The Frisch School in Paramus, New Jersey, told Golden. “His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it. We thought for sure, there was no way this was going to happen. Then, lo and behold, Jared was accepted. It was a little bit disappointing because there were at the time other kids we thought should really get in on the merits, and they did not.”


Walt 3:45-
These bad guys all committed heinous crimes while the death penalty was being exercised. Did it stop them? Has the death penalty ever prevented a murder? I rather doubt it.

To be sure I voted against the death penalty, not because of any moral compunction, but because it was an insane waste of our tax dollars to go through the death penalty circus when life imprisonment was going to serve the same end at a fraction of the cost.

Bill Tozer

Pro death penalty and pro life? Pro choice and anti-death penalty? Justice or mercy? Higher good? Lesser evils? Ah, the ole seemingly contradictions, but are they?

Paul makes a valid point that men have asked for centuries. On the whole, what good have religions done? And like most non-Christians or others, he races immediately to the Crusades. Nothing new there. I used that one myself a time or two back in the day to neatly avoid deeper issues. One’s own mortality is but one of the deeper issues along with the meaning of life.
Yes, I could point out that the Cruscades and the Inquisition have killed a few hundred thousand over century or two to justify wholesale condemn the group. I could point out the atheist regimes (Communism mostly) have killed tens of millions. 100 million in just the last century? 60 million? There are no accurate accounts of how many millions were purged (slaughtered) in Red China or even how many millions were starved during the Ukrainian famine due to Stalin’s agricultural policies of the early 1930’s. And there are the minor dictators and assorted madmen throughout history. All communist regimes from the Khmer Rouge to the big boys have in their wake a trail of misery, death, suppression, and attacks on religion, Christians in particular. Feed them to the lions! And Jewish prescution predates Christianity.

There is no way to prove it, but I believe all humans are born with an inmate believe in God, be the G word however one understands or does not understand the G word. And some, like moi once, go to great lengths to push that innate believe far down within, hoping never it reaches the light of day. Why else would primitive peoples through history build monuments to unknown beings, from Kon Tikis, to mythology, to ancient forgotten tribes? It is part of our natures, whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not. It’s just there. And that’s my opinion and my opinion is important only to me.
When the idea of Intelligent Design caught some traction among scientists, I remember Stephen Hawking angrily decrying the concept most bitterly, saying his whole life’s work would be of naught if there was such a thing as Intelligent Design. His whole life’s work was to disprove Intelligent Design. I listened quietly and thought of some ancient words written long ago, “A man says there is no God, yet his heart rages against God.”

Anyway, not are religions are equal or goood, not alll cultures are good or equal, and no one has lived up to their philosophical beliefs and moral convictions. Just ask any husband or wife about their mates being 100% perfect all the time. To err is human.

With all that out of the way, the Left worldwide rages against the Judo-Christian tradition and their religions. No one raged against the monks who recently visited Nevada County. There is something about Jews and Christians and that gets communists, Stalinists, Maoists, dictatorships, and statists up in arms. A threat. A real threat. And the Leftinistas are so blinded by arrogance that they think they can redesign human nature and redesign humanity into some ideal of a new civilization that has never existed
...because precisely of that same human nature and human civilization.
Revolutions are very bloody processes. Usually much bloodier than the regime they replace. The French celebrate the storming of the Bastille fortress and prison in the revolution in their Bastille Day holiday. But the monarchy the revolution deposed was so mild and nonviolent in comparison with the revolution that followed it, that the Bastille contained only seven prisoners when it was taken. By contrast, members of the garrison were butchered after the prison was seized in the revolutionary violence.

“.......inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, at the top of the 15th column, along with those of other heroes who fought for the principles enshrined in the French Revolution’s original motto: “LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY—OR DEATH”


Well Hells Bells Ozzzborn,,, Lets do away with speeding tickets.
End DUI convictions while your at it.. They keep right on speeding and drinking.
What use is the rule of law? (dumbass)

No one said it would end killing. But sure as hell guarantees THEY won't be able to do it again.


Here's a classic line that was and is funny as hell:

"... it was a really big check"

Malia Obama got into Harvard on her merits.

