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21 July 2019


Scott O

My favorite is that any white person pointing out that northern Asians generally have a higher IQ than other peoples are considered "white supremacists".
A close second is that all people considered to be "persons of color" must hew to the current left wing orthodoxy or be considered some shade of evil.
One of the most amusing and brain-dead shaming rituals among the lower ranks of the African-origin community would be to declare that one of your pals is "acting white".
Frank Zappa, William F Buckley, 'Pigpen' McKernan, Charles Manson, Albert Einstein and A. Hitler were all white. So - who is he or she acting like?
Let's all sing the song -
"I'm certainly not a racist and I don't like Trump.
He must therefore be a racist.
Racist people say racist things.
Trump is a racist, so he must say racist things.
Since Trump says racist things, that proves he is a racist."

Russell Steele

Mark Levin on Life Liberty and Levin, Fox News Channel, interviewed Professor Charles Kesler who warns of the 'intoxicating bargain' offered by progressivism'

Professor Kesler from Claremont McKenna College discusses how natural law shaped the Declaration of Independence and the progressive push to expand the role of government. There is a long segment on racism that supports George's list. Check it out.



Professor Kesler teaches a Freshmen, and the students already arrive in class with an established Progressive vocabulary of acceptable terms and are proficient in its use. He was not sure of the source of their learning. Perhaps high school, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other progressive internet sites?


Two headlines I glanced at last week that dovetailed each other and stuck in my noggin. Didn’t read the articles, was pretty certain what it would say. Just now glanced at the first one and couldn’t actually to read it. The second one probably says the same thing: “Yo white people. It is NOT good enough to just say you are not a racist, you have to do more.” And that ‘do more’ means I have to do what? No thanks, I don’t have to prove anything to satisfy you. Talk to the hand. Not playing your game.

1). “At The Washington Post’s 2020 Candidate Forum, Cory Booker suggested that if people are not actively against racism, they are complicit with racism.

“It’s not enough to say you’re not racist, you need to attack racism,” Booker said. “If you just sit by and content yourself with just not being what Donald Trump is…this is a letter to white moderates.”

2) Donnie Douche says, Yo, White people. Enough is enough. Unless you be po white folks looking for a job, YOU own it! Come on white people, enough.

“If you’re somebody who’s poor and you believe Donald Trump is going to get you a job, maybe you don’t have the luxury of a moral imperative, okay?” he continued. “But everybody else, shame on you at this point, enough. This is where you stand up. If you don’t, you own it.”

He said that President Donald Trump’s racism is no different than if they saw four white nationalists on the subway train screaming at an African American women to “go home or go back where you came from.”


Boy, Donnie Douche sounds like a Grand Wizard rallying the boys with torches. Come on white people, join with me and stamp out the scourge of our society!

Bonnie McGuire

Race means nothing. What matters is good moral character and self discipline. Sigmund Freud intelligently pointed out that self disciplined individuals could achieve much, that would create a higher civilization. Undisciplined individuals do the opposite, and eventually bring about its demise. Old story repeated over and over if you pay attention to ancient history. For those who think they know it all...there's nothing new under the sun. Same o same o human nature being tested.


So 742pm

Pigpen... a name rarely invoked nowadays. The Deads original frontman Here's a studio version of Operator, that's him singing, playing harmonica


I'd also put Zappa up near the top of the list... Here's a piece by Zappa in the style of Varese, the Malcom McNab played by Malcom himself, one of the few who can play it.


Todd Juvinall

The loons called Candace Owens a "white supremacist". That says it all.


,,,this is a totally racist post!!!

Scott O

AVDude - ",,,this is a totally racist post!!!"
But George let you post it anyway.
See - he IS inclusive!

Ozz Oswald

Go back to Berkeley you racists

Scott O

Gregory - agreed. You won't find many rock groups with Napoleon Murphy Brock on board.


Bald Kamala weighs in on the "racism" kerfuffle……..

"Cory Booker Says Donald Trump is ‘worse than a racist.’"


