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09 July 2019



Finally a democrat admits what we all knew…….

Sen. Hirono: Democrats Have a Hard Time "Connecting" With People Because Of "How Smart We Are"

………..their constituents are morons!


Bill Tozer

Wow. Don’s 4:11 pm and Fish’s 4:28 pm. Two feel good stories in a row.

Scott O.
Saw this and thought of your 7:10 pm, aka, The Razors Edge. You and the writer saw more precisely the true meaning and depth of Pressley statement than I did. Good job.

“Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), now known as the Ringo Starr of the so-called "Squad," is, like the other members of her far-left girl group, a raging bigot. While they go into spasms of outrage over President Trump's stupid tweet, we must bear in mind that, when it comes to denouncing bigotry, none of these four have a leg to stand on — especially Pressley, who now proudly owns one of the most absurdly bigoted statements we've heard from an American politician in decades.”.....

“Someone who is not well acquainted with liberal-speak may be more confused than horrified by these comments. What is a brown voice? What is a black voice? Do voices have colors? What she means is that a brown or black person should have opinions that are properly representative of their racial communities. And what she means by properly representative of their racial communities is that their opinions should be resoundingly liberal. Put more simply, Pressley is telling brown, black, Muslim, and gay people to keep their traps shut if they aren't going to conform to her ideological expectations. "You're not needed," she emphasizes.“

“An ordinary bigot may simply feel that his race or ethnicity tends to be superior to other races and ethnicities. That is a stupid and harmful view, to be sure, but it's child's play compared to the sort of bigotry Pressley has promoted. She wishes to erase the individual and live in a world consisting only of homogenous, amorphic "identities," where every person is but a mere mouthpiece for an ethnic hive mind. It is a bigotry far more insidious and horrifying than the sort of bigotry she constantly (and often fallaciously) finds in the hearts of others.”

“The Squad that hasn’t done squat.

Scott O

fish 4:37 - Of all the Dems to be saying that.

Bill Tozer

Conspiracy Theory time!!! Oh goodie.


Don Bessee

Talk about stuck in a rut that worked so well for shrillary. You creepy grampa joe! -



Don Bessee

Se we already don't have enough medical participating DR's so lets add illegal aliens on top of it all and break the camels back -

California’s program is aimed at increasing the number of doctors who see Medi-Cal patients in a state experiencing a shortage of healthcare providers. The number of physicians who accept Medi-Cal patients — and the low reimbursement rate that comes with them — hasn’t kept pace with the rapid expansion of the state’s healthcare program for the poor, which covers 1 in 3 residents in the state.



George Rebane

DonB 554pm - You think any of our leftists will explain why CA has an overall deficit of physicians?

Don Bessee

Global warming @ 611? Speaking of global warming alarmists blowing the calls, what do you expect from a guy who has his shoe laces ironed every morning? -



Don Bessee

OH NO! He told the truth and boy are the socialist going to howl like stuck pigs! -

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, responded to the threat of a primary from the four female progressive House members known as "the squad" on Tuesday and accused them of being socialists in disguise.
"I mean it's this group called the Justice Democrats. I think they're not Democrats quite honestly," he said on "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

"They're socialists and they want to impose their vision to Texas and we certainly know that in Texas our vision is very different from ... what I call these Justice Democrats, which are really socialists. They're not really Democrats."



Jig Wiggly

Rebane pitches another twisty somehow linking physician shortages in California with liberalism. Why do Arizona and Texas, both bastions of right wing faux patriotism, have physician shortages? It's an international shortage, but spin it anyway you like. Maybe climate change?



Bill Tozer

That did not take long. New political ad featuring the Squid Squad.


Todd Juvinall

Those states are flooded with millions of illegals is why you dunce. Same here. The democrats fill the prisons and make all the porn and we try to supply the doctors.

Here is a bit of refreshing news. Trump gains after the tweets.



Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 16 July 2019 at 06:41 PM

Speak ill of California........slander California........DAMN YOU!!!!!........YOU MANIACS.......YOU BLEW IT UP.......God Damn You All To Hell!


Wait wut.......?

What were we talking about.....oh yes, California. How silly of me!.


Well that didn't last long, Jigged promised he and his dirty socks were LEAVING. Yet here it is stinking up the place.


Naaa.. Just the jihad squad. All four of then lunatics.

George Rebane

Jig 641pm - Perhaps it's as you point out, both states have "faux patriotism" and are really embracing socialism like CA. In shithole countries physicians get paid a pittance, and there's always a critical shortage - maybe there's a connection.

But if you really want to know about the physician shortage in CA, give this a try -

Don Bessee

DR. R - Look at all the Cuban Dr's who got stranded in south America with no pay, at least one country cut off funds to the castos and let the docs stay and become citizens, go figure!

The chi coms think they are going to rule the world when they look very much like Japan in the 80's but with more internal bubbling social problems and an avarice middle class and still having a billion and a half serfs.

Then there is the old soviet problem of the communist commissars bull shitting economic numbers to the higher ups.

Here is why its not going to be the way of the middle kingdom dragon the chi coms tell their surfs! Energy independence is a wonderful thing for the US. --

China's LNG imports, meanwhile, are expected to surge to over 100 bcm in 2024, topping those of current world leader Japan.