Think about it.

Ohhhh.... David Hogg also got into Harvard on his merits.

Yep. For sure. Yessirree Bob!


They haven't executed anyone in CA for over a dozen years. I'd rather not waste the money on appeals and special consideration at San Q when they could be tossed into General at Folsom for a fraction of the cost. And maybe get some payback.
I can attest that speeding tickets slow me down.
Never had a DUI, but you sound like a pro so I'll take your word for it. Wonder what Todd would blow after gargling with Aqua Velva.


"Never had a DUI, but you sound like a pro so I'll take your word for it."

It's easy to lie behind a sock puppet facade, isn't it, "Ozz"?

Todd Juvinall

The death penalty is simply the ultimate justice for someone who murders. An "eye for and eye" so to speak. For some reason, lefty loons will murder a baby at birth by sucking its brains out and if still alive allow it to die by leaving them on a tangle next to the bed. But these same liberals then try to toss their guilt onto those that say someone that murders as an adult show not be executed. I say line them up and get them off the planet. Californians agree with me by their ywo votes in the last decade. So I will be joining the people that will relentlessly beat these liberals (including Newsome) over the head with the pictures of the murdered and their murderers. Until they resign in disgrace or are recalled.

Bill Tozer

For most kids, college is about the "experience.” For parents, it’s about social status and credentials. For administrators, it’s about money. For many professors, it’s about ideological indoctrination. Few people in any of these groups care about the actual education.“ —Matt Walsh


Todd 6:12
"Until they resign in disgrace or are recalled."
Good one Todd! Keep at it.

Bill Tozer

Working man pushes back.

“We welcome the call for labor rights and dialogue with labor, but the Green New Deal resolution is far too short on specific solutions that speak to the jobs of our members and the critical sections of our economy,” the letter, signed by 10 national labor unions on the AFL-CIO’s energy committee, says.

“We will not accept proposals that could cause immediate harm to millions of our members and their families,” the letter says. “We will not stand by and allow threats to our members’ jobs and their families’ standard of living go unanswered.”


Bill Tozer

Keep AOC in front of the cameras. please. Please, oh please.

—“Why was the bank involved in the caging of children and financing the caging of children to begin with?" Ocasio-Cortez asked.

"I don't know how to answer that question because we weren't," Sloan replied flatly.

—She asked if Wells Fargo should pay for spills from the Keystone XL pipeline, but Sloan responded that they didn't directly finance that pipeline. She had to move on.

—Ocasio-Cortez then asked if they should be liable for global warming effects from their pipeline financing.

"I don't know how'd you calculate that, congresswoman," Sloan replied.

"Say from spills, or when we have to reinvest in infrastructure building sea walls from the erosion uh, of," Ocasio-Cortez stammered, "um, from the erosion of infrastructure or cleanups, wildfires, et cetera."

"Related to that pipeline?" Sloan asked. "I'm not aware that there's been any of what you've described that's occurred that's related to that pipeline."

Ocasio-Cortez, clearly growing impatient, demanded to know why Wells Fargo shouldn't pay for clean up from theoretical spills in the future that haven't happened yet.

"Because we don't operate the pipeline," he responded, "we provide financing to the company that's operating the pipeline."



Where did Emery go? He was going to show us where he agreed with the pro life side.


That's right Bill. RED Cortez was showing her brilliance.
Just throw blame out there, hoping it sticks.

Yes Proggys, you sure got a winner there.


Toes 622pm

Funny... I actually had a professor who had been a spy for the Soviet Union during WWII... and he didn't try to indoctrinate me or anyone else that I know of in the '70's.

He did try to teach us some physics, with some success.

The "experience" was a key aspect but the education was the central piece of the puzzle. It probably helped that we all went to a college that didn't have any kind of reputation outside of the sciences.

Paul Emery

I believe in a woman's right to choose up to 12 weeks. After that there needs to be evidence of danger to the woman's child or health in order to proceed. Where do you stand on that Walt?


Now wasn't there a joke that went something like this ?
"Italy’s Justice Ministry will investigate a court’s 2017 ruling acquitting two men of rape convictions after it found the victim was too ugly to be a credible witness."

