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07 April 2019



Posted by: Paul Emery | 12 April 2019 at 04:46 PM

Fish, do you deny yes or no that Trump is an Evil Angel

“Welcome to the official EvilAngel.com porn site. The BEST hardcore anal porn online! Watch the hottest ass and anal porn movies from the top gonzo film creators inside.“

Uh......gee Punch.....whatever floats your boat but what does any of this have to do with the president?

Don Bessee

It looks bad for the pony tail of ignorance, just sayin -



Bill Tozer

Yo Walt. Been missing you. Hope you got the green light.

What do you think of that grenade Trump threw irkfht n the middle of the Dems’ retreat at the fancy country club? Boom! I Too funny. Think Nevada Country should take in 700/month and The Poop & Needle Sanctuary City by the Bay about 27k a month.

Last night I read about Trump kicking around the idea of busing illegals to welcome mat states. “Oh boy,” I thought. “Incoming.” The Addicted to Outrage crowd will have the claws out this morning. Trump did not back down but said “Yep, it’s true. Not only that, the buses and planes and transport vehicles are coming your way,. Endless supply.”

That Trump sure is great for jumping in and taking charge of the narrative. Boom! He really smoked them out this time. Left them standing there buff naked with their butts flapping in the wind. A cold wind.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Tiny man speaks. Has bigley Daddy issues. Time to take the insolent child, pull down his pants, and spank him over my knee.

And we won’t forget you, little one.



Glad someone does,, Thanks Bill. Just a long damned week in AZ.
My little girl just needed Dad. Another stint in the hospital.
The only good side, that hospital food was better than most high end restaurants. In the cafeteria no less.(if you could even call it that.) People were taking pictures of the spread.
The medical center makes SNMH look like it's a few months out of WWII. They took good care of my kid.

It's good to be home. It's been too long not giving our proggys indigestion.

Bill Tozer

I think I gave Ilhan too much credit when I said she is dumb. But, at least I knew she cannot not blow it again and again. Muslim Brotherhood. Dems still have a big anti-Semitic problem. Heck, Tlaib took a yellow post note, wrote Palestine on it, and put it over Israel on the map in her office. Hamas does not believe in a two state solution. Anyway...

"I am going to enjoy watching the people who threw their lot in with her being forced to die on these hills over and over," said the popular anonymous commentator known as Neontas“

My Gal is Red hot!

“Bill, this is boring!” he yelled. As he tried asking his question — “Why don’t you talk about — ” Hillary immediately began talking over him, saying that the “important political conversations” they were trying to have could be difficult, especially when interrupted by such “agent provocateurs.”

“Jeffrey Epstein!” shouted the man.

Oh, the irony.



From a few months ago concerning Secretary of State and Mr. Grifter:


"When the duo did open their tour, in Toronto last week, the arena was embarrassingly full of empty seats. The Clintons drew only 3,300 people in an arena that holds almost 20,000. On the day of the event, ticket prices dropped to under $7 Canadian.

Their first stop in the U.S. was supposed to be in Sugar Land, Texas, which is just outside Houston, on Tuesday. But the Clintons postponed that one as well, after George H.W. Bush's death.

Evening With Clintons, Or McDonalds?
It was just as well, since tickets, initially priced from around $70 to around $700, had dropped to as little as $6."

Somebody needs to send Sam Hyde for some heckler fun. I'll kick in the $6.

They are troopers though. The show must go on.


Don Bessee

Too true -

Column: Covington, Smollett, Mueller, Avenatti and other adventures in unreality



Bill Tozer

They are coming for your yogurt containers next.


Tax on drinking water next. Hold on to your wallets, the Dems are in charge. Heck, if they really want to clean up rural areas, keep your dirty money grubbin’ hands out of here. Where is the conservative guerrilla street artist when you need her? Resist!

“One of the most controversial proposals to come out of Sacramento this year is a proposal from Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to tax drinking water in order to clean up contaminated water in the state’s low-income and rural areas.”


