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20 April 2019


Bill Tozer

Not quite on topic, but....

“One under-appreciated aspect of our border influx is not the more frequently covered direct humanitarian crisis, but the myriad more indirect, downstream effects of mass illegal immigration on the sundry denizens of the nation's border states. One obvious such downstream effect is the metastasis of drug/gang/trafficking ring-induced violence all along the border. Earlier this week, the mayor of besieged Yuma, Arizona saw fit to symbolically declare a "state of emergency" for the town. And on Wednesday, the Phoenix, Arizona local ABC affiliate reported on a harrowing shootout between AK-47-wielding human smugglers and federal Department of Homeland Security agents:”

Good read

“Still, Rios and her family aren’t waiting for a border wall. They decided to erect a fence around her daughter’s place nearby, and they’ve already added two security cameras.”


Scott O

So - some law-abiding American citizens observed a crime in progress and detained the perps at gunpoint and notified the authorities who arrived at the scene and took custody of said perps. No shots fired, no one harmed.
The alarming 'crime' committed here was the fact that some American citizens can arm and protect themselves and our country from law breakers without the need for govt assistance.
THAT frightens the left and the big-govt types more than anything.


And boy are the Libs peeved.

Bill Tozer

I dunno. I would not get near them. The Honduran virus is back.

There is no preventive medication or vaccine against Chikungunya
Chikungunya virus can be misdiagnosed for Zika Virus or Dengue.



“Border Patrol agents in Murrieta, Calif., have tested positive for tuberculosis. Hand and foot disease and Chagas disease, a tropical parasitic illness, both previously eradicated from the area, are on the rise.

“The Border Patrol is trying to play catch-up, and we're having a lot of diseases coming in, and some we haven't seen in decades," said Cabrera. "We are worried they'll spread throughout the United States, especially if they are being released and have the disease."


Scott O

BT - "I dunno. I would not get near them."
The article didn't say how close they got.
Held at gunpoint could mean a fair distance as far as germs can go.

NC White Nationalist Monitor

Bad timing, you dumb yahoos. About an hour after you posted this, your boy was busted by the FBI for conducting illegal militia activities at the border. AND, he's a felon in possession of firearms. A great American idiot. Militias rounding up immmigrants at the border is not legal, repeat, not legal. So despite your orgasmic reactions to this news, I don't think you'll be seeing any more bitter old white men playing soldier at the border! Too bad, so sad.

Bill Tozer

@9:19 pm
Old news. That’s been out all day. Take a chill pill, girly. It’s all good. We are on to more important matters like why Nancy does not want asylum seekers bused to her city. And neither does Cory and neither does DiBlasio. Very odd. It’s like everybody wants them, but NIMBY. Not that close to the stink.

Bill Tozer

Walt @4::14 pm

“And boy are the Libs peeved.”

No kidding. Already had one drop by @9:19 pm. You would think we were talking about shooting cans or something. Like Puerto Ricans :). They certainly wear their trigger buttons on their sleeves.

We got a problem at the border that they simply do not want to fix. At least, not if it turns families away. That was my understatement of the year,

Scott O

"So despite your orgasmic reactions to this news,..."
I think I see the problem here.
NC Monitor has never had an orgasm.
At least he could have checked a dictionary for the meaning.
Only one guy was arrested for being a felon in possession of a weapon.
What about the illegals?

Bill Tozer

It’s al Trump’s fault. I remember when Sheriff Joe or somebody was threatening to deputize all the ranchers on horseback down at some spot with the proverbial two strands of barbwire fence with knocked over wooden posts along the border. That did not last long, no siree. But, the good news from that Obama era was it put immigration policy solely in the hands of the Federal Government, not the states....until Trump came along. The loopholes in the law are big enough to drive a million plus illegals through a year,



"those crimes which are politically incorrect and cannot be thwarted even by duly sworn law enforcement agencies, "

Got it in one.

Any time the flagellants of the Blue Mob claim to be for any kind of enforcement of immigration policy just watch their lips. If they're moving, they're telling a whopper.

