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19 June 2019


Jeff Pelline

That "secure the border" narrative of the NCRP is more real for Rick now! And imagine the cost of running an air conditioner 24/7 to cope with those 100 degree temperatures this week! I love the Golden State.


Correction: Rich

Don Bessee

The Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land is as good an editor as ever.


Jeff Pelline

I caught my typo. You sound miserable all the time. When are you going to become a CA escapee?

Todd Juvinall

If I recall PG and E is the costliest utility in America. A person in Arizona may still find it cheaper running the A?C 24/7.

My daughter and her hubby were liberals until a couple of years ago. What changed? They were crashed into by an illegal immigrant driver. Then they were made aware of all the coddling those people get while they, insurance payers, were screwed over by the system. San Jose has thousands of these illegals all driving without insurance and living three or more families to an apartment. Idaho is their next stop and they are now Republicans. Their 1100 SF rental at 4K a month will become a 1500 SF home being built as I write this. And the payment will be a third.


Swamp coolers are very effective in AZ, and electricity in the formerly Golden State of California costs 50% more than it does in Arizona.

But, I understand Jeff's concern... sweating like a pig in the summer isn't fun, is it, big guy?

I've relatives in Arizona, and the family house of many years was in a development in the middle of Tucson that didn't have paved roads, just the local sand. Kept it much cooler in the heat of the day and it cooled off nicely after the sun went down.

Jeff Pelline

You're kidding, right? Swamp coolers and a "family house" with no paved roads, just sand. Enjoy! BTW, Those noisy, drippy swamp coolers were "common in neighborhoods across the region starting in the 1940s, but have been in sharp decline since the late '80s." https://bit.ly/2KoqZow

Scott O

Hey Todd - what area of Idaho?
Anyway - a big welcome to them.
I'm starting to see a lot of window decals with the outline of the state and the message is: Go Home, We're Full!

Don Bessee

The Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land is projecting again@412. LOL

Didn't ya hear, we live large in the Alta Sierra neighborhoods! You should roll 18 holes.


Bill Tozer

Well, guess we are back to “California, love it or leave it.”

When Walt posted a video clip of VHD on Fox the other day, it struck me that VDH is not one prone to hyperbole nor exaggeration. Historians are that way, I reckon. Thus, when VDH made a Road Warrior and 3rd World references, I had to hunt the link down to get a better handle on it.

Aha. It’s the middle class that is leaving. The rich and poor are staying. Just like the 3rd World. Oh, how the Lefties romanize the poor and worship being our tEnlightened Betters far from the stink.....with lots of security. Two classes, rich and poor. Yeah, tin horn dictatorships are that way. One party states are that way. Iran once had a thriving middle class right before the arrival of the “Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla”.....that reference stolen from the verbal introduction of The Lord Humungous in the movie Road Warrior. Snuck that one in, but on to the topic at hand.

“But by some indicators, the California middle class is shrinking — because of massive regulation, high taxation, green zoning, and accompanying high housing prices. Out-migration from the state remains largely a phenomenon of the middle and upper-middle classes. Millions have left California in the past 30 years, replaced by indigent and often illegal immigrants, often along with the young, affluent, and single.”


Jig Wiggly

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

You people are too stupid to follow that simple advice.

Here you are supplicants to some guy who had the balls to follow his convictions and move out among the cactus and kangaroo rats, yet here you are bitching and moaning about what a shit hole place California is to live. And you don't have it in you to pull up stakes and go live among yer own kind. Go! Git!

Can't feel sorry for a pack of whiners who do nothing but whine. All bark and no bite, no natural born teeth among you.

Bill Tozer

I tried to nicely warn him, Don. Like Jap is short for Japanese, but not quite as derogatory as the “j” word, but still highly offensive and not used in either polite or impolite company.

Scott O

Wiggly Pig - what's upsetting you? You got yer little rich white boy to run the state into the ground like you wanted.
Or don't you like folks that point out the plane's headed for a hard landing?
I wouldn't poke at conservatives with that line about all bark and no bite. Keep trying to take away Constitutional rights and you might find out why we have the 2nd A

Bill Tozer

Oh, Ozzie already gave his heart felt impassioned reading of “There is no place like Home” where the boys can ride their dirt bikes, he absolutely loves here and do’t forget those golden oldie hits like “Best Place to Live”, “Be True To Your Schoo”, “Born and Raised” , blah blah, blah, “California, love it or leave”...and “don’t call my old piece of junk an old piece of junk”. “Jed, California is the place to be”, so he loaded up. his truck and moved Beverley......hills that is.” Spare me.