Don Bessee

Not a journalist, a hacking spy -

The former top lawyer for the U.S. intelligence community under President Barack Obama is praising the Justice Department indictment of Julian Assange, calling it a “very shrewd” charge that avoids infringing on freedom of the press issues that stymied his Obama administration colleagues.
“I think the Department of Justice was very shrewd in how it approached this,” said Robert Litt, who served as chief counsel to the director of national intelligence between 2009 and early 2017. Litt was interviewed for the Yahoo News “Skullduggery” podcast.

“And the question has always raised, How do you differentiate Julian Assange from the New York Times and the Washington Post?”

“And the question has always raised, How do you differentiate Julian Assange from the New York Times and the Washington Post?”

But, Litt argued, the indictment of the WikiLeaks founder unsealed this week successfully avoids the issue by narrowly focusing on a single conspiracy charge: that Assange offered to help Chelsea Manning, then a U.S. Army private, crack the password of a classified Defense Department computer.

Assange is quoted as telling Manning in an online chat “no luck so far” — it provided a basis for a criminal charge of conspiring to violate a federal computer law.

“I think it has been significant that virtually all of the big media have been leaping on this as saying, well you know, this is fine, we wouldn't do anything like this,” Litt said about what Assange is accused of doing.

“I think that to the extent the message that's being sent is — ‘We don't have a problem with people publishing things, we have a problem with people using illegal means to obtain information to publish’ — I don't think that's a bad message,” Litt said. “Reporters shouldn't be breaking into places where they don't belong to get information.”



Don Bessee


Last Friday marked the monthly ritual of Jobs Day — or the release of new economic data that is gathered and packaged by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unsurprisingly, the figures provide yet further proof the economy remains on solid footing.
More specifically, the Labor Department numbers reveal that job creation continues to be robust — reporting that 196,000 jobs were added in March — unemployment remains near rock bottom levels at 3.8 percent and wage growth expanded millions of American wallets yet again.
These developments only add to the symphony of other positive economic indicators. In fact, it’s evident Americans are objectively experiencing one of the strongest economies in decades.




700,000 visitors to our Wild & Scenic Yuba River. I know haters are gonna hate and only a fraction of people self identified as conservatives appreciate wild places or visit our parks, but you must must admit 700,000 visitors a year is a huge economic stimulus for Nevada County. To express your appreciation, please send your donations to SYRCL.


Todd Juvinall

More phony numbers from the past. Actual numbers about 50 thousand if that.


Until you prove it, I don't think anyone who knows you will believe you.

Todd Juvinall

Oh, we have covered these numbers numerous times here and elsewhere. You just bought the propaganda. That is what trolls do.


As you are well aware, you are but a tiny island of doubt surrounded by a sea of certainty and solid numbers. You can't substantiate a mere 50,000 visitors per year. It is nothing but a figure you pulled out of the air because you hate to see the smashing economic benefits that river conservation has brought to Nevada City. If you truly care for this community as you claim, pony up and donate a few hundred bucks to SYRCL. You might even come and help pick up some trash.

George Rebane

Ozz 736pm - 700K visitors per year averages to about 1,000 cars per day given 2 people to a car. Wouldn’t you think there would be major traffic jams up and down the South Yuba at that visitor rate. We have yet to hear of such congestion. Thoughts?


George- Over the span of a year of total access between Bridgeport and Spaulding, that would be a reasonable number. My guess would be that the average visitor vehicle contains greater than three persons. http://www.dot.ca.gov/trafficops/census/volumes2017/Route44-50.html

Don Bessee

No way snooze, 'greater than 3 per vehicle' LOL Watching too many Subaru commercials! Go back to hating the Union.


George Rebane

Ozz 933pm - Interesting data from you link. Could you kinda connect the dots there to come up with the 700K annual visitor volume. We have seen (and contributed to the) heavy use of the So Yuba at Bridgeport and Hwy 49 crossing, but nowhere near volumes that would give rise to those averages, especially since the heavy use period is during the summer months. During that period the visitors' cars would have to number in the multiple thousands a day. Maybe I'm missing something here.


