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17 June 2019


Bill Tozer

Dump the Sandbox for awhile. Try it. If a topic that appeals to me is not under the subjects for discussions, I can hold my fire and wait for it to come around. Patience is a virtue. I won’t die.
Dump the box. Do,it. It’s was rather surprisingly pleasant to have certain posters boycott this site until July. It was nice while it lasted, but I did not ever expect them to be as good as their word....not even for a millisecond. Dumping the box seems a good solution. With that said.....

@ 6:51 pm (last Sandbox)

Juxtapose your link with the National Impeach Trump rallies across the US last Saturday, which were a dud. Some places in major cities packed two whole street corners. Wow. And people are lining up in FL 40 hours in advance for a Trump rally. Me thinks the Dems have an enthusiasm gap. Gee, I wonder why.





I tried Doc.,,, Those cowardly LIBS don't want to discus,, just gutter snipe. Put them on the spot with the issue of the day, and it's a cricket fest. Paul's Dementia game has gotten real old.
Then the TROLL who changes his name with every post.
I guess I have to agree with Bill.
Take a break.

George Rebane

BillT 739pm - Yeah, I post a throbbing and highly relevant piece on broadband that is critical to Nevada County employment and growth, and no one steps forward to support pushing its access through our elected officials at county or city levels. What gives? Is talking past each other about ridiculous poll numbers and mud-slinging really that absorbing to this crowd?


But he's right
"Responding to host Tucker Carlson’s question about why he considers California a “Third World state,” Hanson pointed to “symptoms” we typically “associate with failed states” such as high taxes, poor schools, a super-rich class, and a significant percentage of its people below the poverty line.

“We have the most billionaires of any state in nation and then we have the largest underclass,” he said, blaming in part the overturning of the “very popular” Proposition 187, which would have denied non-emergency healthcare to illegal immigrants.

“That was unfortunately part of a perfect storm,” said Hanson, describing the millions of people who chose to move elsewhere over the next two decades."

Todd Juvinall

After being a novice to politics in 1977 I got involved trying to defeat Measures A and B in 1978 that would have limited permits to 100 a year. The campaigns made the liberals trying to shut down building into lunatics and nasty bastards. That was my first experience in their tactics and they have only grown worse. As you can see over time I decided to push back and not lay down and whimper to their attacks. They just don't like opposition. This "sandbox" is a place they come to toss their poop. I mention a transvestite will be reading to 3-8 years olds at the library and a lib-troll attacks me personally. That is to shut me up. Or any other person who dares to challenge their PC crap. So like Trump I double down and go after them. If the Blogmeister does not want a sandbox the world will still be here. But I think it is a place people can see the liberal and communist minds up close and personal. Oh, and even in this little burg, I and my kids and family were constantly denigrated by them and just because I was not supposed to win my election. Just like Trump.

Bill Tozer


I am trying to respond with casting no blame, since there is blood all over the place. Call it mutual combat. Blame iis unavoidable because there are some that stink up the place only to hunt someone down. It’s their mission. Fish (for awhile), Todd gets his steady stream, and Walt gets the ones that will do anything to prove they are more book learned and smarter than he. So, it doesn’t matter if there is no Sandbox, they will follow with their blue veiners raging wherever the target goes....thus dumping the box is not fail proof. The Matrix is not perfect. But, most of the blame lies squarely on those of us who actually respond, myself included.
When Ozzzie said we said nothing but “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi” for eight years, I sat back, smiled, and thought about Benghazi being on Sept 11, 2012....right before Obama’s re-election. 8 years? See, can’t resist the dig. Part of the problem. My hands are not clean.

2) The topics you introduce. It’s your blog, your labor of love, and sometimes the topics that gives you goose bumps I don’t say a beep. Like, I am going to talk about those mathematic equations and get excited.....and jump in without knowing what some of those symbols/lower cases letters in the equations even mean, lol. No, that’s for you and Russ and L and Gregory and The Fox as an example. A fool tells all he knows, a wise man knows all he tells. Besides, there are topics that have low interest to me and some I dare not thread (or tread lightly) because I know I cannot fake it until I make it.

3) it’s slow in the news and that’s always an opening for our lower selves. I am getting more bored with reading on-line the same old stuff. No longer need to post yet another absurdity from a screwball SJW...maybe just the fun ones..but less times a day. How many articles on the human invasion of illiterates and unskilled need to be daily posted? I am even skipping over and not posting 70% of Unhinged Media freakout stories now. How many polls this far out? (BYW, in June a year out had Dole looking good over Bill Clinton and Mondale was 49, up ten over Reagen’s 39.). Another dig..... Guess I am saying that everything that needed to be said or read has already been posted in the Sandbox.

Your Scattershots link to Denmark Healthcare is one I had just read and had pasted...but then the lightbulb came on and I thought, “Why waste this on the Sandbox?” So, I read and retained, promising myself to remember where I found that story for future reference when the topic comes up. Sure enough, you posted that Daily Signal link a few hours later. :). If Walt or someone wants to introduce a topic, they can always e-mail ya. The great links get wasted in the Sandbox if there is a discussion over is Nevada County Blue. Hmmmm. Which reminds me, I best get buzy making some new Stink Ass signs. It will be coming up.

Decisions, decisions.


A little something for us to ponder. Today, Trump has been referenced to as the second coming of Hitler and he and his supporters are labeled Nazi's by those who are promoting "democratic socialism" or some form of socialism. Yet, the official name of the Nazi Party was the "National Socialistic German Workers' Party." Hello, pot, meet kettle.

