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17 July 2019



Posted by: AVMan | 19 July 2019 at 08:29 AM

.....he looks for warm fuzzies from the North Carolina lemming base.

And why wouldn’t he dugsKKKi? That’s the base that’s going to deliver him a second term!

......why are you here?

Jig Wiggly

Todd 7:57
"I'm not fat at all"
So, is that just an enlarged liver you're sporting???

"Todd Juvinall: Our Village Idiot" Always worth reading

Bill Tozer

Jig Wiggly, lol.

Perhaps using Lord Fattius’s blog is not the best source to cite. There is not one human alive who, when seeing His Lardship for the first time, does not immediately recoil at the obese freak of nature. Ok, some may not actually think “freak of nature”, but most certainly notice what their eyes unfortunately saw is not something you see everyday. Abnormal to be kind. One of those things that you can’t unsee.

It kinda defeats the purpose to reference the Bellicose of Cellulose when calling Todd fat or Trump a fat ass.

Bill Tozer

Feel the Bern: We work for Bernie, here are our demands.

“So, the Washington Post, or whatever, has this story about how us people working on the Bernie Sanders campaign are demanding 15 dollars an hour. And, yes. We are! Now don’t get us wrong, we love Bernie, we still feel the Bern, but as a boss, he’s kind of a capitalist pig, which we say in the nicest way possible.

“I mean, you know, Bernie Sanders is supposed to be this socialist, or democratic socialist dude, but he actually pays us less than Colonel Sanders does to sell people delicious fried chicken. We need a leader who will lead by example. We need Bernie to practice what he preaches and pay us what he demands every American receive—but that’s not all.

“The whole point of working for Bernie Sanders’ campaign is to take over the government and have it give us all free stuff by taxing finance bros. But we of the Sandernista International Local 101 say if that’s the plan, why not take campaign contributions from finance bros now and use it pay us a living wage instead of treating us like dogs begging for scraps on the streets of Calcutta?

“But in all honesty, a $15 minimum wage is the bare minimum of what we deserve and demand. We show up day in and day out, hang around the office talking about the future and making occasional phone calls, and that work needs to be adequately compensated, not just with money, but also with respect! But, mostly with money and things that cost money. Below are our modest demands—there is little, if anything, among them that Bernie hasn’t already promised the American people if he becomes president.

“$15 Dollars An Hour
As Bernie himself has said, “If you work 40 hours a week, you should not live in poverty.”


Jig Wiggly

The standard, "I can't be fat because he is fatter" argument. Very persuasive.

Bill Tozer

Well, come on Jigger. Todd’s weigh is considered normal for his age and height, run of mill stuff. Most could shed a few pounds in the real world, be it a beer belly, a muffin top, or being a poky. A good doc will tell some to have a few extra pounds in he golden years because they will need them when they start shedding pounds after 80.
But citing a blog where the writer makes Sumo wrestlers look thin is kinda self defeating. And Todd does not have that Mongoloid Down Syndrome look. But, this topic is rather unappetizing for both polite and not so polite company. If I could on get that image out of my mind. Yuck.

Just thank you lucky stars, Jiggger, that you are not cursed with that affliction His Assholiness has.


Posted by: Jiggly | 19 July 2019 at 08:47 AM

Plus we know that jeffty is actively pursuing a weight loss program.......evidently he enjoys "Pounding Sand" as part of a heart healthy cardio routine!

Todd Juvinall

Jig Wiggly | 19 July 2019 at 08:47 AM

Using the porky's blog is just too funny. I am 230 and 6-4. AVman/Jig is 5-7 and 320. I think I have a better chance than the porky one. And my liver is just fine, you are turning yellow. Better head to the doc.

Bill Tozer

If one goes just by the body mass index, the Governator Arnold was obese...in his prime. And he was on the US commission for fitness prior to that, lol. But enough of Rosie the Pig. Next time Jigger wants to call Todd fat, perhaps he should cite someone not quite off the charts and out of this world concerning obesity. Someone more normal, like Michael Moore.

I certainly am grateful that I do not wake up each morning withTodd Derangement Syndrome. Got enough stuff going on in my head to have TDS to deal with.
50 year anniversaries this week. Moon walk and other stuff. Do they still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse? Is football stilll the roughest thing on campus?

“Haggard might add, “We don’t throw quick dry cement at reporters.” Just recently, Mr. Andrew Ngo, a reporter covering a protest in Portland had milkshakes supplemented with quick-dry hurled at him by Antifa agitators. According to some reports, this is becoming an in-vogue thing.

“Back in late '60s and early '70s, it was the conformists who plotted violence against reporters, not the radicals. G. Gordon Liddy, of Watergate fame, drew up plans for murdering Jack Anderson of The New York Times. The radicals who did plot violence (the Weathermen, Black Panthers, etc.) had just enough sense to avoid reporters.

“Granted, the definition of “reporter” seems to have evolved since 1969. “We don’t have reporters like Brian Karem in Muskogee,” might be another line for the updated version. Karem, who covers the Whitehouse for Playboy, had a viral moment last week when he yelled insults at the President during a press conference in the Rose Garden.

“This is not the first time he’s become a part of the story. Karem excels at grabbing the spotlight. In 1969, reporters were not showmen. Those who made themselves the subject of the story did not long remain employed.

“I’d like to see someone write an updated version of this Merle Haggard Classic. But at the rate we are currently progressing, it would be quickly outdated.”


Jig Wiggly

Todd 9:57
Pretty sure Jeff didn't take the picture. It stands alone from his words. You and Rebane look like puff pastries. At least Rebane doesn't call for ridicule because he doesn't brag about his physical prowess. You, on the other hand . . . what a turd!


Posted by: Jigggly | 19 July 2019 at 10:43 AM

......he doesn't brag about his physical prowess.

jeffty.....is that you?

