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26 June 2019


Don Bessee

It will be a clown car crash of an epic scale -



Wayne Hullett

The Dumocrats, if successful, will soon believe very strongly in walls when they see the corporations and productive members of society whom they need to rob to pay for their socialist utopia leaving the country (and taking their wealth and wealth-producing skills with them) for less rapacious climes.

Anyone have any thoughts of better places to go if the socialists take over?

Don Bessee

Virtue signaling by the socialist dems ain't going to cut it anymore -

But for Democrats, it’s an excuse for cheap moralism.

Beto O’Rourke tweeted that he holds Trump “responsible for these deaths,” while The New York Times ran a front-page story all but making the same point.

What Beto didn’t tweet, what the Times didn’t print, what, in fact, no Democrat says is: What, exactly, should the government do about this?

The answer they appear to suggest is that our borders should be completely open. Yet few of them have the courage to say so — because they know most voters in this country disagree.
Oh, they’ll talk about “comprehensive immigration reform” and “amnesty for Dreamers,” but that has nothing to do with the tens of thousands arriving every day from Central America.

In short, there are no restrictions that are reasonable to the Democratic presidential front-runners. And to whether the US can absorb millions of mostly economic migrants into our economy and welfare systems, the objections are waved away.

But don’t bet on the Democratic candidates soberly discussing these issues. Grandstanding and drawing false parallels are much easier than dealing with the world as it really is.



Don Bessee

I saw this elsewhere and thought I would share the giggle -

Why doesn't Trump wear glasses? He's got 20/20.


George Rebane

Wayne 508pm - California (who else?) is already contemplating legislation to impose an exit tax on your estate when you attempt to leave the state. There is no depth of depravity that a collectivist will plumb in order to forcefully impose his horrendous ideology on others. And the ones who continue to vote them into power are unbelievably stupid (contrasted with 'ignorant') for not accepting any information that would change their behavior. Those are the ones from whom our Founders attempted to save the republic ("if you can keep it." Ben Franklin). We are not keeping it.

Scott O

George - "California (who else?) is already contemplating legislation to impose an exit tax on your estate when you attempt to leave the state."
So - they're going to start inspecting every vehicle, aircraft and vessel leaving the state? How much gold can you back pack over the line?
What about electronic transfers?
The price of gold should certainly do well.
They tried to tax the state retirees that left the state until a judge pointed out that was taxation without representation.
Fun times.
And they'll swear up and down that California's economy is swell.

Don Bessee

The socialist clown car is drawing an elite viewer profile -



Don Bessee

That's going to leave a mark -

A poll of more than 1,000 Americans conducted by McLaughlin & Associates found that 55 percent of likely general election voters oppose the use of taxpayer funding of abortion. Voters are very concerned about the issue with more than 40 percent saying they "strongly oppose" the practice—only 38 percent of those polled said they supported it either "somewhat" or "strongly." A substantial number of Democrats continue to oppose the practice, despite the fact that the party added taxpayer funding to its platform in 2016. The poll found that 35 percent of Democrats and nearly 60 percent of self-identified independents said they do not approve of taxpayer-funded abortions.

The issue has taken center stage in the Democrat primary fight after frontrunner Joe Biden reversed his four-decade support of the Hyde Amendment, which barred federal dollars from being used to pay for abortion, after repeated criticism from his 2020 rivals. Biden's about-face on the Hyde Amendment could cost him among voters in the general election. Only 37 percent said the decision would make them more likely to support a Biden candidacy compared with 50 percent who said it would dissuade them from pulling the lever for the former vice president.



Don Bessee

Hey who was talking about her here?



Bill Tozer

Don @ 8:11 pm

That be my other My Gal. Full disclosure: I only watched bits and piece of the Show & Tell last night. When aTulsi said she was raised in a conservative family, I knew right there that millions of viewers on the Left could relate. No wonder her Google searches spiked. The normal Democrats are yearning, nay craving, for someone who is semi-sane. She still is an Major in the Reserves. Anyway, I like her as a person. She’s her Daddy’s little girl and always will be so. :).
Back on topic:

Best line last night was from that vomit stain, the mayor of NYC. To paraphrase.....