Jig Wiggly

I love the sandbox!

Go over the past 1,000 posts and at least 900 will be by the same six people saying the same six things. Makes you look like idiots arguing over what the news REALLY said and whose poll is the most polliest.

I can make a bot that will auto post what Walt and Todd are going to say. If they aren't saying it, I can make a post that will make them say it. Tools.

Tozer: just pick five of the most off-the-wall conservative news briefs and he'll cut and paste (what a life he lives!). Idaho Scott "I hate California and here's why."

That leaves Paul and a few assorted trolls to keep your pump primed. Yeah, the sandbox lives a meaningful and effervescent life. At least it make you feel like you're doing something useful when life has gotten rather boring and meaningless in your old age, George. Tell me if that isn't the truth.


The TROLL pipes up to say nothing of any importance.
So "bot THIS!"
No balls to take on any of my earlier questions? Yet grow a pair to show up and gutter snipe with another assumed fake ass name. Coward.

So gotta play games with bots? Sounds like a Dougy Keache Ridge rat.
Sure sucks to be you.
That's what TROLLS do who can't hold up their end of a debate.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 7:54 pm

Another good link. Its not easy watching the slow moving train wreck. Funny that VDH mentioned Road Warrior. I was thinking more along the lines of Escape from New York recently or Fort Bronx, two movies I have not seen in their entirely. And what our single party state party fails to gasp, it that the young people who are currently cheering Medicare for All and free college.....they are very ones who will be going to be stuck with the tab to pay for it all,while with paying for us as well. Call in generational theft.

Did like the term VDH used; “People drifting away.” Drifting away. Like the quiet slog in retreat. Disappearing into the mist. Our schools are in the bottom 10% in the nation and everybody is patting each other on the back. If the average paid employee in NY, SF, San Diego perhaps, and LA diligently saved 5% of their income every month for a down payment on a house, it will take 40 years. They will keep drifting away, leaving no trace.


Good evening Bill, The LIBS sure don't care to defend the actions of those they elected. The ones turning Ca. into a third world shithole. The more illegals the better. The more taxation the better. A third fuel tax to pay for roads.. The other two have been sucked dry for other pet projects.
Just wait another year or two, and diesel pickups around the 2001 vintage can't be registered. (one ton and above) No matter how good a shape they are in.
That's the ECO Commie Ca. for ya.
And this is what the LIBS want to do to the rest of the nation?

Oh... Yes.. The ammo laws just kicked in. Got your permit to buy?
One dollar per background check goes to the Vary pretty Gavin.
How will that be pissed away?
Will the state cops be hiding at the gun shops in Reno looking for Ca. plates? Bust them at the AG. station? Gotta make felons out of all the gun folk they can.


Not to worry Walt. We probably already have all the ammo needed to finish this bunch without any additional effort. (Just kidding!)

Bill Tozer

“ Idaho Scott "I hate California and here's why."

That’s the problem. It’s all black or white. No holding mixed or conflicting emotions. There are pieces that make up CA that I hate. It’s a trade off. Take a sheet of paper, write down the pros on one side and the cons on the other and sees how it adds up.

A fellow moved out of the area a few months ago. Had a nice but small cabin in the woods on a few acres for the past 25-30 years. He sold and moved far out Northern Nevada. He though he would not like it, but found out he does. It was all the little fees and taxes and gas....it was cumulative that drove him out. He was not eager to move, but could no longer live in CA. He doesn’t hate CA, but had enough. He can’t believe how low his taxes are and how how much he saved just on car registration.

And nobody is moving to Alabama. Ok, I know one local woman who moved to E. Tennessee, but only cause an aunt left her her home in the will. Haven’t seen her since. Most moves go to western states, duh. More for less. A few years ago (5-6), the call came in to Northern Cal (SF, Sac) for help on projects in Kansas and Utah...in the dead of winter for 2-3 months. Some guys took up the offer, all expenses paid. Anyway, a few guys from the Bay Area to Redding never came back. Like it in Utah, moved their family’s there, and living the Dream. Nobody moved to Kansas.

And some make it from Santa Cruz to Placerville, or from Redwood City to GV. Walt’s link said Jerry Brown moved to Grass Valley. It’s not all back and white. They ain’t making anymore land.

If I were to go back home, I would have to rent a motel room. All the family, all the old friends drifted away. Born and raised.....

Scott O

"Idaho Scott "I hate California and here's why."
Actually, I said just the opposite, but Mr 'Wiggles Up His Jig' is just another troll.
It is interesting to see how ignorant these lefties are and how fast they run when asked to provide any facts to back up the BS they post, but if it's tiresome, then try something new.

Scott O

Walt - yeah, it's going to be interesting to see just how many tons of ammo comes across the line for 'redistribution'.
They'll probably catch a few and throw the book at them to make an example for the rest to keep the proles in line.

Scott O

BT - you nailed it. It always boils to down to what is written on one side of the sheet of paper vs what is on the other.
Then you take a deep breath and make a decision.

Bill Tozer

It’s only fair: “If Democrats want to kill the Hyde amendment and stick pro-life taxpayers with the tab for the constitutionally protected abortions that the Left loves so much, then Republicans should enact Guns for All and force pro-gun-control taxpayers to underwrite the constitutionally protected firearms that the Right loves so much.” —Deroy Murdock, who in all seriousness concludes, “If you want an abortion or a gun, pay for it yourself.”