Bill Tozer

“They stripped me of my Miss Michigan title due to my refusal to try on a hijab in 2018, my tweet about black on black gun violence, and ‘insensitive’ statistical tweets.”


No, no, no. That’s not it at all. It’s because you, Kathy Zhu, are an Asian who happens to have the misfortune of living in Michigan, ground zero for Sharia Law in the USA. Asians are like being white nowadays. Privileged, like that Democrat Vietnamese Immigrant Congresswoman from FL. She is bad. She be Asian. Welcome to the club.

‘In the last cycle, Justice Democrats backed American Civil Liberties Union activist Chardo Richardson over Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), who made history as the first Vietnamese American woman elected to Congress.”

Don’t cite stats! Rookie mistake.

Don Bessee

Snowflakes by definition are ignorant/stupid -



Todd Juvinall

Jig Wiggly | 19 July 2019 at 10:43 AM

I feel your pain fatboy. I am in great shape, women love and life is good. Now go steal another movie.

George Rebane

Re Jig 922pm & RockH 808am – My 715pm is taken to task as “bullshit” because Trump took an entire 10 seconds (gasp!) to resume his speech from when a few in the audience started chanting ‘Send her back’, which then grew in the ensuing seconds into the entire hall taking up the chant. And Trump’s delay in confirming that build-up, and THEN seeking to staunch the chant with the resumption of his speech, is prima facie evidence that Trump 1) solicited the chant, and 2) he wants to deport members of the Squad to the countries of their/ancestors’ origin. That he invited them to fix the problems there and then come back to fix America’s problems was somehow overlooked. Nevertheless, these leftwing commenters have again confirmed that the difference is vast in how the two sides of America perceive the world. Here we learn that, in launching a vilification, no matter how few, seconds count.

Bill Tozer

10 SECONDS! 10 seconds! That sounds shorter than you side’s 2 Minutes Of Hate.

Oh my, Trump can do a lot of things, but he can’t make the ocean waves stop lapping on our shores or make a full packed SRO ONLY house make the euphoric tens of thousands and thousands partying outside cease and desist at the snap of his fingers. It was not Trump. Blame us Irredeemable Bitter Clinger Dregs of Society. We take full responsibility and credit. We be Rowdy Conservatives, the unwashed...not just mere Trump supporters. We will we will rock you.

Give us a reason to even look your way.

Trump was right on at the Electrifying Rally. “We have all the enthusiasm on our side.” It’s true. Our rallies get the whole stadium a’ rocking. Rodeo and Rock-n-Roll are synonymous. Now, why would anyone want to endure a Biden rally? Or video?

If you think Trump is so powerful, ask him if he can hold back diarrhea. Obliviously, the pocket sock puppets here can’t hold theirs back.

Paul Emery

Sorry to hear about you brothers passing Todd. He was a good guy, a fine musician and a respected member of our musical community. I always enjoyed playing with in the old days.

Bill Tozer

‪"CBO tries to hire the best possible PhD students in economics. There’s no politics involved in the qualifications."‬
‪--Jonathan Gruber, MIT economist, architect of RomneyCare, Obamacare advisor ‬

In other news, the CBO (July 8) said the $15 minimum wage would cut 1.3 million jobs. What, 2.3% of all working folks are slaving away at minimum wage? What could possibly go wrong?
CNN's John King: Biden 'sometimes' sounds like Clinton in 2016 with the 'it's my turn' motto.
Far-Right racial racist fascist Christians attack Colin Kaepernick!!!!! Racists! Nazis! The Fascists! South shall rise again!

“Owens' letter added, "Many of us marched in the civil rights movement of the 1960s and have an established record of civic activism. We represent a variety of races, ethnicities, and creeds. And we agree that Mr. Kaepernick's views on America and the flag are fringe opinions, not shared by any of us ... especially the African Americans who marched against segregation with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In fact, we find Mr. Kaepernick's views to be ill-informed and offensive, especially to veterans and others who have served this country."


Bill Tozer

Fun read.


So Republicans should leave the country! FDR didn’t even invite them to come back after they had fixed their home country. Imagine if he had put that in a Tweet.

This was merely the beginning of what became the standard playbook for the left, except instead of making the charge of anti-Americanism (the Left is obviously conflicted on this point), they defaulted to fascism and racism instead. By 1945 FDR was saying that a Republican return to power would represent a victory for the forces of fascism we were fighting against overseas. Nothing subtle about that charge.

Or how about this front page headline from the New York Times on October 25, 1948:


CHICAGO, Oct. 25 — A Republican victory on election day will bring a Fascistic threat to American freedom. . .

I have a long catalogue of these kind of statements. Here’s a short sampler, starting with Barry Goldwater’s nomination in 1964: San Francisco Mayor John Shelley said Republicans “had Mein Kampf as their political bible.” Columnist Drew Pearson, for example, wrote that “the smell of fascism has been in the air at this convention.” The Chicago Defender ran the headline: “GOP Convention, 1964 Recalls Germany, 1933.”

Following Newt Gingrich’s landslide in 1994, Rep. George Miller said, “It’s a glorious day if you’re a fascist.” Rep. Charlie Rangel, on GOP budget cuts under Gingrich: “Hitler wasn’t even talking about doing these things.” (Actually we have to give this one to Rangel for accuracy, since it is correct that Hitler never talked about cutting Medicare.) Rep. Major Owens: “These are people who are practicing genocide with a smile; they’re worse than Hitler.” Worse than Hitler! That must be the equivalent of turning racism and fascism up to eleven! And then of course there’s Vice President Joe Biden in 2012 saying that mild-mannered Mitt Romney wanted to put black people “back in chains.”

I have a huge file of these. (I’m omitting my very large roster of “Reagan is Hitler” quotes.) What I don’t have are any instances—not one—of a Washington Post or New York Times editorial calling out liberals for extreme or “divisive” rhetoric. That’s a one-way ratchet, as we all know. Liberals are free to call Republicans any crazy thing they want, and even to suggest (like FDR) that they are un-American and ought to consider leaving the country, but if a Republican ever talks back, we see liberals get a case of the vapors.


