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06 July 2019


Rock Hunter

"I wonder what free nations he knows of that did not gain their freedoms through the use of force"

Costa Rica comes immediately to mind.

Todd Juvinall

So the Spanish just turned over the kets eh?

Russell Steele

Ron Lowe should not be worrying about Christians with AR-15s, he should be more focused on what Big Data Capitalist has in store for his future. Vastly wealthy corporations have take control of capitalism are nudging us toward a twentieth-century society of their making, one based on total certainty, control, and maximum profits. The surveillance capitalist in Silicon Valley knows more about Ron Lowe that he knows about himself. They are going to more damage to democracy than any Christian with an AR-15 as the surveillance capitalists predict and then controls his behavior.

Todd Juvinall


Bill Tozer

Spot on Mr. Steele. It’s the biggie. Controlled behavior.
Once Silicone Valley embraced Communist China and worked hand in hand with them, they lost all allegiance to the United States of America. I do believe with such absolute control of information, the Two Minutes of Hate is right around the corner.

Rock Hunter

Todd 2:05-
Unless you concoct some revisionist version of history, that they did.


For those who travel HY20 between GV and PV,, there is a new bump in the road just above the Rex Res. overcross. ( a fault line crosses there)
Looks like the SO Cal. quake left it's mark here.
That lump wasn't there three days ago.

Bill Tozer

Indulge me, if you will, as I stay off topic, although it’s hard to resist the absurdity of worrying about violating international treaties to nuke an approaching comet that could potentially destroy every man, woman, child, puppy, and tree on the planet. That is Looney Tunes.

I need to get something off my chest about The Brown Shirts. All this talk about the Brown Shirts are coming and comparisons to Trump supporters, Christians, Deplorables, gun owners, bitter clingers, etc, makes me wonder if folks know anything about the origins of the Brownshirts in Germany in the 1920’s that helped Hitler rise to power.

Germany in the 1920’s was quite liberal. Pornography flourished and there were demonstrations and mayhem by marching Communists in the streets. Violence as well. The Brownshirts were a reaction to the Communists in Germany doing what Antifa is doing now. The Sturmabteilung (Storm Detachment) was the paramilitary arm of the Nazi Party, co-founded by a homosexual Ernst Röhm, a member of the German Workers Party before joining the Nazi Party. Röhm did not trust the military or the Nazi leadership’s commitment to the Worker’s Party. Eventually the Nazis executed Röhm as power struggles and inter-party conflicts arose.

All the seeds were sown in the 1920s for the 1930’s Germany. The Marxists taking over the streets, the reaction with the Brownshirts. The early seeds are being sown here now. The only difference is that Trump is not the next Hitler, Dictator, or whatever he is cast as. Sorry to disappoint you, a Hitler wannabe he is not. Not by a long shot. Only in one’s imagination. But the seeds are being sown for something down the line, judging solely by historical context.

Today, we see the seeds of the Justice Democrats starting to bear fruit. Several of their leaders are writers for the Jacobin, the mainstream socialist publication...not some unheard of fringe left wing Marxist rag. Interesting they call themselves Jacobins. That is what I fear, not some guys having fun on Range Day or calling for us to arm ourselves. There is a big difference between a call to arms and a call to be armed. The latter is enshrined by the 2A.

“Sanders should keep in mind, however, that the Jacobins eventually turned on Robespierre (in fact they executed him). So perhaps Sanders and Democrats rushing to embrace Democratic Socialism should be a little more careful about the demons they are unleashing to win elections.”


Are these Hitler wannabes? Are these the Brownshirts? If so, then we are all Looney tunes.


Don Bessee

Winner, winner chicken dinner! -




Bill. The new "Brown shirts" are now black. LIBshits known as ANTIFA.

Bill Tozer

Looney tunes.

Corey Booker denounces Biden as racist for his stance against FORCED busing by the Federal government (as opposed to voluntary busing on the local level), yet with the next breath announces his intentions to met with Louis Farrakhan.

Who are the Brownshirts of 2019?