The Estonian Fox

I know why the 'Impeach Trump' rally was so sparsely attended - it was on a Saturday, when people do things on their own time. If it were on a weekday, there would have been many more attending, since they could have had the (capitalist) business owners PAY the attendees for their 'free' day off.

I wonder how many of the attendees were government workers on their own time? Where, oh where, is the FBI facial-recognition software when we need it to identify them?


Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 17 June 2019 at 09:23 PM

I can make a bot that will auto post what Walt and Todd are going to say.

"Make a Bot…"? Yeah....not holding my breath! Of course dugsKKKi it might be better to just shut up and stop diminishing Scottish intellectual tradition any further than you already have.

If you simply can't control yourself, perhaps it's off to the Del Oro for more piracy of childrens movies! Try it pants less this time….at least that way you can throw yourself on the mercy of the court.


Fallout Boy……swings and misses……!

Of the more than 20 Democrats running for president, Swalwell is polling at an average of 0.4%, according to RealClearPolitics.


Mike Mott

Personal and constructive criticism for George Rebane:

Few want to sit down and read what an asshole they are for being "a lib". Would you? You just sliced off 80% of potential readers here in California.

One might consider that Broadband and Bull Run are too serious and thoughtful matters for your current cadre of viewers. It's boring when you can wax endlessly about what poll is the most sexy and what physical abuse you would like performed on " lady pantsuit on fire." New viewers steer clear of these hate sites, Alex Jones' views have plummeted, why should Rebane's not follow suit?

The average consumer wouldn't want his name associated with skin head, goose steppers like Todd, Walt, Scott, and Don. Guilt by association. I can imagine a good number of people wouldn't want your URL buried in the cache of their browsing history for fear they might be associated with racist, homophobic, hate mongers who sling shit and poisoned arrows at well over half of your potential readers. Again: Few want to sit down and read what an asshole they are for being a lib. Would you?

It's just a thought. Surly one you will discard out of hand because it isn't possible to see this site through the eyes of conventional thinking Americans.

Scott O

"Few want to sit down and read what an asshole they are for being a lib. Would you?"
Uh - that's why I'm not a 'lib'.
And I'm wondering when I ever called Mike an asshole.
Actually - that's a 'lefty' not a 'lib'.
I consider myself to be a liberal. Not a libertine or a progressive or a left winger.
I'm a conservative liberal, but liberal in the classic sense.
If Mike wants to have an intelligent conversation about his views and can answer questions and explain his position with facts and reason, then there's no reason for name calling. Mike doesn't like being called an asshole, but quickly labels me with far worse appellations. He doesn't like my views, but he has no intelligent response other than calling me names.
What does Mike stand for? Throwing rocks as far as I can tell.
Stay tuned for more fun!


Posted by: Mike Mott | 18 June 2019 at 07:46 AM

Mike…..baby……slumming? Here?

Love your RN&R work!

Todd Juvinall

Mike Mott | 18 June 2019 at 07:46 AM

Gosse steppers? You are the perfect lemming of the left. You name call and claim no one comes here because of namecalling. You libs are the result of a mental disorder yet you deny it. The people you listed are all about freedom and individual rights. That is the opposite of you and your communist philosophy. So do your homework before you make an ass of yourself again. Oh, and liberals like you rarely come here as even FISH tweaks your sorry ass.

Todd Juvinall

And Mott, get registered to vote or stay quiet.

Todd Juvinall

FISH what is Mott's RNR work?

George Rebane

MikeM 746am - First, re "asshole", I think you have me confused with someone else. Then you confuse my consternation with the content of Sandbox with the level of my readership which is as high as ever. And re the 80%, I note that RR's overall content continues to attract liberals like you, and also other readers the identities of whom would really surprise you. But you are right, RR is a weblog of commentaries that reflect my experience and opinions, and those of commenters who care to contribute. It is not written to change the unchangeable, but to give the critically thinking reader another perspective beyond what CA's 80% are fed daily. You already know my take on the ad hominem exchanges. And thank you for your criticism.


Well uh,,"Mike",,, care to take a stab at backing up the greatness of your Proggysism? How trying to take down Trump by criminally fraudulent means was just fine? Or how your side is going to beat Trump in the election??
Spill it smart guy. Or is just asking those kind of questions SO insulting, you need a rent-a-buddy?(snowflake therapist)


WOW!! LIBS take changing parties to heart! It's worth killing over?
"Collins, elected as a Democrat in 2010, served one term in the state House. She changed parties and became a Republican in 2011 -- the year before the GOP won control of both chambers of the Legislature.

She was elected to the state Senate in 2014 and became known as one of the most conservative senators in the majority-GOP chamber."

Mike Mott

fish - Close but no blunt

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ 8:02 am has a good point, often missed. The word “liberal” or “lib” is differentiated from Lefty, or in my vernacular, Leftinistas. It has been a necessary evolution because there exits the likes of Alan Dershowitz, old student (hippy) student protestors, the Free Speech Advocates, Question Authority, defender of civil liberties, anti-war movements, former feminist leaders now banned from campuses, etc. The liberals today are what the is known as “old school”. You know , the ones that still believe in MLK’s dream, the Defenders of civil liberties, stick it to da man, equal opportunity, self empowerment, do your own thing, let it all hang out, chart your own course, Peace, make love not bombs, etc.

