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03 April 2019



In terms of #17, MEDICARE FOR ALL!!! appears to be the current catchphrase.

I really like the idea of applying Medicare to the whole country. You get rubber stamped procedures (it's amazing how much overbilling/fraud goes on), super low payment rates to providers, plus the application of a *highly* subsidized program to the entire population (plus illegal aliens). What could go wrong?

Generally, all of these could be viewed as 'investments' so I guess the collapse of the $USD is not in question. Personally, if I saw something like student loan forgiveness in the cards I'd buy a bunch of gold bullion and watch the show.

I'd like to see our local Blue Mob either argue with or justify any of these items, but since they are members of the He-Man Orange Hitler Hate club (and nothing else), you likely won't see any response. It's a good list though.

Pop Effluvia

Straw Man alert, danger Will Robinson!


"Anti America Democrats" versus "Patriots". Them versus us.
George (Orwell) speaks.

George Rebane

scenes 1231pm - I posted their platform with the hopes that they would rush here to celebrate, confirm, and expound on how these initiatives would make America great again. So far, no joy.


"Straw Man alert, danger Will Robinson!"

lol. Say what? You don't think that those aren't stated policies from the herd of Democratic politicians? Betcha I can find 95% of those somewhere in a (D) party caucus platform or (D) politician speech, although 'Baby Bond' is new to me.

It is a funny thing about our local Blue Mob. They're all about Trumphate, but never ever try to justify their own party's platforms or general behaviors. Too busy knocking down statues I guess.


""Anti America Democrats" versus "Patriots". Them versus us.
George (Orwell) speaks."

As usual, no response to the column, just slogans.

I do think that 'Unamerican Americans' might be a bit catchier though.

Bill Tozer

Medicare for All. Open Borders. Universal Basic Income. Universal Child Care. Kool Beans. The word is out. The tsunami of folks who can neither read or write their native dialect not to mention Spanish or English are going to need that free healthcare, free food, free child care, free shelter, free housing, and those Yankee Dollars. Free is affordable!

As far as the eye can see:



Bill Tozer

Since every declared Socialcrat is behind the New Raw Deal, I will as well. We need to retrofit every building to make them green. Let’s start with businesses since they have alll the money. Let’s begin on a small project....say every building in the historical district in Nevada City. Drilll holes and pump insulation in those walls, double pane the windows, retrofit fit them all roof to foundation. Remove and replace antiquated building materials. Ten years is a reasonable amount of time for finish and showcase the project. Then move on to the houses on Nob Hill in the Poop Pile by the Bay to show the world how it is done.

If you object, they have ways to deal with you. It’s for the children. Lead on.

Bill Tozer

I don’t see the push to have more women or transsexuals on all corporate boards to meet the quotas.

Strawman Alert? Uncle Handsy Joe is the least of their problems.


Bill Tozer

Quite the accurate list which begs the question, “Would you turn the keys of this economy over to a Beto or a Warren or a Bernie or a Booker?

While not all potential candidates have jumped into the race, it is shaping up to a real black and white difference between the Left and Right, between the candidates, priorities, and philosophies in 2020. That is black and white between the Leftinista Socialcrats and Trump, not skin color. Just the fact I felt compelled to say the last sentence about black and white differences, not skin color, exemplifies the real contrasts come 2020.

Bill Tozer

Dem Platform and a case for Joe Biden


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