“Corbyn's Labour Party has been embroiled in an anti-Semitism controversy that has seen key leaders leave the party. Nearly 40 percent of British Jews said they would consider leaving the U.K. if he were to become prime minister.”


Don Bessee

So how long till the eco nuts want soylent green to go with their pods? -




This sure fits under "loony tunes".
"Marvel movie director Joss Whedon celebrated July 4th with a warning that President Donald Trump is planning to steal the 2020 presidential election “by armed force” with the backing of “illegal militias.”
In a tweet sarcastically celebrating Independence Day, Joss Whedon also claimed that Trump’s “fascist” administration was backed by “illegal militias” in a scenario more closely resembling a military dictatorship.
“We have a racist, fascist president who’s using armed thugs in law enforcement & illegal militias to keep us cowed & hopeless & he’ll take the 2020 election by armed force & blatant, treasonous criminality & that’s us now, we’re the country with concentration camps so happy 4th,” he said, without providing any evidence for his claims."

Bill Tozer

More Looney Tunes: what the Enemy of the People did not cover.

The Anti First Amendment mob goes after the Demand Free Speech crowd and ends up going after the police. This ain’t Portland, but the hatred of police is universal among that sorry bunch. They are the righteous mob, roflmao.


Bill Tozer

Walt @ 5:02 pm

It’s amazing how many hundreds of thousands are climbing over fences and barricades, some topped with barbed wire, to get into our concentration camps. :).

Scott O

That little missive from Ron Lowe really reveals a lot.
"These angry white Republicans have everything; house, family, job, money, and they’re talking revolution."
Let's unpack that one sentence.
First of all: they're angry.
And the left isn't?
Are the angry Republicans out violently rioting at the meeting venues of the Dems? No.
And 'they' have EVERYTHING!
Like - way past that Bezos guy or any of those starving Hollywood stars.
Has Ron thought about the fact the left is supported by the wealthiest men in the world?
Perhaps if Ron Lowe would spend just a minute or two talking to some Republicans he might find out something.
Material goods are not 'everything'.
The left is so shallow, they have no concept that the most important things are not material at all.
The material things naturally follow from the non-material.
Freedom and liberty and having a govt that protects our rights provides us with the opportunity to acquire the material things. All of us.
Ron uses a few words of 2 people to 'prove' the thoughts and principles of millions of people.
Better hide under your bed. Ron.


Anti First Amendment. Soros' SS- it's who they are.


Nike has a new show out just for the Socialists.
"BEAVERTON, OR—Nike has released a new patriotic shoe just in time for the Fourth of July: the Sanders Air Marx, the official, signature shoe of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Every pair of Air Marx is emblazoned with Sanders' signature and iconic "crazy old man" silhouette. The shoes pack in all kinds of useful features for people living in a socialist regime, including the following:

New ActiveShrink technology helps the shoe shrink right along with you as you wither away from starvation
Breadline Padding Plus helps you stand in breadlines for hours hoping the government is generous enough to give you some food
A Venezuelan flag, or optional Soviet Russian flag, to show your true patriotism
A patented air pump that helps you pump up your wheelbarrow tire as you slave away farming food for the government to redistribute
Comfy and aerodynamic design that helps you chase zoo animals more effectively
The shoes are completely edible and can be boiled into soup or gruel in a pinch
The shoes are not available for purchase but will be given from Nike according to their ability to each customer according to their needs.

"I'm happy to team up with Nike to release this shoe," said Sanders. "I will make millions of dollars off this deal, which is not hypocritical because it's me and not you."

The Sanders Air Marx is only available in one size, as Sanders remarked: "who needs a choice of shoe size when there are starving children in the world?"

Russell Steele

The Diplomad 2.0 Making Weird be OK

I love the 4th of July. It's my favorite holiday. I loved it when I was overseas, and we had our 4th reception. In all the countries where I served, the US Embassy reception for the 4th was the hottest and most prestigious ticket in town. Those invited showed up. And, I must say, we had excellent receptions, ones which put to shame the national day parties of other embassies. In Indonesia, for example, we got all the US corporations in the country to contribute either money or products: we had stands from McDonalds, Starbucks, Jack Daniels, KFC, etc. It was quite something.

