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10 June 2019



Beyond Fast Internet And Netflix: The True Value of Broadband

The value and importance of broadband are quite high and rising. It impacts the everyday life of consumers by enabling life-changing experiences in education and professional development, healthcare and wellness, lifestyle, and entertainment, among others. Simply put, broadband significantly improves the quality of life for the average consumer.

But it’s important to recognize that broadband’s impact also extends to the larger community. Broadband has become an essential utility, on par with, or potentially even exceeding the importance of electricity and water. We’re in the early stages of realizing the impact, and potential broadband has on the overall community. There are applications to come that we can’t even comprehend today. To remain relevant and thrive in the future, robust broadband networks are now required for any community, regardless of size and location.

More here: http://finleyusa.com/whitepapers/broadband/beyond-fast-internet-and-netflix-the-true-value-of-broadband/

You will find a series of reports by institutions on the economic value of rural broadband here:

Here is a map of the 800 communities that did not wait for the ROI driven telcos to bring them economic prosperity, they build their own broadband networks, or co-opted existing systems:

George Rebane

We need a Nevada County BB Map. This morning the 11jun19 Union has a front page story on another tidbit of 'progress' on the long road to broadband. Anyone reading it has no idea about the status of BB in the county and how that compares to what it was, say, three or six months ago. I would like to see the county publish a clearly dated and color-coded county map showing what speed BB is available where, and what we can expect in the next six months. The Union should publish this map at least quarterly and as part of its ongoing coverage of BB progress.

Does such a map already exist? (I'm aware of a 'bubble map' attempting to provide this information, which definitely will NOT serve.)


George@09:19 M

The problem with all the broadband maps is they are out of date; they were created with unverified advertized coverage with only a slight frosting of reality. Congress is pushing the FCC/NTIA to produce accurate BB maps. But it is not quickly done. Self-reporting of coverage, speeds, and latency has been a failure.

When the ERC tried to produce BB maps for Nevada County AT&T refused to provide the data. My brute force solution was to go to the Central Office and follow the fiber cable to the DSL RT Units. Took GPS reading and NC GIS plot the RT units on an online website.

That said, Nevada County GIS could produce a map showing the routes using the permit filling data. Then take some measurements as the actual speed at an access point. All this can then be plotted on the County GIS for public consumption as you outlined. Here is the current County broadband map. It suffers from all the issues outlined above.


CA Broadband maps are here -- http://www.broadbandmap.ca.gov/

Note the last update Dec of 2017. Not very accurate as they are based on self-reporting by the ISPs. If only their imagination was a reality.

Bill Tozer


“Supervisor Sue Hoek suggested the county perform a study and determine where service is lacking in Nevada County.

CEO Alison Lehman said no such studies exist.”



Nevada County Supervisors Formally Reject Cell Tower On Wildlife Lane

Once again, our supervisors demonstrate they do not understand the critical role that broadband access plays in a digital world, federal and state broadband funding programs, nor the technology used to provide broadband connectivity.

More details HERE: https://sierrafoothillcommentary.com/2019/06/12/nevada-county-supervisors-formally-reject-cell-tower-on-wildlife-lane/

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