What we have here is a case of the vapors.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Trump, tear down that bridge. 50th anniversary for The Lion of the Senate

AP Tweet On 50th Anniversary Of Chappaquiddick Met With Backlash, Fact-Checks

Trump Administration honors Muslim Cleric who saved Christians from terror attack.

“As Imam Abdullahi was finishing midday prayers, he and his congregation heard gunshots and went outside to see members of the town’s Christian community fleeing," the State Department added. "Instinctively, the Imam ushered 262 Christians into the mosque and his home next to the mosque. The Imam then went outside to confront the gunmen and he refused to allow them to enter, pleading with them to spare the Christians inside, even offering to sacrifice his life for theirs. Although the gunmen killed 84 people in Nghar village that day, Imam Abdullahi’s actions saved the lives of hundreds more."

At the event, the State Department also honored:

Mohamed Yosaif Abdalrahan of Sudan has worked tirelessly to defend the rights of Sudan’s religious minorities, both in his legal casework and through public advocacy.

Ivanir dos Santos of Brazil worked exhaustively to support interfaith dialogue, combat discrimination, and create mechanisms for the protection of vulnerable groups.

William and Pascale Warda of Iraq have devoted their lives to advancing religious freedom and other human rights causes in Iraq.

Salpy Eskidjian Weiderud of Cyprus has fully committed herself to working with religious leaders, faith-based organizations, and religious communities on a broad range of issues, including religious freedom. She is also one of the architects and facilitators of an unprecedented peacebuilding initiative in Cyprus known as the Religious Track of the Cyprus Peace Process under the Auspices of the Embassy of Sweden based in Nicosia, Cyprus.


I know, I know. They only did this because of Trump losing in the courts and dropping like a rock in the polls. )

Don Bessee

Socialist dem narrative fails again -



Bill Tozer

Re: Flynn...if anyone can remember him.
Boy, the Obama Administration really hated that guy, Michael Flynn. He criticized the Obama team for micromanaging taking ISIS out and letting them run wild with Obama’s blessings...and arming the bad guys! But, the biggest threat was when he talked about revamping all our intelligence agencies. Anyway...hang in there Mr. Flynn. I can’t believe they still have a gag order on you. Oppps, I forgot. Flynn is a liar!
“There is no good excuse for intelligence agencies to have withheld this information from the special counsel team. There was a very bad excuse for it, though: The intelligence community knew the special counsel probe was a sham designed to take down a president and any other enemies of the deep-state status quo.

“Flynn clearly fit the bill. Once he agreed to plead guilty and cooperated, that was good enough for the intelligence community. Their goal was accomplished, and the fact that Mueller had also been charged with investigating Rafiekian and Alptekin was of no matter.

.This pattern has likely repeated itself many times, which would explain why Mueller never addressed whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election by feeding Christopher Steele fake intel for his hit on Trump. Just as the intelligence community carefully guarded the information it believed it had on Flynn, the spies and spooks seeking to destroy the president likely kept a close grip on any information that exposed the Steele dossier as a Russian ploy (or a Hillary Clinton-funded lie).

“That should be the lesson from the recent revelations related to Flynn—that the special counsel team never had access to the intelligence needed to properly investigate Rafiekian and Alptekin. In turn, this suggests the intelligence community withheld other evidence for Mueller’s team, such as intelligence showing Russia used Steele to interfere in the election.

“There is only one reasonable explanation for this: The intelligence community viewed the special counsel’s investigation as an insurance policy meant to destroy Trump. And Flynn was just a means of getting to Trump.”


Bill Tozer

Dr. Sacked for refusing to call 6 foot tall bearded man “Madame.”

“Dr David Mackereth told a panel that using transgender pronouns was "a ritual denial of an obvious truth".

“Recalling an incident that allegedly lead to his dismissal, the devout Reformed Baptist told the tribunal that an “argument arose” with his manager not over “rights and sensitivities” but instead “my refusal to make an abstract ideological pledge to call any six-feet tall bearded man 'madam' on his whim.”

“He added: "I don't believe a person can change their gender. It's not scientifically or medically possible. We have a problem here of two world views that struggle to accept each other."

On the side of the Pond, Planned Parenthood sacked their new head honcho (an Asian and Medical Dr.) for saying men can’t get pregnant.

Moral of the story here is don’t hire medical doctors!! They look at things differently. Science stuff. Chao.

Don Bessee

Free the straws! -

"Liberal paper straws don’t work. STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today," said the product description on the campaign website.

A pack of 10 BPA-free straws sells for $15; the straws themselves are "laser engraved" with Trump's name. As of Friday, they had sold out.

Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, tweeted a photo of the straws on Thursday with the caption "Making Straws Great Again #Trump2020."



Don Bessee

The masters of the universe continue to tip the scale to the left -



Don Bessee

Trying to focus on the mission and not politics cost her a job after only 8 months -



Don Bessee

Rich white liberal elites guilt induced? -

“It is clear that there is a growing public dissatisfaction with our nation’s immigration policies,” Reid said at the time. “The American people are demanding reforms that will restore order to an immigration system they perceive to be out of control … these are not racist people who are raising this issue.”

Two years later, Civil Rights icon Rep. Barbara Jordan (D-TX) released her detailed recommendations that would have cut legal immigration levels in half and nationally banned employers from hiring illegal aliens. The comprehensive “immigration in the national interest” plan was primarily to stop the mass importation of low-skilled foreign workers to the total of about 1.2 million every year.

“The commission finds no national interest in continuing to import lesser-skilled and unskilled workers to compete in the most vulnerable parts of our labor force,” Jordan said. “Many American workers do not have adequate job prospects,” Jordan said. “We should make their task easier to find employment, not harder.”