Not even the lefties can ruin completely the 4th for me. They've tried. The latest? The controversy over the Betsy Ross flag. What utter rubbish! I did what I always do in such cases: I went out and bought two Betsy Ross flags, one in a frame for inside the house, and another to hang out front.

The Dem candidates and their media enablers, of course, formed a major portion of the effort to destroy the 4th. I loved how Trump trolled them! He orchestrated a great 4th of July party on the DC Mall. He summoned: Tanks! Fighters! Bombers! The lefties went nuts! One unhinged commentator even compared the presence of a couple of tanks near the Lincoln Memorial as akin to Tianaman Square! The tanks would crush the resistance! It was a coup! Trump was making the 4th about himself! He would glorify the military! He would give a campaign speech! He would call for a return to slavery! Oh the humanity! Oh, the horror!

He, instead, gave a very nice, patriotic, and uplifting address (text here). Glorifying the military? How did we get and keep our Independence if not for the military and those willing--mostly men--to take up arms? Seems to me that this holiday is very much about the military and guns and the people willing to bear them in defense of the nation. The bazillion accomplishments of America would not have been possible without them.

OK. My bog complaint right now is not with our odious women's soccer team (yawn), or Antifa, or Hollywood's elimination of straight white men from the screen, or CNN and its fake news. No. It's how all of the "progressive" forces come together to normalize the weird, to make it so the aberrant must be accepted and even heartily endorsed. Look, I don't think the lunatic Dems will win 2020. All that open borders, open wallet to the world, y'all come over crap is not going to fly. Not this time. This time, no . . . but, the progs play the long con. As I noted a long time ago, they change the meanings of words, so that the most basic units of thought and expression no longer mean what we once thought they did. We can't even use good old-fashion pronouns. As per Orwell, they rewrite the dictionary, they make us hesitate when we think and speak, we must not give "offense" or reveal ourselves as "racist, homophobic, misogynistic" throw backs to a dark era. They use fake bought and paid for "science" to convince us to give up our standard of living, to question whether labels such as "male" and "female" have any meaning. They tear down flags, statues, and monuments; they want place names changed to erase our history. They deliberately blur the distinction between citizen and non-citizen, between legal and illegal residents in our country. They want open borders; they, in sum, want a destruction of this country, and of Western civilization.

What does all this mean re the election? They will lose this time, but the lunatic left knows how to introduce the weirdest ideas and schemes, and gradually work them into the realm of acceptance. Look back just a few years and you will see what I mean. Just to take one issue, the progs will insist that soon, very soon we, for example, will all be forced not only to tolerate illegal aliens in our midsts, but to see them as a blessing, as something to be desired and happily funded. Much as we all now must accept and endorse the bizarre pseudoscience claims of fluid gender identity, we will accept and endorse the claims of "fluid" citizenship.

Not a cheery thought as we celebrate our independence.

Bill Tozer

Man defends himself against Nazi woman’s assault, gets booted from restaurant...or so he says.

“I’ve never been beaten up by a girl. What’s it like?”



Ron Lowe is a very old and crippled hippie, with long white hair and a long white beard who nonetheless gets out to greet the world with the help of his walker, not to mention a way to write to The Union.

I've no idea if he'd been better informed as a younger man.

Joss Whedon is just delusional.


LIBS will try anything. Now fake pictures of "kids in cages".
That's the loony tune LIBS for ya'.
"An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows a child being held in a federal detention center.

The image, which first went viral in 2018, shows a boy wearing a yellow jumpsuit and metal collar. According to the caption, the photo was taken last year at a detention facility, presumably at the southern border. The post circulated again this past week after congressional Democrats toured two government facilities in Texas.