Not so with the Leftinistas. Not the liberal crowd in the classical definition. They are illiberal, or Democrat Party Socialists, if you prefer. Basically, a generational thing. The Lefties since before WW2 have been the most vocal advocates of World Communism, finding a home (and visible means of livelihood ) in academia and government. That is why one does not hear the term libhole too much anymore.

The Leftinistas are described in the platforms of the French Green Party, the International Communist Workers Party, the New Left, etc. They, too, have evolved from simple Class Warfare to today’s Social Justice. You know, the Leftinistas. The Lefties. Not the libs, albeit old habits are hard to break.

Scott O

Hate Cali?
Naw - just don't happen to like this sort of thing:
Money quote: "...because issues are too complex for the public to understand,” and “the citizens of this state will get in their way,” according to a source close to the agencies who asked to remain anonymous."
Attention all you leftys - be good little boys and girls and get out of the way of your govt!!!!
I don't 'hate' California, I just don't like having to pay money at gun point so they can urinate on my face.
But then - I guess I'm just not the 'average' thinking American.

Bill Tozer

Re: Black Hat Conference, the premier cyber security confab in the nation.

What better person to have as a keynote speaker than a former CIA undercover operative who was involved in the first generation of cyber security counter intelligence development? One of Congress’s most vocal advocates for bi-partisanship and votes with Dems or Republicans, depending on the issue too boot.

So, WTF does ones stance on abortion have to do with anything? Well, nothing....unless you are a Leftinista or SJW.

“Hurd, a former undercover CIA officer and an advocate of cybersecurity, was invited to speak at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas this August. When he was announced as one of the keynote slots, critics pounced on Hurd's pro-life record.”


Yep, that’s the difference between a lib and a Lefty in 2019.

Jig Wiggly

Todd 8:20
RNR is where people like you flip to the back page to find a pay to play phone number. And get hung up on when they hear I Love Lucy in the Background and detect waves of Aqua Velva emanating through your smellaphone.

BTW, what ever happened to your sand box? Couldn't keep up with the neighbor's cats?


Posted by: Mike Mott | 18 June 2019 at 09:05 AM

Pity! Thought we might have someone other than Michael or dug dug dug Keachie covertly posting from the left.

You should also note that the "Sandbox" is specifically where the "poo flinging" is supposed to occur. "Scattershots" or specific issue posts are much more restrained at our hosts request.


Posted by: Scott O | 18 June 2019 at 09:12 AM

I don't 'hate' California, I just don't like having to pay money at gun point so they can urinate on my face.

Yeah…..Jig Wiggily has a similar lament. You're talking taxes though, he's more concerned with personal "recreation".

Jig Wiggly

Jon Stewart is just another libtard and McConnell is a great bastion of the right. Right?

‘Basically we’re saying you love the 9/11 community when they serve your political purposes, but when they’re in urgent need, you slow walk, you dither, you use it as a political pawn to get other things you want,’ he said.

Stewart said that ‘we’ve spent a year compiling bipartisan co-sponsors and advocates for this bill, all in the hopes that when it finally gets to the great Mitch McConnell’s desk, you won’t jack us around like you’ve done in the past.

‘If you want to know why we’re bent out of shape, meet with them tomorrow, and don’t make them beg for it.

‘You could pass this thing tomorrow. If you’re busy I get it.’


Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 18 June 2019 at 09:58 AM

Welcome to the Governmental response to seemingly everything where there is an obligation to those who did something for the US…..in the past!

Glad to see the last administration made such stellar progress on VA issues!

Bill Tozer

Mott @ 7:46 am

I prefer ‘anal cavity’ to the more crass “asshole”. Butthole seems too adolescent, so anal cavity is a softer, more civil and less offensive term.
Jig Wiggly: Besides being the perfect walking talking argument for the need to eliminate the Sandbox with all your recent posts, the word Jig is offensive. Jig was once a commonly used racial slur against black folks, as in jigaboo, spear chucker, porch monkey, the N word, fyi. Perhaps you were unaware.

To this day, I pause when using the old phrase, “The jig is up”. Once you hear that word used in the way described above, it kinda changes thing. Jig is still used in “the ghetto”....albeit ‘ghetto’ is no longer PC cause it may be deemed hurtful, hateful, divisive, non-inclusive, and most importantly, make the hearer who grew up in the ghetto feel sad.
Unless your were referring to a jig saw.

Jig Wiggly

Hey Bill. I wouldn't be casting no aspersions at the color of one's name. I can never get Blackface out my mind when someone sez the word Bill. Pure sleaze ball racial appropriation.

Almost as bad how we all jink to queers and tranny when Todd's name is brought up. Funny how once a word sticks in your mind it can't be shook from the ear.



The gigue is not over.

McConnell is doing his job in the Senate... that Jiggy Wiggly can't get the taste out of his mouth is just a bonus.


And Jon Stewart is a master of the cheap shot based on an audience not knowing (meaning not wanting to know) the whole story.


Because sometimes being fake black just isn't enough……

"Race-faker Rachel Dolezal comes out as bisexual…..


