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12 June 2019


Don Bessee

I don't know, the pony tail of ignorance could give him a run for his money -

Kimberley Strassel: Comey was 'one of the first undiagnosed cases of Trump derangement syndrome'



Don Bessee

Keep it up LALA land -

A Hill-HarrisX poll released on Friday found that 65 percent of respondents said that political endorsements from celebrities had no impact on their own voting intention.

Another 24 percent of voters said that endorsements from Hollywood stars actually made them less likely to vote for a political candidate, while just 11 percent said it would make them more likely.



Bill Tozer

This is a two part link. The first part is that Florida has outlawed Sanctuary cities, localities, and state entity.

“The bill, SB 168, flatly states, “A state entity, law enforcement agency, or local governmental entity may not adopt or have in effect a sanctuary policy.”

The second part I found amusing. The Oakland mayor had a fit when told illegals would be bused there, citing it was an abuse of power. Some called the plan to bus illegals released from detention to Nancy’s district an “assault” on the Speaker, other Dems and politicians called the plan an attack on her...a new low by Trump. Portland, Maine just cried out no mas, and even Blue Palm Beach County says don’t sent them here! Can’t afford it.

“In May, DeSantis warned the U.S. Border Patrol not to transfer illegal immigrants to Broward and Palm Beach counties. Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Broward Mayor Mark Bogen had stated that U.S. Border Patrol said that two planeloads of immigrants would be transferred to those counties each week, roughly 500 per month to each county. DeSantis said he was going to communicate with President Trump, according to the Orlando Sentinel, asserting, “Nothing’s concrete. There’s been no migrants brought, released, in Florida. This was not something that came down from the White House. This is something that came out of the agency. Sometimes this stuff happens. Ultimately this is something I’m going to have to talk to the president about. We cannot accommodate in Florida just dumping unlawful migrants into our state. I think it’ll tax our resources, schools and health care, law enforcement, state agencies.”


I always felt dropping off just one Greyhound packed bus load a week at the Hospitality House, Rood Center, the Salvation Army parking lot, or the Miner’s Foundry would let our Lefties put their money where their pie hole is.

Bill Tozer

The Wa Compost is something special.

“The Post’s claim that Trump bears any responsibility for Iran’s attacks because of his hostile posture towards the regime is based on nothing more than hatred of the president. At a certain point in his presidency, Barack Obama had imposed crippling sanctions on Iran. If Iran had responded by attacking ships in the Persian Gulf, would the Post have blamed Obama? Of course not..

“It is extraordinary that, given a choice between the vicious, terrorist-sponsoring mullahs of Iran and the President of the United States, the Washington Post is on the side of the mullahs, even when they launch life-threatening attacks against tankers owned by American allies. President Trump is right when he says that outlets like the Post are purveying fake news, and also when he says that such fake news outlets are enemies of the American people. This strikes me as a crystal-clear instance.”




Don Bessee

Politically correct your self into oblivion -

This weekend’s box office wiped out two franchises, cemented the failure of two others, and mercy-killed one of those woke entries only pompous critics adore.

We’ll start with Men in Black: International, which is doing even worse than those already-dire predictions of $30 million. Deadline reports this stinker will open to a pathetic $25 million, which is less than half of what all three of its predecessors opened to. Even the 22-year-old original launched with $51 million in 22-year-old dollars.

As I mentioned in my review, MIB4 has no swagger, no sex appeal, and no laughs; just a confusing story, bad special effects, and a bland leading man who is treated like an imbecile because he’s white and hetero and we must now grovel before the woke.



Don Bessee

Putin cuddling? -

Mr. Trump’s initial cyberteam decided to be far more public in calling out Russian activity. In early 2018, it named Russia as the country responsible for “the most destructive cyberattack in human history,” which paralyzed much of Ukraine and affected American companies including Merck and FedEx.

When General Nakasone took over both Cyber Command and the N.S.A. a year ago, his staff was assessing Russian hackings on targets that included the Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation, which runs a nuclear power plant near Burlington, Kan., as well as previously unreported attempts to infiltrate Nebraska Public Power District’s Cooper Nuclear Station, near Brownville. The hackers got into communications networks, but never took over control systems.

In August, General Nakasone used the new authority granted to Cyber Command by the secret presidential directive to overwhelm the computer systems at Russia’s Internet Research Agency — the group at the heart of the hacking during the 2016 election in the United States. It was one of four operations his so-called Russia Small Group organized around the midterm elections. Officials have talked publicly about those, though they have provided few details.



Todd Juvinall

I was just informed the Library of the county is going to have a book reading for 3-8 year old kids. A transvestite is the host. Anyone hear about this?