The picture does not, however, depict a child held in one of these facilities. It actually shows a still from the 20th Century Fox movie “Deadpool 2,” starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular Marvel Comics character. Sixteen-year-old actor Julian Dennison, who appears in the viral image, plays a mutant teenager with pyrokinesis in the film. "

George Rebane

Walt 1103am - Mr Branson, how do we tally these lies between the Dems and Repubs? The Left claims that both sides create such lies equally, but the evidence is overwhelming that the Left's lies swamp those from the Right. The most convincing evidence of this is that the Left sends its Cricket Chorus to answer such challenges, instead of countering with an appropriately equal rightwing lie.

Bill Tozer


Shortly after the Antifa assault on Andy Ngo in Portland with some caustic cement-augmented milkshakes, someone on Twitter joked that they looked forward to the “Vox explainer” on the assault, which would of course be a revival of the left’s “moral equivalence” argument from the Cold War, and as if wanting to prove that parody is impossible any more, Vox’s Zach Beauchamp stepped up to the task, with just such an “explainer“:

“But the aftermath of the attack — the narratives both sides have spun out of the basic facts established by the footage — is much trickier to assess. . .”

“He is not an innocent victim but a far-right sympathizer who has doxxed antifa members in the past, potentially facilitating their harassment, and provokes them so that he can broadcast the result. . .”

See, Ngo shouldn’t have worn that short skirt to the Antifa frat party. He was asking for it.

• Meanwhile, speaking of milkshakes, and the left’s favored new antic of throwing them at people they don’t like, Richard Samuelson alerts us to the argument that will surely stop this trend cold: It’s bad for the climate!

“Avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet, according to the scientists behind the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage farming does to the planet.”

Save the planet! Stop “milkshaking”!

Russell Steele

Dems have the week in 47 years. The list of loony ideas in the article is stunning.


Here is a sample:

"Look at this list of left-wing lunacy. Look at this bottomless list of threats promises made by these candidates, promises that include gun confiscation, open borders, legalizing abortion until the fetus registers for college, government-funded health insurance for illegal aliens, slavery reparations, gay reparations, forced busing, no one has to pay back that $1.5 trillion in student loans taxpayers are on the hook for, eliminating everyone’s health insurance, abolishing the electoral college, and taxpayer-funded abortions for transsexual women who are really guys and will never need an abortion."


This should send Emery into a loony tune style tyraide, bouncing off every car on Broad St. QUE the Loony Tune music to help him along!
"President Trump’s approval rating has hit the highest point in his presidency, according to a new poll by the Washington Post and ABC News.

The poll, which was released on Sunday, found that 47 percent of registered voters approve of Trump’s work inside the White House – a five point jump since April. Fifty percent of registered voters"

And a LIB poll no less.
That won't go well for the Socialist Commies running for President.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ high noon.

“....but the evidence is overwhelming that the Left's lies swamp those from the Right.”

Yep, there are so many days with voluminous links to what the Looney Left did or said that day, sometimes I even get to them all. Maybe post one out of four, a time or two per day as samples. I have stopped myself quite a few times lately. There was so much there, I felt like it was piling on or running up the score. Also, in a moment of sincere empathy, a sadness overcame me when I thought of our friends on the Left stuck with slim pickins and dearth of tasty morsels to share. They have feelings, too. Quite often they dug up a bone they already buried just to play with in these lean times. 9-1 advantage we have. Unfair.
Buzzwords, of the weekend: ‘Civil war’. It’s a powder keg waiting fora spark to blow it wide open. Maybe it was the martial law thang. The Union, the hyperventilating chattering teeth on the tube...THIS IS Big! They always get like this after they blow it big time. “Don’t look at the 4th, look over here. Here! Armed insurrection. Trump’s paramilitary goon squads are in place. They will go out there and agitate. Fan the flames. Violence. Martial law, curfews. Suspension of rights. It’s ready to blow!”


Russell Steele

Sending a young child to a public school today is akin to child abuse, according to Glenn Reynolds in his books on the issue, including the "Education Apocalypse: How it Happened and How to Survive it." and "The K-12 Implosion."

