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03 April 2019


Don Bessee

Getting the boot -


Paul Emery

So the old Toddler just won't give it up. The ol' Sierra Lizzard Trump wannabe liar is just is out of his league and can't even make the grade on this Conservative website.

Paul Emery

Hos about this comment from Romney, one of Georges favorites, about Trumps latest Fed wanna be appointment:

Mitt Romney mocks Trump’s pick of Herman Cain for the Fed with an epic barb:

“I doubt that will be a nomination,” said Romney in an interview ahead of Trump’s announcement. “But if it were a nomination, you can bet the interest rates he would be pushing for … If Herman Cain were on the Fed, you’d know the interest rate would soon be 9-9-9.”

Romney’s comments are a dig at Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, which was a staple of his run for president. The proposal would have replaced America’s entire federal tax system with a flat 9 percent tax on personal income, 9 percent tax on businesses, and 9 percent tax on retail sales. The proposal was widely mocked as ludicrous and impractical, and one commentator even speculated that he might have plagiarized the plan from SimCity.

Don Bessee

The po' ol' fakenews biz is imploding as it should for the hoax on America, you see all you po' ol' fakenewsies have a massive karma debt and its time to pay the piper and not get paid by the advertisers -




Todd, even Bessee (5:30) is mocking you. "Getting the Boot" from three wives, Cabpro, and The Union.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 04 April 2019 at 05:24 PM

You have to ODomg as you are rambling and incoherent.
Your kids and wife told me ad it appears to be true. Seek help.

Todd Juvinall

OOZE no one is mocking me. You, however, are a troll and a loser. I am famous and loved by many. I am a secure person. You are jealous. I understand.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 04 April 2019 at 05:42 PM

Honestly, you need to seek help. You and OOZE are just jealous of e and it cracks me up.

Don Bessee

Screw that troll, don't pretend my 530 has anything to do with anything other than Assange getting the boot.


Todd Juvinall

I know. But the troll does what the Blogmeister allows him to do.

Don Bessee

Perhaps this poster is our virulent troll, they operate at the same level -

A former aide to Hillary Clinton is facing backlash for mocking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over video of the Kentucky Republican falling down, though others on social media pointed out that McConnell had survived a bout of polio as a child.

Adam Parkhomenko, a Democratic strategist who served in Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, shared a video on Wednesday of McConnell falling while stepping onstage at a campaign event.

Many pointed out on social media that McConnell had polio as a child and that paralysis from the disease has had a lasting effect on the lawmaker. Others slammed Parkhomenko for his “disgusting” tweet



Bill Tozer

Biden: Peggy Noonan has a good writing style, whether I agree with her or not. She makes a good point about how much the Dems have changed....in just four years. Made me realize how with each passing year, we (some) have moved further and further away from the World War II generation’s America.

“That is not the 2019 Democratic Party! This party would note, correctly, that there was little racial diversity in the foxhole, and would elaborate that its false unity was built on intersectional oppressions that render its utility as a unifying metaphor null.

“The party’s young theorists are impatient with such gooey patriotic sentiment. America is not good guys in a foxhole to them, it’s crabs in a barrel with the one who gets to the top getting yanked down to the bottom—deservedly.

“Your very strength—that you enjoy talking to both sides, that deep in your heart you see no one as deplorable—will be your weakness. You aren’t enough of a warrior. You’re sweet, you’re weak, you’re half-daffy. You’re meh.

“At this point you’re not out of step, you’re out of place.”



Well,, bacon happens.
"Last Saturday morning, Princess, a near-400 pound Hampshire cross pig, escaped from her pen at a residence on Park Street on Fickle Hill in Arcata and took a high-profile jaunt around the neighborhood, occasionally stopping to graze in open front yards."

And by about noon,, was pork chops.

OK,, the "pet" pig was an FFA project.. A rough way to learn what livestock is really for.


HEY OOZzzhole. I have a gift for ya'. The VA sent me another jug of that Colon-BLOW by mistake. You seem to be the best recipient.
Take the challenge. Put it on Youtube.