Todd Juvinall

Read the A5 page in the Union if you want to see a total fake news AP BS article on Trump. I have been back and forth with Brian Hamilton about it and my GOD he is on a different planet. The article uses all the fake news techniques of quoting idiots like Nadler and of course no other side allowed. Anyway if you agree the AP is a BS pusher let him know. I am sick of that crap.

Scott O

fish 9:17 - This would almost be amusing if it weren't so sad. The spittle-blowing from the left about The Donald is off the charts. Now he's Double-Plus Racist!!!! If they stomp their little feet and repeat it over and over, it just must be true. It MUST be true!

Bill Tozer

The requirement today is if you do not call Trump a racist, that makes you a racist. It’s the ultimate litmus test.

Racism is everywhere, everywhere I say. The worse thing about being a racist is it affects every decision you make.




Sheik Yerbouti is a classic.

Here's a picture of two famous dead white people... is it sexist?


fish 917am

I am Spartacus!

Don Bessee

So are these guys racist's? -



Paul Emery


All things being equal do you think Trumps plea saying “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” would be the same if the four womens heritage would have been from, lets say, Germany, Ireland, Estonia and Sweden?

George Rebane

PaulE 1213pm - Don't know how far you're carrying the "all things being equal", but assuming your 'equality' meant that the 4 countries were also problem countries, then Trump would still have been vilified because TDS requires it, even though the women would most likely have been white. Therefore, the resultant vilification would include the xenophobic and not the 'racist' component. However, according to the 'people of woke', xenophobia against people of color, say, because of cultural differences, would automatically have racism appended as a natural expansion of sin. That's how crazy things have become.

Don Bessee

PC run amok -

Zhu argued that the label “racist” has lost its meaning as a result of its aggressive overuse by leftists. “It’s crazy how they can just throw that word so easily now. It delegitimizes the word itself…I just want people to know that there is a bias against conservative voices,” Zhu continued.

Zhu came under fire for her response to a booth that was set up on her campus for “World Hijab Day.” The student faced criticism after pointing out that the hijab is a symbol of oppression for women around the world. “There is a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus. So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?” Zhu wrote in a tweet.



Bill Tozer

“There are no shithole countries.” —unknown Green Libertarian.
Don @ 12:09 pm. Are these guys racists?


“Many of Zang’s followers are like him — having come to the U.S. from China in the past 30 years or so for postgraduate education. Like Zang, many have school-age children but no previous experience in activism. Many of them became new voters during the past year, including Zang, who was naturalized and registered as a voter in late August 2018. Many of them are not affiliated with any party. But their views, based on a firm belief in competition, individual accomplishment, and meritocracy, are distinctly conservative.”


Paul Emery


All things being equal means the same things being said by the Congressional "Squad" but their heritage being as described in my 12:13 .

George Rebane

DonB 1233pm - Consider what kind of mental deficit one must have not to see that the enforced wearing of the hijab by women (under pain of physical punishment, even unto death) is an obvious symbol of oppression. (Were it only an artifact that a more benign religion required - say, a yarmulke, a shawl, side curls, etc - then not complying with the custom would only have you shunned or dissociated from the faith as punishment. Islam does not provide for such mild reprimands.)

Don Bessee

The daily beast incredibly thinks this guy is a hard right racist because he is a Christian and likes jews -

"It was bad enough to run a hit piece on Mariano Rivera on the day of his induction into the Hall of Fame. It was much worse to lace the coverage with anti-Israel and anti-Trump invective, and to use a featured image of Rivera standing on a pitching mound made of a 'kippah' made from an Israeli flag,” Jacobson said.

The Daily Beast did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson called it an “atrocious hit piece” that attempted to smear Rivera for “supporting Israel” and “not hating” President Trump.

“Readers are informed that over the course of his career, Rivera kept his political beliefs private (this is painted as sinister secrecy), but now that he's retired, his ‘far-right’ leanings are coming to light. And what do those views entail? He's a Christian who loves Israel,” Benson wrote.



Don Bessee

Golf is racists -



Todd Juvinall

Why did the media think Trump was talking about countries? These babes come from shithole districts. Most urban areas are run by their ilk.

