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24 June 2019


Bill Tozer

(25jun19 update] The lamestream outlets are exorcising President Trump for....for....for..

“It is utterly bizarre to hear people who believe Trump is unfit to lead seem disappointed that he isn't taking us to war.”
“Hugh Hewitt called it the “big blink,” inviting Liz Cheney—who is very much her father’s daughter on foreign policy—on his show to warn, “Weakness is provocative.” Hewitt compared it to Barack Obama’s failure to enforce his “red line” in Syria. “Much worse” argued Kori Schake in The Atlantic. Other reporting focused on a “total breakdown in process.”

“It was not a picture perfect approach to national security, to be sure. But it did sharply illustrate the Beltway’s strange priorities. When Trump twice bombed Syria, few of those who fret about his erosion of constitutional norms or authoritarian tendencies protested his failure to seek congressional authorization as required by the Constitution. There was a much larger process-related panic when Trump said late last year he wanted to bring American troops home from Syria.

“A Republican-controlled Senate passed a non-binding resolution rebuking Trump for contemplating the end to a war Congress never authorized. Similarly, war with Iran is Congress’ call under the Constitution, not Trump’s. Still, with the single (but significant) exception of Yemen, Trump has faced more pushback when he has tried to keep his more antiwar campaign promises than when he has escalated the bombing and droning already going on, mostly without congressional authorization, all over the world.”

Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

Is team lefty trying to talk us into a recession? -

May’s unemployment rate stayed at 3.6%, a 49-year low. The GDP’s 2.9% growth in 2018 was its best annual performance since the Great Recession; and Q1 GDP growth was 3.1%. Major stock indexes are near all-time highs. Inflation is low.

Bankrate’s survey found that 88% of “experts” say the economy is “good,” and 11% say it’s “excellent.

Nevertheless, McBride highlights the risk of “talking ourselves into a recession.”
“Consumers that feel the economy is weak, they’re going to be more hesitant to spend and that can be a headwind to the economy,” he said. “Business owners that see the economy as weak – they’re not going to hire people, they’re not going to make capital investments and all of that could add up to a collective headwind to economic growth that’s enough to stall out the expansion.”

Political views and household income brackets are also impacting Americans views of the economy. More than three-quarters of Republicans rate the economy as “excellent,” but only 49% of Democrats share that rosy view.



George Rebane

DonB 108pm - "Despite the fact that many Americans (39%) say that the economy is “not so good,” only 35% of average consumers actually have the minimum 3-5 months of emergency savings that many experts advocate for as a safety net." These are kind of pilgrims the Democratic Party depends on to get/stay in office and continue buying their votes. The spending game is now getting to the 'intense' level while all liberals decry tax cuts and not enough govt revenues, while none see it as a spending problem that continues to grow.


The Atlantic article mentioned in today's update is here:

It isn't a study BY The Atlantic. The study was BY

George Rebane

Gregory 330pm - Corrected, thanks Gregory.

Bill Tozer

Re: 27jun19 update] Photo journalism at its worst

I expected massive fallout from the photo, but it never materialized like I thought. Could it be that the photo runs counter to the media narrative it’s just a fake crisis? They are hundreds of bodies recovered from desert each year.


Being Progressive mean never having to say, “We were wrong”.

Bill Tozer

Re: Photo journalism at its worse.

“But wait, it gets worse: CNN taints our movie memories through an ad campaign that features several of its opinion anchors reenacting movie moments: Don Lemon swaggering like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever (why not Robin Williams in The Birdcage?), Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer prancing on a toy keyboard like Hanks and Robert Loggia in Big (although the stunt-double, trick-editing mostly recalls Cocoon). Anderson Cooper imitates The Blues Brothers (rather than All the President’s Men — an ego-check, I guess) and least offensive of all, John Berman posing as Everyman in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. These spots, produced by Stun, the Los Angeles entertainment marketing agency and content studio, reveal that CNN-bots consider themselves to be iconic. (Remember the period when CNN anchors made cameo appearances as if to certify Hollywood’s commercial narratives? That’s when the corruption began.)

“It’s blatantly a DNC strategy: fool people into thinking you’re big-hearted, open-minded, inclusive, and fun. CNN’s The Movies is not designed to celebrate films that established the art form with moral power — Intolerance to Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia to Nashville — but to win ratings through quasi-populism. Instead, the movies are used for distraction. It’s another way of constructing an ideological bubble. This doc series’ real point reiterates CNN’s political objective: to control the way people think and dictate their taste.”

Bill Tozer




Here you go LIBS,,, This is YOUR Joe Biden.🤦‍♂️
"Biden: Russia Election Interference Wouldn’t Have Happened ‘on My Watch and Barack’s Watch’"

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