He sure was whining like a little snowflake whenhe paid h 2018 taxes, lol.

Barry Pruett

We too will be leaving California in the not distant future...because our children are planning on leaving. Our daughter (who we are vacationing with in San Sebastián and Wijk aan Zee right now) already lives in Netherlands and will be moving home to the USA to Reno as there are more opportunities for her little family in Nevada. Another daughter soon graduates from college (Cal Poly) with plans on leaving California as well. Another daughter plans on Europe followed by a US return outside California. They find that California is too expensive for them and for a couple of them (including my native Californian wife) California is frankly too crazy. California will become the land of old hippies and failed socialism as the kids head for greener pastures. These stories above are facts and not empty rhetoric. Give it this census or the next and California will be losing population and representation in Congress. Anyway thank you for your thoughts George.

On another note my friends here in Spain shockingly love Donald Trump. If you believe our news you’d think the world hates DJT and that does not seem to be the case at all.

Bill Tozer

VDH: “Another chief characteristic of a Third World society is the official denial of all of the above, and a vindictive, almost hysterical state response to anyone who points out those obvious tragedies. Another is massive out-migration. Residents prefer almost any country other than their own. Think Somalia, Venezuela, Cuba, Libya, or Guatemala.

“Does 21st-century California increasingly fit that definition — despite having the nation’s most amenable climate and most beautiful and diverse geography, with major natural ports facing the dynamic Asian economies, and being naturally rich in timber, agriculture, mining, and energy, and blessed with a prior century’s inheritance of effective local and state government?”

NOW WATCH: '5 Points with R

Barry Pruett

Jeff Pelline. Again with no valid arguments but only empty rhetoric. I do appreciate your tenacity and advocacy for your failing homeland. We’ll eat a few pintxos for you tonight. 😂


Posted by: Barry Pruett | 19 June 2019 at 10:43 PM

As soon as the youngest is finished with High School we are out as well! I'd go to Reno but there are too many Californians there and home and land prices have skyrocketed! If you have paid any attention to the Reno media they are starting to sound an awful lot like Dysfunction Junction to the West.

I need to find a post career career!

Barry Pruett

I start my masters/PhD in September. Post career career. Lol.


Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 19 June 2019 at 09:19 PM

Strong words from the "Man (men....Trans man?) of 1000 Alias(es?) posting as Piggly Wiggly!

Oh you can rest assured that we will follow our convictions soon enough......and mock you and your Proglodyte brethren incessantly on the way out!

Don't you go dying on me just yet......there's plenty of insults yet to hurl!


Posted by: Barry Pruett | 20 June 2019 at 07:08 AM

Well make sure you consult with jeffy first......you know how upset he would be if you went to another educational institution that doesn't meet his lofty standards!


Wow......I say again wow! This thread got jeffy nearly as worked up as all those State of Jefferson threads. You should bill him for a personal training session George!

jeffpelline says:

June 20, 2019 at 5:57 am

More escapees from California to come at Rebane’s Rants! One of them obviously feels right at home in Idaho: “Keep trying to take away Constitutional rights and you might find out why we have the 2nd A.”

And another warns us: “California will become the land of old hippies and failed socialism as the kids head for greener pastures.” And “Give it this census or the next and California will be losing population and representation in Congress.” ROFLOL!

Is this what is meant by “failed socialism”? https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fortune-500-california-20170607-story.html Or this? https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-california-economy-gdp-20180504-story.html Adios!

Atta boy jeffy!


Jeffie 516pm

Yes, Jeff. Swamp coolers and natural land and vegetation make for livable conditions in Pima County. Tucson, not Phoenix. The head of the household was the Tucson City Att'y and the real head of the household was a QA manager at the Hughes Aircraft Company plant just south of the airport, so A/C and roads were in the affordable range.

Now, the point you didn't touch with a ten foot fork... that the same kilowatt-hour costs 50% more in California. Why is that, Jeff?