Today, 2020 Democrats running for president have epitomized the party’s rapid shift on immigration. Leading contenders like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), former Vice President Joe Biden, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) have endorsed forcing Americans to pay for free healthcare for illegal aliens and have promised to provide amnesty and make all 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens in the U.S. eventually eligible for American citizenship.

Warren’s immigration plan would actually increase legal immigration levels beyond the already 1.2 million legal immigrants that are imported every year. She has also promised to bring at least 700 percent more foreign refugees to the U.S.

Research by Georgia State University’s Zach Goldberg and data from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs reveals that the Democrat Party’s move towards a mass immigration platform is driven primarily by white liberals.

For example, about 65 percent of white liberals in 1994 said “large numbers of immigrants and refugees coming into the U.S.” are a “critical threat” to the nation. Fast-forward to 2016, and only about 16 percent of white liberals say mass immigration is a “critical threat” to the country.

For instance, between 1965 and 2000, the percentage of white liberals preferring increased immigration levels never deviated far from 10%. From the mid-2000s to roughly the end of President Obama’s term in office, this figure gradually ascended into the 20-30% range. As of 2018, it sits at over 50%.

Goldberg’s analysis finds that black Democrats and Asian Democrats are much more likely than their white Democrat counterparts to support restricting immigration and opposing diversity as a national identity.

“Consider, for instance, that black and Asian Democrats and liberals are significantly more supportive of restrictive immigration policies and less positive toward racial/ethnic diversity than their white counterparts,” Goldberg writes. “… and as woke liberals play a leading role in party politics, the Democrats, who are increasingly defined by their embrace of diversity and progressive stances on issues of racial justice, appear to do so, at least partly at the direction of a small white elite.”



Don Bessee

While some spit on it, some tear it down and replace it with a Mexican flag, some burn it and some spray paint it. Then you have those of us who love it -




For the record, the Fabian four aren't quite the "women of color" they style themselves. Talaib, for example is apparently 100% Palestinian, hence Caucasian, albeit Semite. Likewise the other towelette head, Omar. She is of mixed race, part African and part Arab and rest assured, she identifies as Arab and Muslim, not primarily black. Alas, her white lineage is also Semitic. So, we can clearly see, these two are not anti-Semitic, they are merely Jew-haters. And AOC clearly has a large share of non-color in the ol' tree. Who knows, her ancestor may have been Malinche (Occasio?, mistress of Cortes hisself and betrayer of Native Americans of all hues.

Pressley looks like she fell in with the others by accident... women of color, indeed!

Jig Wiggly

Trump the chump. All in one 10 minute meeting.

Murad: My family was killed
Trump: Where are they now?
Murad: They were killed. (pause) They are buried in the ground."
Trump: Eye roll.

Trump, "Where exactly is that?"

You got a Nobel Peace Prize? What for?


Rock  in the Sock

No puffery


AAAhhhhhhh..... A new sock muppet.


No puffery!

jon smith

No puffery!


Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 20 July 2019 at 09:24 AM

.......still president jiggly! Still president.


All the dirty, used socks out of the hamper.

Enjoy the re-election of Trump.

Jug Jiggling

No puffery!


Tough morning? The TROLL is wizzing itself.WOW that must stink.


Now back to enlarging my carbon foot print. Those RIBS are smoking nicely.

Joe Peyote Koyote

No puffery, you stupid ditch digger. We are your masters, you must do as we say, you fascists.


Trump is master of all. On your knees you colorful man, back to where you came from.


Smoke some more Joe,,,🤪


Speaking of crazy,, is Nevada City next? Just how insane can you LIBs get?
"In the latest chapter of California’s descent into liberal madness, the city of Berkeley – a hotbed of radical liberalism – became the first city in America to ban natural gas from new homes and businesses, including restaurants that use natural gas for stoves."

Bill Tozer

Morning Walt.
Tending the smoker today? What on the grill? You would be surprised (well,
maybe not) how many of those evil Nazi conservatives spend hours on their private social media pages discussing the best ways to cook a slap of meat. It’s like the second most important thing on their minds.. Even Gorka the day after he told the fakenews reporter “You are not a journalist, you are a punk”, Gorka had as his first guest a bar-b-que King he meet at the Rose Garden and Gorka picked his brains for more ideas. The punk story could wait, this first guest has important stuff to rely to the listener. Buck started a big conversation as to the best way to bake a steak if one lives in an apartment. Asked for ideas and boy did he get them. The best receipt took 13 hours to bake a steak and make it taste like it was hot off the grill from prep to plate. :) Learn something new everyday. The Great White Hunter lives to flow through our veins.
Concerning 11:09 (Joe Peyote) and @11:20 (Pokémon Kikkoman), it’s too funny seeing seeing the pocket sock puppets go at it. Wonder if they are going to have a spat or just a hissy fit. Time will tell.
Funny reply to Omar whining about death threats. “Let me be clear, those are not death threats. It is just some people said something.” :)

Bill Tozer

Why is it the same folks who said they would move out of the country if Trump won are all now mad when Trump welcomed them to leave.. Adding “Nancy would pay for the flight” had me rolling. Funny guy.

Walt again, @ 11:36 am....The Sanctuary Poop Pile by the Bay bans natural.

Of course it makes sense. Gas burns cleaner and has less of a carbon footprint. As Don pointed out, where. do they think their electrify comes from? But the real reason the Hypodermic Needle by the Bay is banning gas is because Hank Hill said “propane is God’s gas.” You know how the G word let’s their g spot all flared up. Like fingernails on the blackboard. Ban gas. Ban the G word.

Rock Hunter

No Wally, Nevada City is safe from loss of LPG.