Robert Cross

McConnell's job is to serve the American people not his personal ideology or political party (ie. the mega donors) and in serving the American people he is a total failure. Out of one side of his mouth he failed to do his duty when he refused to give hearings to Obama's Supreme court nominee because it was an election year.. yet out of the other side of his mouth he says he will give hearings to trump's nominee (if an opening occurs) in an election year. What about McC's wife using her cabinet position to steer tax dollars to her husband's state, which, of course, enhances his chances for re-election. Yep, he is really doing his job in the senate packing his wallet. Hypocrisy at its finest with no moral compass.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 18 June 2019 at 10:59 AM

Hypocrisy at its finest with no moral compass……

Indeed….with a qualifications like that it's a wonder that Team D didn't claim him as one of their own!?

Robert Cross

George -- when considering whether or not to abandon the sandbox, one must consider the cathartic value it provides in allowing posters to vent their anger about things they do not have the mental capacity to actually comprehend in a world of color in which they can only see in black and white..

fishy--perhaps a moral compass has something to do with why pubbers relish McC and Team D does not.


A perfect recounting of the immediate past by someone ignoring the rest of the story.
Thanks, Bobby.

It was always an issue of the Senate being controlled by a party opposing President Obama that brought up "the Biden Rule" and "the Schumer Rule" and now "the McConnell Rule".

Call it "the Accidency Rule" if you'd rather, after His Accidency, the former Whig John Tyler, pissed of the Whiggish Senate who closed down Senate action on his SCOTUS nominees for nearly two years until a new President was elected.

Had Hillary Clinton decided to say "My first act as President will be to renominate Merrick Garland for the Scalia seat" she probably would have won. Instead, she threatened to really nominate a Progressive, while Trump just issued a list and said I'd nominate one of these folk.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 18 June 2019 at 11:21 AM

Roberta, you are truly at your most entertaining when you do the pseudo-intellectual superiority bit. Almost as funny as Punch-E thanking everyone in advance!

George Rebane

Re post-9/11 health problems. Yes, the large cohort of first responders and workers clearing the wreckage were exposed to a lot of bad stuff. However, everyone who punched a time card at the debris pile and is now ailing need not have been afflicted by exposure to that bad stuff. Has anyone seen a study that determined the expected number of ailments and deaths such a demographic cohort would suffer over the same time interval without 9/11 exposure? Any marginal increase (exceeding statistical error of course) in those numbers could then reasonably be attributed to 9/11 work. This will not give us much information about who should/not get additional govt healthcare benefits, because there is no way to reliably determine the 'natural' vs 9/11 maladies. Politics dictates that all of the ailing who were there will be helped. But such an analysis (using CDC data) would let taxpayers know the magnitude of the excessive claims and their cost.

Robert Cross

In the "I really want to be king' category trumpy said this

"do you think the people would demand that I stay longer? KEEP AMERICA GREAT?" in reference to presidential term limits.

funny-- 3 million more voters demanded that he not even be president in the first place than wanted him in office.

Blll Tozer

Jig Wiggly@ 10:21 am

The duck walks into a tavern and tells the bartender to buy the house a round “and put it on my bill.” I see what you are saying. Some things stick.

If you desire to have a conversation about transsexuals (as opposed to dress up drag queens on Saturday night) , give it a go. Heck, I will dress up as Little Bo Peep or Mother Goose if required or asked to read to children. Now, if we are teaching kids as young as eight about anal sex as normal as the sun rising in the East in public school Sex Ed courses, then we have a difference of opinion. We all know the difference between dress up, Halloween, and life style. If a little boy goes in Momma’s closet, digs around, and walks around in her heels, does that mean the kid should be put on puberty blockers? Conversely, if a little girl puts on a Daniel Boone coonskin hat or pretend they are Peter Pan or play with Daddy’s tool belt...does that mean they are transsexuals? Does it have to be all or nothing? Whatever happened to “age appropriate”?

Curiosity and experimentation is normal...especially in college.

Would you let any child or pre-adolescent choose what they want to eat for dinner? They would pick ice cream every time..and skip the veggies. Oh, I believe in being supportive and listening, but who is the adult in the room? 90% of those who declare themselves living in the wrong body change their minds by the time they are 20. A little too late if they are now sterile because of hormone therapy. That’s getting close to child abuse.

Basically and in general terms, I see the Transgender forces trying to piggyback on the Women’s Movement. Or hijack it. Start and finance your own movement. Born Males with testicles demanding admittance in a woman’s emergency crisis rape shelter, whose clients are traumatized by the very sight of a male genitalia? Not a good idea. There is a world of difference between tolerance and embracing with wide open arms. I am tolerant, but won’t condone anything solely because I am told I have to. I mean Anything.

I also equate most trannies akin to those suffering from anorexia, albeit there are a lot more anorexics than transgenders in our country. Probably more priests or teachers. There are simply not enough real transgenders in the real world to worry about. For all the yelling and stomping of feet, if their biggest gains in society is reading books at libraries to kids, then it’s much ado about nothing...all in all. Oh yeah, the Pink Pussy Hats where dropped because the attire was not inclusive to women who do not have female genitalia. Count that as a milestone. Another notch in the belt.

Who was it that recently said that a drag queen has been doing the reading thing for years and nobody could tell? What a joke. We all knew, but did not say a word, speaking for moi. I sure as heck could tell, but no biggie. Only the reader thought they were undetected, roflmao. Heck, I used to take the girls to a bookstore on Saturdays for the reading hour and he would be reading stories in great costumes....just I nor anyone else said anything. Books are for imagination and who dressing up is fun. Yep, no one had a clue...thinketh the 5 o’clock shadow woman. :)


All in all, most of us conservatives and libertarians have considered the Transgender fuss rather silly and have moved on. Boring. But, the Leftinistas are pushing the cause forward and take it quite seriously under the scared banner of inclusivity. Thus, let the women fight it out. The Born Females can handle it just time. A point of non intersectionality.

