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22 August 2019


J. Barron

"However, to diminish the louts at the meeting by impugning that LaMalfa shared an equal if not greater blame for the encounter is a down-home illustration of how far beyond the tipping point has progressed our national polarization."

But when Trump says it, it's okay. Even if people are killed.
"There are very fine people on both sides"

Todd Juvinall

J. Barron | 22 August 2019 at 10:47 AM

Why do you spread the lie? Oh you are a lefty, I forgot.


Ahh, a regurgitation of the "very fine people" hoax in a whatabboutist reply.

This series is about locals shouting over other locals. Bronx cheers in the Grass Valley City Hall.

Todd Juvinall

Her screed was a fre3e ad for Denny for Congress. Does she have to declare this?

Lefty propaganda galore here. If you were there and had any ethics and morals you would be outraged. But lefty types are the worst screamers and the meeting was just more proof they are a unhinged group of un Americans . It is not free speech to scream and have a "heclers veto". And the profanity was beyond the pale. These people talk lie that at home? To their kids and pets? As far a positions LaMalfa absolutely reflects my positions. He is in favor a saluting the flag, respecting the National Anthem and making criminals pay for their crimes. He is for legal immigration and not open borders like you liberals. He is for helping to solve the homeless issues and not enable them to destroy our cities. The cities are all you leaders running them. Disgusting. He supports the Second Amendment and you want gun confiscation. Big difference.

Shame on you democrats for supporting the Red Chinese against our President and Country.

Shame on you democrats for hating and trying to disarm our police and military.

Shame on you democrats for supporting the drug traffickers’ and sex traffickers at the border.

Shame on you democrats for the huge tax and fee increases and the squandering of that money sent to your pals in NGO's and Unions.

I support LaMalfa and Republicans because they support freedom. I oppose your ilk as you are all about socialism and big government.

J. Barron

Todd 11:18
Hoax? Lie? Boy have you chumps been brainwashed. Did Brother Breitbart tell you it didn't happen?

Tell me that this video of Trump saying there were "very fine people on both sides" after a white supremest drove his car through a crowd maiming and killing is a lie or a hoax.

cue 1:08

Todd Juvinall

J Barron 1139

You are hrearing something he never said. He said that about those opposing each other about the statue removal. You just make things up. And I heard him live.

J. Barron

Todd 12:06
That is perhaps the strangest thing I've ever heard you say. Kind of like "don't believe your lying eyes, you aren't really seeing this." Yes Todd, never mind the man behind the curtain, just watch the puppet's mouth open and close. It's all right now. Close your eyes and go back to sleep. You'll be a big boy someday.

Don Bessee

The jiggly one perpetuates the hoax -

A growing chorus of critics is questioning CNN’s repeated — and false — reports that President Donald Trump referred to neo-Nazis as “very fine people” in his remarks about the Charlottesville, Virginia, riots in 2017.

As Breitbart News has explained exhaustively, and as the transcript of the press conference proves beyond any doubt, President Trump was specifically excluding the neo-Nazis, whom he said should be “condemned totally.”

Trump was instead referring to non-violent demonstrators who protested the removal of a state of Confederate general Robert E. Lee — as well as to peaceful left-wing protesters opposing them (and opposing the neo-Nazis).




So, they expect a person to listen to them when they yell, scream and hurl every expletive in the book at him and expect him to be ok with it?

Remember the open mic with Obama and the Russian vice premier or what ever he was? Just tell vladi to sit tight on the weapons negotiations, I'll have more leeway after the election. But, Trump was colluding with the Russians?

Remember the nightime pallets of cold cash transferred to Iran by Obama? Where was the approval of Congress to do that? All I hear is Congress controls the purse strings from the left.

Remember the court case when Arizona tried to enforce the law regarding illegal aliens? Can't do that, immigration is a federal issue, hands off states and locals. But all the left controlled states, counties and cities declare themselves sanctuaries for these people and the left doesn't say a word about it being a federal issue only.

Barron, AVMAn, Jiggy, emery and the rest, you are all two faced hypocrites.

Bill Tozer

@ 11:39 am

Excellent link. I was particularly drawn to around 1:55-2:25 and 2:46 -3:06. Not talking about Bad people...White Nationalists...whatever you all the ...not talking about them. Trump made it unequivocally clear.
The video you posted explains it all and leaves no doubt as to the context. Which, BTW, is why we all should stand and denounce Jiggley’s use of the n word. This is the middle of 2019 for pete’s Sake. If he would have provided context if would have maybe explained his reasoning. Sometimes the reasonings is plausible, but in his case, it is unfathomable. Unless....unless you feel he should not be held to the same standard as anyone else. People even forgave Ralph Northum for wearing the Klan hood in college. Is he a bad person? Probably. I can’t brush under the carpet his words about putting the baby on the steel tray or table after birth and discussing how to kill the infant. To me, that is inexcusable, but that is just my opinion.

