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22 June 2019


Jig Wiggly

How one man can use so many words to say so little, is truly astonishing. Standard deviations and a graph to boot.


I don't have a problem with a "Drag Queen Story Hour" hosted not on public property at a facility built and not directly supported by lots of tax dollars. Perhaps KVMR could host any future events at the Foundry?

Can anyone recall a "Drag Queen Story Hour" being promoted in ballot materials for the last tax increase... for the library? What do you think that would have done to the totals?

I asked the feminist community organizer in my life and she didn't know how she'd explain it to her grandchildren who are in the target audience of 3 to 8.

I wonder how many of the parents who were there would want their son to be a Drag Queen?

Rock Hunter

This is the "transvestite" Todd was so hot and lathered up over? Maybe he should have gone if only to learn the difference between a tranny and a drag queen. I hope Todd averted his eyes during Nevada City's Mardi Gras parade. Quite a few drag queens on display. . . on a "street of the county" no less.


So, "Rock"... assuming you are a man, do you wish you'd been exposed to the possibilities being a well paid Drag Queen could have been revealed to you when you were 3?

If you have a son, or two or three... are your aspirations for them... the hope, the dream... that they may someday be a Drag Queen?

Mardi Gras parades have a long history of men and women Dragging along. Storytimes at the library that require attendees to have a child in tow? Not so much?

Bill Tozer

I wish to veer off topic, save to say:
1) the Union’s video of Drag Queen Story Hour I saw showed way more girls than boys in the audience. Could have been the camera angle.
2) In and of itself, I felt Rafael “Ted” Cruz did a better job of reading Dr. Seuss on the floor of the Senate than the drag queen. But rarely anything is simply “in and of itself.”

I want to focus what Gregory picked up on the previous Sandbox and Dr. Rebane’s post concerning HH’s quotes and the real kicker, “And some supporters even feel that such a ‘flaunting display of sexuality’ will be of special benefit to young boys who “could use a little bit of help in growing up and not being jerks.” Quote unquote. Jerks. Quit being jerks. Mother of the Year has spoken.

I want to focus on boys. Our boys enter a school system where they are made to rotten about themselves for this thing they are told they have whether they realize it or not; toxic masculinity. Later, it’s rubbed in their faces that they should feel less than because of male privilege, White Privilege. Boys and young men have it pounded in their psychics they are born just all around toxic.

The suicide rate among the 18-25 crowd is a 4 alarm fire, with the majority of those young people who take their lives being male. Boys, young men. The high rate of broken families, the lack of male role models at home (single parent households usually headed by the Mother), the disproportionate ratio of female to male K-6 public education teachers, the bombardment of Dad as the buffoon who needs not be listened to or taken seriously on TV (Al Bundy), and oh so much more. The violent video games, the isolation of social media, the head meds given to boys to keep them from squirming in their chairs (to control their natural rambunctiousness) the pot, the opiates, the street drugs....you hopefully catch my drift. Speaking of drift, our boys are set adrift in a feminized world of 2019...generally speaking.

The boys are told that something is wrong with from early education on as our school and state administrators issue dictates from on high that teachers must pass along (indoctrinate). Lefty stuff. Man hater stuff, snowflake stuff.

I once read an article about a young grammar school teacher (Bay Area) complaining that the boys she taught came in after recess sweaty and “they smelled”. She did not like the smell of boys in her classroom, period. Gross. The teacher was much happier after the school dropped recess and playground time. The writer of the article is now an advocate for PE and recess time for learning development. Her son will never know the awesome feeling of having a dodge ball smashed against his face. :). Dodgeball is a form of bullying, discriminatory, non-welcoming, non-inclusive, and just all around toxic. Male toxicity is the worse.

As far as my perception of more women and girls in today’s audience,........well, you can skim over the first 3-4 paragraphs in this link.

“In general, cis-gendered people are considered evil and unsupportive, regardless of their actual views on the topic. To be heterosexual, comfortable with the gender you were assigned at birth, and non-minority places you in the ‘most evil’ of categories with this group of friends. Statement of opinions by the evil cis-gendered population are consider phobic and discriminatory and are generally discounted as unenlightened.”

