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24 April 2019



"The conflict between a moral and principled small guy against the uncaring and corrupt leviathan is a rightwing narrative. "

Yep. That's just what I thought when reading about Erin Brokovich or the Alaskan fishermen trying to collect damages from Exxon after the Valdez oil spill. Rightwing narratives to be sure.

George Rebane

Ozz 311pm - By gosh Mr Ozz, do we really agree on this??! Big corporatist businesses are the moral and functional equivalents of big government. Excellent examples of the rightwing narrative.


He's responding to you George.......responding to you!

It's OK "Ozz" Todd will be along shortly so you can "punch down" some more and feel good about yourself again.


Don Bessee

Marilyn Manson called and wants his hair and makeup back -



Bill Tozer

Re: journalism, like the teaching profession, no longer (if ever) attracts the brightest bulbs on the tree. All the media are still aspirating about the Mueller report contents viz Russia “attacking”



George Rebane

BillT 1230pm - Mr Tozer, you have presented one more piece of clear evidence confirming that MSNBC's Chris Matthews is illiterate. There is not even a lit (let alone dim) bulb powering his open mouth.

Scott O

re BT's link 12:30 - from Alcinder "There was also websites [sic] set up to target African-Americans in some cases, telling them not to vote."
How long are African descent Americans going to put up with lefties treating them like complete idiots because of their skin color? First of all, where are the links to these sites? And second - you don't vote because a web site tells you not to?
Just how many folks didn't vote because a web site told them not to? 3? None?
"There were so many things that Russia did,” she added.
Oh, soooo many that she can't name a single one.
The Dems have found the big lie works - just keep repeating it without variation. If anyone who has a brain manages to get close enough to ask for proof, just roll your eyes and say "it's in the report".
The fact that Hillary's own paid professionals are on record pointing out exactly how she screwed up her own campaign with her arrogance and ego makes no never mind.
Still waiting for all those thousands of folks to come forward and say the Russians made them vote for Trump.

Bill Tozer

Made that Joe. Sloppy Joe, Moe Biden?


Don Bessee

Its going to be crazy creepy grampa wall to wall now-




Bill Tozer

Re: The Dems will spend from here to eternity (or Trump’s loss in 2020) doing their best to hassle President Trump.

Talking about from here to eternity, that Trump is something else. When them walls come tumbling down.

“And their findings are that for more than four years before the election of Donald Trump there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI contractors, four of them, to steal information — electronic information — on Americans and to use it against the Republican Party," he added. "There are going to be indictments. There are going to be grand juries. John Brennan is not going to need one lawyer. He’s going to need five.”


Oink oink, little piggies.

Don Bessee

Yes sir BT that's gonna be a doozy and lets not forget there is another one Sessions started that's run out of fly over country! SWEET!

I hear the pony tail of ignorance has a clearance sale on popcorn.


Don Bessee

UHOH! Bad news for the fan boys.

Accumulation has now dropped to the lowest level since November 2013, indicating that funds and institutions have hit the sidelines, expecting the company to eventually fail or to continue limping along at the current pace. The mercurial but often irrational CEO Elon Musk has done a strikingly poor job rebuilding shareholder confidence, getting into trouble with NASA after smoking weed on a podcast and defying an SEC settlement order that followed his notorious Aug. 24 buyout tweet.

Tesla entered the second quarter with just $2.2 billion in cash, a 40% decline since the start of 2019, after burning through $650 million for regular operations and paying a $920 million convertible bond obligation because the stock failed to trade at or above $360 in March. This lack of liquidity, along with other significant liabilities, will make it harder for the company to obtain new financing or issue an equity offering that greatly dilutes shareholder value.

Quarterly sales statistics were breathtakingly bad, with the company selling 31% fewer vehicles in the first quarter of 2019 than the last quarter of 2018. The solar business is struggling as well, with a 35% quarterly decline. And ominously, Model S and Model X sales fell a staggering 56% compared to the fourth quarter, even though Tesla reduced their sticker prices in February. Given these bearish metrics, Wall Street analysts and remaining investors could turn on Musk, demanding a CEO change that rebuilds trust.



Bill Tozer

New taxes rock. There is a good hunk of change out there in people’s wallets. If one can afford to eat out, then one can afford to fork over that all mighty dollar to the Cause.


Might be off topic, but can someone explain to me what the end of life on this planet or crossing the point of no return will look like exactly in 10, 12, 15 years if we do nuthin’. Draw me a picture. Exactly what 12 years from now will look like... besides looking like some Central American shithole barrio with the government goons shaking down people in a giggle in their pockets for some more of that sweet ever loving tax money, of course.

Bill Tozer

Re: Moe Biden.
Knew this would come back to roost....and he made it worse, roflmao. Good kickoff. A regular Gaffe Machine that Lunch Bucket Joe is. The far left can’t stop the old affectionate hugger, our beloved Sloppy Joe.

"I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy," Biden said back in 2017. "I mean that’s a storybook man."

“The "N" on Obama? Coincidence or conspiracy?

“Uncle Joe, putting your N over Obama wasn't the best placement…

“N on Obama y’all ain’t slick LMAO

“Well this one didn’t turn out well. Time for a new social media manager. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like a Biden presidency. But since this is the only post that showed up in my feed, it looks racist af.

'N' ON A PHOTO WITH OBAMA? I mean, could have chosen a different photo

“It seems clear that this was an unintentional gaffe in a hyper-PC social media climate.”


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