Bill Tozer

I just realized my parents were racists. As a teenager they told me if I don’t like it here, I can leave.
Let’s cut the crap and get to kernel. The reason for The Chant being portrayed as racist (an inherent component of fascism in today’s lingo) is because the Left cannot bring themselves to call us or the The Chant ‘Anti-American’. It’s a charge they cannot hurl because it creates one humungous internal conflict within their souls. Having the open border America hating ‘Blame America First’ flag burners call The Chant, Orange Man, or even us deplorable racists and bigots as “Anti-American” is a bridge too far.

From a previous post:

“This was merely the beginning of what became the standard playbook for the left, except instead of making the charge of anti-Americanism (the Left is obviously conflicted on this point), they defaulted to fascism and racism instead.”

“Rep. Major Owens: “These are people who are practicing genocide with a smile; they’re worse than Hitler.” Worse than Hitler! That must be the equivalent of turning racism and fascism up to eleven! And then of course there’s Vice President Joe Biden in 2012 saying that mild-mannered Mitt Romney wanted to put black people “back in chains.”

Now that Nancy Pelosi and Sloppy Joe are racists and Obama said racism was bred into his white grandma, we all be racists now. Finally, common ground with my white brethren on the Left side of the aisle. It’s not our fault. We were born that way. Who am I to argue with the smartest people on Earth? The science is settled.

Paul Emery


Why didn't Trump clarify that if that was his intention?


Posted by: Scott O | 22 July 2019 at 11:24 AM

This would almost be amusing if it weren't so sad. The spittle-blowing from the left about The Donald is off the charts. Now he's Double-Plus Racist!!!!

I was interested about what was "worse" than racism…….after being scolded that racism was the ultimate transgression.

Somebody must have turned Booker up to eleven……!


Bill Tozer

Another uppity racist who neither submits nor knows his place.

“All things being equal do you think Trumps plea saying “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” would be the same if the four womens heritage would have been from, lets say, Scotland, Greece, France, and poor Germany who can not afford to pay her NATO dues for protection?”
It would be "racist" and "sexist" for @realDonaldTrump NOT to criticize people with whom he disagrees just because they are "women of color."‬——The Sage from South Central.
The president then once again emphasized why he has singled out the Squad: "I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said. They are destroying the Democrat Party, but are weak & insecure people who can never destroy our great Nation!"
“In spite of this, for the Left 'racist' has long become the preferred pejorative with which to tar their political opponents. So today ‘racist’ can mean anything, when it actually means nothing. —-Dr. George Rebane

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 22 July 2019 at 01:26 PM
Why did you and the lamestream media think he meant countries?

Bill Tozer

“[The] issue is not that [Ilhan] Omar is merely a Muslim. It is that she is an Islamist fellow traveler. Despite Washington’s best efforts, Americans grasp the difference between (a) Islam as a personal religious affiliation and (b) sharia supremacism as an anti-Western political ideology. They don’t see Omar as simply a Muslim. They see someone who is hard-wired to blame the United States for jihadist terrorism. They see someone who is steeped in anti-Semitism, and indistinguishable from her Muslim Brotherhood friends in hostility to Israel’s existence.” —Andrew McCarthy

Opps, off topic. The topic is racism. Me bad. Sorry. How about Larry Elder’s quote again.
“It would “racist” and “sexist” for Donald Trump NOT to criticize people with whom he disagrees because they are “woman of color”.

Race relations in the South


Paul Emery

Is that what you think he meant Todd, that he was referring to the Districts that elected them ?

Paul Emery

Here's Trumps exact quote Todd and it's obvious he's referring to the countries they came from. You're observation is very novel and creative I might add.

"In tweets on Sunday, the president wrote that it was “so interesting to see ‘progressive’ Democrat congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, how our government is to be run.

“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime[-]infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!”


Bill Tozer

Yo Punchy.

Take it to the Sandbox. The topic is racism. Focus. Focus. Opps, strike that. Always said ALC was a full blown racist in a skirt. Nevermind.

Bill Tozer

Opps, make that AOC is a full blown racist, not ALC. My mistake which I own.


“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime[-]infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need...

You are right, Todd. Trump did not single out a particular person or country in that reference. He said “they”. And “places”. :). Carry on.