“Parents further reported being derogatorily called “breeders” by their children, or being routinely harassed by children who played “pronoun-police." The observation that they no longer recognized their child’s voice came up time and again in parental reports. In turn, the eerie similarity between the youth's discourse and trans-positive online content was repeatedly emphasized. Youth were described as “sounding scripted," “reading from a scriptwriter,” “wooden,” “like a form letter,” “verbatim,” “word for word," or “practically copy and paste."


Hmmm. Wonder where they came up with those ideas and words. Yep, it’s seldom just in and of itself.

Todd Juvinall

Rock is quite the moron. I am an adult and a drag queen tranny is something I have seen and have no use for. The issue is not that you favor the pervs Rock it is they are teaching little children. It appears you are fallow so perhaps you have no experience in these things. Or maybe your daddy dressed like Judy and trolled the streets so that could be your experience.


Toes 524pm


Education, as in the rest of the Humanities nowadays, is captured by neo-Marxist intersectionality where it's all about power, who had it in the past (MEN! WHITES! CIS-gendered!) that white boys who appear to like girls are the automatic oppressors and are ushered to the back of the bus when it comes time to speak. The more one is LGBTQwerty, the more you don't have to take your lumps as the enemy of the people. Every day.

rl crabb

Yeah, you guys are right. Trump is a much better role model for the young and impressionable.


Your right RL,, Hard work, good people skills, don't drink, don't do drugs, and learning how outwit the other guy will get you places.

I'm sure you would have kids look up to Bill Clinton, Ly'n Joe Biden, Hillary? Now there is a role model for ya'.

Todd Juvinall

Glad RL agrees. Walt has it listed. Unlike some cartoonists that were stoned for forty years and can't remember the 60's, the man is sober and successful. Good call RL.

Rock Hunter

"Mardi Gras parades have a long history of men and women Dragging along. Storytimes at the library that require attendees to have a child in tow?"

Really? I didn't know attendance was required. By whom?

I grew up going to to Mardi Gras in NOLA and carnival in Brazil. No, it didn't make me queer any more than seeing jack o lanterns at halloween made me Cinderella. Todd sees a rainbow in the sky and automatically thinks "It's fag chemtrail".


RL 731pm

Who was talking about Trump? Or even thinking about Trump?

While I never look to politicians or (especially!) East Coast real estate developers for role models, when comparing Donald Trump to the drag queen at the library, Trump does have an edge.


"Rock" 849pm

It was reported that adults without a kid would not be allowed in.

Bill Tozer

Well, back in the day, I used to go the Drag Queen Races and a few times to some small cabaret on Mae West night. Great live theater. “Is that a pistol in your pocket or are just glad to see me?” The boas were absolutely to die for. Age appropriate for sure. Age appropriate. That’s what is all about.

Is Earl insulating he does not have terms of endearment forThe Donald when you boil it all down, or is it just we are a bunch of hypocrites to be shamelessly dripping with self righteousness and incredulous moral outrage? And insufferable to boot. Look at Trump!! Hypocrites!!!
Trump is funny guy. Ever see him do his die Fraulein routine? Hilarious. Simply Marvelous, have you splitting a rib.

Hey, Trump is from Queens, whatz youz expect? Woody Guthrie called Trump’s daddy a slumlord. Now Donald is slumming in the WH.

Learned something new today from the link above. Mass hysteria is no longer called mass hysteria. New name: Collective Stress Responses. How woke is that! Score. Of course, they always make it longer. It was unhinged, then it became Mass Hysteria, now it’s collective stress responses. It’s all TDS to me, as witnessed by the glum lots’ bitchy comments above. Mellow out. You Beta Males are so uptight.

“Medical sociologist Robert Bartholomew, one of the world’s leading experts on mass sociogenic epidemics, has long argued that phenomena that are still unjustly termed “mass hysteria” should be renamed “collective stress responses."

Sweet dreamies, jon smith.