Don Bessee


U.S. and Guatemalan officials are negotiating a “safe third country” agreement which would bar the movement of U.S.-bound migrants through Guatemala, say press reports.
Under the terms of the [draft] agreement, migrants fleeing persecution in El Salvador and Honduras would be required to seek asylum in Guatemala, a gateway to Mexico and the United States,” said the June 13 report by Voice of America News.

With few exceptions, those who continue north to the U.S. without testing their chances in Guatemala would be sent back to Guatemala by U.S. immigration authorities



Don Bessee


U.S. and Guatemalan officials are negotiating a “safe third country” agreement which would bar the movement of U.S.-bound migrants through Guatemala, say press reports.
Under the terms of the [draft] agreement, migrants fleeing persecution in El Salvador and Honduras would be required to seek asylum in Guatemala, a gateway to Mexico and the United States,” said the June 13 report by Voice of America News.

With few exceptions, those who continue north to the U.S. without testing their chances in Guatemala would be sent back to Guatemala by U.S. immigration authorities



Glenn Sharp

Todd Juvinall-
At a Library of the county no less. Are you going? Maybe she can read to you about Dick andJane.

Bill Tozer

@ 2:11 pm.

Doesn't surprise me in the least. The Discovery Family show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" this weekend in an episode that will feature a lesbian couple. The episode will air Saturday and introduce the characters Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty, who both take care of the character Scootaloo. Get to see them tie the knot. Airs today, while children are not in school....or at the library. :)
“We are normal, but you must pay to fix us.” —-Transgender advocates manipulating medical definitions to get a diagnosis without the ‘stigma’ of having a ‘mental disorder.
“The trans movement and progressive politicians have invented out of whole cloth the idea that there is some consensus over whether men can become women or whether children should be exposed to drag queens. There is not. Nobody outside of the elites in the media, academia, and politics ever agreed to any of this, and people aren’t just going to accept it all out of fear of absurdly being accused of bigotry or hate speech.”

“The official organization, called Drag Queen Story Hour, does little to dissuade this view, either. Their website states, “DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.”...

When LGBT activists argue their goal is to introduce preschool-aged children to concepts of gender-fluidity and openly “queer” people, they are arguing for forcing leftist views about sexuality and gender on children. That, in many ways, is what the conservative opposition is truly about.

We do not want kids to be confused by a culture that cannot decide if drag queens are positive expressions of queer identity or a transphobic mockery of gender identity. We do not want kids to be pushed into believing their childhood exploration of identity is evidence they must change everything about themselves. We don’t want kids to look up to adult men dressed as sexualized caricatures of women and believe this is, indeed, normal or respectful towards women.“


“When LGBT activists argue their goal is to introduce preschool-aged children to concepts of gender-fluidity and openly “queer” people, they are arguing for forcing leftist views about sexuality and gender on children. That, in many ways, is what the conservative opposition is truly about.

We do not want kids to be confused by a culture that cannot decide if drag queens are positive expressions of queer identity or a transphobic mockery of gender identity. We do not want kids to be pushed into believing their childhood exploration of identity is evidence they must change everything about themselves. We don’t want kids to look up to adult men dressed as sexualized caricatures of women and believe this is, indeed, normal or respectful towards women.”

Barry Pruett

Locals here on Europe seem to think Boris Johnson will be the next PM

Don Bessee

Hey BP! Yes, Boris won the first round soundly and I see the polling speculation that if him and Farage teamed up they could snag a big win in a snap election after Boris gets PM with an outright majority. It shall be fun to watch.


Glenn Sharp

I can only assume that you didn't know a transvestite has been volunteering at the "Library of the county" for several years. As you can tell, all hell has broken loose. My guess is that you would never know she was a he. But damn them anyway. Probably an atheist to boot.


Bill Tozer

@4:25 pm
There are some pics on the Internet with the.smiling Boris standing with the Maltese Professor and British Intelligence bigwigs. So, tell me again that Joseph Mifsud is a Russian agent....or maybe Boris is in Putin’s back pocket! rofllao. Russia was behind Brexit and has blackmail goods on both Nigel and. Boris!

Been waiting for an article like this on Manafort. He committed tax fraud and should do time for that.. He committed bank fraud to get a loan, but no bank lost a penny as he paid them back. Still, he should do time for that. All these criminal deeds were well before he even got involved with the Trump Campaign. Interestingly, he was charged for tax.evasion for four years, but one of those four years he was acquitted by the jury.

What bothers me is how the media and lefties screamed for his head on a platter. When the first judge sentenced Manafort to 18 months, the Leftinistas became unhinged. The Russians and Trump got to the judge! A plant!
No sentence would have satisfied the Leftinistas and all those with TDS, save life in prison. May he rot in hell! My he die in jail!! For tax evasion? For falsifying a loan application? Let the punishment fit the crime. But no, his real crime was volunteering to run the Trump Campaign for a few months....for free!