Todd Juvinall

PE 311

Thanks that makes my point exactly. Since three of them came from America and only the one babe came from the shithole Somalia, it is totally accurate he meant district. If you disagree please point out the exact words to back up your position.

Robert Cross

When asked which fictional character absolutely would have been a trump voter, conservative pundit Bill Kristol hit it right on the head.... Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes.. "I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing."m-- don't blame me boys, I am just telling you what Kristol said.

Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC, Crystal is a neo-con "never Trumper" Using him for anything sensible is ludicrous. The economy is humming for all who want to work. You have nothing but dopey things to say. What an embarrassment you and your ilk are.

Robert Cross

I thought you liked the Neo-cons Todd , like the Bush family and Karl Rove and a host of others.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 22 July 2019 at 03:36 PM

Still upset about the menopausal fellow traveller losing eh Roberta? Well buck up lil cowgirl……cuz Hillary looks like she wants another run at the White House!

Wonder if she can pull it off this time…..?

Paul Emery

So Todd you stand by your opinion that Trump was referring to their home districts not other countries right?

Bill Tozer

Bill Kristol? Now, if there is ever a poster boy for He Broke Me, Billy Kristol is the face, be it left or right. Heck, he exploded with so much TDS in his melon that he came out and said he is voting for Michele and start writing stuff left of Bernie. Went nuts. Trump blew his mind clear out of his noggin
Well, William Kristol was the founder and editor-at-large of the defunct political magazine The Weekly Standard. He Broke Me. More so than Kathy Griffin. At least she is still working.

Thought George Will would never make it back, but now he just focuses on issues. Lost his mind there for awhile. Actually, he ain’t the same, sticks to Conservative-light issues. Funny, we are moving to where the Bill Clinton ‘New Democrats” were and the Dems are moving to where the Jacobins were. They sure hated the Catholic Church.
Opps, I meant the Clinton New Democrats positions (minus the prison bill which we are reforming in a good way) and without telling folks that Barrack was the kind of ‘guy who used to fetch us coffee’ Democrat racism. Remember when Jesse Jackson said he was going to cut off Barrack’s nuts for telling a group of blacks they have their own responsibility for their own community and problems that they need to own up to and address. Family stuff. Boy, that is how real racists talk today. All that personal responsibility talk...racist...not to mention White Privilege and the importance of the role of men in a society, community, and family. Racist thoughts.
Boy, you will never hear a discussion on race like you will when they throw out the ‘reparations’ word and make it part of their platform. Oh boy. Talk about one Great Divider. It will not be a healing moment. No siree.


Hmmmm……sounds like a regular contributor!

Roberta Cross Joy Behar on Trump: 'Why can't he be brought up on charges of hate speech?'

Because there aren't any laws against "hate speech" you stupid cow! (Christ Jesus it must take special sort of stupid to make it in television)


Robert Cross

little fishy 3:51 --Clouseau strikes again and again and again...stuck in first gear...keep trying though.. it's very amusing.

Todd-- "You have nothing but dopey things to say." I didn't say it.. Bill Kristol, who 15 years ago was probably your idol, said it. You really seem to have no particular political beliefs that you adhere to and just go with whatever is happening at the time. Probably in 10 years, if you live that long, you will think trump was a dunce and President Bannon will be your new hero. Very malleable.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 22 July 2019 at 05:30 PM

Clouseau strikes again and again and again...stuck in first gear...keep trying though.. it's very amusing.

Well amusing is what I go for Roberta……you never answered my question……you think the rubes in the democrat party will eventually get around to begging Hillary to be the sacrificial lamb again in 2020?

Inquiring minds……..

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 22 July 2019 at 04:01 PM
Answer my question of point out in his tweets the words country and then maybe I'll answer your ridiculous repeat.

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 22 July 2019 at 05:30 PMWhy do you insist on trying to include me in your moronic musings? My goodness, you and Paul Emery are made from the same cloth. Putting words and intentions into others mouths and minds is really a disease. You have the disease.

Bill Tozer

Listen #7,879 on assume. Makes an ass out of u and me.