Bessee- You are correct, I meant to write greater than two occupants. I have worked as a volunteer maintaining the Independence Trail, and it is uncommon to see a single occupant in an out of town visitor's vehicle. Two is most common, but many out of town vehicles have four or more. I am not including locals who come down to the trail for their daily dog walk or exercise stroll.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:10 pm. Sounds like ‘access’ means driving on the road. What constitutes a visitor? Anyway, inflated ‘visitor’ numbers keeps the money flowing for projects like restoring the Bridgeport covered bridge and putting a jonnie smith on the spot at the Hwy 49 crossing.
—Now that the book burners got Social Media on board....

“Clearly, in this non-emergency, what the Crats are moving toward is more and more policing and censoring of social media to shut down Trump, Trump supporters, and anyone whose conservative remarks can be misconstrued to support White Nationalism.

“The Democrats want to destroy the Electoral College because they lost the election. They want to destroy the Supreme Court because they’ve lost the majority. And now they want to destroy free speech because they’ve lost the argument.”


Bill Tozer

Gun grabbers. And it has just got worse since 2014.

Daily Caller 3 minute video from on of our treasured immigrants who understands what is at stake: This is Marxism.

Bill Tozer

Opps. Link



SYRCL has river ambassadors at 49 and Purdon most weekends of the summer (14 weekends I believe). By their own estimates they meet face to face with about 20% of the visitors passing by. These numbers are recorded and tallied. Last year they met face to face with nearly 50,000 visitors. This would roughly translate to 300,000 visitors who met with or walked by the ambassadors. These are only weekend and only two river access points. Todd's guesstimated cap of 50,000 is long gone in the rearview.

Stats- https://yubariver.org/our-work/river-ambassador-program/

Todd Juvinall

The numbers were concocted thirty years ago and still live on in the minds of these numbskulls. The original and ongoing numbers are extrapolated by sheeple at three spots on the Yuba where there were a few cars parked. The numbers are phony but as we see they have trolls spouting them as facts. All this has been covered and exposed as fictitious here and elsewhere numerous times.

Bill Tozer

700,000 visitors is the number put forth by a predator troll. Let’s not move the goalposts.
I will spell it out. Seven hundred thousand visitors a year. Lay it out for all to see. I spent several hours on State websites to valid that number and increased the pal areas the last time the magic 700,000 number came up.....without success. Might be as high as under half that amount with guesstimates about unmanned access points There seems to be an aversion to releasing figures...recent or not recent. Heck, they didn’t record my 20016 vote until 2018.

Each time I drive by those lovely enclaves of White Supremacy know as NSJ and The Ridge, I pass the State Parks. If I take 49, I cross over the South ForkPark. If I feel like taking the long loop, I drive up on Pleasant Valley to Peterson’s corner and have access to Bridgeport as I drive by. Not to mention crossing over the river on the road to Graniteville or to Grouse Ridge.

700,000 is your number. Convince me. Change my mind.



The number from the link referenced by "Ozz" (wink, wink) is 48,757 contacts... over a SEVEN year period.

That's about 7,000 contacts by "river ambassadors"... per YEAR. Mostly weekend, mostly summer.


What exactly is the point of (what sounds like) a gross overestimate like '700,000' for visitors?

Somebody sticking to their guns for fear of embarrassment? An attempt to show that the area doesn't need good internet service since all the money is made on tourism instead of business? Some sort of global warming tie-in? Maybe that's where all the homeless people go for vacation?


Back to this again? The "visitor" count is as fabricated as AGW "facts".
As for the trail, on 49,, there is only room for about 20 cars.
And how many hours dos the usual visitor occupy that one one spot, before making room for a "new" visitor?
Have yet to see tour buses making drops of loads of tourists.

But that's our LIBS,, just make shit up that sounds good.