Another fun fact... the wedding that united the couple in Tucson was attended by a friend of the bride, Margaret Sanger. Yes, that Margaret Sanger.

Barry Pruett

Omgsh. Where do I start? As Pelline makes fun of me for being born and raised in a blue collar and very poor neighborhood which is absolutely true, he attempts to appear cultured. In fact there is no real “happy hour” in San Sebastián as most establishments are closed from four until eight. Dinner does not really start until 10pm. A cultured person who went to Cal should seemingly know that. Yet another example of Pelline being a stroke. 😂


Posted by: Barry Pruett | 20 June 2019 at 08:58 AM

Where do I start? As Pelline makes fun of me for being born and raised in a blue collar and very poor neighborhood which is absolutely true, he attempts to appear cultured.

Yes......his "silver spoon" never left the gravy boat....err .....train.... it seems....... and really, just much overpriced education do you need to eventually wind up publishing a glossy advertising circular?

We should "Dig Deeper"!

George Rebane

Barry - When is your move scheduled, and what do you intend to study for your PhD?

Barry Pruett

History PhD. We are projecting out of the USA by 2024



The term is Swamp cooler, not "swamp fans" and early 20th century is before 1950. My references are entirely latter 20th and early 21st century.

That math issue of yours... your kid might be able to help you if you are too proud to ask anyone here for help.

Barry Pruett

Why is everything with Pelline a dick measuring contest? Who knows more than whom? Who is more worldly? Lol. Regular people don’t care about that shit. Regular people respect others who respect them regardless of anything other than character. Over the past 10 years Pelline has shown his character to be non-existent. A happy life is found in the delighting in the mundane and living the good life. Maybe Pelline should search and do a little introspection to find the good, but a narcissist can’t do that as it is outside of their mental capacity. That said, Pelline is a microcosm of what is wrong with California. Folks imposing “their” good in place of “the” good. Certainly such discussion is vastly beyond Pelline’s intellectual capabilities. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Jig Wiggly

"Escapee" makes it sound as if someone is keeping you here against your own free well. Rest assured, you are here because you choose to stay. You LOVE California but are ashamed to admit it because the COJ has invested too much time bad mouthing it among themselves. Actions speak louder than words. You are victims of your own desires. Enjoy another round at Darkhorse.

Don Bessee

The jig is up @1150 -


Robert Cross

"Folks imposing “their” good in place of “the” good." ------ Isn't that true of the current political atmosphere in general; the us vs. them mentality rather than 'we'? Who gets to define 'the good', you? For example, more people believe that human accelerated climate change is a problem than those who do not, yet the current administration is filled with mineral extraction advocates who deny the problem even exists. To me that is imposing 'their/your good' (making a profit and protecting billions of dollars in investments) over 'the good' of the entire planet (mitigating the causes before it's too late, if it isn't already).

Bill Tozer

Hey Robert,
Take it to the Sandbox.

Barry Pruett

Mr. Cross: You are confusing the beliefs of the majority with the Truth. Those two things are often not the same.

jig wiggly

Robt 12:17
The "good of the entire planet" is in the hands of a deranged and pathological liar. He is now asking us to believe him so that he can justify a war. Funny how this happens immediately after his personal pollsters tell him his popularity is sinking like a stone.

Robert Cross

Mr. Pruett -- you are confusing politically/economically tainted opinion with the the truth. Those two are never the same.

Robert Cross

Jig wiggly -- Starting wars to enhance re-election chances is the core strategy of non-popular vote winning presidents.. Wag the Dog seems to fit here as it did with Bush's contrived war.


Robert@12:17 PM

Robert, please check out these ice core temperature records and you will see that human accelerated climate change is NOT a problem.


The data behind these charts are available to the public and you can validate the result yourself. The world is cooling and humans have little influence over the process. See the last series of charts in the paper, comparing CO2 increases and temperature change.

Barry Pruett

Exactly Russ. Belief versus facts. My daughter still believes in Santa Claus.

Scott O

"...yet the current administration is filled with mineral extraction advocates..."
Oh no, not them!
Bobby has never used an extracted mineral in his entire life. All his minerals come from the mineral tree in his backyard.


The truth? Juggly Wuggly and Bobbi Crossman, you can't handle the truth.