Scott O

Crossy - "McConnell's job is to serve the American people not his personal ideology or political party (ie. the mega donors) and in serving the American people he is a total failure."
He was democratically elected Bobby, by folks who like his personal ideology. BTW - the Koch bros are backing the left these days. But of course if the mega donor wants to give your side money, then it's peachy keen.
Please spare us the lefty BS about big money in politics. You leftys lap it up just like the rest of the pigs.
Total failure?
That's your opinion. The Senate doesn't have to confirm or even consider to confirm any judge at all. Not putting in another 'creative' SCOTUS judge was fine with me as it was with millions of Americans. Obama himself said that elections have consequences.

Paul Emery

For your readout pleasure:

Trump falls top - 8 in Rasmussen's strongly approve-disapprove poll. Rasmussen is RR's and particularly Todd and Gregory's only poll that they considered relevant.


Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC and jiggly/Glenn, If you remove the dem votes from California Trump won the popular vote by 1.5 million in the other 49. You people that have no clue about the Constitution need to return to the eighth grade.

Jiggly failed his tests and is now in quarantine with an infectious disease it got from an illegal.

Todd Juvinall

Trump as king would be a stretch. I recall Obama trying that and he decided Hillary was a good "carry-on" for him. You libs are so paranoid it is laughable. And you never get his humor either.

Scott O

Bobby shouldn't have skipped civics class: "funny-- 3 million more voters demanded that he not even be president in the first place than wanted him in office."
There's this institution called the 'electoral college' Bobby. And that's what counts. Nothing odd about it - happens every 4 years. Do try to pay attention.


Thanks, Paul. Yes, Trump's "approval index" has fallen... to the point where it was in late May.

Unless he's found in flagrante delicto with a dead girl or a live boy (traditional reckonings), he'll probably keep in the same range until next Summer.

Scott O

Paul at 11:34 - Thanks for the non-news, Paul.
Pssst... he's still POTUS.
You'll have to wait for several more months until you can pull the lever for Uncle Joe.

Don Bessee

Team 0 is stocked with traitors -

The latest talking point from Democrats is that President Donald Trump is maneuvering the United States into a war with Iran — but ironically, it may be Democrats themselves who are making war more likely by defending the Iranian regime and encouraging it to stand firm against the president.

Last week, former Obama national security aide Ben Rhodes, an architect of the Iran nuclear deal, publicly doubted reports that Iran was sabotaging tankers in the Persian Gulf. (More evidence has since emerged.)

Last month, the Daily Beast reported that several Obama administration alumni were continuing to speak to, and advise, Iranian officials: “As the Trump administration sent warplanes and an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, a small group of former Obama administration officials reached out to their contacts in the Iranian government, including Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Their message to Iran: Don’t take Trump’s bait. Stay calm.”

And last year, former Secretary of State John Kerry was reported to have told Iranian officials to “wait out” President Trump — not to comply with American pressure to stop funding terror, stop developing ballistic missiles, and return to talks to create a better agreement that stops Iran from getting the bomb.



Bill Tozer

Jon Steward, short version. Despite the fact that so many writers on the Right agreed with Jon and praised him, the whole 9/11 victim funding is a big ole Strawman. Yes, the subcommittee hearings are sparsely attended, per usual. The fund gets funded, refunded, and will be funded again and again for decades to come. No Washington politician would ever vote against the victims, despite how the Appropriation bills get temporary get stuck on other non-related issues. With or without Steward, the show goes on unimpeded.
Now, for the most absurd Lefty story of the day!!

Conservative Review's Daniel Horowitz reported that Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels "confirmed to me the local media reports that four Sinaloa members requested asylum at the Douglas port of entry following the gun battle. While the status of those people is still unclear, just the fact that cartel members have the confidence that they have a shot at asylum is very disturbing."

"I just sit back and shake my head every day. It’s almost as if the politicians are desensitized to the border situation. They don’t realize that these cartels are bad, bad people and employ the same violence that the terrorists do," Dannels told Horowitz. "They just sit back and think all is well at our border. Where is the federal government in all of this? Sheriffs at the border have been a champion of this cause and the line [border] agents get it. But where’s the leadership from D.C.?"


Nothing to see here. They are just poor hard working folks trying to provide a better life for their families. Just a fake crisis created by Trump as an excuse so he can be declared Emperor For Life. He is the biggest existential threat to our democracy, don’t you know?

Paul Emery


The poll shows that Trumps core following hasn't changed much but is pretty low. The election will be decided by those who didn't vote in the lasting thinking Hillary was a shoe in and those who cannot stomach Trump because of his character. Remember when the Repubs made such a big deal out of Bubba's character in '92? Boy they sure have changed their standards.

Todd Juvinall

You truly are unhinged Paul Emery.

Scott O

Bill at 12:04 - Hard to tell which situation is more insane - the border mess or the 'take Trump down any ol way we think we can' saga.
Schiff has claimed for months he has the goods on Trump, but just can't seem to put his facts on the table. Now he wants to drag Mueller in to testify under oath!
Hey Shiff - yeah you, stupid. Do you really think that's a wise decision? How will that help your big, big uncovering of Trump not helping you find out the whole Russian collusion deal was a fabricated set up by the Dems?
Pretty sure both problems get a lot worse before they get better - assuming either situation does get better at all.