Kinda like the dude in Grass Valley claiming he can feel and hear the exploratory drill from a mile and a half away.(he hates mining)


Walt 7:54
"Have yet to see tour buses making drops of loads of tourists."

The shuttle drives non stop to the river all summer and they are in the process of getting another bus.



Better link. I think the other link is from their old website. And note, the number of annual visitors has been updated to 800,000!! And you drone on and on about how saving the Yuba River is somehow an evil tendril of the dreaded A-21 conspiracy. If that is so, give me mo' of that good time conspiracy!!


Bill Tozer

The figure is 700,000. Prove it, dopehead. Another pot head false premise. Prove it. Prove it.

Bill Tozer

The five faces of oppression.

“The most jarring realization: liberal academics define “oppression” so loosely that their victimhood narrative can never end.”


If a private company found these low numbers in its employee survey, supervisors, managers, and most regional/mid management would be fired on the spot.

“The OIG also noted that DOJ had a problem with failing to use merit to grant promotions and raises. It questioned the DOJ’s observance of whistleblower protection laws. The OIG found “5 instances of retaliation against whistleblowers. In each instance, the managers failed to recognize and adhere to clear laws and policies that protect employees for disclosing evidence of misconduct to lawful recipients.”

“DOJ dysfunction is a well-known fact among its own employees. Every year, an employee survey of the agencies that make up the federal government is conducted. All employees are asked to participate, so it’s more than a random sample. The data include real answers from employees who work in the department, and provide a rare window into an agency that confirms the outward appearance of a powerful agency in the grips of moral crisis.”



So the shuttle bus makes a stop. BFD.
Your "numbers" are fictional. But that never stops a Proglidite.
HELL.. You won't even attempt to back up the claim. So piss on you....

Todd Juvinall

The SacBee had an attack on Trump for retweeting the video of that babe Omar regarding her comment about "those people did something". The AP attacks Trump! Not one question by those mal practicing "journalists" of Omar. And she is whining about the country and civil liberties of Muslims. I tweeted the AP and asked why they did not ask her about that. Anyway, here she is elected to Congress and still a "victim". I hope these democrat whiners keep it up.

And she and her family were saved by this country and this is all we get from her? What a friggin ingrate.

Bill Tozer

Re: Assange. Bernie, Russia, and Wikileaks.
Helping Bernie, protecting Mueller’s indictments, and why Assange may never see the inside of a courtroom. Hint: nothing to do with the journalism angle. Recommended.

“A more serious question: Why hasn’t Assange been indicted for criminal collusion with the Kremlin — the same hacking conspiracy for which Mueller indicted the Russian operatives with whom Mueller says Assange collaborated? The same conspiracy for which the president of the United States, though not guilty, was under the FBI’s microscope for nearly three years?”.....

“Meanwhile, let us remember: Despite a dearth of evidence that he was complicit in Moscow’s hacking, President Trump was forced by the Justice Department and the FBI, urged on by congressional Democrats, to endure a two-year investigation and to govern under a cloud of suspicion that he was an agent of the Kremlin. Now we have Assange, as to whom there is indisputable evidence of complicity in the hacking conspiracy, but the Justice Department declines to charge him with it — instead, positing the dubious Manning conspiracy that may very well be time-barred.

What is going on here?”


Bill 8:07-
"The figure is 700,000. Prove it,"

The State says 700,000. SYRCL says 700,000. The Chamber says 700,00. The shuttle service says that number has grown to 800,00. The Nevada County Board of Sups ALSO says it is now 800,000. Hey Todd weren't you one of these? Supervisors never lie do they?

Bill, I believe the ball is in the minority court of dissenting opinion to prove that all of these entities are wrong. That's the way it works. Don't believe the assessor's office? it is up to you to prove otherwise.


Bill Tozer

8:36 am link



That's it OOzzzzhole.. Never mind the math just won't add up.
Just like the cost of free health care you and yours say "we" can afford.