Bill Tozer

Keep AOC in front of the cameras every single day.

Finally, she settled on her most damning line of attack: America as it currently stands is “garbage,” because in the United States, “if you don’t have a job, you are left to die.”

That’s an odd critique given the long history of death associated with socialism — some 45 million deaths under Mao, some 30 to 40 million under Stalin and some 2 million under Pol Pot, for starters. But it’s an even odder critique given the fact that life expectancy has radically increased under capitalism: In 1850, the average European life expectancy was 36.3 years, while today, the average life expectancy across Europe stands at approximately 80. Furthermore, the United States currently boasts effective full employment. Our poor are in danger of dying of obesity, not starvation. And we spend, on a state and federal level, at least $1.1 trillion per year on means-tested welfare programs. By census data, that amounts to nearly $9,000 per household in the United States annually, or nearly $28,000 for every person living in poverty in the United States.

But let’s take Ocasio-Cortez’s argument to the logical extreme. Presumably, she’s in favor of these expensive government programs and thinks that in their absence, the poor would be left to die in the United States. Is that true?

Absolutely not. Ocasio-Cortez makes the same mistake so many on the left do: She conflates government redistributionism with the social fabric itself. In her view, there is no social fabric absent government.”


Paul Emery

By the war our host agrees with me on that.

Todd Juvinall

BillT, AOC might not even be a good candidate for a house of ill repute. She is as dum as a post.


Posting from the corner of the bar Emery? Third or fourth Johnny Walker Red?


Remember? You were going to show us your not pro baby killer.
Your not selling it vary well.


re: violence. You certainly don't need a religion to get behind it...


...although the cultures in Mesoamerica were the past masters.

I've always wondered why the Blue Mob has such a thing for the Crusaders. It was a pretty minor set of events, the Crusader States held a pretty small sliver of land, not such a big deal. OTOH, the Moslems came out of the desert swinging, wiped out a number of cultures through the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, Spain, but since they are a protected class now, we just get to hear 'CRUSADERS!'. Heck, you'd think that someone whose ancestral country was run by the Ottomans for 400 years would know better.

The lesson here more involves the crazy attitude of the Blue Mob than it does history. How can you hope to build a nation of people who look after each other when so many people hate their own culture?

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 6:58 pm

AOC is not dumb. It’s what she does not know that makes her so dangerous. And sheis the de facto leader of the Democrat Party right now. She is our Mc Govern for 2020. :)

“It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”—Ronald Reagen.

Bill Tozer

Scenes! Been waiting for you. Violence?
(You can skip the first nine paragraphs). Violence? Violence against the rural hayseed bitter clingers. Recommended.


Paul Emery

AOC's not smart like you Todd, using your RR posts to advertise your Gigallo services. And it's real intelligent to say Trump is surging in the polls when even your favorite poll, Rasmussen, shows him dropping by 23 points since Jan 17 2017. +13 to -10

Yep Todd, you're a real mental giant. Here's the link to verify my numbers.


Paul Emery

Once again Walt:

Here's my position

I believe in a woman's right to choose up to 12 weeks. After that there needs to be evidence of severe danger to the woman's child or her health in order to proceed. Where do you stand on that Walt?

Our host agrees with me on that.

What is your specific view on the matter or do you believe the moment of conception is the sacred moment and any interruption after that qualifies as killing a baby?

Paul Emery

Here's the biggest news of the day:

Senate rebuffs Trump with vote cutting off U.S. support in Yemen

Several Republicans joined Democrats to build a bipartisan majority for the measure.

"The Senate on Wednesday gave President Donald Trump’s foreign policy yet another vote of no-confidence, approving a resolution to cut off U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen’s bloody civil war.

Seven Republicans joined all members of the Democratic Caucus in backing the bill, which senators viewed as an opportunity not only toreassert Congress’ authority to declare war, but to rebuke the Trump administration over its posture toward Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“I think Republicans are just growing thin with Trump’s foreign policy, and they are more willing now to break with him now because they see his foreign policy getting more bizarre as time goes on,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a chief sponsor of the Yemen War Powers resolution, said in an interview.