Scott O

from Paul - "Boy they sure have changed their standards."
Nope - not at all. Rs still don't like rapists.
Dems do until the rapist loses his or her usefulness for the party.


Punchy 1209pm

Trump's low on the Strongly Approve side was 23 on 3 Aug 17. It's been a slow climb ever since.

He's above Obama at this time of his first term on the total numbers, 48% vs 45%.

That the folks you hang with really hate Trump doesn't mean much... you'll get representation from California's electors in much the same way the sun will rise in the East.. but in five years, with a solar minimum rolling our way and California's spending in an open loop rise... maybe not so much. 2026... Gavin Newsom will have a time of it trying to fight off challengers.

Todd Juvinall

Good turnout in the Basin. Union is live on FB.


so 1221pm

Remember the look on Bubba Bill's face when he was glancing at Juanita and Kathleen, also in the audience, at the 2nd Presidential "debate" in '16?

Yes, Bill, you looked as old as they did.

"But, but,... Stormy Daniels!"
I rest my case. I don't see Michael Avenatti on the list of Democratic debate hopefulls. What a shame.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 18 June 2019 at 11:31 AM

…and yet he remains president Roberta

Todd Juvinall

150,000 waiting for the President. Biden drew 75.

Stormie looked good at her presser accusing Avenatti of stealing her money. Maybe Paul Emery can revive his campaign?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 18 June 2019 at 12:09 PM

Remember when the Repubs made such a big deal out of Bubba's character in '92? Boy they sure have changed their standards.

How bout that shit Punch……you told the republicans that Clintons' morality (heh) was none of their business…….looks like they were paying attention! Poor Punchy…..still looking for that politician father figure to teach him ethics.

Go ahead…..say "Bonking"….you know you want to!


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 18 June 2019 at 01:10 PM

Maybe Paul Emery can revive his campaign?

Nahh….no time!

Remember a ways back…..Punchy was terrified that the Earth was spinning off its axis because the Republicans were through in California. He was going on ….something, something about balance……like when all the towels wind up on one side of the washing machine during the spin cycle!

Pretty sure he's working to correct that!


"So I keep asking myself, why do I host these sandboxes of scurrilous shit-flinging."

…..it's the only way they're ever going to learn!

You get nothing out of the deal except knowing that providing this forum is the "lords work"!

Don Bessee

I am sure their parents are just so proud -




Real short memory Emery,, It's Trump's character and personality that GOT him elected. Not a pussy politicization who is full of promises that never delivers.
Trump is doing close to everything he said he would do, within his powers. And then some.

You should really watch the news. You should see the racism from your Proggy friends. Good ol' Dems being good ol' DEMS.
Telling a man of color to go back to Kenya? Unless you believe it's just fine since the Blake guy works for FOX.


Here ya' go Emery (and you other LIBS)

Just add it to your antisemitism. (right Dougy?)

Paul Emery


I've been leaving it up to Todd to turn around the Republican Party in California. He's a true believer. Kinda tough for him since Nevada County was solid blue for Clinton and Denny last election. Perhaps he should start here. Who knows.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 18 June 2019 at 02:38 PM

……and yet Todd isn't the one claiming the repukes need fixing. As usual, always expecting someone else to make you "comfortable"…... eh troubadour?

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is always full of advice for others and never follows his own. What is that syndrome called? Anyway go give your pal Avenatti a call Paul and see if you can help revive his candidacy. I recall you were getting a thrill up your leg for him. So please for once follow through.

Regarding California. I did my part back in the 90's and came to realize the people of my party in charge at the state level were not that bright. I watched as they screwed things up and then saw millions leave for other states opening th spigot for the illegals and liberals. Oh well. I am urging Trump to hold a rally or two here and give the left something to talk about.

Don Bessee

The mutha mullahs chose poorly again and again -

Iran published a report on Sunday showing the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contracted by 4.9 percent over the fiscal year ending March 21.

The announcement revealed Iran’s economy contracted much more sharply than anticipated after President Donald Trump reimposed U.S. sanctions.

Voice of America News noted on Tuesday that the World Bank estimated 1.9 percent GDP contraction for Iran in 2018, a steep fall after 3.8 percent growth the previous year. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expected 3.9 percent contraction for 2018, but even that dire estimate proved a full percentage point shy of the figures released by the Statistical Center of Iran.
Both the World Bank and IMF predicted Iran’s recession would grow much worse this year, projecting contractions of 4.5 percent and 6 percent respectively.

Rosenberg noted that Iran’s ruling elite has little interest in opening their economy or culture to the outside world, which was one of the major stated objectives of the Obama administration’s nuclear deal.

Wary of political liberalization, the mullahs and their subservient secular government resisted opening and diversifying their economy. Instead, they spent their Obama billions on military adventures and terrorism. The Iranian economy was therefore woefully unprepared for the double blow of Trump restoring sanctions and world oil prices crashing. If the Iranians had done what they told the Obama administration they would do, they would have been less vulnerable to the Trump administration’s punitive measures.