Todd Juvinall

The 700k was a made up number back in the 90's when SYRCL was trying to get WandS. It was bogus but it lives on as the propaganda number that trolls and charlatans cite. Anyway no one has ever done an actual count.

Todd Juvinall

Trump up three over Bernie in the latest poll for 2020 election.


Trod- RCP average shows Trump under Bernie by 2.5. Even the vaunted Faux News shows Bernie trouncing the fat orange guy by a solid 3 points. Cherry pick all you want. We have the same sources and you simply make yourself look stupid (er) digging through the numbers searching for a win.

We're still waiting for you to disclose your source that proves the Yuba only gets 50,000 visitors a year. Cat got yer tongue?


They're all reporting the same number and pointing to each other to support the 700k number... ooops, 800k. Inflation, you know.

It's the number they all agree on that allows the "park" to continue with current funding. There's a California Parks employee who writes down an estimate every month and they don't have to justify it.

Somehow, this little ditty from Tom Lehrer seems apropos.

Bill Tozer

Ok Ozzz, lay out the State’s claim that 700,000 visitors a year visit the South Yuba State Park. Not the Empire State Park, not Tahoe National Forrest Land. Then I will be convinced.

700,000 people a year (including winter and fall) visit Bridgeport, the 49er Crossing, and toss in Edwards, Purdon’s Crossing, and the diggings and I will be convinced.

State Park figures from the State Park Service. That’s allI I ask. You made the claim and it’s up to you to prove the State Park System’s own figures. Not what the Chamber of Commerce says, not what that cop hater tin foil hat Chem Trail goat lady says, not what some tourist brochures says. And definitely not what some Pelosi groomed drunk lady from Sac crashing into parked cars on the BOS says.
Give me the State’s numbers of many visitors to the South Yuba State Park. It’s a State Park and I need the State Park’s figures from, say, 2016, 2017. You made the claim and the burden lies with you, pun intended.

State Park visitor numbers from the State Park Service.

Todd Juvinall

The 700K was used in the original hearings by SYRCL to show what the potential would be after they sent out a couple of people to the parking spots along the river. Three if I recall. And they extrapolated the huge number from a couple of hours sitting there counting. Then the other agencies picked up the number and used it. Soon it became the truth. But not for those that know the actual truth.

Trump up over Bernie. Soon to be the finals.


Do the math Ozzhole. 800,000 divided by 365.
There is no waiting line today, or yesterday, or the day before.
Simple math says your full of shit.

Todd Juvinall

But Walt that is what he was told. LOL!


Todd- That is what YOUR Board of Supervisors have been telling us. Do all of thme lie as much as you?


LOL!!! Bernie? See his tax plan? Enjoy! How bout his 70% death tax?
your kids will love it if you vote for him. They will make sure you sell everything(one way or another) before you check out.

Yup,, you LIBS sure have some problems. Anti Semites, 9/11 deniers,
full blown COMMIES. Yet you seem to think you can beat Trump.
Now you bitch that Trump wants to "dump" illegals in your sanctuary cities. Priceless....


Ohhh.. The "county".... They make sure someone follows the clean-up laws to the letter. Yet didn't clean up their own mess.
Yup,, leaky fuel tanks can be costly. I removed the tank,, but the county didn't remove the contaminated soil. It's still there.


Ozz won't even fess up to his/her own inflation of the 'ambassadors' contacts to 50,000 a year by using a number that was the total over a seven span.

The parks report is at parks.ca.gov/statisticalreport

A retired Parks manager/Grand PooBah I know (a member of my extended family) wrote:

"As you have observed, that data is a bit soft. Most parks report a paid day use number and a free day use number. Paid generally ties back to actual receipts. Free is a number, reported daily that is often made up by someone in the field. Perhaps someone has decided that everyone driving by on the highway is having a park experience. Did you ever drink a margarita in a restaurant in old town San Diego? That counts as day use.

When we see a big shift in numbers we look to see what changed. Often the only notable change is that the guy that signed that form for 20 years has moved on and a new name appears at the bottom of the form.