When we moved about the country from one military assignment to the next, we evaluated the public schools in our new community and if they did not pass our hurdles we put our children in private schools. Schools we struggled to afford, drawing on their education fund, which we had started the week they were born. Every vacation was an education adventure until they went off to college. All four are highly successful women today. Nevada Union was a real challenge, the math department was always rated marginal during certification and we supplemented with tutors and online math courses.

Bill Tozer

“Given their obsession with race, you might assume New York’s mayor and schools chancellor would celebrate the fact that all 53 eighth-graders at a Bronx middle school aced the state’s algebra exam. But you would be wrong because Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza were silent.

“The reason: The high-scoring kids attend a charter school, Success Academy 2 in Concourse Village, and their sensational achievement shames most other public schools in the district and city. And with nearly all 53 of the high scorers nonwhite, the kids put the lie to the claim by de Blasio and Carranza that racism prevents black and Hispanic kids from doing well on standardized tests.

“In a better city, the students and their algebra teacher, Karina Mateo, would be feted at City Hall and educrats would be lining up to learn from her success.

“Instead, crickets. Shame on the mayor and chancellor. Their silence convicts them of hypocrisy.” Michael Goodwin.
“The study found not only lower student achievement since Common Core, but also performed data analysis suggesting students would have done better if Common Core had never existed. The achievement declines also grew worse over time, study coauthor Mengli Song told Chalkbeat, an education news website: “That’s a little troubling.”

(That is a little troubling? No shit. After seven years, you think you would get a clue). Let us continue.....

“It found that improving U.S. students’ math achievement to just the “basic” level on the Nation’s Report Card could boost the U.S. economy by trillions of dollars long term. So Common Core may have cost the U.S. economy by depressing American kids’ math skills below what they would have been if states had refused to adopt Common Core.”

“Bill Gates also admitted the same thing years after he used his mega billions and elevated social position to convince and fund the Obama administration to muscle Common Core into schools. Quote: “It would be great if our education stuff worked, but that we won’t know for probably a decade.”

WTF Bill. Won’t know for a decade? You can’t be that naive. It’s been seven years. Seven straight years of failure. Year after year. Nothing good has come out of it, only bad. Bad juju. You think giving it another three years will suddenly and magically turn itself around when it reaches a decade of debacle? Well, maybe Gates knows something we all don’t know. That something is that if you believe CC needs three more years to find out if it worked, you are Looney Tunes.


Scott O

Since the left has gone insane, someone just had to make some dough off of the situation. The punch lines are out there for free - just juxtapose a cute kitty cat photo and voila! A calendar I wish I had gotten last Christmas.
For the latest in quotes that convince you the world is sinking:
Remember that there are supposedly intelligent people that back this stuff. You might suggest that possibly if the mayor of Portland found out some one he cared about had just been beaten on the head for crossing the street when the Antifa was there, he might change his mind.
There's no evidence for that.
I can hardly wait for the leftists that read this to chime in - holding my breath now - OK, I'm not.
Cue the cricket brigade.

Bill Tozer

Update, shithole education


Scott O

BT - I'm getting 'educated'.
"White supremacy culture has fashioned a social norm insulating white people from the impact of racial stress, which consequentially constructs a social atmosphere that depresses the ability of society, in general, to tolerate racial stress, also known as “White Fragility.”
I 'fashioned' a social norm a long time ago when I realized there were adults that actually spout pure BS.
I'm quite sure the Obama family is experiencing racial stress even as we speak. After you build a whole career based on the 'fact' that non-whites can't get ahead in the USA and then you realize you are full of shit, it might cause stress.
I can offer a service to thousands of African Americans to relieve them of their stress-causing wealth at a modest handling fee.

Scott O

Oh yeah - "NEA shall call for a national teachers’ strike in support of the Green New Deal."
Please - do it. Walk off and don't come back.
When will the left ever make good on their promises?
What happened to all the lefty snot noses that were going to move out if Trump won?
Still here. The slop in the sty is the BEST!