Much as the true believers think the evenly split Nevada County is true-blue, they also think the evenly split between believer and skeptic/scoffer on climate in the USA is equally Blue.

We have an impasse with a scientifically illiterate population being swayed mostly by their political tribal elders, with the loudest voices being the most scientifically illiterate, sure of their impending demise unless vast amounts of cash are flung at the problem, with their high priests doling out the cash.

We also have a largely cowed scientific elite unwilling to challenge the direction their profession is being driven by the true believers at the top who can make or break most any career. So knowledgeable skeptics and scoffers tend to keep their head down.

It does appear there is a prediction in the short term that may break the impasse. Zharkova has a credible prediction of a grand solar minimum starting in 2020, with the minimum lasting until 2055. This will either be accompanied by cold weather and, at the deepest points, failed harvests, or it won't.

Place your bets, gentlemen, ladies.

George Rebane

For the record - given the actions of Iran over the last 6+ months (let alone their long-term record of terror), President Trump is proceeding in a most measured pace not responding to existential provocations that would justify massive retaliatory counter-strikes. Only those ignorant of history or promoting a political narrative continue to tell the great unwashed that this president is rushing into "starting wars" (which may yet have to be started).

Don Bessee



Bill Tozer

From Rich’s e-mail above.

“ I will also assure you that Pima County has negligible unfunded pension liabilities. I suspect Nevada County is still hovering close to $200 million.”

Wow. That is incredible. Negligible? Someone has been a good steward of the tax payers’ money and planned for a rainy day. Good job.
There are hundreds of articles for the reason(s) people and businesses are leaving CA, so we got that covered. There have been scores of articles on the CA ticking time bomb, aka, unfounded pension liabilities, so why not one more? The young ones and new immigrants will get stuck holding the tab. BTW, It was a shame that a hunk of the gas tax (the one before the last one) was siphoned off to pay for our share of unfounded pension costs and, of course, the general fund. Thus, another gas hike.....to get us through to the next tax hike.

In CA, we invest in socially conscious companies......because Virtue Signaling feels so good.


Rock Hunter

So when are you leaving Bill? Sounds like California is sucking you dry financially as well as politically. Only a fool would stick around when that is their mindset and belief. Don't let the door slam you on the butt.

Speaking of predicting the future. Buy a season pass to Darkhorse like all the other Repelican fools who couldn't put a wet finger in the air and figure out what was going to happen?

Don Bessee

Why do all the trolls sound so much alike? Just sayin'



Darkhorse? You mean the one that will be CLOSED for the Summer?
You buy one first. Oh.. wait....


And the train of Uhauls will only get longer.
"The cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions has already begun to drive Opens a New Window. some residents away from high-tax Opens a New Window. states like New York and New Jersey, but experts say that trend is only going to intensify.

“It took a few months for taxpayers to realize the dollar implications – until they actually filed their tax returns this year,” Alan Goldenberg, a principal at Friedman LLP, told FOX Business. “It quantified the impact of the loss of the SALT deduction when people saw it in front of their eyes on their tax return.” "

It won't be long before Gavin and the tax maggots dream up a hefty exit tax. "What? your leaving? Tough,, your money stays here."


Rock Fudgeman 525pm

I'm sticking around just to be a pest to people like you, and I'm looking forward to large helping of schadenfreude when it all falls apart.

Looking forward especially to the Audrey Denney campaign coming up! She wasted over a million bucks of OPM in '18... how much will her futile virtue signaling cost supporters in 2020? We... shall... see.

Bill Tozer

Leaving? I am waiting for the glorious day when the State of Jefferson is formed. First thing (or maybe third) thing the new State of Jefferson will do is to wall off the Great State of California. No worries, we be inclusive. You will be grandfathered in. Figured Dougski and Punchy will be worm food by then, but patience is a virtue.

There is one primary reason I am staying put for awhile. That’s for me to know and you to find out. Besides, with the new gas hike kicking in July 1, I may be able to get too far down that long lonely highway.

