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26 July 2019


Todd Juvinall

Excelllent GeorgeR!

Scott O

I think the terms 'moving into' and 'moving out of' refers to the movement of money, not the actual amount of financial vehicles. In other words, there is possibly a noted rise in the value of one financial vehicle at the same time there is a noted lowering of another in approximately the same time frame. You are correct - it's not an accurate depiction of what's happening but just sloppy word smithing. Like talking about the 'media'. As in the 'mainstream media'.
They mean the news media, but now we have to rely on the context to figure out what kind of media they mean.
It may seem petty, but you would be amazed at the number of young folk that no longer know the actual meaning of the word 'media'. If some one wants to say that I need to get up to date on the 'evolved' meaning of words, let me then ask what kind of art is 'mixed media'?
News from different media?
Most financial news is pathetically ignorant. One of the big reasons I enjoyed listening to Tom Sullivan. He would often destroy even writers from the WSJ on their lame attempts to describe the financial scene. He worked as a tax guy for wealthy individuals and large corps all over the country for years. He saw first hand how and why folks spend, invest and earn money.
As is often said - money talks, BS walks.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Rogers screed is generating a lot of comments.

Todd Juvinall

Ken Jones of Oxnard is at it again in the Union. All lib all the time. Of course, he and his ilk never have a solution for anything. I use him as a fine example of a worthless libtard.


Jones, with a mail order bachelor's in environmental engineering from a for-profit mail order university (he runs scrap/recycling operations for manufacturers like Parker and earlier, the Grass Valley Group), is an ideologue of the left. He's also not very bright.

Todd Juvinall

I love your smacking him down with logic and facts.

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