Don Bessee

The guy convicted of perjury and has new referrals for perjury from congress wants to peddle Mullers leftovers for more time on the street. The pony tail of ignorance has again been peddling fakenews with his vaporous misleading post on the same topic. Don't melt the butter for your warehouse of popcorn just yet ya po' ol' fakenewsman! -

The lawyers said if Cohen, Trump's former lawyer and fixer, has been going through the documents alone, without any help, and if he reports to prison May 6 as scheduled, he won't be able to finish reviewing the material.

They asked the lawmakers to write letters saying that Cohen was cooperating and that "the substantial trove of new information, documents, recordings, and other evidence he can provide requires substantial time with him and ready access to him by congressional committees and staff to complete their investigations and to fulfill their oversight responsibilities."

After the hearing, House Oversight Committee Republicans referred Cohen to the Justice Department for alleged perjury, claiming he lied during sworn testimony before the panel about a number of issues including his ambitions to work in the Trump administration and contracts with foreign entities. And, a top House Democrat told Fox News that Cummings, the Democrat oversight chair, probably would make a perjury referral.




Back to local fun and games,, anti mine folk are starting early.

Noise is WELL within county limits. The drillers even put in new windows for the griping person.(yet still bitches because she likes the window open)
Then there is this guy.
"Jim Hall said he lives about a mile away from the drill site and can feel and hear something from underneath his house. However, he hears nothing when stepping outside.
Hall said the noise began in mid-2017.
“My house rumbles on a low frequency,” Hall said. “You feel it as much as you hear it.”
Mossman said it’s impossible someone a mile from the drill site could hear or feel anything."

Bill Tozer

Don @ 7:52

Excuse the cynic in me, but did not the FBI raid Cohen’s home, office, storage unit and even his hotel room? Did not the FBI serve search warrants on every place Cohen had a computer, desk, or files? Did he not cooperate and turned over everything he had? And now....out of the blue as his date with Bubba in the big house approaches, he miraculously finds 14 million friggin files? 14 million files? And they are in his possession today and not turned over to Justice? What, was the hard drive in his mother-in-law’s closet in a dusty box? Or at his folk’s place under the bed he slept in as a child? Just magically appeared, eh? Did Carlos Danger find them now that he is out of jail?

Well, here we go again. “Stay tuned, I like living up to my moniker, The Ponytail of Ignorance.”

On a rather interesting side note, Giovanni "John" Gambino boys are waiting for Cohen. The mob really respects businessmen, hold them in the highest regard. They hold Trump in high esteem. Businessmen are very generous. Take care of people in need. Not lying crooks like politicians. And the mob hate rats. Rats that cooperate with the government.

It was none other than James Comey that put the collar on Gambino and sent him to prison. Gambino was no saint, but he felt that Comey set him up on some charges that he did not do. Reminiscent of this Russian Collusion Delusion. Comey and Mueller are good friends. They are waiting for Cohen. 14 million files, eh? Says Lanny Davis, roflmao. Good one.

Don Bessee

Yes BT, just a pile of piffle that not even muller wanted. Hey here are 14 million documents to review while you keep me ass out of the klink!


Don Bessee
Don Bessee
Bill Tozer

Here we go again. From John Solomon, a real journalist.

“There is compelling evidence — starting with the lead of the story — that the Times information comes anonymously from “associates” of the actual prosecutors. In other words, it is second-hand hearsay.

“I’m not sure that rises to a strong journalistic standard.

Nonetheless, the bigger lesson here should be clear, both to the Mueller team members and the reporters who facilitated their anonymous griping.

“In the American justice system, if you don’t indict, you cannot incite.”



"Mission accomplished". "Totally exonerated". Both turning points for two presidents who overplayed their hands.

Trump has been on the ropes all week and has been forced into complete reversals on Trumpcare and closing the border. Clarification of the Mueller report, Cohen with more dirt, tax returns and more will dog him in the near and perhaps the long term. Meanwhile he is already polling Iowa to figure out how well he'll do and apparently watching TV more closely than ever for his briefings. Slip sliding.