Berkeley is trying to convince its peepole that induction cooking is the PC way to go. Fortunately, we have the deep thinker and NU graduate Reinette Senum leading our fine city, and if she attempts to out-PC Berkeley we can bombard her with the health hazards of cooking with RADIATION. Induction cooking involves RADIATION that can be transferred through the cookware into the body of the unsuspecting human. The Swiss have already decided that induction cooking cannot be considered safe and sane. No 5G, no Smart Meters, no induction cooking in our little burg. Have a gas.


Another test of rib recipes. I think I came up with a winner.
I will give you a hint... Soak in Angry Orchard apple cider for an hour.
Too bad your so hard to locate. I need a good critic.

Bill Tozer

Walt, them is ribs! Get in my belly!

You are probably your own worse critic....like an artist. Or that guy on the stage rocking the place then has to ruin everything by going to the mic after the song and pointing out how he missed one note that nobody noticed or if they did, didn’t care....and throw water on a good time.

I have circled 360 and come back where I started. It was a long road home. Simple is best. Salt, pepper, apple vinegar, and whatever. Sometimes it’s “Up to the lips and over the gums, watch out belly, here it comes.” That line was from when I used to grab the jug of firewater with ‘XX ‘ on it, bottoms up, guzzle it down, and exhale saying “FIREWATER!” I did not drink it for the taste. But a fine slab of meat is worth masticating slowly and savoring every bite. There is a fine art to doing the symphony bar-b-que thang, slowly building flavor upon flavor. But, for a Dreg of Society like moi, simple turned out best, all in all.

My friendly neighborly squaw has gone simple as well. She picks lavender and rolls it between her hands on top of the juicy slabs of red meat before cooking over fire. It’s a flavor enhancer, not a spice or seasoning. Learn something new.
To each his own. Everybody is a critic. BTW, did you invite Rock Crapper into this conversation?

"I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street."
--Spike Lee, October, 1992
Good thing Lee wasn't old enough to see ⁦‪@BarackObama's parents "on the street."‬⁩ Who's the "racist"?
#TrumpDerangementSyndrome—-Larry Elder


Lavender?? Hummm.. Gotta give that some research. Always looking for a new flavor profile, or bringing back some forgotten ones.

SPD puts out an inhouse prime rib seasoning. It goes pretty good with pork as well.

Don Bessee

The nice part is the socialist clown car is not listening to them -

Democratic governors are sounding the alarm that the increasingly far-left positions taken by the party's 2020 presidential candidates are harming electoral chances of down-ballot candidates.
The warning comes as Democrats running for president have fully embraced numerous positions – including universal health care and decriminalization of illegal immigration – that would have put them on the fringes of the party during the last election cycle.

“I don't think that's good policy or good politics,” Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, who also leads the Democratic Governors Association, told the New York Times.



Don Bessee

Hey look the littlest commie congresscritter is ripping off the po' ol' fakenewsmans tired old lines from before the inauguration! LOL -



Don Bessee

So how many were you married to at once? -



Bill Tozer

Yo, Mr. Trump, can you help a brother out? You will? Gimme five on the white side.


Bill Tozer

This must be before she was a rock star in her James Brown wig.


Russell Steele

This one is for Walt


And the lefty above called ditch diggers stupid. Who was stupid enough to build a zero-emissions ditch digger?

Todd Juvinall

Trump is no racist. But the media and the four gals are surely racist. They spew their hate and division all the time and now someone is calling them out and they and the media scurry like cockroaches when exposed.Time for the lefty whiners to go home to their districts.


OHHHHH RUSS!!!!!!!!🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leave it to British JCB to come up with that.
What? No solar panel on the canopy?
Gotta love the reaction from they guy filming it.


Look what some of the anti war folks want! WAR with Sweden because of a jailed rapper.
"This is absolute garbage. With 25% of people supporting military action to free him, it should be on the table more now than ever."


And one for the lovers of the 15 buck an hour plan.
It sure sucks when it bites you in the ass.

Russell Steele

Galactic Cosmic-Rays Research Rains On Man-Made Climate Change Parade

A pair of new international studies which punched holes in the absoluteness of man-made climate change have gotten little-to-no attention in the corporate media.

Researchers from Kobe University in Japan found that high-energy particles from space known as galactic cosmic rays affect the Earth’s climate by increasing cloud cover, causing an “umbrella effect.”

A second study, a paper published by researchers from the University of Turku in Finland, concluded that even though observed changes in the climate are real, the effects of human activity on these changes are insignificant. Such findings create cognitive dissonance for celebrity and media actors committed to the narrative that human behavior is killing the planet.

“We have to recognize that the anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice,” the study concluded.


Russell Steele

Better link: https://wordpress.com/post/sierrafoothillcommentary.com/4309


Since Russ brought up the UK,, I have an Irish road construction
sign coming my way, thanks to the sign maker.
I had to ask them about it, and just was meant by it.
OK gents,, figure that one out.

They are sending me one out of professional courtesy. Free of charge.

Scott O

Of course there's a Y Tube video complete with Irish rock.

Don Bessee

Even a black baseball hall of fame player is not safe from the wokeinistas -



Don Bessee

So the real world hits comrade bernies campaign just like all the workers who made less after big urban minimum wage hikes, not to mention the closures that inevitably came to pass. -




DAMN,, Scott,, you just had to spoil the fun.
But when we passed the crew with the sign,, they were just filling potholes.

WE just throw a dab of glue on the pavement and slap them down.

Don Bessee

Shhhh… -

Helen Raleigh: 'The squad' is now the face of the Democratic Party and that means Trump's gonna win




Scott..Then there is the hard way to install those things.

Now notice the safety precautions...(or lack there of.)

George Rebane

If you want to see what a double-dummy posterchild sounds like in print, then roll an eyeball over this from Umair Haque, our favorite communist vacuum-head.

Bill Tozer

@ 1:15 pm “There’s the President leading a chant of “send her back”, issuing tweets that attack the opposition by dehumanizing them.”

Leading the chant? Dehumanizing the opposition? And it only goes downhill from there. Me thinks the writer sees things differently than I. The only difference is I don’t care. They have pulled the same card for the last 50, 60, 70 years.