Scott O

Learn something new everyday -
"Proposed tariffs on $300 billion in Chinese goods would include printed materials, which would especially affect Bibles and children’s books predominantly produced in China because of the unique paper, printing technology and skills needed, company and trade group officials testified during the second day of a seven-day hearing on the proposed duties Tuesday."
The US is incapable of printing Bibles and childrens' books??!!
Sounds like a load of industry clap-trap.
Decades ago I and many others printed perfectly legible English by the 800 lb roll several times daily. Cut to page size and nicely stacked as well. Add a collator and a binder and we could have printed anything you would have wanted. That operation is still going strong right now in hundreds of places across the country. The only 'special' paper we needed to import was for title documents. Some outfit in France that also made the paper for different currencies around the world. We were able to source that paper eventually in the US as well.
The Chinese started this trade war - I'm glad Trump is willing to do something about it. The Chinese will play rope-a-dope and do everything they can to get their buddy Uncle Joe elected.


Once AGAIN the judge shows to be soft on crime.
Time for a recall.

I'm sure our resident LIBS are more than happy with lowlifes getting a pass. It's their constituency.


After a two year witch hunt with fake charges and manufactured "evidence"(pee pee papers) will the LIBs hold their own accountable?

No way in hell. But the drumbeat will continue for the impeachment of Trump... And just on what charges?? I'm sure a LIB here with a set can name one,,with supporting proof. (naaaaa... all the ones here have been castrated)

Jig Wiggly

Todd 3:07
"I am urging Trump to hold a rally or two here"

You do that Todd. Have him bring baby Jesus and maybe a dinosaur too while you're at it.


Bill Tozer

@3:38 pm

“But the drumbeat will continue for the impeachment of Trump... And just on what charges??”

Ooh, ooh, Call on me. I know, I know the answer. It’s for telling his administration not to cooperate with Congress! Holy Moly! Trump declared Executive Privilege. The sky is falling, it’s the end to our democracy. Has nothin’ to do with Russians or the Mueller Report. This is bigger!! Contempt of a most Contemptible Congress, civil.

What do I win? If you think you have seen a President invoke Executive Privilege now, just wait til Barr or Congress starts issuing subpoenas and requests for files from Obama, roflmao. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Bill Tozer

So that is what launched him off on Mitch. This and that Kavanaugh hearing thing. Too much for the po soul to bear, boycott or no boycott.


Paul Emery

Walt-Trump said he was going to fix healthcare Walt? What's his plan. Also has the Wall been built yet and did Mexico pay for it...promises, promises. How about infrastructure and their being a balanced budget in two years...promises promises...

Scott O

BT at 3:50 - Don't you understand? The fact that Mueller couldn't find any evidence of Trump colluding with Putin so he could steal the election was because Trump obstructed the investigation! The fact that Mueller can't find the goods IS the proof that Trump impeded the investigation. When Uncle Joe gets in charge, he'll find all the dirt we need on Trump, you jus wait and see!
Biden will personally find the hidden bunker 'neath the White House with all the NAZI stuff that we just know is there! Afterwards, Uncle Joe will cure cancer and then whip up a great Thanksgiving meal for the entire country.
It'll be great.


Your just going to have to wait for the announcement Emery.
Gotta wait like all the rest. No doubt it will be better than what your boy "O" shit on us with. Yup,, that "O"care just about crippled the economy. Then he gave a pass on it to all his donors.
Forget that Emery? All those business cutting hours to screw over employees,, the 30 hour week was the new norm,,, Yup that shitcare was SO great. You never seem to have minded your boy "O"'s lies.
Remember? you voted for him. Yup once was enough.


Bill and Scott.. But Pencil neck Schiff has proof!! But the somebitch just won't fork it over!

So bring on the impeachment! (good luck with that)

I see I still scare the LIBS to no end. Must be the new avatar.


Come out and play Proggys!!! Your Presidential wannabe sure "swallowed" at the NRA.

Yaaa,,, being anti gun has always worked out for LIBS.
Is that why he's polling 0%?


Just to grind salt into that open wound,,,
See the crowd in Orlando? Packed stadium.

Grease up the backside. Your going to need it. May I suggest
Dr. D.J. Turump's butthurt cream? It will sooth what's coming.
New and improved for this election season.

Don Bessee

The po' ol' fakenewsman has company in being ignored, the whole fakenews industry can not match fox -




I saw that Don, and was ready to force feed that to the dude with hair extensions for a ponytail.. But there is only so much the old buzzard can take. The undertaker is already working overtime.

Paul Emery

Walt, Todd

How about Trumps promise on building the Wall and having the Mexicans pay for it. Has that happened yet Walt. And of course a balanced budget, a major promise he made as well as an infrastructure bill. Where is it?

Don Bessee

What a maroon @535!

This should cause the po' ol' fakenewsman to quake in his birkenstocks!





Wall is going up Buzzard of Broad St.. Your fake, LIB news won't tell you that.
Sorry, your repeated dementia question has been answered.
Ask your Sister Nancy.. Queen of the DEMNed.
You DO know she's in charge of that,,, right? She's pissed Trump won't allow raising the debt ceiling. Did you know that too?
Of course you didn't.(not that you even give a damn.)


One more thing old dude.. The President doesn't write Bills.
Nice try. Smoke dope during civics?


Trump just launched his re-election campaign.
LIBs said he was going to bow out of a second term. He could not take the heat of the investigations.
Tough times Proggys,,, tough times......


Walt 556pm

Paul swore up and down to me in December '16 that Trump would refuse to take the oath of orifice, letting Pence step up and become Prez. Trump didn't want to be president. Nosirree, bob.

Paul will say anything.

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