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11 May 2019



It's about time the hateful Dr. Seuss got his comeuppance.

I recall a tragic interaction between a disfigured man and a chimpanzee a decade ago... the chimp was so disturbed by the mere presence of the man that it attacked him viciously, nearly killing him as I recall.

Much like a "Progressive" reacting to someone they don't know wearing a red MAGA cap.


Another thought about Theo. Geisel's Dr. Seuss... my late first wife, Teri, did a lot of volunteering at the Bell Hill school and Hennessey Elementary School when our son was in Kindergarten and the 1st grade.

After one day at Hennessey, she shared a realization... while the Dr. Seuss books we both loved as children were in the library, they weren't in the classrooms. At ALL. The reason was the Whole Language learning that had been run up the flagpole and saluted by administrators and staff that wanted to keep their jobs. To read Dr. Seuss, word recognition strategies were useless... a progressing young reader HAD to have a grounding in phonics to sound out the delightful nonsense words that were at the heart of Dr. Seuss.

No phonics, no room for Dr. Seuss. And even now, explicit phonics instruction by teachers who believe in the science behind it is rare.

Bill Tozer

May be on topic: inter-racial trust

“In the short run, however, immigration and ethnic diversity tend to reduce social solidarity and social capital. New evidence from the US suggests that in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods residents of all races tend to ‘hunker down’. Trust (even of one’s own race) is lower, altruism and community cooperation rarer, friends fewer. . .

Inter-racial trust is relatively high in homogeneous South Dakota and relatively low in heterogeneous San Francisco or Los Angeles. The more ethnically diverse the people we live around, the less we trust them. This pattern may be distressing normatively, but it seems to be consistent with conflict theory.

Even worse, empirical studies relating to local regions of the US, Australia, Sweden, Canada and Britain show that rising ethnic diversity is accompanied by falling social trust and sometimes even falling investment in public goods . . .

This is not just an American or even European phenomenon:

Even in the Third World, diversity brings deleterious effects. Studies show that in Pakistan, with rising clan or religious differences, this diversity is connected with the failure of the maintenance of collective infrastructure (see Karlan 2002; Miguel and Gugerty 2005; Khwaja 2006).........”

“But one implication is clear, and buttressed by other social science research: when social trust declines, voter support for the welfare state declines along with it. For European social democrats, moderating immigration is necessary to preserve their welfare states.”

George Rebane

BillT 825am - Spot on topic Mr Tozer. The evidence over the ages about the effects of multi-kulti on social solidarity is overwhelming, and even more so today as travel and migration have made it easier for differing cultures to settle cheek-by-jowl. However, this truth has always been denied by the collectivists of all hues, even as they have had to the most reprehensible uses of force to meld the various ethnicities and cultures in their regimes. As examples, witness the latherings of our local Lefties in these pages over the years when this topic has come up.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 9:15 am

Opps. I forgot to post link and supporting research. The links contained within the link are quite informative...more such than the link itself, IMHO.


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