Bill Tozer

Divine in Drag Queen Story Hour




(What Would Jordan Peterson Say?)

I was asking myself that last night, and my prayers to the Great Prophet Zarquon were answered a few minutes ago when I found this:


which was a reaction to this:

Steven Frisch

I think you should be careful George with how you define things that are not 'normal' and oppose those things being recognized in public places.

(BTW I did not see this event advertised or promoted anywhere as representing transvestism as 'normal.' That description is one you imposed on the event.)

I think a pretty strong case could be made that your opinions are not normal but are really in the the +/- two sigma range and thus should be extirpated from the pubic discourse. :)


frisch 1059am

"...and thus should be extirpated from the pubic discourse"

What a dreadfully totalitarian thing to say, Steve. Totally in character for you.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Gregory | 23 June 2019 at 11:11 AM

Totally in character for you to be too dim to appreciate irony Greg.

Just responding to the calls for extirpating the program from the library in kind Gregory.
If my rejection of the abby normal offends you you should reconsider George's and your own.


I'd read the Peterson piece, inspired by a suit filed on behalf of a 6 year old girl thrown into a tizzy by a teacher pushing the theory du jour of gender fluidity, but I hadn't chosen a passage to quote... here we go:

"I can barely envision a pedagogical strategy less conducive to stable early childhood development, particularly for a thoughtful child, which is exactly what “N” seems to be — much to her detriment, in this situation. Trusting her teacher, as she apparently did, “N” listened to her lessons and tried to think through what the complicated and internally contradictory mess of information she was presented with might actually signify — and failing, as was inevitable, because there is nothing that it signifies that is reasonable, logical, practical, or true. No matter: “gender fluidity” is school board policy, even for six-year olds, and the distress of a perfectly normal child at the lessons is a price well worth paying to ensure that ideological purity, no matter how counterproductive and absurd, is stringently maintained. Better the child suffers than the teacher thinks. Better the entire educational system reformulates itself around the new dogma (and to hell with the possibility that the experiment might go wrong) than the ideologues governing its structure question their absurd and fundamentally resentful presumptions.

No it wasn't a teacher who chose the lesson here... it was a "library technician" who manages the branch earning about $78k per year.

If it saves just one little boy from becoming a jerk, isn't that enough?

George Rebane

StevenF 1059am - I challenge you find someone who is more explicit in defining the terms they use in their commentaries. Your desire to silence me is again noted. It is, after all, in the nature of the progressive beast. And I have made no claim that my opinions and commentaries conform to the public norm, which if the don't, I would take as a compliment. However, given your past record of keeping up with what the other half of the country thinks, we may continue taking your pronouncements of America's aggregate stats with a grain of salt or two.

As to various non-normal, abnormal, and/or aberrant things being accepted today within the bounds of, or as just another variant of 'normal', that has been the entire thrust of decades of LGBTQ messaging. Nowhere does one get told today that such-and-such behavior, custom, dress, ... is unique to a small fraction of the population - i.e. out of the norm, abnormal, etc. Instead the narrative is one of equivalence, equality, and inclusivity in the normative populations - i.e. just another variant of normal. To point out the relative frequency of such things is politically incorrect and immediately starts the progressive pea-brains screeching the litany of the 'phobics' at anyone (e.g. me) who dares cross that line. After all, they know what we are really thinking.

Rock Hunter

About 5 decades ago I learned about gender fluidity when we did Drosophila experiments in jr high school. Maybe the concept wasn't allowed to be taught to the children of more sensitive (conservative) parents. Lack of knowledge is power, if you are the one wishing to withhold the information.

Todd Juvinall

So Jig Wiggly is a crossdresser I see. Too bad his momma let him make it into the world. His mental illness must be costing the taxpayers a bundle.

For those that think this transvestite stuff is benign and "normal". These are the same ilk that created NAMBLA.

When I was married my wife attended a seminar by a English fellow that traveld the world warning people about the creeps that try to recruit kids, little people, n=boys and girls, into sex and perversion. He had been taken by Tranvestites when hes six and was used as a sex tool until he escaped years later in England. He saud there are hundreds of these "clubs". And all the perps start out just like the guys in drag. So Jigly, what is your favorite dress to wear?