Russell Steele

Users On Wikipedia Are Trying To Quietly Edit Out Democratic Connections In Epstein's Bio

RedState has the details:

As people in our society will do, when they want to learn who somebody is they'll hit up America's number one source of information, Wikipedia. The site is open sourced, meaning anyone can come in and make changes to a page. This can be used to update references, correct information, or in some cases, rewrite history for malicious reasons.

You can bet your Britannica that some were only too happy to rewrite Epstein's history to make it seem like he was more of a figure among Republicans than Democrats.

Upon clicking on Epstein's bio, you'll be treated to various facts about his life, such as the fact that he was good friends with Clinton, as well as disgraced actor and sexual assaulter Kevin Spacey. In fact, it details that Clinton had been on Epstein's private plane 26 times.

Or at least that's what you would have seen if you had pulled up Epstein's page at around 8:30 this morning. According to some eagle eyed Twitter users, the page was edited sometime between then and 10:30 this morning with the connections to Clinton and Spacey now completely gone.

Robert Cross said you can not dispute the facts, but the Democrats can make the facts disappear.

Media Oddly Forgetting Jeffrey Epstein's Role In The Clinton Global Initiative

The news stories trumpeting the feeble connection between Epstein and Trump tip the media's hand.

Meanwhile, Epstein's claims to have helped found the Clinton Global initiative somehow isn't newsworthy.

Mr. Epstein was part of the original group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative, which is described as a project 'bringing together a community of global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges," read the July 2007 letter to the U.S. Attorney's office in the Southern District of Florida. "Focuses of this initiative include poverty, climate change, global health, and religious and ethnic conflicts."

On the other hand, the media is desperately seeking any connection between Trump and Epstein. Supporting the Southern Districts attempt to take down President Trump. I can hear the moderator now, "Can you explain how you know and associated with Mr. Epstein?" "Were you ever a passenger on his plane, or fly to his private island in your plane?"

Bill Tozer

Russ @ 7:03 am

Yep, somehow the Looney Left will make this all about Trump. Wonder who the DOJ was during the time Epstein was previously convicted . :).

There is a new sheriff in town. Blame the Trump Administration!

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

Update, education and teachers unions.

Student-led groups, like the Black Lives Matter Youth Vanguard and the Schools L.A. Students Deserve, have spent years rallying their classmates, teachers, and parents against the random search policy. Both organizations advocate for abolishing police in schools and include top organizers who have been mentored by Dr. Abdullah. The teachers union negotiated on the student-activists’ behalf in a deal that ended a six-day strike in January.

.According to Black Lives Matter-L.A., at least two of its members are also high-ranking officials with the teachers union, including UTLA Vice President Cecily Myart-Cruz. She commended the students “for standing up for their civil rights” and “for speaking truth to power on this issue.” While lobbying to end the searches, student-activists demonstrated outside of the homes of the superintendent and school board president, along with organizing a sit-in at district headquarters during the work stoppage earlier this year.


Russell Steele

The left is not happy about Steyer running for President, spending his millions on his election not a candidate the left favors:

Democrats terrified of losing Steyer’s $100 million to — Steyer! Urge him to ‘invest in OUR people & THEIR power … not this [presidential] bid’

Posted: 09 Jul 2019 08:05 PM PDT
https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/inslee-mum-as-billionaire-tom-steyer-a-former-ally-enters-presidential-race/ By Jim Brunner Seattle Times staff reporter California billionaire Tom Steyer was once seen as a potential deep-pocketed sponsor for Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s presidential campaign. The two have been allies on efforts to defeat climate change, and Inslee met privately with Steyer in December in San Francisco. In January, Steyer publicly ruled out his own […]
Prominent environmentalist Shellenberger trashes Tom Steyer as ‘billionaire fossil fuel magnate turned megalomaniacal Democratic presidential candidate’