Don Bessee

Ya sure right snozz.


Paul Emery

Hmmm Bill

Was Hillary ever indicted? You are singing along with the chorus of "lock her up". Hypocrite

Don Bessee

In the court of Public Opinion oh grating pony tail of ignorance. Rancid Russian Dressing with your crow sir?



Beat me to it Paul!

“In the American justice system, if you don’t indict, you cannot incite.” Bbbbbut Bbbbbbill, you think that does not pertain to Hillary??

I can hear the fascist Reds now, "Lock her up anyway!!"

Don Bessee

OH Shit, we put balance into our artificial intelligence oversight team?!?!? Shut that bitch down and fing NOW! Purge any records and create a false narrative to cover it up and push it out through all our masters of the universe friends. -

San Francisco (AFP) – Google on Thursday confirmed that it has disbanded a recently assembled artificial intelligence ethics advisory panel in the face of controversy over its membership.
The end of the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC) came just days after a group of Google employees launched a public campaign against having the president of conservative think-tank Heritage Foundation among its members.



Bill Tozer

Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock the lying bitch up! Lock her up! Lock her up!


No wonder the Socialcrats hate Howard Shultz. No wonder they try to muzzle his speech and harass him whenever he goes. He is a threat to their Fantasy Land. At least Fox gave him a fair hearing and allowed him to freely speak his mind.


Bill Tozer

Joaquin Lopes Pinto got out of jail today. Where is he now?

“The driver, Joaquin Lopez Pinto, 28, was first treated for injuries from the hospital and, upon discharge, was charged with felony vehicular manslaughter. Pinto was booked and processed at the Nevada County Jail. His bail was set at $52,000 and he is in custody as of Friday.

Pinto did not have a registered driver’s license. Police identified the man via a representative from his native country, said West.”



14 million documents? Seventy five years = 113 million seconds. Divide it out and it appears he has been creating them 24/7/365 for 75 years at a rate of one every eight seconds.


Excuse me, one every 3 minutes. Still entirely unbelievable. Point is, most people have no appreciation of the meaning of large numbers and this makes them basically defenseless.

George Rebane

'Lock her up!' Let me get this straight. Conservative RR commenters are called hypocrites for expressing that sentiment after the FBI director presented overwhelming evidence of her violating several federal laws, and then decided not to recommend indictment because *he felt* she really didn't mean to do anything bad (which by law was not a condition of innocence). Yet no such hypocracy charge has been leveled against our liberal readers who for over two years have called for locking up the President and various members of his family in the face of no evidence whatsoever as corroborated by several exhaustive federal investigations. I guess it's true that being a Democrat, you never have to say you're sorry.


You just can't jail a Clinton. Never mind the rape allegations against Bubba, or his trips on Pedaflight 1.

Hillary? You don't investigate "matters". "Gross carelessness" is not a crime. Now try that here,if YOUR charged with gross negligence. Have your defense att. try and swap the terms around.

Do our proggys deny Hillary had a private server? Deny the fact that classified docs. were found ON it?

A reminder LIBS,,
Comey spells out Hillary's crimes.


And one for Paul.


Ahhh George- What is it about you always harping about one investigation but you so conveniently "forget" the 16 others Republican fueled investigations that came to naught.

Todd Juvinall

The fix was in for Hillary and Comey etal were all part of the coverup.


"L", multiple times

There was no claim that Cohen wrote those files. No one who knows what the files contain are talking. And no one believes Cohen when his lips move.

It's just more Trump Russia Porn.


Gotta look at the bright side. Trump is President,, and Hillary AIN'T!!


Todd 8:53-
Did you donate to the Go Fund Me account to help your buddy who shot up the pizza joint because of your coverup conspiracy. I forget, how many child sex slaves did he rescue? Bad Hillary.


LOL! OOzzz.. Empty your 401K to fund Stormy? She was supposed to take down Trump.