Jig Wiggly

So sorry I can't figure out what you were trying to say. Try reading it out loud so you can hear how illiterate you are.


A junior high school experiment with Drosophila seems more appropriate for gender fluidity topics than an unaccountable library employee choosing a program for three to eight year olds (pre-K through 3rd graders) don't you think, "Rock"?

Let the library do what it does best, keep and present books and help establish literacy. Not helping boys from becoming jerks by having a Drag Queen (tm) read Dr. Seuss, an author that my son's elementary school (Hennessey in Grass Valley) kept out of the classrooms because they had banished phonics and without phonics, Dr. Seuss is unreadable.

Let's keep gender identity politics out of schools and library events aimed at three to eight year olds. Experiment with Drosophila, not small boys and girls.

George Rebane

RockH 1212pm - Apparently you didn't understand your fruit fly studies; and what little you learned about them, you (or your teacher?) thought it applied equally for the evolutionary benefit of Homo Sapiens. If that is what your Great Society schools taught, then you should have all kinds of fun transferring the rich trove of physiological and behavioral quirks from the critter world to humans. Is that how you get your ideas about normative human behaviors and surgical interventions to correct nature's 'mistakes'?

Rock Hunter

I forgot. In your religion, humans aren't animals. In that context, the first two sentences of your comment might make sense. Actually I do believe in the "rich trove of physiological and behavioral quirks from the critter world to humans" That's why we do animal trials with drugs destined to be used in humans. Maybe you have a different theory. Or excuse.


That's bizarre, "Rock".

Please tell us, what insights into Pan sapiens sapiens (an alternative designation) did your junior high Drosophila experiment reveal?

Did you do more of them in high school and college? And, if you had kids, how did that affect your child rearing?

Don Bessee

Reality check -



Todd Juvinall

Rock is too funny. My guess is he is a cross-dresser and digs little kids. There are reasons we protect kids until they are on their own. From people like Rock and Jiggly.

George Rebane

RockH 118pm - Mr Hunter, you know nothing of my religion, and your attempt to bring up animal drug testing trials to bolster your "gender fluidity" assertion is off the mark in this discussion thread - or did you even realize that?

Jiggly 302pm - (I had to dig this little gem out of the spam folder.) Mr Wiggly, it sounds again that RR content may be a bit beyond your ken. But your persistent attendance here is heartening to witness, and with perhaps a little side readings on numeracy topics you would be in a better position to connect all those dots. Give it a try.

Bill Tozer

Re: What would Jordan Do? @10:42am Yep. Canada arrested two parents, took custody of the teen, and got a court order to perform a sex change on their kid. Oppps, not their kid for awhile. And the Province charged the parents with child abuse! Kid displayed no previous signs of dysphoria. One shrink was all it took, never mentioned a word before to his parents. Breaks my heart. And that 6 year old girl who is (was) comfortable in her own skin? Well, they must get on the stick and change that.
N@ 3:45 pm No worries. Rick is the guy who always bitches that we aren’t on the metric system. It’s all our fault. Heck, 5 or 6 decades ago, they said the world was 30,000 years old.


Is this just a little extreme or what? Snipers??,,, REALLY??????
"A SWAT team of two snipers was stationed on the roof of a public library in Spokane, Washington June 15. Their mission, along with 30-40 police officers, was to defend Drag Queen Story Hour from 300 concerned mothers and allies protesting the event.

The snipers, decked out in camouflage, were photographed on the roof of the library monitoring the protesting mothers with binoculars."

So the chicks with deep voices, and 5 O'clock shadow were not just a fluke here.

rl crabb

The only proper Christian remedy for a child that exhibits homosexual behavior is a good beating before locking the child in the closet until he or she is old enough for shock therapy or chemical castration. (See Alan Turing)
If the boy is "normal", encourage him to bully, harass and berate queers and cripples and treat women as their personal playtoys. (See D. Trump)

Steven Frisch

Posted by: George Rebane | 23 June 2019 at 12:05 PM

George, the mast propagandist, by defining the terms within the range of what is and is not 'normal' you are essentially framing the issue as support for things within the range of normal, and explicitly state opposition to things outside the norm.