"Bill Kristol, who 15 years ago was probably your idol,”

Aha! And therein lies the problem. “probably”. Lesson over.

Those “George Wallace” trial balloons (worse than racist) Biden and some other dummy like Spartaclutz were spouting with comparisons to George Wallace went over like a lead ballon. Over the target audience’s heads. They are from our school system. They don’t recall who George Wallace is. Who dat?, roflmao.

However, it was amusing to watch all the independents and unregistered Lefties and Socialists and Commies and SJWs in CA race over and register to vote with the American Independence Party in 2016....the Party founded by George Wallace. Such racists. That calls for another roflmao.

Best to call Acme Rents for a double delivery. Batting a thousand, Mr. Assumption.

Don Bessee

Another socialist dem lie goes up in smoke, especially for the shit holes -

Increasing the diversity of America’s police officers will not necessarily cut racial disparities in fatal police shootings, according to a new study which claims that race-specific crime rates are a bigger factor than the race of the officer.

Research published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday found that as the percentage of black officers who shot in FOIS (fatal officer-involved shootings) increased, the citizen shot was more likely to be black than white. In a similar vein, as the number of Hispanic officers went up, the person shot was more likely to be black or Hispanic than white.
Related: Los Angeles police spied on anti-Trump protesters

The authors, led by David Johnson, a social cognitive psychologist at the University of Maryland, College Park, said the link between officer race and the race of citizens fatally killed are the result of officers and citizens usually coming from the same population base.
They claimed to find no evidence that white officers were more likely to shoot minority groups than officers of colour.



Don Bessee

So a black liberal dem candidate lies accusing a very liberal Puerto Rican dem of saying go back where you came from and it was about taking her 20 items off the 10 item or less checkout. LOL!



Paul Emery

Todd writes:

"Answer my question of point out in his tweets the words country and then maybe I'll answer your ridiculous repeat."

Can anyone translate that for me?

Todd Juvinall

Yes, you made a claim about "send her back" as he was telling them to go back to a country. I said district. You disagreed. I said show me in his tweets the words that back you up. You change the subject. I checkmated you. Thanks.

Todd Juvinall

If Paul Emery is having that much of a problem remembering his own words just a couple of hours later, I suggest some massive doses of Ginko.

Bill Tozer

“Dem Congresswomen” and “places” sounds pretty generic to me. I thought he was talking about Aunt Maxie and that crazy lady in the cowboy hat. Boy, they have some real beauties, them Dem CongressWomen. Mercy. Or maybe he was talking about someone from a place like Detroit City or Baltimore, hellhole places like that. You know Omar went to Philly? She was told it was the City of Brotherly Love.
"...it was just outright disrespectful …[@SpeakerPelosi's] explicit singling out of newly elected women of color."
"You got a complaint? You come and talk to me about it. But do not tweet about our members and expect us to think that that is just OK."


Paul Emery

Any help in translating Todds 6:17? He's trying to say something I believe. To think he was once a County Supervisor. Very sad.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 22 July 2019 at 09:16 PM

Whatever you say jeffy......

Bill Tozer

Trump said “ places “ more than once when referring to Dem Congresswomen in the Sunday tweets Punchy used as his exhibit. Sure, countries could be places. Mad Max is from a foreign country...called Kalifornia. Very dangerous place. Lots of violence, tent cities, 2 million rats roaming the streets and houses like a 3rd world shithole.

Is Nevada County Blue yet?

Hey, look what they pulled out of the trash heap. Did Bill Kristol sign with CNN yet, or is he more of a MSMBC type Huff-n-Puff kind of guy. An expert guest!


Todd Juvinall

It looks like PE has dementia. So sad.


“So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly..........and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how........it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!” - Donald J Trump

Scott O

Twitter 7:06 - Now, does everyone notice there is zero 'racism' in that quote?


Posted by: Scott O | 23 July 2019 at 08:26 AM

Twitter 7:06 - Now, does everyone notice there is zero 'racism' in that quote?

Sorry Scott……progressives are genetically programmed to detect racism even where none exists. It one of their "superpowers".

