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14 June 2019


Don Bessee

Oh my, a non-socialist heath care improvement whoda thunk -



Don Bessee

The hammer is coming down in conjunction with the mexico accord!

He’ll be a border czar, he’ll be very much involved with the border, he’ll be reporting directly to me, he’ll be probably be working out of the White House but probably spending a lot of time at the border,” Trump said. “He’s a good man. Done a good job.”

Homan served as the acting director of ICE in the Trump administration in 2017 before he joined Fox News Channel as a contributor in August 2018.

Trump noted that he was bringing in other “tough” people to handle immigration, such as Mark Morgan to lead ICE and Ken Cuccinelli at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.



Don Bessee

And so the asymmetric attacks continue to roll -

berg) -- A group of hackers that shut down a Saudi Arabian oil and natural gas facility in 2017 is now targeting electric utilities, according to the cybersecurity company Dragos Inc.

The group, Xenotime, has been probing utilities in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific regions since late 2018, Hanover, Maryland-based Dragos said in a blog post Friday. They’ve focused mostly on electronic control systems that manage the operations at industrial sites, Dragos said.

U.S. officials have long warned grids are acutely vulnerable to cyber attacks. Disrupting a region’s electrical infrastructure could cause widespread chaos, triggering blackouts and crippling financial markets, transportation systems and more.



Bill Tozer

This may not fit under VDH’s piece or “Who Deserves to go to Harvard” but it is the most inspiring 3 minute video I have seen on Western Civilization and why so many are deeply distraught over the movement to erase it from the face of our modern culture.

Douglas Murray is the brilliant author of The Strange Death of Europe. Everything he writes is worth reading and everything he has to say is worth hearing. Someone put his thoughts together in this most elegant video. Highly recommended for a Sunday morning.


George Rebane

BillT 935am - That link takes you to a Noam Chomsky interview Mr Tozer. Correction please.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 10:45 am

Worked fine just now. Maybe the last person linked to Norm off the link. A great mystery. Ok, I will hit it from another angle. Your wish is my commando. 2 min, 49 sec.



Bill Tozer

Good Doc

Mystery solved. I had autoplay on, which means Norm was up next.

George Rebane

BillT - Thx Mr Tozer, very enjoyable.

George Rebane

We note the absolute silence from the proponents of nationalized healthcare. They've known for years that what they are proposing is unsustainable and that the EU countries are all looking for a way out before their programs break the bank and/or start street riots for providing inadequate 'free' healthcare. To them, this has made no nevermind.

Bill Tozer

Re: ProtoSocialists on Parade and Denmark healthcare, education, taxes.

It is getting more apparent that Bernie’s main mission right now is to teach America that socialism is a good thing. It’s splendid idea. Socialism is good.He is out there full time softening up any opposition to the idea among his biggest base, i e, dumb kids who got dumber at our liberal colleges. He is not talking about Russia or Cuba mind you, he is talking Nordic-like socialism. Good socialism as opposed to bad socialism.

From a Dane


George Rebane

Thank you Mr Tozer for that excellent dissertation on Denmark.

Bill Tozer

Long read....scenes would have loved it.

The Empty Radicalism of the Climate Apocalypse

“And yet, as my imagined narrative of a climate change presidency illustrates, what is striking about the Green New Deal and similar proposals coming from climate hawks and left-leaning environmentalists is not their radicalism but their modesty.”.....

“If one believed that the climate crisis was already under way and that the world had only a decade or so not only to stop the growth of emissions but to slash them deeply, an emergency mobilization to rapidly cut carbon dioxide emissions would seemingly be the only sane response. But the apocalyptic rhetoric, endless demands for binding global temperature targets, and radical-sounding condemnations of neoliberalism, consumption, and corporations only conceal how feeble the environmental climate agenda actually is. The vagueness and modesty of the Green New Deal is not proof that progressives and environmentalists are closet socialists. It is, rather, evidence that most climate advocates, though no doubt alarmed, don’t actually see climate change as the immediate and existential threat they suggest it is.”


Bill Tozer

Proto-Socialists on Parade

Like the AP—Warren, Sanders, and the Post focus on state funding, which declined after the Great Recession. However, they fail to mention that federal funding rose by more than state funding declined. Looking at the big picture, data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that inflation-adjusted government spending per college student has risen by nearly three times over the past century and is currently greater than it has ever been:

“Perhaps most importantly, even among graduates of 4-year colleges, many are not learning practical skills that increase their productivity, which is the main driver of living standards. In 2014, Professor Richard Arum of New York University and Assistant Professor Josipa Roksa of the University of Virginia published a study using the Collegiate Learning Assessment to measure the “critical thinking, complex reasoning, and writing skills” of 1,666 full-time students who entered 4-year colleges in the fall of 2005 and graduated in the spring of 2009. The authors found that if the test “were rescaled to a one-hundred-point scale, approximately one-third of students would not improve more than one point over four years of college.”

Whatever the ultimate causes may be, the facts are clear that students, parents, and taxpayers have paid increasingly more for higher education, with dubious results. Yet, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and various media outlets are misleading the public about these issues while calling for taxpayers to provide even more money.


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