"What I do oppose is that such happenings are suddenly to be promoted under the imprimatur of government, and all that this always implies about acceptable and/or transformative social norms (there’s that term again). "

So the point I am making is, since when is it the role of government to support only what society defines as normal? And if society only supports things defined as normal what happens when your opinions or decisions are defined as abnormal?

I would hold that government has a role in protecting your abnormal beliefs as much as a transvestites gender identity.

Steven Frisch

That should read "master propagandist." :)

Steven Frisch

Posted by: rl crabb | 24 June 2019 at 07:56 AM

Ha! Or see Todd Juvinall, he will teach you how to enforce a 'norm.'

Jeff Pelline

This blog is about abnormal as it gets. It is 2019, not 1920.

Bill Tozer

R.L. @ 7:46 am

I see you missed the point. The topic and subject is not homosexuality, never was, never is on this subject. If Transexual Identity was about being gay or lesbian, then that is a whole different ball of wax. The Transgender dude I know reacts violently to be classified as gay.

Frisch. Why you are free to take offensive at the word ‘normal’ and assign a moral weight to the word, the word fits. Perhaps you prefer the words common and uncommon.

From the DSM-5, prevalence rates of gender dysphoria are estimated at 0.005 percent to 0.014 percent of the population for natal males, and 0.002 percent to 0.003 percent for natal females.

So, pick another abnormal or uncommon group, like albinos. Are albinos normal? The question is not are they lacking body, soul, or mind. Are albinos considered abnormal, or uncommon, if you prefer? Yes.

Statically in a country of 360 million, the rate of Transgender Identity is non existent. It’s broken down to thousandths of one percent. I would call that abnormal. Yes, there are clinical names for those who think they are ponies or butterflies, but going off in that direction would be a distraction.
A grossly obese fat person weighing hundreds of pounds over what a normal person’s weight maybe be more common than Transgender Identity, but still abnormal. Abnormal to the point where numerous physical and mental health alarms are raised. Thus we have the warnings of the obesity CRISIS. Now, if that grossly obese abnormal person looked in the mirror and saw himself as skinny as a bean pole, that would be a severe mental disorder in addition to being abnormal. Think anorexia.

Nothing to do with homosexuality. A natal male will never become a female in a million years. The best he can hope for is a surgical wound below the belt for the rest of his life. So, it’s one thing to be inclusive, quite another to can Transgenders normal. Perhaps “normal” in their minds.
I can relate. When I drank, I saw myself as handsome and nine feet tall. Why be normal?

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 7:02 am

Oh, too funny. Love it. Call the FBI and SWAT teams!!!! I have a few friends who live still outside Spokane. After years of enduring Crazy California jokes ranging from public bathhouses to you name it, you have restocked by comebacks. In fact, the first time I ever heard of the label “ Moonbeam” was in the Spokane papers. “Who is this crazy Governor Moonbeam?”, I thought within myself. Sweet.
The only thing I have had as a comeback is rubbing Rachel Dozel back in their faces. And when that wackjob Melissa Click got the boot from the Mizzou faculty, she ended up in Spokane at Gonzaga, ROFLMAO.

Yep, as goes California so goes the rest of the nation. Piles of poop and needles in once nice cities. Seattle has been a gift from heaven lately with their commie and Leftinista city council. Makes CA look backwards. And their Governor. Oh my. Thanks for the link, Brother Walt. Snipers on the rooftops? Last time I saw that was when Nixon came to town...in Spokane. You made my day.

Transgenders? Is Rachel Dozal normal or just another Lefty wackjob. Liberalism is a mental disorder, no matter how you slice it. (Pun intended).


Posted by: rl crabb | 24 June 2019 at 07:56 AM

Wow…..seek help dude! Sounds like all the old demons descended upon you at once.

