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17 May 2019


Paul Emery


Very simple question

Are you a supporter of Alabama's abortion law?

Don Bessee

Looks like the boycott is over. LOL


George Rebane

PaulE 416pm - No, as I've explained before, I would like more latitude in the decision to kill the kid.

Paul Emery


do you support a woman making the choice to have an abortion up to say four months or are you rendering that decision to the state.

I know you don't support taxpayers paying for the procedure but you did express to me in our conversations that you supported a woman's right to choose with a reasonable timeline for that decision.

George Rebane

PaulE 755pm - The heartbeat of a healthy baby provides an easy to determine boundary. The difficult part comes from the historical right of parents over the life/death of their children which has scriptural foundations for all three religions 'of the Book'. The state has already taken that right away for post-partum children (see my commentary on its partial restoration). Giving the pregnant mother the legal right to kill her offspring may still be the easiest solution for a society no longer able to afford care for unwanted babies and single mother families. Private charities are the only solution in the future as they were in the past.

Paul Emery

ok George Got the answer

TAlk to you soon


What happened to "State's Rights" Emery? Just some of that "local control" you used to be a champion of.

Bill Tozer

“If your argument is that we should be killing babies because they might end up poor, I’m wondering what’s stopping you from wiping out the homeless population. If your standard of whether someone should live or die is their probable quality of life, why stop in the womb?” —Allie Beth Stuckey

Scott O

George at 8:31 "Giving the pregnant mother the legal right to kill her offspring may still be the easiest solution for a society no longer able to afford care for unwanted babies and single mother families."
Although - our society can afford it.
It's just a matter of priorities.
That fellow who said something along the lines of "we can kill them now or kill them later" blundered only in that he was honest in public, not in private.
The really sad thing is - we don't 'kill them later' we just warehouse them.
The only humans we regularly kill are the most helpless.
Speaks volumes about our society.

Bill Tozer

You can tell a lot about the Lefties and Feminism and the Women’s Movement by the way they treat conservative women. And ne’er the twain shall meet.


Bill Tozer

And ne’er the twain shall meet.


I see this heartbeat bill movement as a direct backlash to the day of birth abortion bills that swept New York (with celebrations in the streets), Vermont, and almost got through with the Governor’s signature in NC. And Gov. Ralph Northam was talking about abortion after birth by denying the newborn medical attention. That is miles from Roe vs Wade. But, per usual, the script has been flipped and the R’s are the extremists. 80% of the American people are opposed to 3rd trimester abortions. The only medical threat to the mother at that stage is the actual delivery from the womb through the womb through tthe birth canal. C-section stuff.
Late term abortions number about 6,000 a year in the US. Mayor Pete at the Fox Townhall was full of ca-ca in supporting late term abortions. And early term abortions have been prett much unrestricted. Yes, one side truly does. believes life begins at conception, thus a big monkey wrench in the gears.

Bill Tozer

Fight over the language. Short version with links.


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