Bill Tozer

Looking at George’s (incomplete) top 18 current cultural definitions of a racist, I have tried to pick just one as the most significant racist pejorative hurled around. Like having a bags of Lays potato chips, “bet you can’t eat just one.” There seems to be a definition for every situation. For everything there is a season. They have all the bases covered.

This line has struck me most, so I guess I will pick #14. “Any white person who disagrees with an elected politician, official, teacher, … of color;

“New Rasmussen poll finds "one-in-three Democrats think it’s racism any time a white politician criticizes a politician of color." (Does it work the other way around? If so, @RepMaxineWaters would be serving life.) ‬

“One in three Democrats thinks IT IS racism ANYTIME a white person criticizes a politician of color”. Hmmm. That sounds low.

Any person who would think like that.....well, it just proves one in three Democrats are racists.

Bill Tozer

#16 is something Dr.Rebane has taken a lot of heat over....drives Stevie totally bonkers.

“Anyone who points out that overwhelmingly and obviously people like to live among cultural likes,”

To thing otherwise would be a science denier.

Oh, there are tons more. More recently, the words Tliab said to the Botox Queen rang rather noteworthy. When talking to her, Nancy must first and foremost see Tliab as a POC. Nancy must see that Tliab is a women of color and then speak to her with that in mind. In fact, the whole conversation between the two must be predicated upon looking at Tliab’s skin color. All life experiences and discussions that follow must be viewed through the prism of race.

Noticed Puerto Rico is back in the news. I cannot even think of that the place without hearing Stevie going off on any given Sunday that “if they were white people,” Trump would have had mega Hurricane Relief and twenty divisions of soldiers to help out there instantly....with an accurate body count long ago. If Puerto Rican’s were white things would be much different.
Never mind the PR airport runways were overfilled with delivered aid and supplies, never mind the harbor docks were destroyed and the sick and injured were ferried to the US Naval Hospital parked in the bay....never mind all that, Trump is a racist who does not care about poor suffering brown people. It’s because they are poor and because they are Brown.
The Puerto Rico narrative got so bad with the TDS crowd that sees racism everywhere, the conversation spilled over to critiquing the old Broadway play, “The West Side Story”, lol.
Somethings never change.

‘George Bush let people die on rooftops in New Orleans because they were poor and because they were black.” —Democrat nominee for the United States Senate in Missouri Claire McCaskill.

Scott O

fish - "progressives are genetically programmed to detect racism even where none exists."
I disagree. "progressives" not so long ago used to be quite happy with folks like Sanger, Woolf, Shaw and Webb. 'Fabians' they called themselves or were fellow travelers. Quite progressive. Sanger saw abortion as a good way to rid society of the 'sort' we didn't need.
And her good work has certainly slaughtered off more African descent people than even the Africans today seem to be able to get rid of themselves. Trade unions were one of the ways non-whites were kept out of good paying jobs even into the 70's.
Nope - it's not in their DNA.
Acquiring and maintaining power in whatever way they can do it is what's in their DNA. They had the Blacks wrapped around their fingers for quite a spell without much more than throwing them bones to keep them happy.
Between killing them off and the others getting a little too 'uppity' and going off the proper political plantation, the Dems had to find a new base of power. Bringing in millions of folks from south of the border and teaming up with every aggrieved sexual identity group would provide the new way to permanent power. Since they have no political or economic ideas beyond those that have failed everywhere else, screaming RACISM and all other negative ISMs they can dream up on a constant basis is their ploy du jour.
It will pass. It has to as all witch-hunts tend to do once the hunt turns up the fact that everyone is a witch.

Bill Tozer

# 15). Any white person who criticizes the government sponsored demise of the black family.
Well, thank goodness these folks are black. But, even though they are black, today a black person saying such things are called White Supremists, houseboy, self-loathing Black Person, Uncle Tom and a bunch more. And of course, the Racist! dog whistles are sounded. Racist! Just like the white folk saying such things, lol.