The Leftinistas are some real vile mother fuckers. But, we knew that.


Glenn Sharp

Exciting events at a "Library in the county"


And yes, not only can we use the same bathroom, you are allowed to use the same bathroom as the little boys. Weeeee!!

Todd Juvinall

My comcern is 3-8 year old kids getting a dose before they even have a brain or know what perversion is.. Sounds like pedophilia recruitment to me. Glenn you sound like you think it is really OK.

Don Bessee

Has anyone noticed that the oh so politically correct Subaru has given up on tryin to check every PC box on their commercials and have switched to a dog based campaign?

The stars are yellow labs, you know doing stuff like taking the fuzzy yellow lab puppy to the first day of obedience school.

I think we can all agree that everyone loves yellow labs and puppies.

It leaves me with one question for the PC meisters at Subaru -

Don't black labs matter?


Bill Tozer

There are not enough tranny guys to worry about. Just call them ‘ma’am’ so they come uncorked and throw a hissy fit. Crabb can run a full page apology and do the public self flogging denouncing his wrong thinking offense, I won’t. The world does not evolve around them.

The most disturbing thing to me by far is the sky high suicide rates of transgenders, even among those who have transitioned. There is something seriously alarming with those suicide rates.

Glenn Sharp

Yes, it's okay. Trannys are not (usually) pedophiles. Probably less than Catholic priests, gym coaches, Boy Scout leaders or past county supervisors.


One for the science guys. We have all seen this vid by now.
(the "UFO" boxed by targeting radar in FLIR )
What is the white halo around said object? If black is a heat signature, it the "halo" super cold?

Bill Tozer

Opps @ 6:54 pm
Forgot a single word. Bad. “Just call them ‘ma’am’ so they DON’T come uncorked and throw a hissy fit. Crabb can run a full page....”

There, much better.

Todd, I don’t know how you do it. Like Walt, you attract more oddballs than I care to think about. Kinda weird that they want others to accept them for who they are, yet can’t accept themselves for what they are. Kinda creepy that reference Glennda made about little boys in the bathroom. Sick shit. It’s called the Men’s Room. Yep, I once was trapped in a female body myself. Then I got born.
Hey, Trump said anyone can use any bathroom they want at his beautiful Trump Towers. See, no big deal.

I’m a boy, oh boy I am a boy.




It's just a matter of time before some LIB judge will over rule this, and illegals will be able to leach off the system.
"Officers handling legal immigration cases will now warn people that they are under an obligation to support themselves rather than end up on the public dole, under a new policy implemented Friday by acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli.

The warning will be issued both to the immigrant and his or her sponsor, who under the law has signed an agreement not to let the immigrant become a public charge.

In the new warning, UCSIS officers will “remind” sponsors that they can — and now will — be asked to pay back “every dollar” of welfare that the immigrants take."

Bill Tozer

Walt, that applies to legal immigrants. Illegals don’t give a hoot about no American laws. Know a guy that sponsored a legal immigrant once. Hired him, sponsored him, and over time the legal got his citizenship. Then he opened a business (landscaping) in direct completion to the guy. :). Randomly, the new citizen stops by and leaves a gift basket on the guy’s porch to show his deep appreciation. The American Dream.

But yeah, that won’t fly for illegals and those 92% who don’t bother to even show up for their hearings. Oh boy, here comes pics of caged brown kids of those who try to game the system. The left will throw a fit. Can’t we the people sponsor all of them?
Found a dead one in the desert. There is a reason to come in through a legal point of entry.


Bill Tozer

Aha, so that’s where Ozzie got his “I know you guys over here are anti-vaxers.” Can’t fix stupid. And I, for one, felt no need to not let him live in ignorance as he displays it so well.


Time for that quote again:

“It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”


Scott O

from an 'expert' - "Probably less than Catholic priests, gym coaches, Boy Scout leaders or past county supervisors."
And the facts to back up that up?
Why is it that everyone who wants to be considered 'normal' or 'equal' based on their sex or self-identified sexual orientation tries to continue the point by asserting some sort of superiority?
And why are the rest of us supposed to 'celebrate' some one's delusions about their sexual identity?
And no, sorry - you are not 'normal'.
That doesn't mean you are not human or have less rights, but you don't have any fabricated special rights.
I don't expect society to pay for my normal lifestyle and anyone who chooses to be abnormal should do so on their own dime.
Please don't go into some stupid argument about my 'fear' of abnormal people - the only fear I have is a society that caves in and caters to this nonsense.
Case in point -
This is straight out child abuse and it sickens me to see a society that is so lost, it doesn't see the problem. Statistics show this kid is headed for a short, messed up life.