There is folklore handed-down like taking the gift shop daily sales number and dividing by x dollars to report as day use.

When a new director rides in and reduces fees, there is an expectation that numbers will increase. And predictably the numbers go up.

Not a lot of science, but the political world demands data so busy people make it up for them."


......AND HE'S GONE!!!

Cory Booker: Releasing Migrants In Sanctuary Cities Would "Make Us Less Safe"

Apparently "Spartacus" didn't get the memo that any criticism or deviation from Central Controls narrative would not be looked upon favorably!


Bye Cory....better luck next time!



The pheelz.....they hurt!

“People are screaming that the American flag on a police car is somehow or another … hurting people’s feelings who might be immigrants or visitors.”



Posted by: Gregory | 14 April 2019 at 09:59 AM

It's funny......depending on his mood.....and the availability of grant money, I'm sure that the "Official Environmentalist of the Three Fisted Sock Puppet Triumvirate" would use those inflated numbers to argue that visitors were, "loving the South Yuba to death" and that a solution to this problem would need to be settled upon.

Cha Ching!

Todd Juvinall

OOZE and his troll ilk have the "tell a lie so many times gig" that it becomes true in their pea brains. Maybe it could go down to the river and keep tabs on the numbers? But trolls are just stupid so it might not even know how to do that.


Speaking of "the river",, any bets how many lives will it will claim this year? It already has ONE.


"Every position of authority agrees that you are wrong. It is up to you to prove to the feds, state, county, and citizens that you alone know some magic number."

It's still a made up number, "Ozz" 1036am.

"Not a lot of science, but the political world demands data so busy people make it up for them."- my expert from the Parks bureaucracy in Sacramento.

Question Authority. All you can do is appeal to authority and appeal to the number of people who use what the 'authority' says. Vericundiam and populum as Aristotle might have written. What you cannot do is let down your guard and admit you were wrong to claim there were 50,000 "river ambassador" contacts a year by using a number that was for a seven year period.

That's how crap rolls downhill.

However, I do think your 1036am deserves to be deleted for your last paragraph.


Yes you were right about my contact numbers being wrong. I just went back and checked. Unlike some, I am more than willing to admit my mistakes. Is it too much to expect others like Trump and Todd to admit they have ever been wrong? I guess the answer is obvious.

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 8:33 am

“And she and her family were saved by this country and this is all we get from her? What a friggin ingrate.”

Oh, that’s how it works. Omar would have no problem stepping over a couple dozen dead and bleeding bodies of an Islamic Terrorist attack to worry about the bigger issue, i. e., Muslim civil liberties. Interestingly enough, it’s the children of migrants (legal and illegal) that have a crime rate much higher than the general population or their first generation immigrant parents. They lost the attitude of gratitude.

Omar can claim she is being targeted because she checked all the boxes. Female, black, immigrant, Muslim, and America hater. It’s racism! It’s Islamophobia, it’s misogyny, its oppression! It’s White Nationalism!

She is uninformed . She is an Islamic. Contrary to what she says or what she has been told, the Muslim Brother formed CAIR in Philly in 1994. Government docs. The FBI was spying ....er....doing surveillance on the meeting.

This is how it works. The Muslim Brotherhood formed the Palestine Council. The PC formed the military arm, known as Hamas. The Hamas Charter is for a single state solution with Jews driven to the sea. Article One and Thirteen (?) from memory. To fundraise and be the political propaganda arm of the Palestine Council (Muslim Brotherhood), CAIR was formed in the USA. Before that, many Muslims Americans here were convicted of funding or giving material support to Hamas or PLO, including a beloved college professor, lol. The Muslim Brotherhood has a big problem with Arab states like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE and loves the Islamic States like Iran and Yemen and Qatar, but I digress. All government documented.

During the Obama era, the FBI could not even interview/question a Muslim concerning a bomb plot, shooting, or witness investigation without a member of CAIR present. Justice Department rules put on the FBI.