Posted: 09 Jul 2019 07:34 PM PDT
"This year we honor Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor for their extraordinary leadership" If this kind of corruption were depicted in a movie or TV show it would be dismissed by critics as propaganda. In fact, it's real life, and it's happening right in front of us pic.twitter.com/K6t2mV5s1c — Mike Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) July 9, 2019 […]
Flashback 2014: NYT: Prominent environmentalist Tom Steyer helped fund coal projects – ‘Cloud Steyer’s image as an environmental savior’

Posted: 09 Jul 2019 07:14 PM PDT
https://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/05/us/politics/prominent-environmentalist-helped-fund-coal-projects.html?module=inline By Michael Barbaro and Coral Davenport Excerpt: But an examination of those investments shows that even after his highly public divestment, the coal-related projects his firm bankrolled will generate tens of millions of tons of carbon pollution for years, if not decades, to come. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Steyer’s fund, Farallon Capital […]
Unionization Fight Looms Over Tom Steyer’s 2020 Announcement

Posted: 09 Jul 2019 06:49 PM PDT
https://www.huffpost.com/entry/tom-steyer-nextgen-america-field-organizers-union-dispute_n_5d243283e4b0cfb595fb1815 In a stinging public rebuke, a contingent of field organizers for the progressive youth mobilization group NextGen America called on the group’s management on Monday evening to end a month of “stalling” and agree to the employees’ terms for union recognition. “While NextGen America’s field staff continue breaking turnout records in the ten states […]
Liberals react to Steyer presidential run: ‘Steyer thinks our country’s problems can be solved by a white guy with lots of money’

Posted: 09 Jul 2019 06:46 PM PDT
https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/tom-steyer-money-running-for-president-2020-election-trump-a8998016.html By Molly Jong-Fast Perhaps Matt Ford put it best when he wrote in the New Republic: “Though he’s mirroring the language of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and other candidates who are running on themes of inequality and corruption, it’s unclear whether a hedge-fund manager with no experience in elected office is the best evangelist of that message.” In […]
NYT: Tom Steyer Will Run for President and Plans to Spend $100 Million on His Bid – ‘Steyer is also now on his 3rd signature issue in little more than half a decade’

Posted: 09 Jul 2019 06:34 PM PDT
https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/09/us/politics/tom-steyer-president.html By Alexander Burns July 9, 2019 Tom Steyer, the former hedge fund investor turned impeachment activist, announced on Tuesday that he would challenge President Trump in 2020, reversing a previous decision not to enter the race. In a video announcing his campaign, Mr. Steyer positioned himself as a populist outsider, railing against corporate interests that he described as […]

George Rebane

RussS 154pm - Fair enough Russ, good reporting on how the Dems are receiving Steyer. Now I'd like to hear the other side of the coin - namely, how come you have him in your Dropout Derby list as surviving into the Dem convention and being the second from the last dropout??? The guy must have something going for him, enlighten us.


I put him high on the list as he is a self-funded candidate a highly dedicated individual who is thinking for himself. He does not relent easily. look at his impeach initiative, he has kept going regardless of the negative polls. He will have to be forced out of the running. He was the funder and main promoter of opposition to the climate change reversal initiative. The unknown is can he buy into the debates. He has the impeach initiative donation mailing list with an active fan club. I think he can clear the hurdles. He would not have declared unless he had the data analysis supporting his decision. I did some research during the climate change initiative and was impressed by Steyer and his wife. Smart people, a hell of a lot smarter than most of the field.


Steyer problem is he is a white male and the winning candidate will be a woman, most likely a white woman. The wild card is Micheal O at a brokered convention.

Bill Tozer

Russ @ July 7, 8:09 am. Making weird ok. That is one great post. Been meaning to tell you that.
Looney Tunes: St Francis (one of the two) said “it is better to understand than to be understood.” Finally, I think I understand Ilhan Omar. She seemed like a whiny always complaining ungrateful spoiled brat. But, I have seen the light and understand. She got the promise of a ‘classless society’ from her early years in a Marxist society confused with the promise of the United States She was so young when they fled that she got it all mixed up. Blame her daddy. Or Daddy got it mixed up.
Not a good article, but the term ‘classless society’ is one of those phrases that jumps out like nine foot letters.