“ And to (Trump), a lack of torture equals an open border. He literally cannot think of an immigration system where we don’t hurt innocent people”. AOC

We cannot wait. As we wait, we risk having the blood of somebody on our hands...”‬
‪—@RepAlGreen 7/17/19‬

‪“Michelle always says, 'When they go low, we go high.' No. No. When they go low, we kick them. That's what this new Democratic Party is about. “‬
‪—@EricHolder 10/21/18‬

Paul Emery

More Trump thumping from Fox News-Chris Wallace no less:

In an interview on Fox News, host Chris Wallace asked Miller to explain Trump’s “go back” remark and the “send her back” chant at a recent presidential rally.
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“That is not protecting the American people, that is playing the race card,” Wallace said. “Let’s take the Obama birther — you don’t think that questioning whether the first black president is [a citizen]…”

“That’s not a race question!” Miller interrupted.

“I fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize someone and they happen to be a different color skin that that makes it a racial criticism,” Miller complained. “If you want to have a colorblind society, it means you can criticize immigration policy, you can criticize people’s views, you can ask questions about where they’re born and not have it be seen as racial.”

“And can you also say ‘go back’ where you came from?” Wallace wondered.

Miller argued that “the president was clear” that he disagreed with the “send her back” chant at his rally.

“He let it go on for 13 seconds and it was only when the chant diminished that he started talking again,” Wallace noted. “He said nothing there or in his tweet after the rally that indicated any concern about the chant.”

According to Miller, the audience chanted the racist phrase because they are tired of being “beat up” by liberals.

“During his 2016 campaign and even as president Mr. Trump has been as critical of this country as anything The Squad [of Democratic congresswomen] has said,” Wallace observed. “He said President Obama was the most ignorant president in our history. But about [Russian President Vladimir Putin], he says, ‘You think our country is so innocent?'”

“You don’t think the president ran on ‘lock her up?'” Wallace pressed. “Nobody has any problem with what the president’s policies have been, it’s when he goes into stoking racial fears. I’ve never called any of his tweets racist, but there’s no question that he is stoking racial divisions.”



Go back to sleep Emery. I watched it. Trump didn't "lead" any chant.
Rawstory again?

Paul Emery

Nope Walt

Fox News. Follow the link for the actual broadcast.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:35 am
“Trump is no racist.” Best line of the morning!
I have been thinking the exact same thing for the last few days. The mantra “Trump is a racist” has been repeated 24/7 so often by thousands each day for three straight years that the very statement, “Trump is a racist” seems so matter-of- fact that Todd’s words @ 9 35 am appears like a strange foreign new concept.

As I look at all the pics of Trump with Jesse Jackson and other black leaders like Al Sharpton in various venues being presented with awards through the years, when I think of all the years Trump has had his picture on the cover of hundreds of magazines, when I think of all his ten of thousands of interviews and working with (and talking to) tens of thousands of people decade after decade, the question begs an answer. When did Trump become a racist?

Trump became a racist the day he rode down the Golden Elevator and announced his run for the presidency. Talking about removing the criminal element, the bad hombres who are terrorizing neighborhoods. That’s the day Donald J. Trump became a racist.

Folks have looked behind every nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned. Like a disciplined man with a metal detector, they dig every hit. People have dug high and low, searched tens of thousands of hours of tapes, interviewed thousands, hunted down rumor and gossip from the disgruntled or fired, have come up with the Access Hollywood tape and a pic of Trump shaking hands with Epstein in 1992, but on the hit that Trump is a racist, the evidence is yet to be found. Not even smoke. The evidence has yet to exist.

Trump, after 70 years on the planet, became a racist the day he announced he was running against the Anointed One.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt

In case you missed the important stories this week, here is a recap of the Top 5.



Choke on it Emery.

Go back to trying to pick up hippie chicks.

George Rebane

re PaulE 214pm - RR readers were informed years ago that Chris Wallace is a liberal, and part of the balance that FN delivers with him and Sheppard Smith. No lamestream media dare have conservative anchors, then they wouldn't be lamestream.

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt @ 3:02 pm.

You are wasting your time, but my all means, have some fun. Punchy has already acknowledged that he is glad Trump disavowed The Chant here on this site to Dr. Rebane.
Never forget that Punchy has said here on at least two occasions that the ONLY reason he visits here is to throw punches. He is just trying to get more mileage out of a dead horse. Like poor Melania holding a baby to her breast as Trump is cheating on her, yet all the while launching into a 6 hour tirade about the shoes Melania wore when boarding a flight. See, it’s a waste of time because the sole reason is to throw,punches, not tany particular topic at hand. Whether it’s a quote by Flake or Coons or Chris Wallace or Ann Coulter, it matters not. They only thing that matters is grabbing a handful of mud and straw and launching a mud pile. As sure as the sun rises in the East, Punchy will grab mud that is too dry or too wet, add too much straw, launch it, and his mud falls apart long before it hits the ground. He wants a piece of ewe. But enough of that.
Fun fact: Mueller (Weismann) sent more guns, firepower, and men to arrested 66 year old Roger Page in his bathrobe than the Obama Administration sent to to Benghazi to rescue our diplomat.

Hang him high, Hang him high!


Bill Tozer

It’s not often that former DOJ prosecutor Andy McCarthy of the NY Southern District wanders into the political opinion arena, but he weights in on The Chant. Good read.

Kill the Ump!

“All good populist demagoguery needs a villain. President Trump hardly has the market cornered on this. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton studied Alinskyite community organizing. The organizer, a self-styled renegade against The Establishment, is instructed to avoid abstractions when picking an opposition target. You’ve got to make it personal, to polarize the adversary in stark terms. Trump’s persona is to hit back harder than he is hit. No surprise, then, that he is a practitioner of this demagogic art, since he is also the Left’s No. 1 target.