Bill Tozer

Scott @ 7:31 am; All in all, I will let the women battle it out.

Funny quote....unfortunately the only funny quote in this sad absurd tale: “The LGBT+ site, Pink News, which often is so misogynistic in its editorial policies that it’s known as Penis News to many lesbians,”

Yep, I will let those who fight for women’s rights battle it out.

“As I arrived at the venue, I was greeted by a protest group shouting slogans such as “No TERFS on our turf.” For those in the enviable position of being unaffected by the campaign against women’s rights, “TERF” stands for “trans exclusionary radical feminist,” a misogynistic term of abuse that now is routinely deployed against women who do not believe that men can merely “self-identity” as women for purposes of, say, accessing women’s locker rooms, rape-crisis centres and single-sex hospital wards. Martina Navratilova, one of the greatest sporting heroes of all time, recently has been mobbed by the anti-“TERF” crowd because she dared to criticize male-bodied trans women being allowed to compete alongside females athletes. There is even pressure to buy the line that trans women get periods, and that they need cervical smear tests.

“The reason the slur “TERF” has become popular is that it gives misogynists a tool to abuse and punish feminists without the stigma associated with such crude epithets as “bitches.” They can still pretend to be progressive and, as UK-based newspaper columnist and “trans ally” Owen Jones puts it, on the “right side of history.” The term generally is applied only to women, such as me, whose progressive, feminist ideals cannot be explained away as a symptom of right-wing hate or bigotry. It is telling that there is no equivalent popular acronym or neologism to describe actual haters of transsexuals, such as religious fundamentalists and homophobic bigots.

“One of the most hideous manifestations of this movement is the popularization of such memes as “Punch TERFs,” which present violence toward women as a cool hipster hobby. And it has led to real misogynistic violence. In 2017, a British trans activist in his 20s violently attacked 60-year-old Maria MacLachlan as she was on her way to a feminist meeting. One of Wolf’s supporters, when asked by MacLachlan if she thought it was okay that that she had been punched and kicked by a man, responded, “It’s not a guy. You’re a piece of shit and I’m happy they hit her.” (Indeed, one of the calling cards of anti-“TERF” extremists is that they seem far more concerned about protecting pronouns than human bodies.) Earlier that year, trans activists stormed the opening of a feminist library in Vancouver, accusing the organizers of being not only “TERFs” but also “SWERFs” (Sex worker exclusionary radical feminists) before destroying books, tearing down posters and throwing wine on the walls. It was with all of this in mind that I had my guard up when I left last week’s Edinburgh University event in the company of Professor Rosa Freedman, a human-rights expert and fellow speaker. That’s when I was lunged at by the hater shouting “you’re a f***** c***, you’re a f****** bitch, a f****** TERF.”


Don Bessee

Happy Fathers Day (where appropriate)

Turks v Syria?

UPDATE 2-Turkish outpost in Syria shelled from Syrian government forces area - ministry



Bill Tozer

Finally, the argument to end all arguments. I, too, appreciate brutal honesty. Thank you

Bottimline: "Because I want one."


Paul Emery


You might get out of these lyrics written by Steve Goodman (he wrote City of New Orleans)

There are men who love women who love men
There are women who love women every now and then
There are men who love men because they can't pretend
They are men who love women who love men


Todd Juvinall

Trump tweeted this today

"Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed Bill banning Sanctuary Cities in State, & forcing all law enforcement agencies to cooperate with Federal Immigration authorities. Bill prohibits local Gov’t from enacting Sanctuary policies that protect undocumented immigrants..."

Now on to California


Well Bill,, The FEDS may say to the "legal" ones "Nope, no public dole money for you" But Ca. just voted otherwise.
"On Thursday, June 13, California lawmakers approved a $215 billion state budget, which Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign. Included in the budget are several health care reforms whose mammoth cost the state may soon regret."

Bill Tozer

Afternoon, Walt
Happy Father’s Day. Yep, a game of smoke and mirrors and hide the reaming.

I was struck by a opinion comment in the Union under the topic of illegal immigration and associated costs. The comment stated as a matter of fact that illegal aliens do not get welfare. Clear cut. Technically, that is true.
It is also true that we do not charge minors with the criminal act of illegal entry, just adults.
So, you have a minor who is in the country with his illegal alien parents and family. The adults technically do not get welfare, but the kid does. Remember the old lefty argument that welfare is not for the parents but for the children, as in the former name Aid to Dependent Families? It’s for the children, not the adults!
The family goes to the welfare office....for the kid(s), of course. The question is asked, “How many people are in the child’s household?” Answer, three, four, six, etc. How many work? None, one? How much does that one worker make? The welfare for the kid is based on the number of people in the household. So, the adults technically do not get welfare, put their household sure as hell does.