“What, one wonders, does Omar have to say for the country that has given her so much? Mostly, that it has failed to be the Hollywood utopia she was promised as a child, that “the classless America that my father talked about didn’t exist.” Of course it didn’t exist. There’s no such thing as a classless society, anywhere. That’s something everyone learns, or should learn, as they become an adult and encounter the real world.

“Instead, Omar takes it as evidence that America is based on a massive lie—a promise not kept, as if America actually promised a classless society free from inequality, poverty, and the manifold trials of human existence. According to this way of thinking, past mistakes and injustices, whether in foreign policy or civil rights, simply reveal the hypocrisy of America’s founding ideals. The United States was fatally flawed from the beginning, conceived in sin, and deserves only damnation.

“Such thinking is now commonplace and mainstream.”


Russell Steele

George at 06:19 and Russ@06:55

“Tom Steyer, the Democratic Primary’s $100 Million Man,” who’s “about to turn the Democratic primary into an expensive demolition derby:”

Steyer’s probably not quite a threat to overtake Biden or Harris or Sanders or Warren. But everybody below that might as well call it quits.


Russell Steele

More Nevada County Loony Tunes

A deal for the ages: Former Grass Valley resident selling his home, donating most of the money to climate change activism

Profits of the pending sale of his South County home will go toward activist organizations trying to combat climate change, said Krane. The activist wants to take a significant portion of the profit from the sale of his $326,000 home near Lime Kiln Road, and invest in organizations like Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and the Sunrise Movement.


Another gullible person scammed by the climate change cult.

Bill Tozer

Russ @ 7:01 pm

“The wild card is Micheal O at a brokered convention.”

Yep, it was the perfect storm for a Hillary Clinton to emerge from a brokered convention. She is still trying. As soon as the Epstein story hit and the Clintons released their denial statement concerning Jeffie, Hillary released a video of her and Huma dancing to Blood, Sweat, and Tears. She is healthy and ready! But, I am not so sure anymore. Her time has come and gone.

But, looking at the field that nobody is excited about on the Left (thus Steyer’s entry), the wild card Michelle is still an option.. They really really want The Mooch to toss her hat in the ring.

I stand by an earlier statement that the only one who can actually excite the Leftist mainstream media and beat Trump is Oprah.

Russell Steele

Bill@09:15 AM.

I support adding Oprah to the wild card list. It is going to be a Woman, what is undecided is which one!

Bill Tozer

Back to the Update (7/08/19)... The NEA, another angle. What was left out.

“One of the looniest tunes from the Left playing out today is their legions of public school teachers continuing to declare their heartfelt concern for the education and welfare of the children they are paid to educate. As we have documented for years in these pages, nothing could be further from the laughable truth.” —Dr. Rebane
“Last week, thousands of teachers gathered in Houston for the National Education Association’s (NEA) annual convention. During the convention, any group of 50 delegates could bring to the floor a new business item, which is a one-year, non-binding resolution directing the union to take a certain action.

“Over 160 new business items were proposed, including New Business Item 2, a motion pledging the NEA would “re-dedicate itself to the pursuit of increased student learning in every public school in America.” The resolution also proposed that the “NEA will make student learning the priority of the Association” and that every NEA program should be evaluated by asking, “How does the proposed action promote the development of students as lifelong reflective learners?”

“When put to a vote of 6,000 NEA delegates, the motion failed.

“It’s unclear why the NEA would vote against re-dedicating itself to “increased student learning,” since the vote happened in a closed door session. But with no obvious poison pills in the item, “supporting student learning” should be the easiest vote that these teachers take.

“One would think that this motion’s defeat would be a public relations nightmare, because it could fuel the perception — a perception long denied by unions — that teachers unions look out primarily for teachers rather than students. But so far, that public relations nightmare hasn’t happened: Coverage of the convention in both mainstream media outlets and the education trade press have said almost nothing about the resolution’s failure.”


Looney tunes.

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