“Most Republican villains the Left selects (the Bushes, Mitt Romney . . .) respond by trying to prove they’re not really villains. This is a futile strategy. The demagogues making the accusation already know it’s not true. They do it because it always works. Or at least it used to. It’s different with the president, who is from the Leo Durocher School: “I come to play. I come to beat you. I come to kill you!” Trump vexes the Left because he revels in the mud wrestle. Sure, he craves admiration, but he wants to win more, and he doesn’t in the slightest mind winning ugly. In that the Left must see a lot of itself, but that doesn’t mean it has figured out an effective response.........
“Welcome to the show, Congresswoman.

“The president thrives on this stuff. His supporters may chant send her back! He’s happy to have her front and center in Washington.

“Of course, there has been no shortage of outrage about the chanting, which was so deplorable, as it were, that Trump himself disavowed it the next day — even if he didn’t seem too upset while it was happening. Sorry to say, I can’t get too whipped up about it.

“If it were up to me, I would put in jail every sandal-wearing, scruffy-beard weirdo who burns the American flag.” I don’t know if you could quite fit that into a rally chant, but it is a memorable bit of reactionary sentiment from Justice Antonin Scalia. Shortly before he died, the great jurist was explaining why he voted against the criminalization of flag-burning (in the Supreme Court’s controversial 1989 ruling in Texas v. Johnson). With characteristic pith, he was illustrating something that ought to be patent: We often express passionately our most visceral feelings; but we do not act on these outbursts in actually lived life.”—-Justice Antonin Scalia

“You want to condemn rambunctious chants? Knock yourself out. But let’s not exaggerate their significance. No one is going to make Ilhan Omar stop spouting her bile as long as she refrains from urging violence. We can probably also survive a little “send her back!” without the Republic’s crumbling.”


Don Bessee

Who will be the next to be sacrificed on the high alter of political correctness -

"It's become kind of... a Medieval established religion. There's an inquisition, there's an index of forbidden books and forbidden thoughts which you're not supposed to read or think.

"There is a strict moral patrol to make sure that you are not caught thinking things you shouldn't be thinking or saying things you shouldn't say. And it's the antithesis of freedom."

However, Kessler claimed some classical liberals are looking at the leftward shift in the Democratic Party and not agreeing with what they are seeing.

They, "are looking around them and saying we don't recognize the America that these people are leading us towards. It doesn't seem to be a free country anymore."



Bill Tozer

@ 4:00 pm

“If you look at the Democratic presidential candidates, if you look at the 'squad' in Congress, their agenda is driven by political correctness, and political correctness means you hate and cannot tolerate the imperfection -- the moral imperfection -- of your fellow Americans."

Did I hear a ‘Bingo!’?? Yes, I believe I did. The problem with PC and Social Justice experimentation is that it is just too rigid for any one to live up to. “....cannot tolerate imperfection” crystallizes it all. It’s ok to have moral and philosophical convictions galore, but down here where the rubber meets the road are imperfect humans....every last one of us, great and small. The intolerance of imperfection leaves one in eternal turmoil and frustration.

When inclusiveness collides with fairness:

“Sports associations around the world are trying to balance inclusion against fairness, seldom successfully and never without resentment from some participants.”

“Males invading female sports may regard themselves as abolitionists carrying a flag of freedom for transwomen. What they really are is colonialists staging a coup for their own benefit. Just as in the days of Raj, when ne’er-do-well English gentlemen went to India to plunder its riches, transwomen are elbowing real women aside and grabbing their gold.”


Paul Emery

Gosh George

Those Libs are everywhere. Even Fox News has been polluted. What's a Trumper like you to do to find a favorable press?

Don Bessee

Knucklehead Rashid has a ring to it, lefty fraudsters the lot -

The Detroit Economic Club said that Tlaib and other protesters who attempted unsuccessfully to disrupt the Trump speech then had committed fraud to enter the event.

“A misguided 23-year-old man fraudulently bought a new membership and invited female guests to do his dirty work,” Detroit Economic Club Beth Chappell wrote in an email to the organization’s members according to the Detroit Free Press. “New memberships were reviewed during the hectic few days leading up to the Trump meeting. His 20 guests could have raised a flag but did not since he purchased the membership under the name of a very reputable company. Turns out the perpetrator was let go from the firm two years ago. Important lesson learned.”



Bill Tozer

Circling the wagons one last time.

The Demagogue in his own words. “Remember Deplorables? That sounds worse...”



WOW.. LIBs at FOX.. Nothing new there,,Buzzard of Broad St.

Bill Tozer

And the Oscar goes to....


George Rebane

PaulE 438pm - I hope that little piece of snark didn't provide too much enjoyment. What all should note is that you as a liberal support my 313pm. Why don't you contribute and provide some apologetics for why your fellow brethren in journalism of the liberal vein cannot countenance on your own media the 'balance' that you falsely claim adorns your own reporting? Your sidestepping response was expected.

Don Bessee

Could this be why the socialist wokesters @1239 are making him a target -

Mariano Rivera closes Hall of Fame induction ceremony as 1st player unanimously voted in!



Bill Tozer

Peeking ahead, Circus is coming to town. That means we will see Adam Shifflips everywhere. What do you do when it’s fourth and forty???? Another Hail Mary one for a a pass interference penalty? Oh, the bombshells, the
drama, the “bad news for Trump”, da evidence, the Rachel Maddows talking in unison with the Amy Goodmans of the world wide broadcasting. Like surround sound, but with moving pictures.


Bill Tozer

Gee, Trump was right. All the enthusiasm is on the garage people side. Cool.

This comes as no surprise. The Lefties could turn a wedding into a funeral...and they do! What a glum lot. And they call us bitter clingers? Sweet. Just be thankful you don’t have to wake up to one of them sourpusses. Ah ignore them. It’s dancing time. Kick up those heels and do some high steppin’.