‘There is plenty of money out there, it’s just in the wrong hands’. Well, he hit the socialist Leftinista nail on the head. When he said that, I immediately thought that is exactly how a burglar or stick up man thinks, lol. That money is in the wrong hands!

Larry Elder tweeted, “”What about my gambling debt forgiveness?” Sweet. This is too much fun.

Todd Juvinall

Thankfully I missed the clown show as I had a nice date with a nice gal. Got home and saw some clips and it truly was a joke. These Democrats are a disgrace.

George Rebane

ToddJ 1034am - Unfortunately half the country doesn't think so.

Bill Tozer

Todd, you did not miss anything. They just took turns reading out of the Communist Manifesto or the French Green Party Platform....except Tulsi and Ryan from Ohio. Ryan of Ohio sounded like Michael Moore warning the elitists they we out of touch. That went over like a fat in church. Ryan was forced to sit on his own pew. :)
It was a race be the first one crowned King of the Free Stuff Mountain. 70% tax rates got a big cheer. Not about making illegal legal, just decriminalize it!

Guns bad!! Booker stepped into the Frisco poop without even realizing it. He said that seven people were shot in gun violence last week in his neighborhood. He should hear it. Hmmm, NJ has the max strict gun laws on the books. You can go to prison just for driving through the state with a gun in the car. And you know that Booker lives in a nice neighborhood in Jersey, being a Senator and former mayor of Newark and has some mula. So, in a state with all the gun bans you can imagine and seven people shot in his nice neighborhood just last week, what does that tell ya? It tells me gun laws don’t work. Just makes matters worse!

Guess you could sum it up in the words of Obama when he said (to paraphrase), “Instead of worrying about people not speaking English, you should teach your children to speak Spanish.”


Liars make the best promises.
"Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) did not provide details during the first Democrat presidential debate of how she would fix the broken healthcare system, using lofty terms and ideals but failing to explain the logistics of her solutions, despite her “I have a plan for that” slogan "

Todd Juvinall

We'll see what the second clown will spew out tonight. This is actually funnier than a Milton Berle comedy skit!

Don Bessee




Bill Tozer

@3:18 pm
Don....NBC this morning was signaling the 1st tier to go after Trump hard tonight. The JV Team let them down. Heck, they went after Mitch as if Mitch is the new Hitler. Kick his ass back to Kentucky, lol. Well, Mitch is the Grim Reaper.

That DeBlasio is a fun act to watch. Unbelievable.

@ 10 34 pm
Todd: You did not miss much last night. You can watch a few minutes of last night highlights here. I caught about 4 minutes of it

Tonight’s Preview: everything you need to know about what will happen tonight in 1 minute, 47 seconds


Don Bessee

Comandante DeBlasio gave the president a big help in Fla. by chanting a Cuban communist slogan in Miami of all places! Thanks comrade!

De Blasio shouts Cuban revolutionary slogan at Miami rally

IAMI (AP) — New York City mayor and presidential candidate Bill de Blasio shouted a Spanish slogan associated with Cuba’s Communist revolution at a rally Thursday, drawing criticism in a city heavily influenced by exiles who fled Fidel Castro’s rule.



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe must have overslept his afternoon nap -



Don Bessee

First licks in on creepy grampa joe by whats his name -

"I'm going to tell the country that we are at our best when we move in one direction ... forward," Swalwell said. "That we in our past, whether it was Presidents Carter, Clinton, Obama or President Kennedy in the past, it was always a page forward. The American people see these issues today as issues of the future -- we can't have a candidate who has ideas that are staler than Donald Trump's."

"So you think Biden is the candidate of the past?" CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin asked.
"I don't think we can nominate a candidate who has been in government for longer than 20 years. I just don't think that's going to work," Swalwell responded. "I think we need someone who's going to offer a vision for the future, who lives and gets these issues on student debt, gun violence, health care cures, climate chaos. Again, we can't nibble around the edges anymore, these are issues that will affect us and the next generation. And I'll be a president that will have to live with the decisions I make and so I think that, too, has to be a priority."