Bill Tozer

Gentleman and scumbags.

We, as members of the peanut gallery, can say that which we wilt. The simple point, which was lost on the retarded sheep herder popinjay and his stoned partner, was the FBI and members of the Justice Department are bound by rules and conducts of ethics. They cannot incite if they don’t indict. But, then again, such profound and deep everyday mundane standards are lost in the TDS translation.

The leakers, if found, can be prosecuted. Lock them up, lock them up!

And yes, the NYT has gone back to playing “telephone”, as always wrong Chucky Todd spouted. We cannot do a thing about the press save to point out the obvious on how stupid and wrong and misleading they are, along with their unwarranted arrogance.


To be fair, those dumb sacks of sheep poop went ape over Melania’s shoes first, which is where our discredited and not too bright popinjay got his talking points. You don’t really believe that our affectionate goat petter has an original idea in his empty noggin, do ya?

Bill Tozer

I like Lindsey Graham’s idea. There are parallels with Hillary and the Jusse Smollett case.

“The South Carolina lawmaker said he doesn't want to "retry" Clinton but wants the public to know "that she got away with something they wouldn't get away with."

"I think it's important to understand that political bias probably drove the Clinton outcome, not the facts. I really don't believe that [former FBI Director James] Comey just took over the investigation from [former AG Loretta] Lynch based on a tarmac meeting," Graham said. "I just want the American public to know that the standard used against Clinton is an outlier. It's not the way business is done. And why did they choose that path? I think they had a political bias

. They wanted Clinton to win, Trump to lose."

"And here's the point: How could she win if the Department of Justice indicted her? I think that's what drove the decision not to indict. They wanted her to win," he explained.

Comey, whom President Donald Trump fired in May 2017, led the FBI's investigation into Clinton's emails. In July 2016, Comey controversially announced the FBI would not recommend the DOJ indict Clinton for mishandling classified information by storing it on a private email server. At the time, Comey characterized Clinton's actions as "extremely careless."

“DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who conducted an internal investigation into how the DOJ handled the Clinton investigation, concluded last year that Comey departed "clearly and dramatically from FBI and department norms" during the Clinton investigation.”


Yep, once the FBI and DOJ returns to department norms, then the long road to repair the shattered faith and trust in the FBI and DOJ can begin. Leaking to the press does not help in their recovery. No sireeee.


This is why LIBS refuse to close the border.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 05 April 2019 at 08:50 AM
How could you forget you were the one? Dementia? Sad.

Bill Tozer

I disagree with this excuse filled CYA. . Trump did not cause their insanity, he exposed it. In the affectionate sheep fondler’s case, Bush did not create his insanity, he exposed it.

“The insanity was real. But it was also the product of a continued belief, among the media — who failed to vet stories, ran with unsubstantiated allegations, and, occasionally, fell for total hoaxes — that Trump was, indeed, guilty of colluding with Russian officials that ultimately drove the story.”


Yep, the oldest trick in the book. The devil made me do it! They never accept responsibility for their actions....nor ever say they are sorry. Indeed, they are some sorry sumbitches.


Todd 9:35
Babbling at your reflection in the toilet? Can't understand you over that echo.

Your "friends" are still waiting for your apology for bald face lying to them. We'll never forget.

Bill Tozer

It’s a coverup! Now they are all concerned about Barr following the law, lol. Remember all those many words the Socialcrats used to protest the release of the FISA application?

“Nor is it a surprise that the news has Trump antagonists clamoring for full disclosure of the special counsel’s final report. Mind you, when skeptics of the Trump-Russia investigation asked what the criminal predicate for it was, and on what basis the Obama administration had decided to monitor the opposition party’s presidential campaign, we were admonished about the wages of disclosure — the compromise of precious defense secrets, of deep-cover intelligence sources and methods. Why, to ask for such information was to be an insurrectionist seeking to destroy the FBI, the Justice Department, and the rule of law itself. Now, though, it’s only the uncharged president of the United States at issue, so disclose away!“ —-Andrew McCarthy




The way OOzzz acts,, it's more than likely that Todd long dicked him. Need to treat your woman better OOzzz??