IEA said it expects the increase in gas consumption in China to slow to an annual rate of 8% through 2024 due to slower economic growth.

The United States, which is already the world's biggest gas producer, will see production grow to over one trillion bcm in 2024, boosting its share of global output to about 23%, according to IEA projections.


In closing may I say DRILL BABY DRILL and see our voters get more and more high paying jobs in the energy sector to fuel the World! Sweet win win.


Bill Tozer

In search of the elusive racist.

“Why haven’t they befriended one of their white female congresswoman colleagues and let her join the group?” Dena Miller asked. “They don’t like white people. C’mon, they’re racist.”


Maybe Anderson should have asked a Muslim baker if he would make a wedding cake for two lesbians.


Ace weighs in.....

”Biden's my man, because who better to tamp down the enthusiasm of the maniacal farther-left of the Democrat party? He's a tedious old fool who is a boring speaker, has no signature cause or accomplishments, and panders to the last people in the news without being able to suggest concrete entitlement payouts because he is terrified of making a tactical error and alienating some other group. His only saving grace is that he comes off as the doddering uncle who brings candy for the kids (and then paws them and smells their hair: but that's a different issue).

Is he really going to energize the Antifa fascists to go vote and stuff ballot boxes and intimidate Republican voters? Are the insane Gaia-loving enviro-wackadoodles going to rush to the polls to vote early and often to support a 77-year-old career politician who looks like everything they hate?

However, a credible argument could be made for any one of the 93 people currently campaigning for the Democrat nomination...Warren is a shrewish, nagging middle school principal; Sanders is a crazy dude who wandered in off the street and smells faintly of vomit and patchouli; Harris is a nasty and hectoring backstabber who rifles through the overcoats in the den looking for wallets; and Buttigieg looks like a cartoon character who wandered in from another dimension. And the rest of them? Even weirder and dumber.

Any one of these people should be beatable by President Trump, in spite of their many advantages; first and foremost of which is the Media-Industrial-Complex being completely and totally in the bag for the Democrats. But that may not be such a bad thing; disseminating without a critical eye every idiotic comment from every corner of the leftist cesspit certainly won't endear the Democrat party to the American people.”

Jig Wiggly

George 7:50-
Good article (actually from LA Times)
It's good business sense to recruit doctors in a land where 50 out of 50 states are recruiting doctors, nurse practitioners and PAs.

California- The crux of the article is stated here: "the state’s residents are growing older, with an aging baby boomer population increasing the need for healthcare workers"

Arizona- “With the additional demand from a population that will not only continue to grow but also age considerably over the next 12 years . . . one-third of all currently active doctors will be older than 65 in the next decade."

Texas- Texans 65 years and older make up 11.7 percent of the population (or 3.2 million people), according to the 2017 American Community Survey. That aging and population growth will outpace the rate at which Texas adds physicians to the workforce

Utah- Utah needs an average of 379 new physicians each year to keep up with population growth, aging, and physician retirement,

Nebraska - “the reality that nearly one-fifth of physicians in Nebraska are more than 60 years old, and thus likely to retire in the near future”

No one but Rebane is sourcing this common information and to deducting that liberals (who are never even mentioned) are the cause of physician shortages. Did liberals make people grow old quickly? AGE is the primary driver. OLD people swamping the system and more and more OLD people populating our cities and towns every week. Old PEOPLE are to blame. Not only that, the doctors are getting OLD and retiring or even dying. But the OLD people are somehow blaming the left for letting the Old people get OLD. How OLD is the average reader here?? How OLD?

Bill Tozer

I have no idea why the Four Horsemen of the Apocaleft do not condemn the privileged white haters wearing hoods and masks roaming the streets. Heck, they look like they work for the SBC or something. They definitely do not meet the intersectionality test.


Rosie is back on with her own show at CNN. He broke me.



,,,Per Trumpski's orders,,,when will the Jefferson Stater, Frisco averse,,,Cali hater bus be departing Nevada County for Sandpoint Idaho with a stopover in Bunkerville NV???


Jig Wiggly

I can only imagine a pot bellied Santa Clausian bus driver wearing suspenders and a Bavarian hat perched atop his egg head and a load of fat old white men singing hi ho hi ho. AEDs and oxygen included with passage. Free tickets courtesy of SYRCL, available at Briar Patch.

Rock Hunter

Don't worry chaps, it's normal to feel emasculated at your age. It's even got a medical name. Put on your peepers and read. Some bigger words here, but don't let that put a hitch inner gettalong.

"Aging men, in particular, succumb to the nearly irresistible temptation to look at The World These Days and find it hopelessly screwed up."


Todd Juvinall

The men of the conservative ilk here are what keep this country going and healthy. It is the Rockheads that are a drag on the place. I suggest you go get some snort to speed you up so you don't fall over asleep again.

Jig Wiggly

Hear ye! Hear ye! Todd has spoken. The sleeping midget has been awoken. Rah! Rah! Reliving the old days when you were a JV cheerleader at NU?


Posted by: AVMan | 17 July 2019 at 07:48 AM

…….Frisco averse!

Fecal averse Full Metal Diaper…..fecal averse..….! But since you've indicated that you're into that, by all means knock yourself out!

Todd Juvinall

Jiggywig 913 No always the athlete while you were smoking the ganja in the boys bathroom.

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