Don Bessee

They might want to run that by the working class citizens! NO wait, never mind, keep that mantra up. Illegals before your kids is what working people hear you saying. -



Robert Cross

"Creepy grampa" Joe Biden is a whole 3 years older than creepy trump who is also a grampa. He has called his daughter 'hot" and "a piece of ass" and once said "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her".. Which fits nicely with trump's 'grab 'em by the pussy' comment. I wouldn't let that man within 20 feet of my daughter, granddaughter, female acquaintance, or any other female. Sixteen women have come forward with sexual accusations against trump ranting from groping to rape. The man is a perv and should be locked up and that doesn't even include his multiple frauds. And Joe Biden is creepy because ....?


Jig Wiggly

Bob C 6:56
We can expect a non response.
Maybe Todd will reply, "But the libs are two eleterat too vote. Note smart like I and trump."

Bill Tozer

Great! They want Mitch gone. Hate him. That tells me he has been doing right. Thanks Mitch!

Bill Tozer

No wonder nobody likes Kristen Gillibrand. She just reeks of inauthenticity, despite looking into the camera and saying the right words. Now she is trying to run as an outsider, just like My Gal tried. :). She is gone when her money runs out....and she still has a lot of money.

Don Bessee

Funny that avatar coincidence @ 656,708. One hand talking to the other?



Yup, Trump is winning tonight as well.
Commies on parade.

Bill Tozer

Love Roberta’s prolonged nervous breakdown.

Now missy,, no one is coming for you, so breath, breath, breath. Perhaps you should look at the pony show on the stage right now and tell me which one will beat Trump. Then on the same stage as Trump.

Biden looks like he needs a new hearing aid and hopefully he has a cane hidden close by.


Hummm All running for President of ,,,,, the illegals.
The American citizen is barley an afterthought.


Here is Capitalism at work.
"Another report from Goldman Sachs stated that wages for workers at the lower end of the pay scale increased significantly, while wages for the upper half weakened, he said. Additionally, the New York Fed concluded that starting salaries increased from $58,000 to $66,000, “mostly for people who don’t have college educations,” according to Puzder."

Any PROGGY have that kind of news from a Commie Progressive agenda? Dig one up from "O"..... If you can even find one. Good luck with that.


Kamala Harris: Trump ‘Is Not Reflective of Our America and Our Values’
EXACTLY!! "YOUR" America would be a socialist state. Most of everything a person makes would GO to "the government". So the "G" man can give you free stuff. But only what they say you should get.

Don Bessee





Posted by: Robert Cross | 27 June 2019 at 06:56 PM

And Joe Biden is creepy because ....?

Give him a call Roberta.....you know you want to.....he’ll sniff your hair!


Bill Tozer

Where’s Roberta with the latest Penis News?
Well, looks like Kamala the Cop went for her street creed tonight. The old geezers in the Black Caucus are going with Biden. She needs that street cred to upset the powers to be.

Takeaway: they all sell the medicine that once Trump is gone, civility will return, bills with sail through Congress, the global order reestablished, crime with drop, the racial divides healed, the planet will be saved, everybody can afford a nice house, and all will love one another. The the oppressors will be no more.

Takeaway 2: They are in a mad rush to get it done! The urgency! It’s a matter of life and death. The drama. The drama queens.
Just tap into that good ole Collective Street Response Nervous Breakdown.
They be triggered, roflmao..


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 27 June 2019 at 08:27 PM

Well, looks like Kamala the Cop went for her street creed tonight.....

I’m sorry Bill but that’s just not true......Kamala made her bones when Willie Brown was gruntin and sweating on top of her. That’s where she earned her place at the table!

Don Bessee

OH MY! The adults are starting to run the show, Senate unity and the prez's pen are trumping the botox Nancy set! The littlest commie congrescritter is saying HELL NO bitch but has no votes!!




LOL!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Get a load of the Drudge page!!!
" Who wants to LOSE the election???"(N.Y. POST)

Don Bessee

Yo dudes they don't even vote yet!