Bill Tozer

Opps, bad link. Now, like illegal immigrantion, they don’t want Barr to follow the law and standards.

Stop it Joe, just stop it. Now he “says” he got permission to touch children. Just keep your hands to yourself, you friggin Affectionate Creep. Cease!


Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 05 April 2019 at 10:25 AM

I apologize for mating with your wife. I thought she was single. All she did was talk about how inadequate you are in all ways male.


I sure wish I had known this guy.

Sounds like the good LORD has his hands full.


,,, Todd is a walking mockery of a sentient being,,,


Todd- you are a reflexive tool. It is amazing the things I can get you to write about yourself on line. Remember, it never goes away.

Paul Emery


do you believe a word that Flynn or Manifort might say? Both convicted felons.

Don Bessee

Lets watch the po' ol' pollhead get frothed up -




Todd, you can thank me now, or thank me later-

". . . One man, who calls himself 'very attractive' said he was sick of trying to understand what women want "


Todd Juvinall

OOZE 104
I already know what they want. I am an expert and they love me. Your wife did too. Even your 20 something relative. It was grand. But why do they such a low opinion of you? Can't compete? Sad.


Todd 1:16

Congratulations on finally coming out of the closet. My only "20 something relative" is a nephew who is a double amputee. I'm happy to hear that you and he could satiate one another's primal urges. I didn't know he was gay, but I'm open minded. Well done.

Don Bessee


Dow, Nasdaq soar to highest levels of 2019



Bill Tozer

Time is now racist.

“Time a Racial Weapon
And why is that?

“Because “time comes out of histories of European and Western thought.... After the Industrial Revolution we begin to talk about time as spending time. It becomes something that is tethered to monetary value” and the “hourly wage,” and so we now “talk about time in terms of wasting time or spending time. And that’s a really different understanding of time than, you know, like seasonal time or time that is sort of merely passing.”

“What that exactly means is hard to say, but Cooper’s long education in women’s, gender, and Africana studies apparently didn’t include the little-known history that the world’s been running on time ever since ... well, ever since God rested on the seventh day.

“Anyway, time is whitey’s whip to keep the black man down, Cooper averred.


Another Leftinista speaks her mind. Reminds me of the damage Dougski’s ilk has done to education.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 05 April 2019 at 01:40 PM

No it was a female. Maybe your daughter? I like women so you keeps your goats. And your wife was pretty good.

Bill Tozer

Time for the AOC Daily Double

Scenes’ Gal channeling My Gal.

Scenes’ Gal mocks black reporter for wearing protective vest at border, calls it Party City


To which the reporter replied,

“Congresswoman, I’m sure the Border Patrol Laredo Sector, would be happy to give you a full briefing on the crisis here on the border,” said Lawrence Jones. “How about you join me & see for yourself. We just capture 8 illegals 3 minutes ago. Thankfully they weren’t armed like the others 2 days ago.”

(Border Patrol) “told me to put it on to keep us safe here. Just two months ago, there was a shooting. … We control this side of the border, but the cartel controls the other side of the border. There’s been gunfights.”



"do you believe a word that Flynn or Manifort might say? Both convicted felons."

-Punchy 1153am

Paul, I am here to help you. Could you quote what I wrote that led you to ask me such a silly question?

Don Bessee

Perhaps instead of whining about it she might get a better agent to negotiate her next contract -



Bill Tozer

Where did Jorge Ramos go wrong? Polls


Paul Emery

Pretty obvious Gregory, your negating of anything Cohen might say because he is convicted of perjury.

Gregory 8:45 "And no one believes Cohen when his lips move."

Don Bessee

It is so ludicrously typical of the pony tail of ignorance to compare Flynn to a guy whos life of deception and lies is orders of magnitude worse than Flynn's getting snared in a perjury trap. Remerging that nothing Cohen did had anything to do with the President.