CA has had work arounds for food stamps, housing allowances, etc...for years.

If you got an illegal alien minor in a big household, it’s subsidy time, baby. Or, as I have said before, the illegal alien we see may be out there busting his rear at work, but chances are his wife is sitting at home with the babies drawing food stamps.

Half of all CA births are paid for by Medi-Cal. Of that number, 17% are births by illegal aliens. When they announced free Medi-Cal for illegals, my gut reaction was ‘That figure is too darn low.”.

Don Bessee

Well that could trump the blue state blues -



Bill Tozer

1) It is sad that the news of the 500 African illegals from the Ebola Zone illegally coming across the Southern Border was reported first by the UK press. That is how we found out about it. It’s like a news blackout or something.

2) It is sad what these small towns like Uvalde have to deal with.


2a) Video compliment to above story...and more what is happening in small towns 60 miles from the border. Good interview from closer to the stink.



3) It is rather alarming that it seems like there is a media blackout about ISIS crossingour Southern Border.

Don Bessee

China will win the trade war says the peoples daily all evidence to the contrary -

African swine fever is decimating China’s pig population. The country’s stock fell 21%, or by nearly 73 million pigs, from March 2018 through April 2019, according to official statistics. Unofficially, however, industry experts whisper about slides of more than 40% to 50%. That would be comparable to wiping out all the pigs in the U.S. and Europe combined. For a country that derives most of its protein consumption from pork, this is a problem.

Compounding the challenge is the invasion of fall armyworm in the lead-up to the autumn harvest. Traveling up to 60 miles a day, the crop-eating pest is expected to be present in all Chinese provinces by the end of the year. This is already having a significant impact on expected yields of corn, wheat and rice.

The first step in addressing this challenge would be to recognize the seriousness of African swine fever and armyworm. There’s little evidence Beijing has done that. Instead, Chinese officials have been snuffing out critical media coverage, underreporting data and putting an all-too-rosy sheen on their response to the crisis, not unlike what we saw with SARS in the early 2000s, as Bloomberg Opinion columnist Adam Minter has written.

Second, Beijing needs to rapidly increase imports to slow expected price increases – even if China starts to skew its protein balance more toward chicken and beef. Theoretically, that would be a boon for other key pork suppliers, such as the U.S. and Germany. In reality, though, the shifting contours of the trade war make relying on U.S. imports unlikely, and China’s relationship with
Europe is lukewarm at best.

The existential problem facing Beijing is how to address rising food prices and a slowing economy, which have a history of triggering episodes of social unrest. If pork prices do climb 70% this year, as officials forecast, Beijing will face a very unhappy population eager to assign blame for the mismanagement of a crisis. That will be a lot scarier than missing a GDP target.



Scott O

Paul at 1:55 - Typical Paul. Absolutely no ideas or comments or opinion. Those are simply statements of fact, Paul. There are also folks that love to stick knives into people and others that want to have sex with corpses.
Just because they exist doesn't mean we should teach those practices in schools or pass laws giving them 'special' rights.
Please formulate an articulate comment on the topic if you are able.

Bill Tozer

Thank you Sarah.

I have never hid my respect and admiration for Sarah Hucklebee Sanders. She will never be welcomed in a fancy DC restaurant again. She will never be part of the the good old boys’ iInside the Beltway Network. No lucrative contracts await her.
She took being chased out of the Red Hen (with family and close friends) with grace, saying the episode says more about the owner of Red Hen than anything else.
She sat and took the insults, barbs, slings, arrows, ridicule, scorn, hillbilly references, and fat shaming at the WH Correspondence Dinner with all the hurt and condemnation they could muster....and sat in silence taking it all.
It is true that entire Enemy of the People and Leftinistas did not strike Sarah with their fists, but every word they said and printed for two years was hitting her with “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. I hate you.”

And the most amazing thing, she is only 38 years old. Let that sink in. A lesser person, a more seasoned person, man or woman, would have have been crushed under the juggernaut of unspeakable abuse the Leftinistas piled on her with their sick pleasure and glee.

Godspeed, Sarah Sanders. As Trump said concerning Hayden Williams, you took a punch for all of us. And all that hate was meant for all of us. Thank you, young lady.


I won’t darken these pages with clips of them calling Sarah the C word and laughing. This is close enough. It’s who the are....our moral preeners.


Paul Emery

Thought you (and others) might enjoy the tune Scott. Have you always been so boring?