The White House has dispatched top Pentagon and State Department officials to Capitol Hill to convince lawmakers that the U.S. should remain involved in the conflict — but to no avail, as the War Powers measure will soon reach the president’s desk. Trump has already threatened to veto it."


Don Bessee

@806 its just a demonstration knowing full well there is no way to override a veto. So much for the po' ol' fakenewsmans biggest new of the day!



Yup, the woman does have the right to choose. Fair enough.
That's what the law says. Then let THEM foot the bill. Not the taxpayer. Let them hit up "gofundme".

I can just see the conversion with Emery and a young female member of the Emery clan.. " I need money for the "clinic",, can you help me out? It was just one night down at the river,,and well,,, you know,,,,and this happened...."
Hummmm What would emery do??? Reach for the wallet in a flash? or contemplate ending a future Emery life...End of the bloodline....

Been there Emery, Now just what would you do?

Todd Juvinall

Thanks for all the compliments Paul Emery, I deserve them. And learn how to spell gigolo you are confusing all my fans. But I realize your brain is now old and shrinking and little things escape you. But my popularity, like Trumps, is growing larger every day.

Don Bessee

Proof the fix was in, its always the footnotes that trip you up!

An internal chart prepared by federal investigators working on the so-called "Midyear Exam" probe into Hillary Clinton's emails, exclusively reviewed by Fox News, contained the words "NOTE: DOJ not willing to charge this" next to a key statute on the mishandling of classified information. The notation appeared to contradict former FBI Director James Comey's repeated claims that his team made its decision that Clinton should not face criminal charges independently.

Fox News has confirmed the chart served as a critical tip that provided the basis for Texas Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe's explosive questioning of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page last year, in which Page agreed with Ratcliffe's characterization that the DOJ had told the FBI that "you're not going to charge gross negligence." A transcript of Page's remarks was published Tuesday as part of a major document release by the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins.



Paul Emery


Can you share with RR readers what source you use that verifies your contention that Trumps popularity is growing by the day. thanks in advance. RR readers are waiting with baited breath for the source of your inspired insight.

Don Bessee

I hear a squeaking in the distance that sounds a lot like why, why, why, hmmmmm.

Bad news for the littlest commiecongress-critter -



Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 13 March 2019 at 08:31 PM

Trump and I are very popular. It is just great!

Don Bessee

A little bed time snack for the pony tail of ignorance -

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, 11–6, to allow Ohio to end taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood because the organization performs abortions.

Judge Jeffrey Sutton of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit wrote Ohio’s law to defund the abortion vendor does “not violate a woman’s right to obtain an abortion,” that the state “has no obligation to pay for a woman’s abortion,” and that the law doesn’t impose “undue burden” on a woman’s access to an abortion.

“Private organizations do not have a constitutional right to obtain governmental funding to support their activities,” the judge continued. “The State also may choose not to subsidize constitutionally protected activities.”



George Rebane

Legalizing abortion and paying for it are separate issues. Best to understand that when discussing this issue. Most such discussions about supporting or opposing abortion go off the rails when someone is accused of opposing abortion only when he's just against paying for someone else's abortion. We're not going to do that here are we?

Don Bessee

Now that the socialist dems have pissed off the Union bosses with the green new deal you have this fact getting out there now -



Bill Tozer

“Here's my position

I believe in a woman's right to choose up to 12 weeks.”

That postion is NOT the new Deemoccratic position. The new Democrat Party position is abortion up to the day of birth. The wild cheering and celebrating of that position erupted from New York to the West Coast as the revelers declared victory..
. Of course, different states have different laws, but the National Democrat Party position and push is for the above stated timeline.

Ironically, any threat to the health of the mother can be accurately detected by the 2nd trimester and C-sections make late term abortions obsolete. Once the infant is born, the prefeerrred method of execution is exposure, i.e., let the baby outside of the womb die of neglect. Exposure is an more palatable word than suffocating orther methods.
The Aztecs would take babies and put them on hillsides to die of exposure.