Bill Tozer

As stated previously, my concerns are not Drag Queen Reading Hour as much as anal sex being taught as perfectly normal to young students in Sex Ed classes demanded by State administrators and curriculum. A captive audience. Parents are not allowed to know in advance. Oh, when the Hispanic Immigrant community (in CA) threw a fit after the fact in at a boisterous school board meeting, they were called racists....by speakers who lived outside the district. Out of towners got to speak, but when local parents wanted to speak their minds, they were told “out of time.” Talk about illiberal, Talk about authoritarian tactics. In the guise to stop bullying in school (which no one in their right minds could ever condone), the real bullies are the administrators. Bend over and take it, whether you have concerns or not. And take it in silence. The State knows what’s best.

The brouhaha at Sarah Lawrence College demanding the ouster of a tenured professor who wrote an opinion piece to the NYT criticizing student affairs programs missed the larger picture. The poli-sci professor’s research showed that while Leftinista professors dominate the university system across the land (nothing new), college administrators are more Lefty and in higher percentages than the leftist professors. Wow. But, I digress.

I know, we must remain silent....in the name of civility. Civility was the original pitch for Political Correctness. Who could object to being nicer in discourse? How has that worked out? Just a tool for bullies and thugs to silence opposition. Stop the vitriol! Yeah, righttttt.


Call the SWAT team, call in the National Guard!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 24 June 2019 at 10:53 AM

You're wasting your time Bill. This lefty PSYOP must continue and will be supported and evangelized by the "Usual Suspects".

George Rebane

StevenF 756am - "master propagandist", those are kind words indeed, especially coming from another master propagandist - thank you. I provide a presumably unacceptable answer for you in the above 24jun19 update to my commentary.

RL 756am - Oh my, attacking hills not defended. Was such an off-point and gratuitous screed really necessary?


Posted by: George Rebane | 24 June 2019 at 11:08 AM

RL 756am - Oh my! Was such an off-point and gratuitous screed really necessary - attacking hills not defended.

When all the bad memories come rushing back…….

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 11:02am

But of course. I am one of those bigots homophobes who object to female multination being practiced (much more widespread than previously reported) in certain groups of our Islamic immigrant population right here in the good ole USofA. I also oppose breast binding of teens as well as mastectomies for the sole purpose of gender reassignment. But, what do I know?


“Having young people have to wait until they were 21 just didn’t really make any sense,” Inker said.”

“Most of the teens who claimed to be transgender had also already been identified with at least one mental health disorder.”


The difference between a lightbulb and a pregnant woman is you can unscrew a lightbulb. One you go under the knife, there is no turning back. Youth are known for making decisions they may latter regret or laugh at. I know a school teacher who explained a tattoo on her shoulder to my puzzlement. It was a local garage band she idolized as a teen that nobody has ever heard of. “That is why you shouldn’t get tattoos when you are 14 years old,” she said with a smile.


"What assurance do I have that your parenting isn't screwing me up?"
Calvin to his parents, drawn by Bill Watterson

A copy snipped from The Union or The Bee lived on my refrigerator door for many years... it pretty much summed up our approach to parenting .... Joey was four when it appeared.

Let me parent'splain it to the non-breeders tossing bombs here (meaning Earl and Stevie)... it isn't about torturing kids who swish when they shouldn't... it is about not confusing them when they really don't need confusing. In fact, a 3 to 8 year old is in desperate need of not being confused and need all their brainpower to figure out their role in this world without being turned in a bizarre direction.

Drag is an inherently adult joke. It is, in the parlance of educationists, "developmentally inappropriate" to have a Drag Queen read Dr. Seuss to a bunch of 1st graders.


"Do you approve of 'Drag Queen Story Hour' being presented in local tax-supported public libraries, where men in drag read children's books to kids age 3 to 8?" is a question that may be asked of candidates for local, state and national office.

Steven Frisch and R.L. Crabb, what is the honest answer that will get the most votes?

Todd Juvinall

Steve Frisch and RL Crabb defend perversion as normal. Thanks for coming out of the closets.

