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23 June 2019


Jig Wiggly

Only problem with your plan is that anti Trump voters are not to be confused with Trumpers who hang onto his every lie with bated breath and clicked heels. We no longer listen to what he says, and if we do, we don't believe it. His history speaks for itself and no amount of soft peddling and baby talk will white wash his actions. Don't think for a second the Dems running against him won't remind us at every chance.


Juggy Wuggly 944am

So, you claim to have voted for Trump in '16? Or you're just talking for people you think voted for Trump in '16 who won't in '20?

George Rebane

Jig 944am - Pray, what "actions" of Trump need a "white wash"??

Todd Juvinall

Cracks me up these lefty lemmings like Jiggly. They believe every lie their masters tell them and complain about us. You cannot make this delusion up.


George, from your mouth to Trump's ear, I hope.

George Rebane

L 1055am - Thanks Lar; Jo Ann emailed the link to the WH. Hope it's not a black hole.

Robert Cross

" They believe every lie their masters tell them " that is the funniest thing I have ever heard considering the 10,000 plus lies trump has told since taking office that Todd believes hook, line, and sinker.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC 1154
Where and when did I ever say I believe any of the things you allege? f course I have not so you are a liar. That is your gig not mine. Your lefty media and mouthpieces are consummate liars and you believe it all. Sad.

Jig Wiggly

Rebane 10:02-
Maybe the images of children being pulled away from their parents and put in cages. Bad optics. Of course pushing world leaders out of the way so he could get to the front of the stage is a righteous stunt of statesmanship. Shithole nations and other presidential utterances. Tossing paper towels to hurricane victims? Threatening to withhold fire disaster aid to California because we weren't nice to him. Continuing to besmirch John McCain, even long after he was dead. You know, class stuff like that.

Scott O

Todd - "Where and when did I ever say I believe any of the things you allege?"
Save your time requesting facts from these trolls. I've asked many times and they just run away.
George - Thanks for the story about Turing and the RAF. I had read quite a bit about him but never knew about that bit of lore.
Trump will have a hard time this election. The MS media will breathlessly expound on all the dastardly things that Trump 'will' do if re-elected. They've already admitted they don't do news anymore when it comes to Trump. They need to side with the angels and make sure he's not re-elected.

Scott O

"Maybe the images of children being pulled away from their parents and put in cages."
Do you mean the images that turned out to actually have occurred when Obama was pres?
Been happening all over the country since we became a nation. Why is this bad just now under Trump?
Parents do bad stuff so the kids get taken away.
ICE has no way of knowing who is the parent of what child. If the folks being apprehended don't like getting the best medical care and food they've ever had, then maybe they can start obeying our laws and not come here illegally.
Break the law, go to jail. Wow, what a concept.

Jig Wiggly

Good on you Scott. Now put that into sound bites and bumper stickers. Small words though, because only Trumpers will buy it.

Robert Cross

todd 12:06 -- I'm sorry Todd.. I forgot you think all of those lies trump tells is fake news. Did you ever make past Lyman Gilmore or was that it for your education?


Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 23 June 2019 at 09:44 AM

.....still President Jig! Probably for the next 5.


Scott O

Bobby and Wiggly - Keep it up. This is exactly how Trump got elected the first time. Lies and insults against tax payers will certainly win the hearts and minds of voters. You can ignore the humanitarian crises being created by the left in America inviting the whole world to come and get the freebies, but an increasing number of cities and towns have had enough.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC 1255,

As we all know you can't post any proof so you are the fake news troll we know you are. As far as schooling? I see you made it to 8th grade and stopped. Why?


"Continuing to besmirch John McCain, even long after he was dead. You know, class stuff like that."
-Juggy Wuggly

Juggy is following an old DEM playbook... the only good Republican is a dead Republican.

Todd Juvinall

They are trashing the original democrat Thomas Jefferson. They have no shame.

Don Bessee

Just as well, she might say it was a fine example of a of the green new deal zero carbon footprint housing well other than the crematorium -



Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane

You made a valid point and you are not alone. I heard several conservative commentators I like lament the fact that Trump just barely started to lay out his 2020 agenda, and then he pivoted back to slugging it out with the Deep State and the loser Hillary. They were almost exasperated. We got to look forward, not back to 2016!, Although I could not see images on audio podcasts, I imagined they had their hands up shaking their heads and saying “WTF. You started the speech doing so good and then back to that?” I even thought I heard one conservative commentator pound his head on the table in the background. :). Darts, foiled again.
You are in good company, but I don’t feel your pain....not for a second.

I assume this is all about his kickoff rally that electrified voters in FL. Give him time. Trump can do in 6 weeks what politicians take years to do. A few Tweets and it’s covered.

Expand the base. Good point. Trump is not unaware of the clock or calendar and neither are you.
Respectfully, don’t become like all the Leftinistas or former Green Libertarians and get all impatient and start fretting and hand wringing. Don’t go all wobbly kneed. The election is 16 months away. (Guess that did not sound too respectful to your our the Rebane household. Sorry Jo Ann, the better Halle).
6-12 hours of Iran and the unglued were shrieking, “Wag the Dog! We are going to war in the Middle East! Trump’s War! Block the funding!”
It will all be on Trump’s timetable, not ours. Valid points. Let the other side have their Collective Stress Responses. Besides, the Dems are still trying to win 2016. Consumed with it. We are still 16 months out and anything Trump puts out, Fauxahontas will rip it off and call it her idea.

Bill Tozer

Typo. “Sorry Jo Ann, the better half”, not whatever it came out as....Halle or something. I best stick with “the lovely bride.”

George Rebane

BillT 319pm - Thanks for the careful admonishment Mr Tozer. However, I had no intent to convey any "fretting and hand wringing", just my humble assessment of what part of his message he still needs to give. Yes, there is yet plenty of time, but given the way he steps on his own accomplishments (e.g. his historical investment in Africa), I don't think Trump can talk enough or too soon about his ongoing achievements and plan forward.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane,

Yep, Trump can trip over his own appendage with the best of them. Oh, that ‘fretting and hand wringing’ was supposed to be edited out in editing, but I screwed up and hit sent when I was trying to hit ‘preview.’ Pounding one’s head on the table is ok. It’s like watching a football game and the ball is in the air and you have a rocket receiver who,just broke wide open and...and....and... and the receiver drops the ball in the end zone. A moment of “Shoot, darn it.”

I remember pulling my hair out when the Dark Side tied Trump for 6 friggin weeks after the RNC Convention over that Ahab immigration lawyer’s wife. Khan was Immigration Lawyer’s name. Specialized in getting visas to Muslims from that part of the world. Mrs. Khan, the Gold Star grieving mother. Khan, the Hillary plant. Khan, the one whose daddy was very tight with Huma’s grandfather. Khan, the Huma family friend.
Weeks of Khan and I was going nuts thinking of all the valuable time is being wasted coming out of the gate as nominee. But, Trump don’t need the “normal” timeframes.

Hey, he gave Nancy two weeks. Bet that caused a firestorm. Got everyone’s attention back on his “manufactured crisis at the border” real quick. In the beat of an eye. :)
He will find a way around the Enemy of the People, the common man. The single black mother living in a crime infested shithole run by Democrats. “The Forgotten Person will be Forgotten No More.” Strap on and let’s ride this bull into the ground. Darn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. It’s for the children.

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