When the House of Representatives agreed on the final watered down version of the recent anti-Semitic Resolution (but took a break before the vote) the head of CAIR escorted Tlaid back to her Rep office and shut the door. CAIR is the propaganda arm of Hamas, all under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood (the beloved group of Obama’’s Daddy) was formed in conjunction with Hilter’s Nazi Germany in the Middle East to deal with the Jewish problem. Allies. And on and on it goes.
Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and forbade them from attending the famous “I am one of you” Cairo speech. Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood anyway, sat them in the good front seats, shitting on the host country Egypt.

After 9/11, the NYPD bent over backwards to protect mosques and make sure Muslim civil rights were being safeguarded. Like I said, Omar would walk over the bodies of those blown to bits by a Islamic Terrorist to bash America for some perceived threat to Muslim-Americans civil liberties. It’s who she is.

Omar just speaks as she see things. It’s normal conversation in her culture. Run of the mill stuff. The hooked nosed Jews eat Muslim babies...is taught in the first grades in some of their schools. America is evil. She probably says it without any malice in her heart. To her, it’s a given. How she was raised. Plucked from a refugee camp, brought to America, and became an US Congresswoman. She is the American Dream, but certainly does not think so. She is the victim here, folks. Righttttt.

I often puzzled over Europe’s Liberals teaming up with the Islamics to promote their agendas. Seems like the odd couple. Gays and those who stone gays? Weird. But, now I see here in the US the Socialists teaming up with the Sharia Law promoters and it’s seems to work for them. Oppressors claiming they are the oppressed!

“Omar has compared Israel to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism in media interviews where she also suggested that Israel should not be allowed to exist as a Jewish state. Omar has suggested that her Jewish colleagues devised a plan to silence her by accusing her of being anti-Semitic.......”

Hmmm. And I thought Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Learn something new everyday.


"Ozz" 1100am

So, you just now went back and checked only after your nose was rubbed in it a few times?

And now you justify your bullshit by whataboutist dodges.

Smells like Jeff Pellini.


Yup!!! This will win him the W.H.

I guess the smart guy forgets "O" was the best gun salesman to walk the earth.


Hmmm... the Muslim Bros were formed during WWII?

There was a Muslim Brigade formed that fought for the Nazis. Waffen-SS. They couldn't all be butchering Jews and Serbs (mostly Serbs) at Jasenovacs, that was mostly by Christian Croats.

Here they are at prayer:

The Croats, Bosnians and Serbs are all from the same gene pool.


Yes Gregory, I am a humble man. I also tend to go with the consensus of experts rather than pretend I know everything about everything.

Based on the recommendations of the overwhelming preponderance of scientific opinion I brush with fluoride. use vaccines, and admit to being a Round Earther (sorry if that offends your religion), but am in no way offended when you present zebras to "prove" climate change is a hoax perpetuated by (choose one: The Chinese, Agenda 21, Al Gore, Luddites, environmental extremists, the socialist republic, or the Deep State).


Posted by: Ozz | 14 April 2019 at 11:30 AM

Yes Gregory, I am a humble man.

To paraphrase Churchill......."with much to be humble about"!

I also tend to go with the consensus of experts rather than pretend I know everything about everything.

Perhaps a Fourth Fist then.......Frisch would never make such an admission.


"Ozz" 1130am, I've never claimed AGW was a "hoax". It's just really bad groupthink masquerading as science.

"Overwhelming preponderance of scientific opinion" is still just arguments to authority and populism. If you can't justify your use of vaccines (me too) and accepting Newtonian physics (me too) by rational argument, it's just a genuflection (not me too) towards your own personal Mecca. Planet 'frisco, perhaps?

How's that permanent drought doing?


.....MARK THE TAPE!!!!


Somewhere a tired old hippy quietly weeps!

(Buck up Palooka......the headline is much more definitive than the article that accompanies it)


Bill Tozer


Meant to say formed an alliance. They sure ate up Mein Kempt.


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