Scott O

BT at 3:05 - MINORS??!! "...up to age 26..."
And since they have no ID and we have no good way of ascertaining their true age you can bet there will be 30 year olds on the freebie gravy train.
Of course trannies will be eligible for whatever butchery they might have in mind to accommodate their delusions. I wouldn't worry though - Biden and the Dems will sweep into power in the next general and Uncle Sucker will help Cali pick up the tab. Just think how many folks around the world will react to open borders and free medical for anything in Malibu and Belvedere?
What could possibly go wrong?

Scott O

Enjoy the tune? Paul has lost it. Those were the words to the song, Paul. The tune is denoted by a musical chart with notes and such.

Paul Emery

There was a link Scott.

Paul Emery

Thanks for affirming my view Scott that "Biden and the Dems will sweep into power in the next general,,,". We actually agree on something.

Don Bessee

As if the pony tail of ignorance thinks anyone would trust a link from him! LOL


Scott O

Paul at 6:15 - Nice try, Paul. There was mainly the words. That's pretty close to blatantly lying.
If you thought we would enjoy the tune you would have posted the musical score or just provided a link the music.
Once again, Paul shows up and smashes an egg in his own face. I suppose the court jester has to try to amuse somehow.
A mild applause.
Now run along Paul, and please stay out of the street.

Paul Emery

Did you bother to listen to the link Scott? If not why?

Paul Emery

Just curious,, Do you read music Scott? Can you follow a vocal chart...

Peter V

"I won’t darken these pages with clips of them calling Sarah the C word and laughing."

Aren't you and your righteous clan holier than thou? Never mind Michelle and the N word and the C word and ape and . . . .

Don Bessee

Does the pony tail of ignorance have a botany degree?


Bill Tozer

Yep, that be me and soooo much more you than you can ever make up. The N word? Yep, must have dropped that word here hundreds of times. Thousands of times. Nigga in quoting a song sung to me from back in the day....by a Panther. “When the Revolution comes there will be no more bull shit of Nigga”, Negro. Actually, he said the N word. Michelle the Ape? That was a Russian bot, or was that Roseanne saying Valerie Jarad was like a monkey? Hey, I didn’t know she was black either. Can’t tell. I thought she was Iranian mixed with Mao myself. Learn something new everyday. She does kinda look like a little chicpmuck, but it’s all fluid.

But, I saved the best for last with my brilliant analogy of two dozen FBI agents blowing open the front doors off Sally Yates’s home at 5:00 am rousting her and her family, pointing guns at her and yelling, “Don’t move a finger, cunt.” Sure they can find some dirt on her husband and adult kids.....just to get her to cooperate. I just know it’s there. Darn it, I forget to have a FOX News crew standing by or maybe InfoWars. Darn it.

It’s not about justice, it’s all about convictions, right.? She will plead to lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice or something....after she has to sell the house to pay for the lawyers and move in with the in-laws. Maybe about then we will just forget about the whole thing. Sally is just handy. Involved in the last Administration. Guilt by association. But, that’s not how we do things. By the book and all that stuff.

Bottomline Ozzie: You were the biggest hater of Sarah Hucklebee Sanders here of them all. It wasn’t pig face you called her, but close. Sure, Sarah is not the prettiest woman around, but if you want to see a pig, look a Rosie and Gang. Oink, oink.

Now about Michele. What, you want your Wookie back? Preen on!

Bill Tozer

Oh Bobbie.....CNN sticks, CNN sucks, CNN sucks. And heard from the Bernie crowd outside the 2016 DNC National Convention, “Lock her up, lock her up!” Music to my ears.
But I do have to give it up for Politifact. They wiped the floor with Ilhan Omar (D-Tax Cheat) statements on guns. Mercy. She got it so wrong that gave a jumping up and down Pants on Fire. And somebody else just gave Harris or Gillibrand or the NYT four plus Pinocchios then five. I think five is the most they go before jumping head first into the inferno.

Scott O

"Michelle and the N word and the C word and ape and . . . ."
The press corp called her that?
Drunks on a bar stool can be found spouting everything imaginable, we're talking about highly paid, so-called 'respectable' DC and NY talking heads.
Oh, that's right - MSNBC and CNN and the NYTs forgot to show those tweets.
They forgot... alright, they're human - they FORGOT.
Sorry Pecker, you loose on this one. The left are just a bunch of hypocrites. They don't want a black or a woman or a tranny - they want a leftist and any other political view gets the speaker a load of childish insults no matter how 'diverse' they are.

Paul Emery

Don writes:

"Does the pony tail of ignorance have a botany degree?"

What does that have to do with anything? Do you? And you were at one time the expert on the evils of cannabis in our community.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 June 2019 at 06:19 PM

Thanks for affirming my view Scott that "Biden and the Dems will sweep into power in the next general.....”