Again, thank you for the link which proves beyond all doubt what AND who Trump was referring to. It’s now beyond dispute.

J. Barron

Why don't you simply watch the video of Trump (to which I link inked) instead of having it translated and spun for you by a third party?
"Nah, too hard to think. Hurts my head"


A Progressive must have dreamed this up. Yup real "ethical"
to consider rethinking cannibalism.
How bout it J. TROLL? ready to belly up to a dead Nevada City
hippie? Soylent Green in your lifetime!
I bet plenty of cows would vote for that.


J Barron

Yes, that link, listened to carefully, supports my point. You are misrepresenting Trump's words, which specifically disavowed the KKK and Nazis, denouncing them. The both sides referred to both sides of the "remove the statues and rename the park" debate.

Scott Adams of dilbert fame does a nice job of demolishing your hoax with humor.

Robert Cross

speaking of the "fine people on the right". Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, said that the events they have are staged with the intention of spurring fights, wasting city resources and winning a game of optics against their anti-fascist nemeses. “We’ve wasted all their fucking resources to make this rally.....We want them to waste $2 million and we’ll do it again in two months.” Tarrio said. Tarrio and fellow Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs flew to Portland from Florida to host the rally and city officials warned businesses of possible violence and urged them to close. An estimated $3 million was lost by local businesses because of the rally. Isn't is a crime to cross state lines to incite riots?


So, Bobby, you couldn't make a point in the conversation and had to start another one?

The 'fine people on both sides of the statue' issue is entirely separate from the Proud Boys you're complaining about.

Scott O

Crossed up Bobby - "Isn't is a crime to cross state lines to incite riots?"
What's that got to do with the Proud Boys? He said 'rally' not riot.
Both words start with R, so same thing - right?
And who is this "anti-facist nemeses"?


Babs,,, your ANTIFA claims to be anti fascist. Yet trying to stifle and stop others from speaking their mind is called just what? Can you say ,,,fascist?
And your LIBshits are FAR from "non-violent". They are domestic terrorists.

I'm sure you will your crickets do the answering for you.

Robert Cross

Greggy -- It seems you are the one who is either confused or simply refuse to acknowledge the truth when it becomes inconvenient to the defense of your version of the facts, Trump said those words in response to Charlottesville. Fake news I suppose.

Scott-- Gee Scott .. when violence occurs at what point does a rally become a riot?.. but nice try in dodging the real question. Now what do you think about the Proud Boys? Do you agree that it is a good thing to waste taxpayer dollars as they are doing. Is it a crime to cross state lines to screw taxpayers like Tarrio?

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC and Barron are unable to listen and figure out what Trump said. So they revert to their third-grade level comprehension and call others names. What a hoot. And now these two lovelies true intent is exposed. Fascists and racists along with their pal AV. New it all along. Anti Christian as well.


Thanks Babs,, Your ANTIFA is blameless. But blame the Proud boys. The Proud Boys only came about in RESPONCE to your LIBshit ANTIFA.
One of your ANTIFA getting a tune up by a Conservative.


Some more fine "ethics" for ya' from a enemy sympathizer LIB.
"Hasan Piker, a contributor with the left-wing "Young Turks" network, unleashed a vulgar rant on Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, a Navy SEAL veteran whom Piker claimed lost his eye to a "brave" soldier.

Crenshaw, who now wears an eyepatch, lost his eye in an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan. Piker appeared to be describing the Mujahideen, guerilla fighters in Islamic countries, as "brave." "

Yes Proggys, from one of your own, and who votes the same way you do. Fine company you keep.

Robert Cross

Gee Todd, can you read? Did you read the Article from The Atlantic documenting trump's reference to Charlottesville? Either you didn't bother because your twisted view is more important than the truth... like your idol trump, or you read it (I doubt) and lack the necessary neurological functions to understand what it said. either way you are just blowing smoke out your ass.

Walt--BS..BS.. I don't give a piss about Antifa they are just as bad as the Nazi Walt loving Proud Boys.. so then you must think costing taxpayers millions of dollars on purpose is OK with Walt. #pathetic


Nazis belong to you Babs, "National Socialists". Try and do your homework.
Like your ANTIFA don't cost us? Good luck with that line of BS.
They are all yours.

OH... And your Col."Bernie" Sanders is displacing the homeless out of their park they call home down in Sac. at the moment.
And according to the news, even some COMMIES from Grass Valley are attending.


More on those Proggy "ethics".
You clowns love to throw the "racist" card at the Right as much as possible, and always ignore your own damned racism.

It's nothing new. You LIBS wear the hypocrite brand well.