It's bad enough now, but just imagine 50 years into the future. Billions of people who want to slip into the lands of plenty and share with you. Europe will get swamped by Africa and the Near East, the US and Canada by Latin America + everybody else, Israel by Palestine, perhaps even Russia by the Chinese. Demographics is destiny and all that. Any culture that can't hold their own thin red line probably deserves to be a footnote in the history books.

Who was to know that Diversity Uber Alles would become the rallying cry of so many people? It isn't like the immigrants don't simply produce their own monocultures. It's a peculiar thing.

Todd Juvinall

The SacBee reported the FBI has arrested the leader AKA, Johnny Horton Jr. at the request of the New Mexico Governor

George Rebane

re NC White 919pm - Another example of how the Left totally misses the message. The militia leader was NOT arrested for "conducting illegal militia activities at the border", but for being a felon in possession of a firearm. However, as we see ample evidence today, ideology and hatred can cloud even plainly stated facts.

Todd Juvinall

I always liked Horton's music. Battle of New Orleans, North to Alaska. LOL! The dud 919 is just a fool.


It sure would save a lot of fuss if the Border Patrol simply put together it's own civilian auxiliary, invented a set of rules and procedures, and let people hang out on the border with binoculars and a radio.

The thing is, you could have all sorts of reasonable sounding restrictions....no paramilitary outfits, no rifles, don't interact with the illegals in any way, etc.... and the SPLC, ACLU (especially now that it has dropped any pretense of being a pro Bill of Rights organization and has become a full time progressive advocacy group), the La Razans, well meaning college student protesters, would go absolutely bananas with the idea.


......... the La Razans, well meaning college student protesters, would go absolutely bananas with the idea.

That alone would make it worth doing.

Bill Tozer

The leftists want border security just as long as the border is not secure. The leftists say they are not for open borders, but reject anything and everything that might be effective. Effective measures are a big no-no. Anything that works is not to their liking. So much could be improved so easily with a couple days by changing loopholes and tweaking laws, but no political will.

Bill Tozer




,,,lol,,,the sabre rattling wackydoodle peanut poppin militia keeps marching...


”Leader of armed group stopping migrants at U.S.-Mexico border to face federal charges”

TRANSLATION - FEDGOV will do a shit job controlling the border, whine for greater appropriations and pull out all the stops to punish anyone who makes them look bad in the process.

George Rebane

Citizen militias reminding big government that they still have the means to resist tyranny are "wackydoodle peanut poppers" who must be disarmed by any and all stratagems that the Left can foment and muster. Big Brother über alles!

The only honest Democrat who admits that their real plan is gun confiscation and the abrogation of the Second Amendment is Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA natch).

Scott O

And how many anti-civil-rights types say the 2nd A only applies to militias? And it seems they are also against militias. Well, unless it's their militia - the blue mob.


The folks in NM do appear to have crossed the fine line between an unorganized militia and a bunch of vigilantes and I do agree, they're an indication to the powers that be that people are pissed.


,,,any excuse to dress up in your army surplus costumes and play war...grow up!



Just another Ruminant. Y'all should start a gofundme page for the po' National Commander of the United Constitutional Paranoia Militia. Here is a man willing to stand up for what you believe in. Todd and Walt, hey youz with the big mouths and guns ablazing, go down and help a fellow countryman out. At the least, start a change.org petition to have Trump pardon his sorry ass.



My guess is ol Johnny stepped on some corrupt politicians toes, just maybe being paid off by the cartels. Maaaaybeee?

Scott O

Ooooze at 11:29 - His arrest has no connection with a militia group making arrests at the border of law-breakers. Are you going to argue that citizens have no legal right to make an arrest? Are you arguing that we should just 'wink' at some laws and not others?
If the govt will not or can not enforce the laws being openly and commonly broken, the citizenry will take matters in their own hands. This is the unfortunate reality of history. No, it's not pretty. Maybe our govt should start getting serious about its mandate to enforce laws evenly without regard to race, creed, or skin color.


,,,any excuse to dress up in your army surplus costumes and play war...grow up!

I look forward to being vindicated after you die and they tear up the double wide and find the cannibalized bones of hundreds of poor South American migrants.


a nice little story.




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