“Meanwhile, a slew of negative comments about Trump's appearance at the wedding appeared on Twitter and other social media platforms Sunday, tinged with bitterness and partisan overtones.”


Bill Tozer

I don’t mean to wax philosophical, but the question is to wax or not to wax.


No dipping the wick?

George Rebane

BillT 1040am - Mr Tozer, don't you dare NOT wax philosophical. RR is the place to do exactly that, and you have been a treasure - wax forth!!

Bill Tozer

When Trump said at CPAC earlier this year that when Hayden Williams was assaulted at Berkeley, “He took a hard punch in the face for all of us”, I felt it was a game changer even though I lacked the words to articulate that gut feeling. “The forgotten (and despised) will be forgotten more more” works. Or, “No thanks, I have had enough” keeps it short and sweet.
Read short read:

· “...in these times, ’send her back’ is normal for people incessantly being told that their deeply held beliefs are racist, fascist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynist and -Hitler-esque.’”
—Will Alexander 7/22/19



Simultaneously sad and hilarious……it's "sadlarious"!

'We are stronger together': Hillary invokes campaign slogan during speech…

Looks like someone wants to climb back into the ring.


Don Bessee

What with it being in NY they are sure to have some TDS types on the jury so it might work -

Lawyer: Man who killed mob boss thought he was helping Trump



Bill Tozer

Hey, Fish’s Sparatcluz quote made the Daily Quotes!! Good job, Mr.Fish.

Alpha Jackass: “[Trump’s] a lot more George Wallace than George Washington.” —Joe Biden

Alpha Jackass II: “The reality is [Trump] is a guy who is worse than a racist. He’s actually using racist tropes and racial language for political gain, trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself and this is somebody who is very similar to George Wallace.” —Sen. Cory Booker

Non Compos Mentis: “I know everybody always describes me as being rich. That is not how I see myself.” —billionaire Tom Steyer

Leftspeak: “The Apollo 11 mission patch: No American flag. No space hardware. No Astronaut names. In that regard, unique among space emblems. Affirmation that walking on the Moon was an achievement of the human species, to be shared by all.” —Neil deGrasse Tyson
What’s worse than a racist? A: Somebody who uses racism FOR political gain...like George Wallace. Ok, can you think of any other examples?? Perhaps like Kamala Harris or Corey Booker? Or Joe Biden or the woman who never lost a political race...the lovely and gracious Stacy Abrams.
Bonus quotes

“Don’t let the media treat our border agents the same way they treated our Vietnam soldiers. -anonymous

“[The] issue is not that [Ilhan] Omar is merely a Muslim. It is that she is an Islamist fellow traveler. Despite Washington’s best efforts, Americans grasp the difference between (a) Islam as a personal religious affiliation and (b) sharia supremacism as an anti-Western political ideology. They don’t see Omar as simply a Muslim. They see someone who is hard-wired to blame the United States for jihadist terrorism. They see someone who is steeped in anti-Semitism, and indistinguishable from her Muslim Brotherhood friends in hostility to Israel’s existence.” —Andrew McCarthy

Buzzword of the day: George Wallace.

Bill Tozer

In other news......
Short Story

Longer story. Hey, there is that date again, Jan. 5th, 2017. That is the day Susan Rice referenced in her post dated e-mail she wrote at the exact hour Trump was being sworn in on Jan 20, 2017.


“Comey’s meeting with Trump took place one day after the FBI director met in the Oval Office with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss how to brief Trump — a meeting attended by National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who would soon go to work for CNN.

“In his recently published memoir, “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey denied having "a counterintelligence case file open on [Trump],” though he qualified the denial by adding this was true only in the “literal” sense. He also twice denied investigating Trump, under oath, in congressional testimony.

“Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who has written extensively on the Trump-Russia probe as a columnist for National Review, said that just because the president’s name was not put on a file or a surveillance warrant does not mean the Comey FBI was not investigating him. “They were hoping to surveil him incidentally, and they were trying to make a case on him,” McCarthy said. “The real reason Comey did not want to repeat publicly the assurances he made to Trump privately is that these assurances were misleading. The FBI strung Trump along, telling him he was not a suspect while structuring the investigation in accordance with the reality that Trump was the main subject."

“But, former FBI counterintelligence agent and lawyer Mark Wauck said, the FBI lacked legal grounds to treat Trump as a suspect. “They had no probable cause against Trump himself for ‘collusion’ or espionage,” he said. “They were scrambling to come up with anything to hang a hat on, but had found nothing.”
“At the same time Comey was personally scrutinizing the president during meetings in the White House and phone conversations from the FBI, he had an agent inside the White House working on the Russia investigation, where he reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides, according to officials familiar with the matter. The agent, Anthony Ferrante, who specialized in cyber crime, left the White House around the same time Comey was fired and soon joined a security consulting firm, where he contracted with BuzzFeed to lead the news site's efforts to verify the Steele dossier, in connection with a defamation lawsuit.

“Knowledgeable sources inside the Trump White House say Comey carved out an extraordinary new position for Ferrante, which allowed him to remain on reserve status at the FBI while working in the White House as a cybersecurity adviser.

“In an unprecedented action, Comey created a new FBI reserve position for Ferrante, enabling him to have an ongoing relationship with the agency, retaining his clearances and enabling him to come back in [to bureau headquarters],” said a former National Security Council official who requested anonymity.

“Between the election and April 2017, when Ferrante finally left the White House, the Trump NSC division supervisor was not allowed to get rid of Ferrante,” he added, "and Ferrante continued working — in direct conflict with the no-contact policy between the White House and the Department of Justice.”

Don Bessee

OUCH! 66% of dems think open borders are a bad idea, way to go socialist clown car and please keep it up!



Don Bessee

The power of plastic straws -

Team Trump rakes in $200,000 in one weekend through the sale of plastic straws — buy a pack to ‘own the libs’



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