Malcolm X said: "The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn't taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man."
Walter Williams said:
“Malcolm X was absolutely right about our finding solutions to our own problems. The most devastating problems that black people face today have absolutely nothing to do with our history of slavery and discrimination. Chief among them is the breakdown of the black family, wherein 75 percent of blacks are born to single, often young, mothers. In some cities and neighborhoods, the percentage of out-of-wedlock births is over 80. Actually, "breakdown" is the wrong term; the black family doesn't form in the first place. This is entirely new among blacks.”
Larry Elder sez: “Malcolm X calls blacks "political chumps" for voting 80% dem despite promises broken. NOW it's 90+% dem black vote despite policies that encourage dependency; min wage laws and illegal immigration that hurt urban jobs; and bad urban public schools.”

Bill Tozer

Racists revisited. Good short read

“Will the deplorables, who number in the scores of millions, accept a future where they and their children and children’s children are to submit to permanent rule by people who visibly detest them and see them as racists, sexists and fascists?”

“Will Middle America go gentle into that good night?”


Rock Hunter

Pretty certain yours are Klan talking points. Yes, you are a racist. Pretending that language isn't a living thing that continues evolving when you find it convenient, is a commonality among the racists. "Nigger is a fine word. Samuel Clemens used it all of the time". Play games with words George, but we're not that stupid. Only your klan doesn't blink when you plow out a chain of racist talking points and somehow pretend they give you cover.


Posted by: Rock Hunter | 23 July 2019 at 09:02 PM

Nobody cares, nobody is listening.......

George Rebane

RockH 902pm - is there any talking point you can specifically isolate to a "Klan" or "racist talking point". If you can't, then you're like the rest of your brethren, just blowing hot air claiming things are so just because you say they are.

Scott O

Rocky 9:02 - "Nigger is a fine word. Samuel Clemens used it all of the time".
That would be your quote, Rocky. No one else here said that. Better watch that lip in public. Some one might just bust it wide open.
No wonder you won't use your name.

Rock Hunter

How about 1 through 17?
You are hiding behind a bubble curtain of hatred under the guise of being just a po li'l old white man getting unfairly accused as a racist by the extreme left PC crowd. You just telling it like it iz but your words keep gettin' twisted all up.

Reminds me of the lawyer for a crips member telling the judge his client was being unfairly accused of being in a gang when "really, it was just a club". The judge said something to the effect, "You dance around the truth, obfuscating the facts, by juggling your words".

Well said.

Todd Juvinall

No racists here on the right. That is being worn out and even Candace Owens was called a "white supremacist". The lefty types here though are spewing the 1936 Communist platforms of Stalin just like their candidates for President.

Scott O

Rock-head 7:20 "You just telling it like it iz but your words keep gettin' twisted all up."

Rock Hunter

"Racist can be an indictment of someone's comments that have absolutely nothing to do with racism, simply on the invocation of 'We know what he really meant'."

What he said.

Scott O

Rock-head 8:04 - So let me get this straight. Rock-head is saying that if he doesn't like your politics, anything you say is racist because he says so.
Let's have a test of this mind reading ability - what am I thinking right now, Rocky?
Waiting. No fair lifting your blindfold...

Rock Hunter

You are humming "Idaho" in your head. See, I know. "Staring at the world from my own little Idaho". Great lick actually.


George Rebane

re RockyH 720am - Readers will note that another conversation with a befuddled liberal ends with his not being able to contribute any basis to his accusations. They remain so, just because he said so. In this he is not unique. As the record in these and the national pages shows, none of them are capable of defining terms and/or of supporting their charges. And there is ample credible evidence to conclude that none of them even recognize what are the elements of proof.

Scott O

Alas, Rock-head has proven himself wrong. Not what I was thinking at all. Not even close to close. Off by a light year. But no never mind - facts and reason are just dog whistle code words.
Rocky will still claim he knows what I'm REALLY thinking.

Bill Tozer

Racist #1). “Anyone who disagrees with your speech or opinion;” or more commonly known as what a conservative is called when a lefty is losing an argument.