All of the candidates — including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Kamala Harris and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg — raised their hands when asked by an NBC moderator if they would support a health care plan that would cover undocumented immigrants.

“All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare,” Trump wrote on Twitter from Japan, where he is to attend the G20 Summit.

“How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!”




Tough night for the TROLLS. Even worse than last night.
The drinking game has taken it's toll.
How that 12 day old Irish stuff holding up Emery? Is it getting the job done?(It's the same stuff the undertakers uses.)

George Rebane

Jig 708pm - I wonder what kind of response to counter unfounded allegations is required. Can you advise?

Bill Tozer

@ 9::05 pm
Re: Trump on his Twitter Machine from Japan.
@ 9:11. Boy, I cannot tell you how many conservative folk and writers were feeling all hung over and gummed up this morning after doing the drinking game last night. Hard to rise and shine. Morning came too early. Most vowed to move the goalposts for tonight to slow the consumption down and, as Dr. Rebane pointed out, to save their livers. The soldiered through, but not quite at the top of their game today. The Contestants provided too many opportunities. :)

Bill Tozef

Mitch is in hogs’ heaven.

With the caveat that he was watching the Nationals baseball game and not the debate, McConnell chuckled when asked about becoming the “boogeyman,” before adding that he “couldn’t have been happier” about emerging as a wedge issue in the Democratic debates.

“I understand that my sin is that I’ve been stopping left wing agenda items coming out of the House and confirming strict constructionist to the Supreme Court. If that’s my sin, I plead guilty. I was thrilled to dominate the discussion last night,” McConnell said during a press conference.

McConnell also granted a rare hallway interview to a small group of reporters on Thursday morning, teasing his amusement about being brought up during the debates.

It’s hardly the first time McConnell has leaned in to criticism from his political opponents. He’s known for framing cartoons that lampoon or deride him and hanging them in his office. After then-GOP Senate candidate Don Blankenship railed against the GOP leader and nicknamed him “Cocaine Mitch,” McConnell was answering his phone using the moniker.

McConnell and his team got the last laugh, though. When Blankenship lost, after McConnell-aligned outside groups spent heavily against him, the GOP leader’s campaign quickly blasted out a photo of McConnell’s face seemingly edited on the body of a character from one of the "Narcos" advertisements surrounded by a cloud of what appeared to be cocaine.



toes 1123pm

"“I understand that my sin is that I’ve been stopping left wing agenda items coming out of the House and confirming strict constructionist to the Supreme Court. If that’s my sin, I plead guilty. I was thrilled to dominate the discussion last night,” McConnell said during a press conference."

To quote the Scalia, St. Antonio, "I am not a strict constructionist, and no one ought to be".

And Justice Goresuch has turned out to be the Jeffersonian textualist he was said to be by an NPR interviewee the evening of his nomination to the chair.

But the Turtle is using a term that is archaic, used now mostly to ridicule textualists/originalists.


I’m pretty sure that Walt already posted this but it’s important for the sake of history to mark the exact point when Trump secured his second term...


So I’m just going to leave this here!


Bill Tozer

@. 11:27 am

If you have a big gun, use it. Walt, you, and now me. Fire that cannon once more.

“But as the hands went up unanimously for extremely disruptive and extremely unpopular policies, the thought kept coming to me: “This is why you’re gonna get Trump.”

“Freak flags flew for two nights in a row.

“Chastened Democrats win elections. In 2006, 2008, and 2018, Democrats humbled themselves before moderate and even conservative voters and triumphed. Arrogant Democrats lose these voters. Nancy Pelosi must have been watching the past two nights of Democratic primary debates in horror.”


Don Bessee

The view of the koolaide drinkers fav -

Friday at the top of his show, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough called the second round of Democratic debates that aired on his network a night earlier a “disaster” for the Democratic Party.

“You know this is one of those moments where I have to figure out if whether I’m nice or whether I do what I’m getting paid to do,” he said. “And I guess since I want to keep getting paid, I’m going to do, with apologies to our friends here and watching, what I get paid to do. Last night was a disaster for the Democratic Party. My only hope is people were not watching, and I will tell you why.”