On a quasi-related topic, it is interesting to note than every know civilization that practiced child sacrifice came to an abrupt and bloooly end by the sword of merciless invaders....or simply ceased to exist for unknown reasons.

Don Bessee

Not peaceful after all, just one center had this -

Authorities in a district of rural Germany covered up a long list list of asylum seeker crimes including rape, assault, and child sex abuse so as not to “stir up prejudice”, it has been alleged.

Internal police figures revealed 117 criminal offences took place at refugee housing in Boostedt, northern Germany, during the last three months, and that third world migrants housed in other accommodation in the municipality were listed as suspects in a further 23 crimes.

But officers neglected to announce the incidents after orders from the Interior Ministry instructed police that “active” notifications from the force’s press office on potential migrant involvement in crimes would be “irresponsible”, and likely to “stir up prejudice”, local media reports.



Scott O

Hilarious - from Paul (who claims he's not into killing babies) - "After that there needs to be evidence of severe danger to the woman's child..."
And before that the child gets 86'd without qualms from Paul.
It gets better - "or do you believe the moment of conception is the sacred moment..."
Why do you keep dragging religious terms into the discussion Paul? Is science too difficult for you?
The moment of conception is the forming of the double helix - the completion of all of the information of your being. After that you're just a constantly transforming glob of cells until you die.
If you claim you're not into killing babies then you must know the exact second each and every human life becomes a baby. We await your expertise.

Don Bessee

More from the comic stylings of the lyin littlest commiecongress-critter -

But multiple social media users have called out Ocasio-Cortez, noting that the PAC has nothing to do with the groups that lodged the complaints against her.

She then issued something of a correction, claiming it was “Rather same guy who operated at the org,” but the Daily Caller noted her secondary remark also was false.

Former Right to Rise operative Luke Thompson, whom the congresswoman was referencing, was neither mentioned in the complaint against the Republican group nor is he filing ethics complaints against her.

Ocasio-Cortez's posts came in the wake of multiple ethics complaints that allege impropriety by her.



Don Bessee

Now that's funny!



Don Bessee

Bwaahahahahaha. Now that barnum and bailey is defunct we have an even bigger circus to watch for two years and its going to fun, fun, fun until her daddy takes her t-bird away!




,,,West Virginians don't need no stinkin' EPA!!!


Bill Tozer

Fun read

And let me tell ya, every time one of these newly minted Democratic “stars” opens their mouth, the same thought goes through my mind: Thank God for Trump. Trump is my last line of defense. Trump is the only thing that stands between me and these hallucinogenic socialist nut jobs. Trump is what’s keeping chaos and left-wing insanity at bay.

But today, every single Democrat I can name is working overtime to make damn certain that I will pull the lever for Trump again, and with both hands this time. Trump need not worry about locking down my vote––the Democrats are doing all the heavy lifting.

Every time the Democrats and their media allies peddle yet another “end of the Trump presidency bombshell,” I laugh hysterically. If I laughed any harder, people would think I was having an epileptic seizure.



BillT quoting PaulE: "“Here's my position I believe in a woman's right to choose up to 12 weeks.”

That position is NOT the new Democratic position."

I'd pay a pretty sum to see Paul write an editorial for The Union making that case. Of course, the important part is that they don't have a right to choose at 12 weeks and a day.

Given Blue Mob craziness, they'd be picketing KVMR and some promoted concert or another in a New York minute.

Personally, I think there's some age after conception where abortion should be allowed with increasing restrictions, although I don't know enough about human development to pick the age. A more interesting case is how much in the way of state funding should be spent on profoundly disabled or sick children after birth.

Good for Paul for expressing a view that differs from his people, although I doubt he expresses it outside of this hallowed domain.

Bill Tozer

Super Zip Codes and education feudalism

The legal way to go about these things, of course, is to put up a campus building with your family name on it. Illegal new money bribery aside, the justifications for propping up universities, which often act as little more than elite sorting mechanisms as well as left-wing indoctrination centers, are growing thin.

The federal government spends $75 billion a year on higher education. Taxpayers also hold the ultimate dance card for the $1.5 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, much of which will likely not be fully repaid. For public universities, state-level funds also play a large role.

