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12 June 2019


Scott O

And don't forget that history has shown that as taxes are raised in this country, our deficit grows even more.
Warren's idea of a wealth tax is the most deadly.
Only for the rich. Right. So was income tax.
How long did that last?
We can't even pay our current bills and California wants to give free health care to illegals. Folks in Mexico City will probably sue because they have to go to California to get it. Not fair! We wants our rights!
I'll bet the homeless problem and California's carbon footprint problem will be solved by adding several million more folks from south of the border.
Fun times!

Don Bessee

Here is the wanna be soaker in chief fumbling and stumbling again and again -

Joe Biden defended his use of the phrase “Make America America Again” Tuesday after disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti suggested that the vice president ripped off his slogan.

“You know, there were two, a number of famous people who uh, there was a guy, named Langston Hughes, a poet who said, ‘Let America be America again,'” Biden said at the beginning of his remarks in Mount Pleasant, Iowa on Tuesday.

Biden carefully looked at his notecards as he read off the information just hours after he was accused of plagiarizing the slogan.

Biden also cited “a guy who was a foreign policy writer” who also said, “Let America be America again,” but he did not specify the name of the source.

Citing President Donald Trump’s slogan of Making America Great Again, Biden continued.
“I’d settle for just let America be America again, you know what I mean? I mean this guy, he just doesn’t quite get it,” he said, referring to Trump.

Avenatti called out Biden on Twitter, reacting sarcastically after he heard that Biden was using the dream slogan he had prepared for his potential presidential run.
“I wish I would have thought of this,” Avenatti wrote on Twitter in response. “Oh Wait.”



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