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11 July 2019


Scott O

So many thoughts...
Not in any particular order or importance.
Since we are discussing an area that may, or likely (most likely?) involve life forms and information that are outside of our intellectual and/or technical ability to comprehend, it would seem that we have set ourselves up for a tough row to to hoe. Not that it is an impossible or unworthy cause. The very challenges we might imagine in the search help push our own abilities and technologies. A good thing.
Your comment "The discovery of ETI will shake our human civilization to its roots, and contact with such an advanced civilization will definitely set the course for our future or terminate it.", has two parts. The 'discovery' and the 'contact'. Might be one and the same or if you mean 'contact' to be a back-and-forth of information then who knows? There are several different avenues to 'the discovery of ETI'. One might be a decipherable message from a civilization from a planet millions of light years from us pleading for help we can not possibly provide. Shrug. Another scenario is the usual sci-fi warning that 'they' are coming for us and we are doomed. And many, many other realities that may or may not alter our perception of the cosmos. If we can establish an ongoing and friendly line of communication with another form of intelligence then all bets are off as to what will happen here on Earth.
Another thought is that alternate realities in another dimension are possible and so looking off into space for various and sundry energy vibrations is a waste of time as it relates to the discovery of another form of intelligence.
The cynic in me chuckles at the thought of an actual discovery of a 'higher intelligence'. The SJWs will have one ginormous hissey fit that once again, we are pushing 'white supremacy'.
So, who knows what's out there? I'm certainly open to it, but I take an opposition view that it is numerically likely. The fact is, we just don't know. There is certainly a cottage industry that wants funding here and we must be careful of expenditure of taxpayer funds going to persuasive cranks and sharks, no matter how sincere. No - I'm not casting aspersions on your new-found friends. Obviously - there is a lot of 'stuff' out there in the great unknown and exploration seems to be baked into the human DNA. Our days of setting out in canoes and sailing ships has passed to the less heroic but more technically advanced sitting and looking at squiggles on read-outs.
Finally - good on the folks that look constantly to the heavens for a sign - it keeps them out of the bars.

Russell Steele

When I read about the signal processing challenges I was reminded that SpaceX is planning to launch 12,000 satellites, Amazon over 3,000, OneWeb 900, plus others a few 100 here and a few 100 there. All this RF energy is going to create a hallow of noise. As time goes forward the signal processing challenges will multiply.

Russell Steele

Reading Quantum Physics books and journals, I am reminded how little we know about the big space we occupy. A space filled with dark energy, dark matter and for now dark intelligence. One example is entangled electron communication over vast distances and through mountain barriers over an unknown path. How is that possible, yet the results are observable. If entangles electrons can do it my guess is SIs can also.

Barry Pruett

Thank you George. That was fun to read


I heard a head exploding from vicinity of Nevada City... I think someone had a hard time seeing you at his blessed Cal.

Like a number of topics in astrophysics, a really fun part of SETI is that the chances of any real information *ever* pointing towards any real conclusion is vanishingly small, accent on vanishingly. Really, really, really tiny. So, have at it, folks.

I'm particularly happy that it appears in the next ten ten years, the Svensmark/Shaviv cosmoclimatology will be borne out with evidence that can't be ignored, and even more heads will be exploding.


Mommy, can we watch the Star Trek NG episode Relics again?

Wayne Hullett

If you give enough hydrogen enough time, it becomes conscious and intelligent. This much we know. A question worth asking is what happens if it is given even more time? A simulation would be one way (maybe the only way) to find out, if you had the resources...


,,,be there or be L7,,,


Bill Tozer

Area 51


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