For their massive investment, Americans enjoy the fruits of their left-wing radicalism incubators in the form of a generation that views socialism as better than capitalism, free speech as dangerous, and America as irredeemably racist, sexist, and bigoted. And don’t forget the brilliant academic research co-authored by felines we all underwrite.

This is the new feudalism. Universities appeal to the public purse on the basis that they form better workers and citizens, and take the best from all walks of life on a meritocratic basis for the study of higher things. The reality they offer is a laughable shadow of that promise, and not just because Hollywood actresses apparently bribe smart kids to take the ACT in place of their children.

The bribery case making headlines yesterday just might be the least fraudulent thing about higher education.



re: BillT@8:52

I'm mostly looking forward to the lawsuit lollapalooza that's going to erupt given the sort of folks whose little darlins didn't make it to the educational big leagues. Keeping an eye on the main chance is a tendency in this country after all.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 14 March 2019 at 08:52 AM

Anybody pretending to listen or care about a JoKe Koyote or RobertaBot screed on the glorious majesty of the American higher education system could have told you this Bill!

Paul Emery

So Scott do you support any tine frame by which a woman may exercise her right to choose?

Yes George 08:52 PM I agree that a woman right to choose and funding support from the government are two distinctive different questions.

Scott, Todd

Do you support the proposed Human Life Amendment. Here's a link for you to check it out


Todd Juvinall

I support life. You and the left support death. Well except for serial murderers.


Todd 10:28
And 18 year old kids who sell marijuana. Pro life yo.

George Rebane

BillT 852am - Been meaning to make a request Mr Tozer. When you do a large copy/paste from another source, cited or not, could you please put quotes around the stuff you lifted? Then we can tell your own contribution in your own priceless prose from what you have imported. Thanks.

BTW, that should be an editorial standard followed by all commenters.

Bill Tozer

Prohibition, suffrage, good intentions, and abortion. Also, not included in the link, is my new favorite buzz is “our new moral Puritans”. Rather like that.. The New Puritans.

“When women got the vote, one of the first items they wanted solved was the problem of alcoholism. Ken Burns’ excellent PBS documentary on Prohibition highlights the devastation, moral degradation, and deep suffering alcoholism (especially that of men) had on women and children of that time. Millions were made on the daily inebriation of men while children starved and wives were driven to insanity or prostitution. The solution seemed very simple: outlaw liquor.

Women got the vote in 1919 and within a year Prohibition was achieved. Thus began what was probably one of the best–intentioned, worst ideas in the history of the United States. A whole underground mobster culture was empowered by supplying the country with bootleg. And even though Prohibition is gone, the negative effects of it (a greatly enriched mob) are still with us to this day.

What are the lessons of history here? One is that good intentions do not preclude negative outcomes. Beware unintended consequences, and when legislating for the common good, we should always be mindful of human nature.”


“The public statements of many early champions of women’s rights in the U.S. make clear their opposition. Elizabeth Cady Stanton referred to abortion as “infanticide” and wrote that “when we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.” Victoria Woodhull, the first female candidate for president, wrote: “Every woman knows that if she were free, she would never bear an unwished-for child, nor think of murdering one before its birth.” And Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the U.S., wrote: “The gross perversion and destruction of motherhood by the abortionist filled me with indignation, and awakened active antagonism.”


Paul Emery

Yeah Ozz

Todd wants them shot in a public execution. Line um up an shoot them.

George Rebane

I call your kind attention to the 14mar19 update of the most recent Scattershots.

Todd Juvinall

Ooze and Paul Emery, yes I say hang those drug dealers in the public square that sell to children. Thanks for reminding me.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 10:53
You wish is my commando. I do sympathize. It is indeed hard to differentiate (at times) between my mindless dribbling and the excellent prose and provacative insights written by the best and the brightest....well...well...it all seems to run together...as indeed it does.
Now, if one one my mindless dribbling is shared on a national web site under a pen name, then I will put all of it in quotes. :).

BTW, the first line of my 8:52 am was composed by moi. The other stuff was written by some crazy Russian doctor with a non Russian name...for fun and for free. Wink, wink.

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