So, you ask a question you knew the answer to? That IS a stupid question.

I'm not sure why Flynn crept into your question (I've not said anything about him) and the number of times Cohen has lied under oath and not under oath, I'm not sure what value his testimony might be that has your undies in a knot.

Besides, that he is a felon really doesn't enter into the measure of truthfulness, does it? Do you think all felons can be relied on to lie?

Don Bessee

This guy could be the next Pope -

Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah warns that the “west will disappear” as a result of mass migration, adding that “Islam will invade the world” and “completely change culture, anthropology, and moral vision.”
Sarah’s new book, Evening Draws Near and the Day is Nearly Over, is causing controversy in Europe because it explicitly identifies Muslim migration as a harbinger of the continent’s collapse.
“If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians,” said Sarah, adding, “My country is predominantly Muslim. I think I know what reality I’m talking about.”

The Cardinal also blamed the European Union for its “desire to globalize the world, ridding it of nations with their distinctive characteristics,” labeling the move “sheer madness”.
“The Brussels Commission thinks only about building a free market in the service of the great financial powers,” he continued. “The European Union no longer protects the peoples within it. It protects the banks.”

An African cardinal has branded mass migration a 'new form of slavery'.

Cardinal Robert Sarah, touted by many to succeed Pope Francis as the next pontiff, said in a new interview with French publication Valeurs Actuelles that the Church should oppose migration.

'It is a false exegesis to use the Word of God to promote migration. God never wanted these rifts,' Cardinal Robert Sarah said.

'All migrants who arrive in Europe are penniless, without work, without dignity...This is what the Church wants?' he asked.

'The Church can not cooperate with this new form of slavery that has become mass migration.'
Sarah, from Guinea, who serves as the head of the Vatican's liturgy office, added that he believed 'Islam will invade the world' if migration is not controlled.



Bill Tozer

Did like what Max Rose said in reference to AOC keeping a list of those Dems who defy her.
“If she wants to primary me, if the Justice Democrats want to primary me, I’ll lay out the red carpet. We can settle this at the polls.”


“Friendly fire: “This is not the time for milquetoast incrementalism. It just isn’t. But with that being said, nothing about what I just said would provide a justification for a massive socialist economic-policy platform. [It’s] just not needed. There’s no need to lie to voters right now.” —Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) on the Green New Deal

Friendly fire II: “Should [Democrats] continue to look at things through a 2019 lens, from 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago? Otherwise who would want to run for president? No one is perfect. If Democrats keep like this, good luck. Hashtag Trump 2020.” —CNN’s Don Lemon

The BIG Lie: “When anti-choice politicians limit access to reproductive care, women die.” —Hillary Clinton (You know what does get people killed? Abortions. And refusing to protect government officials before and during a terrorist attack on a U.S. consulate.)

**Sore loser: “We had this little election back in 2018. And despite the final tally and the inauguration and the situation we find ourselves in, I do have one very affirmative statement to make: We won.” —failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams

Braying Jenny: “While there’s [sic] still those that think [Trump will] never be impeached, you never know. So, let me leave you with this: Despite the fact that we haven’t gotten the [Mueller] report yet, and we’re going after it, and it may be subpoenaed, that it is being worked on, I’m still saying impeach 45.” —Rep. Maxine Waters

**Braying Jackass: “Repeat after me: the NRA is not America. They are just noise. A noise that doesn’t even echo what their members believe. I do not fear them. And we will soon defeat them.” —Rep. Eric Swalwell

Alpha Jackass: “God does not love this world. God never sent Jesus to die for this world. Jesus died because he was 2,000 years too soon to bring about the end of the civilization of the Jews. He never was on no cross. There was no Calvary for that Jesus. … I represent the Messiah. I represent the Jesus and I am that Jesus.” —Louis Farrakhan“



Bill Tozer

Twitter wars: Scenes’s Gal fires back! Things move fast in Twitter World.

Man, she has the victim card down pat.