I looked at Ecuador, Its changing fast and not for the better. Then I checked out Nicaragua and they were welcoming ex-pats. Cool place. Terrain just like Costa Rica, except without the touristy national eco parks, beaches, pick pockets, and a new misogynistic attitude. Costa Rica changed. Nicaragua had everything Costa Rica has, without the crowds.
Nicaragua would have been a place to live like a King. Just get used to daily power outages and don’t cross over the hump if driving to the east side (Caribbean) at night. And get used to the gas station (and you) waiting for a few days for the delivery truck. But, Nicaragua has suddenly become not quite so “open”. Gov’t is tightening up on freedom again. And the drug routes. Best just wait for that pot of gold, aka, The Great State of Jefferson. Raise Shasta Dam! We have water to sell, more than we would ever need.


Toes... Jefferson won't happen until California closes shop. No way could a state form out of California until the pension debt gets wiped clean.

Bill Tozer

6:16 pm Oh course. But, it’s just as good as any reason to tell Rock to shove it, none of his bees wax, pull my finger. I never subscribed to the ‘California: Love it or Leave it.’ mentality. Sounds so authoritarian and an unreasonable demand of anyone. But, I spy just now you had the real answer. It’s so exciting and devilishly delicious.


,,,Enjoy Rich!!!



One would not know from AVMan's above link that Tucson (home of the UofA) is the most liberal city in AZ, as his linked article unintentionally shows. Most of Pima County (at 6,000 square miles, it's larger than Connecticut) is decidedly rural- half is an Indian Res, most is grazing country. Roads are fine; all problems seem to be urban from our perspective, 40 mi. N of Mexico.


As long ago as 1973, I built a kitchen for a large restaurant on Tanque Verde just east of the then-city limits, a site chose for both its beauty and for the fact that it was outside the city limit of AZ's worst leftist infection. Today, it's almost in the geographic center of the metro area.

Bill Tozer

Kinda speaks for itself when the most talked thing about California the National Media reports on is poop and poop apps.



Well, they are literally dying on our streets. But no worries. Come July 1st, we will have the highest gas taxes in the nation, surpassing Hawaii. We’re number one!

Hmmm. Wonder if any of their shoes will fit. They won’t be needing them where they are going.


To put it all in perspective, there are more homeless in CA than the population of Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s city of South Bend. And the poverty rate of Mayor Pete’s city is 2-3 times the National average.
Moral of the story: don’t move to any Dem controlled city or state. Not even Newark, NJ.

Bill Tozer

Not California.....just change the name. Escapees.

“In fact, more than 46 percent of New Yorkers of all ages moving out of the state are in the bracket earning above $150,000.”

In the Big Apple, the tax burden on high earners is onerous. The local government relies “solely on the top 10 percent for over 70 percent of taxes, with the top 1 percent paying more than the bottom 90 percent combined. Any efforts to assist the most needy individuals are heavily dependent on the city keeping its reputation as a driver of the national economy. The accelerating outflow of middle class and upper class residents will no doubt tarnish that. As steep declines in revenue hit, spending cuts will burden the urban poor rather than the bureaucrats.

“The current spending levels are likely unsustainable for the Big Apple in the long term. The New York City Council passed a $93 billion budget, which includes spending hikes of 6 percent for salaries, 9 percent for other employee benefits, 9 percent for debt service, 11 percent for health insurance, 12 percent for public assistance funding, and more. This local budget also set aside a new line item for taxpayer funded abortions, an army of new social workers, and even a package for the Green New Deal.

“If New York continues to lose taxpayers in droves, the city will not be able to fund its current initiatives, let alone new spending increases. As the exodus further dwindles local revenue, public programs will eventually require massive cuts. Meanwhile, increased pension spending will eat up any slack the city has left. The pension plans are already underfunded to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. Retirement spending comprises nearly a quarter of the annual budget and will only continue growing.

“Whenever push came to shove in the past, cities like Chicago and Detroit prioritized bureaucratic spending and honoring pensions over funding public programs and infrastructure. If New York takes a similar route, the people most dependent on campaign promises will be left behind.”


Buck Sexton moved to NY to enhance his career. As he walked the streets of the city, overtime he slowly realized that NY was becoming more like LA. Not SF, more like LA. He noticed also that Wall St was still there, but many of the big boys had moved out...a shadow of its former self. Not the same as it once was. He is quite happy to have moved on and out of NY. Priorities. Q of L issues. He will be fine in his new digs.

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