Yeah thanks Scott for validating my constant need for affirmation......that which drives my little “Thanks.....” game!

Paul Emery

Here's one we can start the clock on. This is a Trump promise:

“Obamacare has been a disaster,” Mr. Trump told ABC News in an interview aired on Sunday evening. His own plan, he insisted, would lower costs. “You’ll see that in a month when we introduce it. We’re going to have a plan. That’s subject to winning the House, Senate and presidency, which hopefully we’ll win all three. We’ll have phenomenal health care.”

Se mark your calendar for July 16 and we'll see what he comes up with.

Bill Tozer

@7:18 pm

I thought it was animal husbandry
Levin is a funny guy, but how I wish he would quit beating about the bush.


Bill Tozer

Was it just me...or did anyone else miss the big one year anniversary of the Republican Congressmen eventful softball practice? Bet most in the media can’t even remember the shooter’s name (some crazy Bernie Bro) and they probably have to do a quick google to remember Scallise’s name and what state he hails from.
Did anybody see, read, or hear about the Directive of the DOJ to investigate the origins of the Russian story? No, not looking into the CIA. The one about foreign governments including the Australian government AND non governmental private entities in foreign nations around those government institutions....going back to 2014 in one case. Nah, neither did I. Crickets.
I am disappointed that the IG Report release has been pushed back cause of new stuff to look at, but it’s better to get it right, so look at more stuff and write the report with just the stone cold facts. Maybe July or August? Then, no holding back. :)
Aha! It all makes sense now! Silly me. It’s Gay Pride Month. The silly Straight Pride Parade, the articles, the My Little Pony show, the fuss over some business not having the little rainbow on their logo...ok, got it.
Heck, we only get one special day for those who laid down their lives for this country and the non-straights get a whole month for laying down in bed with someone of the same sex. And you want more? Some people, I tell ya.



Toes @ 7:36: My gut hurts- outta the park. Think it might be 2yrs since the diamond shooting...

slim jim

Thanks for being so aware and mindful of our slightly winged Repub congressman. Such a date to remember and to hold our skin heads low in sorrow. You are so grieved you only missed the anniversary by a year.


Posted by: needle dick | 17 June 2019 at 07:46 AM

Yeah…..so slightly "winged" he almost died.

slim jim

My heroes don't get shot or caught.

Paul Emery

Here's an idea. Trump should hire Todd and Gregory to be his pollsters because they are the only ones who believe Trump is doing fine in the polls. They rely only on the discredited Rasmussen poll for their numbers. Trump fired his pollsters because he didn't want to face the grim numbers they came up with.


Todd Juvinall

BillT the press hoped the guy died but he did not and is now a pain in their ass. The left kills and shoots up most places and fill the prisons. That is why Paul Emery wants jailed killers and terrorists to get to vote. As far as polls, Rasmussen uses likely voters and that is the best indicator of future voting. CNN polls people from El Salvador who are on their way to see if they will vote for Trump. Oh my!


Posted by: slim jim | 17 June 2019 at 08:23 AM


Paul Emery

Why was Rasmussen such a dismal failure in the midterms Todd? Like you, they predicted a Red wave in the House and look what happened.

Hope you and Gregory apply for the job. Trump needs to surround himself with yes men and you certainly qualify.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 17 June 2019 at 08:46 AM

Vielen Dank…..Punch! In advance.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is the ultimate yes man for the communist party of America. Oops, I mean democrat. He has yet to disagree with any of their proposals. The ultimate lemming.

Robert Cross

trump's 'buy American hire American' executive order apparently only applies to the rest of Americans but not him.. Only 15% a goods sold at the trump online store are actually made in America. Why is hypocrisy so prevalent within the ranks of the right wing?



Posted by: Roberta Cross | 17 June 2019 at 10:10 AM

Why is hypocrisy so prevalent within the ranks of the right wing?

Dunno……probably a frantic attempt to catch up with the hypocrisy of the progressive left.

Robert Cross

Todd Juvenile is the ultimate yes man for the Nazi Party of America.. Oops, I mean Republican..He has yet to disagree with any of their proposals. The ultimate lemming.


Nice try Babs,, Nazis were Socialist. Just a step above the Commiecrat DEM party of today. Do some homework.
Your 7TH grade education is showing.

Bill Tozer

From the social scene and in solidarity with Pride Month, Rachel Dolezal has come out as bi. I think that is a good thing simply because the bi-sexuals do not get the attention they deserve or once had. The trannies have been sucking all the air out of the room and hogging all the attention. The Bi-sexual have been left behind. Not fair.
Bi means two, such as binary. Since she has been celibate for four years, can’t hurt to expand the available pool of lucky candidates.