“Let’s talk about the goal that every Democrat believes: We have to beat Donald Trump,” he added. “So, they’re lined up in trench warfare ready to get out of the trenches, charge and fight Donald Trump. Instead, they turn their guns and shoot each other.”

Scarborough lamented the notion that for some, this could be their introductions to the Democratic field, which portrayed a message of disunity and strayed from the objective of defeating Trump. He also warned that the consensus on immigration among Democratic Party candidates on immigration was out of the mainstream and could cost Democrats votes in a 2020 head-to-head match-up against Trump.



Don Bessee

Comrade Bernie is feeling the age issue just like creepy grampa joe -


“I had actually let the campaign know I’d pulled back my support of Biden for now,” McInerney told the cable network, adding, “I don’t think he did well last night."

And in a potentially troubling sign for Biden, McInerny predicted that others were likely souring on the Democratic frontrunner. “I would imagine I’m not alone,” he said.



Bill Tozer

The 2020 campaign-capitalism vs socialism

1 minute 16 seconds


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe was consistent last night, consistently bad! -



Bill Tozer

Now Don,
Be nice to Creepy...er....Slow Joe. I need him around to win the Drop Out Derby. We get to enjoy scores and scores of more debates. Boy, right now Pocahontas looks like white on rice compared to the Jamanican-Indian-American. Love to see Tin Litzy standing side by side with Kamala the Cop with Slow Joe off to the side holding on to the podium to keep his balance. This should be fun. First primary isn’t till Feb, 2020. It’s going to be a long hot summer.

After the first debate, Larry Elder asked how come the only person on the stage who has a black kid is a white guy? Lol.

Don Bessee

BT@ 528 - Comrade DeBlasio is RED not white Larry E! LOL

Creepy Grampa joe looked like he had a senior moment with comrade bernies hand! -




Yeah......pretty much!

Harris is everything the US empire’s unelected power establishment wants in a politician: charismatic, commanding, and completely unprincipled. In that sense she’s like Obama, only better.......

.....and let’s be honest.....she’s earned it.


Don Bessee

You want election meddling, I got your stinking election meddling right here in the socialist republic of cali -

That’s why the company created its YouTube blacklist, first exposed by Breitbart News earlier this year. By adding “controversial” terms (like “abortion” and “abortions”) to the list, they rearrange search results so that content from the likes of CNN, BuzzFeed and Vice rises to the top, where more people will see it. They hope that by doing so, users won’t be as likely to encounter dangerous, conservative opinions.

As Project Veritas recently revealed, this search-result meddling went as far as election interference. Before the Irish referendum to decriminalize abortion last year, the tech giant made over 120 additions of search terms to the blacklist. Almost all the terms, like “repeal the 8th”, were related to the referendum.

Google’s own researchers have admitted, in a document called “The Good Censor”, that it has “shifted towards censorship” since 2015-16. What happened in those years that caused such a dramatic change in policy? Could it have been the rise of populism, which Google executive Kent Walker says he wants to relegate to a “blip” in history?

There have been so many leaks from Google revealing its manipulation of its own products to undermine conservatives that it’s difficult to keep track. From labeling Breitbart News a “fringe domain” to kicking the Gateway Pundit and Conservative Tribune out of news results, the company’s bias against conservatives and conservative media is clear.



Don Bessee

Ya think?!? Screw your kid gettho mom, you kids can now compete for clinic time and you pay! WIN WIN You are already used to them competing for low skilled jobs right say the socialist dems in the clown car!



Bill Tozer

Darn. I think Joe ain’t going to make it. The Lefties can go the traditional Establishment route or they can go the “Progressive” Leftinista route. Me thinks it’s going to be the ladder.

Actually, when you look at Biden, he never was a national figure. He knew how to win in Delaware and, yes, he was VP, but never could break out on the big stage. Look at his 2008 run. As Trump said, “1%er”, lol. One percent of the vote. Joe never stood above the crowd then or now.

After careful reflection, I now think that the best line of the two nights of the Beauty Pageant was, “My time is up. I”m sorry.” —- Joe Biden. You can’t hide thought processes. Insert pic of parking meter here. Your time has expired.