Don Bessee

Another socialist dem fake narrative starts shredding -



Don Bessee

Here is a lefty POS that feels empowered by the jihadi congrescritters -



Todd Juvinall

BoobieC you can't fake this we know the truth. So crawl back in your hole with AV and Jordash and Seig Heil each other.


Got a real good question for any Libby who dares come out of hiding.
The Left is SO militant about removing ANY statue, flag, or item remotely related to slavery "It's offensive" and triggering!,, Right? Well, how bout COTTON???? ALL those denim jeans! Cotton T- shirts!
You clowns have ignored the worst offender.....WHY??????

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 1:51 pm

Demolishing the Fine People Hoax. It has been demolished in great detail countless times. One more attempt cannot hurt, but it certainly did not help. You get an A for effort and an A for composure and temperment.

You did not think for 1 second the left were going to give up their claim to the moral high ground, did you? It's the only thing they have left, but it is just a mere claim to something they have yet to obtain.

George Rebane

keith 1235pm - Well, that comment is about as clear, concise, and complete as it can get. Thanks.

Scott O

Bobby loses it - "when violence occurs at what point does a rally become a riot?"
Violence just doesn't 'occur' - The proud boys have a peaceful march as citizens are allowed to do. Then the antifas start attacking them. The Proud Boys never said they would start any violence, but the antifa do.
"Now what do you think about the Proud Boys? Do you agree that it is a good thing to waste taxpayer dollars as they are doing. Is it a crime to cross state lines to screw taxpayers like Tarrio?"
Ah - now Bobby has changed his line. Care to admit you made a little 'mistake' the first time, Bobby?
US citizens have the right to travel anywhere in the US to protest. It's not a crime and it doesn't shut anything down. As soon as Portland and the other left wing run cities start dealing with law breakers the trouble will stop.
Next Bobby will tell us the marchers in Selma were wrong because they 'caused' the city to waste money.
Just what is the difference, Bobby?
Everyone has the right to peacefully assemble.
Get it?

Scott O

Bobby is a typical lefty - The 'proof' he provides is not what Trump said - it's an article written by another lefty with his summation or characterization of what Trump said.
There's plenty of full honest transcript of what Trump actually said. But Bobby doesn't want the truth, he wants his narrative.
That's what haters do.


There's a transcript with key passages in Red Boxes at the Scott Adams' site


There is no arguing with the folks who hear what they hear, not what was said.

Don Bessee

Lets not forget the influence of the talking points for lefties regurgitated on cnn/msnbc and their co-conspirators every hour of the day. That and they are victims of sjw eco chamber group think. They dare not deviate or they suffer the social media death they all fear.

What's the cause of death? He was twittered to death and became an unperson.


Don Bessee

Speaking of that she summed it up nicely =

"The same people who blame Trump's rhetoric for the recent El Paso mass shooting use, as he [Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas] does, the most vicious, toxic language to smear their political adversaries," Ingraham said. "Forget real debate, just smear them. It's all with the goal of making them social and cultural outcasts."



Don Bessee

This might fall under this thread -

Skid Row, an area occupying roughly 50 square blocks in downtown Los Angeles, has one of the highest concentrations of homeless people in the United States. It was not immediately known whether anyone involved in the shooting was homeless, Cervantes said.



Bill Tozer


‪Mon: Trump racist ‬

‪Tues: Trump racist; broke law w/ payoffs‬

‪Wed: Trump racist; colluded with Russia‬

‪Thur: Trump racist; won't disclose tax returns‬

‪ Fri: Trump racist; mentally unfit ‬

‪ Sat: Trump racist; fascist, xenophobic ‬

‪ Sun: Trump racist ‬


,,,An Illustration of MAGA Trumper Ethics, Morals, Logic, …

Order all US overseas companies to return to US soil, or just leave China for some other place (and how is that supposed to help?)

Nuke Hurricanes

Kiss Putin's ass for a future hotel deal

I could go on ,,,

Todd Juvinall

AVman stop the meth please you are really unhinged.


,,,pull your head out of that dark place and have a look around Toddler trolller,,,

Hell,,,even Tea Man Joe Walsh thinks your hero is a Douche!!! And he apologized for attacking Obama who was by far the better President!!!

Your Jerky Boy ilk is clueless,,,,

Todd Juvinall

Oh my AVman is now a puppet of Corey Booker! You really are a maroon. If you actually had a noggin that was usable you would have to agree Obama was the worst Prez ever and his lackey Biden the worst second in command. So stop the meth and get some help and get back to us when you regain coherency.


Posted by: AVMan | 26 August 2019 at 09:41 AM

Simple dugsKKKi……just nominate someone who can win! Now what's so difficult (cough, cough…..Hillary Clinton…..!) about that?!


,,,fishstick,,,Joe Walsh,,,Bill Weld,,,anybody but IL Douche'


,,,check your damn italics!!! JEEZ


…..simple dugsKKKi.

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