“Ocasio-Cortez — who often refers to Republicans as racists, white supremacists, and xenophobes — complained that is was "so hurtful" that people would call her out for the way she talked to black audience members.”



Todd 2:24-
You claim to have had sex with my daughter? Kind of like your claim you didn't get the boot from cabpro and The Union or your claim that Paul went to prison. Pretty loose with your "facts" there.

Kind of like Trump was going to close down the border this week, or have Trumpcare up and running, or that he is building a 30' concrete wall from sea to shining sea, or that N. Korea would be without nukes . . . facts are meaningless to you and your kind.

Paul Emery

I think it's time for Todd to get the boot. These things are really outrageous. It's your call.


Oh man, my AOC means nothin' by it. Those dreamy crazy eyes can see things no one else can.

I had a dream last night about AOC and me starting up an organization of Green New Deal Flagellants. A group of old white men who'll walk from town to town, crossing the country, apologizing to any POC they meet and getting the welcoming crowd to whip them a bit when they get tired. It'll be a carbon-neutral solar-powered extravaganza flanked by a fleet of Subaru wagons to flog on the stragglers.

Who knows, sometimes MAGA happens in strange ways.


You know, I think that Creepy Uncle Joe could make some serious dosh giving commercial endorsements.


Don Bessee

Can anyone explain how shakedown Sharpton is suddenly a king maker in the socialist-dem clown show? The littlest commiecongress-critter's pitch to shakedown Sharpton -

“That is the moral political and economic underpinning of making bold investments and dignified jobs because that is the necessary plan to fix the pipes in Flint [Michigan] and clean the air in the South Bronx, and create unionized energy jobs for transitioning workers in Appalachia and West Virginia, for single-payer health care and Medicare-for-all and tuition-free public colleges and universities to prepare our nation for the future, and for the end of mass incarceration, the war on drugs, examining and pursuing an agenda of reparations and fixing the opioid crisis too,” she said.



Scott O

St Paul: "I think it's time for Todd to get the boot. These things are really outrageous. It's your call."
We put up with your BS, Paul - I think you'd better calm down.

Don Bessee

The brits are starting to look like they are a suicidal country with this and the Brexit fiasco -



Don Bessee

Its never as simple as it sounds at first -

A key sensor had been wrecked, possibly by a bird strike. As soon as they retracted the landing gear, flaps and slats, it began to feed faulty data into the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), designed to prevent stalls.

Flying faster than recommended, the crew struggled with MCAS. But the high speed made it nearly impossible to use the controls to pull the nose up.

Moments later, the Boeing Co jet hit the ground, killing all 157 people onboard after six minutes of flight.

Ethiopian authorities said on Thursday that the pilots followed all the correct procedures in trying to keep MCAS from sending the plane into a fatal dive.

But the full picture of what happened in the cockpit of Flight 302 on March 10 is emerging from a preliminary report and a newly released data plot showing how crew and technology interacted.
The airline's youngest-ever captain, a 29-year-old with an impressive 8,100 hours flying time, and his rookie 25-year-old co-pilot may have made a crucial mistake by leaving the engines at full take-off power, according to data and other pilots.

By the end, the aircraft was traveling at 500 knots (575 mph, 926 kph), far beyond its design limits.



 Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 6:36 pm

Guess we are too old to run the gauntlet, so will be have to walk with a purpose. “Because you’re. mine, I walk the line.”
Man, I thought My Gal was a tough cookie, but you got the tiger by the tail with Your Gal. I know she didn’t mean nothing by it. She’s not the type to call anyone names, but.........

“We're not calling anyone names," Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said during a town hall event with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. "People say Tea Party of the left, and I find this phrase very interesting. The phrasing is very interesting because the grounding of the Tea Party was xenophobia, the underpinnings of white supremacy."

Boy Scenes, I see what you are up against. Minor annoyances. But those eyes....those eyes.....those eyes make it all worth while.