Don Bessee

The socialist clown car is still fixated by their rancid Russian dressing fiasco yet do you hear a word about the bigger real world threats? Not so much. -

2020 Election Meddling by China, Iran, N. Korea Likely, Administration Officials Warn



Well OJ may be watching and doing social media about his clown car fascination in Fla. yet he wont get to vote for them until he pays the judgement.

IAMI (AP) — Florida felons will have to pay court-ordered financial obligations if they want their voting rights restored under a bill signed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday.

During the spring legislative session, Democrats argued that forcing felons who've completed their prison sentences and probation to also pay court fees and fines goes against the spirit of the constitutional amendment voters passed in November. The amendment to restore voting rights for felons other than convicted murderers and sex offenders was approved with 64.5% of the vote. But the language said felons must complete their sentences, and Republicans interpreted that to include restitution, court costs, fines and fees imposed by a judge at sentencing.



Bill Tozer

Ramirez cartoon


Bill Tozer

Reaction to the Democrat Debate (episode 1) is best captured in this 9 second clip.



All is well, all is well with my soul.

Todd Juvinall

I think the democrats are our biggest help in getting Trump in there again. Free stuff for illegals while we taxpayers get a bill? And now more gas taxes here thanks to the loons of the left. All those poor saps driving to work are getting gouged. And we just need to keep pointing to them. Thanks democrats, I surely appreciate your help.

Where did that racist Frisch, the old fart white boy go? Oh and obese. LOL!

jig Wiggly

As a reminder, it was the construction industry who cost us the gas tax repeal vote. Cry me a River.

Todd Juvinall

I doubt it show me the proof.


I doubt that it will matter to jiggs, but the cost of construction just went up. The cost of EVERYTHING just went up.
Did your welfare check go up to match?

Jig Wiggly

47 million from Ball, Granite, Halliburton, Western Aggregate, Steel workers and other construction unions. . . Follow the money.

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 12:03 pm

“I think the democrats are our biggest help in getting Trump in there again.”

No doubt. Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s going to a tight one and we need all the help we can get from our friends. And a little luck wouldn’t hurt.
I also think Biden got thrown for a loop, but he ain’t down for the count by any means. Things can turn on a dime and no reason for any of them to back out this far out.

Hmmm. We got the Clown Car working for us. Let’s see how our friends are doing. We get by with a little help from our friends. :)



Bill Tozer

Then the solution is to bust up the unions. Ok. I hear ya, brother.


LOL!! Western Aggregate ain't union. Not the one in the gold fields anyway. Big union don't give a shit. They get those big gov. contracts. It's only taxpayer money.

Nice try jigged.

Todd Juvinall

Jiggly give us some links

Don Bessee

Hey that rises to the level of the pony tail of ignorance. well played in the troll world -

"it was the construction industry who cost us the gas tax repeal vote."

"47 million from Ball, Granite, Halliburton, Western Aggregate, Steel workers and other construction unions"

Operative word is Unions and the Unions are not the corporate entities.

Didn't they update that page in the antifa handbook?


Todd Juvinall

Jiggly, yes the construction firms that would get the infrastructure money and their unions did donate 30 million. But as a Republican, we were all against it. As was I. So I suggest you are dissing the wrong people as usual.

Jig Wiggly

Western Agg is a tiny subsidiary of Eagle Materials out of Texas. WAY bigger than simply the Goldfields. They provide material for roads and highways among other things. Big stake in gas tax revenue. Red neck hard hat pubbers all the way. I doubt a dem is on the payroll.

Ball, Granite, Halliburton, etc hire union workers, but I doubt it was their workers doing the lobbying. Get with the game.

Todd Juvinall

Western Agg donated to my Assembly campaign in 1992. They are Wall Streeters jig. And filthy rich.


This ain't Texas. But enjoy paying more. Only a LIB would vote to keep less money in their pocket.
A vote for a LIB is a vote for more taxes. jigged hasn't figured that out yet.