BEFORE Donald Trump ‬
‪Whites' ratings of "relations between whites and blacks" as "very good" or "somewhat good": ‬
‪2007: 75% ‬
‪2015: 45%‬
‪Blacks' ratings of "relations between whites and blacks" as "very good" or "somewhat good": ‬
‪2001: 70% ‬
‪2013: 66%‬
‪2016: 49%‬

Update: What those who hear dog whistles blowing in the wind missed is that Trump’s tweets and words where not about racism....but no use trying to change their ‘confirmation bias’ minds. Nay, what Donald Trump did was to label them anti-American. That is the whole enchilada. Anti-American America haters. That’s the label stuck on them while waiting for the Dems to come up with some kind of opponent.

Fruitless endeavor to argue with them. They have it all prejudged. As in prejudice. They see a racist-now-fascist behind every bush across the fruits plains. Strike that. They see a racist-now-fascist-now White Supremest (of any color) behind every bush and around every corner....across the fruited plains.

You are either for me or agin’ me. And if you are agin’ me, you are a racist. And if you are neither for me or agin’ me, you are a racist. And if you are for me, you must prove it or you are a racist.


Posted by: Rock Hunter | 24 July 2019 at 08:04 AM

"Racist can be an indictment of someone's comments that have absolutely nothing to do with racism, simply on the invocation of 'We know what he really meant'."

Indeed…..like calling someone a "revisionist" or "counterrevolutionary". The word no longer has any meaning outside the context of "I need to accuse you of something really bad with no proof required" A political word!

Remember Rock…..nobody is listening…..nobody cares!

Don Bessee

Getting bit by your own dog -

Bette Midler calls African American Trump supporters 'blackground,' is slammed as 'racist'



Don Bessee

The socialist dems act more racist and more Nazi like when it comes to minorities of faith -

Baseball Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera on Wednesday defended his support for President Donald Trump, after an editorial on Sunday accused the former New York Yankees great of having "served at the pleasure of a racist president."

Appearing on Fox News, Rivera emphasized his Christian faith and his solidarity with President Trump on issues such as the state of Israel.

"He was a friend of mine before he became president," Rivera said on "Fox & Friends." "So, because he's president I will turn my back on him? No. I respect him.
"I respect what he does and I believe he's doing the best for the United States of America."



Bill Tozer

Perhaps it’s all not about racism. Suppose it’s all about power.
The history of tarring every single Republican President with the racist label is an unbroken chain since post Ike. It does not matter who the R is, they will find themselves foolishly try to defend the racist label. If Pence runs, expect the same. If Romney runs again, expect the same. The slur is effective, especially so when considering those who throw the racist mud balls know it is not true. It’s all about power.

The Leftinistas cannot handle being out of power. Today not only is our President a racist, now every single person who votes for or supports Trump or any Republican is a racist. If fact, if you vote for a Republican, that means you, the individual, are a racist. Expand that to White Males and there you go.

Perhaps it’s all about the vote, not about racism. Strike the word ‘perhaps’. If you do not vote for a Lefty, that translated to being a racist. Vote for me or you are a racist.

Bill Tozer

If there is any doubt that liberalism is a mental disorder, consider this:

“Math is racist.”

George Rebane

BillT 800am - Yes indeed Mr Tozer. We have already lamented on that symptom of their mental deficits/disease, but it bears repeating as often as we find the loonies repeating it in the media - its assertion should not go unchallenged, and it serves to remind the thinkers what a terrible affliction is unthinking. Thank you.

Bill Tozer

Age discrimination or racism or both?

“His alleged salary is at the same pay grade as associate professor salaries, while his 12-page lawsuit says teachers of African and Asian descent are earning more than Burns, who earned his PhD. in 1972.”

“Marshall Burns, a 73-year-old physics professor at Tuskegee University, alleges the school pays younger employees at least $18,000 to $30,000 more than him, although his professorship spans over four decades.”

“The denial of full-time professor pay, which would have earned him over $400,000, will come second to his love for teaching, as he prepares to teach nine two-hour physics courses in the upcoming fall semester.”


Bill Tozer


Holy Smokes. Trump doubles down on racism. I cannot believe it! That man is an animal and never doubts himself. He never backs down, never quits, and never apologizes....something he learned in his limousine liberal days. Now he is beating on women of color....again! Pounding on women of color. He is no respecter of persons, no matter their status, race, creed, or color.

New Trump-Pence campaign ad....while waiting for an opponent to enter Thunderdome.

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