Steven Frisch

Todd, all I can picture from your statement is you standing alone in your home with a corset, fishnets and heels, ranting to the world about values while prancing into and out of your closet.

Any man so vociferous in their antipathy must be in dread of their own insecurity...:)

Todd Juvinall

No Steve Frisch. I am not insecure and I am all in for women. If you are light in the loafers that is your business. But recruiting on public property is not OK.


Let's keep it simple, shall we?

Steven Frisch and R.L. Crabb, what is the honest answer that will get the most votes if and when asked of candidates for local, state and national offices?

"Do you approve of 'Drag Queen Story Hour' being presented in local tax-supported public libraries, where men in drag read children's books to kids age 3 to 8?"

rl crabb

Last I checked, Toady, even drag queens pay taxes, and so do the families who attended this event. It's a public asset, and I imagine even Republicans would be allowed to use it for their own educational purposes.
I recall that Drew Bedwell used to give presentations at public schools promoting his anti-communist theories. Liberals complained, but Drew still got to do his thing.
Maybe you could do one to impress the girls with your manly prowess, blowhard.


RL, that drag queen does't pay taxes that support that library, or pays for the law enforcement that hung around enforcing the "free speech zone" which, last time I looked at the Constitution, really should have been everywhere as long as it did not block ingress and egress to library patrons there to check out books.

There was no educational value to the "Drag Queen Story Hour"... it was provocation and virtue signaling.

Barry Pruett

Was this publicly funded? That much is not terribly clear.

Barry Pruett

If it is not taxpayer funded, who cares? That said, I am certain that our local progressives would have no problem with a children’s bible reading hosted by the library. 😉😂

Todd Juvinall

RL please stop being jealous of me it is not my gig like yours. You like pervs that is your issue not mine. Women like me and I like them. Maybe you and Frisch can get together to discuss your ED? You lost your humor long ago and need to retire. You are now just a shriveled up old fart living n the 60's.

rl crabb

Yeah, free speech does tend to be provocative. It's a double-edged sword.
I remember when Utah Phillips did a library gig where he opined that the U.S. should not have used that Big Bomb on Hiroshima. As the son of a soldier who would have likely been on the beaches of the planned Japanese invasion, it pissed me off. I did a cartoon suggesting a better target might have been Hirohito's palace. It didn't endear me to the local lefties.
So I'd suggest that Todd or another compassionate conservative do a presentation promoting the virtues of traditional families. I hope it includes the current standards of abstinence, unless daddy comes home drunk and mistakes you for mommy. You'll still have to have his child, because it's like, the right thing to do. Same if you or that pre-child has some life threatening condition. Sorry 'bout that.
Both sides are good at manipulating the narrative to further their agenda. I feel sorry for the kids stuck in the middle.

Todd Juvinall

Your barain is drifting around and making no sense.


RL, leave politics out of it for a moment.

There was no educational value to the "Drag Queen Story Hour"... it was and is provocative virtue signaling, as if there's virtue in a man dressing as a Drag Queen to read Dr. Seuss to kids, and not doing a eat job of it, either. The virtue is in denouncing people who are uneasy at the prospect of it all. Thoughtcrime.

George Rebane

That's a bit of stretch (even for a leftwinger), comparing the presentation of competing socio-political ideologies in a public library to the presentation of aberrant sexually oriented displays to young children. Have we automatically included the latter as part of our now expanded free speech 'rights'; then how about the topless teacher in a 3rd grade classroom? Should we as a community at least have a discussion on the matter before the guy in a dress and boobs shows up?

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ June 24, @ 11:52 am

“Drag is an inherently adult joke.” Hmmm. Let’s. see what the Sacramento Drag Queen has to say about that, shall we?

“I’m basically a clown,” drag queen Miss Taryn said to the kids in attendance before reading a pair of Dr. Seuss books to them.

Ok, confirmed. Adult joke, clown, court jester. I say tomato, you say tomatoe. But, no criticizing the Sacred Cow. Miss Taryn is above approach, you militant breeders, you.

Gives new meaning to “clown car.”