“Just because I have been married (briefly) to a man or have had children by male partners does not mean I am not bi,” she added, also insisting she is not “confused, “‘almost’ gay” or “any less monogamous”.


Rachel has since updated her Twitter post to include a promotion for her new book.
For the Theatrical Arts scene, I am surprised the play found a new venue and has good reviews. Turned it into a comedy and a success. Material is outrageously funny.

“The new play “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers” plays like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch, only every word is true and it’s actually funny.

“Detailing the conspiracy to overthrow President Trump by FBI-employed lovers, Phelim McAleer’s play premiered in Washington, DC to incredible success. The verbatim play had some difficulties securing a venue, as the previous theater dropped out at the last minute, but nothing was going to keep this play from reaching its audience. And that audience was thrilled that it did. “FBI Lovebirds” is a hilarious play with a strong cast, great script, and a perfect story.

“Using entirely the texts between Strzok and Page and their congressional hearing testimonies, the play tells the full story of the affair, attempted coup, and failed cover-up. While backlogs of texts and transcripts of testimony may sound dull, that idea could not be further from the truth. The script was absolutely hysterica

“Cain and Swanson were brilliant as the eponymous agents and lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Cain played Strzok as an overly confident, pompous man-child whose neuroticism cannot belie the fact that he believes he is the smartest man in the room. Cain’s natural charisma shines through the ridiculous words of the philandering FBI Agent. Cain injected every utterance of “winky face” and “five exclamation points” with meaning and humor, leaving the audience in stitches.”


“Playing the adulterous FBI lovers, Cain and Swanson made the most of this material. Reading their text messages from binders on stage, they played the couple as smug, immature, smirking know-it alls, but Cain and Swanson also read aloud the couple’s emojis and exaggerated punctuation for added emphasis. Every reference to a text that ended with a “winky face” or “five exclamation points” was met with howls of laughter from the audience.”



The American version of ISIS/Taliban have reared their ugly head
just North of the Ca. border.
"“The pioneer as a symbol is really the championing of the mysticism around Native American history and the myths that people believe that this land was uninhabited and uncivilized and those things we know aren’t true now,” Gilbert explained.

The University of Oregon released a long statement condemning the statue. In the statement, the university argued that the statue fails to convey more than a singular perspective on American history. Specifically, according to the statement, the statue ignores the plight of Native Americans who had their lands taken from them. "

Like I said not long ago. Our vary own "gold panning miner" will be the next one to be deemed "offensive" and "oppressive."
If not by the anti history crowd, by the ECO Fascists.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC proved his lemming roots by plagiarizing my statement. What a moron.


And this one,,, they fail to mention they were Democrats.
"A Confederate monument commemorating more than 500 Tennessee soldiers who fought during the Civil War was vandalized overnight Sunday with red paint spelling “They were racists” in large letters atop the soldiers' engraved names."

Bill Tozer

In the 13th annual global index for safest countries in the world (Peace index), the USA ranks 128, behind Honduras (123), Guatemala (114), El Salvador (113). So, why would they come here to flee violence, it’s safer in their home countries, ROFLMAO. They should go to the first safe country, which is not the USA. Sweet.


Bill Tozer

No wonder she was pushing for a raise. Darn, I found her rather aborable.

Civil War re-enactment cancelled, now back on. Guess they figured out their side one, but that don’t seem to make them happy.

“Kyle objected to the event not including the perspective of the victims of slavery. He called the Civil War the "most gruesome, pathetic, despicable war on American soil," and questioned why the reenactment is the largest event held in the forest preserves district.”


Bonus quote: “Carle said criticism of the reenactment comes from people who want to rewrite history, or who are bringing 21st century thinking to a 19th century event.”

Bill Tozer

Well, it all makes sense now. Educated in California. Now all he gets is 72 raisins.

“A strict Islamist who was educated in southern California, Morsy was voted into power in June 2012....”

And his final words were.....drumroll please......his final words were.....”He had been granted a request to make a statement before he fainted and passed away, state media said. The former president has been taken to an unnamed hospital.” Darn, I hate that when that happens.



Punch, I'm not in the polling business. These folks are:

"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 35% who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing and 42% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -7"


Funny thing about LIBS,, All they have is "I hate Trump".
Not one word on how they will keep the economy up and running once Trump is gone. They already promise massive taxation, (an economy killer all it's own) Reinstatement of all the regulations Trump has receded, (even more economy killing ideas)
Outlawing oil production, Yup that's going to bite everyone in the ass.
And promising plenty of free shit! From school, and housing for the poor!(yet not saying how that will be paid for.)

I'm sure the resident LIBS hiding under their collective rocks can
easily come up with answers. It should be simple. They are the ones voting LIB.

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