Bill Tozer

You know, the Left is like a bunch of kids that need to focus on something or they start to go stark raving looney tunes. Bonkers. It’s a cover up! Cover up! So impatient. Like, they just don’t have the mental capacity or inner control to think of something else. Barr is covering up, hiding the dastardly deeds on Trump! He won’t turn r the full report. Barr is the assassin to kill the report! Conspiracy, conspiracy! But, the tax returns are the real silver bullet!!
Quick, put something in front of them before they pop and make a mess all over the room.
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Mercy. these things take time.


Bill Tozer

Don @ 7:08 pm

It’s the identity politics....which boils down o reparations, baby. We are now reduced to being just their wallets. Sign the pledge. First, you got to give at the alter of Rev. Al to continue on. His toll ain’t cheap. Gotta pass the purity test. Sign the pledge, sign the pledge!




From what I've been told, the rookie Ethiopian Air co-pilot had only 361 hours logged. Total. But halfway into the event, he was the one who called for the Stab Trim breakers to be pulled, a correct action. But there were more problems by then.

In the US, to fly right seat in a passenger airliner, you need the ATP rating and 1500 hours.

"The 25-year-old co-pilot had only 361 total flight hours — not enough to be hired as a pilot at a U.S. airline. He flew 207 of those hours on 737s, including 56 hours on Max jets"

So... he had only flown 154 hours in piston singles, twins, perhaps turboprop twins before graduating to a 737.

This is beyond gobsmacking crazy.


Gregory 9:55

"This is beyond gobsmacking crazy."

I take it you've never been to Ethiopia. Clif note clues: Trump is a wannabe Haile Selassie and Todd is mingi.

Don Bessee

Looks like someone is passing the device around the hookah bar @1010.



This Ozz fellow is a serious Sociocrat (Bill, I think it captures them better) as I noted when first he hoist his ensign. I"ve heard he's the infamous Pee-l-i-n.but have no idea. AV is the notorious misspeller and Cross just is. Ozz & Todd seem to know each other and I really think that's too much information.

Just my observations.


No "L," I'm not Ozz, but I like how he has this blog tied up in knots. Gotta' go now!

Todd Juvinall

L 1054
I have met many lunatics like OOZE so I think I know his little mind. He is no different than the trolls that follow me on my blog, the Union comments or here. They are all mentally challenged charlatans.


Bummer news... as of 5PM yesterday, the order from Judge Benitez allowing sales and manufacture of large capacity magazines is stayed by Benitez... folks will be able to keep the ones they've purchased without fear of prosecution. Well, much fear of prosecution.

Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night.


Todd 7:56
You don't get it. The common denominator in all of your examples is you. You are the thing that sticks to the bottom of everyone's shoe. They thing we try to scrape off against the curb or scuff across the grass.

And you claim to have had sex with my daughter. She won't even touch a banana slug, much less be caught dead with the likes of you.

Todd Juvinall

Ozz | 06 April 2019 at 09:01 AM
The reason you trolls follow e around is because I defeat you and your arguments every time. You are a fascist and anti-free speech. I am not. So you follow me to try and keep me from spreading the truth and you just can't handle me at all. You trolls even threaten me with death you are so unhinged. Anyway, your daughter was a mercy consummation for her as she is one homely little tart.


"Anyway, your daughter was a mercy consummation for her"

She is 13.

Bill Tozer

Well, this makes sense. No wonder the popinjays became unglued over the Qatari agent in Turkey. They all sup from the same pot.


Don Bessee

What a snooze

So much for being genuine, just another pandering pol is the littlest commiecongress-critter -



Todd Juvinall

OOZE i was 12.

George Rebane

Oz 830am - It takes only one investigation to establish guilt, no matter how many previous investigations did not establish guilt.


George 11:23
"It takes only one investigation to establish guilt, no matter how many previous investigations did not establish guilt."

Good know. I'll be sure to bring this up next time one of the Ruminants whines about "another" investigation of Trump.


Todd 10:43
"i was 12"

That was about 60 years before she was born. Every time you open your mouth your level of stupid grows.

Don Bessee

Shhhhhhhhhh! Leave them be -



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