Jig Wiggly

Yeah Walt-
"This ain't Texas". Uh, dumbfuck, If Western Agg is owned by Texans, it ain't Republicans sucking your taxes? But you blame "the libs".
How Lib is Teichert who paid 4 million to keep your gas tax intact?? Blame the dems? The libs?

Todd 7:23
So what are saying here? Western Agg donated to your campaign AND to increase our gas taxes, but you are blaming the libs?? They are your kind. Typical Rebane insanity and hypocrisy. Point fingers everywhere until you realize you are looking in the mirror.


Don @ 4:47, thanks!


,,,Jigster,,,These Jerky Boys are beyond redemption. Save yourself. Bail out! The good ship Roundtable is going down!

"Mr. AVMan, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul".

George Rebane

Jig 916pm - "Typical Rebane insanity and hypocrisy." Please support your statement, or we're going to miss you around here.

Todd Juvinall

He is a troll and would resurface as another later. They just spew their hate and run for cover.

Jig Wiggly

Rebane 9:31
Please support your statement

Okay. Juvinall logic on display. Exhibit A:

Todd 12:03
now more gas taxes here thanks to the loons of the left.
Jig 4:39
As a reminder, it was the construction industry that cost us the gas tax repeal vote.
Todd 6:47
Jiggly, yes the construction firms that would get the infrastructure money and their unions did donate 30 million.
Todd 7:23
Western Agg donated to my Assembly campaign
Jig 9:16
Western Agg donated to your campaign AND to increase our gas taxes, but you are blaming the libs??

 Bill Tozer

In a solid single party democrat voter dominated Blue State with growth demonized from the Mexican Border to Oregon, from the Pacific Ocean to the east side of the Sierras, Squiggly Wiggly blames the tax gas on construction outfits, roflmao.

Personally, I am not even sure if I voted against or for the gas hike. The way the prop on the ballot measure was framed (in the deceitful double negative way), a vote against the tax hike meant you vote yes and a vote for the gas meant no or something. I had to read that sentence and reread it three times....and I had the advantage of leaving CA public education just as Dougski entered the teaching profession and immediately contributed to the dumbing down of California and all those stink asses from the the Frisco area. I pity any student who was forced to be on the same school grounds as the assistant to the deputy vice principal hall monitor. They turned out real dumb. Even with my advantage, the proposition was posed was confusing.

But, the measure failed (or was that passed?) because of the freeway builders. That’s all we need to know, roflmao x2.

Don Bessee

Money is the mothers milk of politics/ BAM! -



Todd Juvinall

Looks like Jiggly has lost it. Off the meds again?

Todd Juvinall

And George Boardman is making up some facts over at RL's cesspool. The loons of the left sure can lie.

George Rebane

Jig 1031am - Your 916am attributed that "insanity" to me personally. This blog has thousands of readers and many commenters with differing views - yours among them. Make your attributions specific, especially when you decide to use my name in vain.

Don Bessee

It looks like the capitolists have more cash then the socialist clown car -

Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale isn't worried about whoever emerges as the Democratic challenger next year and is confident the president will win four more years in the White House.
"I think the president could beat anybody. The momentum we're seeing right now. I mean look... one hundred five million raised, a hundred million cash on hand. What we're seeing overall the president success is overseas, the momentum behind this president right now is like nothing that history has ever seen," Parscale said Tuesday on "The Story with Martha MacCallum" dismissing Democratic presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg's rise in the polls and campaign fundraising.

The Trump campaign announced Tuesday that its re-election operation raised a whopping $105 million in the second quarter, significantly more than Democrats have been pulling in.



Bill Tozer


Biden’s racial woes are just beginning. The next time he appears on the debate stage, his opponents will be tripping over each other to be the first to harangue him about his support in the 1990s for the tough sentencing of criminals. (Too bad Cory Booker can’t say “I was that criminal”).

Is it right for me to enjoy a once respectable Party’s descent into racial extremism? Probably not.

But I don’t see much hope that Democrats will come to their senses. Thus, it’s probably just as well that their presidential candidates are telling the public what they really think, and that the electorate gets to see what they have in mind for America.

If only Barack Obama had been so candid.


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