Here's another name for the whole enchilada... Épater la bourgeoisie "is a French phrase that became a rallying cry for the French poets of the late 19th century including Charles Baudelaire and Arthur Rimbaud. It means "to shock the bourgeoisie".

Well, guys, it worked. We'll see if it worked the way you wanted it to work.


continuing the wiki article...

"The Decadents, fascinated as they were with hashish, opium, and absinthe, found, in Joris-Karl Huysmans' novel À rebors (1884), a sexually perverse hero who secludes himself in his house, basking in life-weariness or ennui, far from the bourgeois society that he despises.

The Aesthetes in England, such as Oscar Wilde, shared these same fascinations. This celebration of "unhealthy" and "unnatural" devotion to life, art and excess has been a continuing cultural theme."


Bill Tozer

So much for being the Defender of Free Speech, Diversity, Inclusivity, and the Abnormal.


Bill Tozer

Said to me from a father of 3 daughters, one of which is nearing 3 years old.

“It’s not about homosexuality or heterosexuality. Stop promoting SEXUALITY to our kids, period. Let’s kids be kids.
Raffle for chest binder raffle at Drag Queen Story Hour.

“It was not just the drag show and chest binder raffle that upset Meagher — she also was shocked by the amount of sexual information given to the young attendees, some of whom “couldn’t have been more than 10.”

“I had seen bowls of condoms passed out to tween children, they were given lube, they were given information — I had to have some of the things explained to me that they were demonstrating to these children,” she said. “I’m not really sure they needed to know all of this, at this point.”


Rock Hunter

Bill 4:21

"Some couldn't have been more than 10"

Plenty of 10 year olds are ovulating. Sorry that you believe sex ed should be taught at 18 "when they are ready". I think "they" are the parents.

Bill Tozer


Sorry that you believe Sex Ed should be taught at 18”.

Aha. The Ponytail of Ignoramus’s style. Go ahead, and put those words in my mouth. Put a whole bunch more words in my mouth. Can’t stop ya, I don’t have that kind of power. Then, defend not waiting til 18 to teach sex-education in school. Defend that hill

18 is a wee bit late, judging by 16 and 17 year old illiterate unskilled girls with 2-3 kids appearing at our Southern Border. Tweeners are probably about the age of puberty.

Everything I learned about sex I learned at the library, taught by a adult dude dressed as female. He taught me everything I needed to know. My parents were asked to leave.

Bill Tozer

“There’s a push to rebrand sex ed as gender and sexuality ed, programmed for younger and younger audiences. The idea is that divergent gender identities are so prevalent that kids need to be informed about them so that if they feel they fall outside of the gendered identity of their biological bodies they have ways to talk about it.”.....

“Makeup tutorials, photos of kids laying atop grown men who are wearing sexualized female costumes, and encouraging gender fluidity gives truth to the lie that drag story hour isn’t about sexuality or sexualizing children. Children are drawn to sparkles and glitter, and using those things to make sexuality seem like mere play is nothing more than grooming kids to be sexual objects, not participants.”

“Amer ends with a directive to her viewers: “Talk to a kid about gender. Talk to a kid about sexuality. Teach them about consent. Tell them it is okay for boys to wear dresses and for girls to speak up. Let’s spread radical queer joy.”

“Drag story hour lets boys know they can wear dresses, but what does queer sexual liberation have to do with girls speaking up? Girls speaking up is not queer, it is feminist, and it is not even a little bit sexual.

“Besides, this standard is never equally applied in this context. The moms who are speaking up around the country against drag story hour and the sexualizing of children in a queer context are being shouted down by men in dresses and librarians, and being told that sexuality is about rainbows and unicorns, not about real bodies, emotions, and responsibility. Moms know better, and they know how to use their words.

“Sexuality is about sex. Children’s sexuality isn’t about makeup tutorials, and their bodies are not inclusive. Children need to know not about sexuality first, but about sex first, their rights, their privacy, and their responsibility to protect themselves from predators. That’s why the library took down the photos: men in dresses cavorting intimately with children is very obviously pedophilia in action, and it’s a horror that it’s being presented as education.”


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